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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2020 8:00am-8:31am +03

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questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate. from return on al-jazeera. we're going to win this race. joe biden inches closer to the white house and see expanses leader of the president trump. i'm give it out this is and 0 live from doha also coming up. the protesters rally in support of the president responding to claims by trump that democrats are trying to steal the white house. buses ballots continue to be counted legal battles lou while one state is likely to see
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a recount. what president you should do is frankly put his big boy pants on in the show acknowledge the fact that he lost and he needs to congratulate the winner. 3 days after one of america's most divisive presidential votes the democratic challenger joe biden is edging further ahead of president donald trump in key battleground states which will decide the outcome of biden is leading in pennsylvania nevada and georgia he just needs one of them to get him over the line trump needs them all plus still carolina to hit the required 270 electoral seats joe biden's been speaking to supporters and his home state of delaware he's still not declaring victory but says he will eventually be victorious biden also urged people to be patient. joe biden took the stage looking weary but full
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of confidence we don't have a final declaration of victory yet but the numbers tell us it's clear to us a clear and convincing story we're going to win this race. by now leads donald trump in pennsylvania by a significant margin and a narrow one in georgia he also remains ahead in nevada and arizona as vote counting continues and what's becoming clear each hour is that record number of americans of all races faiths religions chose change over more of the same. they've given us a mandate for action on covert economy climate change systemic racist biden called for healing after a bitter and rancorous campaign let's put the anger the demonisation behind us it's time for us to come together as a nation to heal it's not going to be easy we have to try the trump campaign
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launched a barrage of lawsuit seeking to halt vote counting or to toss out mail and absentee ballots tabulated after election day but the president's lawyers provided little if any evidence of fraud no i think what the president needs to do is frankly put his big boy pants on he so acknowledge the fact that he lost and he needs to congratulate the winner just as jimmy carter did just as george h.w. bush did and frankly just as al gore did and stop this and let us move forward as a country that as attorney general called the trump campaign's voting fraud complaint in his state garbage multiple studies over the years have concluded that vote fraud in the u.s. is it stream lee rare in georgia biden's lead is so slim a recount is being planned as we are closing in on a final count we can begin to look toward our next steps with a margin that small there will be likely
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a recount in georgia pro trump demonstrators continue to protest around the country convinced that foul play was underway it raises the hair on the back of your neck where they're trying to plan the where they're planning they're. they're going to they're going to steal this election. meanwhile biden supporters celebrated in the streets of several cities after days of painfully slow vote counting most americans are eager for this election to finally be over but given trump's apparent determination not to concede defeat the legal battles could stretch on for weeks robert oulds al jazeera los angeles mike hanna joins us now live from delaware mike so biden that patients once again this is getting excruciating just hurry up and ways as they say do we know when this might be cold.
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no we don't at this particular stage although early on in the evening the senator for delaware chris coons spoke to reporters here at the convention center the headquarters of the biden campaign saying that he expects that pennsylvania will be projected in the course of the next 24 hours expecting it to be projected by tomorrow now that obviously an absolutely key issue a win for biden in pennsylvania or the projection of a win in pennsylvania would certainly should his path to the presidency of the united states but biden being very very cautious there as he has been since the polls closed urging once again patients calling for calm and using again that stressing of unity the need for national unity following this intensely bitter partisan election campaign and the divisions that have been growing over the past 4
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years intensely but biden's well putting it within the context of the constitution once again as he did before he a bloke to the constitution referring to creating and working towards a perfect union this is from the preamble to the us constitution and this is something that biden has used on a number of occasions that pointing out that this election is taking place within a wider context it's an exercise in american democracy it's an affirmation of the american constitution and stressing as well that the political people fighting against each other are opponents not enemies once again reaching out attempting to begin to pool divisions together should we assume the presidency as every indication is that he will in the days to come ok let's assume that does happen and let's assume then that he wins how it. any transition likely
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to play out given that donald trump has shown no indication of conceding. well this is an interesting question because there's nothing within the constitution for example that can remove a president who does not want to be removed short of invoking the 25th amendment but that would mean getting the trunk cabinets to get together to remove the president but the issue is as well is that the legal maneuverings are finite there is a point at which this will stop the biting campaign insisting that most of the illegal actions by the trump campaign have no basis whatsoever and a number of judges have pointed that out as well but what is likely is that joe biden should he win be a projected winner and his running mate will start working biden made that quite
