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now the challenge of combating global hunger would be met in the age of the coronavirus pandemic the nobel interview on al-jazeera. both sides underlined that no agreement is feasible if these issues are not solved well the talking continues again but british an e.u. leaders say they're still a long way from brics it deal. though i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program russia leads the charge with its 1st mass vaccination program using a job that's not even clear the last stage of trials. until we know what the side effects or it's not months. but many countries face
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a battle with public opinion we meet the dutch skeptics who say they'll refuse a vaccine. he's calling it a victory rally even though he lost this day we're going to be live in georgia this hour but republicans a worry donald trump could hold that bit for the senate. welcome to the program our top story leaders of the e.u. and u.k. have instructed the negotiators to keep talking as the clock runs down before the 2 break apart without a trading relationship and a last ditch phone call in the past few hours on the line and boris johnson discussed the final sticking point standing in the way of a postbox it deal but speaking afterwards she said the issues could be intractable . we welcome the fact that progress has been achieved in many areas nevertheless significant differences remain on the 3 critical issues level playing
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field governance and fisheries both sides underlined that normally agreement is feasible if these issues are not solved and whilst recognizing the seriousness of these differences we retired a further effort should be undertaken by our negotiating teams to assess whether very can be these issues can be resolved or of course the u.k. voted to leave the european union more than 4 years ago now but the route out has been long and difficult the 3 main stumbling blocks right now around fishing rights fair competition guarantees and health future disputes will be resolved if the 2 leaders can reach an agreement it could still be rejected by member states french diplomats particularly have indicated they could veto a deal especially as the country tries to ensure it doesn't lose too much access to british fishing waters or whatever happens this weekend the 2 sides have just 26
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days now to reach a deal otherwise the divorce process will end in a no deal breaks it throwing up even more uncertainty. barbara has more now on the difficulties facing negotiators on both sides. there's been a lot of talk in the press about british on happiness or the european union trying to insist on a long perhaps 10 year transition period before e.u. access to british fishing waters would be reduced the european union have been saying no that is not going to be a problem there is somewhere we can meet in the middle but perhaps a bigger problem is the idea of unfair competition european diplomats have been briefing journalists that several countries not just france but belgium spain denmark and so on have been unhappy about the prospect of michel barnier giving ground on the rules of what they call the level playing field on state aid for example to british companies and also on what say what happens if one side wants to
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move away from the common standards of workers' rights on environmental standards and the like so these are clearly sticking points it will be seen by some people as good news that the talks are going to resume on sunday negotiators being asked to get back together in brussels on sunday and a sort of underlying and boris 'd johnson talking again on monday lots of people did predict that in fact the whole file would be handed over to the political leaders before any ratification but if there is to be such a deal it has to be done in the next few days because it has to be signed off by the british parliament and by the european parliament there's an e.u. summit on thursday and friday they'll want to know the exact details as well and even if they have got a deal on paper it's going to be very difficult a big challenge to get it pushed through by december 31st there's talk that in fact
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it might be have to be put in place provisionally without the european parliament greenlighting it. now russia is pushing ahead with its large scale $1000.00 vaccination program despite the final human trials not yet incomplete around $2000000.00 russians are expected to be inoculated with the sputnik vaccine this month that is needed barker reports the speed of the rollout is a concern for some health professionals it's called covert back trade name spot v off the soviet era satellite that triggered the space race and now russia says it's soaring ahead in its campaign against cope with 19. doses of clinics in the capital moscow have begun inoculating those most at risk from the virus the city remains the worst affected place in the country 1st in line of
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people who work in schools the health service and social workers the large scale vaccination of military personnel has also begun with each person getting 2 injections $21.00 days apart. and since to him i decided to do it right away not to wait it's difficult to say what to expect but i do hope it will stop me from getting ill the russian government approved the vaccine for use in august after recording moti 5 percent effectiveness of preliminary trials at the time it was touted as a world 1st despite only being tested on several dozen people the speed of the approvals drawn criticism at home and abroad with health experts insisting more advanced studies are needed to ensure its safety and effectiveness. but the russian government says there's no time to lose the country has one of the highest rates of coronavirus and his aging health care system is stretched. day one of the vaccination program is a success people waited
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a long time for the vaccine so far so good i cannot say how many people signed in but there are a lot of people who want to be vaccinated but president vladimir putin has yet to be vaccinated himself although one of his daughters has apparently been inoculated all of those being vaccinated are reportedly volunteers but some public sector workers say they've been heavily leveraged to sign up in the absence of large scale preliminary tests critics say the mass vaccination program is essentially a phase 3 trial in the general population skepticism around this comes from. very quickly it's pretty it's pretty developed very quickly and it appears to be recruited into the general population rather than if you have been developed say. well the trials. do not appear to have been as extensive as they would have.
