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and that's different from the similar cultures across the world. that's what we kind of ethiopia's prime minister said, tolls, parliaments, that federal troops don't killed a single civilian and their offensive against the great forces of everyone. forget this is our 0 live from doha. also coming up as iran's top nuclear scientist is laid to rest, ron grapples with conflicting accounts of how he was assassinated. it will be live in toronto. the latest on the streets of delhi farmers vent their frustration towards the government's agricultural legislation. tough
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life lessons iraqi students are back in the classroom, but catching up on lost schoolwork isn't the only challenge ethiopia's prime minister has told parliament that federal forces of not killed a single civilian during the 3 week long conflict in the degree region. and insists that the army will not destroy the regional capital. mackellar after having captured it on the weekend. that's just to ground forces, say that they're still facing federal soldiers near the kelly. hundreds have been killed and thousands, forced to flee to neighboring sudan that another in person thought to get them and they're not. the most important, every target has been signed and approved. the house can see that every missile launched is backed by a signature of authority. 99 percent of them hit their targets and 99 percent of
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them didn't have collateral. no country's army can show this kind of performance. our army is disciplined and victorious. but luckily, the toughest going to be said, you will destroy mckelway and so on. may kill a is ours, it was built with our own resources, we are not going to destroy it, not even a single person was affected by the operation. malcolm webb is following events in ethiopia from nairobi. he's with us now malcolm. what are we to make of the prime minister's claims? will prime minister as he had told, members of parliament that the government side didn't kill a single civilian? this is contradicted by the team p.l.s. leader's account. they say that civilian casualties have been high and they say that civilians were targeted in government airstrikes, something that the government side denies. we also heard from the red cross in macquarie, that's the regional capital, the city of about half
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a 1000000 people. they say that about 80 percent of the people in hospitals there have trauma injuries or they have, they haven't said how those injuries have been sustained. but they will say said that there's a serious shortage of essential medical supplies and a shortage of body bags. so who to believe the prime minister or the t p.l.f.? how can we ascertain what is actually galling mcalary? who for weeks the internet, the phone lines are being cut off and there's also the area is heavily restricted to be no access for journalists. very little access for humanitarian workers and these frequent contradicting claims and counterclaims from both sides to israel, difficult to verify what's actually going on. the government side said that since they took the city mackay on saturday that they've been in control of the whole region. but just a short while ago, the t.p.s. leader said that they're still fighting on all fronts. and they called on the
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government troops to pull out of the grey region. but without more access for humanitarian, simple journalists, it's very difficult to verify the claims that either side of making al-jazeera is malcolm web reporting live from nairobi, malcolm many thanks. indeed, iran's top nuclear scientist is being buried following his assassination on friday . a large funeral service has been held in the capital tehran on a ring. mawson fuckers outta iran's leaders are blaming israel for the killing and avowed to retaliate. hanging out at genoa handed, we are all gathered here next to one another before the body of our beloved martyr and valid to him that we will be more cohesive, more result, and our determination to continue down your path will be stronger. we will continue down the path of advancement of this nation with greater speed and strength. all the head of iran's top national security body says of that been several assassination attempts on our result as life over the past 20 years. and the
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security around him have been bolstered, keep our intelligence services have the information that he was a target and even knew that on the same spot he was killed. an attempt was going to be made against him. his protection was intensified. however, this time, any utilized a completely new professional and sophisticated method, and all fortunately succeeded after 20 years and reached its goal. al-jazeera, as i said, beggars live for us in tehran will come to the funeral itself in just a moment, but 1st, tell us more about these, these continuing conflicting accounts about how he was assassinated. well, the secretary of the supreme national security council there, he's saying that he was bolstered and they weren't expecting such a sophisticated attack and they're blaming the majority in their whole is a terrorist organizations are considered a terrorist organization here,
