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tv   The Listening Post  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2020 10:30pm-11:00pm +03

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our correspondence we can see that the us regardless of what the result is is a very divided country and we've already heard of trung supporters that will refuse officially now refuse to accept a possible biden presidency if the courts do find that actually the why no irregularities or not enough to make sure the president trump stays in the white house do you think the president should tell his supporters to actually endorse a joe biden and respect him as president well that's best go back i think the president after all of the processes have been in so exhausted if in fact he loses he will do what other losing candidates have done whether you're talking about george h.w. bush what you're talking about or whether talking about kerry whether you're talking about hillary clinton he would accept the judgment of the people that actually have been validated by exhaustive examination now
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don't ask me to asked to say that i think the president or his followers to do anything different than hillary clinton's follow through if you're talking about. big business when they're talking about big tax on hollywood they from day one said that the president trumps presidency and the election was illegitimate and as a journalist you know that we watched this play out before yours if i could just so you have no special to talk to his people about accepting the result he will model i am sure but he right now doesn't believe. that there is the you know they mistreated evidence.
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he's lost this race let me add that there's nothing one state to certify the vote they're going to be several states that will have canvassing and recount and cannot there won't be giving what are you think that will have. judicial decisions that will impact and in spite of that we have to see it in but give me 300 in this bill i tell you that despite of it despite that in the past hour as we have seen many messages from world leaders congratulating joe biden you have not just domestic experience in the u.s. but also foreign policy experience are you disappointed by that because as you say it's still not certified as such are you disappointed by the reaction of so many world leaders i believe and i believe in freedom of expression and freedom about that i'm not going to tell them how to rejoice how to how to.
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but moan a decision by the american people once that decision has been certified at the end of the day this president is still president if he wins he'll go in for 4 more years if he loses his job president to january 21st and in fact i expect him to be whether he has as an outgoing president or a 2nd term president to be true to his commitment to the american people we must not forget that with everything coming at this president he received over 70000000 vote this is a country that was very them bite it in their in their in their hope.
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well you know no matter where you go absolutely and try and present all the votes this time than he did in 2016 i think coming upon us to understand that in our 2244 year history as a caution to shine a republican there in the final analysis it is the rule of law and the literally and unity that has made us the most prosperous the most successful constitutional republic and we're. ken blackwell who's helping organize trumps legal challenges so we thank you for your time and sharing your opinions with us thank you. thank you well meanwhile celebrations do continue in cities across america people are out in large numbers from washington d.c. to new york welcoming the news of joe biden's victory by kalar takes a look at biden's road to the white house. it was joe biden's eldest son who nominated him as the vice president and now you mr chairman it's my great honor to
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place into nomination for the office of vice president of united states my father my hero joe biden. less than 3 years later both biden died of cancer. it's another personal tragedy for a man who had experienced the death of his 1st wife and infant daughter in a car crash in 1702 but it has been a life of many triumphs as well perhaps none great to this tribute from his commander in chief for the final time as president i'm pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor. the presidential medal of freedom. thank you. hi. still mourning the death of his son
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biden did not contest the democratic party nomination in 2016 but after a slow start easily secured the party's support this year and in his acceptance address gave notice a better and kind of country to come. we have a great purpose as a nation to open the doors of opportunity for all americans to save our democracy to be a light to the world once again and finally to live up to and make real the words written in the sacred documents that founded this nation that all men and women are created equal and joe biden has characteristics that previous democratic party nominees that uses street white christian made all older with were a working class background and doesn't have an ivy league degree right and so all of those characteristics are trying to be america republican characteristics biden
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ran a campaign tightly calibrated within the pandemic in which it took place embracing and seeking the advice of the experts excepting the science that his opponents scorned undeterred by the jibes that donald trump threw his way i don't wear masks like him every time you see him he's got a mask he could be speaking 200 feet away from him he shows up with the biggest mask i've ever seen and he quickly recognized the pulse of a protest movement that surged in response to police violence embracing the black lives matter movement at one stage taking a knee with those who are mourning in a critical move that resonated in these troubled times he invited the woman of color to be his vice president. and together with harrison ford the team that on this day has proved to be a winning one mike hanna jazeera at the biden campaign headquarters wilmington
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ok let's speak the democratic strategist eric plumber he joins us via skype from washington d.c. thank you for being with us 1st of all your reaction to joe biden now being president elect of the united states 1st thank you so much for having me barbara and listen i think it's a great day i think what joe biden has demonstrated and what we as americans have demonstrated is that our democracy is strong. and while there is still considerable growth in our democracy and ensuring a more equitable america what we saw was you know millions and millions and millions of americans coming together to exercise their right there their rights then people like the former late representative john lewis. fought for people. who are and so it's i think in this moment in time in which we lost 6 legends in
