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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2020 11:00am-11:31am +03

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on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities the cultures across the world so much of what we use in college that matter to you. president elect joe biden pledges to bring a divided united states together and makes history with his running mate. set to be the 1st female vice president. what a testament it is to joe's character that he had the audacity to break one of the most substantial barriers that exists in our country and select a woman as his vice. and over there says al jazeera live from doha also coming up in america mercury
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structured around the world order. by them promises to change the way the u.s. handles global affairs as leaders from across the world applaud his victory. and the news of biden's win brings the supporters out to celebrate in cities all over the united states and outside the white house. but it's donald trump and his supporters on defiance the president showing no sign of conceding as he prepares to challenge ballots counts in several states. joe biden has declared victory in the u.s. and elections he and his running mate harris addressed the nation from his home state of delaware he spoke of unite. a country that has seen deep divisions with
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racial unrest and a pandemic often dominating the headlines a white house correspondent kimberly hall reports. addressing the nation for the 1st time as president elect joe biden spoke to a divided america and appealed for unity. people of this nation have spoken. they've delivered us a clear victory we've won with the most rooms ever crash from presidential ticket and the 1st to the nation $74.00 america. he promised to be president for those who voted for him and for the more than 70000000 who did not it's time to put away the harsh rhetoric floor the temperature see each other again missionary trail there again and i made progress we have to stop treating your
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opponents as our enemies they are not our enemies there are americans. wearing white in honor of the women who a century ago fought for the right for women to vote vice president elect cottle harris acknowledged her own historic accomplishment. but the very soul of america at stake and the world watching you ushered in a new day for america in january paris will become america's 1st female and 1st woman of color to fill the office of vice president but while i may be the 1st woman in this office i will not be the last. outside the white house and in cities across the united states crowds shunned social distancing restrictions to celebrate biden. mrs as one of his 1st acts as
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president he will set up a commission to deal with covert 19. but for now biden supporters packed the streets to mark the historical significance of the moment the knowledge man of america i care as a black woman that i matter. speaks volumes to me sends a message people. people voted for him you're hoping for something different. america decided after seeing 4 years of it we don't want any more world leaders have congratulated the president and vice president a lot 1st on twitter canadian prime minister justin trudeau promised to take on the world's greatest challenges with biden president trump was on the golf course when the election was called for his rival he remains defiant and insists there have been voting irregularities observers were not allowed into the counting rooms i won
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the election he wrote trumps attorney says the campaign will keep fighting she just about the 700000 votes that president trump was ahead by 2 days ago that disappeared. and we have no way of knowing because we were deprived of the right to expect it if a single one of those about which is legitimate on monday the trunk campaign insists it will launch a series of legal challenges for now it appears president trump has no plans to conceit really healthy at al-jazeera the white house. while nato secretary general is hailing job rides and as a strong supporter of the transatlantic relationship as a relationship that became strained under the trump administration in 2017 donald trump called nato obsolete he went on to accuse members of not paying their fair
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share for u.s. protection related cause further friction with lynn announcing he was reducing u.s. troop numbers in germany because of its quote delinquent contribution to naysay it's a relationship european leaders seem eager to repair in her congratulates 3 message to joe biden e.u. commission president live on delay and said as the world continues to change a new challenges and opportunities appear or a new partnership will be of particular importance let's go live now to andrew symonds he's in london for us so andrew where does biden need to start when it comes to repairing u.s. ties to nato. he certainly had a lot to do because donald trump really rocked the whole nato alliance with his actions you prefer to his threat to pull out of nato referring to it as obsolete back in 2017 stoltenberg did actually get him to row back on that remark however he continually has said to nato members that they he finds himself in
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a position this is trump that the situation is disproportionate in terms of funding what you also had was a unilateral approach the trump made to members of nato instead of the molten natural conclusory no really a. giving all members a fair share of of negotiating skills he actually for example in 2017 poland lot of talks with poland and he did in fact deploy the biggest u.s. troop deployment since the cold war so that was an example and then you had conversely threatening germany with with basically giving it no help whatsoever so there was an alarm throughout the nato alliance and now biden is expected to put a lot of money into nato one of his 1st that it seems according to his campaign
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teams he will address the nato issue he will bolden embolden the nato alliance and see better results as a result ok well that's a relationship that set term trade not what about and one that would be u.k. whatever biden presidency mean for the u.s. u.k. special relationship when you still got boris johnson at the helm. well the general view is that yes there will be a relationship between boris johnson and joe biden but not particularly special he does have a lot of regard for the u.k. and its close relations but certainly according to campaign officials there is a feeling on board with joe biden that he regards johnson as a something like a british trump and obviously the fairly cozy as he is described by many relationship. with between trump and johnson is certainly not going to go down
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well take note of this basically breck's it will be the main issue no doubt that biden is not in any way fond of of what's happened with bret's it furthermore biden has been on the record attacking the u.k. for its attempt to break the law over that the trade deal and also the leave to leave ireland with doubts over the border now biden does not want anything that would prejudice the good friday agreement diff despite assurances from the u.k. that it worked out that good friday agreement bringing peace in northern ireland and a whole power sharing agreement between the irish republic the loyalists the republicans in the north of ireland and indeed the u.k. government getting a says well that is going to be a sticking point and so of course the trade deal with the u.s.
