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i said how can i. mean in the in the in the female prisoners. in the our pricing. on al-jazeera. if you count the legal votes easily when if you count the illegal votes 'd they can try to steal. the election from most. donald trump again claims without evidence the presidential election is being rigged as rival joe biden closes the gap in key battlegrounds. by their capital this is all just their life or darwood continued coverage of the u.s. election. i ask you they want to stay calm all the people stay calm the process is
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working. joe biden urges patience but says he's confident he will become president. doing demonstrations biden and trump supporters at trade calls to count every ballot and protect the vote. plus another record jump in corona virus infections at the u.s. more than $120000.00 new cases confirmed on thursday alone. president trump has made his 1st appearance in nearly 2 days to repeat claims that the presidential vote is being rigged in stolen once again he offered no evidence to support this adding that legal action over the election could end up in the
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supreme court translate has been falling into key states as mail and ballots are counted raising joe biden's hopes of clinching the presidency let's look at georgia 1st that's where joe biden is. now fewer than 2000 votes behind trump what was a soul the republican state for decades has emerged as a surprising battleground this time the bulk of the remaining maryland ballots are from the biggest democratic stronghold in atlanta are also still waiting on pennsylvania a very important state the state where joe biden was born translate has been consistently shrinking just of the 40000 votes now separate the 2 candidates and the remaining mail in ballots mostly from the democratic leaving cities of philadelphia and pittsburgh and their suburbs giving biden a good chance to catch up remember pennsylvania 20 electoral votes are at stake let's take a look at the overall picture now the democratic candidate now has a projected total of 264 electoral college votes while trump is projected to win
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214 candidate needs that magic number 270 to win and win the yellow you can see the states that are still being decided nevada are in the west and georgia of course north carolina in the south and up north where we have pennsylvania shortly we'll get the latest without team of correspondents on the ground but 1st here's roslyn jordan counting the ballots one by one in georgia one of several states that could yet determine who will be the u.s. president on january 20th 2021 the incumbent donald trump demanded again on thursday that the counting is a legal and must be stopped if you count the legal votes easily when if you count the illegal votes 'd they can try to steal. the election from us if you count the votes that came in late we're looking at them very strongly but a lot of votes came in late trump has repeatedly and incorrectly said the process
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could be sabotaged but it's actually common for states to need several days to count every vote but trump isn't just complaining he's suing in nevada the trump campaign is hoping this woman story of alleged voter fraud will shut down the count there are going to vote in the cold are a very high percentage going to matter. in the years for her it started in person this current been mailed out the ballot and somebody took my ballot officials denied stuckey's charges saying they did everything possible to help her vote and in michigan a judge rejected trump's request to halt vote counting in that state around the clock trump supporters have been protesting the vote count even demanding to be let into the rooms where the ballots are being counted after meeting with his campaign staff in delaware democratic candidate joe biden said he trusts the process saying
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and i will continue to feel very good about where things stand we have no doubt that when the count is truly shannon harrison i will be declared the winners so i ask everyone to stay calm all the people to stay calm the process is working the count is being completed and dad will know very soon so no declaration of victory just yet given the 2 big unknowns the status of the vote counting and the status of the trump campaign's legal challenges rosalyn jordan al-jazeera. the senior most republican in congress senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has been playing down donald trump's allegation saying everyone should wait until the counting is of. the looks of. things.