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terms of civil and human rights that americans have come together overwhelmingly to say that we are a better country that we do want to better future for our children and that the direction that president trump was taking this country was the wrong direction and it's really remarkable if you think about it incumbent presidents don't lose i think this is the 4th time in our history in which we've ever had an incumbent president mood which is a forgive me for interrupting which kind of leads to the question do you think it was a biden win or a trump loss do you think that it would have been quite easy for most that a crowd's if thought all to beat such a divisive president is donald trump. it's interesting i think in this election in trump was the issue as well as the candidate and so what he did not do was make a choice between he and joe biden when he made it was
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a referendum on on his leadership and our muslim leadership in the eyes of nearly 75000000 americans and so but i think americans didn't want a more decent america i think americans wanted a country in a president that seems like a climate change seriously that takes health seriously and there's no question that the coded 1000 pandemic and the trumpet ministrations response to it i think drove a lot of americans say we need a different direction for our country you mention millions of americans of course it's worth remembering that millions more people voted for donald trump this time that did back in 2016 so how do you think president elect biden can go about i guess not only trying to unite the country but also trying to make himself seen as the as the actual president the united states because we're already hearing that many tribes supporters are certainly not recognizing him now. we are i heard the previous segment with. with mr blackwell and look i think he's in the 1st stage of
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the 7 stages of grief right he's in shock and denial but look at the same time if you look at the statement that joe biden. put out earlier today it some president elect in a future president that recognizes that the challenges he faces are going to be difficult but i also think that he is also coming in in a moment not unlike any other presidents that we've had in the past who have seen a very divided country and i think how he has operated himself when he was in the senate as he operated himself as vice president during the obama administration he is someone who likes to bring people to together and he is someone who works across the aisle and i think that's how we're going to see him governor unlike president trump president elect biden has talked about being the president for all americans not just those that voted for him not just those that voted against him but for all
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americans and i think that's how he's going to govern. what's really interesting is that i think we find ourselves talking about the vice president elect on this day more than we would have in previous years because it's also a historic a way to become a harris a 1st woman as well what do you make of her role in this how important a has she been for joe biden and how important do you think will she be in the coming years yes so 1st we have to recognize the power of black voters in this election so when you think about philadelphia when you think about a walk when you think about atlanta. those areas in particular played a critical role in getting now president elect biden over the threshold and serious now excuse me by surprise and let terrorists played a critical role in i think galvanizing not just black voters but women and voters across this country i think she's going to be an amazing governing partner with him
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we've seen how she's operated as a senator from california we see how she's operated as an attorney general and i think together they are going to really change the direction of this country which like i said nearly 75000000 americans really want to see happen democratic strategist there a plumber thank you so much for having joined us and sharing your views with us thank you thanks for having me. joe biden presidency means as we were saying that camelot harris will become the 1st woman in u.s. history to hold the office of vice president alan fischer takes a look at the type of impact that she's likely to bring to us politics. her lection historic when she's sworn in on january 20th next year the hottest will be the 1st african-american 1st asian american 1st woman to hold america's 2nd highest office this is important as we have these ideas about what it takes to be an executive particularly in the white house because that role is
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seen as sort of an masculine type role right where there is you know there are issues of economics and of international relations and war and these sorts of things tend to be pegged short ideas of what male decision in me tends to look like if it was just 4 years since she was elected to the u.s. senate and with joe biden know being in the seventy's in 4 more years she could be ideally placed to win the democratic presidential nomination for the white house born in california to jamaican father and an indian mother come a hardass has become used to busting barriers she was the 1st female district attorney in san francisco she was the 1st woman of color to become california's attorney general experience was really to heading the new administration's efforts in police reform and racial equality it was a role as attorney general in california that brought criticism from both the left
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and the right but she didn't do enough to investigate police shootings that there were wrongful arrest while she was in the role but none of this criticism seemed to stick nor was her background regarded as disqualifying by many voters we are something in our in the united states a stereotype of the perpetual former that's usually put upon people who are asian american you see the other side lived into that when they were talking about you know mispronouncing her name and saying you know you know come out of all of our whatever they were trying to say in order to make her seem for. maker's not american. the fact that the american people rejected that is i think really significant. it's just 12 years since barack obama won his historic election and became president we're going to get this done our way this is expected to be a high profile vice president who called and visible but more importantly he's
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expected to have an important voice behind the scenes in the room where decisions are made alan fischer al-jazeera washington. stake a look now at international reaction to the election result canadian prime minister justin trudeau was the 1st world leader to congratulate the biden harriss victory this is what he tweeted congratulations joe biden camel harris our 2 countries our close friends partners and allies we share a relationship that's unique on the world stage i'm really looking forward to working together and building on that with you both and of course so many of the reactions coming from around the world the let's start when the by here in london of course the u.k. and the u.s. always saying that they enjoy a special relationship as they call it so well reaction from the u.k. then. well barbara there has been a congratulates re message from britain's prime minister boris johnson although
