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tv   Blood And Tears French Decolonisation  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2020 9:00am-10:01am +03

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this model might be on the suppression of a full lockdown is unlikely on perhaps even impossible. and of all top news stories in his 1st post-election rally president donald trump has again claimed to have won the election in georgia he's in the state campaigning for 2 republican senators ahead of runoffs little decide which party controls the senate a white house correspondent. it's his 1st since joe biden was declared. the presidential election still donald trump says the. challenge. overturn. a 2nd term in the white house.
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georgia voters. race. not just the future of the senate which republicans currently hold but the future there are. very important you have to get out you have to vote you have to make sure you have every vote count everybody. because at stake in this election is control of the u.s. and that really. the voters are determined which party runs every committee right every. controls every single taxpayer dollar. the democrats are. largely still a. result of. the supreme court. will never surrender. the u.s. has reported a record number of covert 900 infections in the row in the 230000 cases recorded
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over the past 24 hours according to johns hopkins university the u.s. has seen a huge resurgence of the virus over the past month. trade talks between the u.k. and the european union etc on sunday the 2 sides are deadlocked over issues of governance fishing and competition rules but more on the negotiations. there's been a lot of talk in the press about british on happiness or the european union trying to insist on a long perhaps 10 year transition period before e.u. access to british fishing waters would be reduced the european union have been saying no that is not going to be a problem there is somewhere we can meet in the middle but perhaps a bigger problem is the idea of unfair competition european diplomats have been briefing journalists that several countries not just france but belgium spain denmark and so on have been unhappy about the prospect of michel barnier giving ground on the rules of what they call the level playing field on state aid for
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example to british companies and also on what happens if one side wants to move away from the common standards on workers' rights on environmental standards and the like so these are clearly sticking points it will be seen by some people as good news that the talks are going to resume on sunday negotiators being asked to get back together in brussels on sunday and sort of underlying and boris 'd johnson talking again on monday lots of people did predict that in fact the whole file would be handed over to the political leaders before any ratification but if there is to be such a deal it has to be done in the next few days because it has to be signed off by the british parliament and by the european parliament there's an e.u. summit on thursday and friday they'll want to know the exact details as well and even if they have got a deal on paper it's going to be very difficult
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a big challenge to get it pushed through by december 31st there's talk that in fact it might be have to be put in place provisionally without the european parliament greenlighting it. several people have been detained in israel amid protests against prime minister benjamin netanyahu demonstrators are calling for him to resign over corruption charges and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. and japan's space agency says it's retrieved its cancer carrying samples from an asteroid after a successful landing in the australian outback the mission began with the launch of the 2 spacecraft 6 years ago japanese scientists hope the sample could provide clues to the origin of the solar system because all other stories on our website are updated through the day more news in half an hour to stay with us.
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primes once had an empire covering enormous areas of the world and millions of people. but after the 2nd world war the countries that had colonized began to demand a french withdrawal and south for. france did not want to let go and was drawn into terrible wars in indochina madagascar and algeria. syria and levanon would granted independence and trouble scimitar in sub-saharan africa and the caribbean. however france could simply not hold back the tide and the 7 year war in indochina ended in a humiliating defeat. north africa was next and both
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tunisia and morocco left the french union while the battle for algeria raged on. this is the story of the end of one of the not just impious the world has ever seen . and how the blood and tears shed decades ago a still felt in the world today. by the summer of 1956 the war in algeria had been going on for nearly 2 years french troops met the forces of the national liberation front the lead with all mighty force and inflicted huge losses. the effort and needed to regroup and to try and regain the initiative it completely change its strategy. it took the war to
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a computer there. into the pit than. city to post. did it work clearly see the. limited room a movie called me and all the small muslims who. algiers was the most french of all algerian cities and had never experienced such a violent attack several people were killed and dozens injured including children. silly me so the battle over gordie bombard the local. call on your alleged love your show all the leading up on the view national duty
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the. well. the french authorities retaliated and in january $957.00 then nouns martial law and ordered paratroopers to sweep the town the kasbah. the battle of algiers had begun ethelyn leaders failed one after the other as the paratroopers arrested and then tortured them. is on comedy coffee. is that film redeploys they are busy but are you all of the them was. there and there are no more than your.
