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jazeera. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the war on al jazeera. the air. we're going to win this race joe biden stopped short of declaring victory in the u.s. presidential election but he's entering call search the white house see expanses leads over president trump. as ballots continue to be counted the supreme court orders the segregation of votes that arrived in pennsylvania after election day. hello there i'm hallam hits and this is al jazeera live from doha and so coming up ethiopia's parliament's approves a new enter and governments for the northern region of tikrit as tensions there
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escalates. and fears of a humanitarian disaster after a tropical storm it smashes into central america. about 4 days after the united states went to the polls the election remains undecided with the nation on edge democratic challenger joe biden is moving further ahead of president donald trump in the battleground states where biden has spoken energy rest of the nation say he is convinced he will win the race here's why he's ahead in pennsylvania the vada and the state of georgia so far biden's projects it's of 1264 electoral college votes trump meanwhile has sued 114 a number required courses 270 will buys it all needs to win in one of those yellow
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undecided states to get over the line where brand holds reports there from los angeles. joe biden took the stage looking weary but full of confidence we don't have a final declaration of victory yet but the numbers tell us it's clear to us a clear and convincing story we're going to win this race by now leads donald trump in pennsylvania by a significant margin and a narrow one in georgia he also remains ahead in nevada and arizona as vote counting continues and what's becoming clear each hour is that record number of americans of all races faiths religions chose change over more of the same they've given us a mandate for action on covert economy climate change systemic racism. biden called for healing after
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a bitter and rancorous campaign let's put the anger the demonisation behind us it's time for us to come together as a nation to heal it's not going to be easy we have to try the trump campaign launched a barrage of lawsuit seeking to halt vote counting or to toss out mail and absentee ballots tabulated after election day but the president's lawyers provided little if any evidence of fraud no i think what the president needs to do is frankly put his big boy pants on he so acknowledge the fact that he lost and he needs to congratulate the winner just as jimmy carter did just as george h.w. bush did and frankly just as al gore did and stop this and let us move forward as a country nevada's attorney general called the trump campaign's voting fraud complaint in his state garbage multiple studies over the years have concluded that vote fraud in the u.s. is if stream really rare in georgia biden's lead is so slim
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a recount is being planned as we are closing in on a final count we can begin to look toward our next steps with a margin that small there will be likely a recount in georgia pro trump demonstrators continued to protest around the country convinced that foul play was underway it raises the hair on the back of your neck where they're trying to plan where they're planning again they're going to they're going to steal this election. meanwhile biden supporters celebrated in the streets of several cities after days of painfully slow vote counting most americans are eager for this election to finally be over but given trump's apparent determination not to concede defeat the legal battles could stretch on for weeks robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. was sick a quick look at how accounting is progressing in some of those battleground states
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that we've been talking about starting with georgia biden is currently leads in there by more than 4000 votes in an unusually tight race but as we heard in that package officials there say they are expecting a recount in the state of georgia of course under state law a candidate can request that if the margin of difference is within point 5 percentage points which this clearly is moving on to pennsylvania now biden is ahead of trump by more than $28000.00 volts a decision there kids come in the next few hours the remaining ballots though you have to remember are mail in ballots and they are coming from mostly democratic leaning cities like philadelphia and pittsburgh and the case a win in the state of pennsylvania will propel biden past the 270 mark the top u.s. supreme court justice has ordered that all mail in ballots arriving in pennsylvania
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after election day be kept separate that's how the votes were already being tallied republicans had asked justice samuel alito to keep them uncounted it's butt's he screamed for justice ignored that request while legal challenges were pending let's get more on the state of the race tonight from mike hanna he joins us live from delaware which is of course where the joe biden campaign addressed the nation a few hours ago but it was the picture the speech was it. no it wasn't joe biden saying that he's very optimistic that when the votes are counted he will achieve victory but not wanting to be premature and claim victory at this particular point this is a policy that he appears to be following since the polls have been counted making very clear that he doesn't want to get ahead of himself but he did as he has done before he called for calm he called for patients from his supporters and insisted