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different. becoming. closer to. the presidential. one republican in the u.s. house has come out strongly against donald trump's claims while not naming him directly. has tweeted that of course every vote needs to be counted that if someone has legitimate concerns about fraud then evidence must be presented calling for a stop to the spread of what he called default misinformation. white house correspondent kimberly health that is watching all of the action unfold from washington kimberly just bring us up to speed where do we stand i mean with trump's claim of electoral fraud talk of the election being stolen and also with these these razor thin margins in these key states we're waiting on how is this election
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going to be decided. it's got to be excited decided by the electoral process which is working and you're right it's a lightning rod this issue of the president's evidence and claims even within the republican party the president has been dismissed as not offering any evidence that there is fraud i would have to say i listened to his press conference i think he did offer evidence whether or not that is valid evidence is certainly open to debate but here are some of the examples of why the president believes that this system is rigged and we should point out the president was saying this even before the vote many of his critics argue the reason he does this is to undermine confidence in the electoral system and i can tell you it's working millions of americans truly believe this some of the things the president has alleged is for example that there's been rampant corruption in the past in detroit and philadelphia this is true although we haven't necessarily seen this this time
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around however the trump campaign did launch a lawsuit in philadelphia and was successful we should point out in moving those election observers closer to the process of ballot counting in order to make sure there was transparency and this really it was 20 feet i don't know the metric conversion now it is 6 feet which is roughly 2 meters so this will allow for the election observers to be closer to the process but he says in other cases the they have not been allowed to do this he's alleged that there is a paper that has been put up on windows or that their people have had to use binoculars to be able to observe again whether or not the president is 100 percent accurate certainly open to debate but this is the evidence that he's put forward and he's also pointed out a fact which is true with regard to mail in ballots there is nobody actually watching people sign these ballots to make sure they are the person whose name is
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on the ballot so we don't know but certainly this is something that is. all being verified as we go through the process so this is the evidence the president's putting forward but again he is being criticized by democrats and some members of the media for offering no evidence i will let the viewers decide having said that where do we stand right now it's not looking very good for donald trump in georgia the spread between himself and joe biden pretty narrow and donald trump believes he's going to win georgia but most agree that if he doesn't there really is no path to victory at the white house so what we saw the president speaking he was pretty deflated he continued to talk in combative terms but his body language signaled that he is increasingly becoming resigned to the fact that he is likely to lose this election. ok thank you for that house correspondent kimberly. let's go now to mike hanna who is in biden's home state of delaware wilmington. joe biden wants everyone to be patient his team obviously feeling very confident and by the sounds
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of it with reason just 1900 votes in georgia bring us up to speed. well the budding campaign is basically treating all these claims and actions by president trump like white noise there's been no direct response to these in centry comments by president trump in the course of the past 48 hours as a vote has been counted in response to the illegal actions launched by the trump campaign will certainly there's a democratic campaign response a pool of lawyers has been sent to every place where there has been some content station by republican committees or by the trunk campaign itself so they will prepared for that but in terms of any response to president trump's comments or allegations and based allegations about the voting process there's been no direct return at all joe biden making very clear that everybody must exercise patience
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what he's been doing is focusing in on the vote itself pushing aside all the accusations arguments complaints about mistaken polls all of these are the issues which he's basically pushed aside and just holds in on the vote saying the voting process must be completed every vote must be counted and at the end of all of that we're going to know the result although the biden campaign saying it's very confident in terms of the results and in terms of the numbers that it's been crunching it's not getting ahead of itself and neither is joe 'd biden himself making very very clear that this process has got to be completed and then victory can be declared if he indeed is the winner so there is a complete difference in terms of the attitude of the campaigns while president trump and his followers on the one side are pushing asking to stop the count in some place asking for the count to go faster in others buying campaign maintaining
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what one could describe as a kind of even keel and this is possibly because of the confidence that is emanating from the can. campaign headquarters behind me here but it's also because of the tone that joe biden has set before the selection during the campaign and in this period during the results where he has adopted the stone that is calm that is reassuring and that is asking all the time for patience and perhaps above all the most notable fact that we've been hearing from joe biden is a call for unity to actually see this electoral process now as an end of the process and their bid to try and start quibbling or narrowing those mess of divide so massive divisions that have built up over the past 4 years in particular. ok thank you mike hanna live for wilmington delaware. a pennsylvania as we've been
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saying is one of the critical battleground states which could decide this election is under serious number cruncher maria on why the state is so crucial. pennsylvania is famously joe biden's native state you probably heard him mention scranton pennsylvania more than a few times but it is important for anyone who wants to win the white house pennsylvania has 20 electoral college votes on offer and the pollsters believe the keystone state could in fact hold the key in deciding who wins this time around but if history for you here we go back 299246 straight presidential elections it has backed the democrats bill clinton and barack obama who won twice john kerry and al gore who didn't but pennsylvania still became part of the so-called democratic blue wall but like so many things all of that changed in 2016 pennsylvania flipped red and he just when donald trump beat hillary clinton by less than one percent now we're going to bring up the 26 electoral map to see who did well where and you've