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see some good there can she does reflect the point of general read. the french army knew it could behave however it like because it would be supported by the french authorities regardless. the number of ethylene attacks decreased and its leadership was gradually eliminated. among the arrests was the milk bob bomber zoraida dream. is a tale of the. the . too early for. me it is that we met. in the. book of the do need. to know a pretty if as he attempted to let off to.
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but. it is her show she. is. the leftists. i. put the crack down analogy is osu triggered a french crisis of conscience. intellectuals like. openly expressed their outrage despite media censorship. the french people could no longer close their eyes torture would damage france's reputation at home and abroad permanently. even as the algerian war continued it provoked a major political and constitutional crisis in maine 1950 s. schild the goal was brought back as prime minister and he immediately terminated the 4th french republic. only 3 days after taking power he flew to r.g.s.
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. he said daddy's algeria is dead and if we don't understand it will die with us. against. the former. nominal i simply go on to the horn to get more a phonecall this myth that economy. was in front of a huge crowd the goal gave one of his most famous speeches but also one of the most and b.b.'s i really did read being was i knew those 2. turkeys ship person usually.
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was i from this for me to choose accompli. a saw. like a chicken little. in a pin won't you see i'm not thinking like a pig. to see if. it. could sell he saw me he could have helped hong. kong words to bring the f.l.n. to the negotiating table. to be freed christmas and announced a major economic development plan while maintaining military pressure. many algerians believed in him including the lucky muslims had said as auxiliaries
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in the french army. on the 23rd of october 1958 to gold took a historic step by calling the f.l.n. for what he called a deep peace on the brakes every day and that baby was. clearly a. yard all stiff us all creation if you're looking real a certain respect in a futile effort to launch on your media still i'll claim you are. bid them hard still cause this home all sittin on call. hoping her keven a loser to law school. or law to tunis will the news we've
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f.l.n. for tonic and that is to separate the f.l.n. and ordinary people the french colonial authorities moves nearly a quarter of the algerian population into counts over 2000000 people in shocking conditions. a young socialist graduate michelle went to algeria and wrote a report on the camps which was leaked to the press. it forced the government to urgently release funds to feed the interne population and care for the weakest. the f.l.n. meanwhile was in terrible shape its leadership decimated and its troop numbers hard but it remains resolute despite the prospect of yet more bloodshed.
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algeria monopolized the goals attention but he realized he also had to deal with the future of sub-saharan africa it's overseas the bottom up and whole nation. in 1958 involved on a major african tour to try and avoid the disintegration of what was left of french schaaf ruka. his plan was to unite the colonies into a community of states under french control through a referendum. first top model gas car to a warm welcome. then on to ivory coast where felix who fled whiny controlled political life on france's behalf. in madagascar are an ivory coast with the goal had nothing to say. that. there was a glitch in guinea however way sicko touring spoke his mind in the n.b.a.
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even the hadley. in the movie. leading the landing gear didn't even need to be. to goal was humiliated and again in the senate capital dot com where placards calling for immediate independence put a goal for once on the box where very few have all got a. good crack up to a letter. but despite these protests french colonial africa generally bronnie to the goals called although france was accused of electoral fraud and of neutralizing opponents. in the referendum only guinea voted no to the new colonial french community on the 2nd
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of october 1958 guinea became the 1st french colony in sub-saharan africa to gain independence. but guineas independence traded a rapid chain reaction other african countries also started demanding full independence and the goal realized that he was losing control and that is great dream of the african union was dial. 960 was a gear of great change. in less than 10 months 15 new african states joined the movement for independence. many african former members of the french parliament now governments their own countries. like felix afraid when you coast only posted a single thing sending. africa experienced
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a collective euphoria of freedom hope and joy. i am. i i. i i. i. don't know's i'll settle dollar talk you give a dollar about badly. i. mean initially not confident or quite sure tony i can of richard dent one way i. thought fuck it. well gushes you. got
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a look at the earth could go with their over fall of the year for good within a few. friends had no choice but to let go of this once glorious empire in sub-saharan africa. only a handful of territories remained and their 2 nationalist movements were increasingly gaining ground. in algeria things were different the french didn't even officially refer to the conflict as a war but simply as events however this nameless war now entered is final and most of violence fades the goal had a ready given way to the inevitable in sub-saharan africa and when he spoke on the 4th of november 960 he knew that the days of french algeria were numbered. in all 3 decades. only a shade. revision
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a little. fischer america old re you know. when i'm all good i usually find i made a call it was a major energy i didn't get. the 132 year link between france and algeria was about to be broken and anxiety spread among the french living in algeria. who did burst. more barrett into 2nd. circuit city hall. divides pitou particularly. french people who wanted desperately to stay in algeria went on the offensive in february 961 they founded the secret organisation the oas. oas
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attacks over several months were violent and bloody in algeria and in france. on the 18th of june 1961 the oas bombed the strasbourg to paris express killing 24 people. france went into shock. to go had thought the algerian situation was under control but it was slipping from his grasp france was at the mercy of the combined threat of the oas and algerian f.l.s. and the police in paris began to take the law into their own hands. on the 17th of october 961 they attended a peaceful f.l.n. demonstration near the shah on metro station in eastern paris with bloody consequences. that dark night the police killed.
