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tv   Al Jazeera World Ashraf Marwan Death of A Superspy  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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to hear what happens what will happen with the trump campaign's legal challenges to the vote in various states where the results were way 1st in stay with al-jazeera for the latest reaction and analysis on the u.s. election results. hello i'm barbara sarah this is al jazeera live from london it's just after 20 g.m.t. and 1500 eastern time in the u.s. where an unprecedented election has finally delivered a winner joe biden has been declared president elect of the united states it follows more than 4 days of painstaking ballot counting in a handful of swing states that democrat took the lead over donald trump in pennsylvania and georgia as he maintained his lead in arizona and nevada bidens a razor thin margin grew as millions of mail in ballots were tallied securing him more than enough electoral college votes to become the 46 the president of the
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united states while the announcement has sparked celebrations across the country large crowds have gathered in washington d.c. as well as new york city and philadelphia well let's go live now to alan fischer in washington d.c. yes so allan we know that the trump campaign is contesting this vote but it has been called so joe biden is now finally i guess after days since the election president elect of the united states. well here is when the states can from the election results of the still a few steps but the convention is that when the media call and the data points in that direction then there is a call on who is the president elect in this time of the united states they've decided that joe biden is well enough states enough elect a college coach that would mean that he cannot be defeated therefore he is the president elect and will be sworn in on january the 20th 2021 it was
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saturday the day after the last inauguration that hundreds of thousands of people gathered in washington d.c. it was a cold day as well and they called for donald trump to really be removed as quickly as possible i'm sure not many people imagined that he could be. one town president i know we're seeing thousands and thousands on the streets here on what was the matter plaza as it has been called in front of the church or donald trump held a 4 to walk after peaceful protesters were sprayed with chemical and written so he could hold up a bible they are now celebrating on the streets of washington d.c. and the celebration goes back several city blocks and that scene is being repeated all over the country as for donald trump well he's been playing golf for the last couple of hours he's now on his way back should be getting back to the white house any time no the drive from his golf course is normally about 30 minutes so it
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should be arriving there is the possibility and it is only a possibility that he will say something to the cameras who are based at the white house speaking before joe biden addresses the nation in a few hours time and we know from his campaign put out a statement minutes after the television networks announced your biden is the winner that he is going to take his case to the courts on monday and we knew from a call that his campaign had with allies and donors in the last couple of hours that they have asked them to be prepared to come out and attend events to support the president the other thing they're asking for as well is money they want to make sure that any legal challenges are well funded they can put the strongest possible team on the field because there are going to be a lot of legal challenges in places like georgia in arizona and nevada and of course in pennsylvania so donald trump has made it clear he doesn't really want to
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leave the white house so considering that he's not going to go easily and then there's all the legal challenges what impact could this have on the transfer period that joe biden and you know joe biden would need those 2 months until the end of january before he becomes the president in the white house. well a couple of things if he doesn't concede then he would go ahead with what has become a custom and invite the president elect to the white house for a conversation you remember that even though barack obama was highly critical of donald trump throughout the presidential election campaign 4 years ago he still invited him to the white house they sat down they spent longer together than was expected and barack obama said that they would make the transition is easy as possible because he was given that same card to say when george w. bush left the white house however what we know is that donald trump has no
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intention of conceding at the moment no intention of making this speech that says he is going to walk away but the apparatus of government has already started and joe biden's secret service detail as immediately increased we know that there is essentially a government law that says this is how a transition must be carried out so the trump administration and the by the administration even if donald trump doesn't accept the result will have started to talk and of course in the next few hours washington will begin one of its favorite parlor games as they sit around the television watching the pictures from the celebrations here across washington when they start playing fantasy cabinet who will joe biden pick to some of the most important positions in the government but of course to a large degree that still has to way back when there was a big dispute over the result in florida 20 years ago 2000 that's when that
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happened it took more than 30 days for that to make its way through the court before the supreme court decided it would intervene at the moment the term campaign hasn't proven to any court that it has enough evidence of ballot stuffing of dead people voting of there being ballot tampering of their being ballot stuffing they haven't produced the evidence. of that yet they're certainly looking for it to back up the president but they haven't found it and that is a high bar to pass before a case even gets to the supreme court before it even gets the supreme court's attention so. in effect this election is over bar the fighting. and fisher with the latest from washington d.c. alan for the moment thank you. well joe biden is expected to address the nation in the coming hours but before that he's tweeted that he is all owed that america has chosen him to lead he says the work ahead of us will be hard but i promise you this
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i will be a president for all americans whether they voted for me or not i will keep the faith that you have placed in me. well jim joins us live now from outside the biden's headquarters in the wilmington delaware so jamal we know that president elect biden is due to speak there in the coming hours i guess the people continuing to gather behind you are waiting for that. indeed barbara more and more people now converging here at the trade center in wilmington delaware some of them to die hards they've been camped out here for a couple of days now waiting for that announcements which finally came a few hours ago but there were only a handful now there's a lot more people who are coming here and we're expecting more and more probably for the area outside to fill up here as the evening descends on the east coast of the united states when we've been speaking to people we've seen