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got the democrats down in the southeast they did well the other cities in the suburbs the republicans who won in mostly rural areas did pick up some urban centers and then the 3 counties which we've colored in orange who switched from barack obama in 2 elections to donald trump in 2016 a quick look at some demographics for you and more than 80 percent of pennsylvania's voting population is white blue collar voters who have long been the democrats base non-college educated voters who favor donald trump also 10 percent of eligible voters are black and hispanics a little over 5 percent so it will probably come down to do is urban voters in pennsylvania and whether biden can hold on to them and then woo some back from donald trump to decide who gets 20 vital electoral college votes and that is why pennsylvania matters. let's get the very latest now on the results in
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pennsylvania atika hine is in philadelphia for us patty i was sitting at i think 36 hours ago now and most significant we knew that that would narrow as these maryland ballots were counted now it's changing by the hour just what $50000.00 votes and it was. well the latest is what's happening here is behind me in the conference room they are going through the ballots they had a little bit of a slow down but now they are going at a faster clip just to give you a sense when i started about 6 hours ago there were 700000 votes outstanding in trumpet and 90000 vote lead now there are 208000 votes outstanding and 42000 votes ahead for donald trump that is remarkable change if you think about it 'd just 90242000 in the course of an afternoon that is really remarkable and that will show you why the biden campaign feel so confident because the votes that are
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still being counted by a large part are coming from metro areas they're coming in from areas like philadelphia in the suburbs and they're going to biden 70 to 80 percent so the biden campaign feels very confident about this because the lead has been just chipped away hour after hour after hour so when are we going to finally hear when could biden tip of the balance well it's probably not going to be today we have another about 2 hours left in the day in the u.s. so the secretary of state said she hoped it would be today it's probably not going to be we're looking at early early friday most likely if the trend continues and again this is a big deal this is the state that matters it's hard to see a way that donald trump can get a 2nd term if he doesn't win here joe biden doesn't necessarily need to win here there's other states you could win still get to the white house but he sure would like to because these 20 electoral votes really push him over that. there's been some controversy because the supreme court in this state decided to make
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a change let absentee ballots come in after election day up until tomorrow at about 6 pm secretary of state came out and said the votes they're counting now are not the votes that have come in after election day they've sort of put those to the side because they do know that those could be a legal challenge and they're not seen that many votes he said it might be a few 1000 so we're talking about tens of thousands of votes that are in play right now that could go to vice president joe biden giving him the edge for it to become the president elect that is definitely in play and we're seen every hour pass why the biden campaign has been so vocal about the say that but. in a way it has they say thank you for that medical home life for us in philadelphia. moving to the west now reynolds joins us live from los angeles on the latest developments and nevada and arizona and it start with nevada rob 6 and it pales in
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comparison to some of the other states that are up for grabs but with the state of play now they are of course crucial where we asked. that's true they are very crucial even though it's a small number it's a it could be a have a big effect i just want to before i go into the latest numbers to to add something to the very productive conversation that we've been having about the president's claims of fraud and corruption or around the votes that is that study after study and analysis after analysis over decades have shown that the number of fraudulent votes cast people voting twice people faking signatures corrupt officials you know writing names off of tombstones and passing them off as live voters is vanishingly small it almost nonexistent and very. small and not affecting anything to any noticeable degree of
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elections whether they be local or national so i just wanted to get that out of the way but turning to nevada now joe biden is increasing the distance between himself and donald trump the margin is now $11438.00 votes most of the remaining votes to be counted are from the area around las vegas that's clark county the county registrar says he is not aware of any improper ballots being processed there and that's despite those claims by president trump and his supporters. trumps campaign has filed a court challenge in nevada claiming that people who live out of state and again people who have are deceased have cast ballots fraudulent lee. there will be another update on the vote tally friday morning local time and that could be very important so we'll be keeping a very close eye on that now arizona let's move on to the grand canyon state where
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90 percent of the votes have been counted and joe biden's lead has been shrinking steadily as the votes have been tabulated latest numbers show biden ahead by 46000 votes earlier that number was biden ahead by 56000 votes that's the kind of math that even a journalist can figure out so that's all a gain of 10000 votes for president trump. we expect again more numbers from arizona to come out in the early morning local time around maybe 1516 g.m.t. so that could be very important and significant as well arizona has 11 electoral votes and there are nearly 280000 or over i guess 280000 votes still to be tabulated and for the 2nd night in a row there's
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a crowd gathering outside a vote counting station in the center of phoenix arizona people are gathering their trump supporters with banners chanting singing also venting their feelings that there may be something fraudulent afoot this time however they're not getting close enough to bang on the doors of the building because the police have set up a tall metal fence to keep those demonstrators well away from the vote counting center rob. thank you so much for that live from los angeles. ok david kennedy is a lawyer and former white house staffer under obama he joins us on skype from fort lauderdale thanks for your time sir run us through the legal challenges and exactly what it is that the trunk campaign is gunning for at last count i see taking a bit georgia michigan pennsylvania as well as asking for a recount and wisconsin just give us the picture here. well thank you for having me