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demonstrators and threw their bodies into the river say. the death toll remains unknown but some algerian estimates say over $200.00 people were killed for the french government something had to be done the goal is leadership and the f.l.n. had been negotiating the basis for algerian independence for some time in the spot town of. set it up again he also told me does it take a few days it will need to be sure seem in your shoes as you see the can somebody new direction. on don't be sure i have your only men say in a men's esther's is all of what you eat i think little net is made out it really. doesn't have any d v d's we knock some love sauce was on to do let me guess you all says but you did come should we shucks if you deal i can treat. the a.v.m. accords were more than a year in the making. the $93.00 page agreements included clauses about france's
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military rights in the so hard. in return the evidence demands for self-determination were accepted along with a package of financial and economic aid. but in the cafes of the shows in the regions focus on the headline the ceasefire or not is a cold if you will it is disadvantage the box board is a. city that among been over night. so when. but the violence took a new turn the o.e.s. stepped up its attacks to try and sabotage the courts. the goal is government however would not tolerate the o.e.s. violence and on the 26th of march 1962 shooting broke out on the streets of on shias the french on the syud and o.e.s.
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supporters. 80 oas supporters died in these clashes with french police for the colonial settlers in algeria it was a very deep wound indeed. they finally realize that they no longer belong in the new algeria. algerian independence was not simply the end of a political era on a human level the lives of many thousands of people were turned upside down.
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so many al-jazeera london brokaw center 2 special guests in conversation people think that racism is having personal vitriol towards black people right and there's no understanding of what systemic racism is unprompted uninterrupted success comes with a physician if you're not upsetting people you're not saying anything f one needs any 0 because there is not a family in britain i believe that has not been touched by empire studio being. unscripted on al-jazeera which is the rise here to report on the people often ignored but who must be heard how many other channels can you say will take their time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas of course we cover major global offense but our passion lies in making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like palestine libya yemen the sahara region and so many others you go to them you make the effort we care we stay.
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oh. your child is there with me so whole rom in mind of all top news stories and his 1st post-election rally of president donald trump has again falsely claimed to have won the election in georgia he's been in the states campaigning for 2 republican senators ahead of runoffs that will decide which party controls the senate this is something that's very important and you have to get out you have to vote you have to make sure you have every vote counted everybody has to care. because it's stake in this election is control of the u.s. senate and that really means control of this country the voters of georgia will determine which party runs every committee right every piece of legislation
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controls every single taxpayer dollar the u.s. has reported a record number of covert 1000 infections for the 3rd day in a row nearly 230000 cases were recorded over the past 24 hours according to johns hopkins university and there's been more than 2500 deaths in that time the u.s. has seen a huge resurgence of the virus over the past month. postbox that trade talks between the u.k. and the european union are set to resume on sunday the 2 sides are deadlocked over issues of governance fishing and competition rules saudi arabia's foreign minister says its allies involved in imposing the blockade against qatar are on board to find a solution to the gulf crisis earlier the emir of kuwait said he was pleased with how talks have been progressing. several people have been detained in israel amid protests against prime minister benjamin netanyahu demonstrators are calling for him to resign over corruption charges and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic
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. thousands of armenians of protested again calling for the resignation of the prime minister there angry over a ceasefire deal with azerbaijan it forced ethnic armenians to hand over land to as eerie forces and farm workers in peru have temporarily blocked a major highway to appeal for better working conditions there demanding a pay raise of around $7.00 a day. than space agency says it's retrieved its capsule carrying samples from an asteroid after a successful landing in the australian outback the mission began with the launch of the higher booster to space craft 6 years ago japanese scientists hope the sample could provide clues to the origin of the solar system and those were the headlines here on al-jazeera follows here with more news in half an hour to stay with us and we'll see very slim.