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clear in his speech and one must remember too that way back in 2000 in the bush versus gore legal actions that transfer transfer used both people had a transition team in place so even though you do not have a president ready to concede that does not mean that biden and camila harris will not be getting a transition team together that this is already in the process biden making very clear that he and his running mate are discussing this at the moment they are putting things in place they are getting ready to go to work as quickly as possible ok thank you for that update mike hanna and biden h.q. in wilmington delaware. election officials say there has yet to be any evidence of voting irregularities they don't want republican party says legal teams have been sent to 4 states to investigate. we have seen some discrepancies in michigan and some irregularities that deserve investigation democrats and the media spent 4
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years and millions of taxpayer dollars talking about a russian hoax on the grounds of election integrity now with just over 48 hours after polls have closed in an actual election for president they want to ignore clear irregularities russia call states as one and the selection we will not stand for that every candidate in every office from president down to the local level has a legal right to challenge irregularities that occur in the process of canvassing ballots we intend to ensure that every lawful voter has their vote counted in accordance with the law that observers are granted the access they are do under state law and that any irregularities that have occurred whether by a malicious attack intent or incompetence are fully investigated to the fully fullest extent allowed under the law. jordan is live for us in washington d.c. . team trump is pushing ahead with litigation but we haven't heard from president
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in a while what's going on. well certainly the president is known for his tweeting but he's gotten in a lot of trouble with the social media platform a number of the president's tweets have been flagged and taken down because they have violated twitter's policy on disseminating. unfactual incorrect laws as it were about the u.s. presidential election about the political process in general so it may be that the president has just decided that trying to use twitter to reach out and talk directly to the american public is not the best way of moving forward there's also reporting coming out overnight here in washington that white house lawyers have cautioned a number of white house personnel from speaking to the press in any capacity
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because of concerns that if they work for the federal government they could end up violating the hatch act which puts limits on federal employees' ability to be involved in poll in politics and so we don't know whether that caution was given to the president himself but certainly having his tweets pulled down and flagged very publicly for putting forth incorrect information is probably why we haven't heard as much from the president as we have grown accustomed to both and is there a decent hour you do you think in which president trump would concede how do you see this playing out. well there is reporting suggesting that there is the need among some aides to try to figure out how to convince the president that trying to make up the gap in electoral college votes simply will not
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be possible in the reporting suggests that if they see enough of a problem with the ongoing vote count in arizona a count that ends up benefiting joe biden the democratic nominee that it might be the easiest way of convincing the president that he does need to concede it's also worth pointing out that in the next in the last couple of hours on the fox news channel the commentator laura ingram was seen basically trying to prepare her viewers for the possibility that the president has in fact lost the 2020 campaign and that they should accept his loss or the eventual declaration that the president has lost so but on the flip side you do see a number of the president's supporters continuing to allege without any concrete evidence that fraud and mismanagement and abuse has taken place in the electoral
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process this fall and that the president has no business thinking about throwing in the towel as a were until the legal avenues have been pursued but it is worth pointing out that except for one case coming out of pennsylvania l. of the effort so far put forward by the president's supporters have been tossed out because of a lack of evidence ok thank you for that update their roles in jordan live for us in washington d.c. . so let's take a look at pennsylvania pennsylvania is crucial 20 electoral college votes up for grabs biden is a head of trump by almost 29000 votes a win there will propel biden past the 270 mark pedicle hayne is following developments for us in philadelphia the secretary of state here in the commonwealth of pennsylvania was very hopeful that the votes would be counted by this time they're not i think a lot of people thought they would be but the the count has dramatically slowed in stock clear why that has happened what is clear is every time votes are coming in
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they're showing the former vice president joe biden is getting a consistent lead he's consistently taking 70 to 80 percent of the votes as they're being counted if that continues it is clear that he will win the 20 or lead to old votes that go with winning in pennsylvania voters went to the supreme court and to try and get something to happen that's already actually happened there were about $4000.00 votes there were allowed to be sent in after election day as long as they were postmarked on election day you know so the republicans went to the supreme court and said those ballots shouldn't be counted they should be kept separate but the point is be dirty done that the supreme court it already said keep those ballots separate but again we're talking about $4000.00 votes if the trend continues it looks like joe biden will win this commonwealth with tens of thousands of votes beyond that so we thought the votes would be done we thought pennsylvania would already be in joe biden's column making sure that he had
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a clear path to the next president of the united states so far that hasn't happened but here in pennsylvania there is optimism that it will. and biden is leading in georgia by just over $4000.00 votes that is an unusually tight race but officials say they expect a recount has the margin of difference is within half a percentage point the house can name has more now from atlanta. it's worth noting that a short time ago that biden said we are going to win georgia we're going to be the 1st democratic presidential ticket to win georgia 16 electoral votes since 1992 that was 28 years ago and incidentally that's when bill clinton became president so as far as the biden camp is concerned a lot of optimism the gap between him and trump has grown i wouldn't say significantly but it's grown earlier in the day it was more than 1500 votes