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that the poll. counters must be left alone allow them to finish the job biden as well also making yet another call for unity following 4 years of deep division under the trunk administration saying at one stage that opponents are opponents say are not enemies so reaching out to those even those who voted against him he says and biden now sitting down with his running mate to convalesce harris to start closing the planning the transition process something that will be happening in the weeks ahead should as expected joe biden win this presidential contest ok mike hanna that bring us the latest from wilmington in delaware thank you very much and see. no later than officials say there has yet to be any evidence of regularity donald trump's republican party says legal teams have seen sense to 4
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states to investigate. we have seen some discrepancies in michigan and some irregularities that deserve investigation democrats and the media spent 4 years and millions of taxpayer dollars talking about a russian hoax on the grounds of election integrity now with just over 48 hours after polls have closed in an actual election for president they want to ignore clear irregularities russia call states as one and the selection we will not stand for that every candidate in every office from president down to the local level has a legal right to challenge irregularities that occur in the process of canvassing ballots we intend to ensure that every lawful voter has their vote counted in accordance with the law that observers are granted the access they are do under state law and that any irregularities that have occurred whether by
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a malicious attack intent or incompetence are fully investigated to the fully fullest extent allowed under the law. in washington d.c. for we have heard from the r n c there but we haven't yet had any kind of statement from donald trump directly halfway. no we haven't heard from the president in person since thursday evening when he gave those are remarks in the white house briefing room that were roundly condemned by pretty much everyone except his staunchest supporters comments in which he essentially denigrated the election counting process here in the united states he has been sporadically on twitter but most of the tweets that the president put out on that platform were taken down because they distorted or misrepresented or flatly lied about again the process of counting
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votes after a presidential election twitter now considers such statements to be a violation of the policies and so those tweets have been taken down what we have heard from are from surrogates such as ron mcdaniel who is the head of the republican party as well as from those surrogates who are trying to push for court action to basically stop the vote counting in the battleground states but as for the president and his top aides who work inside the white house very little if anything coming from those quarters. well yes there's been lots of legal action launched very little in terms of 6 sas does the trump campaign have a prime time case solicitation fails. well if there is a plan the campaign has not made it public certainly what we're starting to see and
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you could say it's organic but really not so organic to news organizations affiliated with news corp which is owned by rupert murdoch have been in the last 6 to 8 hours putting forward the suggestion that it would be best for donald trump's legacy if he were to concede graciously it would be good for his reputation for his political and historical legacy it's noteworthy that particularly the fox news channel which essentially was considered his sounding board and perhaps sometimes his guidance as donald trump serves in the white house is now was suggesting to its viewers that he would be in a much higher public stead if he were to accept the fact that it's going to be very difficult not impossible but very difficult for him to win
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a 2nd term in office that is certainly getting a lot of discussion on the cable channels here in the united states which are working overnight as the vote counters process the ballots that were cast for november 3rd ok rosalynn george and they're joining us live from washington d.c. for now i thank you very much. as still ahead here on al-jazeera an escalation we coax prosecutors announced new charges against opposition leaders sort of action marred by violence. how afraid we still have showers on long spells afraid in the full cost for vietnam we have still got. what's the weather the remnants of the cloud from going to making its way across and now we have that sonnie grassy pushing across the south
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china seas and that will eventually push more showers in even ahead of that you can see we have got some showers across a good part of central and southern vietnam more weather to piling across the philippines another disturbance another tropical system which is running across central areas of the philippines like plenty of wet weather in the forecasting to see how that will gradually make its way as we go on through monday and another little system that you can see fading to the east of the country usual widespread showers across southeast asia a few of those showers of course too down to ward's indonesia seeing quite lively showers to its east in parts of australia recently but that will quieten down over its walls the northwest it's really been about the heat the heat wave is set to continue here temperatures well up into the thirty's for many broome da when i was springs into the myths there is those showers they were towards queensland will see them retreating someone says we call one into monday the heat grassi starting in
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super southeastern pass adelaide 33. and counting the cost the end of austerity the ideology destination the weakest of society $3.00 economic mismanagement of the british incompetence and maybe consigned to history and the russian german gas pipeline imposed by washington and european capitals. counting the cost on al-jazeera. the number 2 stories from asia in the pacific on al-jazeera. order.