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a huge. variety of backgrounds of ages of gender men women all coming here and it's something that really has maybe spoken to the biden campaign particular when you look at his running mates in some of the horrors when you juxtapose that to the trump pence tickets when you look at the rallies that's where the guy was it for trump that really did lack a lot of that diversity people here are saying that it's something not just that they're celebrating but it really is what they saw what the united states needed and what was under threat during the 4 year period of donald trump so. aside from that we also spoke to them about what the main issues that they felt by the needed to work on as soon as he takes up office and what were the main threats that they were perceived to be under the trumpet ministration there was
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a lot of consistency there were people talking about covert and the pandemic and how they felt that trump had mismanaged that and the impact it's had not just on terms of people's health with more than 100000 people testing positive in the united states every day for the past few days but also in terms of the economic impact it's had and how that increased disparity in the country but the other point that's also been consistent here was with regards to racism how that was a significant thing there was a lot of there are a lot of people of color here and white americans as well who. knowledge just how dangerous things have been under donald trump and how they're hoping that with a biden presidency some of those things that have haunted the united states over the past decades will be dealt with under his administration and obviously delaware is joe biden's home state but how key was camelot to his election based on the people that you've been speaking to there.
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extremely important she provided many things for him that he didn't have in terms of diversity in terms of both gender and ethnic but also in terms of age being able to connect with younger people as well we saw that for example a lot of the commentators were talking about how joe biden managed to reach out to older voters and take them away from trump because of their fear of covert were coming hours would have spoken to a younger demographic particularly those who are looking for. a different approach to things on several key issues. things like race relations particularly in light of the george freud killing and the black lives much of movement but as well as things in terms of environments that are very key and things that need something that biden himself is acknowledged but when we've spoken to the different people here the crowds of different people and you'll see the different faces that come
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and go and i'm sure that you can engross in the crowd grows larger you'll see the diversity increase people are just as happy about biden winning as they are about being the 1st female vice president of the united states. with the latest there from wilmington delaware waiting for that joe biden speech which is meant to take place in a few hours from now general for now thank you. well now let's go to kristen salumi covering events for us in pennsylvania joins us from philadelphia and of course that a key state christmas alina one that really pushed biden over the line now we've also heard from rudy giuliani tonight talking about president trump's legal challenge is there more can you tell us. yeah that's right this is the state that put joe biden over the top by 31000 votes but it's also the focus of the charm campaign and their. efforts to eke out
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a somehow not concede victory here they are filing legal actions in this state in particular this is the focus of their legal actions rudy giuliani was here a short time ago speaking to media claiming that the president not only will not concede the election here but is filing another lawsuit against the state of pennsylvania and in particular against election officials for the treatment of ballot observers in here in philadelphia and also in pittsburgh in particular this is a federal lawsuit that they say could expand to other states but they claim that this is the focus they are alleging that the rights of the deprivation of. republicans because these ballots were not monitored closely enough
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he offered little evidence to support claims that ballots had been tampered with what he did say he had is statements from poll workers that they were not allowed to take pictures or video tapes inside of the areas where the ballots were being counted and that they have. had begun the suspicious activity that they observed without going into too much detail all of that repudiated by officials here in philadelphia particular in allegheny county and philadelphia here they point out that they had a 24 hour camera in the room where the ballots are being counted that monitors from both parties were in fact there are. but this is the last this was the last hope for president charm to get the electoral college votes that he needed to take his race over the line you can see by the celebrations going on behind me here though that is for hours. people in pennsylvania are concerned as far as these
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people in pennsylvania are concerned that the decision is here they are celebrating joe biden and a victory. for salumi is speaking to us from philadelphia pennsylvania of course one of the key swing states that for joe biden kristen thank you. well vice president elect kemah harris will be the 1st woman the 1st south asian and 1st black person to hold that office she learned the news while she was out jogging and was one of the 1st to congratulate her running mate. we did it. in the next president of the united states the. very happy kemah harris there will jill biden has tweeted the 1st photo of her husband joe secured the presidency she tweeted this photo of them together holding
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a sign reading dr and president biden live here adding that he will be a president for all of our families. well let's go to the tasha good name now she's covering developments from atlanta ga ga another key state and another one where there really is a way for scene difference between the 2 candidates how it's not really key anymore because of pennsylvania but explain to us the significance of georgia now and what happened there. so georgia could determine the balance of power in a biden harris presidency president because 2 other senate races the only 2 senate race. are so close that there's going to be a runoff in january it's likely according to analysts that the democrats would be able to pick up those 2 set it seats and then have control over the government but
