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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2020 1:00am-1:31am +03

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it's just take you again to washington d.c. that's black lives matter plus of course the seed of protests for months but now as you can see filled with hundreds and hundreds of people celebrating the fact that joe biden is now the president elect. hello i'm barbara sarah you're watching al-jazeera live from london it's 22 g.m.t. and there really is only one major story right now joe biden has been declared president elect of the united states this follows more than 4 days of painstaking ballot counting in a handful of swing states as counting continued biden overtook donald trump in pennsylvania and georgia while maintaining his lead in arizona and nevada he
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eventually secured more than enough electoral college votes to clear his past to the white house or biden supporters are gathering at rallies across the u.s. celebrating the democrats' victory one of the biggest celebrations is this one just in front of the white house thousands of people have poured onto black lives matter plaza in the capital chanting cheering and the singing let's speak to our white house correspondent kimberly how could she joins us in washington d.c. it's quite a change isn't it looking at those pictures of black lives matter matter plaza for months you and i have been discussing the protests that took place there and now we're seeing thousands of people rejoicing at the election of joe biden but that doesn't reflect the full picture in the united states doesn't. know it doesn't and we have to remind our viewers that the united states is is divided and it's divided along world urban lines so naturally in washington d.c.
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in cities all across the united states you are seeing biden supporters celebrate because generally speaking biden supporters live in cities what you're not seeing are the millions of americans that voted for donald trump and are not very happy right now i can tell you that sort of. that is what's going on at the white house too because well we see the outside of the white house where the celebrations are going on on the inside the president is stewing in fact he has been tweeting in the last 7 minutes and one of the tweets where he talks about 7 minutes ago he says that he won the election he says the observers were not allowed into the counting rooms i won the election got 71000000 legal votes bad things happen which are observers were not allowed to see never happened before millions of mail in ballots were said to people who never asked for them what the president's talking about we should point out that twitter has flagged this as a disputed claim with respect to election fraud but the president's i'm happy that
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due to cope with 19 that many people were sent out solicited ballots that they could mail in so that they didn't have to stand in line and vote have the president's issue is is that he believes that these votes that were mailed in some received after election day that they should not be counted that the election count should have stopped on election day when he did win the number of votes but as the counting continued we saw the president's lead evaporate now all of this was worked out in the courts in advance and the president is taking issue with that so it was legal but the president believes it was not and so what we see here is the celebration of biden supporters who say they're counted as one legitimately and they are celebrating that my should point out here in washington d.c. many are looking for champagne going to liquor stores to celebrate the word is that all the champagne in washington d.c.
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and i suspect in other cities is now sold out. and kimberly just focused through how it works in the united states when you actually were calling joe biden president elect the were doing that because of the projections over many members of the american media in other countries that would be a national electoral commission that kind of. players who the winner is once most of the votes are counted but in the u.s. it doesn't quite work like that because effectively it's 50 separate elections so how i mean when the trump campaign says it's not for the media to say the president is what's their points they're. the true campaign does have a point here because this is not an official election result that you know when people say it feels like the united states is in a constant state of election campaigning it's true in some ways as soon as this election is official the parties will start raising money to campaign for the next when it goes on certainly unique there but what this means is that this will not
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actually be certified and till 'd the electoral college and those that represent the electoral college sit down and vote so when this election happened what people voted for was a number of electors from each state those electors have not yet met this happens in december they cast their votes and then this is certified but what 4 we know and why the networks across the united states television networks and media outlets have called this is because we already know who has the most electors in order to certify this so this is really just a formality still this is the window of opportunity that donald trump sees as an opportunity to challenge these election results that's what he was saying in that tweet there he doesn't believe that all of these votes should have been counted this is still not decided in fact the truck campaign over the weekend is expected to assess its legal avenues launch some of these challenges commencing on monday but clearly the term campaign has lost the momentum as you can see demonstrated by