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some people have commented on the brevity of it in a tweet boris johnson wrote the us is our most important ally and i look forward to working closely together on a shared priorities from climate change to trade in security and he sent his congratulations to joe biden and to cover the horrors on her historic achievement he was beaten to it by a considerable amount of time in fact both by the opposition labor leader kids starmer and by the mayor of london but also by the irish tea shop or prime minister my home martin who took to twitter to warmly congratulate joe biden and come of harrison said that he looked forward to welcoming vice president sorry president elect biden back home to ireland when conditions are our reference to joe biden's ancestry of course of which he is very proud this point says to one issue of contention breck's it and trade deals now the the president
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elect has been quite forthright in his worries about where britain is going just 2 months ago he said this we can't allow the good friday agreement that bore that brought peace to northern ireland to become a casualty of brics it what does that mean now well if britain doesn't get a trade deal with the european union by the end of the year boris johnson is trying to get through this bill called the internal market bill which in the opinion of the european union and in fact of joe biden threatens a hard border between northern ireland and oil and risking that peace under the good friday agreement joe biden is very unhappy about that prospect and if it came to pass that would make the likelihood of any swift trade deal between the u.k. and the united states a lot more. remote and of course that is the bigger prize in the eyes of boris johnson and his own to raj so really this piles on the pressure if you like for
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boris johnson to hurry up and get a deal any kind of deal in the next month and a half. but even bother with the latest there from london the dean thank you let's go to the paschal butler who's been monitoring the reaction in paris and she joins us now and that passion no not much love lost between donald trump and emmanuelle him across on that don trump also not a particular fan of the european union so what reaction of we had come out of france to the new president elect. well french president emanuel macron has tweeted his congratulations to joe biden to commander harris saying that he looks forward to working with them closely on some of today's challenges now there's no doubt that a man or woman would be much more closely politically aligned to joe biden a democrat amount of micro a centrist than he was to donald trump and i think what it will be hoping for now
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is that the us will return to a more multilateral approach when it comes to foreign policy after 4 years of trump's america 1st policy omar omar colby hoping for example the joe biden he's already said he would but that he would actually return to the paris climate deal now that is something that donald trump called the u.s. out of donald trump also pulled the u.s. out of the jay c.p.o. way the iran deal that was something that the e.u. france among them had worked very hard to put together a great disappointment on behalf of macro the trump did that and in fact macron trump had this very complex relationship because a man or macro really believed that he could charm donald trump in some way persuade donald trump to see things his way sometimes he had hoped to perhaps persuade donald trump for example not to pull out of the iran deal not to pull out of the climate accord markhor inviting donald trump to bastille day celebrations
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very prestigious event here in france going to washington you might remember images of the 2 men holding each other's hands saying that they were great friends well none of that really worked out in the end and i think emanuel might realize that that in fact don trump would do exactly what he wanted to do you can say though in some ways that trump inadvertently though did help mark rohr or some issues and most importantly on this issue of european sovereignty because my quarrel believes that european sovereignty is absolutely essential he has tried to persuade e.u. leaders to get on board if you like with a much stronger europe that he. his vision for europe even wants for example an e.u. defense force donald trump the move that donald trump actually pulls the us away from europe in a way that allowed a man or woman craw to be more persuasive without the e.u. leaders to say look the u.s. is not a reliable partner and this is even more why we need to stand on our own 2 feet so in some ways you could say the donald trump did inadvertently help mark roll that
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hash of our love with the latest there from paris thank you. let's go to our diplomatic correspondent james bays now who is live for us at the united nations again lots of reactions lots of congratulations coming in from world leaders how do you think america's allies will be absorbing all of this. well most of these statements are the sort of statements you would always expect on a day like this course they're being a little careful their language because they know that president trump is still in the white house until january the 20th and they know how president trump reacts to what he perceives a slight behind the scenes though with regard to allies i think it's pretty clear what the reaction is not saying this publicly but there is a massive soya relief now and a feeling that perhaps things can return to the way they were 4 years ago in terms of the transatlantic alliance you just have to look at what president trump has
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said about the european union with regard to trade he's describe european union as a foe whereas joe biden has described the e.u. as an indispensable partner of 1st resort we've had comments come in the last hour or so from the nato secretary general young stoltenberg well he's been really in the hot seat for the last 4 years as president trump has repeatedly attacked nato in 2018 according to a formal national security advisor john bolton trump was considering pulling out of nato so real relief i think would be how i would describe how allies the e.u. and nato allies are feeling at this time it's perhaps worth me telling you about a conversation i had i can't tell you who it was with it was with a senior e.u. official recently not a spokes person someone who holds a really quite important serious job and that person described the last 4 years the trumpet ministration as the worst period in relations between europe and the u.s.