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of course democrats can dream but they definitely are moving forward with the 6 hope that they can maybe stagg one of those seats their organizations on the ground such as the new georgia project that they were going to celebrate today but the work continues tomorrow here with the call henderson with the new georgia project i'd like to know what you were doing and how you felt when you heard the results i was emotional more than i realize when i actually heard the result i mean i'm glad he put in a lot of work to get to this point but excited about what can happen now that we determine the presidency come and go out but there's still work to be done so yes we're celebrating today but tomorrow we continue to work we've got a senate to i'm going to get to that in a moment but i do want to take a moment to absorb the fact that this is a historic moment for women and women of color in the united states with vice president elect tamala harris tell me what this means to you i think one thing
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about having camila come into. into play. is the fact that she represents what young black girls all over the country want to see and you know when you see that when you're able to be a young girl and see that you change your hopes and desires and so i'm excited about what she brings and to play. the things that i had been reading about and georgia is part of the deep south very conservative traditionally historically it's been 28 years since the. presidential i've been reading that the. only. people who are worried about the violence in the. across the country do you think here in georgia people responded to this will see the people protesting in the largest protest
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movement across the country. i don't think it incites. any violence that some of the major media cover i think it energizes people to come together and know that our votes are powerful and not only do they get people in office but then we hold people accountable for what they are supposed to do what they tell us that we're going to do and it's always young people that come together and make some of these changes happen just like we're here in john lewis park you know it's really sentimental and exciting to be here he was 19 when he crossed that bridge so young people getting out in the streets and. in the part of the process but then there's others of us that organize get people to register to vote that's also a part of the pressure of the process to talk about georgia and biden doing so well in georgia the 2 senate seats being so close they're going into a runoff without turkey about the work that organizations like the new georgia
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project have done tell me what you believe your organization and others should really shift things. in the states there's a lot of great organizing going on in the state of georgia i am excited to be a part of what the new georgia project is doing and it's statewide and on the ground we're connecting to people and hearing their stories and also connecting their story to what senators president and the candidates up and down the ballot do for them directly and i think that that's an important part of the why why are you going to the polls to vote and what your vote can say to you so much nicole and i want to mention the goal is to get certain to 40000 georgia voters registered so that they can purchase is 8 in the senate runoff in january. are going to aim with the latest from atlanta in georgia in the passion thank you so from the south of the united states let's go to new york city and join it gabrielle is on the he's on
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the phone from downtown new york what's going on there again. one more celebration that's what's happening in new york city right now there are thousands of people out on the streets of new york city in various parts of the city in group we are currently with a group of black wives' matter protesters they started in times square with celebration. chanting biden harris. holding up signs that now they have walked more than 30 falk's out of times square and we're with them the whole time and it's been remarkable seats because as they're walking through. the streets of new york city people that are in their businesses people that are in their apartments and people that are having late lunch at outdoor patio as are all getting up and clapping chanting and cheering them on as
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they move down through that city. it just shows you how important that young people were in this election the black lives better movement that was really fueled on the streets by young people and how. it was so important for the fight in an harris campaign but bottom line is we've seen in credit for. going to incredible signs people holding signs saying i'm proud to be an immigrant other people holding signs saying we will be back in the pair's climate accord and others saying your fire in reference to donald trump so this is certainly a scene of celebration happening all over new york city it should come as no surprise new york city is overwhelmingly democratic city and so in that sense it doesn't surprise you but it's the scale of the celebrations that we're seeing that are really quite remarkable gabriel is on the there from downtown in new york as
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the celebrations continue in that city he gave for the moment thank you well for more reaction to the election results when joined by nancy soderberg the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations she joins us on skype from jacksonville in florida madame thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera 1st of all your reaction to the election result. well it's a exciting day for americans half of us anyway this is a very tight election was tighter than people expected the democrats did not get this the senate tighter margin in the house so it sends a mixed message that we still will elect republicans to congress but even republicans realize that was not in the best interest of our country you see celebrations not just in new york but across cities here in jacksonville even people hugging singing that this long national nightmare is over and i think what
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happened to the president is he never understood that this election was about the american people and not about him and joe biden understood and spoke to the american people their concerns and people just want a nuff of that and want to heal what do you think of the way that the election has been handled and also obviously it's not over because we know that the trunk campaign is staging a legal challenge what message do you think that that sends internationally about the health of u.s. democracy. well the president is going to do what he always does is make it about himself try and fight he this is not a fight he's going to win he will lose this fight there is no legal path for him to over challenge the overwhelming numbers that have come out of joe biden has probably in the end 306 out of the 270 electoral votes that he needs there is just simply no way making catch up they may find one or 2 small problems but all of the
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experts in the respected lawyers except for the small group within that aren't chump campaign realize that joe biden and cameron harris will take office on the 20th what the bigger message here is american democracy works we were all wary that we would fall to their terrorism our institutions of government would change but our 50 states ran their elections they did them transparency transparently carefully and honestly in the midst of a pandemic and this is a president who's challenging mail and mail in vote because they went overwhelmingly for joe biden because he told his voters not to use them and so he's sowing his own you know the roots of the so here are coming to rest and it was closer than i certainly thought i think a lot of the pollsters were overly optimistic yet again so there's a whole question about the polling industry but the clear messages and to the chaos let's get back to american values and reengage in the world and try to begin to
