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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the board. take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you the in the in the in. the. joe biden inches closer to the white house overtaking president trump in the key states of georgia and pennsylvania but there is going to be a recount in georgia because the gap between the 2 candidates is so narrow. i know i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also going to be looking at the latest remarks from president trump his camp has vowed to keep up legal challenges saying he will never give up fighting for the nation.
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his supporters continue that protest outside voting centers elsewhere though very different scenes celebrations have broken out as a patient of the outcome. joe biden is moving closer to the 270 electoral college votes that will make him the next president of the united states 3 days after americans voted the democratic candidate has overtaken donald trump in 2 key states of pennsylvania and georgia is where we stand at the moment with just a handful of states still being counted biden is leading in most of them based on projections from the associated press he secured 264 electoral college votes so far donald trump is on 214 and he needs both children pennsylvania to get to 270.
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but it's a very close race in georgia most of the remaining votes are from atlanta and its suburbs which tend to lean democrat but it has helped joe biden get ahead the margin is slim though and that's why georgia's secretary of state has announced that there is going to be a recount because of that tiny margin this time yesterday it was trump that was leading in georgia by almost 13000 votes it was also in pennsylvania he was ahead in pennsylvania by more than $100000.00 votes but it's a similar story biden has overtaken the president though his lead has also diminished in the past few hours they are counting mail in ballots which is which all swaying heavily towards the democrats and could hand by the states valuable 20 electoral votes in nevada joe biden's lead has slightly wider than the winner of this state will secure 6 electoral votes and 2016 president lost the state by more than 2 percent and we're also watching arizona very carefully they are still counting there biden has had
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a substantial lead the associated press has already projected the state for joe biden which took his electoral college vote count to 264 on wednesday meanwhile i've also been hearing from nancy pelosi the house speaker has openly indicated the democrats are expecting a joe biden victory this morning it is clear that the biden harris ticket will win the white house his election is historic propelled by the biggest vote ever in the history of our country 73800000 and counting americans the most both ever received by any presidential ticket in history. president trump is still far from ready to concede he's been tweeting saying i only win the presidency with the legal votes cast says the observer has been also allowed in any way shape or form to do that job and therefore votes accepted during this period must be determined to be illegal votes u.s. supreme court should decide well the republican national committee chairwoman is
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also question the integrity of the election on a mcdaniel announced legal teams are on the ground in 4 states following several allegations of voting irregularities we have seen some discrepancies in michigan and some irregularities that deserve investigation democrats and the media spent 4 years and millions of taxpayer dollars talking about a russian hoax on the grounds of election integrity now with just over 48 hours after polls have closed in an actual election for president they want to ignore clear irregularities russia call states as one and the selection we will not stand for that every candidate in every office from president down to the local level has a legal right to challenge irregularities that occur in the process of canvassing ballots we intend to ensure that every lawful voter has their vote counted in accordance with the law that observers are granted the access they are do under
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state law and that any irregularities that have occurred whether by a malicious attack intent or incompetence are fully investigated to the fully fullest extent allowed under the law. there is white house correspondent can be how it is in washington also we've been hearing from president trump today. well the u.s. president is echoing the statement of the r n c chair fact he issued his own statement saying that the american people deserve transparency and particularly when it comes to vote counting and that he will challenge some irregularities that he sees as being widespread in a number of battleground states to ensure that transparency through every aspect of the law he says he will never give up fighting for the american people and for the united states now what we already know is that the republican national committee in order to facilitate the trump campaign's legal challenges is now fund raising fever
