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tv   Al Jazeera Correspondent Identity And Exile P1  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2020 4:00am-5:01am +03

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realistically how can you do this to his corruption in this country we listen if this breaks up a conflict between pakistan and india this has implications for the rest of the world we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. confidence is building among joe biden supporters as he inches closer to the white house expanding his narrow lead over donald trump. my money inside this is al jazeera line from doha also coming up. georgia one of the states still too close to call is set for recounts and legal battles.
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continues to make baseless allegations of widespread fraud in states like pennsylvania which officials flatly reject. what the president needs to do is frankly put his big boy pants on knowledge the fact that he lost and he needs to congratulate the winner. and on resolved election a nation on edge 3 days after one of america's most divisive presidential votes it appears that the democratic challenger joe biden is moving further ahead of president donald trump in battleground states which will decide the outcome. so far biden is projected to have 1264 electoral college votes trump has 214 the magic number required is 270 by the needs to win in
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only one of those undecided states to get him over the finish line let's start with pennsylvania where biden is ahead of trump by just over 19 and a half 1000 votes the remaining mail in ballots are mostly from democratic leaning cities like philadelphia and pittsburgh biden is also leading in georgia by nearly $4000.00 votes in an unusually tight race but officials say they expect a recount as the margin of difference is within half a percentage point and the state of nevada could well be the last showdown it has the highest percentage of votes left to count but those 6 delegates could make or break either candidate and right now joe biden is in the lead there as well. let's take a look at north carolina where trump leads 576076 nearly 76 and a half 1000 votes that's not
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a surprise the state has voted republican in every election since 1980 apart from when barack obama won back in 2008 so while the race is yet to be won us house speaker democrat nancy pelosi is already describing joe biden as president elect and she accused trump and his team of hurting the nation by denying the outcome it appears that the trump administration will use its final moments in office and the desperate last step to destroy every possible ritek should for american health and well being so many people have said to me and some of you along the way. what damage do you think that trump will do between losing the election and the swearing in the inauguration of joe biden maybe you didn't phrase it quite that way but that's how i heard it and we knew that he would be up to mischief
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separate and apart from that trying to destroy the credibility of our elections which we criticize other nations for doing and now we all enemies foreign and domestic make an assault on our elections when we have one domestic election officials say that has yet to be any evidence of voting irregularities but republican party says legal teams have been sent to 4 states to investigate we have seen some discrepancies in michigan and some irregularities that deserve investigation democrats and the media spent 4 years and millions of taxpayer dollars talking about a russian hoax on the grounds of election integrity now with just over 48 hours after polls have closed in an actual election for president they want to ignore clear irregularities russia call states as one and the selection we will not stand for that every candidate in every office from president down to the local level has
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a legal right to challenge irregularities that occur in the process of canvassing ballots we intend to ensure that every lawful voter has their vote counted in accordance with the law that observers are granted the access they are do under state law and that any irregularities that have occurred whether by a malicious attack intent or incompetence are fully investigated to the fully fullest extent allowed under the law. his own team this hour mike hanna is in wilmington delaware joe biden's home state patty call heinous standing by for us in philadelphia in the all important battleground of pennsylvania of course we have andy gallagher who will bring us up to date with what's going on in georgia and we have rob reynolds who is monitoring developments for us in our a zone and nevada but let's begin with our white house correspondent kimberly whole kit so bring us up to date what's the mood from the trump camp today.
