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go on al-jazeera, understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it, we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. this only if you're also sure there are u.n. aid agencies ramp up efforts to help the thousands of ethiopians flooding into sudan and call for an immediate cease fire and take away hello. are you watching al jazeera live from london, also coming up? ugandan presidential candidate bobby wine is charged and released on bail as the death toll rises from protests over his arrest.
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and republican leaders flying in from michigan to meet president trump, who is seeking to overturn his election defeat. and paul reese in stock car boy sweden's touch coronavirus strategy is coming under pressure amid a steep roys increases. welcome to the program. we begin in east africa, where there are warnings, an escalating conflict, and unfolding humanitarian crisis will devastate ethiopia and sudan. the u.n. is calling for an immediate cease fire and preparing for up to 200000 people to flee the military campaign in ethiopia's northern t. great region. if european government forces say they've taken 2 major towns, axel and as they advance towards the to gray and capital, it's been 2 weeks since prime minister and nobel peace prize winner ordered the
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offensive accusing to grand leaders of trying to destabilize his government. hundreds have been killed, although it's difficult to confirm details. since communications have been cut and more than $30000.00, people have now fled into eastern sudan, where aid workers are racing to build facilities from scratch. muhammad, though is in the ethiopian capital, addis ababa. he says the conflict looks to be heading for a final battle, was to graham forces on the retreat. if they can't hold the cup at all, it means they are defeated and mackellar is considered the ultimate prize by the if european national defense forces, who are now said to be roughly about 100 kilometers from the capital. and they are saying they will launch attacks on the killer from at least 4 different fronts. but what is going to be a huge opportunity to the tepee alive is that the city is surrounded by hills and mountains where they have mounted their defenses
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and are hopeful they will stop their advancing opponents. of course, both sides are heavily armed and it might not be is easy according to security to unleash the technical. it has been for the european defense forces, stick of towns like the man of war which they have just claimed to have taken control of. and in the protracted conflict many here fear will not just affect a few appear, but the entire horn of africa. region well, nearly half of the people fleeing under the age of 18. and the u.n. says the conflict has left more than 2000000 children inside the tea grave region in urgent need of help. here, morgan reports now from gather each state in sudan, which is just across the border from tikrit. just 2 weeks ago,
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while heated saturday was preparing for her sunday, now is operation. he was born with a cleft lip, which has affected his ability to drink milk and along with it his health. but just days before they were due to return to the capital of ethiopia is not integrated region. the situation changed dramatically when we were due to go back for his last check up before the operation. the fighting started, all the roads were blocked and we couldn't get to macquarie. people were being killed and there were bombs being dropped. so i fled with him and my family. now we can't even get a doctor to check on him. we can't even get him his vaccination, let alone have hope. you'll get an operation here. the family now resides at this refugee camp in if i should go in sudan's, god of state, there are more than 15000 if you can refugees here in what was once a largely uninhabited area. thousands more. if you have fled to neighboring state to escape the fighting into. great. but it to hell are you and her 2 children are
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some of them. her infant son has been suffering from breathing problems and she says she's been struggling to get him the care he needs he has one block knows and doesn't feed except from about. oh, but i don't have formula for him because we tried it in my car. and came here and the health center here doesn't have for me. so i have to go looking around for that . but i don't know where i'll get the money from. the camp has only one health center to cater for the thousands of children here. mothers wait for their turn to have their children seen by doctors. many children exposed to the horrors of conflict in the 1st years of their lives. according to unicef, 40 percent of the refugees arriving in sudan are children. some have been separated from their families and the process of tracking them has started. others have arrived with malnutrition because of the days they spent walking with no food and all have been affected by the conflict integrate in a way that will likely impact their childhood. the un's children's agency says that