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the russian government's confident that it's likely to take time for the fast track to vaccines to build international trust he's barkha al-jazeera. well top doctors here in the u.k. warning that vaccinations are only going to have a limited impact over the winter period country's health service is preparing to roll out a vaccine made by pfizer in biotech possibly as early as choose day but in an open letter to health workers the country's 4 chief medical officers say it's likely to take 3 months before there's a significant drop in hospital admissions. now in iran 50000 people have been killed by corona virus so far but there are some restrictions that are going to be lifted in several parts of the country following a 2 week partial lockdown from to run as a bag now reports says many people are relieved to be back at work despite the risks they face business is finding reopened after a 2 week lockdown cafes restaurants james i'm government offices all reopened but
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we did reduced capacity but the numbers are not drastically down the daily deaths are at around 300 down from nearly 500 the daily infections are at around 13000 down from over 40000 the regions considered in the red zone of more than half of the country can't keep affording to lock down iran is still under u.s. sanctions and qana me despite the positive spin the government puts on it has been hit hard they need people to go out and spend the money and keep the economy going business is here are happy to be reopened the money they get from the government isn't enough to keep them going for extended periods of lockdown and for many people here not working means not getting paid but the listing of restrictions does come with warnings keep wearing face masks maintain social distancing and president hasn't rouhani has want people to stay away from public and family gatherings but he's also said that they can't rely on a vaccine it may not be 100 percent effective but the reality is because of the
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sanctions iran may find it very difficult to purchase one now the government of the netherlands wants to start vaccinating against the virus early in the new year but many people are less than enthusiastic with survey suggesting nearly half the dutch population has serious doubts about getting a champ a step vasant reports from amsterdam. stocking up on dry ice needed to keep defies so biotech baxi at minus 70 degrees even in mid air at amsterdam airport and large operation is gearing up to safely transport covert 900 back scenes to destinations as far as africa and asia we have been preparing and we've been moving pharmaceutical go for a long time we've expanded our pool capacity and also are having capacity for instance for his containers so we are immediately ready but outside the airport many in the netherlands are far from prepared well the dutch national airline is getting ready to do this job you'd vaccines worldwide millions here in the
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netherlands are still reluctant to be facts in a deal and some say they will use the inoculation with covert 90 altogether though until we know what the side effects are it's not monthly lex and his daughter maxime i'm not against vaccinations but won't take a covert shot for at least a few years until more information is available to cleveland i'm sorry to say i'd rather have a longer lockdown and have myself injected without knowing what it contains i'm not a guinea pig and for sure i won't let my children be getting pics the government wants to start its vaccination campaign in nursing homes in a few weeks but even there many are reluctant as a recent survey shows what and 60 percent of employees working with the elderly say they are having doubts about being vaccinated it's going to be a big challenge. to motivate people to be. and that's of course also our worry i think that's a very serious problem because it. is really necessary for the protection of our