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heal the rift that has been caused by the did this in this and fomenting anger over the last 4 years you mention american values and of course the united states is seen around the world as the leader of western liberal democracy if you will was that role easier to the feigned when you were u.s. ambassador to the u.n. than you think you might be now. well i think the damage that the president has done and beating up on our allies siding with. dictators and being the sort of macho guy on the world stage and really undermining our security and safety around the world has changed the world's view of the united states it's going to be harder for joe biden to do this job than it would have been on the day that president barack obama left office because our allies are skeptical of us our trade deals are in the midst of trade wars and i think the. president claims to be
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a great negotiator but really we're we're less safe than they were 4 years ago so the president elect biden has his hand his work cut out for him on the world stage but i think our allies are breathing a sigh of relief and dictators around the world are a little more nervous than they were yesterday as you say that and that's probably true but when it comes to the nato alliance the climate change accord the united nations the fact that the president wanted to pull out of the show was certainly i think cat has no plans to do you think those things will be easy to fix. well i think i would look at it we don't want to just go back to the day the president trying to cough is what i think we want to do is use the chaos of the last 4 years to say how can we build back better that's joe biden's campaign slogan so can we expand the u.n. security council can we improve the w.h.o. can we take this moment in history to take stock use american leadership to build
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a new coalition to improve some of the major problems that we have president elect biden has made clear that the number one issue is this pandemic we have lost over 225000 americans more than the rest of the population 25 percent of the world that's his number one challenge but then to rebuild our alliances and look at take stock of where we are in the world income inequality challenge challenges of climate change the not nonproliferation challenges and of course the growing threats from china and russia it's a. it's a big inbox cities it's got a stack of challenges there and he's got the professional team around him he's got more experience in dealing with these issues than the team that's leaving office on january 20th but i think he'll take the opportunity to say how can we use this moment of rebuilding to build it back better and i think he he comes with that attitude let's just get it done and if i can just take you back to domestic issues
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national issues we're seeing lots of people millions of people celebrating on the streets across the united states but we're also seeing many people are angry trying to supporters who think the election has been stolen or at any rate don't support it joe biden do you think there is a race that there will be part of the population that will never really see joe biden as their president. of course the population here the united states is incredibly divided and frankly president trump has promoted that anger and hate that his supporters are echoing in the apparently depends on whether president trump decides to step off that soapbox and try and heal the country i think every indication is he will do the opposite and go out there and create a t.v. station and continue feeding red meat to his base which makes everyone's job harder here but i think joe biden recognizes that and he's made it clear he will be president of every americans not just those democrats who supported him and he he's
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done it before he knows how to reach out and he cares about the challenges of the average american and i think over time they will see that this election was not stolen it was a fair election and the joe biden incomer harris who worked for every american in china and build security and prosperity and bassett or nancy soderberg former u.s. ambassador to the united nations thank you for your time thank you. as we were saying celebrations continue in cities right across the united states people are out in large numbers from washington to new york welcoming the news of joe biden's victory i can add takes a look now at biden's road to the white house and it was joe biden's eldest son who nominated him as the vice president and then mr chairman it's my great honor to place into nomination for the office of vice president of united states my father
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my hero joe biden thanks. less than 3 years late to vote by good guy a pants. it's another personal tragedy for a man who had experienced that death up with 1st wife and infant daughter in a car crash in 1902 but it has been a life of many triumphs as well perhaps none great to this tribute from his commander in chief for the final time as president i'm pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor. the presidential medal of freedom. thad. thad. still mourning the death of his son why didn't did not contest the democratic party nomination in 2016 but off to a slow start easily secured the party's support this year and in his acceptance
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address gave notice a better and kind of country to come we have a great purpose as a nation to open the doors of opportunity to all americans to save our democracy to be a light to the world once again and finally to live up to and make real the words written in the sacred documents that founded this nation that all men and women are created equal and joe biden has characteristics that previous democratic party nominees that use the street white christian made all older with were a working class background and doesn't have a ivy league degree right and so all of those characteristics are going to 20 america republican characteristics. biden ran a campaign tightly calibrated within the pandemic in which it took place embracing
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in seeking the advice of the experts accepting the science that his opponents scorned undeterred by the jibes that donald trump threw his way i don't wear masks like him every time you see he's got a mask he could be speaking 200 feet away from many shows up with the biggest mask i've ever seen and he quickly recognized the pulse of a protest movement that surged in response to police violence embracing the black lives matter movement at one stage taking a knee with those who are mourning. in a critical move that resonated in these troubled times he invited the woman of color to be his vice president and together with harris forged a team that on this day has proved to be a winning one. mike hanna al-jazeera at the biden campaign headquarters wilmington was we were saying a joe biden presidency means camelot harris will become the 1st woman in u.s.
