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to iraq after the americans at this time this team will make us proud to be american. president elect joe biden unveils his team and promises to restore america's status as a world leader. and give it al, this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up concerns of possible war crimes of ethiopia's, northern tipperary region as the government's deadline for the regional forces to surrender tours clothes. a double blow for afghanistan deadly bombing coincides with international donors cutting aid. and
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this anger breaks out on the streets of paris against the a vixen of migrants from a camp, french m.p.'s pass a bill that strengthens police powers a new team with a very different vision and a renewed commitment to lead the world. again. that is the message from us president elect joe biden. as he unveils top members of his administration earlier, the president elect spoke, surrounded by the men and women. he's picked to be his foreign policy and national security chiefs team that will keep our country and our people safe and secure. it's a team that reflects the fact that america is back ready to lead the world. not retreat from it. once again, sit at the head of the table, ready to confront our adversaries, and not reject our allies or to stand up for our values. well,
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the latest moves in the transition process come as biden's margin of victory can tin used to grow. and sylvania and nevada have become the latest states to certify that president elect as the winner. i speak to who is in wilmington, delaware, that's the home state of the president elect's she had. so america's back, according to by didn't talk us through his appointments and also what they say about how he plans to run the country. well, there was an enormous amount of american exceptionalism, as you could hear from, from biden's comments that this isn't america 1st. but it is america in charge, and that's, that was shot through all the comments that we were hearing from, from these, these nominees. there was a real belief that america is the essential power and has to be involved in everyone else's affair. has basically whether frankly, whether people like it or not, that's certainly what we saw in the obama administration. and we do have
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a lot of diversity in this cabinet, which was mentioned quite a bit. and biden suggest to that that would lead to new ideas. but even though you have a nominee who is a latino immigrant, a department of homeland security or african-american woman in the u.s. or a woman, potentially leading the intelligence community. this is very much the return of the foreign policy establishment off 4 years in the coal, not represented by tony blinken, the secretary of state, who's a great insider, who even someone who's advised joe biden, and was deputy secretary under obama and has made a lot of mistakes over the years as a result with joe biden, for example, in advocating for the war in iraq fabo hawkish than joe biden on liberal interventionism, else where he was tony blinken, a great advocate of the war in libya, for example, over the last few days, he's been talking about how you wish to be about ministration,
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have been more militarily involved in syria, even though obama did have a huge amount of money, like a $1000000000.00 worth of weaponry was sent to syria, much of which ended up in the hands of jihad he's, he he's sort of very much of an interventionist, it's an interesting combination of the foreign. 'd policy establishment and biden, who's always a bit of a wild card. but even though they've made mistakes in the past, blinken for example, very much about how the u.s. is key to foreign policy in the world. now, we have to proceed with equal measures of humility. and confidence, you know that he, because as the president said, we can't solve all the world's problems alone. we need to be working with other countries. we need their cooperation. we need their partners. but also confidence. because america, at its best, still has a greater ability than any other country on earth to bring others together to meet
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the challenges of our time. we should have, we know all of this has gone down very well with the markets, but i wonder how it's gone down with progressive sue, as you said, may see these appointments as just being more of the same right. i mean, the happy progress they're happy about john kerry on climate because he's clearly a very senior figure. you have the joe biden of these pledges, for example, that you know, he'll be on the national security council. so climate change will be key to policy making. but then looking at the appointments of the biden is making, there are other appointments. he's made. cedric richmond in the white house, for example. he's made a fortune from the fossil fuel industries. there is a great deal of suspicion because of the disappointment for the, of the obama, of the obama presidency. so, and indeed, you know, even all this diversity, it's all very well if they have real haynes will be leading. the intelligence community is not great for gender equality, but she's also the person who was in charge of barack obama's assassination drone assassination program should be drawing up
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a list of people for extra judicial killing without any oversight that you don't exactly a progressive progressive hero, heroine so there is a great deal of suspicion because of what we saw in obama barrel is mobilization to try to make sure that there aren't any, any appointments who are terribly offensive, and biden seems to recognize that. and he's trying to give out some of center ground. he says, although it's so difficult, i think sometimes to recognize so well the progressive as well, which is a new foreign policy. and what's the republicans, you supported by the new libs you supported by, as well? if there is, it's going to be very interesting to see the balance these rights. ok, thank you for that chapter towns if their life for us in wilmington, delaware will transition developments as well as progress on the corona. virus vaccine does have, as i mentioned, helped to push markets to wreck or levels. the dow jones stock index reached above 30000 points for the very 1st time in its history on tuesday, in a very brief white house, the parents, donald trump, took credit for that new market high. well,