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since the 2nd world war in there didn't hold back your contact ok so those are the allies who have reason to be happy perhaps i guess some other allies saudi arabia israel perhaps might miss miss the trial but what about other countries that have frosty relations with the u.s. how about them. well i think there will be lots of people who are now calibrating how to respond yes you're right in the middle east how is prime minister netanyahu going to respond he could not have wished for a better u.s. president for his interests than president trump he of course knows. joe biden very well from his time as a senator and from his time as the vice president for president obama with regard to some of the other countries major countries around the world we haven't had
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reaction for many but one that i think is interesting is the reaction that we have from india because you could say that neuron demoed the prime minister of india has had a very good relationship with donald trump despite that he's tweeted congratulations joe biden on you will spectacular victory i look forward to working closely together once again to take india u.s. relations to greater heights so i suspect donald trump won't be particularly pleased with that tweet of course part of this is the indian heritage of the new vice president elect commodore harris which is going to be a very very big story in india in may partly explain india's response we haven't had a formal response from the kremlin we haven't had a formal response from beijing yet the only gauge of how china paps is responding is a tweet from the people's daily of china their english twitter account and there you remember president trump before he went golfing before joe biden was
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named as the president elect had actually tweeted i won this election by a lot well that was read tweeted by the people's daily which is an official party newspaper in beijing with the words ha ha. and james and a final note you're speaking to us from the united nations and we know that president was. not a massive fan of the institution pulling out for example of the w.h.o. and the world health organization in the middle of a global pandemic so not so much about the sort of you know relations between individual countries but when it comes to international institutions and any kind of international governance what do you think a new president the president elect biden i do think that that will change the dynamics again i think they'll be deeply relieved i've spoken to senior u.n. officials off the record and they are really looking forward to being able to do
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things in a very different way it's worth reminding our viewers that antonio good terrorist the secretary general of the united nations started his job 20 days before president trump arrived in the white house so his whole time running the united nations has been overshadowed by the fact that president trump is there and he's been treading awfully carefully and the main worry is be not to upset the u.s. because the u.s. pays 20 percent of the un's budget clearly the u.n. couldn't survive if the u.s. pulled out of the u.n. and although i didn't i don't think in any time they thought that was very likely they always thought it was a possibility and it's not just the u.n. it's the whole international system the u.n. so approaching it 75th birthday this year the u.n. in place since world war 2 the whole system is creaking the whole system is lacking the u.s. leadership that used to be there but that's been particularly telling i think in this year of coded when you have
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a pandemic you would expect major powers to step up none of them really have the u.n. security council been hopelessly divided and the u.s. has been has been focusing on its own domestic agenda james bays with the latest there from the united nations james thank you. well that was some of the international reaction let's go back to the national stage and prominent democrat and senate minority leader chuck schumer has thanked the american public for maintaining faith in the political system. the long dark night in america is over and a new join is coming. and i want to thank all of the millions of americans who voted i want to thank the millions who are volunteers in poll watchers in small dollar donors people we did not give up on america donald trump so limits start democracy so try to destroy our
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democracy but as the election showed the american people never lost faith and now donald trump can go home to florida. and jill biden has tweeted the 1st photo of her husband joe since he secured to the presidency she tweeted this photo of them together holding a sign 6 reading dr and president biden live here that he will be a president for all of our family. that's take you live now there are pictures of washington d.c. you can see people celebrating on the streets outside the white house as they really have been across the united states that has to be said the biden supporters of course many supporters still waiting to hear what happens what will happen with
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the trump campaign's legal challenges to the vote in various states where the results were wafer thin stay with al-jazeera for the latest reaction and analysis on the u.s. election results. this is al jazeera live from london it's just after 20 g.m.t. and 1500 eastern time in the u.s. where an unprecedented election has finally delivered a winner joe biden has been declared president elect of the united states it follows more than 4 days of painstaking ballot counting in a handful of swing states that democrat took the lead over donald trump in pennsylvania and georgia as he maintained his.


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