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the 8 year algerian war ended on the 18th of march $962.00 when the french government and the algerian national liberation front the f.l.n. signed the treaty known as a.v.m. accords it included an immediate cease fire and pave the way for algerian independence. when groups of french colonial settlers who fundamentally opposed the deal clashed with the french army on the streets of algiers on the 26th of march 1960 to 80 were killed. many europeans living in algeria had to face the reality that they were not part of the new country. in the next few months between $8.10 people per day left the country when many of them were born hastily taking with them their
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most precious possessions. door to door of. course. but go there. but i see phineas and said to gilmore the polish side of your initiative you need. people of european origin born in algeria were known as the peen walk the blackfeet over a 1000000 of them across the mediterranean. when they arrived in france many landed in a country where no one was waiting to greet them it was because. the mail little name if you. can you can't remember cheers didn't result to some military
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weapon that never got to look i scribbled on up the list. but. you know just to leak it tonight you could think about it. here is sort. of horse issues just to make you dizzy. oh shit i need it in the sun for. the i didn't give it up but it was obvious that if you're going to have it and people who'd been uprooted had to start completely afresh to rebuild homes find work they also had to try and integrate into a country that was sometimes hostile often indifferent to them and did not seem ready to welcome back so many at once. on the
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5th of july 1962 algerians finally flew their own flag the french estimates that around 300000 people died in the 80 a war but algerian figures are as high as 1500000. to. at the bois shunted elsie but you know we're not like other ticked off the local male will avoid. and the bund on what it's like on the next dock up to the alarmism eleanor conti is. still here but i guess she's off if you don't go through your. shit i know. that. for while jerry ends it was
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a jubilant small us but their joy was soon tempered by yet more bloodshed. the a.v.r. accords provided for the protection of various groups including the european king walk and the asking muslim auxiliaries in the french army but despite this ethyl and radicals launch a systematic massacre of thousands. many europeans who wanted to stay in algeria were brutally made it and for the aki this was the beginning of a non nightmare. the french government banned their return to france. in algeria they were at the mercy of the f.l.n. . on an estate on bases all on the occupation on the do not want to leave the play it only evolved to shirk erudition in the us they are not bound by.
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tens of thousands of iraqis were murdered in algeria. just to walk up to death or anything concrete on it because they have. can't gotta look at could. and must. be on funny or for it be on a few sent it. does a condo happy not one of you to fail. if losses. apart you're the last to sicko. attract.
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for the any asking the choice was a tie between a suitcase and a cough and. some ascii were able to get to france thanks to a few offices this is a bane orders but it was only a tiny minority. only count. 600. 40. people in your. state and it would be going to begin to deteriorate. to the middle to. really go in a bad beat up that's you. in the propaganda of the time portrayed
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a warm welcome by the french authorities. in france the uk were house together in remote camps far from prying eyes they were the undesirables invisible symbols of defeat but many aki were secretly sent back to algeria. a new source one says for marketers only to go to paris. to force. neither france no algeria emerged unscathed from the conflict. on both sides of the mediterranean 2 nations west cards for decades by what the french of the time called simply the events in algeria.