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one that is really very resolved to fight there is the e-mail that is being sent multiple emails in fact we sent to supporters not only asking for donations to be matched in terms of the fundraising but with a specific purpose that this would in the essence of out to a legal fund that they're looking to tap it least at $60000000.00 to fight all of these legal challenges that are being launched across the united states in these battleground states now the u.s. president for his part has been quiet front of the cameras since we saw him late thursday in that press conference in the white house briefing room but he's continued to tweet on twitter he his latest tweet has been moaning the large lead that he had that he is now saying has evaporated but he hopes will come back when these legal proceedings get fully underway he's also referring to his rival
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democratic presidential nominee joe biden saying that joe biden should not wrongfully claim the office of the president i could make that claim but also legal proceedings are just now beginning now to be clear joe biden has not claimed that he has won the white house what he has said is that he's come put it he will donald trump for his part has claimed he's won but he is not very happy that he's joe biden needs even insinuating that he has one when donald trump believes once these legal proceedings are done that he will be the president for another 4 years and to me we've been hearing from a number of members of the republican party have the last sort of 24 hours to 48 hours what have they been saying. well there are really mixed reviews in terms of the president's strategy in fact what we're seeing is a bit of a schism in the republican party those like some of his staunch supporters like
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representative jim jordan is continuing to be in the president's camp but increasingly we're seeing a number of republicans starting to publicly criticize the president for not conceding to joe biden also concerned about some of the claims the president's made with respect to voter integrity and election integrity so what we're seeing really is a distancing of some members of the republican party from the president particularly as they i their own futures in congress where the republicans so far have picked up a few seats in the house of representatives and are fighting for control of the currently republican controlled senate ok many thanks for the white house correspondent kemeny. there with the very latest from washington we can go to my account i was in biden's home state of delaware mike earlier on in the night we were pretty sure that we were going to hear from joe biden but that may not be the
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case anymore what is what do we hearing from the biden camp. there's been no clear guidance from the biden campaign at this particular point however it is apparent that biden will not be speaking until this a major projection for him in particular pennsylvania in other words it doesn't appear result he's going to do another let's hold to the way type speech as he did previously it does appear that he's waking for a concrete result before coming to speak here at the convention center certainly there's no sign of his motorcade he is still at home that would appear watching as the results come in the campaign though remains confident they say that the eventual result is going to show joe biden as the next president of the united
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states but there's no claims of victory as yet joe biden himself was very careful not to do so the one time when he did speak publicly saying very clearly that although he was convinced that once the result is in he will be victorious he is not claiming victory before the fact but it would appear at this point that joe biden is waiting for a projection off a major victory in pennsylvania in particular before coming here to the convention center to address his supporters it's interesting that we heard from the speaker of the house nancy pelosi earlier today describing biden as president in legs perhaps jumping the gun a little bit. well yes it was very surprising particularly as joe biden himself is carefully steering away from any such term at this particular point 5 it's been making very clear that the vote has
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got to be counted that he has got to be confident that he has secured this victory he doesn't want any premature claims either personally he's steered away from doing out and certainly obviously instructions have gone down to his staff as well but they will be no premature claims of victory obviously if a victory in pennsylvania would clinch it for biden or a projection of a victory in pennsylvania certainly that might result in him claiming a win in the election but until that point to because we're not going to have any premature claim sense it is rather surprising that the speaker of the house getting ahead of the presidential candidate himself in terms of using a term like president elect so a campaign here as i said still remaining confident obviously watching these votes very very carefully but ultimately waiting for that big projection before joe biden comes out and talks again mike hanna there for us in delaware many thanks we can
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turn to pass a call hane who is in philadelphia and so obviously way you are is key in the votes there are key clearly at least biden very much waiting to hear a definitive result from there what are we hearing in terms of the counts. these are it's going to get crickets really and loud motorcycles this is really i cannot tell you what's happening when we started reporting about 29 hours ago donald trump was ahead by about 300000 votes every hour and we've seen that move but there's no rhyme or reason to how these vote counts are coming in the latest number now says joe. biden is up by about another 4000 votes 282-0000 vote lead over joe by over donald trump but it's not moving very much we still think we have just under 100000 votes to go. cart it could be people are tired they're in rooms. at this