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not just the party here outside the white house but all across the united states and major urban centers yeah i guess some of the people buying that champagne kimberly maybe using it to drown their sorrows can really help white house correspondent thank you. now joe biden is expected to address the nation in the coming hours but before that he has tweeted saying america honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country the work ahead of us will be hard but i promise you this i will be a president for all americans whether you voted for me or not i will keep the faith that you have placed in me when mike hanna joins us live now from outside that joe biden said quarters in wilmington delaware mike when are we likely to hear from the president elect and just how excited are the people gathered behind you. oh there's a huge amount of excitement in delaware this is the town city in which. this is the city in which joe biden has lived for some 6 decades who has called home for some 6
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decades so great excitement in the city which sees joe biden as no way it's adopted son joe biden was actually elected senator to delaware 48 years ago today he ran for president twice before in 1908 and also in 2008 but now it's 3rd time lucky and he'll become the 46 president of the united states but it's been a hard and sometimes sad journey. it was joe biden's eldest son who nominated him as the vice president and then mr chairman it's my great honor to place into nomination for the office of vice president of united states my father my hero joe biden. less than 3 years later both biden died of cancer. it's another personal tragedy
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for a man who had experienced that death up his 1st wife and infant daughter in a clock crash in 1972 but it has been a life of many triumphs as well perhaps none great to this tribute from his commander in chief for the final time as president i'm pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor. the presidential medal of freedom. thad. thad. still mourning the death of his son why didn't did not contest the democratic party nomination in 2016 but off to a slow start easily secured the party's support this year and in his acceptance address gave notice up a better and kind of country to come we have a great purpose as
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a nation to open the doors of opportunity to all americans to save our democracy to be a light to the world once again and finally to live up to and make real the words written in the sacred documents that founded this nation that all men and women are created equal and joe biden has characteristics that previous democratic party nominees that use the street white christian made all older with were a working class background and doesn't have an ivy league degree right and so all of those characteristics are going to 20 america republican characteristics. biden ran a campaign tightly calibrated within the pandemic in which it took place embracing in seeking the advice of the experts accepting the science that his opponents scorned undeterred by the jibes that donald trump threw his way but i don't where
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mass like him every time you see him he's got a mask he could be speaking 200 feet away from and he shows up with the biggest mask i've ever seen and he quickly recognized the pulse of a protest movement that surged in response to police violence. embracing the black lives matter movement at one stage taking a knee with those who are mourning. in a critical move that resonated in these troubled times he invited the woman of color to be his vice president. and together with harris the team on this day has proved to be a winning one. and mike considering that he's not necessarily going to get a very helpful and cooperative white house i think the transition period is going to be like for the biden administration. what is going to be a very difficult period. that there will not be that much cooperation from the
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outgoing administration but what we expected to hear from joe biden in the next couple of hours is that he's moving already and moving very quickly he's already establishing a coronavirus commission and we know the names now it's of former surgeon general vivek murphy former f.d.a. commissioner david kessler and dr marcella noone is smith who's a professor of public health at yale university so certainly this is moving very quickly and joe biden has said repeatedly that one of the 1st things he's going to do is address the coronavirus pandemic so this is the person movie going to see his transition team is headed by ted kaufman now he's the man who actually took over from joe biden as a senator to delaware when joe biden became the vice president so he's very close to biden obviously that is important in terms of affecting the transition but there's one other point that i've got to mention in all these details that we are
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dealing with is that another form of history is going to be made when joe biden goes into the white house he's got a german shepherd dog called major which comes from a rescue shelter here in wilmington and it will be the. the 1st rescue dog to inhabit the white house of hugo. with the latest from wilmington in delaware thank you. all people gathering there in delaware to wait waiting to hear joe biden's speech like they're gathering in cities across the united states are the show castro is that black lives matter plaza out in front of the white house where there are scenes of celebration a stark contrast to the mass protests seen in that same plaza over recent months. within minutes of the u.s. television networks making the call for joe biden and his supporters began pouring into plaquemines matter lots of by the thousands and as the minutes passed and more
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people just continue to gather here the closest they can get outside of the riot fences protecting the white house and it's not just the small piece of d.c. we know this is a very liberal region of the country people are honking their horns in celebration shouting out of their balconies and dancing in the street and my name is heidi what is your name i have emilie emilie can you describe your feeling right now how late it is just absolutely incredible yes it's it's about time we voted on the top of the white house he has been a stain on this country and it's it's just a day for celebration still with joe biden now and the president elect what exact changes do you hope he makes and how quickly do you hope those are undertaken forgot where to start i mean just having some basic competence of the administration not denying science not. just listening to this science on.