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the algerian independence was not the end of france's african colonial conscience and. the goal was convinced that france's future lay in close cooperation with its former african colonies and in preserving what remained of the in part. as well as frank strategic interests these territories abounded in draw materials their independence must not threaten france's and h.g.v. sources the president appeared on television. and not idea of a repeal usually reappear canarsie. year of the body it knows any. mall to head in. may set a. league only only. on
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a little pile of barren. park called be a house you all. france did not intend these to be reciprocal arrangements with equal partners. to go wanted french speaking africa to become france's private preserves. this was also the time of the cold war and to prevent the spread of communism nato instructed france to become quote africa's policeman. a former free frenchman in world war 2 and loyal goalie became the head of what was called like. his mission to ensure that the game of franco african friendship was played to france's rule us. so in november
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1960 in cameroon the new leader of the opposition party felix was assassinated his killer was a member of the french secret service william head. this left president i hate joe with no opposition. he remained in power for 22 years. in togo to presidency van use olympia wanted to do without friends. he was killed by a group of soldiers supported by the french officer in charge of presidential security. in the 1960 s. and seventy's france intervened militarily more than 20 times to ensure that the right african leaders point place to serve its needs.
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now prepared to move judicial dizzily. one ordered up of the guard to shield lenders and deadlines september when at the end of the club in addition to the go all out brawl ability a code of the new show under. the discipline cautiously delegated was lead to clearing is us right here. merely afrocentric a clue to what is written ladies into the chanel suit isn't a puts each to. the monopoly. on the men. 2 says i. hope. however the gold's $960.00 s. were not just about philosophy. over one and a half 1000000 people still lived in the french overseas territories. the camorra sent djibouti reunion island guyana and the caribbean polynesia and new
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caledonia many were worried that history may have passed them by. their call for a less colonial relationship with france independence even fell on deaf ears. between europe and america to go once said there is nothing but dust and we don't build states on dust. i. part of the french strategy in the overseas territories was the same as in africa to put its place men in power. in 1963 to go even sent his former prime minister michel debate to be union islands.
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in the french column entry election. don't mean you couldn't have waited nobody to go out why the question if only if we did not go it was emitted by you if we take up are going to go back into a big new community. was better than. 30 . 5. unsurprisingly debray was duly elected as the member of parliament in paris school reunion islands a year later he had his main opponent and leader of the communist party. charged with undermining the integrity of the state's. new could it only resulted in a police. my mailman. a new some. end of
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a crystal soft. as it was on. their chest was arrested the communist party dissolved and re-union island fell into line. to gold also used investment projects to buy political deference. rocket launch sites in cool french guyana. and a move only nation a nuclear testing center to replace the algerian side of the gun that france had to evacuate. i was.
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just shocked if you don't think. they are still up on one. another friend strategy was to displace people. on re-union island martinique and the government. out the office for the development of migration in overseas depok tamal done for short. organize the migration of young working people to france reducing the risk of a whole generation calling for independence. 30000000 people must stand alone just an example that comes to see young men who will be up there do cemented kind of see the process read your bible going on with them into a much needed upward look at what the way was going on you were not on a point where israel where going to comedy you where you're really aren't up i
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always thought there you know john when you were young i mean when we when we we're going to convert you we use even your say the f.b.i. wanted or didn't come up to you could i was one of them i deleted it because i. don't have a theory about where you would be. but hope quickly gave way to dissolution. they were known soon understood that they were doomed to doing only menial jobs. down fed to them it ties among. the few qualified to where they all. could have considered an event who had. to take on the. seclusion of. the panelled to profit from that every year or for the kids up in the dog.
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the buckets in the cellar by the sheriff fer they also did this to make us. over 20 years tens of thousands of young people all migrated to france the whole generation was uprooted and suffered the races in that was common in europe in the 1000 sixty's and seventy's. uncles methanol cultured and tickle feel also. the he had asian. pushed him a disc but also in a compliment and unison and unity all false documents this could have found her body. false just made the call to her it coming. but in the 1960 s. france continued to cut down in the overseas territories.
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in march $967.00 in djibouti the crowd called for independence but the army moved in and several demonstrators were killed and. 3 months later construction workers in guadalupe demanded a pay rise. a riot broke out and the police fired into the crowd killing several demonstrators. recession nothing changes as the saying goes.
