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that throughout the day has been inching greater and greater and greater and just to state the obvious as well a win in pennsylvania essentially moves the other states that where the counting is still happening off the table that win in pennsylvania will put him into the majority in the electoral college and will make him the next president but very clearly this theme that biden has adopted in recent days and in fact throughout his campaign is the theme that he and his running mate common to harris will be working towards attempting to heal the divisions that have been created in this country particularly over the past 4 years 4 years of betrayal 4 years of political anger 4 years of intense partisanship biden attempting at this point to lay the building blocks for a nation that is listed bided he is going to have to work perhaps with a senate that is still controlled by the republicans he is going to have to work
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with political opponents if he is going to attempt to breach the divisions that have occurred so sharply across the united states and then not from joe biden as well to the 240000 people who have died in the coronavirus pandemic pointing out that that is a lot of empty chairs across the united states making very clear that he emphasizes with those who lost loved ones during this pandemic and seeing as well the work in terms of rebuilding an economy in the wake of a tend to make addressing issues like climate change which he specifically mentioned in that address so there is a tele t. to what joe biden is saying here it is repeating things that he has said since the results came in but also repeating things that he said during his campaign and the key to it all perhaps to sum up is his phrase to seek a more perfect union. that is what he says he and his running mate come of that
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harris will attempt to do you sense as well that they are starting to work already they are meeting with various groups they are meeting with various experts to put things like the plan to come to the pandemic in place a plan that has not even place throughout the months that it is defense stated the united states but a call for unity yet again and also a call for calm as we continue to await the party results of these attempts to this election now mike i want to pick up on that where waiting joe biden is waiting on the one hand but he also says the numbers are there we are going to win and also he says he's got a mandate for action and effect is taking action moving ahead as you said meeting with his teams to discuss the biggest challenges facing the country and how he and his team plan to to meet those challenges most prominently because at 19 pandemic
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so he is taking action on the one hand waiting for the results but on the other hand moving ahead like he has been elected. well it is aware that he is and knowledge is the huge task that will await him and his team should he become president and that is something that you cannot just suddenly deep into there has to be preparation for it and that he is emphasizing that he is running mates are already discussing these matters they are not going to go into something just completely cold they need to be in a position where they know at the very least what they are dealing with now on the issue of the pandemic for example biden has outlined a very wide plan to come to the pandemic increase testing taking up more responsibility for the federal government to address it rather than to leave it
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totally in the hands of each individual states to create a nationwide plan rather than one that is piecemeal out throughout the. the u.s. states is that obviously there needs to be preparation now what happens next well clearly he's waiting for a major projection to be made possibly in pennsylvania which may or may not come in coming before declaring any form of victory but at the same time walking the tightrope saying he's confident that he will win and he and his running mate of putting themselves in the position to be able to act quickly when they do now remembering as well that the final certification of this vote is still weeks away it comes on the 1st wednesday after the 2nd monday in december which according to the calendar is december the 14th and it's on that date when all the members of the electoral college will gather in washington d.c.
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and they will formally declare joe biden and his running mate to be president and vice president so that is weeks down the road but we have still got all these legal issues to weigh. ruth clearly the trump campaign's been mounting boss number of the good challenges with limited success at this particular stage but that is something that has been delaying issues the insistence of republicans for example that the vote counting in places like pennsylvania only begin after the polls are close and like a state like florida where the voting was count the votes were counted as they came in the early votes were counted before election day but we have all these issues and having had such a victory on the campaign this delay obviously a major issue a national issue within the united states but joe biden attempting there to once again call for calm to say listen the votes go and an important reminder to as we
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watch all of this painstaking counting as everybody tries to maintain a sense of patience while the whole process takes so long is that these aren't just tallies that we are looking at they may not numbers they are voters they are people and biden making very clear in his speech is that those people who went out and voted their efforts have got to be respected in the way that they can be respected is for each and every vote to be counted. ok thank you for reading all of that out for us mike hanna live for us in wilmington delaware let's recap now the solid democratic challenger joe biden is edging further ahead of president don't trump and battleground states which will decide the outcome biden is leading in pennsylvania nevada and georgia he needs just one of them to get him of the line trumps needs all of them plus north carolina to hit the $270.00 electoral seats
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required for victory meanwhile election officials say they has yet to be any evidence of voting irregularities but donald trump's rather composite says legal teams have been sent to 4 states to investigate. we have seen some discrepancies in michigan and some irregularities that deserve investigation democrats and the media spent 4 years and millions of taxpayer dollars talking about a russian hoax on the grounds of election integrity now with just over 48 hours after polls have closed in an actual election for president they want to ignore clear irregularities russia call states as one and the selection we will not stand for that every candidate in every office from president down to the local level has a legal right to challenge irregularities that occur in the process of canvassing ballots we intend to ensure that every lawful voter has their vote counted in accordance with the law that observers are granted the access they are do under