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convention center they've been wearing masks they've been working long hours this is very tedious work i'm just assuming that that could be played a factor in it but it's not moving as much as it has been moving but officials will tell you we are getting there as far as there is some news to tell you from from the supreme court justice samuel alito telling the state of pennsylvania to do with the state of pennsylvania has already been doing so basically all of this legal challenge and talk from the centers on really about 4000 votes that are those are votes that were sent to the polling places that were postmarked. by election day and they were able to arrive by today friday at about 5 pm so that's 4000 votes so the republicans have gone to court and said make them keep these ballots separated and basically the state people say you know we're already doing that
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because we agree to do that last i knew of the supreme court so what does this matter quite frankly it doesn't really 4000 votes if you're talking about 20000. rows the hours count down possibly to as much as 720-0000 votes if you throw out those 4000 votes doesn't change the end game and i think it's important to point out when the president talks about all of these legal challenges that he thinks is going to get him back to victory what he's talking about and the only way that that would be successful is if a judge or negatively the supreme court would say all mail in voting is illegal those votes don't count that seems like not even a remote thing that could be come close to a possibility because beilin voting is something that we do in this country so it's not clear exactly what they're trying to ministration thinks they could possibly do in a state like pennsylvania that could make up what is expected to be a fairly large margin but it's clear they're going to try. well as you say there
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has been a lot of focus on the city by president try a lot of those. cases have been focused there and it seems that the mayor has had enough he's been hitting back this morning with some interesting comments took us through them. exactly so the philadelphia known for its 2 steaks and the way people talk around here the mare was very blunt as will be but officials here are very frustrated if you think about this they are only here because the republican legislature refused to let them do anything with mel and mel and ballots before election day it didn't have to be like this we could have on tuesday appear likely said who won here so it wouldn't be this back and forth the votes were stolen so obvious frustration from the officials even bringing up big boy pants let's have a listen. you know i think what the president he said do is frankly put his big boy
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pants on he needs to acknowledge the fact that he lost and he needs to congratulate the winner just as jimmy carter did just as george h.w. bush did and frankly just as al gore did and stop this and let us move forward as a country the votes will continue to be counted until every valid mail in ballot absentee ballot and provisional ballot is counted so while some including the president continue to spew baseless claims of fraud claims for which his team has not produced one iota of evidence what we have seen here in philadelphia is democracy pure and simple our founding fathers who could see the system just a 15 minute walk down the street i know would be proud. now philadelphia. craddock city we've seen a lot of protesters they say celebrate actually say count every vote we've seen a few trump supporters that could change tomorrow they're calling for a rally just about half a block from here so we'll see if trump supporters come out but i don't think it's
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going to be here there is a big brother who are these presidents of these dimensions that are as the votes continue to get counted or at least we think they're going to continue to they're not making much progress but we'll see what happens many thanks that patty called pain speaking to us there from philadelphia let's get more on the race in georgia and we can speak to andy caddick he joins us live from miami in neighboring florida we had today that georgia is going to see a vote recount do we have any idea of what the timetable for that's going to look like. so here's the deal these votes have to be certified by state officials by november the 13th and then by the state by november 20th so this is all going to take time people have to be patient with the state of georgia or it may not matter in the end especially pennsylvania and nevada and arizona goes to you martin but the state of georgia is really playing a huge role in this election it shouldn't even really been
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a factor because for decades it's been a red state democratic presidential nominee hasn't won there since bill clinton in 1992 but here we are now if we go back to election day trump was ahead of biden by about 370000 votes and then over the preceding days as those mail in ballots came in from democratic areas that vote was eaten away until now joe biden has a lead of 4000 but it's within the point 5 percent margin so no controversy here this is the law there will now be a recount because that margin is simply simply so tight something else to watch in georgia are a couple of congressional races that really may shift the balance of power in the congress for the next 4 years those races also too close to call because each candidate needs to get 50 percent point plus one and they didn't so that's another important race going on in the state of georgia a state that has been republican for decades is now a purple state
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a battleground state if you like and may even go blue and again again many thanks let's go to reynolds who is in los angeles that is monitoring the races in arizona and nevada arizona in particular the count there very interesting because biden is leading there but that lead has slowly but surely and narrowing what is the latest . well i don't have any really dramatic new numbers to give you the state boards of elections in arizona and nevada have not been disgorging many new tabulations but interestingly in nevada where joe biden is leading over donald trump by 23500 votes a state judge has thrown out a legal. complaint filed by the state republican party and the trump campaign says this was a legal action that involved