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you know not putting babies in cages just that there's the list is just there's it's it's long i mean it is you know i think we're not going to silly get as much changes as i would like especially if we but if we take back the senate. with the georgia runoff that will be a big deal but this test of a this is a very divided country as you as you just mentioned are you worried about the status of how fellow citizens feel we know maybe even as much as half of the country are still very much behind donald trump it is a concern white supremacists and radicalism and terrorism and white supremacist terrorism are big problems. and it's going to be a challenge to figure out how to combat extremism and misinformation and disinformation. but i think it's going to be it's going to be a big deal. who are poor for the white house not to be occupied by you know a would be dictator and
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a fascist who is racist and who wants to you know just oppress a lot of people and do pretty much anything for his own power and now he says though that he is not accepting defeat and he has said before he may not accept a peaceful transfer of power are you honestly concerned that he may not leave come january 20th so i'm not concerned as as the biden team said you know the u.s. is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers off the get off the white house grounds it's you know he's got some legal challenges but there's absolutely no merit to them they are just you know they're pretty much being laughed out of possibility even by a lot of republican strategists and the courses are i'm not worried about him like trying to steal a legally and if he refuses to leave like we have you know we have secret service we have like one person officials who will remove him it'll be embarrassing for him but i'm not concerned about that thank you very much for your time appreciate it
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and so as you see you're surrounded by thousands of people who are growing in number. and who are celebrating who are feeling in a sense that the lid has finally come off of the fact that. can celebrate this moment that so many have been waiting. president. within his presidency. and he may lead to the worst that would be a continuing concern particularly what do you print he has left on this mind how. already on this country that still remains to be seen. so millions of people are celebrating but it's worth remembering that president trump has not conceded the race in fact he says it's far from over the president released a statement saying we all know why joe biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him they don't want the
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truth to be exposed beginning monday our campaign will start prosecuting our case in court to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated well election officials in pennsylvania have confirmed that mail in ballots that arrived after election day have been set aside this comes after a top u.s. supreme court judge ordered them to be kept separate on friday republican lawyers also asked the justice samuel alito to make sure that they weren't counted now alito did not grant that request u.s. president donald trump as alleged voter fraud has been committed with mail in ballots he and his campaign have not provided any evidence of this. the president's personal lawyer and close allies giuliani has promised to pursue legal action in several states where they say there have been a number of voting irregularities she just about the 700000 votes that president trump was ahead by 2 days ago that disappeared.
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and we have no way of knowing because we were deprived of the right to expect it if a single one of those ballots was legitimate. that is unheard of it's illegal it's unconstitutional and we will be bringing an action challenging that and i emphasize to you it's only one of the many other infirmities in this election. joins us live now from philadelphia pennsylvania we were just hearing there rudy giuliani promising to pursue legal action in several states pennsylvania of course was a key state often in elections because of its several electoral votes but what is the mood as they are now apart from the threat of legal action the fact that the state effectively flipped for biden.
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going to take you for a tour and show you that in a minute but i think it's important to tell you about the latest tweet from u.s. president donald trump. we just heard from rudy giuliani he wrote on twitter of course the observers were not allowed into the counting rooms i won the election got 71000000 legal votes bad things happened which are observers were not allowed to see never happened before millions of ballot ballots were said to people who never asked for them are let's unpack this for. the president ok the votes were not stolen what happened is the maryland votes which were heavily for. counted after the person. servers were in the room in pennsylvania. democrats they were in the room. or they were from the ballots and it doesn't really matter because they're not allowed to check. for.
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her since the. main street over here is the city hall you can see behind me there been drum drum. people with. people who are coming in there who are there have been for 5 hours in philadelphia all of it very peaceful they even have a. break. so at noon. this is the city this is the commonwealth. the white house they're very proud of what they've done here as you can see and it's really been peaceful celebrations. different sort of ignoring i think the sort of sums up with me if you would of course we've got benjamin franklin george
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washington famous statue and then this is what they've wanted people to in the world to know. the voters decide and the voters in pennsylvania decided. by the way with a view is quite impressive and we saw it a little bit earlier you mentioned that philadelphia is very proud of the fact that they've managed the state managed to flip and effectively give the white house to joe biden but across pennsylvania how finely you know how close was it and how varied is pennsylvania just outside of the cities but in rural areas as well when it comes to voting patterns. you know. in this country the rural areas. and then in the suburbs and the cities
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voted for and that's been the switch that's what. the election is the last suburbanites because before he really white suburbanites he tended to get them in 2060. actually shows the challenge. because this is a country divided more americans ever before but it's going to be harder for the country to move forward if the president doesn't concede that point but that's not something he had to deal with. so his supporters are taking these and there is concern and there's a heavy police presence here in philadelphia because there's been concern since tuesday that his supporters will not accept the results of the election and possibly take action there were tweets that set were set up text that were sent out around the philadelphia a couple days ago telling supporters to come to the convention center where the votes are cast just down the street and try to disrupt the vote count so it is
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a growing concern but that said right now i'm sure that this is not i can't really give you the support to do from a transporter because this is philadelphia it's a heavily democratic city has been for a very very long time and the mood today is one of it's one of horns honking and all these people take pictures i want to get out the way because that's pretty cool picture to take. it this is really a city that is celebrating because they feel like they have a unique place in this election and it shows no signs we're better about it this is been going on for 5 hours simultaneous dance parties it really is a scene to take it it is a cool picture and it really does seem like a great atmosphere there. live for us in philadelphia pennsylvania patti as always thank you.