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let's go now to our correspondent mike hanna, mike, and that is basically all that donald trump had to say, or had to talk about the dow jones despite everything else that's going on right now. indeed, yes, you said it was very brief. it was precisely 64 seconds. there are some speculation that there might have been more than that very brief comment before just leaving the podium shouted. questions from reporters president trying to use to refuse to concede, although he has now allowed the process to go ahead or is accepting the fact that the transition process is going ahead with developments is that it's being confirmed that the president elect will be receiving the presidential daily brief. now this is a collection of data of information that's presented to the president every morning or should be. there will be a copy for the president elect to prove at the beginning of every day to get up to
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information on what developments are waiting in the day, either domestically or very important as well internationally. so this is a major development in terms of the transition, but president, as i say, refusing to concede, he's been tweeting away stores saying that he considers the election a fraud. and that he went, that very brief statement, claiming credit for the surge in the stock market. this is what he had to say. stock markets just broken 30000 never been broken. that number. it's a secret number 30000. nobody ever see it. that's the name time since the beginning of 2020. and it's the 48th time that we've broken records in during the trumpet ministration. and i just want to congratulate all the people within the administration that work so hard. and most importantly, i want to congratulate the people of our country because there are no people like
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you. thank you very much, everybody. thank you very well, the major impacts on the surge in the stock market. clearly the end to the political uncertainty with the translation being formally signaled, as well as positively positive news about viruses, vaccines against the pandemic, and also another factor introduced. and that is the confirmation that janet yellen will be the treasury secretary. now this is going to be welcomed by the market. she was a very adept head off the federal reserve clearing a time of economic recession. so certainly her appointment. her confirmation of her point is another factor that has caused these markets, the surge, rather than president. trump's personal intervention, my canner in washington d.c., thank you. the ethiopian government says to gray, regional forces have started to surrender. the government gave the rebels until wednesday to lay down their arms or risk
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a final assault on the main city mechanic. it's warning people to leave the area to graze. leadership denies surrendering claims. an ethiopian military division has been destroyed. our new force is getting stronger and more powerful. it is acquiring additional weaponry and building its capacity. it's making history, but this is not a battle of armies. this is a civil war. and all of us has to gran's by supporting each other side by side with their army. we must defend this and complete victory. mcaleese within the range of it and which means military wise, it is easier to straight. that's the simple fact that it has been, it is 2 lives of people at once that happens then, and it's human that people would take the right choice, a choice which seems themselves the choice was saved. yes, future. so ones to know what's happening, what's actually the blue troops then they will, they will turn forces over,
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which is the course involves the rational choice of pushing these forces. so it, and i was here in this city in the future. if you know we as human rights commission is accusing members of a to grave youth group of massive crank, some 600 civilians. earlier this month and report it says the attackers targeted normed to graham residents of my cancer. a small town in the west of the region, it says victims were killed with the collusion of local security forces. as the government threatens what it calls a final offensive rights groups are becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility of war crimes from both sides. when conducting this, cooperate outside of a gully, there are some food should be respected. so international human rights laws, standards and international humanitarian law standards. so that didn't work arrives . so violation of basic standards about civilian protecting civilians. what
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targeting c.b.s. can according to the law and according to the international laws, has ended about a fight. well, many of the families fleeing the fighting in ethiopia's northern tigre, a region have been separated in the exodus. more than 40000, people have fled into neighboring sudar. that's welch's there. as he morgan met some people trying to find their missing family members. when fighting came to her hometown of make degree region 100, just 5 fled with most of her children. but she had to leave her 2 oldest daughters behind integris capital. another high then they went to stony mccully with this school, when the fighting started and there was no way for me to contact them. now i don't know where they are and how they are doing. they said they didn't have enough money before the fighting started. one is 14 and one is 15. are they being feed?