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history to hold the office of vice president helen fisher takes a look at the type of impact that she's likely to bring to us politics. her election is historic when she's sworn in on january 20th next year come the harvest will be the 1st african-american 1st asian american 1st woman to hold america's 2nd highest office. this is important as we have these ideas about what it takes to be an executive particularly in the white house because that role is seen as sort of a masculine type role right where there is you know there are issues of economics and of international relations and war and these sorts of things tend to be pegged short ideas of what male decision in me tends to look like if it was just 4 years since she was elected to the u.s.
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senate and with joe biden know being in the seventy's in 4 more years she could be ideally placed to win the democratic presidential nomination for the white house born in california to jamaican father and an indian mother come along hottest has become used to busting barriers she was the 1st female district attorney in san francisco she was the 1st woman of color to become california's attorney general experience which really to heading the new administration's efforts in police reform and racial equality it was a role as attorney general in california that brought criticism from both the left and the right that she didn't do enough to investigate police shootings that there were wrongful arrest while she was in the role but none of this criticism seemed to stick nor was her background regarded as disqualifying by many voters we are something in our in the united states a stereotype of the perpetual former that's usually put upon people who are asian american you see the other side lived into that when they were talking about you
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know mispronouncing her name and saying you know you know come out of all of our whatever they were trying to say in order to make her seem for make her seem not american. and the fact that the american people rejected that is i think really significant. it's just 12 years since barack obama won his sister. recollection and became president. on our way this is expected to be a high profile vice president who called and visible but more importantly she's expected to have an important voice behind the scenes in the room where decisions are made alan fischer al-jazeera washington. well it speak to steve clemons ease host of al-jazeera is the bottom line and is the washington editor at large editor at large for the hill joining us now via skype from chesterton in maryland steve good to see you so let's just start we can you hear us there how crucial during she
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was to joe biden's victory. you know when you win this way everything is crucial you can look at any element and say that helped get you across the line i think that the historic nature of her presence on the ticket the 1st woman vice president the 1st particularly a woman of color of both black and south asian descent there's just no doubt that that brought a lot of people to the biden ticket and out to the polls so i give them a lot of credit for bringing her along and it makes you think for a moment i mean not to knock anybody's choice of you know who they ran with there was a debate about who might run with president trump for a 2nd term a while back and there was a rumor that he was considering nikki haley what if he had run with nikki haley former governor also of south asian descent with her parents you know daughter of immigrants that might have been another dimension to this that we didn't get to
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because joe biden took advantage in his partnership with camila harris and you know not that not that glass pane out of the way let's focus a little bit i'm joe biden's a victory because yes he has won the main wafer thin margins in some states but overall a several 1000000 more votes than donald trump right you didn't see the blue wave that many commentators had been talking about were you surprised by that and what do you think the reasons behind the guy. i was surprised in a way and not surprised i always try to kind of keep my own judgment in check i think that many people counted there would be some enthusiasm for biden and a lack of enthusiasm for trump because of his management of the covert crisis that he and once he and his team actually were infected with cove it that many people thought that was over that that was a signal to his followers that the keystone kops way that he and his administration had dealt with cove it was going to be the death knell of his administration it
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really was and i think i you know in my view you know looking at the polls looking at comments since then you know one of the things that just came through over and over and over again i think it's going to be a tough issue for joe biden is that many americans look to donald trump 1st not to joe biden as being better on the economy and when c.n.n. did their nationwide. polling of people as they left their exit polls and at 5 pm on election night release that kobe didn't come out as the number one issue the economy did and so this shows something that we missed as the media the pollsters missed as we were saying kobe kobe kobe there was kobe the teague out there but there was a dismissal of the significance of how people felt about the economy and who would be better at dealing with that and whether they were correct or not in thinking that that donald trump would be good at it many americans came that i think that was missing and i think there's also
