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the remarkable family. the father the sound and the. one on his ear are. divided over the trade deal the e.u. and u.k. a race against time to break a break that impasse and ahead of a deadline at the end of the month. but this and this is all just a real live from doha also coming up russia rolls out its cover 19 vaccine targeting its most exposed groups in a mass campaign before safety trials are complete. we meet the sudanese people helping ethiopian refugees forced from their homes because of the fighting in the t.v. grey region plus. a capsule carrying asteroid
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samples that could explain the origin of life touches down on earth. ok there's less than a month before the deadline to reach a post brags that trade deal in the u.k. and the e.u. still at all its british prime minister but as johnson and european commission president of on the land admits that major differences remain the 2 leaders have told to go see it has to keep talking the issues they can't agree on include fishing and competition rules france says that if it thinks the deal is bad it's going to veto it they go she asians are expected to start again on sunday. we welcome the fact that progress has been achieved in many areas nevertheless significant differences remain on the 3 critical issues level playing field
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governance and fisheries both sides underline that no agreement is feasible if these issues are not solved. and whilst recognizing the seriousness of these differences we have retired a further effort should be undertaken by our negotiating teams to assess whether they can be these issues can be resolved that imbiber has more on the negotiations there's been a lot of talk in the press about british on happiness that the european union trying to insist on a long perhaps 10 year transition period before e.u. access to british fishing waters would be reduced the european union have been saying no that is not going to be a problem there is somewhere we can meet in the middle but perhaps a bigger problem is the idea of unfair competition european diplomats have been briefing journalists that several countries not just france but belgium spain
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denmark and so on have been unhappy about the prospect of michel barnier giving ground on the rules of what they call the level playing field on state aid for example to british companies and also on what happens if one side wants to move away from the common standards of workers' rights on environmental standards and the like so these are clearly sticking points it will be seen by some people as good news that the talks are going to resume on sunday negotiators being asked to get back together in brussels on sunday and sort of underlying and boris johnson talking again on monday lots of people did predict that in fact the whole file would be handed over to. to the political leaders before any ratification but if there is to be such a deal it has to be done in the next few days because it has to be signed off by the british parliament and by the european parliament there's an e.u.
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summit on thursday and friday they'll want to know the exact details as well and even if they have got a deal on paper it's going to be very difficult a big challenge to get it pushed through by december 31st there's talk that in fact it might be have to be put in place provisionally without the european parliament greenlighting it jonathan this is the deputy director of the business advisory think tank british influence explains what's at stake for both sides. you would always expect there to be last minute gesture politics and heart venture some drama the food resolution. are not remotely along who are surprised by what's happened this weekend is not the suits thing each necessarily expects the through an acrimonious crush out at the same time these things hang in the balance the deal is not guaranteed the differences between the 2
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sides are real the e.u. wants to make sure that it doesn't have a huge complex or. potentially undercutting it on standards or introducing unfair competition by state age or any number of things. in 5 years time or in 20 years time and i think and i'm such an act that he wants to make sure he can retaliate by decent terrorists who do some of the kind of sanction and so it's just about honoring those things out is the most important point here is the problems that people experience are not going to be resolved by proxy are going to be made worse now fishing which you mentioned before is a key example of that the fundamental problem is the british want to take back control. of british waters but the majority of the fish that we catch. into the e.u. so the e.u. as we said well if you will control if you would. control of our markets and.
