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tv   People Power Bolivia - Exile Or Return  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2020 8:30am-9:01am +03

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or to possibly asteroids so they're going to try and measure the water that they find in the sample to see if it's the same colleen to the same flavor of water as we have here on earth we also think it might contain something called organic chemicals these aren't doesn't mean that biological they're not created by life but what they all is they are the fundamental building blocks of life so it might be the asteroids those and that's what created the 1st life forms that eventually led to us here today. got you all deserve me so raman a reminder of our top stories in his 1st post-election rally president donald trump has again falsely claimed to have won the election in the state of georgia he's campaigning for 2 republican senators ahead of runoff that will decide which party controls the senate this is something that's very important when you have to get
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out you have to vote you have to make sure you have every vote counted everybody has to. because it's taken this election is control of the u.s. sure that that really means control of this country the voters of georgia will determine which party runs every committee right every piece of legislation controls every single taxpayer dollar. the u.s. has reported a record number of covert 1000 infections for a 3rd day in a row nearly 230000 cases were recorded over the past 24 hours according to johns hopkins university and there's been more than 2500 deaths in that time the u.s. has seen a huge resurgence of the virus over the past month breaks that trade talks between the u.k. and the european union are set to resume on sunday the 2 sides are deadlocked over the issues of governance fishing and competition rules. so foreign minister says it's allies involved in imposing the blockade against katter rob or to find
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a solution to the gulf crisis earlier the emir of kuwait said he was pleased with how talks have been progressing several people have been detained in israel amid protests against prime minister benjamin netanyahu demonstrators are calling for him to resign over corruption charges and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic . thousands of armenians of protesters again calling for the resignation of the prime minister there angry over a cease fire deal with us by john it forced ethnic armenians to hand over land to as very falsus. farm workers improve have temporarily blocked a major highway to appeal for better working conditions there demanding a pay raise of around $7.00 a day. and japan's space agency says it's retrieved a capsule carrying samples from an asteroid after a successful landing in the australian outback japanese scientists hope the sample could provide clues to the origin of the solar system those are the headlines and back with more news here on al-jazeera next its people and power do stay with us.
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with tiny hidden cameras eminem's or illegally filming and sharing people's most intimate moments one only needs to investigate south korean spy cam deming on al-jazeera. in late 2019 bolivia's 1st indigenous president eva marauders was forced into exile after a failed attempt to extend his tone and office within a year as another election loomed his supporters were rallying behind new candidates so could the indigenous movement pull off a remarkable comeback we went behind the scenes to find out.
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in bolivia new presidential elections where shadid for toller 82020. following a coup that ousted him what itis the country's 1st indigenous president. a new generation seemed determined to win power back for the indigenous movement of. chippewa one of the movement's founders led the charge to get out to vote. just like he'd done 14 years before when it will not alison his must party 1st came to power. the moment. it took to get the bill if only. a vote was reelected 3 times then despite the
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referendum this issue against the. he ran for office for a 4th time it was accused of cheating to win the 1000000 said if it still serves it was well it was them so. i'll get another closer look that you can run into but the one with. the opposition immediately took the streets of atlanta. just to force a recount and then to call for everest resignation the national police joined them loons staging nationwide looting the us reelection ended up dividing the country to play a little bit above when the armed forces decided to side with the opposition. ever stays in the government seem to be nothing but play the communists in the
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analogy as i am. and in suing repression 40 people were killed. thousands were wounded and detained houses of government members were sent to trial and hundreds of activists and political leaders had to feed a country to save their lives let the little. cable resign and went into exile by the jubilee. line security is not only was it the view. cable this futility of them was your place to play. by the fact the government headed by an opposition m.p. genya was put in place for young forces simply attending the elections. able to win a situs argentina and the question of how to win public back began to be addressed by the legion a small. tina. became
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. a political campaign to win the 20 twentieth's. his version of events that led him to leave the country. and.
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later we asked. why he decided to run for a 4th presidential in 2019. well here is the n.b.a. when i think i mean where you thought with all of this other numbers here well most of us would. you sort of commend it said it with a certain level of ill gotten wealth or your love for the comma or there would be
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dealt with with a hearing noida. this with the other will feel you know what i mean that we talk about going with elevators here. in us from berlin there's a seal. who. was in the motherless see when mr course he was with his is he doing this or levis yeah. he put it that way in. the other case he is clear on that that would mean that because of where there's a leak. and there's if probably under see that you know where they will get a 2nd in an. episode of the kill probably be a not a mother so this is. insisting. by this all now when. he went. up to the. middle.
