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investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al-jazeera 'd. u.s. president elect 'd joe biden sets the tone for his presidency delivering a message of hope and pledging to heal a divided nation. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up donald trump is the refusing to concede even legal challenges to voting results in key states are still in play a force a straight day of record coronavirus infections across the u.s. joe biden makes the pandemic his 1st priority and in other news the celebrations in
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azerbaijan as the government announces it now controls the city of shoes in disputed neck or knock out about. us president elect joe biden has declared it's time to heal a deeply divided america even as his predecessor still refuses to concede defeat in a bishop before presidential election biden found not to divide but to unify and called on americans to give each other a chance reaching out to the $70000000.00 people who did not vote for him his running mate kemel harris will be the 1st woman black american and american of asian descent to serve as vice president and she paid tribute to the women who paved the way for her victory donald trump meanwhile is threatening multiple
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lawsuits in an attempt to challenge the results but election officials in states across the country say there has been no evidence of significant fraud while biden has spent his 1st sunday as president elect attending a church service with his family in his hometown of wilmington delaware planning for his presidency has already begun and the coronavirus task force will be launched by his team on monday former president george w. bush was congratulated biden on his victory but top. republicans in congress have still not acknowledged biden as the winner. well let's speak to our white house correspondent kimberly halkett in washington d.c. kimberly in the weeks and months leading up to the election you often mentioned that it may not be quite as clean cut as oh look we have a we have a winner in my get messy and it looks like it has got messy but it also looks like the biden campaign is just going ahead doing what they feel they have to how much
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attention is trump's legal issues having in the u.s. . well there is still attention being paid to it particularly by the more than $70000000.00 americans that you point out did not vote for joe biden but voted for donald trump the argument from the truck campaign is and this is one that we've heard from the beginning of dumb terms presidency is that the media is allegedly by lee biased in this country and so as a result he is pushing back not only on the call by the media to project joe biden as the winner but also in its failure he believes to fully cover the legal challenges until this vote is officially certified in mid december and we're waiting for a lawsuit to be discussed in a press conference by the trump campaign that's coming up in the next hour we are watching that it sort of indicative of what the trend campaign is alleging in a number of different states given the fact that this was
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a election where americans were divided they feel they were all voting irregularities alleged to be investigated and nevada is the latest state where this is being highlighted the campaign saying that there were ballots cast allegedly by people who had moved away or people that were dead and how does this happen well because of covert 19 a lot of people were mailed ballots that they did that asked for and they could have the option to mail the man or they could vote in person and so the campaign is saying that this is given and i'm precedented opportunity for there to be voter irregularities so that is why we have so many lawsuits going on in so many states but as you pointed out barbara the critics would argue that this isn't going to be enough to change the ultimate outcome of the vote and we should point out this is what some members of trump's own republican party are saying that in fact this would not change they're pushing him to concede but even the 1st lady malani
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a trump is on the president's side in fact she weighed into the controversy which is rare for her saying we must protect her to mock. with complete transparency so president not expected to appear before the cameras in fact there's been a live at the white house he says he's going to press on with these legal challenges we'll see a little develops in the coming days can really health care outside the white house there can really thank you. well let's go and see what the biden campaign is doing mike hanna joins us live now from wilmington delaware so as we were hearing from kimberly mike the whole legal process is starting from the trump campaign side but the biden team seems to be going ahead as planned and preparing for the transition process. joe biden clearly not being distracted by these numerous illegal initiatives being launched by the trump campaign the biden campaign has had a whole set of lawyers lined up for a long period of time now the boiler room call they are being dispatched to contest
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these claims in various parts of the united states but biden and his vice president elect a couple of terrorists are focusing in on what their policy is going to be and they want to move very very quickly the priority as we heard from joe biden to combat the pandemic to start initiating a plan that has been months in the making to try and cut back on this massive incidence of the pandemic throughout the country to the send biden will be announcing in the next 24 hours a coronavirus task team now this will be headed by a former surgeon general dr murphy who was in fact and serve the 1st 2 years under trump before basically being fired by president trump also this task force will be a former f.d.a. commissioner of the food and drug administration so clearly this is going to be a heavyweight task force biden has been consulting medical experts for months now
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in terms of what are the best moves to take against a pandemic he's likely to be advising governors across the country to start implying implying mask mandates all these issues are coming to a head but what we will hear tomorrow is the 1st tangible signs of exactly what joe biden and his administration will do with regard to covert obviously there's 9 to 10 weeks until inauguration day this obviously a major problem for joe biden given the fact that his previous sesar has say that it's shown little intent in effectively combating the pandemic and that's 9 weeks in which even more americans are likely to be infected as a country moves through a winter but. policy moving forward the 1st time she will sign off the new biden agenda will become apparent in the next 24 hours when he announces the composition of his coronavirus task force and outlines exactly what he intends them to do mike