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are they being taken care of their only children? since the fighting started integrate in early november, more than 40000, people have fled to sudan states of aid organizations say more than 5000000 are trapped in the region with no access to humanitarian aid. sudanese authorities say nearly 3000 people arrive every day. it is, they had a well, i arrived here 2 weeks ago since his arrival has been searching for the parents of these 3 children. but when the fighting came to the town of mark kendra, everyone started running. these 3 siblings were in the town and seemed lost, so i took them with me. i tried to look for their parents, but i couldn't find them, or even used loudspeakers among those displaced. when all failed, i came with him to this camp. his government has imposed a telecommunications blackout in the to green region since the start of the fighting with malfunctioning phone line. so internet access into grey families who've left loved ones behind say they're not sure if they're still alive. most
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have started the process of tracking their parents or children, hoping they've arrived in sudan, but are in a different camp. and as more of arrive, the number of families separated by the conflict is rising. sudanese authorities say they're not sure how many children have been separated from their parents or how many mothers and fathers left their children behind. aid organizations efforts are being made to reunite families. unfortunately, as you know, children and women are always the, this reporting, the impact of influx of refugees. and we have social workers who are working with them as well as the police. and actually they are in safe place at the moment. and we're going to be starting tracing their families with i.c.r.c. . but for those like me who have left their children behind, the process is yet to start. she says she can only pray her daughters are still alive and someday make it to the camp. if not, she has to wait until the fighting and to go back and look for them. and she's not sure how long that will take people morgan al-jazeera out of state. still ahead on
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al-jazeera. a life in prison for a former militia leader felt guilty of war crimes in democratic republic of congo and airlines for a deal larger than expected losses. due to the crown of ours, pandemic speak to the head of the global body, regulating industry. we got some rather nasty weather across eastern parts of canada. quite a bit of cloud here. deep area of low pressure that's been swirling away, tightly packed ice about strong winds. there just around the canadian maritimes. him and he, wintry weather for many here and some winter weather to across the western side of candidate coming down across the the rockies, the mountain states of the u.s. as well in between. we got some very heavy rain pushing up towards the appalachians rod across the plains easing the east was make the most if you'll read 30 celsius,
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in d.c. 12 celsius for new york. head of thanksgiving dry come thanksgiving. well, wet weather around the eastern seaboard all the way along the east coast, looking rather wet, dry weather, talking back in behind. you notice a few showers north of the border of a wintry night, so there will be some snow there into central parts of canada. but it's ontario could see some snow with piles of quebec as well. but i would say was basically some heavy snow just pushing up towards the rockies heavy rain as well just around the coast. further south, we got some rain in texas. i still got plenty of right into the western side of the caribbean, long line of cloud here, coming out of hispaniola, down towards nicaragua and more rain there. the honduras from france once had, a vast empire spanning several continents. but by the 1940, s.,
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the french were forced to confront reality and to mom's dependence. in a fast part of a new documentary series, al-jazeera looks at how the colonial imax conflict and full scale warning to china, not intense french to colonize ation. on al-jazeera. the . the way georgiadis, there are a reminder of our top stories this hour. joe biden is forging ahead with his preparations to take over as president as his margin of victory keeps growing. he's formally unveiled some of his top team,
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while pennsylvania developer become the latest states to certify him as the weather . and a very brief white house, the parents, u.s. president. donald trump has taken credit for a break or day in the markets. down jones index reached a historic high on tuesday following the transition developments and progress on the rotavirus vaccine. it's ethiopia's government claims that forces him to pray have begun to surrender given rebels until wednesday to lay down their arms to graze. these are denying the claims and say they have destroyed the government division 14 people have been killed by 2 explosions at a market and central afghanistan. it happened in the historic city of bam. we are home to the mainly shia minority. no group has claimed responsibility and the taliban has denied involvement. the u.n. says nearly $6000.00 civilians have been killed or wounded so far this year. the attack happened as the u.n. secretary general called for an immediate and unconditional cease fire. and of