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employees and or. that the degree your fractionation is as high as possible with more than 12000 deaths the netherlands has a relatively high death toll despite the risks employers and the government gone for speed. dissipate in a vaccination program experts say to make a vaccination successful the government to tell people that this by its rapid production the vaccine is safe that they can explain how could this go that fast all the investments we've made ball why there are so many scientists who have completely sort of. let down all their normal tasks when focusing focusing upon government but this is a story that needs to be told companies like a lamb have been preparing for the arrival of the vaccines for months the government has yet to start informing the public because in concerns that other countries may have reach higher vaccination rates much sooner and therefore can
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also open up the economies earlier that faster al-jazeera answer the. u.s. president donald trump is on the campaign trail again but without the full backing of his republican party trump is due to speak in the state of georgia in support of 2 republican senators ahead of a senate election next month could be vital for the balance of the house but the republican governor of georgia brian can't won't be there after refusing to endorse trump's claims of voter fraud in the presidential election or the georgia runoff to be held on the 5th of january pick the 2 republican senators david purge you and kelly loeffler against democratic challengers john all soft and raphael warnock the vote will determine who controls the u.s. senate democrats would need to win both seats to deny the republicans a majority they could use to block large parts of joe biden's legislative agenda if the democrats secure both seats the senate would be split down the middle vice
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president elect come a harris would then get to cast the tie breaking vote. as go to our country how could she's following developments for us and with. us to georgia and a plea from from president trump he's been tweeting again. yeah there's no question that the u.s. president is fixated on winning not only these 2 republican seats in this runoff election in the u.s. it is georgia but also overturning the november 3rd election results the u.s. president continuing to insist that he defeated joe biden but even as the court challenges to that and have been unsuccessful the u.s. president claiming and still maintaining that he will try to overturn those election results the latest effort is one in a phone call that he reportedly made to the georgia governor this the judge or the governor of the state is that he's asking him to not accept or overturn the
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results of the state's election that hand of those electoral college votes to joe biden no report on whether or not the governor's board agree to that but as you reported he's not coming to this rally today so back to give us a bit of an indication but in terms of the battle for the state millions have been poured in by both sides but there's a problem for republicans and that is that many republicans here say they may not even vote in this runoff election because they're not sure to be counted that is how much they've said they've lost faith in the u.s. election process because of some of the claims being made by donald trump that the vote was raked. yes and it seems as though the campaigning is going to continue. i wonder. you know there's no question about that donald trump again coming here to speak at that podium behind me and again it's supposed to be about the senate runoff election but we expect that donald trump is going to continue to make the
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case that he should have a 2nd term and it's not just the u.s. president. marion that is feeling this way in terms of the election results and the 3rd fact we know according to a new poll that just 25 percent of congressional republicans say that they believe they will support and joe biden presidency so there's a real challenge in this country even if joe biden is the declared winner and will be inaugurated in january and won the election nationally by more than 7000000 votes there are millions of americans that are not accepting that result and so that is a challenge for his legislative agenda that's why democrats are pushing so hard to win control of the senate would give i think cumbered sort of agenda for joe biden because they've already got control of the house of representatives still have control of the white house in january and they're looking to win the u.s. senate as well thanks very much from modesto georgia kemeny allocate by skimming.