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have exclusive rights to fish in british rule there's no point to that because they are the market. and mexico is the e.u. so these problems are simply not. ods koch over 1000 vaccination program is underway in russia around 2000000 people are expected to receive the sputnik v. vaccine this month although final human trials aren't finished new barker reports. it's called covert back trade name sputnik v. after the soviet era satellite that triggered the space race and now russia says it's soaring ahead in its campaign against kobe it 19. dozens of clinics in the capital moscow have begun inoculating those most at risk from the virus the city remains the worst affected place in the country 1st in line of people who work in schools the health service and social workers the large scale vaccination of military personnel has also begun but each person getting 2 injections $21.00 days
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apart. i decided to do it right away not to wait it's difficult to say what to expect but i do hope it will stop me from getting ill the russian government approved the vaccine for use in august after recording 95 percent effectiveness of preliminary trials at the time it was touted as a world 1st despite only being tested on several dozen people the speed of the approvals drawn criticism at home and abroad with health experts insisting more advanced studies are needed to ensure its safety and effectiveness. but the russian government says there's no time to lose the country has one of the highest rates of coronavirus and his aging health care system is stretched. day one of the vaccination program is a success people waited a long time for the vaccine so far so good i cannot say how many people signed in but there are a lot of people who want to be vaccinated but president vladimir putin has yet to be vaccinated himself although one of his daughters has apparently been inoculated
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all of those being vaccinated are reportedly volunteers but some public sector workers say they've been heavily encouraged to sign up in the absence of large scale preliminary tests critics say the mass vaccination program is essentially a phase 3 trial in the general population skepticism around this comes from. very quickly it's pretty it's pretty developed very quickly and it appears to be. the general population rather. if you have been developed say. the trials. do not have been as extensive as they were in. the russian government's confident but it's likely to take time for the fast track to vaccine to build international trust eve parker al-jazeera. the leader of ethiopia is to agree region says his fighters are still battling government forces
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local leaders say government soldiers have bombed one town while fighting is underway outside the winchell capital in the caylee finest declared victory a week ago a communications blackout has made it difficult to assess conditions on the ground . so dan is playing an important role in sheltering thousands of refugees from the t.v. region despite its own economic difficulties and as mohammed vali reports from the sudanese ethiopian border it's not the only challenge posed by the conflict. the sudanese army on patrol near the g.o.p. border it's on the lookout for refugees who might be stranded in the area after escaping the fighting in ethiopia's north integrate region brigadier general because it is proud of his country's humanitarian role for. a bit of muscle real nobleness hold for the 1st 12 days before aid agencies arrived the people of get a reef were the 1st to offer food blankets shelter and comfort to the refugees the
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sudanese armed forces organized transportation for thousands of civilians and brought them to hash camps. the hash up are also known as village 8 hosted 15000 refugees in the 1st 2 weeks after the fighting started integrate these homes were borrowed from local sudanese farmers to host the refugees so that is aid agencies prepared food in the camps there is one of so many sudanese in the head shop a village who share their small homes and modest meals with the refugees. we look at if europeans as part of our family our neighbors and friends we have you started ties with them so when the war broke out we went out into the streets and open fields looking for those who came here fleeing the fighting. so that itself is going through chronic inflation fuel shortages and other economy problems stability at its borders is of utmost importance where the war in its european has
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brought to the fore another on resolved issue here where i stand is the facade of farmland thousands and thousands of active militants asemi fields and this land is actually disputed between ethiopia and sudan. got triangle where most of the refugees are staying covers an area of about 250 square kilometers and it has about $600000.00 acres of felt thailand so that says it's an integral part of its territory because it lies west of the line drawn by colonial britain but ethiopia maintains an army presence here and if you open a pharmacy exploit huge parts of the land a joint committee has been trying for years with little success to finalize a border demarcation. pointing to it across the adjacent up body for this sudanese farm he's unequivocal. abode is a well defined and we're not really for compromise our government has allowed these
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ethiopians to settle on our land but we object to them and we will fight them to the last minute to be restored fully that's the pic we made with our. and sis's we haven't crossed into ethiopian territory what do they want to take out. during the 1st few days of the fighting integrate some each open army units abandoned their bases within flash and the void was filled by the sudanese army now it's commanders tell us they're not intending to cede those positions to the chopping army if it tries to return. i just got triangle so the knees each open border. still ahead and al jazeera we're going to be live in georgia where president donald trump's is set to address the party faithful ahead of 2 critical senate relatives. and the lights turned on but everybody's at home a quiet start to christmas celebrations in bethlehem as coronavirus resurgence keep crowds and tourists away.