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a sense i remember interviewing joe biden in 2016 and he said the democratic party had become a party of snobs you know and that they that people felt demeaned and looked down on by the sort of new york liberal establishment and i think that that is still out there percolating and frustrated and a bit angry about about washington and i think there is a you know there was a dismissal of that that explains part of why there was so much enthusiasm for donald trump. and joe biden in one of his tweets said he's going to be a president for all americans i mean that's a great sentiment but i guess easier said than done especially looking at the results and the things that you've been mentioning now what do you think he can do to try to unify this very divided country. i think look i know that we don't know what joe biden is going to do i happen to know joe biden fairly well have spent significant amount of time with him and i told a story earlier on al jazeera english in which harry reid when he was the
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democratic leader in the senate tried to get the obama administration to keep joe biden from coming over to the senate so much as vice president because he was always talking to the republicans he was always trying to kind of smooth things over and do deals with the republicans he's a natural dealmaker you know harry reid did not want to do deals with the other side at that moment so i think that's a side that people will be reminded of about now president elect biden because he reaches out to the side i was speaking at the a minute minutes ago to senator joe manchin on the phone who is the most conservative member of the democratic senate caucus who is trying to propose that we need a period of healing and he's good friends with joe biden saying we need to go back and begin seeing biden go into those communities that didn't vote for him and find symbolic ways to reach out to them and to hear them remember joe biden kept talking about empathy wanting to be on people side even though government can't fix everything and i think he's going to try and do that and he's going to go meet
11:41 pm
those republican leaders and remember mitch mcconnell went to beau biden as funeral they are that close so mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader his chief joe staying partner now is going to be is is someone who went to his his son's funeral so there are relationships there that i think that that i got to stop saying vice president biden president elect biden are going to bring back into action on that certainly hope so steve clemons the host of al-jazeera is the bottom line steve really great talking to you thank you great talking to you thank you. now there's been a steady stream of messages from world leaders congratulating joe biden on his victory canadian prime minister justin trudeau was the 1st world leader to congratulate the biden paris victory tweeting congratulations joe biden and camelot harris our 2 countries our close friends partners and allies we share a relationship that's unique on the world stage and we're looking forward to
11:42 pm
working together and building on that with you both the fashion butler has been monitoring of the reaction from europe or certainly from france in paris she joins us now so just in trudeau there canada obviously an immediate neighbor of the u.s. they need to keep their relations you know a pretty core deal it hasn't always been the case with the e.u. and with france so what reaction has there been from the it easy to to this election. well the french president eman or macron put out a tweet a bit earlier shortly after the projections for joe biden were announced and in that tweet to the french president says that he congratulated joe biden and camilla harris and he looks forward to working very closely in the future on some of the world's big challenges and i think that him at all michael will look forward to meeting joe biden has never met him before but there's no doubt that his politics
11:43 pm
will be more closely aligned to biden's democrat mike ross centrist than they were to donald trump i also think the macro like many leaders of this evening will be hoping that this will herald a new era in which the u.s. might returns a more multilateral approach to foreign policy of to years of donald trump and his america 1st policy model mackerel hope the joe biden will sign the u.s. back up to the u.s. so the paris climate deal that is something of course donald trump pulled the u.s. out donald trump also pulled the u.s. out of the iran deal a deal that many countries it worked so hard to try and put together so be interesting to see exactly what biden will do on that particular issue but i think there's little doubt that many e.u. leaders will be welcoming joe biden's election we've heard for example from the german chancellor talking about the irreplaceable relationship between germany and
11:44 pm
the u.s. the german foreign minister i can mass actually saying that this was the opportunity for a new deal a new type of transatlantic partnership referring perhaps to trying to wipe away the last 4 years and build a better closer relationship because the relationship between the e.u. in the u.s. has released all drifted apart over the last few years but in some ways the more that donald trump pulled the u.s. away from europe the more that europe regarded the u.s. . as an unreliable partner many leaders using those terms that in a way though bolstered this sense in the e.u. among some e.u. leaders to try and make a europe a lot more sovereign a lot stronger within itself so in some respects what we've seen over europe over the last few years is a much more a europe that is more. in solidarity of each other a lot stronger they want to stand more on their own 2 feet if you want to put it that way maddow mark or even talking about having an e.u.