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slowly trying to raise some $60000000.00 so it's clear that they are digging in for a long fight now what i can also tell you is that there is an attempt to try and segregate in pennsylvania one of those key states some of the ballots that have come in after election day as part of that challenge that is still awaiting a ruling but what the trumpet ministration what the current campaign and even the president are accusing democrats of is trying to steal this election now we are wondering if we will hear from president trompe again had an empty schedule but it's clear the president is working around the clock just judging from the tweets and when he sends them out that he is following this process very carefully i've been told that he has been working the telephones and it's still an open question whether or not we will see him appear before the television cameras as we did late on thursday evening. i mean the committee the vote counting is obviously continuing
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it is very tight in some of these states that we're watching very closely it's not clear if these allegations meet the standard to hold up to legitimately make a case in court. what's interesting is that it's unlikely to the general conclusion is that it's unlikely to affect the result. but it certainly is the case and what we've seen in at least one state like the u.s. state of georgia that already one of those cases was thrown out because it was considered inconsequential in other words the judge didn't listen to the case because it involved only $53.00 votes which would not have a substantial impact on any of the election counting or ultimate total in that state now in the midst of all of this the u.s. election is being closely monitored as part of the election monitoring of the organization of american states their house been a state with this bill put forward saying that despite the allegations from the top
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administration of widespread voter irregularity they said that none has been observed by their monitors thus far having said that there are accusations that the president may be abusing his position of power by undermining or wrote in confidence of public trust in the system the electoral system of the united states but in an effort to also underscore election fairness and transparency given the sheer numbers of americans that support the president and are listening to everything that he's saying the statement from the organization of american states goes on further to say that it does support the right of parties that believe they have been wronged in the electoral process to seek legal redress so while the president is being close to closely scrutinized he also got a bit of a wind from that statement in terms of his fight to continue to pursue all legal avenues in order to really satisfy his support. orders that this has been the free
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and fair election that his opponents democrats say has occurred so far thank you very much kimberly our white house correspondent kimberly reporting to us there from washington. let's go to my counter now he's in biden's hometown of wilmington delaware and we're expecting a speech from vice president from fullmoon vice president joe biden a bit later on mike and of course since he last spoke he's overtaken president trump in states like pennsylvania but it's not clear if he's going to declare victory. it's not clear at this particular stage and throughout this count in process joe biden has being very cautious not getting ahead of himself as does his campaign in the headquarters here behind me they so quietly confident but no proclamations of victory at this particular stage joe biden clearly going out of his way to maintain and even turn to as it were not to
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predict a victory although he does say he is confident of that but not wanting to get ahead of the count of the votes this is a key issue for the biden campaign that every vote must be counted every vote must be looked at and once the count is done that will decide who the winner of this contentious election is. concerned it would appear from the campaign about the multitude of legal actions that the trump campaign is taking part in one spokesperson pointed out to me that out of these many many legal actions that are being attempted by the trump campaign he's succeeded in one so far and that is moving electoral observers distance of some 10 meters closer to become so the campaign appears and ruffled at this particular point what strike everybody else in this country and indeed around the world watching and waiting but we do expect to hear from joe biden and his running mate to come in there harris in a few hours' time they'll be speaking at the convention center behind me here. it
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has been a very turbulent election mike and it didn't take long after election day for those allegations which president trump had already made for those allegations to come to light we're seeing in some places already signs of disgruntled voters expressing their opposition and turning out for some kind of protest that's going to make it very challenging for joe biden to be able to unite the country which is something he's repeatedly said will be a key objective for him. very much so the absolute and the nastiness of this campaign has created massive divisions and these are not helped quite frankly according to many observers by the tone of president trump's comments in the wake of the closing of the polls his tweets the brief news conference or statement that he made from the white house press podium this is accent to 18 the divisions on the ground many observers claim some republicans as