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course stop. he spoke to a donors conference in geneva, where nations pledged $12000000000.00 in aid of the next 4 years. that's 3000000000 less than was expected. the u.s. pledged $600000000.00 for 2021, secretary of state might pompei or says half of it is conditional on the progress of the talks in doha, the government to get a stand must also do its part to implement essential elements of stability and security. just the afghan people expect talking about things like economic reforms . real, any corruption efforts, including our drug interdiction, respect for human rights, including religious freedom, a welcome environment for the private sector, and steps towards self-reliance. i want to be clear, one of the clear the choices made in peace negotiations will affect the size and scope of future international support and assistance. despite those suffering,
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i want to be very clear that the negotiations with the taliban remains for our negotiate. iggy remains that says in their commitment to talks and we must bring an end to the violence that is something our knives in dropping our children of the joy of change clothes. politicians from rival libyan factions will hold a joint parliamentary session for the 1st time in years. i presented is from both factions agreed on the united session during talks in morocco and pays based in both aaa and to brokaw meet in the libyan city of good ol miss in the coming days that he is parliament was erected in 2014 but split during the ongoing civil war the lower house of the french parliament has given initial approval to a new bill, limiting the right to film a photograph of police officers. the bill was passed as hundreds protested in central paris against a vixen of migrants from a camp on monday. the proposal has been heavily criticized by rights groups who say
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it could be blurring the faces all the police officers becoming the norm. the news reports the national assembly, which is controlled by supporters of president imam, a call on voted the bill through with his knowledge majority will go to another vote in the upper house in january to talk about those following events for us in paris. the way that many people in france murdered about the evacuation of the camp in central paris last night and saw the boos that they saw. many of these images, this video footage or pictures all of the police clearing this camp. bruce videos that circulated today, in fact, in the future may be the sort of thing that the government wants to crack down on. now what has happened is the government has actually posed the m.p.'s have actually post today in the national assembly, a new security, nor in which there's a very controversial close that close basically cracks down in the dissemination
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the broad costal sharing online of any images of police officers on duty, not what the government to say the nor is aimed at trying to protect the identity of police officers who do a very difficult job often in situations like demonstrations. but what rights activists many journalists are saying is this is simply an erosion of press freedoms, because what it will mean is that police will be less accountable if images and videos of them on duty cannot be shared. and that is why so many people come out to protest their one of the main supporters of law is in fact the french interior minister, who himself said that those images of the evacuation of the camp by police were rather shocking. a form of militia leader in the democratic republic of congo has been sentenced to life in prison for war crimes after a trial last in 2 years and was found guilty of murder, rape, sexual slavery. and in this thing, child soldiers in north kivu province is rebel group and 2. others are accused of
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nearly 400 rape string, a series of attacks and 2010, he was tried by a special military course in the eastern city of goma. the eastern to your city has never experienced a trial on this level. it's a historic moment has been found guilty of war crimes. he is someone that no one thought they would ever see in the dark. so just for it's a huge step forward for justice. so yes, there are certain aspects of the verdict which we are not so happy with. for example, the recognition of the crimes against humanity for rape in a long line. but the fact remains that in general, it is a very positive verdict and a great message for the victims. that justice is being served. opposition candidates and became to fast. so are rejecting partial results, which show incumbent board it ahead in the presidential election. they say sunday's vote has been tainted by force of oil needs to win more than 50 percent of the vote to avoid a runoff. alliance of parties supporting the president has appealed to all sides.