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this is al jazeera great writer of the top stories this hour democratic presidential nominee joe biden is addressing his supporters in his home state of delaware late on friday he's still not declaring victory but says he will eventually win the presidential election the race remains sickles to call this out but as donald trump trails behind he has vowed to challenge the results bisons ahead in the key battleground states of pennsylvania georgia and nevada. early celebrations have been held by biden's forces across the country several rallies have been helped to back president on from i don't supporters have been responding to the false claims that democrats are trying to steal the election. as i mentioned that president top house falsely declared victory multiple times in fact since
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election day also allege imports are frauds as late as comments on thursday nights have driven a number of republicans distanced themselves from their party's candidates jeff flake former republican senator from arizona cold sir on republicans to defense here selections and democratic institutions saying no republican should be ok with the president's statement let's get more now from robert good sure he's an associate professor of sociology at lancaster university and the editor of the trump presidency journalism and democracy thank you for joining us again from lancaster in the u.k. let's just start with this election it's been 4 days now it keeps dragging on when do you think it will be cold i either for joe biden or for donald trump. well certainly we were hoping for something sooner than this but i think we're going to learn more in the next 24 hours from possibly pennsylvania possibly from
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georgia nevada had had delayed a bit and so. but even even if we have those numbers unless it's well over to 70 for joe biden we're not going to expect donald trump to concede we're not going to think that he's going to step back and say you know i lost this election it's going to be even more fodder for him to say that the election was stolen but that the further we get over to 70 for either candidate but certainly for joe biden said we much harder for donald trump to really say there's a legal case here for him to continue to contest these these these numbers we see than you think trump will concede see think his supporters will accept. and again this is hypothetical the reason. but the way the numbers are growing it does seem more likely that joe biden will close to 71st if true doesn't concede do you think supporters are likely to keep standing by their man.
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well i think so i mean and that's based on 4 or 5 years of watching donald trump bring in. bring out parts of the united states that kind of were hidden before idiology s. and actions i mean certainly the amount of violence that's been associated with this president and his rhetoric is is one thing bringing out 545000000 more voters than he did last time is another thing i mean this isn't a landslide and it won't be as a landslide for for joe biden to remember that even though it goes over to 70 perhaps that doesn't mean that the popular vote is going to show massive leads for forbye and we're talking sometimes thousands or tens of thousands of votes for one candidate more than the other this is a lot tighter than people were expecting it to be that's a tighter than the pollsters thought it was going to be and so those supporters for
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donald trump are going to stick by him now the question is what's going to happen to donald trump after he leaves the white house if that's actually what happens is he going to go back into business or is he going to stay in the business of politics and then but if there is if we talk about the politics for a moment and also for democracy is incredibly damaging is it not if one side decides that they're not going to accept the results so how do you think this will impact american democracy in the electoral system going forwards because if one side refuses to accept the results then the country's in a bit of a stalemate is no. well joe biden has kind of come out of his shell a little bit more in the last couple days and said that you know if donald trump doesn't leave the white house we have a way of dealing with trespassers which is actually a pretty funny line coming from joe biden haven't seen that a lot in so 1st 1st of all. trump if he's not reelected will actually
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physically leave the white house but what republicans especially need to do right now is think about how he leaves the white house and what that means for their position in negotiating with potentially a biden presidency do they want to leave things or the really bad sour taste in people's mouths or do they want there to be a behavior that's a little bit more civil in their in their minds because if biden does get into the white house they're going to have to work with him for 4 years blocking his attempts to to move in a certain direction i'm sure but there's going to have to be some sort of relationship there so if donald trump out of view those republicans are still sitting in the senate in the house and in state legislatures and they're going to have to find a way to work with joe biden to get what they want out of biden presidency if that's what happens so all to play for this great to get your thoughts thank you very much indeed robert good should there joining us from lancaster. well president
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trump searching for stuff mark metals has tested positive for corona virus it's unclear when the 61 year old contracted the virus but campaign aids has also been infected us in another record jump in corona virus infections more than a 120000 cases where announced on friday. another new record rise in infections has been recorded over in france for the 2nd straight day the roma 60500 cases on friday and 828 deaths nearly 400 people died in hospital the rest were recorded in retirement homes over the past few days. but ethiopia's parliament has approved a new interim governments for the northern region prime minister. ordered a military offensive in the area on wednesday saying the region is reeling t. p.l.f. party of attacking government soldiers and accusation it denies all friday government
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airstrikes had a number of targets of insists is the operation has clear and limited military objectives. but during the process of law enforcement there could be airstrikes the strikes will not target civilians rather they will target the capacities of these dangerous forces nonetheless in order to avoid unexpected peril i advise you to limit group movements in cities the country that your father's built on that your forefathers paid their lives for is being disgraced by this evil force this force should be brought to justice and therefore i call on you the 2 grey youth to stand against it and support us so that we can finish this task and move on with our endeavors to develop our nation in a short period of time. well the feud between the federal governments in addis ababa and to graze regional leaders escalated 2 months ago when they went ahead with elections for the tikrit parliament to koreans make up less than 5 percent of
