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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2020 3:00am-3:31am +03

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the be the hero world needs right. wash. lead we did it general. vice president elect couple arses among the 1st to congratulate joe biden after he wins the race for the white house. my money this is al jazeera live from doha are you watching our continuing us election coverage. of the news of biden's projected victory brought his supporters out to celebrate in cities across the u.s. and outside the white house. the donald trump and
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his supporters are defining the president's showing no signs of conceding as he passed a challenge ballot counts in several states. that hasn't stopped leaders from around the world applauding joe biden including many who have walkie relations were trying to. welcome 800100 hours g.m.t. 7 pm in washington d.c. and the days of anxious waiting the united states has reached a fateful moment in its history democratic party candidate joe biden is now president elect having obtained 290 electoral votes so far if course needed 270 to take the white house. well this is what finally put joe biden across the finish
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line a projected victory in pennsylvania with its 20 electoral college votes and nevada with 6 he's also leading in georgia but that race is still too close to call current president donald trump has $214.00 electoral votes all together. looking at the breakdown of numbers it's a picture of a nation divided biden's won more votes than any other presidential candidate before him but trump had huge support to outperforming his successful run in 2016. well joe biden is expected to address the nation in the next few hours but he has already tweeted that he is on it that america has chosen him to lead he says the work ahead will be hard but he promised to be a president for all americans those who voted for him and those who didn't and he says he'll keep the faith that supporters have placed in him his running mate
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coming to harris isn't just the 1st woman to become vice president she's also the 1st person of black in south asian descent harris learned of the news while out jogging this is the video of her reaction and a phone call to joe biden was posted online. we. did you know. here in the next president of the united states. the president has not conceded the race which he says is far from over in a statement he said we all know why joe biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner and why his media allies of trying so hard to help him they don't want the truth to be exposed beginning monday our counting will stop prosecuting our case and courts to ensure election laws are fully up held and the rightful winner is seated. and the president's lawyer rudy giuliani explained more about the cases
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that pursuing she just about the 700000 votes that president trump was ahead by 2 days ago that disappeared. and we have no way of knowing because we were deprived of the right to inspect it if a single one of those ballots is legitimate that is unheard of it's illegal it's unconstitutional and we will be bringing an action challenging that and i emphasize to you it's only one of the many other infirmities in this election. president trump has now returned to the white house from his golf course in virginia he was there when major t.v. networks began calling the election in joe biden's favor. and we'll hear more about trump's reactions and plans for him white house correspondent kimmie health kits we will also go live to the passing cold pain who is in philadelphia we have natasha
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got him standing by for us in atlanta georgia let's begin with mike hanna in wilmington delaware so mike we're here when are we likely to hear from the president elect. what we're expecting to hear from him in the next hour he's due to arrive here at the campaign headquarters of the convention center behind be here where he will make his 1st speech as president elect of the united states joe biden has described this campaign as a battle for the soul 'd of the country a battle which clearly at this particular point he has won tonight he's expected to outline how he sees the next few weeks how in visions the transition process moving from president elect to becoming the 46th president of the united states and what we do know is that his number one priority is to combat the ongoing pandemic we
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understand that he has already set up a coronavirus task force the formal announcement of this task force will be made monday but it's expected to be headed by a former service surgeon general. birth the so camilla harris and joe biden getting straight down to work we will hear more about their gender when he addresses the growing crowd in very excited crowd that are gathering behind me and mike of course history being made in the form of a vice president elect come to her as the 1st woman the 1st asian black woman to hold this position a vice president are we expected to hear from her. she is likely to be speaking as well although the campaign hasn't yet confirmed exactly who will be speaking a long side the president but she has been with him over the past 48 hours as they watch the vote come in and certainly she has been an absolutely critical part of
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his campaign some observers describe his decision to take on hatteras as a running make as a strategic vertical in terms of the fact in terms of the impact that she had on the polls so she will play an absolutely key figure and this is one of the things that joe biden is going to have to determine in the days ahead exactly what kind of function will she play within the biden administration now one would remember that joe biden himself and barack obama as vice president was task with very clear issues to address a financial crisis for example this was a key part of joe biden's portfolio he is now going to be finding in which way he is going to deploy heris as his vice president in terms of combating what their priorities are on the agenda and top of the agenda as i keep on saying the ongoing pandemic this is being a feature of violence campaign he outlined
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a broad plan to combat the pandemic very early on in its campaign and we are likely to see perhaps really been here tonight about a new national way to engage the pandemic up until now until the trumpet ministration it's been left largely to the states to formulate their own programs there has been no overarching national directive in terms of combating the pandemic which many would argue accounts for the terrible way in which of those struck and ravaged the united states so this will be a key issue joe biden in about an hour's time will have the opportunity to begin putting his stamp on his presidential period. my kind of that for us in delaware let's go to washington washington d.c. we can speak to our white house correspondent can help get. the support of joe biden out in the streets outside the white house that support out celebrating that for many hours now. yeah not exactly