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state law and that any irregularities that have occurred whether by a malicious attack intent or incompetence are fully investigated to the fully fullest extent allowed under the law. ok rosalind jordan is watching all the action unfold from washington d.c. for us rosalind i'm sure you heard joe biden's speech there talking about wanting to get the vitriol out of american politics wanting to work as hard for those who voted against him as those who voted for him how much of a contrast is that from what we've heard from the president. well we have not actually heard from the u.s. president donald trump on friday he has been on twitter but he hasn't been tweeting very much because much of what he has been tweeting has been flagged and pulled down by the social media network what the president is focused on is on these legal
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challenges his legal team has been able to persuade samuel alito one of the u.s. supreme court justices to hear a challenge out of pennsylvania about setting aside ballots that arrived at local polling places after election day on the grounds that those votes should not be added to the final totals it may be a moot point however because the secretary of state in pennsylvania had already ordered that those late arriving ballots be set aside until every other ballot has already been processed but certainly the team has had a difficult time finding judges who would be willing to buy their arguments that the counting of votes after the end of election day which is a process that has gone on for decades in the united states is somehow illegal there are reports this evening that the president is quite frustrated with the
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makeup and competency of his legal team and there are some reports suggesting that it was his son in law in senior adviser jared cushion or who put together the legal team and that he himself might find himself bearing the brunt of the president's rock the president has sort of made it pretty clear that he is unlikely to concede to these legal challenges are obviously positive that how do you think he's likely to approach the coming days and weeks. well it's likely that the president is simply going to double down even before the election on tuesday the president and his senior advisers were saying to just about anyone who would listen that they felt that the democratic party and its activists were trying to quote steal the election from the president there has not been any conclusive evidence or suggestion that any such
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a conspiracy was afoot but the president has been talking about it quite vigorously creating no what some analysts because consider a bit of public chaos to stir up public passions and to basically get his supporters to come out and to try to disrupt the counting of the vote this is a process which analysts are suggesting is patently un-american but that it's happening none the less and it certainly is playing on the fact that most people are not intimately aware of the details that go into the canvassing of a vote on any for any election whether it's a presidential race or a local county board or school board race ok thank you for that update there rosalynn jordan live for us in washington d.c. . now we've been talking about pennsylvania and it's take a look at biden is still ahead they're headed by now
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28877 votes a win there will propel biden past the 270 mock had a hand is following developments in philadelphia. the secretary of state here in the commonwealth of pennsylvania was very hopeful that the votes would be counted by this time they're not i think a lot of people thought they would be but the group because it has dramatically slowed in stock clear why that has happened what is clear is every time votes are coming in they're showing the former vice president joe biden is getting a consistent lead he's consistently taking 70 to 80 percent of the votes as they're being counted if that continues it is clear that he will win the 20 or lead to old votes that go with winning in pennsylvania voters went to the supreme court to try and get something to happen that's already actually happened there were about $4000.00 votes there were allowed to be sent in after election day as long as they were postmarked on election day now so the republicans went to the supreme court
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and said those ballots shouldn't be counted they should be kept separate but the point is the dirty done that the supreme court had already said keep those ballots separate but again we're talking about $4000.00 votes if the trend continues it looks like joe biden will win this commonwealth with tens of thousands of vote beyond that so we thought the votes would be done we thought pennsylvania would already be in joe biden's column making sure that he had a clear path to the next president of the united states so far that hasn't happened but here in pennsylvania there is optimism that it will. ok let's take a look at georgia joe biden is leading there by just $4000.00 votes it is an unusually tight race but officials say they expect a recount as the margin of difference is within half a percentage point the house going to name is live for us in atlanta georgia natasha as have been saying biden has other options to reach to 70 but to trump
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a ga ga would be a must win so tell us about this recount. oh i think it's worth noting that a short time ago that biden said we are going to win georgia we're going to be the 1st democratic presidential ticket to win georgia 16 electoral votes since 1992 that was 20 years ago and incidentally that's when bill clinton became president so as far as the biden camp is concerned a lot of optimism the gap between him and trump has grown i wouldn't say significantly but it's grown to earlier in the day it was more than 1500 votes separating the 2 candidates now it's about as you mentioned 4000 about 4200 votes and the counting has not finished there are still provisional military and overseas ballots being counted yet the margin according to the secretary of state is simply
