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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2020 6:00am-6:31am +03

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boy tragedy and violence but it doesn't matter where you are you have to be able to relate to the human condition. because the like and it's my job to shed light on how and why. i pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify. redundancies registration blue states always she's the united states. joe biden pledges to bring a divided united states together as president and next and makes history with his running mate come of the house becoming the 1st female vice president. and what a testament it is to joe's character that he had the audacity to break one of the most substantial barriers that exists in our country and select a woman as his vice.
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their good but al this is al jazeera live from also coming up. the news of biden's win brought supporters out to celebration cities across the u.s. and outside the white house. but donald trump and his supporters are defiant the president is showing no signs of conceding she prepares to challenge ballots counts in several states. that haven't stopped leaders from around the world applauding joe biden including many who have rocky relations with trump. joe biden has declared victory in the u.s. elections in the last hour. he and his running mate come on horace addressed the
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nation from his home state of delaware he spoke of uniting a country that has seen divisions the pandemic and racial unrest often domination headlines the people of this nation have spoken. they've delivered us a clear victory a convincing victory a victory for we the people we've won with the most votes ever cast of presidential ticket in the history of the nation 74 americans. in the. well i must admit a surprised me tonight we're seen all over this nation all cities in all parts of the country indeed across the world an outpouring of joy of renewed faith in tomorrow bring a better day. and i'm humbled by the trust and
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confidence you placed in me. i pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify. we've done to seize red states and blue states only sees the united states. but in the running mate ted vice president elect a couple of house is also making history she's the 1st woman and 1st person of color to hold the job she spoke to the crowd about the president she saying. and what a testament it is to joe's character that he had the audacity to break one of the most substantial barriers that exists in our country and select a woman as his by. the . there's the irony be the 1st woman in this office i will not be the last was the ok we have
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a team of correspondents with us this hour we have rob reynolds who is in common house's home state of california we have our white house correspondent kimberly alka there she is in washington d.c. of course mike hanna is in joe biden's home state of delaware ok mike so joe biden's 1st speech as president elect let this grim era of demonization begin to end here and now i want to ask you with previous president elect to come out and talk about that to do list what the you know the mandate of course now joe biden's message really seem to be one of compromise of wanting to work together one of healing divisions. indeed yes well it's been a bitter and divisive period over the past 4 years of the trumpet ministration in particular and a constant theme of buy it in this campaign and in the days since the polls closed in the election was the need for unity now is the time to begin to whew hew said
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and for the 1st time he directly addressed president trump during his speech sharing the disappointment that he had felt on 2 previous occasions when he failed in the presidency bid in 19882008 so he said i know what it feels like but he also said to president trump let's give each other a chance let's lower the temperature let's stop treating our opponents like our enemies once again reaching out attempting to begin to bridge this massive divide pledging to be the president to all americans not just those who voted for him it's a very important 1st step for biden and harris to begin in some way to forge a greater sense of unity among americans to lessen this massive partisan divide that at times has seemed to cripple the country the coronavirus had to make of course one of the most pressing issues for the country right now one of the most
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pressing issues for joe biden we're still seeing record numbers of infections in the u.s. wanted he had to say on that front. well he made very clear that this was his absolute priority in terms of what he is going to do what he and his vice president elect camilla harris all going to address 1st and he's absolutely adamant that combating the pandemic is the 1st step he has already started he drew up a plan months ago that he would want to put into action he is now going to draw up that plan into a plan of action which he said in his speech he will introduce on january the 20th but this is what he had to say on the subject of the pandemic or we're very gadget getting covert under control we can only prayer to the economy restore our vitality
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or relish life's most precious moments are going our grandchildren our children our birthdays weddings graduations all the moments that matter most to us until we get it under control on monday i will name a group of leading scientists and experts as transition advisors. to help take the bright hairs colored planning converter into an actual blueprint that will start on january the 20th 2021. but there are other priorities on the agenda as well and this could be the most dramatic and sweeping change of administration perhaps since 86061 when certain states to see that before abraham lincoln became president of this country or maybe 3233 when herbert hoover attempted to undermine franklin delaware. new deal biden has pledged for example to rejoin the paris of climate accord to stop the process of
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leaving the world health organization he's pledged to reverse trump's rollback of some 100 various ordinances concerning conservation for example he has promised to reinstitute the dreamers legislation it's a very very ambitious agenda that biden has outlined during his campaign and we understand that his transition team is carrying a booklet of all the pledges he made during the campaign to tick it off as he goes along but it's going to be difficult some actions you can do by executive order as is has done but some actions he's going to require the cooperation of a congress a congress in which the republicans may still control the senate so a tough time they head for biden and harris ok thanks so much for mike hanna live from wilmington in delaware where president trumper was playing golf