11:45 pm
defense force now whether joe biden will be a great supporter of e.u. sovereignty we'll have to see of course because he of course has seen u.s. influenced around the world and in europe diminish the perhaps won't want to see diminish even further and he would know also that the u.s. is relied upon by many countries in eastern and central europe for their security i have to say of course we should mention that not all e.u. leaders are happy with biden when we've not heard from them but we know that the leaders for example of hungary in poland have shown their support for donald trump will close allies and had a personal relationship with donald trump so no doubt they would be very disappointed i should also just mention of course britain boris johnson who was also very close to donald trump they shared the same vision of the world and were preparing perhaps to talk about a future u.s. u.k. trade deal as britain has left the european union no longer part of the bloc of
11:46 pm
course with with bags it but joe biden has made it very clear he tweeted some time ago that it was very important that the u.k. upheld the good friday agreement that brought peace to island saying joe biden that u.s. . u.s. u.k. trade deal would be dependent on that so be interesting as well to see what biden does in terms of his relationship with boris johnson as well of course as a relationship with the e.u. and the cash speaking of the. u.k. and breck said there were many parties whether you call them far right or national so certainly anti immigration within europe that really saw it was they felt emboldened by the election of donald trump i'm thinking of the national rally for example in france and marine le pen kind of reaction can we expect do you think from parties like that to the fact that donald trump is you know we think no longer going to be the president well i think the parties though
11:47 pm
would align their politics with those of donald trump will be disappointed like you say france is far right leader marine le pen was a fan of donald trump she was very excited when donald trump won the presidency all those years ago the same thing as i said with leaders of countries like poland and hungary and i think also you have to look at the other side that there will be those e.u. leaders going look perhaps i had donald trump one again a 2nd term then this would both badly for those who are against populism in europe it would vote badly for the e.u. because parties like more in the pens in france for example are anti e.u. parties so e.u. leaders will be some e.u. leaders of course will be whopping the welcoming the fact that joe biden's one thess and the action because perhaps the very end this is a way of saying that populism has had its moment nevertheless i don't think anyone's not naive they know that even though donald trump may no longer be in the
11:48 pm
white house that doesn't mean the end of populists politics it doesn't mean the end of people wanting those sort of leaders in power and the fact that so many people voted for donald trump as well will be a sobering sign to e.u. leaders that populism is still here to stay in may not be in the white house but is certainly part of the international scene and part of the european union. there with the latest there from paris that tasha thank you. well let's go to moscow now russia of course and its relationship with president trump crucial it speak to xander go for oil who is in moscow for us with the latest from the kremlin that what reaction has there been of any so far and xandra. well we are still waiting for the reaction of any russian official for that matter we should know we know that joe biden is not the most popular american politician here in russia they still remember how he supported and wouldn't protestan 2011 as well
11:49 pm
as many of his statements that russia perceives as anti russian now ahead of these elections ahead of his results would indeed say that russia is prepared to have a construction of a corporation of equals with whomever american citizens elect to be their president now behind is slow rather gentle and rather bland statement is what they perceive as or rather what they want to be seen as that he doesn't meth or for russia who wins the elections in america who becomes the next president since the narrative that they are trying to project is to their own population and to the world is that whilst the united states is a split country they are all united in one thing and that is being done to russian now actually very early in his presidency was no longer someone that russia was thrilled with it was perceived that he did not deliver that
11:50 pm
his impact the very predictable is actually a huge flaw and the relations between 2 countries actually had the effect of his presidency as will be with biden's presidency had 2 dimensions one being the ballot for all the relations between russia and us which are now on all time low which are basically bad he went out of one nuclear deal which is important for russia and he's ignoring their pleas to prolong the other one which might force russia into an arms race which they're not prepared for he put obstacles in do important economical project of russian north stream the gas pipeline and so these relations between countries. really not good but other moves that trump did during his presidency were beneficial for russia in some way and that is how he behaved his actions towards other countries weakening the relations with the e.u. weakening inside of the nato nato perceived by russia as its biggest threat for
11:51 pm
their national security that as one russian parliamentarian put it created opportunities for russia and that for sure will change with biden's presidency and that this is what they expect to hear to to happen so on one hand that he might continue the negotiations on the nuclear deal might remove the obstacles for the gas pipeline for sure they're expecting sanctions probably on the on the on the value poisoning of but at the same time they're expecting a new relations with that with the e.u. and the us limiting their own actions on the global playfield now when the reaction comes it will be civil it will be a poor deal but how long we're going to wait for it it will probably speak of the power russia estimates the chances of actual better relations with the u.s.