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well the governor of maryland larry hogan coming out with the statement describing president trump's comments as dangerous and embarrassing so there is a general acknowledgement that the tenor of the president's response is not helping the situation joe biden has gone out of his way to stress this concept of unity every time he gets up and says something he says that he's speaking to all americans he continually emphasizes that this election is about more than just these votes at this particular time he's painting it as part of a process that has existed for generations a democratic process and that planned by the constitution in which he says everything must rist but still having said all of that use calling for unity he'll continue to call for unity but very very difficult for him in these circumstances to kind of allow this unity to come into being he will do what he can but we've
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seen what divisions are out there and as you say we see those protests brewing in many areas some of them stoked and urged on by the project stations and false claims of the president thank you very much from wilmington delaware mike hanna reporting to us thank you thank you mike. well now let's go to patty culhane in philadelphia pennsylvania of course all eyes are on that key battleground state where joe biden took the lead over donald trump but where are we at now with those figures. i've been here for several days now there's no rhyme or reason they haven't moved i have no idea why i do know that the vote out continues in places like the convention center here behind me and all across the commonwealth of pennsylvania we're doing whatever one's doing is cooking the secretary of state's website refresh refresh nothing all our past so right now we're still thing joe biden has about
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a $14000.00 vote lead and we're going to start to be hearing more results from allegheny county across the state that leans democratic as well there was a whole issue with the way the ballots were sent out to about $35000.00 votes that you that were cast there cannot be actually counted until about right now so we expect to see those totals come in they are expected to increase joe biden's lead but i have to tell you yesterday there was a sense of excitement there were some trump supporters but the vast majority the crowd there were people in costumes dancing mailboxes to answered white houses it was a festive atmosphere it's a little bit different here right now there's a much higher police presence we keep seeing the police helicopter overhead that could partially be because the local media is reporting that one or possibly 2 men and the police got a tip that they were coming to this convention several charges from the boat from virginia and a humvee they were arrested they were heavily armed so tensions are with the fire
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tonight i think because this is where enough on it everyone thought this would be over by now and the pennsylvania would be called it still has not been and you're starting to hear some pushback from local officials including the mayor in a very very philadelphia comment bring in a big boy pants let's have a listen. the votes will continue to be counted until every valid mail in ballot absentee ballot and provisional ballot is counted so while some including the president continue to spew baseless claims of fraud claims for which his team has not produced one iota of evidence what we have seen here in philadelphia is democracy pure and simple our founding fathers who could see the system just a 15 minute walk down the street i know would be proud you know i think what the president needs to do is frankly put his big boy pants on he needs to acknowledge the fact that he lost and he needs to congratulate the winner just as jimmy carter did just as george h.w. bush did and frankly just as al gore did and stop this and let us move forward as
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a country. but nonetheless those allegations of vice ford have continued maybe just explain to us a little bit about the process patsy why the vote counting has taken a long time and how the state laws play into that. well part of the problem here in pennsylvania is the republican legislature refused to let people count the ballots before election day or even get them ready i mean think about how many hundreds of thousands about that take them out of 2 outlooks fold them flat make sure they can go through the machine pennsylvania said no not until the morning of election day that's the difference between here in pennsylvania and florida florida it was close but we knew the president trouble in florida because they'd already counted their melon ballots here in pennsylvania they couldn't do that so the reason why people are saying for a crossroad is because 1st they counted the ballot in person that ballots that were the tended to go for president trump now they moved out of the mill about literature overwhelmingly 7080 percent going for joe biden so that leaves the
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impression that there's voter fraud here really there and i don't think we can stress this enough as the hours go on there is been study after study there have been research papers there have been investigations in even the president's white house there is not a very big case of voter fraud voter fraud here in fact it's exceedingly rare to find those cases the reason why if you do that you go to prison so it's just not like a phenomenon in this country although republicans in the state and the white house would like to make you think that there is in fact a issue with voter fraud because what quite frankly there isn't thanks very much from philadelphia pennsylvania patti call and i. still ahead we're looking at a house divided possibly senior republican figures slammed president trump accusing him of undermining the democratic process we will look at the reaction of the republican party to what's been happening.