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when mr biden was declared the winner of the election but he has not conceded the race in a statement he said we all know why job biden is rushing to fall fully poses the winner and why his media allies are trying so hard to help and they don't want truth to be exposed beginning beginning monday our campaign will start prosecuting a case in court to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner. and the president's lawyer rudy giuliani explained more about the cases that they are pursuing. she just about the 700000 votes that president trump was ahead by 2 days ago that disappeared. and we have no way of knowing because we were deprived of the right to inspect it if a single one of those ballots is legitimate that is unheard of it's illegal it's unconstitutional and we will be bringing an action challenging that and i emphasize
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to you it's only one of the many other infirmities in this election president trump has now returned to the white house from his golf course in virginia he was there when major t.v. networks began calling the election in joe biden's favor let's go to washington d.c. now our white house correspondent kelly hulk is there came billy so what's going to happen then if donald trump is not conceding does it matter. oh well it does matter because one step towards unity includes the president conceding for the good of the country so that the country can come together he can encourage his supporters to look towards the leadership of a new president so it definitely does matter in terms of whether or not this means will donald trump leave the white house well i expect he will certainly we have had contested elections in the united states before going back to 2000 i had covered
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that when there was a dispute over one state now we have a dispute over many states but eventually things work through the courts and you know with time the voters have their results validated that will happen in a process when the electoral college meets in mid december so there is a time period before the inauguration before the changing of leadership and i expect that with time donald trump once he has exhausted his legal possibilities will finally sort of move towards this process now in terms of whether you know there has been this question this open question you know will donald trump have to be forcibly removed from the white house i suspect not i suspect that once the president does exhaust his legal possibilities he will recognize that there is no path forward as suits and concede to his rival democratic presidential nominee now
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president elect joe biden but it's going to take time and fortunately the forefathers when they designed the united states gave time for this kind of thing to happen and work itself out. of course trump is looking to raise money for these legal challenges i've had friends in the u.s. saying they're getting texts from the campaign to join these legal challenges to join this legal fight how important is it do you think that donald trump supporters feel that the process can be trusted feel that their legal avenues have been explored i think that you've really hit on a very important point you know so many americans who didn't vote for donald trump are saying why does he just concede you have to remember when 74000000 people vote for joe biden but just more than 70000000 vote for donald trump and he promised to be their champion in their fight or they expect to see that so if he were to suddenly just give up when he thinks there's been some sort of irregularity that
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would not be delivering on that promise so you're absolutely right donald trump is moving forward because he promised to do so but eventually that will come to a natural end so we'll have to see what happens i think the other thing we should really remind our viewers is you can probably hear the party behind me there is this what we talked 274270 1000000 voters millions of voters generally live in urban centers and those that support donald trump live outside and the reason they like donald trump is because they felt they didn't have a voice in urban centers particularly this one washington d.c. and so to your point they want to make sure their voices are still heard even if their candidate ultimately does not win this election committee how can one house correspondent there in d.c. thank you so much let's go now to rob reynolds who is live for us in los angeles california that's come a house is home state rob let's talk about joe biden's mandate yes he received more
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votes. but it's not going to be straightforward is it going to be a straightforward process we still don't know for example who is going to control the senate. no you're right kim we don't know who is going to control the senate there will be a run off to run off elections in january in georgia and the outcome of the senate race in alaska is still unclear however those are both historically republican states so the. likelihood i think is that the. senate will remain under republican control and if it does so then we will see how effective joe biden can be in his talk of unity and reaching across the aisle and forging bipartisan consensus remember biden really had no what we call coattails that is he wasn't able to draw in anyone
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lower on the on the ticket. by the force of his own candidacy he won but the 'd house democrats lost seats. the state legislatures remain the majority of them in republican hands which is very important for redistricting and the future of the the house of representatives which is a very complicated issue that i won't get into right now and the senate as we discussed so it was a personal victory for biden but it didn't translate into a democratic wave so the what what the republican senate has shown consistently over the past 5 years is that they have the power and when they have the power they use it this was. best exemplified in the refusal of