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a socially distance event as we talk about combating covert 19. most of the people wearing masks but still as the party in continues one hopes that continues this is the party that is happening outside the white house as donald trump is inside the white house when we return soon feeling not particularly happy about the developments that have taken place today in fact we know from the president's statements on twitter that he is not accepting this result that he believes there were many votes that in his words were illegal meaning that came after election day this we should point out is due to new protocols that were put in place in a number of states to allow for social distancing is people voted and so the president is having a hard time accepting what the television networks of this country have accepted that joe biden will be the president elect now we should point out that this is not an official result this is not official result until it is certified after the
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electoral college vote so this is something that will take place a few weeks from now if it's in that window of opportunity that the truck campaign believes that it has a chance to challenge the election results so far so that's what it says it will do and what many people are hoping is just the opposite the donald trump will concede for the good of the country which is what we typically see in moments like this but donald trump is doubling down for dowsing he will continue to fight he will continue to fight he says because millions of americans are expecting him to do so casting their ballots so this leaves the united states as you. pointed out very divided and this will be a tough challenge for the country now to kind of bridge those differences as it moves forward but for now there is celebrating for 50 percent of america roughly the other 50 percent following the lead of the president not feeling too good right now. as you say he has pledged to continue to contest the results but if his
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efforts are unsuccessful the pressure on him to publicly concede defeat will mount do you think he's going to do that. you know this really comes down to personal observation ad and. there are certainly those in the united states that are fearful the president won't honor this time honored tradition of the peaceful transfer of power that really has been a bedrock of american democracy for centuries but what we're seeing is for now at least the president already the commitment to fight for his supporters having said that having covered the president for the last 4 years he's one that does pursue his legal offshoots but when those options for the out he he generally does what he's supposed to do but not without speaking as screaming 1st so i suspect we're going through that process now i do expect that donald trump
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will ultimately conceive if he feels there is no other choice but right now he still feels and is going to pursue the legal options that are available to him. white house correspondent let's go to patty pain in philadelphia this was the state that won it for biden that took him over that magic number of 270 what's happening that. every minute of every minute we're talking to you here is just a flat out so abrasions before we get to set the scene for you and tell you what the day's good like i think it's important to point out that rudy giuliani said in several false words in that statement he was talking about the fact that. after on election night it looked like president donald trump had about a $700000.70 vote lead and then that's because they were cast. the in person votes and the republicans tended to vote in person then they moved on to the maryland ballots and that was overwhelmingly democratic so over the last couple
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of days here in philadelphia watching them count the numbers they were coming in from democratic cities like philadelphia and pittsburgh and so over the days we just saw that margin go up and up and they got to the point where statistically it seems very possible that donald trump could actually win the election and win pennsylvania what basically happened is i'm sorry. it's very loud around here so let me tell you what today has been rather. it was it was called for joe biden immediately this city car horns dancing in the streets music people impromptu gathering all around downtown philadelphia you step out of the way crowds crowds really calm down here but basically there were hundreds of people here celebrating . and right here in front of city hall there i think maybe a lot of people have gone home to watch joe biden's speech but for the last 7 hours
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there has been dancing in the streets of philadelphia the city feeling very proud that they put their native son let's not forget joe biden likes to say he was born in scranton pennsylvania that they put him in the white house so the celebrations continue here in philadelphia peacefully we've seen a future supporters they've been heckled a bit so far this is a very peaceful celebration on the streets of philadelphia many thanks for that passing called for us in philadelphia and. in atlanta georgia. which is still ongoing that the council still coming and it's too close to call. clearly from what we can see behind the posses already stopped him. absolutely 7 plus hours of for now the honking and start screaming dancing used here comes another way listen i think the senate democratic candidate
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in georgia best in capsulated the mood among biden supporters when he said change is having a ga in georgia is part of the change coming to america this is a state that for 28 years had not thrown its support behind a democratic presidential candidate biden is now leading leading trump here by about 7500 so that is a very significant this is one of those elections where i think a lot of people given its historic nature away from a lot harris the vice president elect are going to remember what they were doing and how they felt when they heard the news and how in the large i want to hear from you what were you doing and how did you feel when you heard the news well i mean i woke up like a few minutes after they announced the girder let's put out an alarm and we just like ok something different you know i was like crazy. yeah i mean i'm i'm most
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excited to see a lot of the hard work paid off you know on the one hand it's about. georgia flipping by overrules about to order you know all these you know especially movements led by black women you have pro drawers or your burger stand up you have new georgia project you know what they're showing is like you have proliferated for the longest time they could afford not to you know and these movements like it's a game because if. i listen to them and for that for thing this is a victory for them with a victory for george here when we got the senate we have atlanta. governor's. mansion the to you. senate races here in georgia they're still undecided they're razor thin close and they'll be heading back to the polls but the results from runoff in january do you feel it's realistic the democrats think they can flip the. game from. the governor well i mean it's hard to say like