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of all. this is you know. it was a decision that ultimately forced him out of power. that he took a wonka had to pick up the pieces you live wobbly via. presented what alice sadly enough would have exterior. ears have said. beside your mother was the key here in this medium and is the orchestra a key of your which will mean this intense is now despite the a commune that is that one discovers was that he can do this yes on the b.p. than the khatami. there is no easy a simple lawley we are not directly at the mill opposed to your mother ways kaputt . took a wank i was the 1st indigenous leader to face the challenge to win power back and he seemed to have a broad indigenous support base. with
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what is a. book. promised wife song on the shores of lake titicaca. now had to start persuading in bitterness people to back and you can't do that to take the party forward. on coming. here. i would just quickly last year. i would just because you have a look at get in is hinted at in ca but it outta the one who got the person pick it about with us would be nice to switch almost all before you meet the socialist the kid was kid in general but not the kid in get lost me what nice was for me better
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than i would have been it. was one of the mothers of the. 6 because a complete that's the impetus for the support of the system that's been so many come on that's. just up with quite a chemical only because. the. mother was just as we saw in the bar was set up within money pool that was as tell you. what do you know nothing to be done if they're not going to. tell us. that it's a complaint chief anybody assigned to a fresh approach to win back the post trust this is one of them going to know another man's unit that it isn't going to.
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it's really started to go the. only 70 or the mr peabody done killed your cynthia. different person that he's. been different this is what is it about and what would you. or breeder's cup be seen norsemen needles. in macedonia holland sweden soon the world when the media seem i did no good i was welcomed. but i could have insisted that what the pursuit of i.b.m. which i think it could really cover the creator of the party's headquarters in the past indigenous leaders and supporters unveiled a new presidential ticket to win the elections and he sadducee former minister of
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economy headed team we took a 1000 support the choice was no accident you can see both of them oh look i'm glad you're in the uk the sensical. conceded. the canonical young faces to europe would be put in this we would see ellis in the window but he fit into 2nd because he isn't malignity into this high enough to do the. quarter didn't it will not. put up with it in that are said the limit of a lot of. the. others. they are going to have to fix for the long. yes also with a lot of these other moves are that if one does not. get time on the economy from the 1st bill through b.n. . but bolivians had yet to learn about luis his personal story and
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how it explained his politics in their version of living here was to the in the allow the because of you and i had to get a restaurant there in a year now and i want to see over a year used to be and should be equally in the end at the end or just know. that when it went on the argument that the board good move for the lot of you who money was not as many quint. legally in the overall market in the. early they're going to be he isn't going to just post he there will always say we are selling them. natural mother was we're still seeking his goods of course not to the news from their excitement is akin to. what a good solution is to we're in california soon because he went to new but i didn't see because of the economy in the 22nd.
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i read that on the set of what the little girl that went to be held as was the other one that called me last year until at last i made the windowsill see out as well as well as. well as i get what they get and it obviously and that i can buy the album all the reachable release and that we'd seem to complement each other. but the choice also reflected a process of self-criticism within the indigenous movement and this must. be a must comes to the law when it's basically cystitis assumed in a political year. and you know for us if a different thing that's different different things play sort of change when you became a 40 year old defeat or you. you know i will support them a little mr moody don't see him don't do doesn't speak to me one night you can't. set up a notebook a ticket cannot sit is this quote a song that when he says when it was good it gives up salute i mean to the more you
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know what up with the stock was too number of bits i mean the 20. months ago the lesson always does that is because that god is the dog that mean business used to be conduct that most of those probably are more for freedom that is those that goes into the last. game culture. with the approach that we pile it was this is the way it was this is with the with of course it's. good sense just look at the good it is when it comes at the right so i wouldn't go into the lake if you put in. the little book in if you read but did nothing to say the book is my most you focus groups. cultural resistance against the remnants of the colonial past seem to be a key element of the campaign. from.
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the conservative elite that used to rule the country until the bitterness move came to power rallied around the form oppressing them a couple mason. claimed that victim had been stolen from him in the 2800 lections. and you. know that. it's pretty easy quick to. assume most nocioni goes dead body. thank you. i. call to supporters to. get me me me me
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me me me. me. what we. call the street. you so called pro-democracy. demonstrations. either. troops. feel em. the most are you going to feel ok i feel.