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a claims that the signature verification machinery used in the ballot tabulation as well as some of the rules about how close. partisan observers could stand to watch the the process of counting the votes was somehow faulty or illegitimate the judge james corden declared i am not deciding this case on a technicality i'm deciding it on the basis that plaintiffs have not come to court with sufficient evidence to get what they want so he's basically saying that there's no nothing there there in terms of this case that the republican party and they trumpet ministration brought so there's a significant i think legal defeat for the trump campaign meanwhile in arizona biden leads trump now by 38000 votes course this is a narrow margin it's certainly not landslide material but it's worth bearing in
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mind that just 4 years ago donald trump beat hillary clinton by 90000 votes in this traditionally red republican state so there's been a big shift in arizona at least for this election and as for trumps a continued claims about chicanery in the vote counting the secretary of state katie hobbs in arizona said that she has seen absolutely no irregularities in the process at all rob reynolds many thanks bang us some today with that the latest in arizona and nevada. let's bring in our own cole ringback he's director of debate university of michigan he joins us from novi many thanks for speaking to us on al jazeera what have you found interesting about this election race because it has definitely been a lot closer than many were predicting why do you think that is yes it's great to
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be back with you that is correct many of the the polls both nationally in the battle ground polls showed a much more substantial bite in lead heading into the elections but they were incorrect in a lot of ways they were wrong just like they were in 2016 and part of it is there's you know there's this kind of shy truck vote in those that support him but maybe don't talk to pollsters don't want to debate who they're going to vote for for pollsters and that makes a really really tough and they thought they corrected for it in terms of waiting in the polls 'd education things like that but clearly they didn't but i think the final result is still up in the air there's a scenario where joe biden reaches in the low $300.00 which is basically the identical margin to trump in 2016 and he could slip states like arizona and georgia and if he does that be a pretty successful presidential results although clearly for the democrats what happened in the senate my house was now what they were hoping what do you think
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president trump will do next he has of course launched all these nagel challenges some of which have already been turned out we just had from our correspondent that nevada well he concede at some point or is this going to be messy till the very end . i don't think he's going to ever admit that he was defeated that doesn't mesh with his brand and you know he's always very optimistic and will likely you know blame things on on counts and an absentee and mail voting and things like that but you know the united states system doesn't need him to concede i think that just the way it works is that joe biden will become president there's going to be a meeting of the electoral college and present and joe biden will likely be sworn in this president's in january but there are still things present time could make the transition very difficult in terms of not cooperate ing he could try to make people believe that the results were
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a legitimate which would make it difficult for a joe biden presidency so no i don't expect him to have an epiphany or pivot and all of a sudden mix except the results of the election multi for were judged by the president he doesn't need to so trump will leave but maybe not like you know we would expect man i think the big question for president trump is is he going to run again if he's defeated in 2024 i mean he's going to receive 60 something 1000000 even below 70 millions in terms of votes sabzi has a very big base in so the next 4 years could be a shadow campaign where he attacks joe biden on twitter and then will be the presumptive nominee in 20 of 24 i think that's the most interesting question remaining heading into the next election it is interesting and it also begs the question away does this leave the republican party has it become the policy of trump that or will it change in the next 4 years. now that's a that's
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a great question president trump has both in 20162020 really gotten people to vote that don't in other elections the reason that the democrats gained so many seats in the house in 2018 was because he wasn't on the ballot in many of the present time supporters didn't turn out but the turnout was really up for his supporters and 2020 found all kinds of new voters that normally don't vote in so yes there's a big question whether the republican party turns back to its roots you know someone like marco rubio or you know someone. a little more you know kind of normal in terms of republican politics or if voters still stick with president trump and the. primary is going to be very interesting and especially the debates once we get started with those in in 2023 but yes i mean in some ways president trump kind of took over the republican party starting in
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2015 and the question is whether he really pushes that or it goes to somebody else like i'm nikki haley a mike pence and returns to more of its traditional roots but part of that's up to president trump does he go back to his private business starting a media conglomerates or if he's still interested in politics i mean he'd be pretty old running for president again but a lot of that will be really be determined on what present trump wants to do in the future and there is of course some as well let's not forget him as one of the top ranks arran coal debate you have se michigan many thanks speaking to us. of course any time. just take a look now at the corona virus pandemic the u.s. has seen another record jump in infections 3 days after the presidential election more than 120000 cases when ounce on thursday breaking the record set just the day before the country's also reported 1200 deaths linked to the virus taking the overall death toll 223-5000 the number of new delhi cases in the us has risen by