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but also israel. now what we're hearing is that there was a remote controlled machine gun in, in this pickup truck that fights some shots. there was hit as well as his bodyguard, and then the truck blew up. and the issue is not too far after not long after the incident state t.v. showed a series of interviews with eyewitnesses that said that they had seen assailants. and some of the semi official news agencies here also said that there were assailants killed or involved in the attack. and now we're hearing there's no assailants. and this was a sophisticated attack. and this could be because comments are not official investigation. the intelligence ministry is still carrying out its official investigation. it could be deliberate in an attempt to actually catch some of the perpetrator or perpetrators that may still be in the, in the country. but fars news agency, which is linked to the revolutionary guard,
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they've also given an account and again saying that there's no assailants. so there are conflicting reports. a lot of it's been brought out of because there's been a lot of questions. how and why did this happen? if you, on one hand you're saying security has been bolstered, then how was it that he was killed if you know that there's been attempts on his lives for the last 20 years, and he's your top nuclear scientists, then how did this happen? so it is very embarrassing to a certain extent for the security apparatus inside the country and people are looking for answers. and as far as today's funeral is concerned, a big funeral, but not perhaps as passionate as it might have been. had it not been for covert restrictions. yes, because of the covert restrictions, there was a limited number of people,, his family and some high ranking officials were the head of the i.r.g.c., the revolutionary guard, and also the goods force and the head of iran's atomic energy agency. and there
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were a number of speeches given, and the defense minister actually said that one of the responses by iran to this assassination is that the budget for the department for innovation and research research has been doubled. that was the department that most of the fuckers are they headed up. so that's one of the 1st responses. they also, that there will be some sort of retaliation. iran is, there's a split within the political factions within the country about what the response should be. on one hand, you have the reformists supporting president hassan rouhani that want to wait until president elect joe biden gets into office, and the united states possibly rejoin. that's the 2015 nuclear deal and if sanctions that would be seen as a victory by the reformists. but the conservatives have put forward a statement in parliament saying that iran should stop i.a.e.a. inspectors inspecting nuclear sites inside the country. an increase in richmond to 20 percent, essentially leaving the 2050 nuclear deal. and that's the debate that's taking
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place currently. while the world powers are asking for restraint. iran is very angry because not many countries have actually come back to actually condemn what iran sees as a terrorist act. and that's really angered the iranians. they're looking for a stronger condemnation and divides the reef has criticized western powers for is not condemning was asking iran to show restraint reporting live from tehran. i suppose. the thanks indeed indeed, and blocking roads in a protest against new laws or refusing to move to a government designated venue have been camping on major highways near the capital new delhi. it's almost say they're open to talks with the government. as long as there are no preconditions, they say that the new laws will hurt crop prices and livelihoods reports now from new delhi, thousands of farmers remain camped out on key border crossings, heading into the indian capital at the moment. they are in 3 border crossings and
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we've heard from farmers unions who are saying that they are planning on blocking by border crossings. they have rejected the offer of the home minister for immediate talks because they've refused to go to those grounds on the outskirts of the capital. they are planning to cause as much disruption as possible to traffic by blocking highways until the government either repealed or offers to talk to them with no conditions. and we are expecting more farmers to join those who have already created temporary settlements on these highways. they have converted hundreds of their vehicles into temporary homes that they're staying in. and while most of the farmers so far have been from the states off punjab and haryana, we're seeing more and more farmers coming from the states of and that are cotton. and we're expecting celebrations today and that is because most of the farmers so far from the state of punjab and they are predominantly from the sick religion and
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today is the birthday of the founder of the 6 religion. good in our nic. we had meetings last night between the president of the country's ruling bought at the party, along with the defense minister, the home minister and the agriculture minister too. and that gives you an idea of just how serious a challenge these protests are to the government or the biggest protests that we have seen this year. and we're way to hear what if anything, will come out of those meetings. we're going to weather update next here on al-jazeera. then we'll tell you why more deaths from the leiria in sub-saharan africa are expected to exceed those from covert. 19 this year.