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too tight and that is why earlier friday the secretary of state said there would be a recount he said that the tally of georgia has huge implications for the rest of the country but it is also worth noting that there have according to election officials been no widespread irregularities regarding voter fraud but of course there were pledges by election officials to investigate any credible allegations of voter fraud if they did arise so the picture that had been emerging. all day today actually since it appeared that in a state that trump won by 5 percent in 2016 there's been a bit of a flip because biden is a real contender we're sort of seeing what went into play how that came to be it looks like atlanta and the metro area as a whole gave biden a boost in addition biden did have gains in communities that were part of counties
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across the state that were predominantly white and that traditional base. of african-american support throughout georgia exit polls show that for trump 70 percent of white georgians voted for him for biden it was 80 percent of black georgians and 57 percent of latin next jordan georgians who voted for him biden got a biggest chunk of support from young voters tromp from $65.00 and older voters so of course we're going to be a lot of soul searching in the republican party about what happened and i'm going to call this the stacey abrams effect democrats have been shining a spotlight on this woman she was the 1st black woman to get the democratic nomination to run for governor she ran in 2018 it was a very close race she lost and alleged voter suppression but before that she had
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a history as a state politician she was an attorney and she spent almost a decade laying the groundwork trying to get voters into communities of color engaged getting them registered to vote by one estimate the nonprofits that she founded helped register 800000 new voters she also shined a spotlight on voter suppression in the state and has been a tireless fighter in that regard but right now again the biden camp is clearly feeling pretty confident but the final tally in georgia has not been completed we're told that the final. military overseas in provisional ballots should be finished completing tonight and then perhaps kim will hear from the secretary of state about a possible recount and what the next steps will be ok thank you for that name live for us in atlanta georgia. we'll have much more on the election later on al jazeera
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we'll look at the legal battles and how it could all come down to the courts. however it's what's on the ground in much of the levant now but the main rain is gone through just following showers at least for saturday and there are showers in amman too drifting slowly know also injecting more secure the gulf and there's a shower to a bit of rain for iraq and then heat of the border in iran this is normal for this time of the year maybe the worst weather is to be seen just in the northwest of egypt or on the coast of libya with on shore breeze is going to last for 3 days bringing rain and then thunderstorms but the injection of moisture might be interesting for those in dire harm there's a possibility of thunderstorms on sunday then it's all gone monday and tuesday looks fine with a light breeze temperature about 30 which is normal we have seen yet more showers
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incest sudan should really be there this time of the year but there you go you saw the satellite picture the main rain is in uganda kenya somalia and increasingly on the coast of tanzania and of course further west in just touching and go to this is seasonal rain juba's got showers all thunderstorms in the fall cross both saturday and sunday like to see it dry really and as i say tanzania is going to be something of a focus in the next day or so with dar es salaam having these thunderstorms for sunday and monday and then proper rain for tuesday. from fossil fuels to modern day renewables as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against these developments we provide business growth promote
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social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generations the breastpin pioneering future energy. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the race for the white house remains undecided with the outcome hinges on a few battleground states the democratic candidate joe biden has taken the lead in pennsylvania georgia and the father donald trump has made some gains in arizona but not enough joe biden's been speaking to supporters in his state of delaware he is still not declaring victory but says he will eventually be victorious biden also
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urged people to be patient. we both know tensions are q.b. high after a tough election only. lead you remember this to me. with the precious work. as we count. you know we're really good but we've 2 for 244 years in this country. and marcus she works your vote will be counted. and you care how hard people try to stop. i will lead you to. biden supporters have been celebrating in philadelphia anticipating victory winning the state of pennsylvania out with 20 electoral college votes would push biden beyond the 270 required to take the white house. trump's campaign team remains defiant snell trying to raise $60000000.00 to fund lawsuits challenging the
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results the president is making unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud comes to adults of the integrity of the election. why is a closer look at trump's legal efforts his campaign has filed suits in georgia michigan pennsylvania and nevada states where he's either lost or faces an extremely close race various suits in those states include allegations of late and invalid votes being tabulated and campaign observers being denied adequate access to counting. trump has failed to score any significant legal victory so far 2 cases in michigan and georgia have been dismissed for lack of evidence not of the complaints provide examples of trump's massive voter fraud claims but as we've reported he has promised to take his case all the way to the supreme court. fine dolling is a lawyer he served as a senior communications director and stuff legal counsel for republican senator rand paul he joins us now live brian so you had joe biden a little earlier i believe in his address he says the numbers tell
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a clear story what do you make of what he had to say while he said the numbers tell a story and that he thinks that he's going to win and he said stay calm and let this process play out i think what president trump is trying to do is is he's going to litigate this he does he thinks that he has a case in pennsylvania and michigan a couple of the other states and he's going to try and litigate it and see if he can get the case to the u.s. supreme court there was one case that has already made its way out dealing with pennsylvania and and the court is ass pennsylvania to keep the votes that came in after election day segregated segregated and counted separately and so maybe there is some merit to the president's claim because he's making 2 claims his 1st claim is that the observers have not had adequate access to see the counts and the 2nd is that any votes that have been counted after election day in his view are invalid