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now vice president elect kemah harris will be the 1st woman 1st south asian and 1st black person to hold that office she heard the news while she was out jogging and was one of the 1st to congratulate her running mate. president of the united states. a very happy camel heris there well alan fischer takes a look at the impact that she might have on u.s. politics. parallel action historic when she's sworn in on january 20th next year the hottest will be the 1st african-american 1st asian american 1st woman to hold america's 2nd highest office this is important as we have these ideas about what it takes to be an executive particularly in the white house because that role is seen as sort of
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a masculine type role right where there's you know there are issues of economics and of international relations and war and these sorts of things tend to be pegged short ideas of what male decision in me tends to look like if it was just 4 years since she was elected to the u.s. senate and with joe biden know being in the seventy's in 4 more years she could be ideally placed to win the democratic presidential nomination for the white house born in california to jamaican father and an indian mother come a harvest has become used to busting barriers she was the 1st female district attorney in san francisco she was the 1st woman of color to become california's attorney general experience which really to heading the new administration's efforts in police reform and racial equality it was a role as attorney general in california that brought criticism from both the left and the right but she didn't do enough to investigate police shootings that there
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were wrongful arrest while she was in the role but none of this criticism seemed to stick nor was her background regarded as disqualifying by many voters we are something in our in the united states a stereotype of the perpetual former that's usually put upon people who are asian american you see the other side lived into that when they were talking about you know mispronouncing her name and you know you know come out of all of our whatever they were trying to say in order to make her seem for. makers seem not american. the fact that the american people rejected that is i think really significant. it's just 12 years since barack obama won his historic election and became president we're going to get this done our way this is expected to be a high profile vice president vocal and visible but more importantly he's expected
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to have an important voice behind the scenes in the room where decisions are made alan fischer al-jazeera washington. well that's the scuffs this in more detail with democratic strategist eric plumber he joins us via skype from washington d.c. . very clever is some vice presidents i guess some more prominent more visible than others how prominent invisible do you think emily harris will be over the next 4 years or i would say i think she'll be very visible what president elect biden said from the very beginning when he was going to choose his running mate is that he wanted someone to be a partner and how we can govern similar to how he was a partner with president obama so i think she will be very conceivable and i think you know fundamentally she was sniffing amount of energy for this ticket and i think you know why we're seeing the results are in georgia in philadelphia and other places is because she was on the ticket and we speak of her obviously she's made history because she is the 1st female vice president elect and also the 1st
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woman of color who is a vice president elect but when it comes to her policies how do you think she's going to shape the future direction of a biden administration. well i think you have to be very clear right president biden will set the policy objectives for the democratic party as he said during the debates he his views are the views of their credit party however i do believe that she will play a critical role i think they're going to govern from the middle i think that they are going to ensure that their cabinet is the 1st that the policies that so many black and brown. in other americans really advocated for are going to be at the forefront but i do think she's going to be a true government partner i think she is going to help shape the policies of the vitamin church you mentioned that the biden ticket will govern from the middle and of course there's a lot of republican voters that perhaps weren't in chanted with president trump but
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still voted republican because they didn't quite trust the democrats something that perhaps joe biden will be thinking of when he tries to be more inclusive how difficult is it going to be to do that while still keeping the more progressive wing of the democratic party on side. you know there's no question that our politics here are more partisan more divided in ever what i would also say though is that from the very beginning of this campaign season president biden has said that he is going to the american for the excuse me the american president for all americans not just red seats or just blue states but for all americans and i think fundamentally that's hard to see governor additionally i think whether you look at his time in the senate or when he was vice president he has been one of those individuals who has crossed over partisan lines to help ensure that america has moved forward and so you know look you know it's going to be a difficult job but the truth is that there is no one individual that can do it and
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i think we're going to see president biden and vice president harris do is really work not just with democrats vote republicans progressive conservatives really who are current or looking now at the various legal challenges that the trump administration is either preparing with the term campaign either preparing or has already started how worried are you about the transition period. yes so look you know i don't think anyone was under the illusion that knowledge would quietly into the night you know i for one have told people i don't expect him to concede and look it's really unfortunate but what i would say is that there's a couple things that are really important recognize your one we have the presidential transition act which actually governs how transitions are supposed to happen and so right now the biden transition team is getting ready to go into each and every single cabinet agency to look at the policies whether it was executive orders or regulations so that president elect.


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