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the republican senate to consider the president for rob brock obama's choice for supreme court vacancy after antonin scalia died didn't even get a hearing. it's similarly when. when justice ginsburg died the republican senate just really raced through a macone barrett so they've got they've shown historically in experience that when they have the power they use the power and so this has implications for all of those promises that that we've been talking about that joe biden made on the campaign trail to extend obama care to. to forge some kind of compromise legislation on immigration reform to. impose taxes on the wealthiest earners in america a lot of these things are not going to fly in the senate and i think joe biden
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maybe he believes that the senate is you know war like it was when he used to be a senator which was more than. 12 years ago and it's changed since then it's gotten a lot worse in terms of 5 part in terms of partisan division so i think it's going to take all of biden's powers of persuasion to try and get a lot accomplished with republicans in control of one of the chambers of congress trying to making a speech about compromise i want is one thing but seeing it play out is quite another thank you for that my brown side frost in los angeles. well the stink that propelled bonded to victory was of course pennsylvania it was cold for biden on saturday to call him reports from the state's largest city. the plaza has emptied out after days and days of pro biden celebrations it erupted here in philadelphia around noon local time when the networks started to call that pennsylvania had put
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their own native son over the edge former vice president now president elect joe biden would be heading to the white house in large part because of the huge efforts to mobilize voters here in philadelphia and pittsburgh in the suburbs of the commonwealth of pennsylvania and it paid off what we saw then is so aversions erupted oh all around the downtown area there were cars honking their horns motorcycles lots of noise and people dancing in the streets spontaneous celebrations that lasted for hours the people of philadelphia feeling very very proud of the very unique position that they were in to put their own native son in the white house. leaders from around the world have been sending their congratulations to joe biden let's get in europe german chancellor angela merkel issued a statement saying she looks forward to a future cooperation with president biden and that the transatlantic friendship between the u.s. and germany is irreplaceable to master the great challenges of our time the emir of
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qatar which hosts the largest u.s. military base in the middle east tweeted about how he looks forward to working together to continue strengthening the friendship between the 2 countries. iran's supreme leader took a shopping different tone mocking the state of u.s. politics and calling the elections a spectacle and an example of what he called the ugly face of liberal democracy in the us and the political civil and moral decline of the us regime huge more reaction now from tehran has said big. well there hasn't been much of an official reaction however the vice president of iran is hawk jane giving he's tweeted out saying that the era of trump and his adventurism and war mongering team has come to an end he said that his policy characteristics were violating international law from the environment to enqueue main sanctions against iran now officially iran has said that there is no difference to iran doesn't matter who the us president is
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iran's policy towards the united states will remain the same in fact the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini just said the of the date that the united states has chosen iran enemy but there will be reformist politicians from president hassan rouhani and his reformist camp that would be cautiously optimistic that's because joe biden has said that he will return to the 2015 nuclear deal the reformist put in a lot of political capital and the political reputation they tie that to that deal and try to bring hope to this country but also there is hope that it will bring some sort of economic relief to this country because donald trump pulled the united states out of that 2015 nuclear deal and imposed some imposed sanctions against iran some of the harshest sanctions this country has ever seen and the economy has really been suffering. mexico's president has also spoken about the election result
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from on that let's go to manual repeller who is in mexico city manual when we say spoken up we mean the president has been speaking to say that he won't be speaking at least for the time being. that's right kim the president is the president mexico and the us when we look at what i though is taking a strange position here a drawing quite a bit of criticism over what he said in relation to the elections the president was quoted as saying that he will not congratulate joe biden just yet saying that he's going to wait until quote unquote legal questions related to the election are answered and we see that this is bizarre because we are already heard congratulations from 2 former mexican president vicente fox for you because they don't and also throughout the course of saturday we heard congratulations from several other world leaders from the region 100 lend them and this of honduras even duke of colombia. were all men the 1st to congratulate president elect joe biden on his electoral one we've even heard from from venezuela's nicolas maduro coming
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out saying a congratulations to the president so what's happening now here in mexico is on mexican twitter we're seeing is what other trending people criticizing him heavily some saying that this is a a a stunning diplomatic failure on part of the mexican president who now joins a list of of world leaders like lattimer putin of russia of xi jinping of of china who have not congratulated joe biden on his electoral victory in what many here in the country are characterizing as a new era of friendship and cooperation between the united states and mexico ok thank you so much for that magnotta power line for us and mexico city. and as man on just mentioned other latin american aid as authentic messages of congratulations to joe biden in america ed had to say in human reports on what a new administration could mean for the region why let me american leaders may not have said so publicly most on among had been rooting through joe biden he begins