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hanna with the latest from wilmington in delaware which is joe biden's home state mike thank you. well while the u.s. president donald trump as we were hearing has so far refused to concede the election republican senator mitt romney says trump will accept the result if his legal challenges fail he also cautioned against some of the language being used by the president i think one has to be careful in the choice of words i think i think would you say that the election was corrupt or stolen or rigged but that's unfortunately rather rhetoric that gets picked up by authoritarians around the world and i think it also discourages confidence in our democratic process here at home and and with the battle going on right now between authoritarianism and freedom why i think i think it's very important that we not use language which which can encourage. a course in history which would be very very unfortunate. well president elect joe biden has promised
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a more traditional take on foreign relations following trump's america 1st policy biden says he'll cement old alliances like nato and be tough on russia he's also pledged to rejoin the world health organization and the paris climate agreement on diplomatic editor james bass says there will be relief amongst us allies over the result but things are unlikely to just go back to the way they war before trump. certainly they are breathing a very big sigh of relief most european leaders and they're hoping that what they've seen so far from the speech in wilmington it wasn't about foreign affairs but it was the speech of a very traditional president they're hoping that the u.s. is going to return to that very traditional u.s. role which means taking part in an international institutions taking part with its allies in its alliances the most important being nato but i have to say there are 2 things to say on the other side of the tally one is that president elect biden
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faces an amazing set of challenges he's taking over at the time of code 19 globally over a 1000000 people have been killed the worst recession the central we've got to gloat growing clark at time of crisis so he's got a lot on his plate the other thing is i think that other countries around the world and particularly the u.s. as our allies won't forget the trump years they know how close this election was they know that technically president trump could run again in 4 years time and if it's not president trump there may well be another trump ian counted up with the same sort of agenda so i don't think they're going to take the u.s. role for granted in the way perhaps they have ever since the 2nd world war. well and other reaction enter nationally keeps on coming in saudi arabia is now congratulated joe biden on his victory over donald trump mohammed bin sound man waited more than 24 hours before sending out a message for biden and vice president elect camel harris the crown prince says
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a strong relationship our had a strong relationship with trump and the criticism of the kingdom's military intervention in yemen human rights record and the murder of. biden has pledged to reassess america's ties with the arab nation. palestinian president mahmoud abbas is also for graduated joe biden in a statement that indicates he is ready to end his 3 year political boycott of the united states about pictured here with biden in 2016 said in a statement that he looks forward to working with joe biden in strengthening palestinian american relations he has refused to deal with the white house and strums decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel in 2017 and move the u.s. embassy there from televisa. and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu one of donald trump's closest international allies if not the closest has paid tribute to the outgoing president. for myself and for all
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citizens of the state of israel i again thank president truman for the great french shown to the state of israel and to me personally i congratulate him for recognizing jerusalem and the golan for standing up to iran for the historic peace accords to bring be american israeli alliance to unprecedented heights thank you president trump. let's go back now to domestic american issues and the continuing i guess election there because of them across the party says it plans to pour unprecedented resources into to run off senate races in georgia coming up in january the election will likely to side with the democrats can win seats that they need to gain to control the senate are going to aim is covering developments from atlanta in georgia and that tasha georgia was actually the only keep it incredibly interesting as a state when it came to the presidential election a state that has historically been republican now really
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a way for thin difference between the 2 and it seems that it's not just going to be for the president but also the senate. absolutely and for no matter where you fell on the political spectrum many americans felt exhausted by an election cycle that was full of tension and a most americans will be able to move on but georgians will not because in the next 9 weeks they will hear more campaigning from senate candidates and they will be bombarded by political ads as both the democrats and the republicans in georgia vie for these 2 senate seats they're currently held by republicans but what happened is a majority in both cases no one got a majority of votes as required by georgia law fuss making the races go to a runoff on january 5th and historically there's a concern that not
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a lot of people particularly democrats show up for runoff elections so you can expect the democrats and the republicans to make a major push in the next 9 weeks to try to attract those votes and they will be saying what is at stake is control of the senate on the democratic side we spoke to grassroots organizers on saturday who said we'll celebrate today but on sunday the work begins a new these grassroots organizations are largely credited with what we're seeing as a possible we don't know if it's permanent but at least for this cycle a shift in the political wins in georgia as more of a showing for democratic candidates and the way they were able to do that was about a decade of 1 organizing getting out the vote particularly in communities of color and combat in voter suppression now these same organizations are trying to do it again they're raising money several 1000000 dollars has already been raised for one