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50000 in less than a week. there's been another new record rise in infections in france for the 2nd straight day there were almost 60500 new coronavirus cases on friday and 828 day deaths nearly 400 of those fatalities were in hospital the rest were recorded by retirement homes over the past few days of unrest in london at a protest by people who oppose a new lockdown across england the u.k. has recorded 23000 new cases on friday. opposition candidates in ivory coast presidential poll could face charges of terrorism and life imprisonment for denouncing the result of the vote this is according to the public prosecutor the constitutional court has extended a deadline for objections to last weekend's election result the president asuna with star has been declared the winner but opposition parties say they'll set up
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a transitional government. mexico is among the most dangerous countries in the well for jenna spot a social media campaign is seeking accountability from authorities there as manual republic reports from mexico city. latin america is one of the most dangerous regions in the world to be a journalist according to a recent report by the un in 2019 the region accounted for 40 percent of all confirmed killings of journalists around the world. how they handled the edges from what is says he left his job as a reporter after receiving death threats and after several of his colleagues lost their lives for reporting on organized crime in the city while it had a kind of hidden type of korean life experience the violence and the threats firsthand i see the risks that are taken every day to practice journalism in ciudad juarez and i've witnessed through the lives of my colleagues every time i've had to say goodbye to a friend. last year one human rights group launched
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a campaign seeking to quote revive the voices and images of slain journalists by reactivating their social media accounts their slogan is still speaking up no matter where then what are those both organizers have also incorporated image manipulation software into their campaign this video features the likeness of javier valdez a mexican reporter who was murdered in 2017 so this video these tell us. about this journalist and writer i was still on may 15th 2017 on orders by someone who did not like what i published but as you can see i'm here speaking to you. activists say they digitally manipulated videos or a form of protest directed at the federal government to do more for press freedom the plot to talk i guess out of the what have you had about this had to return from that to demand justice because our institutions are incapable of the laboring
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justice to his family life that is this all of since 2006 mexico has endured a spiral of violence that's claimed the lives of at least 132 journalists among thousands of others. despite a promise made by mexican president will visit order to protect members of the news media there have been at least $32.00 journalists killed since the start of his administration security experts point to widespread impunity and collusion between authorities and criminal groups as the main reasons rank in the country just behind syria as the most dangerous for media professionals but little fellow al jazeera mexico city. this is out as there are these are your top stories the race in the white house remains too close to call with the outcome resting on a few battleground states the democratic candidate joe biden has taken the lead in
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pennsylvania and georgia and nevada donald trump has made some gains in arizona but not enough. u.s. house speaker democrat nancy pelosi is already describing biden as president elect . this morning it is clear that the biden harris' ticket will win the white house his election is historic propelled by the biggest moment ever in the history of our country 73800000 and counting americans the most votes ever received by any presidential ticket and history. election officials say the as yet to be any evidence of voting irregularities but republican party says legal teams have been sent to 4 states to investigate we have seen some discrepancies in michigan and some irregularities that deserve investigation democrats and the media spent for years and millions of taxpayer dollars talking about a russian hoax on the grounds of election integrity now with just over 48 hours
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after polls have closed in an actual election for president they want to ignore clear irregularities russia call states as one and the selection we will not stand for that. the president is continuing to make on substantiated claims about voter fraud costing doubts over the integrity of the election he's been very critical of pennsylvania from duffy as major kenny hit back at those attacks you know i think what the president needs to do is frankly put his big boy pants on he needs to acknowledge the fact that he lost and he needs to congratulate the winner just as jimmy carter did just as george h.w. bush did and frankly just as al gore did and stop this and let us move forward as a country the united states has seen another record jump in corona virus infections 3 days after the presidential election more than 120000 cases were announced on thursday breaking the records that just the day before those he had lied to news continues here on out is there after witness. talk to motorists there are we heard
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scott realistically how can you do with institutionalized corruption and in this country we listen if this breaks up a conflict between august on and india this has implications for the rest of the world we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter is there are. there are those who watch the old school goes bust but when they came out when i was 0000 i still wouldn't be now as yuri we use my. list of interests. are you know it's our heard today and i. mean.