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more. in this. during the campaign just to get to be able to attack them straight. the victims of the attacks were forced to meet in safe houses. bermuda i mean develop a bit of money. in with the fairness of cullen a very in the what will be under the american legal thought of these courses these 2 men. they are going to meet us and come on the scout bus he's mason you see the
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latest family i mean there's a book in mt gox a school here that you possibly will be in but he landed in the us and sometimes is the bomb. attacks against mass particle the rings were spreading across the country. but the reason that he continued campaigning and condemned to the violence was not a good one as i was i'm just going out. looking to get one of those how does he do my ways were great with the belts around the p.l.o. or the world people upon maybe a couple would tell it up on the eve of the coming of meet with him but i want everything to be a lot more what we've done just that it might come up and going to celebrate the fall of several. people said it would be thousands of them are looking for the bodies. the mass rallies to fight them and then make an increase in violence. but if you're my brother and.
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miners and pass and stand out in force to back reese and i mean. that it's a fight against the alliance cronyism and corruption seems to be paying off. you're not the only. one. in the in. the and their.
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new book is the monkey and. the new pope all the process will be in place. remember i'm almost. over most of the snow has got to look over the. course that we're going to. follow. on the road to the right to close the campaign before election day indigenous movement supporters that stage the road to protest against a local mayor from the indigenous politics ever more or less i enjoy now when i'm his the battle i put us on a skin as in get out a man cannot also say that it's been my style. if you to make it
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this was this on us in the us of you know. my standards are matters that i mean because i'm from the jungle master since thought and better than this i honestly that little got no statistics. but i fucking love my love. for the god of moses on the folks on the electoral. vote 2 for him and the ballots and other. thing if they ever get in i guess go ahead because. it was heaven not going to get a. miners were blocked from joining the final rally about. how you don't know about is that it wasn't on the. other love of the game in. these contradictions within the indigenous movement appeared to be the real test in the back. row book wasn't this kind of on
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militant minds mr mcconnell was forced to take 30 days to reach the destination. or that he took a one car was speeding up to make it to the rally in time folks have yes. because the. final act of these elections is about to be. the people get out to vote despite the movement's contradictions and the fia instilled by the by mimicking the violence. would they give the precedence back to the indigenous movement. we had to wait for election day. we don't feel that this. is good enough for the leader. of the party's
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headquarters he said that he'd waited for the results by checking the vote count through the party's own monitoring system. really lets you see such as these. folks. outside the headquarters supporters of commissars began banking points protesting against a possible return of religious movements to. the exit this was shuttled to be published at 8 pm but without any explanation. any of that. was cancelled and the images of the threat of violence against the mosque party's headquarters were broadcasting say the monks because that wasn't really a muslim and this is where the 4 settlements are supposed to. run up earlier my mother took him up. please let me. ask
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you. to listen to this if your kid was let go is go in both of them both what the. good news and by the facebook open take more. than 50 just know that there is no. government. although the money wasn't going to sail. the. thought of going to talk too much when i 1st had to climb it. but i will end up ok . let's. try to find. out the next step to fight to keep the country. great school to back. to look nice.
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letting you and. let you see one week fall. below the belt. let's. let loose at least. back to you. know
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any . covert 19 is grounded global travel for countries dependent on tourism like kenya the effects are devastating. you have not been pulled. somebody who's vanished people in power reveals the hardships facing affected communities and the efforts being made to protect wildlife from the threats of increased production in the wake of the pandemic kenya . virus on al-jazeera the latest news while not all of those displaced have witnessed the effects of the recount they say this there was a family member. to make them come here rather than think back detail coverage challenge the government faces is aware that it can persuade people to keep abiding
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by restrictions when they need to work. from around the world the so-called swedish model may be under some pressure but a full lockdown is unlikely on perhaps even impossible. if you want your elders there with me so rodman and. news stories in its 1st post-election rally president donald trump has again falsely claimed to have won the election in georgia he's in the state campaigning for 2 republican senators ahead of runoffs little decide which party controls the senate a white house correspondent. from the rally. since joe biden was declared the winner of the nov 3rd presidential election still donald trump says
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that he is not giving up on challenging. overturning those results and win a 2nd term in the white house.


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