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is also a major issue whether or not that will go through as the u.k. hopes and this couldn't happen at a worse time for johnson because in a week's time the time will be up for a deal with the european union or post brics a deal on europe and if that doesn't take place biden will possibly certainly. go near to pulling the plug on any u.s. trade deal with the u.k. and supportability so very very tense times inside downing street they've got to get this right absolutely than string few weeks to watch or get under 7 brings the view there from europe for the moment thanks very much now one of joe biden's more delicate foreign policy challenges will be in afghanistan way u.s. troops remain 20 years after invading the taliban is in talks with the afghan government after the u.s. signed a peace agreement with the taliban earlier this year but violence remains high with
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those 3000 u.s. troops still in the country supporting its fragile government biden has previously said u.s. troops must be withdrawn responsibly and that a residual force presence will be needed to ensure armed groups can't be we built a strong flare contre for issues in kabul for us and 1st of all what reaction have we seen to joe biden's election from afghan leaders. where laura afghan president. this morning along with other senior afghan officials like dr up the line former president coming karzai can gradually to president elect joe biden and vice president elect kamla kerry saying and i quote afghanistan looks forward to continuing and deepening our multi-layered strategic partnership with the united states calling the united states afghanistan's foundational partner
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this happened this morning now most of the reaction we've been getting here is in social media from ordinary afghans who have been reflecting presidential spokesman subjects to dicky said yesterday that there is a perception here in afghanistan that a joe biden victory will bring changes both in the pre peace process and the troops with the. well now the peace process has not been going exactly as people had hoped for same thing with the u.s. taliban deal that was signed at the end of february it has done nothing here on the ground to reduce the file the violence in fact it has been doing exactly the contrary like you mentioned violence has been increasing by the day neither is any twit that appeared in my eyes is all this yesterday was by an afghan who said americans now got what they had hoped for now we're hoping that one day we will get what we hoped for and this is peace all biden has indicated to me that he would
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like to keep some u.s. presence in afghanistan how do you see him approaching the country well you know what we do know and again like you mention is that joe biden also wants to see a u.s. troop pullout but more in a more orderly way he has repeatedly said that he wants to keep hearing a residual force that will be mostly conducting counterterrorism operations but other than that we don't have a clear picture or idea on where joe biden stands in terms of the taliban or even the future of a stand and this is america's longest war over 2400 u.s. troops have lost their lives now in terms of that residual force the u.s. taliban agreement calls for a complete foreign troop pullout by may 2021 so if joe biden does push
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ahead with trying to keep your residual force will that have any effect on the peace talks and will the taliban accept that that's something that we will be finding out in the coming months not a linear kafeel or contra for him many thanks for bringing us the view there from kabul. now yemen the internationally recognized government has sent a message of congratulations to joe biden it's fighting here the rebels and it's back heavily by saudi arabia for more in yemen let's now speak to hashem el baradei he's here in doha forests and passion joe biden said during his campaigning that he would withdraw u.s. support for the yemen war what impact is that likely to have. continues to send political tremors across the political establishment in saudi arabia now if you go to twitter since yesterday the only hostile which has been trending in saudi arabia is the surge which translates saudi arabia a great nation basically is trying to say that we don't tailor our foreign policy
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to words around a person biden or trump we don't care saudi arabia will continue to fight for its own national interest but there are statements from biden during the campaign is creating some sense of anxiety in the riyadh for for many reasons saudi arabia when the start of the campaign in the year in 2015 could only do that with intelligence support from the from the americans and what the. flow from the americas without that there would have been able to launch that military campaign and with all that support they haven't managed to make any significant gain on the ground there who things are still the political force that has a massive say over nor the part of just been in touch with the scene that healthier fishel of what it means for them that's biden is now taking over the next u.s. president and they basically said that they are now holding a crucial meeting they will come up with some decisions to be in the house later in
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the day ok hashem will keep an eye on those decisions for the moment thanks very much. and we've got plenty more on the u.s. still ahead on al-jazeera iran's supreme leader reacting to the results calling it a spectacle and an example of civil and moral decline. i know to get all the news from around the world but maybe a getting ready for a new president who is a well known blanka will be looking at the challenges facing him. how the weather looks nice and quiet across central and eastern parts of europe but more cloud and right are rolling into the west pulling out of the atlantic and just tumbling in some more areas of low pressure swirling away and these are throwing in