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we really are. we live. for. you so you allow us to fly. your 5 don't. drive to would. likely cause this were. our business. to go learn about august 9th. real say. something else happened on august 9th. happened. to you move from. august 9th on august 9th on august the 9th 18 year old michael brown was gunned down finite resources are in ferguson is really ferguson has been in turmoil perhaps through a white police officer shot dead and john are like. the
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. clock. does not cut little voice in national rugby it's a way to reach people here's my plan to make a political in my city are your arms they represented the mill mom wanted me to be a lottery boss. 3 body look today left you go walk right into a gun bottles. for. the journalist. first please find this you feet under. the.
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the system wasn't built for us at off. i'm just not willing to accept it but on the same hand life is tough like you fight against and our system if we have 163 representative if we have 117 of them that are from one particular party that don't understand ma community and not willing to sometimes what substantial legislation can i get the room that's going to speak to a major need for michael. thank
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you mr chair members of the committee bruce franks from 78th district in the city of st louis the current deal is house concurrent resolution 7 did this bill speech to a couple of different things firstly identifies use violence as a public health epidemic last year we had 200 murders over 51 percent of murders the victims were between the ages of 16 to 24 and that is a public health epidemic especially when we talk about communities with lack of resources. last one of my bill. excuse me because like i just married at this my last. break in this bill. it identifies june 7th christopher harris day. in
4:38 am
1901. christopher hairs my brother. was killed and 9 years old. playing the ripple effect of violence when it comes to youth violence as a whole. stretches far why. i spend a lot of time talking in peace you know a lot of times it seems like people listen when they've been faced him. when you come people listen. and give and i should have to be calm talking about racism but i do realize day folks may not come from where i've come from. professional problems i have my own page program i'm going to strike an average of
4:39 am
$12.00 i'll listen i'm going to send us a check. because the 1st rights my people the civil rights i'll. never miss it to this point 55432 well guys we can mr paulison follow legislation right now this week floor debate on the veterans bill represented frank you had an amendment tell us about it so i had a stand alone bill that. i was doing that was going to do please tell me is the number of people actually not true i mean why true if you're really raising a traitor. republican always been about it when he ran he let me be a friend there are jokes i don't tell there are jokes i don't laugh at there are things i don't do and say because i'm friends with rich friends and i white republican from the sticks is a better person because he would do these for me and i said a lot i could be more sincere. i'm passionate.
4:40 am
so this is our 6 week 8 this favorite everyone will graduate on august 24th right in his early days of the so i'm going to give the opportunity to you liberals probably just not sure which. one you would rather. know somebody that is kind of been down the road that we've been down and what i've learned is day telling your story is going to help somebody. from 4300 gives ma who don't look no different than any other hood out here around for ground the west side and nowhere else the common denominator was we was poor we don't have resources we didn't have those beautiful buildings police didn't show work
4:41 am
fast when we call back in 1991 to me was arguing we use our plant based my big brother chris for years old wanted to put out a gun and want to and my brother was killed. by day 65 percent of my life do my little brother my best for iraq and just go home leisure got locked up when he's forward saying he just got out he started the war if you would have told me on august 8th 20144 years ago. that obvious state representative are proud to cuss you out about their different life. the day michael brown was killed those might worry me i saw my son 15 years. you've that i've made to honor god and i felt like you know at this my time to stand up.
4:42 am
to very. cold there. are those who don't want to be is not you're definitely understood oh no they're doing their bit like a rose war here you know why your sales are going my way rather than using the best that's what he said i don't we're going to we've yes does on more than our great sin is bad absolutely no no no no no one is growing but think about it you know what the problem is you just said it well you know we've got enough with kids to do a giant given all jobs and all that well if you just say that what better spokesperson we got the better person to go right back to the good you like i said it's our job to date would mean our run the economy would mean let me bring them to the title you know is there back as i look out the ability to live.
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in a state rep i'm going about around because the exact same thing. when i get ready for battle i don't necessarily pay attention to that particular artists up intention to what their hearts my say is the same way when you are presenting legislation you want to know what the folks who oppose what kind of like they're going to put out there we want to be able to nip that somebody somewhere is here now why should battles let's be true it was atrocious i'm looking forward practical only goal setting the preparation is the sang. so you know legislative is the exact same thing as being a battle probably about a rapid pace. knowing . her own little bit do. you know what it is meant to sell my.