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and he deserves a right to be heard in a court of law and they haven't litigated if we look at pennsylvania though as we've been saying depending on how the numbers pan out you know that legal challenge about the votes that came in after november 3rd i mean it may not make a difference. that's right it may become a moot point it may become an issue that won't matter in the end but it might matter and it might matter and obviously the trump legal team is looking for any incident so you can find. of fraud of voter fraud none no evidence has been put out there to date but i assume that they're looking into allegations now and we're still counting i mean pennsylvania still counting they'll be counting it tomorrow and so we actually haven't even finished the process of counting the votes then we're going to have recounts and then we're going to have litigation so we've got
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a little bit of a ways to go before the so process is complete biden is ahead in pennsylvania don't want to various them as you said going to recount nevada arizona if those leads hold i mean donald trump is going to have to argue cases in several states to hold on to the presidency what do you think the chances are of that it's tough it's a very tough pill legal battle to the president because he would have to challenge a number of states to flip the number of states in a manner that would get him to the magic number of 270 electoral votes so it's a very difficult battle and i don't think he's got a high probability of victory but the bottom line is one aspect of it that's important is it's going to restore confidence for all the trump voters that are alleging fraud they need to see this play out in court say need to see this be litigated see the evidence see the courts make their decision so we can restore confidence in our electoral system because there are many americans who doubt the
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system and believe that there's fraud in this you know that is that is a problem we haven't really addressed that joe biden talked about the strong views and disagreements across the nation wanted to get the vitriol out of american politics what do you think is american politics becoming more vitriolic. yes i think both sides have become more vitriolic i mean you see a lot of very hateful language coming out of the far far left and a lot of trump supporters and said some things that are not great either so i do agree i think that it's a great thing that joe biden is calling for calm and more civility and i hope that we can go down that road but politics is a tough game and it's never going to be all that civil it's always going to be a hard edge and i think that would present trump has done is he's he's a fighter he's somebody digs in and fights and so he is doing everything he can to
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try and preserve his rights if he has a chance to win the presidency ok thank you for that brian dowling a lawyer who also served the same you communications director and stuff legal counsel for republican senator rand paul we appreciate your time thank you. and the u.s. is saying and now the record jump and cried a virus infections 3 days off of the presidential election more than 127000 cases were announced on thursday breaking a record set just the day before the country has also reported 1200 deaths links to the virus taking the overall death toll 223-5000 the number of new delhi cases in the u.s. has risen 550000 less than a week. breaking news coming into us now and president chief of staff mark meadows has tested positive for covert 19 it is unclear
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when the 61 year old contracted the virus but preliminary reports say he told a trump campaign aide nick trainer. has also been effect infected sorry we're also hearing that a trump campaign aide nick traina has also been infected we will bring you more on this breaking story as it comes to had. been another new record rise in infections and from the 2nd straight day there were almost 60500 new coronavirus cases on friday and 828 deaths nearly 400 of those fatalities were in hospitals the rest were recorded by retirement homes over the past few days they've been arrests in london at a protest by people who oppose the new lock down across england the u.k. recorded 23000 new cases on friday if your peers prime minister says the military is carried out air strikes on the northern tickly region that mobilize troops after accusing the region's leaders of a deadly attack on a military base this week he says the ethiopian forces now bombed. and destroyed
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military hardware in north to pray. during the process of law enforcement there could be airstrikes the strikes will not target civilians rather they will target the capacities of these dangerous forces nonetheless in order to avoid unexpected peril i advise you to limit group movements in cities the country that your father's built and that your forefathers paid their lives for is being disgraced by this evil force this force should be brought to justice and therefore i call on you the 2 great youth to stand against it and support us so that we can finish this task and move on with our endeavors to develop our nation in a short period of time. opposition candidates in ivory coast presidential poll could face charges of terrorism and life imprisonment for denouncing the result of the vote that's according to the public prosecutor the constitutional court has extended the deadline for objections to last weekend's election result president has been declared the winner but opposition parties say they'll set up
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a transitional government. and can validate how the top stories on al-jazeera the race to the white house remains undecided with the outcome him out a few battleground states the democratic candidate joe biden has taken the lead in pennsylvania georgia and divider donald trump has won the state of arizona joe biden's been speaking to supporters in his home state of delaware he is still not declaring victory but says he will eventually be victorious biden also urged people to be patient we both know tensions are high the kid being after a tough election. already remember we have to remain. patient with the process work out as we can. you know we're proving what we've proved.


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