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the temperature difference between the northwest of australia and tasmania was almost 50 degrees on thursday now it has cooled down a little bit since those thunderstorms that went through have brought in on shore breeze and we still talking about the low forty's inland 33 on the coast the showers themselves will carry on through western australia druther driver most places further east with the exception of queens and and for a time on saturday new south wales including sydney but as for the temperatures big disappoint the melbourne and hobart 15 degrees for you on saturday up to about 20 on sunday with a light breeze and you know a full day of sunshine so you're getting out there hopefully monday will be better than showers or queen and quite significant ones i think i should think there's
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more rain developing for both sides of japan so for the south coast really mainly at home sure you've got rain and then the wind on the north coast would suggest more showers the bottom end witold this tropical spinner would catch taiwan has cotai want to ready but i think it'll stay out of the open water fall next day or so the northeast monsoon is set against the bay of bengal my seasonal so rain from chennai southwards. i'm counting the cost the end of austerity the ideology decimating the weakest in society for the economic going to stand in front of the rich and powerful and they be consigned to history and the russian german gas pipeline opposed by washington and european capitals. counting the cost on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world. sneeze and hero.
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welcome back well joe biden is continuing on his trajectory getting closer to the 270 electoral college votes needed to make him the next president of the united states overtaking donald trump in 2 key states we've been watching pennsylvania and georgia based on associated press projections biden has secured 264 electoral college votes so far donald trump is on 214 and he needs those children pennsylvania to reach that 270 vote threshold meanwhile donald trump and his
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campaign to continue to allege of voter fraud accusing the democrats of trying to steal the election republican national committee chairwoman has joined him in questioning the integrity of the vote saying legal teams are on the ground following several allegations of voting irregularities want to focus on georgia now one of those key states where the race is extremely tight between the 2 candidates and the galleries following the vote count there from neighboring florida and what's fascinating is that george air is even in play because it's traditionally been republican in the past. yeah i mean for decades this has been a solidly red state the last democratic presidential nominee to win there was bill clinton back in 1992 but you talked about this being razor thin it couldn't be more razor thin margin between these 2 candidates biden and trump is about $1600.00 votes in biden's favor and if we go back a few days to election day at the end of that day don trump was ahead of biden by about 370000 votes but as we've seen those mail in ballots coming in and we've seen
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this all over the country. trumps lead was bitten into by joe biden too when i woke up this morning on friday biden was actually in the lead but this is so close it's within the north point 5 percent margin that you won't get any controversy over this but there's likely to be a recount that's what the secretary of state in georgia is saying there are about $4000.00 votes left to count they are from predominantly democratic areas and there are also overseas ballots that were not clear whether they've got to the office on time because there is a deadline it has to be within business hours on friday it's confusing as to whether it's happened or not but clearly the officials have decided either way this is simply too close to call so there will be a recount and by the way there are a couple of senatorial races in that state that are also going to run offs in january and they could really decide the fate of the senate going forward because these are 2 senate seats now in runoffs that could change the balance of power so
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a lot at stake in the state of georgia a state that hasn't really played a role like this in decades as i said 16 electoral college votes at stake they are still counting but the official word from the secretary of state in that state is they will have a recount. they will have a recount and as you say it's fascinating that after all these years of voting republican decades of being republican that now everyone is watching georgia as an indication of where that the country might go in and the final outcome on the election what's been their response to claims of irregularities and fraud. well look the state of georgia is run by republicans they aren't claiming that there's been any widespread problems with voting they are sticking to the letter of the law these poll workers are working throughout the night as they have been doing for the past few days look as i've been hearing on the streets of this country for
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the last few years this is what democracy looks like sometimes it's messy sometimes it's complicated but it's working i mean these claims of fraudulent votes are simply nonexistent if you look at the studies that have been done over the years so i think what's happening in georgia is a representation of these solid red states turning to purple and then fringing on turning to blue and that's a change in demographics remember in places like atlanta there's a large african-american community there were lots of protests in atlanta are over the last few months remember those pictures of the 2 young black teenagers being pulled out of their car by the police so all of these things are factoring into it and of course covert 19 has been a huge issue for just about everyone so despite the fact that we didn't think georgia was going to play a part in this election i think it's a reflection of how this country is divided because no matter what happens at the end of this presidential election it's still going to be