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group and they're attempting to register by some estimates $30.00 to $40000.00 new voters by december to vote in this runoff election. this is still very much even though trump won the state by 5 percent in 2016 he is now trailing biden by more than 10000 votes but this state is still very divided tromp supporters gallop gathered in front of the capitol on saturday to claim that the election was being stolen from trump despite the fact there is no evidence of any voter fraud that is surface just yet but it gives you an idea of the rancor and that exists in this state and that voters will likely continue to be surrounded by in the coming weeks as they head into a runoff election on january 5th yeah the divisions are not going to win the election results come in with the latest from atlanta georgia thank you. and still
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to come on al-jazeera believe years new left wing president is sworn in after a landslide win enabling the return of former leader ever more alice and coronavirus case the surge across europe officials fear the continent's 2nd wave critic clips the 1st. hello it's very much looking a week of too high for adelaide this is moments of the fatah drug cost much of australia sent to the clear skies for many weeks some shabby rain which is not just way towards southern possibly way as we go through the week looking at winds coming in from an old direction we've had this heat wave across northern parts in recent days and that heat is going to sink its way further south was just 33 celsius for
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26 for melbourne not too bad it's all in warmest still as we go on through choose day 41 in alice you put up into push up into the red center that's where the real heat is i'm going to. the mid thirty's to up towards the northwest once again as we go on through the week out west the weather will roll through the by and we're looking at temperatures struggling to get around 20 celsius by thursday or friday said to make the most of that 8 some showers there push away across north island of new zealand but not that it will cling around 19 celsius got some sherry right say moving across japan but so west the weather just sliding in here all night so northwest some showers there behaviorists across the western side of honshu into qaida possibly wintry at times in a similar picture too as you go on through choose day behind that is dry fine and sunny. but.
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an invitation to band witness to hold that like softness. the highs the numbers the trials and tribulations. and movements and every day miracles being just to cease the defiance the test of character and of course now take 2 weeks with these documentaries with a delicate touch on al-jazeera. the the old the one. reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president elect joe biden has attended a church service with his family one day after being projected the winner of
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a betrayal action against donald trump biden's pledge to unify the country and govern for all americans including the 70000000 who did not vote for him trumper so far refused to concede the election is promising to press ahead with legal challenges to the results in several key states on monday. and while all eyes of being on the presidential election the united states is actually recorded a record number of corona virus infections in a day for the 4th day running more than 126000 cases and over 1000 deaths were reported on saturday at least 230000 people have died from corona virus in the u.s. nearly 10000000 have been infected while the head of the world health organization has congratulated joe biden saying in a tweet that he and his colleagues look forward to working with the president elect who has pledged to rejoin the w.h.o. on this 1st day in office ted ross at that moment. went on to say that crises like
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the covert $1000.00 pandemic show the importance of global solidarity in protecting lives and livelihoods together. or biden is promising to make the coven 1000 responses top priority and plans to announce a 12 member task force on monday. our work again to getting covert under control we cannot repair the economy restore our vitality or relish life's most precious moments how good our grandchildren our children our birthdays weddings graduations all the moments that matter most to us until we get it under control on a monday i will name a group of leading scientists and experts as transition advisors. to help off. the bright hairs colored planning converter into an actual blueprint that will start on january the 20th 2021. well meanwhile
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in europe the latest figures show that on the continent to become a global the continent's become the global epicenter for the cloven 1000 pandemic once again the 2nd wave is hitting nations across the continent hard with hospitals coming under renewed pressure several countries are now under various stages of lockdown again. we've covered 19 infection serging these are worrying times for hospital staff around europe and here in france the death toll from the virus is now more than 40000 at this private hospital in the city of santa t.n. they have prepared for a 2nd wave but they're still nervous on that you could want to we've managed to order equipment we picketed some stuff which is very important in terms of organization and things are going better at the moment but it is nevertheless more stressful because we know that we are going to reach a level that we didn't reach during the 1st wave. front is currently
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a week into one of europe's tightest lock downs and police have been stepping up checks on the roads people can only venture one kilometer from where they live that's unless they have a permit to travel for work the can't be done from home family obligations or medical visits greece has become the latest european country to enter lockdown for the next 3 weeks people can only leave home if they make a request via mobile phone and get approval non-essential shops have to close the middle of the under 100 i believe people understand the urgency of the moment and will respond to the situation from the very 1st day they have been moving around the city i hope this will continue britain has imposed a ban all non u.k. citizens coming from denmark because of concerns over a new coronavirus strain linked to main mutations of the virus that causes the covered 19 disease have been detected in more than 200 people in denmark most cases were connected to mink farms in the country's north days or thora he's avoided the cull of all means. thought's