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separating the 2 candidates now it's about as you mentioned 4000 about 4200 votes and the counting has not finished there are still provisional military and overseas ballots being counted yet the margin according to the secretary of state is simply too tight and that is why earlier friday the secretary of state said there would be a recount he said that the tally of georgia has huge implications for the rest of the country but it is also worth noting that there have according to election officials been no widespread irregularities regarding voter fraud but of course there were pledges by election officials to investigate any credible allegations of voter fraud if they did arise still ahead on al jazeera and we'll have all the rest of the day's news and all time high of daily chrono virus infections and deaths and trials. and ivory coast's constitutional court weighs in on the election process as
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government forces surround the homes of opposition people's. however it's what's on the ground in much of the levant now but the main rains gone through just following showers at least for such a day and there are. drifting slowly knossos injecting more secure the gulf and the shower to a better rate of iraq than that of the border in iran this is normal for this time of the year maybe the worst weather is to be seen just in the northwest of egypt or on the coast of libya with i'm sure breeze is going to last for 3 days when the rain and then thunderstorms but the injection of moisture might be interesting for those in dire harm as a possibility of thunderstorms on sunday then it's all gold monday and tuesday looks fine with
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a light breeze temperature in about 30 which is normal we have seen yet moshe's inside the sudan should really be there this time of the year but there you go you saw the satellite picture the main rain is in uganda kenya somalia and increasingly on the coast of tanzania and of course further west in just touching and go to this is seasonal rain juba's got showers thunderstorms in the focus both saturday and sunday like to see dry really and as i say tanzania is going to be something of a focus in the next day or so with dar es salaam having thunderstorms for sunday and monday and then proper rain for tuesday. in the sun. on the 4th. of july the.
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first remember. my nigeria women are strong we need. my nigeria on al-jazeera. are you watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the race to the white house remains undecided with the outcome hinges on a few battleground states the democratic candidate joe biden has taken the lead in pennsylvania georgia and donald trump has made some gains in arizona but not enough . joe biden has addressed his supporters in his home state of delaware late on
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friday night he is still not declaring victory but says he will eventually be victorious by then also urge people to be patient. trumps campaign team remains defiant snell trying to raise $16000000.00 to fund lawsuits challenging the results the president is making unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud delts over the integrity of the election. or matthew schmidt to is associate professor of national security and political science at the university of new haven he joins us now from new haven connecticut thank you for your time mr schmidt so you think this election. the cold morning even as a texan could be cold the next 24 hours this is all very is as unprecedented really isn't it the timidity with which we're all approaching actually calling this election oh not calling this election as the case may be can you know the anything like this you know nothing in my memory and timidity is the perfect word
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for this i think if you look at the situation in the states that we see now when you look at it 8 years ago these would all be called already and i think there's a very good chance that you know by noon tomorrow you're going to see say arizona and pennsylvania called and i think when this is all over the biden campaign may well have went 14 that out of the 5 races still out there is it just the numbers that. meaning you know that we are seeing such timidity or is it also do you think the way that donald trump is approaching the whole thing i think it's the latter the speech that he gave last night was extraordinary unprecedented in american history to hear that kind of vitriol coming from the chief executive aimed at his own people so i think that we're all very tense and nervous in how we go through this because everybody want to make sure that there's no grounds to go back and do this over that nobody has made a mistake that can open up the door again for the president to to make these
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attacks right and to keep this thing going i think that's what you see in the court decisions and i think that what you see in the emerging number of senior republican officials who are saying things like the president should have his own cabinet were ready to work you know and repeating the lines basically that biden said this evening where do you think that these legal challenges that team trump is putting forward where do you think they'll get to. i don't think they'll go very far at all if any further at all as your reporter said earlier right there's simply no material evidence of fraud or enough fraud to turn any outcome in the state and the courts have shown in the language that they've used that they don't want to touch these cases unless there is significant evidence of harm joe biden talked a lot so not about uniting the country talked about working as hard for the people who voted against him as those who voted for him just how big of a challenge do you think that will be for him i think it's the challenge it's been
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the challenge probably for the last 20 years and we're reaching a point here where i think in part because of the pandemic the split between blue america and red america is greater than it ever has spent the 1st thing that biden will do if it comes into the presidency is he'll have to deal with the biggest security threat and economics that threaten any other kind of threat that this country has faced in 75 years since world war 2 and in the process of doing that he's going to need to try to bring these 2 countries together and i am not sure he can do it to be frank what you see in this election is that he will end up winning with a bigger mandate of a sort that i think people expected not as as great a mandate as they wanted but in the end what you see is the ideas that trump stands for remains strong there are still 70 some 1000000 americans who voted in favor of those ideas and that won't go away and to that and i mean what can that joe biden