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from. there's more snow to come for probably bits of honshu as the cold leaks out of continental east asia and temperatures here are above freezing temporarily lot of dust or just about they're going back down again by the time we get to monday much of china is enjoying sunshine but you get out of the middle of china's quite a lot of of cloud overhead has disappointingly cold there's no sun to relieve it we've seen some snow in the southwest in the high ground might be a little bit more but not very much is just it's a little overcast. well stuck out as meek stand in the northeast monsoon we've seen various bands of heavy rain the still some heavy rain in northern sumatra the fall of this wind down and see it enhanced the rains over western jobber could be quite
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significant might even some of the circulation south of the equator off the coast of australia jakarta's 4 crosses 3 days of thunderstorms flooding seems quite likely and flooding has been a certainty from chennai south of sickly put a cherry and tumble matter now you can't long see a structure or tropical cycle that might redevelop but at the moment we've just got rain in this part of southern india. so me al-jazeera london broker center 2 special guests in conversation people think that racism is having personal vitriol towards black people and there's no understanding of what systemic racism is unprompted uninterrupted success comes with a physician if you're not upsetting people you're not saying anything f. 100 seats and. there is not a family in britain i believe that has not been touched by empire be unscripted
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it's on al-jazeera. they want to go to 0 a reminder about top stories this brags that trade talks between the u.k. and the european union are set to resume on sunday the 2 sides are deadlocked over issues of governance fishing competition rules. russia has begun its large scale covert 1000 vaccination program medical workers and teachers are 1st in line for the sport big vision vaccine the plan is to inoculate 2000000 russians this month but some scientists are warning the process has been rushed. the leader of ethiopia
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is too great a region says his fighters are still battling government forces local leaders say government soldiers have bombed one town while fighting is under way outside the regional capital. u.s. president donald trump is in georgia to campaign for 2 republicans in the run offs that are going to decide which party controls the senate this is tom's 1st political rally since losing the presidential election the candidates are going to face off next month white house correspondent kimberly hawkins live for us in valdosta in georgia we've just been watching some pictures of the president's plane arriving at the airport there is one of the latest one of the latest heavy hitters political heavy hitters to be in georgia why is georgia so important. as we're talking here. is president donald trump has been announced to take the stage very soon so watching for that he is just the latest in
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a string of heavy hitters to hit. for this state yesterday mike pence the vice president was campaigning here as well as block obama. the president elect biden will also be hitting. this state. because there's a run up election her control of the u.s. . both parties democrats and republicans are fighting for control right now it is controlled by republicans and democrats are able to. put in prison. both chambers and. talk about how he is still. back to.
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the president. and how he's continuing to. take. the. president. for the most part inside the white house. has declared. releasing videos and saying he defeated joe biden. and the results. more than 7000000. dollars play to talk about. somebody thanks very much
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indeed white house correspondent kimberly holder thanks very much. well the georgia runoffs to be held in the 5th of january pits the 2 republican senators david do and kelly love against democratic challengers jonell self on raphael warnock the democrats would as kennedy was saying need to win both seats to deny the republicans a majority they could use to block large parts of joe biden's legislative agenda now if that happens the senate's going to be split down the middle the vice president elect us would then get to cast the tie breaking vote to undergo less because an associate professor in the department of political science at emory university she's joining us by skype from atlanta georgia thanks very much indeed for being with us i want to talk to you about the impact of the voting we have on the senate in a moment let's talk about donald trump 1st of all there's a lot of speculation that donald trump is not going to stick to the script and he
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is not going to be concentrating on supporting the 2 republican candidates for the senate instead he's going to go off and start talking about the the election and his allegations about that if that happens what impact do you think that is going to have on voter turnout. the concern that republican operatives have about president from going off script is if he goes so far off script to suggest that people sit and vote in the next election because it's rained and the outcome has already been determined that could depress turnout of months the most rabid trump supporters whom senators producer lefler want to return to the polls on january 5th to help them out when this race this race really is coming down to turnout this is not about persuasion i expect that people are going to vote along party lines the democrats are going to vote for warnock and and republicans are going to vote for perdue unless later in this particular race and so what this means is that both sides have to do their level best in order to make sure that they get as many
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people to turn out to vote as possible if president trump says something that could depress republican turnout that would actually put republicans at a disadvantage that they don't want to have especially after having lost the state in the presidential election ok let's talk about the changes to the senate in the event that the senate does get controlled by the republicans what impact is that going to have an abiding administration. well that could actually moderate some of the policy agendas that are coming through congress and so things that might be able to pass the house of representatives couldn't pass in the senate and vice versa so for example let's just use the legislation that passed the house yesterday the house voted to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level that bill is dead on arrival in the republican controlled senate and while such a bill wouldn't be guaranteed to pass a democratic controlled senate one would suggest expect that a senate majority leader chuck schumer wait at least put it through the legislative process and at least allow it to be brought up for