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a number around $70000000.00. in like sick in neighboring germany thousands of people demonstrated over the weekend against the current 4 week partial lockdown it's aimed at fighting a rise of infections some protesters ignored in order to disperse scuffling with police and attacking journalists a reminder of the challenges much of europe faces as it tries to avoid reaching the death tolls back in the spring. al-jazeera. there's been an escalation in the conflict between azerbaijan and armenia president. says his troops are now in control of shusha the city is the 2nd largest in the warren of had a backing klavan one of the most influential areas in the fight armenian officials deny that the city has been captured well the town is played the pivotal role in the nagorno-karabakh conflict it overlooks the regional capital step on ahead and it's from there that azerbaijan shelled the city in the 1st nagorno-karabakh war it
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also sits on the main highway connecting armenia to stepanek at arminius capture of the town in 1902 was a turning point in the conflict and has been celebrated by armenians ever since well how the bill hamid has the reaction from arminius capital yet about. i mean is actually saying the. as they call it here has not fall and yet has not been retaken by by john in that tweet made by the ministry of defense said that the fight was still ongoing in that area it was described as a heavy fighting. going something similar along those same lines was issued by the ministry of defense of do proclaim republic of not gore. so there is a belief here that that hasn't happened yet that it is a difficult fight it is difficult. to have approached very closely
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to do town but some people do when you speak to them they say that they have. already journey forces actually inside the city or not it is a realisation that things are difficult for the armenian side but people do say here that they have to continue this fight to the end that as johnny think that. as they call it is important for them well a i mean is would tell you that she is also of loaded with. an importance for the armenian so the message you're getting here is that it's not over yet even though they do admit that it's a difficult fight. votes are being counted in ian maher's general election despite rights groups calling the entire process fundamentally flawed leader and son suchi is expected to retain power in the poll which was widely seen as a referendum on her government the ruling national league for democracy has
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remained popular within me and mark but its reputation collapsed overseas amid allegations of genocide. thousands of protesters have gathered in thailand's capital bangkok demanding political reform protesters marching to the grand palace were blocked by a barricade of buses and barbed wire police used water cannon to disperse the crowds. bolivia's new president. has been sworn in at a ceremony in the capital as promised to rebuild the country after a year of political unrest his landslide victory in october represented a comeback for the party or former president ever morales who fled to argentina last year that has worn out from. a new precedent for bolivia after a year filled with unrest and violence we started seeing more sworn in on sunday surrounded by members of the country's indigenous communities and foreign
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representatives out of his says he wants to govern an inclusive bolivia. we want a government for everyone with no discrimination for anyone we will seek unity to live in peace on this road democracy is crucial where we can get people to vote free and fair elections for everyone. accusations of fraud in the elections last year. ended with the resignation of bolivia's 1st indigenous leader abel morales it will well it is returning to libya on monday after being in exile here in argentina for almost a year it's not clear yet which role if any he's going to play in the new government of we sort of say who will have to show he think charge and not have a puppet of the still popular and influential morales outgoing interim president and 9 years who took office after more than his resignation last year was not
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present at the ceremony but out of say made clear his view of her leadership. the 2 objectives of the de facto government are to pacify and call for elections they did not fulfill it instead they started to persecute and kill political opponents. during the new ration the president called for a minute of silence for those killed in the. protests last year. bolivia is deeply divided between poor and rural sectors in the highlands and the richer lowlands indigenous communities played a crucial role in the new administration of lucetta single. we are mayans gonna need more porches we're i'ma and keach was an all the people of the culture of life that woke up where was rebellion now there is a new dawn in our history where empathy for other and collective good replace individual ism resurfacing will rule
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a divided country that is struggling with the impact of course with 19 he was economy minister while more dallas was in office and responsible for the economic growth that empowered millions of people in the country but only say the situation is different now. we're mass party was in power in the past there was an economic boom that gave the money to help the population but latin america and bolivia are in crisis bolivia has a 13 percent deficit lots of informal ety it's not going to be easy. and there are other problems like concerns over racism and regional rivalries have remarriage in the past year small protests have been on the rise in recent days but our says presidency is viewed as a guarantee for bolivia's indigenous majority the baby will be left behind. and. is here pearce prime minister ib ahmed has replaced story top government officials
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5 days after the army launched an offensive in the northern t grave region there were no official reason has yet been given for the sacking of the foreign affairs minister the head of intelligence and the army's top commander be ordered military action against the gray's ringing factional wednesday after an attack on a federal base. and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president elect joe biden has attended a church service with his family one day after being projected the winner of a betrayal lection against donald trump biden has pledged to unify the country and govern for all americans including the 70000000 who did not vote for him planning for his presidency has already begun and a coronavirus task force will be launched by his team on monday.


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