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and watching al-jazeera live from london still ahead with a record number of women on the ballot this time kuwaitis had to the polls to vote for a new parliament. and free climbing to lift people's spirits we'll tell you how this stunt could lead to a run in with the lol. this is what i mean yes summer looks like significant cold fronts on their way through this part of australia will mean the temps should drop considerably sunda storms would be quite vicious and you end up even wants us gone through and there it is in the townsmen sea later on sunday with a not very warm following wind 20 degrees in melbourne maybe the same in adelaide with parsing shows sydney just much better that of course is because of the breeze
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out of the interior likewise perth is ok 27 but look at this northwest here now that's all. a consequence of the current state of the pacific more rain seems likely in the northwest of australia so these are the 2 aspects of a long niña summer that's the condition of the pacific water temperature so broome represent the northwest 3 days of thunderstorms significant rain seems likely flash floods a possibility. the winter is now settled in to most of china the korean peninsula and japan the only significant snow in the next day or so is probably going to be in hock card day for the northeast monsoon of course is going to be persistent which means more rain seems likely for taiwan but virtually nowhere else she represents the disappointingly i and scar us of a good part of central china. for . 2020 year of lockdowns and social distancing he can't reach across the screen and
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give someone a hot meal alleyway explores one of the global pandemics biggest side affects. everyone who lives alone has been forced to be starstruck for the 1st time ever highlighting its effects on physical and mental health and discovering unique ways of taking control makes being alone together at the same to have all have a lockdown on al-jazeera. welcome back a look at the main stories now it is of the u.k. and european union have spoken on the phone to try and break the deadlock on a brecht's it deal they've been struggling to resolve their differences over
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several key issues just weeks before the final deadline for the u.k. to leave the bloc russia has launched a large scale covert 1000 vaccination program without completing the final human trials around 2000000 russians are expected to be given the sputnik the vaccine this month and then in iran 50000 people have now died from the corona virus some restrictions are being lifted in several parts of the country following a 2 week partial lockdown. well now to cameroon the country is holding its 1st regional elections on sunday with president paul b. hoping the vote will appease separatist groups in the country's englishmen eking west by granting them more local powers but the opposition is boycotting the election saying it's a move by the president to consolidate his grip on power nicholas reports. even for the candidates of the governing party cameron's 1st ever regional election campaign is proving rather dull municipal councillors are voting for regional
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delegate candidates campaigning explain how the disability regions and the national assembly have to work as one for the unity of the nation but with pictures of president colby are everywhere the opposition believes this isn't about local issues but a way for the 87 year old head of state to tighten his grip on power with the most political opponents imprisoned the opposition is boycotting the vote the it will not be credit. with the governing party likely to win most of the votes in. the english speaking regions of cameroon separatists have warned people to stay indoors until their grievances for greater autonomy is addressed this issue the critics say that it would be regional. because there is a crisis that is going to need in the sense of just regions of the country that is interested in regions of. the east. we want these. killings. in the self the streets and. armed separatists called the english
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speaking regions of cameroon amazonia they see it as an english speaking country struggling for independence from a french speaking nation for the government this is an armed rebellion that requires a military intervention against separatist groups as a result of the fighting 3000 people have been killed and nearly a 1000000 people have been displaced among them 2 additional chief. i'm scared to return home if i go back or will be killed even talking in front of camera is dangerous i'm worried for my children family and my community how can i support them from here. for the government of colby of the vote is a step towards greater regional autonomy addressing the aspirations of those displaced in an attempt to bring an end to conflicts plaguing cameroon but the campaign has failed to garner the attention of a population accustomed to one party and one man dominating and controlling the
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political landscape for the last 38 years nicholas hawke al-jazeera now a record number of women are among hundreds of candidates in line to be coates next lawmakers votes that have been costing them ballots in parliamentary elections as mohammed jam jam reports. in kuwait where the economy is worsening as a result of low oil prices and the coronavirus pandemic parliamentary elections still going ahead as planned voters masked up before casting their ballots and said they hoped these polls would begin to turn things around and. i boycotted the past 2 elections this time us told that i should participate because the situation is deteriorating we need to be united and elect me foremost in the parliament so that the situation may improve hopefully you can tell a columnist i hope that the kuwaiti people will choose wisely that they will choose the people who represent kuwait changes a must these are the 1st elections in kuwait since its new emir. took office in