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there is still subzero air flooding out of siberia across the still open waters in the far northern sea of japan. that means persistent snow for sapporo, for most of our cod and for a while for there was a home she was, well it's rain showers south of that. and mostly we're talking about sunshine of the north east of china on the korean peninsula. but increasingly it's looking gloomy for the rest of china. outbreaks of light snow rain here is sleet is in lucky france young northwards, heading towards beijing. as the sun shines, there was obvious as it was, it's there in hong kong and it's accompanied by rain showers. of course. in taipei . the forecast the sapporo confirms that the days of 2 or 3 degrees down to freezing at night, almost persistent snow for a little feud sunshine. in the southern bay of bengal, that massive cloud is turning into a slow circulation. we think it will become a tropical depression. if not briefly, a cycler, which means in hot straight and strong winds the strong lanka and eventually tamilnadu sometime during wednesday. that's the only part of it is like to be
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affected by the significant precipitation. unlike the middle east, although it's coming dire for the time being this close, disappearing as it goes through iran, there are more showers, gathering in the eastern med for the event. these explosions were not an act of war. these nuclear bombs were experiments by the soviet union to the kazakh people who lived in the vicinity. the motives might be little difference. rewind, sign and analyse the
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color. again, this is al-jazeera. the main news this hour. ethiopia's prime minister has told parliament that federal forces have killed us, have not killed a single civilian during the 3 week long conflict in the to greater region to ground forces. however, dispute this, they also say that they are still fighting federal troops near the regional capital . the funeral service for the top iranian nuclear scientist, mohsin factories, has been held in the capital tehran. he was killed on friday, iran's leaders blaming israel and say that they'll retaliate. and indian farmers, blocking roads in a protest against, you know, are still refusing to move to a government designated venue. father say they're open to talks with the ministers . they say that new laws will hurt crop prices and their livelihoods. china's
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foreign ministry has rejected course from the australian prime minister to apologize for an inflammatory tweet over war crimes allegations the tweet sent by foreign ministry spokesman. late jan. joe depicts a fake image of australian soldiers slashing the throes of an afghan civilian myna . it follows a recent reports, a recent report into the conduct of a stray in special forces. soldiers is truly a military has confirmed that it's dismissing or than a dozen soldiers accused of killing $39.00, unarmed afghan civilians and prisoner this, the straightest prime minister says that china should be ashamed of the tweet. really outrageous. and it cannot be justified on any bice's whatsoever. the chinese government should be totally ashamed
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of this post it despite it diminishes them in the world's advise or might couple of points about this. the strider is seeking an apology from the ministry of foreign of is from the chinese government for this out, right. as promised, we are also seeking its removal immediately and have also contacted twitter to take it down immediately. life out of beijing of 0. training you is therefore a katrina, what's been the chinese response to that? well, foreign ministry spokeswoman quaternion responded today on monday to the prime minister's trillian prime minister's statement that we just heard and she appeared quite flippant and dismissive of his comments. now this whole incident started on monday morning, about 10 am beijing time when her colleague, john of the jen, posted a tweet, including an image by
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a self described chinese patriotic artist. and it was quite inflammatory depicting and australian soldier holding the knife, a knife to the neck of an afghan baby. and that prompted the very strongly worded statement that we just heard from scott morrison. now, beijing has not backed down whatsoever on this tweet. contrary on the contrary, quote union has actually defended her colleague jen. and in the press conference today, she threw the blame back at the australian government saying that they should be more critical of the australian government's response to the actions of the soldiers in afghanistan. and just for context, jelly gen has for a few days now, been commenting on the actions of the israeli and soldiers and highlighting it as what he described as so-called double standards when it comes to the western media and western governments. when it comes to human rights issues. so let's just take a listen to what quaternion had to say on the matter earlier on monday. even though it's around our national feel ashamed,
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you mentioned the prime minister scott morrison says china should feel ashamed. is it not these jillion government's decision to send troops to afghanistan? since the soldiers have committed such atrocious crimes? shouldn't you still your government feel ashamed for their soldiers killing innocent civilians in afghanistan? the relationship between china and australia has been destroying them for months now. this is a new low that's right, and it really seemed to take a nosedive earlier this year when the astronomy in government led calls for an independent inquiry into the origin of the core of a $1000.00 virus in china. and that infuriated beijing. and since then, we've seen china month after month slapped heavy duties on australian exports to china, including on australian wine beef and barley, and destroying government has called these new duties, devastating to australia and produces, saying that they are unjustified and politically motivated. given that is also