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chris tricked it access, and the ongoing communication blackout in the region has left an estimated 2300000 children in need of humanitarian assistance. and as more and more refugees arrive in sudan, there's rising concern over their future. remember, this is the time school started, children will actually miss this year's school. and most of the children we saw yesterday come there are school age. unfortunately, they will not have school this year. so we have to come up with alternative programs already within the next month. or 2, we are hoping the crisis will stop, the fighting will stop, there will be able to go back home. but if that's not the case, we have to be in place to support the what you do says she hopes the conflict ends soon so that she can return back home with her family. she says she wants her child to be operated on, but more importantly, wants him to grow up with no memories of the horror that's forced her and her family to leave their lives behind and seek refuge here in sudan. people more going on to their own. about if the uganda's most popular opposition politician has been
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released on bail and says he was tortured in detention while the wind was arrested at a campaign rally on wednesday and charged with breaking coronavirus restrictions. his arrest sparked protests and a violent crackdown that's killed at least 28 people as though there are reports that 37 were killed. reports. dozens of people have been killed in uganda's capital, kampala, since protests broke out on wednesday. they began after the pop star turned presidential candidate for the wind was arrested he held a campaign rally in the winter district just over 100 kilometers from the capital. as usual, that attracted thousands of supporters. many more than the limits of 200 allowed on the coveted 19 restrictions. there was a very early and very active. it's one of the political groups,
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but it still wasn't, i'm good. police intervened so they did where i'm going to get confidential. we deported that but we won. supporters didn't see it like that. they think the government's trying to stop him sweeping to victory in presidential elections due in january. he's challenging, president yoweri miss 70. he's been in power for 34 years after 2 days in jail. he was charged in cold with breaking the covert prevention rules and released on bail . this was, in my opinion, meant because i value to still use them the same thing. and while sustaining a dictatorship cannot be broken, you can resign our bodies and bodies. but you got no time to ourselves. we are not going to stop fighting for a better you gun. for other opposition, presidential candidates have suspended their campaigns to protest against the
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actions of the security forces. the government blamed the demonstrators who were rioting and attacking police officers. what is how they like to show you and the key to you. if you make it at that level of violence, the elections are meant to be held just on the 2 months from now. it's not clear if the campaigns will continue to how, but it is clear they've got off to a violent start. malcolm webb al-jazeera. yemen is in danger of suffering the worst famine the world has seen in decades. that's the warning from u.n. secretary general and tony. the terrorist says millions of lives may be lost of the world is not taking media action. yemen has been at war for more than 5 years, with the government, backed by a saudi led coalition. fighting who the rebels who control the capital sanaa that the u.n. has called yemen. the world's largest humanitarian crisis with 80 percent of its
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people in need of help. and we see a dramatic, they're going to nation of humanitarian situation. and the risk is it was expressed this morning in my statement of a famine that probably would have had no parallel in recent history except the famous of famine of ethiopia many decades ago. u.s. president donald trump is due to meet the public and party leaders from the state of michigan at the white house in his latest bid to overturn the election results. michigan's senate majority leader, mike shirky and house speaker leach chatfield,
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were greeted by protesters as they arrived at the airport. trump alleges widespread voting irregularities in the election which was run by joe biden. but his last several legal challenges, his lawyers now say that state legislatures should ignore the voting results in swing states like michigan and give their electoral college votes to trump. while meanwhile, joe biden has held a socially distanced meeting with vice. president elect camel harris and senior democrats. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer biden is also celebrating his 17th birthday. he's yet to speak on the trump team's latest political maneuvering. but one of his leading lawyers, bob bauer has said they have no chance of overturning the result in michigan. no state legislature in our country's history ever has done with donald trump is apparently agitating for the michigan state legislature to do which is to ignore
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the results of the popular vote election and wrest control from the voters or attempt to wrest control from the voters. and appoint their own slate of electors to send to washington. now, the reason is never absent before is that it cannot be done. and the constitution does not permit a state legislature to do with donald trump wants the disc in state legislature to do. let's go to brazil now where more than 6000000 people have been infected by the corona virus. it's only the 3rd country in the world to reach that milestone after the u.s. and india, which passed that 9000000 cases on friday. more than 38000, new cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours, along with 552 deaths. brazil is latin, america's worst state nation over 168000. people have died there. well meanwhile, u.s. pharmaceutical company, pfizer and its german partner biotech, have applied for emergency authorization for their coronavirus vaccine on friday.