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war weather in across spain and portugal will see some cloud of bright also rolling across the precious shells into france for the low countries come to central parts generally dry foot a little on the cold side because the fog and frost to deal with the morning but at least for the sun does come through some brightness in some places and the risk well so getting up into the mid eighty's for belgrade and for bucharest stays fine and quiet here as we go on into monday notice some showers down around at least assad of the mediterranean will see some rather lively stalls here from time to time still a little unsettled over towards the west as we go on through monday the cloud of rain rolling through at least the temperatures not very badly london paris getting up to around 15 or 16 degrees celsius they want across northern parts of africa generally dry across the northwest pushing across libya will see some showers will see some west or whether they're just making its way out of the east side of the mediterranean snow in parts of egypt further south its usual showers across the
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central belt with more wet weather there for much area. 0. realistically how can you do it is to choose it was corruption in this country we listen if this breaks up into conflict between august on and india this has implications for the rest of the world we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. in part 2 of a special investigation when i went east visits western australia's only youth detention center and travels to the remote outback towns we've been in mates come from. 0.
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point 0 again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of our top story this hour joe biden has delivered a message of hope and unity after the collaring victory in the u.s. presidential election vice president elect is making history as the 1st woman and minority to hold the job. of president donald trump was playing golf and biden was declared the winner of the election he has not conceded and says he'll go to court to make sure election noise are up hells. but there have been celebrations in cities across the united states from new york in the east los angeles in the west crowds have gathered on the streets to cheer dance and play music. iran's supreme leader has taken a shot the critical tone towards biden's election on a home in a month what was the state of the u.s. politics calling the elections a spectacle an example of what he called the ugly face of liberal democracy in the
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u.s. and the political civil and moral decline of the u.s. regime. stuff. iran affairs analyst and joins us from tehran it's hardly as they may be critical of the election process but will ultimately they welcome this change in the white house. a lot lower well as a matter of fact so. it's very it's looked at very dubiously into iran by people in officials because. first of all we need to wait and see if that legal process the jurors would go on well in the united states and he would start them and by then it ministration would start work but the problem here is that he has not been supported by all of the country he needs to work more likely with a republican senate and still when it comes to iran. it's not very much
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likely for a vitamin ministration to make sacrifices so what iran has requested from the u.s. administration is no matter it's trumpet ministration abidin at ministration it's that they need to get back to jason vieaux way and they need to make reparations without asking any kind of change but what biden has requested is more like what trump. has requested iraq to do based on the manifesto it gave out through the c.n.n. requesting to iran to speak with and to make deals with the united states on many various issues regional issues myside shoes israel go on and so on so forth iran will once biden to get back to the j.c. feel way and with such a you know the vi the in the us it doesn't seem. very likely to might end up in a situation to make
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a if i sense if i could just jump in because iran must be making some sort of plans for the possibility of a return to the 2015 nuclear deal what conditions would tecton lay at the u.s. table. well ron's 1st conditions the u.s. get should get back to j.c. without requesting any change as biden has said that he once changes in old sunset clauses of the nuclear deal but iran has rejected that 2nd the will iran has requested reparations from the u.s. for at least 2 years that they've thought discarded the nuclear deal and inflict that much losses on the rayney an economy that doesn't seem to me very much likely . if biden one strange is. i believe iran is adamant. the biden administration needs to make sacrifices to change to give more if it's
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a will willing to make changes to base on sept cause i believe at the end of the day the final solution for the biden administration is to make more and more sacrifices by giving up more and more sanctions including do you terror which is going to be very important if any kind of talks arises arise i believe iran would definitely would ask for the removal of problems for exchange of dollars and for the uther problem so they need to make sacrifices and with this kind of republican house and congress i mean republican senate. it doesn't seem to be very much like to be the case and i need to wait and see and that way well mustapha question many thanks for joining us there from iran thank you thank you. mexican president on drug money lopez obrador says he won't congratulate any winner of the u.s. presidential election until the legal challenges are over and this appears to be an