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reportedly considering taking a case to the w.t. or against china because of these new duties and to add insult to injury. the chinese government is reportedly not taking calls from their strained counterparts when they're requesting meetings to talk about this issue. now the chinese government and so many chinese state media have been quite hawkish when it's come to the australian government. and the chinese embassy industry earlier this month released a list of 14 grievances against the israeli government, including a stray, is blocking of wall ways. 5 g. networks in australia and complains that australia has made against a legit human rights abuses in shin john and china has said that it's up to a strictly a to mend these strange ties. but a struggle for their part has said that they will not change their policy position . so it's difficult to see how this relationship can improve in the near future. the treaty you're reporting live from bridging the treaty many thanks,
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dude. white house senior adviser, jared kirschner will travel to saudi arabia and karzai in the coming days. a trip believed to be aimed at resolving this. the dispute between the neighboring nations . it comes amid tension in the region, following the killing of the top iranian nuclear scientist. but only weeks left for the trumpet, ministration. his team of helps negotiate deals with sudan, bahrain, and the u.a.e. to normalize relations with israel. well, budget is a professor of political sociology at castle university. he doesn't think that question this trip will have any major impact on resolving the dispute. just actually that we're in the lame duck phase of this administration. and we clearly understand that all the parties involved will look at any pressure coming from the u.s. at the moment to any effort coming from the u.s. at the moment to be very temporary and very short lived until the 20th of january. and therefore, i would assume that there will be some time delay tactics,
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especially on the part of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. . waking out this at this station to see how dealing with biden will change the dynamics of mediation this crisis. there has always been an attempt by the trump administration to conduct mediation through kuwait on a continuous basis. but what changed in the past couple of years was a move towards more compartment in crisis through talking, especially about one that and then by go in and not the other aspects of this conflict. and on the other hand, we can see very clearly that saudi arabia is no more open to discussing with the, u.s. a lot of issues of disagreement in the region, especially with the constant bombardment of issues coming in to, to the region that i, i also believe that this is
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a last minute attempt by jump at mr. asian. that doesn't really have to work only the only way it could actually come with that ocean is if there was a decision by the wayside, maybe they would like to end this before that. the biden administration, so it doesn't become an issue. and then dealing with that administration, when the time comes, the top infectious diseases expert in the u.s. has warned americans to brace for some of corona virus infections over the holiday season. the country reported more than 150000 cases on saturday, as millions of people visited family for thanksgiving. dr anthony fauci says that it's an omen a strengthened ahead of people traveling of a christmas and the new year. so what we ask people to do is to at least stop for a moment and do what i call the risk benefit assessment of what you want to do in
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the holiday. what you want to do for the seasons where you bring people in your home. if you have a person who is elderly and who has an underlying condition that makes them more susceptible to the serious consequences of infection. do you really want to have that gathering or should you say, i know it hurts not to do it because this is such a beautiful traditional season. but you know, hang in there with us because there will be future times when you could do it. some schools in new york city will restart impossible classes next week. despite surging corona, virus infections, elementary schools and kindergartens will be the 1st to reopen. mayor bill de blasio says that students will undergo random weekly tests. it comes less than 2 weeks after schools were forced to close because of rising infections. south korea is batting end of the year, posses some tightening restrictions after a surge in cases that the disease is spreading at its fastest rate in nearly 9
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months with outbreaks in military facilities, churches and schools. $450.00 you cases were reported on sunday following 3 consecutive days. of more than 500 officials are closing public sourness cafes are banning music lessons that involve singing or wind instruments. public schools in iraq have reopened the doors off to being closed since march to the corona virus pandemic. the number of infections this fall into around one of the half 1000 new cases a day. but many students fear that they'll struggle to catch up on lost schooling. al-jazeera, some of the full team reports from back that the 1st day of school in times of coronavirus. these 6 year olds waited for more than 2 months to start their education. the iraqi government lifted the lockdown in september, but public schools only reopened this week. it was supposed to start early, but they delayed it because of the large number of infections. yes, the malls in the shops reopened earlier,