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it makes them the 1st to file for approval in the u.s. health secretary alex, as that has the scribed to move as the light at the end of the tunnel. because it means a vaccine could be available within weeks or rise in corona. virus infections are putting sweden's, no locked down model, and the pressure for the 1st time, the government has rejected advice from the public health agency and its recommendation that people don't have to wear masks, has led to a dispute with the scientific a cabbie that awards the nobel prize from stockholm here is paul reese. the commuter rush begins in stockholm with little evidence of concern about sweden's mounting coronavirus crisis. it's just a couple of months since the decision not to impose a lockdown seemed to be working. but with the 2nd wave of the pandemic building momentum, it could be a long cold winter ahead. for the approach that has been dubbed the swedish model. a record 7240 new cases were reported on friday,
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with 66 more deaths taking the toll to almost 6 and a half 1000 would be in getting more and more patient is a procedures of course for taking optimal care of them. very late with that in front of us and we are, we are far behind. sweden's government is starting to impose tougher restrictions. no more than 8 people can now attend official events, while pubs and restaurants a ban from serving alcohol after 10 pm. there are new limits on visits to old people's homes. after infections again started spreading rapidly in places where thousands died in the spring or early in. the government will continue to take all necessary decisions to reduce the spread of infection. sweden strength in this crisis, however, is that every person takes their responsibility, does the, for their fellows, and for our country. about personal responsibility has been at the heart of
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sweden's fight against the pandemic. but now many are questioning whether people should be forced to comply with tougher measures, including having to wear masks something that most swedes have so far shunned. that's after the royal swedish academy of sciences released a report showing that masks could prevent the spread of infection indoors. birds we found so far, yearly supports the fact that 60 will have a positive effect in the main issue. it's not exactly preventing this spread by us, but that's in contrast to recommendations made by the public health agency and the chief epidemiology. understand yell, who has repeatedly said masks, can make people more careless about social distancing. not everyone has listened with mosque sales tripling at one pharmacy chain in november. even if the government does bow to pressure on mosques, that could be as far as it's prepared to go. the so-called swedish model may be
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under some pressure, but a full lockdown is unlikely and perhaps even impossible. such a measure is guarded against by the swedish constitution that protects citizens, freedoms. even in a time of crisis. paul recent al-jazeera stock car still to come in this half hour celebrations in ag them district as a way forces move in after 27 years over meenie, an occupation. and we sit down with position leader and hear why she hopes the new u.s. president could mean change in her country to hello, temp is still high in queensland and those hard times tend help to set off some big
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showers around sydney last but the goma cities are 24 degrees, the showers that are left to be fairly light inland in new south wales, maybe down in victoria. adelaide still showing the heat as in the alice springs for at least have to come down about $31.00 on sunday, and a stop far off purse sunday $29.00. the rain is heading south towards new zealand. change of season rather more obvious. i suspect in the northeast of china, we've had snow. we've had freezing rain damage from them both in vladivostok that aren't about minus 6 or the next massive winds coming through. and so wet snow in beijing and further south and shout then this, that increasing creep of the cold down through hand generating some rain in central china. and i don't think we'll get much further south that will happen, but beijing 6 in this code. and so you go 3 to 5 degrees and a frosty night light snow still to fall on saturday when you saw them by sunday. and the sun is probably coming out again. the temperature is around about the 5
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degree mark further sides. apart from the middle of china is fairly dry and that dry extends to most of india. and of course, equality is dropping again on countering the cost sam, be a, becomes the 1st african nation to the fold on its debts in the pandemic era. but as debts pile up, central banks think the unthinkable. negative interest rates plus brazil is dumped out of the rankings of the world's top 10, economies. counting the cost on al-jazeera investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al-jazeera. the