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democrats you know i think that the movement and the coalition that women have to go that's something that's kind of a plan and right now i make the most sorry she's here because i'm an american but i believe in her home or should it showed its force it showed its strength and mike it matters you know and i think that that that sort of momentum it doesn't just disappear it doesn't last forever but a government has disappeared so i am i'm optimistic you know as a georgian you have another i think. what do you think it's going to take to get people engaged again to show up to the polls historically democrats do not show up in large numbers and run a little you know hopefully people feel what it feels like tonight feels like you know atlanta save the world you could say you know like i mean that's an overstatement but like people feel what that feels like and like i said if you never listen to there's no point showing up but what this movement and so on is that it's worth listening so i really believe that that's going to put it over the here in georgia biden drew
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a large chunk of his support from voters in the 18 to 29 year old range you look like you fall into that category keep talk about some of the issues that are foremost in your mind that you would like the biden administration to tackle totally i mean i don't need to say it's been said all summer you know you have climate change you have all these storms that are happening you have an addiction crisis that that has to do with a pandemic you've got you know the fact is the more these crises come it hurts the most vulnerable of us every time and recovering goes to the not most vulnerable of us i think by making a big. issue is how do you have the issue of racism which is still huge and just listening to the communities when they can. and i think that's what you've got a. week you so much proud of really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with. we're just to. see any very georgians you don't return to the polls to determine who the next 2 senators will be and who talked about. the population that brought
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your job to this lonely he's talking about organization. georgia. loading lighting getting communities the whole or 2 right just sort of burning and fighting voter suppression i was seeing today that one of the these polish and in the next. 30 to 40000 georgians to register to vote in the hopes of flipping at least one of those 2 senate seats here in georgia. for us in atlanta georgia many. leaders from around the world have been sending the regulations to joe joe biden must begin in europe where german chancellor angela merkel issued a statement saying she looks forward to a future with the president biden and that the transatlantic friendship between the u.s. and germany is irreplaceable if we are to master the great challenges of fall time . nigeria's president mohammed bihari is tweeted congratulating biden on his
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election not a time of uncertainty and fear in world affairs he said his election is a reminder that democracy is the best form of government india's prime minister narendra modi also congratulated coming on horace and joe biden saying as the vice president his contribution to strengthening india u.s. relations was critical and invaluable and that he looks forward to working closely together once again to take india u.s. relations to greater heights. the end of mayor of castle which hose the largest u.s. military base in the middle east tweeted about how he looks forward to working together to continue strengthening the friendship between the 2 countries while iran's supreme leader turkish sharply different tone mocking the state of u.s. politics and calling the elections a spectacle and an example of what he called the ugly face of liberal democrat
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democracy in the us and the political civil and moral decline of the us regime well joe biden will have an inbox full of foreign policy priorities as the looks to wind back donald trump's america america 1st agenda so far as promised to reverse trump's decision to withdraw the u.s. from the world health organization a move he made during the coronavirus pandemic he's also pledged to return to the 2015 paris climate agreement which also away from biden also plans to extend the u.s. russia strategic nuclear arms control treaty which is set to expire in just 16 days after his inauguration in january and he wants to grant refugee status to tens of thousands of venue venezuelans who fled political and economic turmoil. our diplomatic efforts to james bays look so what's likely to change. many of
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america's closest allies have been unsettled by the policies of the trump administration the america 1st policy the lack of u.s. leadership around the world but also the style of the trumpet ministration erratic decisions tweets that any time of day or night one senior european official that i spoke to recently i can't name this person but someone's not a spokesman it's someone with a serious job said to me they believed that relations between europe and the u.s. in the last 4 years have been the worst they've ever been since world war 2 so there's a serious amount to rebuild here between the allies and to try as i think most of them would privately tell you we won't see it in the polite polite diplomatic statements that been released in the last few hours to rebuild things but remember this i think that many now will not be taking the u.s. for granted after what they've seen in the trumpet ministration and we have a pandemic which has killed over
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a 1000000 people we have the worst recession this century and we have a climate crisis that is just getting worse so lots of challenges huge challenges ahead we just had some reaction from mexico's president money our apollo is there in mexico city what's he been saying. well we have been standing by today to know whether or not the president of mexico and this bundle up is what i thought it would be making a statement following that. even duquesne colombia even one of them this of honduras some of the 1st in the latin american region to reach out to president elect joe biden to congratulate him on on his electoral victory we had not heard yet from president lopez of what i thought we were told by the foreign minister's office that he was in the south of mexico touring areas of the country that have been affected by the by the rains left from the remnants of hurricane ada which slammed into central america earlier last week but we are now finally hearing from
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president lopez obrador the one who is saying that he is abstaining from from making any sort of comment respecting the the continued electoral process in the united states saying that mexico the president trump has never interfered with mexico's politics and mexico will not interfere with that of the united nation with that of the united states president opposite of what has built a a a good working relationship with president trump despite people here in mexico being against a visit from president look as of another to the white house earlier this year there was an understanding that the weight of the economic agenda the trade relationship that exists between mexico and the united states is such that it has to come 1st now president look at what other has also said today that he has a very good relationship with president elect joe biden that he's known him for 10 years but he is stopping just short of congratulating him on that victory saying that that mexico will not congratulate a winner of the u.s.