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attempt to avoid fiction with washington joined the transition are the last american leaders are sending messages of congratulations to joe biden last in america at the newseum human reports on what a new administration could mean for the region while latin american leaders may not have said so publicly most all along had been rooted into joe biden he begins from a concept which is very crucial to latino americans is that instead of putting walls or building walls you have to work for development. you know numbers of corporation and support. but there's an exception brazil's president jacob also noddle who is often described as the tropical trump vidas recent comments about deforestation of the amazon rain forest outraged also noddle who said publicly he was cheering for donald trump. venezuela's embattled president
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nicolas maduro on the other hand is hoping biden will consider reversing crippling u.s. economic sanctions. a new consciousness is rising in the united states of america in its youth and its people they no longer want imperialist wars they no longer want threats and alluding to. sources to al-jazeera the bidens regional aides are rethinking continued support for venezuela's opposition leader why they all as interim president reportedly described by one aide as a quote lost cause joe biden has visited latin america 26 times so he's certainly no stranger to this region for starters he's promised $14000000000.00 to central american countries to reduce poverty and violence as a way of tackling the immigration crisis a very different approach from donald trump's. meanwhile many are commenting just
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how the latin american president trumps electoral challenges are sounding that to them he got has had those sort of strong men who decided that they would vote for it would change the results of elections because they want that you know that merica isn't likely to become a top priority for the next u.s. administration with perhaps the exception of the immigration issue but after 4 years of being largely ignored there's the expectation that it will again be on the radar you see a new an al jazeera sent the al. have been celebrations in the ancestral village of vice president let us in southern india people that use colored powder to write congratulatory messages to her on the streets a maternal grandfather was born in this village in tamil nadu state and her late mother moved to the u.s. at the age of 19 to study at the university of california. let's bring you some other news now and bolivia's president elect there is also
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a is expected to be sworn in on sunday a former banker won a landslide in last month's election but now the focus turns to whether he can improve a struggling economy stories about reports that are coming up so this is the 3rd and indigenous ritual to live yes new president. this is the historic side of. not far away from the capitol a pass. sherman's from the a matinee indigenous group off for the traditional but on as a sign of good will to see and he's vice president that we. are dressed in white to request the help from the mama for mother earth. it's all happening in a country that has been filled with political strife in the past year. after accusations of fraud led to the ricin nation of bolivia 1st indigenous president abel morales outgoing interim president anyone yes who took office after morales
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resignation said she was leaving the country in order that the craving evidence shows believe year has fared better than nations linked to the socialist tradition such as present day argentina or venezuela my request to the president elect is that he keep the living expenses allowance the family allowance and the universal one as well. as new precedent belongs to more or less socialist party and would have to deal with a divided country that is struggling with the impact of covert 19. was economy minister while more dallas was in office and responsible for the enormous growth that empowered millions of people in the country now the former banker with a master's degree in economics will have to jumpstart at devastated economy like it's a political we need to have a stereotype policy there is no other option if there is not enough income. generation to cover to current spending especially public investment we have to
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make adjustments in current spending not in public investment that is where we mark a difference from the monetary fund we're going to boost public investment and we have to be strict with spending but economy saying it won't be easy. when the mass party was in power in the past there was an economic boom that gave the money to help the population but latin american bolivia are in crisis bolivia has a 13 percent deficit in the past year races discourses and regional rivalries have remerge in a country torn between a return and white old lowland east and a poorer indigenous highland west small protests have been on the rise in recent days. for most people are says presidency is a fresh start for bolivia's democracy and a chance to leave at turbulent here behind. the united nations says 9000000 people are at risk of being displaced by the
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escalating conflict in ethiopia grey region. where it ordered airstrikes in the region on thursday and friday it here's the people's liberation front of attacking a federal base i deny the charge the united nations warns the state of emergency is blocking food and other aid going into the region. this is al jazeera these are all top stories joe biden has delivered a message of hope and unity and declaring victory in the u.s. presidential election was projected as the winner in pennsylvania but donald trump is refusing to concede. it's time to put away the harsh rhetoric lower the temperature see each other again listen to each other again and make progress we have to stop.


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