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phone. from tap pretty. late captain snow. thank. you so st louis this ain't done everything to think that i'm so. close. and no matter how many moves me or one move you make you still work there. that's why i said don't you think i would probably be any more the 1st new. opportunities to move and work in a half. mile cause 8 years they have unity sackman who want to strip. now why that damn brooks it gets a. good laugh only going to give a damn good. list his sims understood.
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how close to the roof the black on black crime i went in for fun point 5000000 in the loop so you address it in you know someone who like his son the police might think about no protests. now. was what i'm looking at a search and i could tell the truth i hate it i mean you just make our breaking news like look we're going to the lakers for. here you want to do this to you this big i want to invest money don't even talk the machine come to my destination the stock yes. these are who says family think they took the ha i mean proof i proof my business
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may leave the door so who better to know signals from my city needs a little more than a seal a young puppy got picked up like this is necessary everybody claiming cujo today get found in a pet cemetery. the rifle was all right field was. c a few.
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things. thank you or. any you know. sure. there are you go you are not there. i'll ask you a lot of people say are you afraid for bruce. and he always
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tell me see my i'm not afraid. we live. well yeah we piece that house together remember that pray for him all the time i pray for my kids the same i'm doing what i love and i don't initiate change where i'm donna's to help other people so don't worry about me and if some does happen to me i get it because i want to change what's happening to my wings and i'm going to feel mighty. place where daddy grew up does. this always been like i'll feel like this. always a playful barker's. diesel space to. play kickball or football
4:49 am
or. that's all we had to do was. an aluminum. sale for. like mark here. when you have video. games that's a war brother was killed. last year's deadly battle. to maintain what the house our door one for dotted the. other without a gun other pick my brother. a used machine to block him from the shot to. hell with the number yeah. back in one brother got cured i was so young i think that's what hurts the most we. have
4:50 am
a lot of memories i remember they took on a plane into him. and i remember when my dad bought this bike for us and we were small. just remember. what it look like and cascade. the last time was. right again. i don't think anybody ever recover from whatever we. was. ringback the world beginning with your son. was born
4:51 am
was hospital half the year going to morals or candlelight. i've been to 167 channels. you know that itoshi and finally a star need get to me mentally. i was just so confused on what to do when i got mad. as i don't know where. our function spring. how sleep. averaging. in a month dream. encounter replaying. all of the funerals i've been to.
4:52 am
and so i woke up house with breathing hard. and i sat up in a bear and was crier. and then i started to do it again. story playing each. broke all the way up into that point. the fact that i remember so many details of not only the feelings but the way the folks. where i was how awful it seemed like it all just stacked on top each other. here. we have. a sea. of that yacht. the girl. who we
4:53 am
thought was. good was this. he. was.
4:54 am
very lover should all work. on this or should you. also make your vision. a member of peebles bongo milestones the one for black white mobile phone before black or mobile bored. senseless pong balls but.
4:55 am
thank you i want to thank you jim every person is or. there were a body that's here. knows how important this is to me i want to thank mark. last year on the floor they showed me love and when i walked into the chambers on the same it were my brothers be it was me or her this is something that we i worked so hard for on our side and we finally got it through. to. the other king is a spark and i he soaks in everything. just the reality of. being black and growing up in the black and. the different encounters to he'll have
4:56 am
whether it's police whether it's people this is a blatantly racist. that's going on i would never try to protect them from it because it's going to happen he's going to see it an hour rather than be prepare for death or to him by surprise. but. i believe. that we where the way. i. did. oh i. know what we were with it i. know i. know we were way i.
4:57 am
just want to make sure he's ready to encompassing which is coming up will be 5. 0. on talk to christmas come my tooth relief like getting it out. and i know it's a statue but this just symbolization i distil my big. feet. not.
4:58 am
a. little. bit happiness i have had i've had the sacrifice. everything.
4:59 am
when. since 2013 wish the world innovation summit to health has gathered health care
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leaders practitioners and research just together to larry interact and engage with innovative organizations. this year which will take place but chile under the banner of one world are out of the. register and wish dot org dot q.a. . confidence is building among joe biden supporters as he inches closer to the white house that standing his narrow lead over dumb drum. my money this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. georgia one of the states still too close to call is set for
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a recount and legal battles loom. continues to make baseless allegations of widespread food.


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