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but the number of infections was very high. now the numbers have started to go down . hopefully, the pandemic will go away soon and we will try to catch up on schooling. the pandemic has spurred a wide and preexisting disparities in education. private schools catering to wealthy students have largely stuck to the academic calendar. while public schools like these stopped teaching for 8 months, budget cuts due to declining oil prices have made matters worse. for sure, there's been a negative effect of the pandemic is delayed school attendance. and in addition to that, to the budget is basically private schools have better health measures than government schools. and also the number of students is smaller financial capabilities. even though public schools are back in session, many parents will continue to play a big part in their children's education. students will attend class only one day and have to study at home on the remaining school days. but compared to many other countries, iraq lacks the telecommunications infrastructure to support the learning. the
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education ministry says it will launch applications to facilitate online classes. but while many wait for such plans to materialize are met and i am and in their final year of high school say that's of little help. they say there will be online classes, but it won't be successful. the internet is very bad. we cannot study like this, our only choice is to take private tutoring classes. we can't depend on the government schools. they already missed school during much of last year, when classes were canceled due to widespread anti-government protests. now the pandemic risks shattering their hopes for university could be the good universities won't admit us, then we'll have to go to private college and paid millions of iraqi dinars. we can't afford that. iraq's financial and health crises have cast uncertainty over the country's future. but at least for now, this new generation of students are enjoying a return to a routine that resembles normal life seem on a 14 hour jazeera,
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but that deaths caused by a malaria are expected to exceed those from covert. 98 in sub-saharan africa. this here, the world health organization says there could be more than 100000, deaths from malaria in 2020, panics disrupted treatment and global funding has shifted to the coronavirus. most facilities are among young children, dr. nor is the lead author of the w.h.o. malaria report. he explains how the covert time team crisis is affecting malaria treatment. it doesn't do is it does in potentially destructive prevention of the disease through the distribution of the distribution of preventive treatment. a lot of the african countries have responded really effectively to mitigate against those sort of terms of preventing malaria that in terms of treating it among those who get the disease,
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that's where we still are struggling. we understanding the levels of destruction in the giving countries because millions of ship greatly ease restrictions depend on how well he says as a treatment to, for our families and disrupt it. any level of destruction will lead to suspend and we expect that given what we have seen for us, all of the countries that even moderate levels of destruction in africa would lead to additional deaths in the region. protesters in belarus, say that security personnel are fired shots of them in the capital minsk, and write it in residential areas as part of their months. long demand for president, look at resignation. demonstrators say that more than $150.00 people were detained
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by police. for french police officers have been placed under formal investigation for beating a black man in paris. michel's their clothes needed stitches after the attack began . when police fired a tear gas canister into a music studio. there was widespread outrage after footage emerged of the assault. prosecutors say they want to make sure the officers don't have contact with each other and can't pressure witnesses. in new zealand, 10 organizations and 3 individuals are facing fines of up to a $1000000.00 in connection with the deaths of $22.00 people in a volcanic eruption last year. regulators have been investigating why the tourists were taken on to an active volcano. after the eruption alert level been raised. one of germany's traditional christmas markets has been transformed as a result of the country's 2nd possible lock down. a restaurant owner in the south has opened the drive through version around 160000000. people usually visit markets in germany every year. it's
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a good alternative since there aren't any other christmas markets. i think it's lovely, very christmassy. i think it's a great idea. i can only recommend it, but it's a feeling in atmosphere. great, they are allowed to implement it. it's great. we got into the made even so i think it's great. it is good to have you with us. hello adrian. to get here in doha, the headlines from al-jazeera, ethiopia's prime minister has told parliament that federal forces having have not killed a single civilian during the 3 week long conflict and to greater region to ground forces. however, dispute this, they also say that they're still facing federal troops near the regional capital. malcolm webb reports from nairobi had told members of parliament that the government didn't. you.


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