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of the back is a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera. the united nations is warning of a humanitarian crisis in ethiopia, region, and says more than 2000000, children are a brisk from the conflict. their government forces say they've taken to major towns in uganda. opposition. politician has been released on bail after being charged over actions likely to spread coronavirus. at least 20 people and possibly up to $37.00 are known to have died in the protests sparked by his arrest . and us republican party leaders from the state of michigan are in washington for talks with president trump. his lawyers say state legislature is a should ignore results in swing states like michigan and give their electoral college votes to try and bellow where
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joe biden, campbell harris, and senior democrats. have been there as here. but what do we think that might be talking about now? that the house speaker, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, the senate minority leader joe biden. and come on have been talking for some time over an hour or so. we understood that one of the main issues was to try and get cove would relieve economic relief to all those suffering as a result of the pandemic. during this current lame duck session of congress, 54000000, people are now being listed as food insecure in the united states. every day we see long lines of food banks around the country, 12000000 people are going to lose their unemployment benefits on boxing day on the day after christmas. as a result of congress is in action right now. this is a major economic emergency for so many people. we are hearing that
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some discussions are now beginning to take place in congress we had on thursday. chuck schumer's people said look, aids from chuck schumer. mitch mcconnell were beginning to meet. and chuck schumer said that was about covert relief than we would. we were told actually no, maybe he was overselling that and in fact they were meeting about a different economic issue. that is, the potential for a government shutdown of the government is funded by is and isn't funded by december the 12th and actually covert negotiations are completely separate. so it's really unclear as to whether any really, really substantial is going on here. as far as covert economic relief is concerned, mitch mcconnell, for his part, he said, all the senate is home on thursday for the thanksgiving break a day early. so there doesn't seem to be much urgency here, and a lot seems to be depending though as to whether and this comes to that key issue with the biden transition and in the biden presidency is what's. and what's mitch mcconnell going to do? is he going to cooperate? is he going to, is he going to discuss the issues? always going to go back to that obama model of no corporation whatsoever,
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which was so successful for the republicans when obama was president because it meant in action or a certain amount of inaction. although a lot of that was due to president obama's own list of agenda very well, the republicans very well in the midterm elections, you know, later on. so the question is whether mitch mcconnell is going to cooperate the worst things get theoretically, maybe it's better electorally for the republicans are these are the debates that are going on right now. people are pretty skeptical right now. that there's an urgency, but we understood that there was going to be a great deal of discussion about the lame duck session of congress, which we're currently in. but also how, how the democrats are going to go to work with republicans in the congress to begins next year. shepherd hansie with the latest from wilmington, delaware. she had, thank you. the, as every army says, it's entered ag a district that's been under armenian control for almost 30 years. it's one of 3
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areas of mena has to hand back as part of a cease fire deal to end the 6 weeks of fighting over the disputed region of the corner back. while, as there is a celebration, armenians are grieving the loss of land. they've long claimed is there, as all the bill has made, has more now from there's a sense of defeat in that chain. armenia will soon lose control over district dziedzic district. they few civilians are left in town and i've been in soldiers just transiting through under way out. band killer is a businessman, turned volunteer fighter. it's a bittersweet day for him. he was soon meet up with his wife. but after that, the district where he was deployed at the beginning of the war is being richard as they are. but jack, we were told, told a lot of tales about the situation. we can
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do everything. but the reality in the public knew the real, the situation. we now have the result that we deserve. all of the armenian forces have to evacuate less before december 1st, a mere 70 kilometers away celebrations. and after that, a district on the eastern flank of the enclave. which are considered a buffer zone, was among the 60000 a series expelled at the time. from here i'm lost for words to explain my feelings . it's the best day of my life. the 1st place i want to visit is the theater. it's destroyed now, but he was very nice and we will, he build it's a stark contrast to december. mood in the chain here to tens of thousands of azeris were expelled. lachine was the 1st captured by the armenians