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a country extremely divided but it is now playing a huge role in the future of this country for the next 4 years no and that division is going to be something that is extremely difficult for joe biden to overcome it sounds almost cliche this point to be talking about the deepening polarization in the country but it really does show in these results which in many ways will be disappointing to the democrats even if they win the white house particularly with this the senate is key because if they don't get that life could be very difficult under a joe biden presidency in terms of formulating and when terms of implementing policy . yeah i mean there's no question but joe biden the former vice president is due to address the nation in the next few hours and i think that may be the most important speech of his political career because what he's got to do is try and bring this fractured nation together but he's also got to make the progressives in his party happy but he's also got to make those who voted for donald trump poppy and he said
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that at a rally a few days ago there were people outside they were trump supporters and he called them dopes but i will represent them as the president the less if the democrats do lose the senate it will make things very difficult difficult for joe biden but he's known this is a man in politics for 47 years he's known for crossing the aisle remember he was very good friends with senator john mccain from arizona as someone who's widely regarded as a great war hero one of the best politicians this country has ever seen so he has that record of working with the other side and i think a lot of americans right now would like to see that rather than the divisive politics of donald trump. thank you very much andy calico with all the latest on that joining us from florida thank you andy. well what we're seeing crowds building in some cities in the us is democrats celebrate will anticipate to be a victory his supporters have been holding daunce parties in places like
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philadelphia and washington meanwhile they've also been counter-protest be held with republican demonstrates echoing claims by donald trump of election fraud and calling for vote counting to stop. now the cheating they're making ballots to fraud they're clearly cheating to do the clips of dead people voted for they do this every single tour this story we're not putting up with what i want i want the boats to be counted that that got here on november 3rd and nothing further i don't want the ballots that came with november 4th i don't want the ballots that came on november 12th december 1st january 20th during 90 days don't matter because if they matter they were came here on time. another sign of how divided this country is as we've seen during a very tough election a very different view being voiced by joe biden supporters who say they have faith in the u.s. electoral system. to me a blue wave saw the senate's doing good. and yeah i'm just really excited to see
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him next couple of days once these absentee ballots are all counted feeling good i thought it was going to be kind of the landslide but. it just makes us see how the world really is here in our country. our country is so scary that it's so divided it's important that every vote is counted every vote matters makes a difference every vote should be absolutely. 0 for the u.s. election very closely of course but also always keep an eye on all the news that's making headlines around the world including in the u.s. with a has been another record jump in corona virus infections that just 3 days off to the. action widespread testing has confirmed more than 120000 cases on thursday breaking the record set just the day before countries also reported 1200 deaths
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linked to the virus taking the overall toll 223-5000 the new number the number of new daily cases in the u.s. has risen by 50000 in less than a week france has been reporting a new daily record as well of more than 60000 coronavirus cases in one day and 828 deaths and then here in london 190 people were arrested for breaching the u.k.'s coronavirus restrictions during an annual anti-establishment march through the city it was also the 1st day of a national lockdown police say one person could face a $13000.00 fine the other $189.00 being investigated for breaking that 19 regulations and the news from austria 2 mosques have been closed in the country after a man who attended them killed 4 people and injured 22 others in vienna on monday the integration minister says the move is not an attack on religion the 20 year old gunman was shot dead on monday during his rampage in the capital austria has admitted to intolerable mistakes in the handling of intelligence on him. in hong
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kong 8 pro-democracy politicians have appeared in court over a fight at a legislative council meeting more than 5 months ago they were granted bail until the next appearance in february they're accused of contempt and obstruction critics say it's part of an attempt to sideline dissenting voices. joe biden is edging closer to that magic number 270 electoral college votes needed to be the next president of the united states he's already overtaken donald trump in 2 key battleground states pennsylvania and georgia based on the associated press projections biden to secure 264 votes so far is on 214 and he needs georgia and pennsylvania if he's going to crush across that 270 vote threshold.


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