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to respect the outcome, taiwan's president has promised to defend the island sovereignty, amid growing tensions with china, saying when it was speaking at a ceremony where construction has begun on the 1st domestically produced submarine, i want plans to build a case of the attack subs. china claims taiwan as its own territory for peace depends on national defense and solid national defense to acquire not only a valid national army, but also solid armaments. in the past few years from the accelerated mass production of to achieve to the 1st flight of your being and today's construction of a national submarine. the demonstrate the power and independence of national defense, which is trending day by day. police in thailand have summoned 7 protesters to face charges of insulting the monarchy. it will be the 1st time such charges have been applied in the country and more than 2 years. anyone found guilty faces up to 15
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years in prison. and to government protests that began in july have increasingly turned to demands to curb the powers of the monarchy. or the aviation industry is reporting larger than expected losses due to the crowd of hours pandemic. the international air transport association had predicted a $100000000000.00 loss by the end of 2021. it's now raise that to 150000000000. passenger numbers are expected to drop below 2000000000 this year, that's less than half the number and 2019. it's on their heads, the director general and chief executive of the international air transport association says an industry wide system to deal with chronic virus is need it. we do not think that this is a prerequisite. what with it that if we want to have others who liable or so of systematic testing, one process of vaccination,
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it has to be completed by the 3rd of the, which is if he should process that will certify that the lab test on the vaccine has been done, the results are negative or that the fact that the dog working this information should be transferred. that's injured. that could be also shown to governments who could request for information. so you know, it's the necessary complement is drugs. this information system that will be that we take it for now, but our people will be ready in 2 weeks from now to certify and to manage the flow of information regarding both of passengers will remain under control as good as they crowded the city of these very sensitive, but that could be transferred. probably quest to governments to allow our
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governments to live very far or italy has reported its highest amy death toll. from crown of our since march 853, fatalities were confirmed on tuesday. the health ministry also registered more than 23000, new infections, that he has seen the highest number of covered 19 deaths in europe in recent days. russia says it's sputnik the crowd of ours. that scene has proved 95 percent effective in clinical trials. it says the 2 dose inoculation will be solved internationally for less than $10.00 and will be free for russian citizens. the country plans to start mass vaccination in january. the european union has reached another deal to secure millions of covert. 19 back scenes. you need is are expected to sign an agreement with the american biotech company mcdonough to supply up to 160000000 doses. but then he said last week, it's experimental vaccine was nearly 95 percent effective. london's back taxicabs,
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a famous around the world, the coronavirus lockdown has meant demand for them has collapsed. many cab drivers have left the profession in so-called taxi, graveyards, and starting to pair around the capital. one point of reports in a field just outside london is an extraordinary sight. there are more than 200 london cabs here, gridlocked in the green belt. this is one of the city's growing number of taxi graveyards vehicles that no passengers want to hire a new driver wants to rent. we are struggling with some finance companies because they need their farms. however, if you're not renting the vehicle, you can, you can pay what's coming in between june and november of this year. and the only $4000.00 of these iconic london black cabs came off the road. that's more than 20 percent of the total of that ending up in graveyards, such as this
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a couple of 100 here. hundreds more over garages on lock up areas all around the capital. and the question is whether any of these vehicles will ever make it back out onto the road again? among those drivers still clinging on at the taxi ranks, the view is bleak. yesterday i worked 6 hours. i went to only were 28 pounds. so today nearly 4 hours now, i have done only 2 jobs. cab leaders warn that with more than a quarter of the current fleet being 0 emission electric vehicles. taking taxis off the road is actually doing more harm than good. we were an industry back in march. that was a best in 50000000 pounds a week in new electric vehicles, a new electric infrastructure. and those vehicles now are in danger of being repossessed. we're in position where we could be going backwards rather than forwards. an absolute disaster that sentiment is indorsed by this clean air campaign. i have not had the support that other sectors of the economy had of had.
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and what i would like to see is the government putting support in and using this moment that the billions and hundreds of billions of money that are being spent into driving the taxi industry and other industries towards much cleaner vehicles., since its introduction in the 1950 s., the london black cab has been a british design icon. but nostalgia and style cannot by themselves keep these vehicles on the road. paul brennan, al-jazeera essex. results is there, and these other top stories, joe biden is forging ahead with his preparations to take over as president as his margin of victory keeps growing. he's formally unveiled some of his top team while pennsylvania and nevada have become the latest states to certify him as the winner is a team that will keep park.


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