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do to restore confidence in the electoral process because we see donald trump whipping up his support is over this whole litigation thing wanting to take all of these these cases through to the supreme court if that doesn't happen how can so biden reassure people that hey you know this election is valid. well i think he does what he's been doing right he's been pointing out the fact that the american system is very unique we don't have a national election we have 50 states plus the district of columbia plus american territories that all run in effect separate elections however what you're seeing now is that ordinary americans are going out there taking on these jobs they're opening the envelopes they're counting the ballots and they're doing it in their own way in each state and what you see is it's really an extraordinarily resilient process even if it's messy and i think that the president doesn't even understand
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that process and i think that biden understands it and will just come back and and reaffirm that to the american people but i also think there will be a much stronger move towards reexamining whether or not we keep the electoral college system as we go forward in the next few years even if it's a messy process even if it's a slow 1 process we have reset your time thank you so much for that matthew smith there associate professor of national security and political science at the university of new haven. taking a look now at the latest on the coronavirus endemic president trumps chief of staff mark meadows has tested positive for covenanting it's ok when the 61 year old contracted the virus a trump campaign aide nick traina has also been infected the u.s. has seen another record jump and grown a virus infections while the 120000 cases were announced on thursday. there's been another new record rise in infections for frogs for the 2nd straight day of almost 60500 new coronavirus cases on friday at 88028 deaths nearly
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a 100 of those fatalities were in hospitals the rest were recorded by retirement tons of the past few days just. there's been arrests in london at a protest by people who oppose the new lock down across england the u.k. recorded 23000 new cases on friday. the u.k.'s 1st attempt at citywide covered 19 testing is underway in liverpool every resident has been offered a test regardless of whether they're displaying symptoms so the hole has this report from one of the testing sites could this be the blueprint for an exit strategy for covert 19 the government in england hope so as the army is drafted in to support mass testing in the city of liverpool it's a pilot we will not get everything right the point of a pilot is to learn from this learn what works well learn what works less well so we can make improvements to it very excited about it i think it's
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a fantastic opportunity for the city and i think it's a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate to the rest of the country to the rest of the world how we can help and live with it. turn around testing technology makes it possible to offer tests to every person regardless of symptoms a self administered swore 1st or just. the cell this is followed by a new lateral flow test that the government has invested many billions in acquiring similar in function to a pregnancy test and there it is notification received on my phone via text message around the hour after the test so close your coronavirus test result is negative this is very significant of course the 1st step towards discovering whether the government's wider aim of mass testing the entire population of the country regularly dubbed operation moon shot whether that as a success regular mass testing means identifying and isolating those infected with
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the virus at all times even if there asymptomatic while those who haven't got it can go both their business yeah i'm hoping little learn today that it's negative. and that we can go ahead and live our life we're all asymptomatic so we've got no evidence that we have covert but it's the right thing for us to do because the quicker we can get the country tested the quicker we can get back to some form a little military for many the wait on day one was long as systems were set up for a pilot project only announced a few days ago within the lockdown once again everyone is in a hurry to find a way back to normal life joe how al-jazeera liverpool turkey's president has followed the central bank of the the decision is the latest attempt to shore up the plunging value of the turkish lira it closes a record low on friday marking a 30 percent decline since the start of the year. if he or his prime minister
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excuse me says the military is carried out airstrikes on the northern tip or a region that mobilize troops after accusing the region's leaders of a deadly attack on a military base this week he says the ethiopian air force is now bombed arms depos and destroyed military hardware and north to grey. during the process of law enforcement there could be airstrikes the strikes will not target civilians rather they will target the capacities of these dangerous forces nonetheless in order to avoid unexpected peril i advise you to limit group movements in cities the country that your father's built on that your forefathers paid their lives for is being disgraced by this evil force this force should be brought to justice and therefore i call on you the 2 great youth to stand against it and support us so that we can finish this task and move on with our endeavors to develop our nation in a short period of time opposition candidates in ivory coast's presidential poll could face charges of terrorism life imprisonment for denouncing the result of the vote as according to the public prosecutor the constitutional court has extended
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the deadline for objections to last weekend's election result president of a somewhat daughter has been declared the winner but opposition parties say all set up a transitional government. and given alan doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the race for the white house remains undecided it's what the outcome hinges on a few battleground states the democratic candidate joe biden has taken the lead in pennsylvania georgia and vada all trump has won the state of arizona joe biden has been speaking to supporters in his home state of delaware he is still not declaring victory but says he will eventually be victorious biden also urged people to be patient we both know changes your kid be after tough election like we've. already been.


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