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jim the picture here as many of the other contributors have said is that the challenge that the trump campaign will utilize use is not only as you said of wisconsin but in georgia and you are going to see that in pennsylvania as well we've already seen that there has been challenges in pennsylvania as to the ads to the counters or the watchers in the counting ok but this is significant because when the president came out this evening it was talking about the legal votes versus the evil legal loads and he was using that language not necessarily talking to your every day voter or your everyday citizen but he was talking to the courts at that time he was talking to the courts to let them know that when this gets to you we will be addressing this as illegal votes not legal votes even though
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the states have determined that if they are postmark for the date of the election then these are to be used as legal votes not illegal votes and he's using in anything in his power to ensure that he retains power in the president well it becomes quite important when we look at pennsylvania arrive because the challenge there centers on the state's decision to count the ballots postmarked by election day but arriving i believe up to 3 days and they said republicans if they can appeal seeking this appeal on this i mean is this the biggest potential threat for biden if he wins the state because the supreme court was deadlocked on this before amy county barrett joint. well i don't but i think that the supreme court will be the major the major step but you have to understand how this goes to the president can't just drop this and say ok this is a legal let's take it to the supreme court there has to be an action that starts
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either in the local federal courts with the district courts which have already kind of happened in pennsylvania but we could also see this happening in georgia as you know as you start to show up speaking about we are less than 2000 votes in georgia at this point and i'm sure since you have said that the amount of the votes have shrunk in the favor of coming towards a potential president by them that this time so there are many concerns in many states that we could see a potential legal ramifications down the road so what happens if biden is declared the winner but these legal cases are still going through the colts when we we always talk about the electoral college here in america right so what we do understand is that based on statute at this point december 14th is the date that the electoral college checks to make their final determinations we hit really haven't seen anything like this in american history especially in modern history so
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there could be a stay at this point but as a lot of folks down here in south split because we have a mix we have a lot of folks coming from the caribbean communities and also south american communities as well who have seen off the word terry and dictatorships take over their lands and they say they don't like is nobody's going to get this guy out of office but here in america we're going to ensure even if there is a stay in the election to ensure that we got this right there will be a passing of the torch to the new president if president if mr biden is the term to be the president in this election ok really good to talk to david kennedy there in the way and from the white house stuff on the of allah we appreciate your time. thank you. for the u.s. has seen another record jump a new corona virus infections 2 days after the presidential election more than 120000 cases were confirmed on thursday exceeding the record set the day before
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according to a tally by johns hopkins university an average 850 people died from corona virus a day up from 700 a month ago. the death toll from tropical storm has climbed to almost 70 has opposed away from central america has been flooding and mudslides across nicaragua honduras and guatemala forcing thousands of people from their homes and no power has more one of the most fierce storms to hit the region in 2 decades. emergency workers are carrying out critical rescue missions across a large portion of central america heavy rains from the remnants of hurricane ada have caused widespread flooding and mudslides the north coast of honduras has been especially hard hit here flooded roads and collapsed bridges have made it difficult for rescuers to reach those stranded by the flood waters but he made out this this is the 1st time something like this happens but everything is flooded over there everything is flooded on tuesday ada slammed into the nicaraguan coast as
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a powerful category 4 hurricane despite being downgraded to a tropical storm the slow moving system has continued to drop to rental rains across nicaragua honduras and guatemala it's the worst natural disaster to hit this region in more than 20 years on thursday 100 officials issued evacuation orders warning citizens to move quickly as weather conditions continue to worsen but we need it they will not feel this amount of water falling on the mountains gives us the space of 2 hours maybe a little more but let's not give it any longer let's keep 2 hours in mind to be able to evacuate to protect people's lives. in cities like lemme people waded through flooded streets many desperately seeking help for their families trapped by the rising water and this no no help has arrived within calling 911 since this morning for them to come for the firefighters to come but no one has shown up.
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authorities in guatemala say trench will rains and mudslides have already claimed several lives to make matters worse weather forecasters say ada could regain force in the coming days as it now heads on a predicted. south toward cuba and the florida peninsula where up a little al-jazeera. john michael foley has been sworn in as tanzania's president after he won a 2nd term in last week's elections opposition parties however a calling for protests alleging widespread voter fraud and web reports. president john mica foully was sworn in for his 2nd 5 year term at a ceremony in tanzania's capital that omar. i would like to thank all times iranians for being calm during the entail action season oh the polls were marred by violence the opposition says they were rigged. in the indian ocean archipelago of zanzibar opposition say several people were shot dead after
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discovering pre-taped ballots and they say ballot stuffing was widespread they showed these pre take ballots to the press the electoral commission denies there were regularities. few international observers were allowed there were several miles from the selection there was a ballot stopping pretty ballot for the ruling party there was delayed or deny opposition polling agents to. actions as they were wired social media services and internet access were restricted on polling day and have been since the opposition have rejected magath release victory his presidency did not come from the we the people it was all there let's say was. there was a board and we do not recall this election. is you know
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if there is one out well. so easy. the main opposition leader to do list to call for people to protest the results was one of several opposition politicians who was arrested he was later released. the electoral commission said mcafee release party won 97 percent of the seats in parliament it's enough for its m.p.'s to make changes to the constitution the opposition say they want a rerun of the election with international supervision it looks on likely they'll get it malcolm webb al-jazeera.


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