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a vote so those are the kinds of changes that one would expect to happen and it's part of the reason why democrats would prefer to be able to have unified party control both in the white house and in both chambers in congress what happens about things like returning to the post climate accords and the iran nuclear deal both of which biden said that he is that there are decisions that were made by trying to pull him america out of the biden has said that he intends to take america back in what impact would this have. so that i mean there are certain sort of actions that we need legislative approval but then there were decisions that president trump made unilaterally that president by the president led by you could actually then also handle be executive action under glass where we appreciate your time and thank you very much indeed for joining us on al-jazeera thank you saudi arabia's foreign minister says its allies involved in the imposing the blockade against qatar our own board to find a resolution to the gulf crisis the mood of kuwait said he was pleased with how
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talks have been progressing and that sentiment has been echoed by the qatari foreign minister muhammad been over among the tunny so dear abia buckley in the u.a.e. and egypt imposed a land sea and air blockade of gaza in june 2017. as i mentioned we have seen significant progress in the last few weeks which means that we are now hopeful that we can reach a final conclusion very soon one that will be satisfactory to all parties and it's important to note that we have always worked very closely with our partners and continue to do so and that remains the case and the resolution will be one that involves all parties to the dispute and i am hopeful that we will be able to announce the details soon people in cameroon move vote in the 1st ever regional elections on sunday president hopes the vote well opinions separatist groups in the
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countries include speaking west by granting more local powers but the opposition is boycotting the elections saying it's a move by bia to consolidate his grip on power reports. even for the candidates of the governing party cameron's 1st ever regional election campaign is proving rather dull municipal councillors are voting for regional delegate candidates campaigning explain how municipalities regions and the national assembly have to work as one for the unity of the nation but with pictures of president paul everywhere the opposition believes this isn't about local issues but a way for the 87 year old head of state to tighten his grip on power with most political opponents imprisoned the opposition is boycotting the vote saying it will not be credible but the governing party likely to win most of the votes. even speaking regions of cameroon separatists have warned people to stay indoors until their grievances for greater autonomy is addressed this issue critics say that it
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was too good to be regional. because they were simply think chris is. the sense of just regions of the country that is the english speaking region to. that. we want it's killing us. indeed 'd the streets of the country. armed separatists called the english speaking regions of cameroon amazonia they see it as an english speaking country struggling for independence from a french speaking nation for the government this is an armed rebellion that requires a military intervention against separatist groups as a result of the fighting 3000 people have been killed and nearly a 1000000 people have been displaced among them traditional chief. i'm scared to return how if i go back i'll be killed even talking in front of camera is dangerous i'm worried for my children family and my community how can i support them from here. for the government of the vote is
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a step towards greater regional autonomy addressing the aspirations of those displaced in an attempt to bring an end to conflicts plaguing cameroon but the campaign has failed to garner the attention of a population accustomed to one party and one man dominating and controlling the political landscape for the last 38 years nicholas hawke. more than 30 people have been arrested in paris after a protest against police brutality turned violent some of the demonstrators threw things and why a police lit fires and vandalized shops police say the protest which was mostly peaceful only turned violent after what they called $500.00 rioters infiltrated the event a controversial new security law that would make it in the eagle to film or publish police officers as fueled recent protests. bethlehem is used to falls of tourists from around the world visiting during christmas but the occupied
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west bank town has just lit up its holiday trees and streets virtually empty due to lockdown restrictions made american reports. bill years it was very hard for us to find. cover the christmas tree lighting. that's reason it without people they are getting the support line what they did to the fight what it's done. if. it was here. at the. hotel by the way they put. it in the. airport that is here what. you know who work in a german region hotel owners went to the page in a very busy season and more tourist season so they took loans and expanded their business not there and get not only them but the employees many were laid off and
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have been looking for alternatives but no one is hiring low unemployment rates are soaring and with an average of around 2000 cases each day of the coronavirus a 2nd lockdown is looming this could only mean bad news for a city that has always depended on tourism specifically during the christmas season japan's space agency says it's retrieve its capsule carrying samples from an asteroid after a successful landing in the australian outback the mission began with the launch of the had 2 spacecraft 6 news ago it created a fireball as it we enter the earth's atmosphere japanese scientists hope the sample could provide clues to the origin of the solar system as a pearson is a space journalist and author of robots in space the secret lives of our planetary explorers she says scientists expect the samples to contain organic chemicals and
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a type of water. once they've collected it they will then take it to a secure facility where they can be which is he controlled where they can control exactly what the atmosphere is like to make sure that when they have been to open up the caps you will and and get to that their precious sample it's not being contaminated by things like atmosphere by dust and that they're only looking at what's the use of brought back from asteroid where you the asteroids are one of the ways that they're partly the building blocks that were left over after the solar system got made so they also helped to modify the planets after they have formed and we think asteroids might be one of the main ways that water came to our planet so off the earth formed it cooled down and then something brought water to the surface possibly asteroids so they're going to try and measure the water that they find in the sample to see if it's the same colleen to the same flavor of water as
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we have here on earth we also think it might contain something called organic chemicals these aren't doesn't mean that biological they're not created by life but what they all is they are the fundamental building blocks of life so it might be the asteroid goes to and that's what created the 1st life forms that eventually led to us here today. this is all just over the use of the top stories post drugs at trade talks between the u.k. and the european union though to resume on sunday the deadlocked over issues of governance fishing competition rules we welcome the fact that progress has been achieved in many areas nevertheless significant differences remain on the 3 critical issues level playing field governance and fisheries.


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