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and early 1990, s. . and it will be the last one handed back to azerbaijan, and it's all because of this road corridor that connects armenia to nagorno-karabakh, it will remain open for armenian civilians. and as the russian peacekeepers who are going to guarantee their safe passage, it's a lifeline of the enclave. and it's through this road that the bulk of the russian peacekeepers are deployed and taking up positions along the corridor. as a budget, as forces would be just a few kilometers away, it worries me and who stayed at home throughout the war. she came to the municipality with her neighbors to ask for help. i don't want to leave here. i have a deep connection. my husband and my son a buried here. i want to be able to visit their graves and i want to stay, and i want my generation to be moved again. about 20000. armenians
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settled in the district over the past 3 decades as it but it would ensure the safety of those living along the lachine corridor. but after all, what's happened, no one here is willing to take the risk. without that hamid bella who says main opposition leader is urging european neighbors to do more to end the political unrest in her country. so she can of sky is pushing for tougher measures against president alexander lukashenko. the self declared winner of august selection, she's in the netherlands where she spoke to our correspondent steps last. in dallas, thousands of people took to the streets for the funeral of 31 year old. the anchor, who died after being beaten by security forces near his home. protests took place once, but land, i think in australia, after a little of this, the dutch foreign minister staff block to discuss the terri orating,
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security situation, and bellows in the scared to be killed in the only yards. of course, the 30 says clayton violence, but it shows that they are in panic. they don't know how to react on these people to, to, to change many governments, especially also in europe have the clear their support, right for the opposition for you. but so far, the situation in belarus hasn't changed. right. and it's actually getting, getting worse. are you, are you disappointed that they are not doing more to put more pressure on the regime here to talk directly that they showed they support? they need the talked about, they support and solidarity. but this and not actions see in how people are to shit in our country are violated. injured. so
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are the reaction of the european countries could be more serious during her visit? she calls on more sanctions for members of the look. i shan't go in and european companies to stop doing business with belorussian partners, profiling people's rights to participate in politest hokus now under newly elected u.s. president joe biden. hillary did a clear about his strong position about bill ruse, and i'm sure that he will keep his word and hugh look, you could influence the station. you could. the key is in the hands of russia, as well as, or any development in the, in the relationship between the opposition and russia at the moment that list they, you know, they started to, you know, to talk about a position. and because before they just pretended to that we don't exist, we don't see creates support of pressure. now to foo regime for the tita,
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you know, they're slake is sympathize that they are wheaton, i interviewed you just before the elections in august. and then you told me, eventually look, i shan't go, we'll have to step down. maybe it's not today, but it will happen very soon. we are now 100 days further. more than 2526000. people have been detained. several people have been killed. don't you think you were maybe too optimistic that look at shankar will step down? no, i wasn't up to mystic i i'm still sure i have no right to think otherwise. hugh, we'll step away. you still feel this is going i'm going to with i feel myself, i feel people in my team. and if you are of the real it this time, the bill it stop. forest officials in southern india have pulled off a mammoth task almost by successfully rescuing an elephant from
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a well. it fell in after straying into a village in tamil nadu state. rescuers spent 12 hours filling the elephant out. using a crane veterinarians had to sedated to calm it down, but officials say it was later found to be healthy and act and the reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, there are warnings. the escalating conflict in t. gray will lead to a humanitarian crisis. that will devastate ethiopia and sudan. the united nations warns more than $2000000.00 children are at risk. 30000 people have already fled into sudan, and the aid agencies are planning for as many as 200000 ethiopian government forces . meanwhile say they've taken 2 major towns in t. gray, ugandan opposition politician bobby wine has been.


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