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ethiopia is more than 100000000 people but it's the people's liberation front has dominates its ethiopian politics for most of the last 30 years and that change certain prime minister came to parity years ago for years of anti government protests and he t p.l.f. officials say that he's been squeezing them the central federal government's let's get more from. a senior lecturer in law it kill university and analysts covering the horn of africa joining us by skype from london it's everywhere this year on al-jazeera for many people who are closely following ethiopian politics it's a bit confusing just lay this out for us what is this really about what's. well at the hertz of the confrontation between the federal government and the leadership of the take the regional government is really an ideological 'd and political difference on the future identity on the characters or of they to penn
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state when the hippie alleged people's liberation front came to power in 1991 they came up with a new political settlement for that european states that organized ethiopia alone it's a linguistic lie and so the system that is in place right now is called multinational federalism where the body of it in a group use their own language their culture has a large measure of how totally at the regional level. now the tepee have led who dominated the 2 of them politics for the last $2728.00 here it's gave that constitutional settlement for the country but the constituent assessment did not work at the foot intended now to say it needs to be a liquid removed from power on the back of political mobilisation particularly by the autumn and when this prime minister came to power he was received very warmly very used to get it into the escalate because he promised a change that most people believe that but unfortunately at some point along this
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transitional pod the prime minister began to consolidate his own personal power and came up with a radically different vision of the future and at this point the t.p.n. left emerged as the defender of the multinational civil project now the one that we see now is basically the latest escalation of this political ideological difference between the 2 but obviously there is no way that this problem could be resolved to water and this is frankly an escalation that is likely to lead into the greatest geopolitical nightmare for the whole of africa region and most likely could also lead to the largest state of collapse over. gratian in the horn of africa because. burial are going to be a verse country he organized the longer than the constitution itself provides for
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it in the groups. and if you have an agreement ok i will alow a complicated situation and did a very serious one we'll keep an eye on that thank you so much for joining us on al-jazeera. ivory coast prosecutors say they're investigating 3 opposition leaders for insurrection murder and terrorism and the keys over jackson president of a somewhat serious reelection set up a rival government the constitutional court has extended a deadline for objections to last weekend's results president wants or has been declared the winner but opposition party say they'll set up a transitional government. with more on how people are reacting to the political uncertainty. the streets of the economic capital are much calmer than they used to be in the early days of the election now there is less security presence on the streets however there is significant presence of the security forces around the
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homes of opposition leaders in abidjan here and apart from that there is because of the current situation you cannot make activities are picking up here is one of the markets in the city and here traders are opening their shops i'll go there are many traders and businessmen who are still skeptical of the situation they would prefer to wait until after the pronouncement of the constitutional court and see how things go from there apart from the economic sector the education sector is also being closely watched our schools are due to resume next monday and there are concerns from families and people in the capital here about whether or not to send their children back to school there are people with spoken to who've moved their families out of the country ahead of the election fearing that violence will break out what calling it was whether it's safe to bring the children back to school now people are watching closely to see on monday whether these schools were open all
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some schools will be hard to see how things go after the pronouncements of the constitutional court and see whether or not there would be reaction from opposition supporters. more than $150.00 people are missing and feared dead across central america after a tropical storm hit the region it triggered mudslides. syria is one of the worst hit countries. reports. troops rescued survivors stranded on roofs some friday in a remote mountain area of. heavy rains from the remnants of hurricane heda it's caused a massive mudslide. might have killed 100 people. in a news conference president. said it will be days before the true toll of the storm is known. this morning we had 4 dead but unfortunately that figure went up to 50 after mudslides took place in. san cristobal we're trying to reach those areas by
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foot because we can't get there any other way roads have been cut off. it's taught many of the dead were buried in their homes in the village of about 150 houses have been swallowed by mudslides there. in western high winds and heavy rain of also damaged thousands of homes killing dozens and fry the residents gather to retrieve their belongings from the degrees. they believe i'm in pain because of lost everything i've been struggling for years to have my house in the streets it's got us to give me something better. rescue operations across much of central america have been slowed by destroyed roads and bridges evacuation orders remain in place in parts of the flooding was still a possibility. we have been advising people that i hear on the edge of that there is an alert that the river is rising more so that they don't risk their lives. in
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central america reels forecasters say the storm is regaining strength as it heads toward cuba in florida over the weekend. and remember there's lots more available on. on our website including the latest totals on that nail biting election. this is al jazeera these are the headlines democratic nominee joe biden has addressed the nation in his home state of delaware late on friday he so want to clear in victory but says he will eventually win the presidential election i don't have the heads in the key battleground states of pennsylvania georgia and the vanda we both know tensions are high they can be high after a tough election one like we've. already remember we have 2.


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