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september after the death of his half brother shifts a civil have with the opposition weekend in recent years analysts say no major political shift is expected and with the campaign season severely muted due to the pandemic many believe voter turnout will be lower this year up for grabs are 50 seats in parliament and among the $326.00 candidates a record number of women $29.00 are running. and not go we have to fight corruption by choosing he will represent us inside the national assembly and be a person with conscience honesty he loves this country and its citizens kuwait's nearly $140000000000.00 economy is facing a deficit of 46000000000 dollars this year in september it was downgraded for the 1st time by moody's investor service. and just a month earlier kuwait finance minister warned the government may no longer be able
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to pay salaries still analysts say it's not just the economy that will pose a challenge to the upcoming parliament also the lack of it just and went with between people and many people with the. government they need them to be more. effective used to be and i think this is going to be seen. in the election results many say that no matter the results the biggest difficulty going forward maybe how to overcome legislative gridlock. and. now more than 20 people have been arrested in paris after a protest against police brutality turned violent some protesters don't projectiles at riot police lit fires in vandalize shops police say the protest which was largely peaceful only became violent after $500.00 rioters infiltrated the event demonstrators a concern president micron's new security plans will restrict civil liberties. now
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iran's president is under pressure to sign a new law all of that could hinder nuclear talks with global power as the supreme council has approved a bill to prevent international inspectors from making surprise visits to nuclear sites all makers on president hassan rouhani to sign it into law even though he's expressed doubts proposal comes after the assassination of iran's top nuclear scientist last week though such a bar has more now from tapper on. the parliament fast tracked this bill which was in the making after the assassination of the high ranking nuclear scientists most and factories out there and it was approved very quickly as was the bill by the guardian council what president hassan rouhani has said is that this was true mental diplomacy but what it really means is that the iranian officials would no longer allow an an ounce visits by the i.a.e.a. inspectors now this is part of the nonproliferation agreement that iran has signed since 1970 this was a caveat of that agreement that was voluntarily signed by iran in 2015
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after the nuclear deal was signed they for iran to show some good face to the international community to say that we don't have anything to hide it is a month since 2 hurricane hit central america just 2 weeks apart many areas still under water in honduras thousands of people there of and left homeless in the middle of the crown a virus pandemic manual rapido reports. this is baby joshua he was born just over a week ago at this makeshift shelter under a bridge in san pedro sula. his mother 23 year old. tells us her family lost everything during hurricanes ada and iota 2 powerful back to back storms that flooded the city last month. them we've been here for more than a month now 8 days ago my baby was born inside this tent it was very hot i was expecting to go to the hospital but i had no choice but to give him. ada and i otoh
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were 2 of the strongest storms of 2020 in one of the most active atlanta hurricane seasons in recorded history. the impact of the storms in honduras has been particularly devastating bridges and power lines collapsed roads buried under mudslides and entire towns flooded many are still underwater more than a month since the 1st storm hit. says she hadn't finished clearing the mud from the 1st storm when the downpours from hurricane iota flooded her home for a 2nd time you know what that but i think other people suffered more than my south i thank god because even though i have nothing left inside my home. the 4 walls are still standing and that something. honduras is one of the poorest countries in the americas the destruction left by the storms has exacerbated an already critical situation and complicated efforts to curb the code 98 outbreak here. relief workers
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say international assistance has become more important than ever and warned that in many ways the crisis is still worsening. and really serious day. there are still in reserve displays. destroyed. and there's not a small. dams and. shoulder injury shocker in medicine. the honduran government says state shelters or at capacity meaning that thousands are now left to fend for themselves on the streets any hopes they have left now depend on the kindness of others who are willing to lend a hand my new ended up a little al-jazeera. now an english stuntman his bypass the authorities to scout some of the world's tallest buildings is at it again this time and spain bewildered onlookers watched as george king climbed basilan is $38.00 story ag tower without
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ropes or any safety equipment the 20 year old says he wants to lift people's spirits during the pandemic and he's got form having climbed the building i'm in now london's 300 meter tall shot that was in july of last year we did 6 months in the u.k. prison for that so they didn't start from try again. just a quick reminder of the headlines this hour now and leaders of the e.u. and u.k. have instructed them negotiate has to continue with talks less than a month before the final deadline for the u.k. to leave the e.u. in a last ditch phone call in the past few hours boris johnson in a seat on the line discussed issues standing in the way of a postbox a trade deal and a joint statement leaders said significant differences remain in place and talks will resume on sunday.


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