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presidential election until legal proceedings are concluded so taking a conservative approach to this but until now this is what we've heard from the mexican president and what about immigration it's been a big issue and a hot line on to the trump presidency especially immigration from central america what could we expect to change biden presidency. immigration is a massive issue for this region both for mexico and for central folks in central america and central americans living in the united states who've been following this election closely they're very concerned about what immigration policies could be flipped under a biden presidency we know that for the last 4 years at least there's been record numbers of people that have been fleeing violence and extreme poverty and political instability in countries like honduras el salvador and guatemala so people are paying very close attention to what policies are going to change specific policies that have led to the separation of hundreds of families from central america and
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the u.s. us mexico border policies that have led to the forced sterilization of women from central america policies in acted by the trumpet ministration that really do stretch the limits of international human rights law but it is worth noting when it comes to immigration policies one thing that i think a lot of folks are looking forward to both in mexico and in central america is a promise made by the biden campaign to to meet with leaders in mexico to meet with leaders in central america to tackle the root causes of immigration to the united states those problems that we mentioned before political instability widespread violence as well as extreme poverty problems that either the trumpet ministration was unwilling to do over the course of the last 4 years or unable to do many thanks for that money. well we continue to see pictures
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like this coming in from cities including washington new york and philadelphia of biden supporters celebrating these are pictures from wilmington in delaware where we are expected to hear from president elect joe biden in the coming hour as. supporters out to you here is what some all saying. this is america want to live their lives or welcome i think it's a little premature it just sounds like there's going to be multiple states with. an awful lot of litigation i think that that was a sign of the guy given that he got he got a phone bank charges to question the things that should be in this election are. dozens of lawsuits all over the united states right now we should. finally. going on that there. was. no they. are. and gabrielle as under is
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a new york city. these are track rights matters protesters walking on the streets of town manhattan or york city where i have to now and hear how this fire is fired i walk through times square was celebrating your parent because of your pride and i never walk through the streets i command hats or plaque like i do their gestures and it just shows how important the black lives matter movement was to mobilizing young people particular to come out to vote for joe biden. they are now taking a beating. they are now taking me in the middle of the street to honor all of those black community women that have been killed in the united states . j.d.
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godin is a foreign policy adviser who said as a pentagon spokesman chairing the george w. bush administration later as national security adviser to donald trump he says no i want to think this rice is over yet people are celebrating to prematurely while there are still legal challenges in the courts and 4 different states in georgia for instance one of the larger states that biden has overtaken trump in the vote tally while the secretary of state for georgia said they're going to have a recount so lawyer how things like recounts and legal challenges the supreme court has already been involved in the case of pennsylvania and that things haven't been settled yet i'm concerned that people are going to get too excited president trump is not going to say oh yes i've lost that i'm leaving and i don't think that's going to happen soon i'm concerned with violence in the streets from people who get too excited too early well it's not the trump supporters on worried. about that are
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going to burn cities down that was the far left people that have been. really seen a lot of democrats make apologies for that have been engaged in the looting in burning of businesses that that wasn't trump supporters so i'm a little concerned with some of the biden supporters who may just get too excited too fast and want trump gone right away you see them outside of the white house now dancing and celebrating and i think that's that's harmful for the country they need to wait and see the system play out in 2000 and florida it did go to the supreme court and it wasn't decided for well over a month after election day that al gore had lost came down to a lot fewer votes of course less than a 1000 but that process took about 5 weeks here were just a few days after the election.


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