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for the. good of. you could have he said to sit do could it is all to yes it was on set walk at a loss at sea fruit me to scream sea sick you said that feel that this chill they do it can touch so i fast because they left us i took pity. on a $967.00 still haunts the people of blood love. a mural finally put up to commemorate what's widely considered to be the last french colonial finance. who says the last visit to me p.z. . we are going to sell us from the park. by
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skippy take a sip don't go in for. a shitty shows. ted could see the creek. by gaining on going for. 2 years later in april 1969 the gold resigned as president. but the dust of empire as he called the overseas territories remained caught off france. they still gave the country an enormous sense of global power. in the next decades djibouti the come ours and the new hebrides all gained independence. but despite the crises attacks and referenda france managed to hang on to the islands of my yacht new caledonia polynesia and
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all its overseas depok tomorrow and regions. to gold successes never fundamentally questioned the general skill on your legacy and the. just won't be doing. the she's got to stop. and possibly take on board feigns to revisit this in glorious periods in the republic's history. however after decades of silence the most violent and proven crimes were gradually denounced at the highest levels the bloody repression in madagascar and the cha a massacre in senegal as well as a violent colonial conflict in algeria were all after much debate ultimately condemned. but only official ceremonies tributes and speeches could not overcome the nostalgia on one side and the frustration and resentment on the other . decolonized ation remains a contentious legacy that d.p.
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device french society to this day. the wars of independence the hidden crimes in massacres have all left their mark on the perpetrators the victims and their descendants today. one of the crucial issues for those who suffered and still feel the impact of colonize ation now who tells that story and exactly what that story is. for totally. stresses. me. that if i could. play or davis in digital success should up. the openness with that pic on it
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a published author can go. finish 1st consider 1st about. improve it data set for most disk use your canoe to prove a beauty book you see a preview of commenced even. really the push is awful but it is awfully pretty awful it imo professor at harvard your daughter bushnell and your ass need all see the appeal the shows those awful. issue films. are going to spawn a place to out good look at home produce. the figure or use it to get all dirty and see the stuff it all to do not wish to.
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but. here's what early winter looks like plenty of rain plenty of snow particularly for iran elsewhere well yes it varies and we've got on sunday a fairly sunny day for most the temperatures in the twenty's not in the thirty's but if you are in terror and 0 different story the forecast here is single think the temperature is a bit below the average but persistent overcast wet days sunday and monday an improvement on tuesday and you see it start to prevail monday is the real spearheads off towards afghanistan the following weather is still find a few showers brewing for the levant but not that many of them quite a breeze blowing down through the gulf which is typical so down house forecast is a windy one with temps is dropping down there to 22 by the time we get to wednesday's below average but not that surprising now was this potential still of some rain in the whole of africa it doesn't get realized all monday nor indeed much
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on tuesday it's a drying trend for this part of africa if you move south you get the seasonal rains which are being enhanced now and this one yet from south africa towards mozambique and malawi but they're not quite there yet. from. december on al-jazeera it's 10 years since of revolution in tunisia ignited the arab spring al-jazeera looks back at the uprising and asks what really changed across the middle east the stream is where al jazeera is global audience becomes a global community a year after the 1st coronavirus case in china will examine the devastation caused by the virus and the efforts made to eliminate covert 90 people in power is back with more investigative documentaries and in-depth stories climate leaders will gather online to press ahead with
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a new stage of the paris climate agreement and examine the possible likely solutions december on al-jazeera. canada a country of promise and opportunity for migrant workers but with little protection from the state or far too many are forced to pay extortionate relocation phase and a saddled with having debts as an adult and a lot to come to canada here 700 nada one year in one brave group of indonesian workers speak out and seek justice for their exploitation migrant dreams a witness documentary on al-jazeera. al-jazeera world need some extraordinary women. who are making things happen that way. following their daily struggle to survive. for their families to thrive. egypt's women street silent as
10:00 am
on al-jazeera. the sake of this election is to draw all of the you asserted that really control of this country donald trump backs republican standing in georgia senate runoff in his 1st rally since the us presidential election that he continues to insist he was a. player watching al jazeera live from doha with me fully back t. ball also coming up the e.u. and u.k. hold last ditch talks on a break sit trade deal with time running out to agree a way forward.


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