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from a concept which is very crucial to look you know mediums is that instead of putting wars. or building walls you have to work for the relevant. you know numbers of corporation and support. but there's an exception brazil's president jacob also noddle who's often described as the troubled from vidas recent comments about deforestation of the amazon rain forest outraged also noddle who said publicly he was cheering for donald trump. venezuela's embattled president nicolas my little on the other hand is hoping biden will consider reversing crippling u.s. economic sanctions. a new consciousness is rising in the united states of america in its youth and its people they no longer want to appear list wars they no longer want threats and alluding to. sources to al-jazeera the bidens
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regional aids are rethinking continued support for venezuela's opposition leader why they all as interim president reportedly described by one aide as a quote lost cause joe biden has visited latin america 26 times so he's certainly no stranger to this region for starters he's promised $14000000000.00 to central american countries to reduce poverty and violence as a way of tackling the immigration crisis a very different approach from donald trump's. meanwhile many are commenting just how the latin american president trumps electoral challenges are sounding that the i mean the guy has had those sort of strong men who decided that they would vote for ever or would change the results of elections because they wanted. that merica isn't likely to become a top priority for the next u.s. administration with perhaps the exception of the immigration issue but after 4
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years of being largely ignored there's the expectation that it will again be on the radar you see a new an al jazeera sent the al. let's bring in doug bandow he is a senior fellow at cato institute and a former advisor to late president ronald reagan he joins us from springfield virginia thank you time so this is a huge football and foreign policy right as the could see institute has been tweeting me as probably a bunch of world leaders on conference calls right now trying to figure out their next move. oh i think that's right this is a dramatic change and ministrations both in substance but especially in tone and a number of countries will be looking forward to a better relationship with the u.s. and some of them such as moment in solomon of saudi arabia and others who are favorites a president true will be looking very nervously at the prospect of dealing with
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a more shall we say cautious said perhaps antagonistic united states let's dig down on that u.s. saudi relations have been close and president trump even the killing of jamal khashoggi was put to one side how might a biden administration impact u.s. saudi relations and the g.c.c. in general well the president elect has made it very clear that he's not happy with the conduct of mohamed been some and he's not happy with the horrid war in yemen i think that relationship is very likely to change especially because support for saudi arabia essentially you know diminished very significantly on capitol hill so democrats there and some republicans want to change with the president that will be very significant now other g.c.c. countries i think their relationship will remain strong kuwait oman countries such as these i think the bike the administration will be very happy to continue to work
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with saudi arabia and the emirates especially because of the war in yemen will be at risk. ok if what's a look to israel then and netanyahu how do you think things might change there under a biden administration well biden is part of the democratic wing that is still very strongly supportive of israel on the other hand he's not so committed to netanyahu and the settler movement the kind of radical extremism that we've seen there moreover there are a lot of democrats especially in the house who would like to see a rebalance so my guess is that biden will remain very supportive of israel broadly speaking but is probably going to push the netanyahu government especially on the issue of the west bank of settlers of palestinians he's going to urge a greater effort to reach a serious peace agreement with the palestinians as opposed to the trumpet
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administration which basically made all of its efforts on behalf of netanyahu government and no one else if we look at treaties and international organizations that trump has distanced himself from or even outright rejected what changes do you think we're going to see there on thinking climate accords the world health organization and weapons treaties that sort of thing. almost all of the international engagements the biden did ministration will be much more supportive the president elect says that on day one he would return to the climate change treaty i think the international criminal court would be something he would look at it certainly want to dish it the start treaty with russia this is somebody who would like to reinvigorate american involvement with the united nations this will be one of the areas of greatest change with the bike demonstration. just fine in a. russia obviously how do you think things are going to change the relationship
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with that important. rhetorical e president elect biden will be tougher than president trump in practice i'm not sure there will be a lot of difference in fact the trump administration despite the president has been much rougher on russia it's a greater weapons transfers to ukraine more u.s. troops to europe but more sanctions on russia i'm not sure that will change but biden will be more if more forthrightly had taken it stick towards russia but he might be willing to make a deal perhaps they can sit down and have a tough talk as opposed to trump where he said nice things by steve ministration went the other way ok thanks so much for your time doug bandow this senior fellow at cato institute and former adviser to late president ronald reagan you're welcome thank you.
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i'm can but i don't how would the headlines on al-jazeera joe biden has celebrated his makes into the u.s. presidency with a speech to the country he spoke of you know i think a nation that is seeing deep divisions of racial unrest often dominating headlines . the people of this nation have spoken. they've delivered us a clear victory a convincing victory a victory. for our we the people we've won with the most votes ever cast some presidential ticket in the history of the nation 74 marrying. i am what i must admit a surprised me tonight we're seeing all over this nation all cities in all parts of the country indeed across the world an outpouring of joy of her renewed faith into
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