11:52 pm
with its a new president. and xander a call from speaking to us from moscow alexander thank you. and now let's go to a diplomatic editor james bays who joins us from the united nations james the trump presidency saw him have quarter your relations are more cordial relations with russia frosty relations with the traditional allies what do you think this new president elect biden will mean is going to be a reset for the traditional i guess transatlantic alliance is. for the traditional transatlantic alliance and in the tasha mentioned there are a range of views in the u. but among the u.s. is strongest partners whether it's a stranger in new zealand whether it's france and germany there canada as well i think there's going to be huge sense of relief you've seen formal statements they are the statements that come out at any time when there is a new president elect of the united states but i think behind the scenes there is
11:53 pm
this sense of relief that perhaps things can go back to where they were before the trumpet ministration reset the clock to 4 years ago now that's partly a large part because of the policies of the trumpet ministration because of the fact that this u.s. administration hasn't wanted to take on the global leadership role it's pursued in america 1st policy and it has seemed to like the policy the policies of or the trends of nationalism and populism around the world but it's also about the style of the trumpet ministration i think they would much prefer to go back to a traditional form of diplomacy they'd much prefer not to be surprised about key issues on twitter every single hour so i think a real sense of really worth telling you that i spoke to one senior european leader
11:54 pm
in the european official in the last couple of weeks i can't tell you the name but it was in the spokes person it was someone with a very serious job and this person said to me that the last 4 years of the trumpet ministration was the worst period in the transatlantic relationship between the u.s. and europe since world war 2 i think that shows you why they are relieved with the news that has come from the united states today ok so i guess some relief from their traditional allies what about the enemies but the countries that have always had relatively hostile the nations with the u.s. about them. well i mean there are obviously different scenarios dynamics on lots of different continents and lots of different files we just heard about russia what about iran of course because that is a country that didn't deal with the international community deal that president trump pulled out of the supreme leader. has been on twitter and not really
11:55 pm
talking about what a president biden would mean but talking about the u.s. election situation which he described as a spectacle this is an example of the ugly face of liberal democracy in the united states one would think that iran would favor a biden administration that might go back into that nuclear deal although president biden has said he's going to do that iran might try and make it very hard for him and remember iran is not fully complying with that deal right now also just look at the comments of another country that's had pretty good relations with the trumpet ministration a major player of course is india and they're the prime minister narendra modi has again been on twitter and it's interesting even though he had such good relations with the trumpet ministration he seems to think he's going to better admit relations with a biden and ministration congratulations joe biden he wrote on twitter on your spectacular victory and we're working we look forward to working closely together
11:56 pm
once again to take india u.s. relations to greater heights of course a factor in that is the news stories that will be right now being written in india about camilla harris and her indian heritage clearly an important factor in the relations between india and the new. biden heris ministration from general 20th next year last one to mention a big countries that we've heard no reaction from yet russia obviously we're waiting for but also china no reaction to china at this stage apart from one of the . mitchell newspapers the main official newspaper the people's daily in china all know english twitter account before the muse that he was president select boyden donald trump before he went golfing wrote a tweet i won this election by a lot and then all of the news about the president of the biden was the president
11:57 pm
elect the people's daily retreated with the words ha ha james bays of the latest from the united nations james thank you. well let's take a democratic strategist that derek a plumber who joins us via skype from washington d.c. thanks for being with us again we were just hearing the kind of reactions that there have been around the world to joe biden becoming the president elect during this campaign and even in the minds of americans now the people that supported joe biden how important was foreign policy how important was the united states standing in the world for them do you think thanks again for having me barbara listen it was important right so when we look at our relationship with nato when we look at the paris climate accord agreement in which the trouble ministration pullout up when we look even at the world health organization i think many americans recognize the value of our allies in our relationships around the world and so i think you'll see
11:58 pm
with vitamin extrusion he's already talked about ensuring that we stay. within the euro he's are talking about rejoining the paris crime agreement and i think it's a many more agreements that are truly important to not only our allies but to our well being and so i think it did matter to voters what we've seen from this administration over the last 4 years has really been frank those traditional alliances that have really kept the world in many ways stable and the u.s. at the forefront of helping to shape a global policy. we are still i guess i mean he is president elect we're still waiting at the see the exact results from a handful of states but it certainly hasn't been the blue wave that many people many commentators were expecting after 4 years of a pretty controversial trumpet presidency why do you think that the democratic party not just joe biden but the democratic ticket wasn't able to actually attract so many undecided voters or as many undecided voters as you'd think after
11:59 pm
a covert pandemic and again a pretty you know often unpredictable presidency yes i'm pushed back on that just a little bit so i think there's a couple things a reference one we saw on president turnout joe biden has received more votes than any other presidential candidate in history i would also point to the fact that joe biden was able to turn nevada. michigan wisconsin pennsylvania and arizona and georgia which has not been has not gone lose in. 92 and so those are actually considerable wits and look i would also say that you know he has received more than 4000000 votes more than donald trump so i think this idea that you know there was disappointment is not exactly fair in oh by the way democrats picked up soon
12:00 am
a seat in arizona also. i'm so sorry i'm going to have to cut you off because we're just getting to the top of the hour but we will be speaking to you again plummer thank you for. let's show you some pictures there of crowds gathered outside the white house in washington d.c. to celebrate joe biden. hello i'm barbara sarah this is al jazeera live from london it's just after 21 g.m.t. and there's only really one major story right now joe biden has been declared president elect of the united states it follows more than 4 days of painstaking ballot counting in a handful of swing states as counting continued biden overtook donald trump in pencil the.


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