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that. if you want to help save the world. sneeze into your elbow. i'm not here to declare that we've won. but i am here to report the count is finished we believe we will be the winners. democratic presidential contender joe biden flips to battleground states to take him a step closer to the white house. hello i'm a clark this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up counting continues in a handful of remaining states with more projected results to you in the coming hours. donald trump demands
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a recount in wisconsin and files lawsuits another key state says his path to victory now is. trying to supporters converge on voting centers in michigan and in arizona calling for the counting of postal ballots to be suspended. 900 g.m.t. 34 am i should say in the united states state of georgia one of several battleground states where the result of choose days presidential election remains in the balance now to get these live pictures from atlanta that's a georgia's capital city vote counters hard at work counting still ongoing it's an extremely close race in the traditionally republican state donald trump's initial lead has been steadily dwindling the u.s. president has repeated unsubstantiated claims that there were major problems with voting and ballot county georgia is one of several states where republicans are
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fighting legal challenges over the election. county goes on let's look at the map the electoral map and see how things are balance at the moment and biden remember remember has already flipped michigan and wisconsin up in the north and that's areas that donald trump narrowly won 4 years ago the democratic candidate now has a project a total of 264 electoral college votes while dole trump he has 214 as we stand and remember the magic number to become president is 270 and here in yellow you can see the states that are still in play nevada in the west georgia in the south north carolina and pennsylvania now the associated press is projecting a win has projected a win some time ago actually for biden in arizona this is being disputed by donald trump and biden's lead has in fact been narrowing in recent hours and remember the
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battleground state here is worth a crucial 11 electoral college votes were also still waiting on pennsylvania this is the state where joe biden was born and trump's need here is shrinking and the remaining male ballots mostly from democratic leaning cities of philadelphia and pittsburgh and that gives biden a chance to catch up in pennsylvania is another state where donald trump has filed a lawsuit and now it's have a look at nevada nevada is where biden is naturally in the lead and the western state has 6 electoral votes and that would be enough as it stands if you get joe biden to that magic number of 270 all right we have teams in place across the united states our white house correspondent can be how it is in washington d.c. right reynolds standing by to talk all things nevada and mike hanna is in joe biden's home state of delaware but 1st let's hear from particular heinous she wraps up developments so far. former vice president joe biden projecting confidence he
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will be the next president and he may have taken a step closer he sociate a press declaring he's won the states of wisconsin and michigan giving him more electoral college votes and an easier path to that you 70 that will get him to the white house and now after a long night of county it's clear that where one knew enough states to reach 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency i'm not here to clear that we've won but i am here to report to the count is finished we believe we will be the winners but u.s. president donald trump is demanding a recount in wisconsin after falling short by around 20000 votes even his most ardent supporters doubt that will change anything former wisconsin governor scott walker tweeting out a recount in 2016 trump's numbers went up by 131 and the counting continues in the
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states that will decide the election with state officials asking for patience give the public servants the opportunity to do their job and what i will tell you is that karen pennsylvania we're going to follow the law and we will respect the will of the people and the crop her victory will be certified based on who got more votes the president is suing to stop the counting in some states his surrogates saying falsely that the election is being stolen to win for a republican to win here how many votes do we have to be at 400000 is not enough with 80 plus percent counted i think there's only 14 percent of the vote to go. if you think we're stupid you think we're false the president is complaining on twitter they're finding biden votes all over the place in pennsylvania wisconsin and michigan so bad for country to be clear they're not finding ballots but counting ones that come in on time according to state laws and there is
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a question about whether the postal service run by a trump loyalist interfered in getting ballots delivered on time define a federal judge's order tuesday to do a sweep for ballots they refused potentially leaving hundreds of thousands not counted the one thing this election has clearly shown america is a nation divided it really does seem like people live in 2 different realities given like the news they consume and with a surround themselves with so i am not that surprised that a lot of people decided to vote again for a president who has brought us to where we are with several cases winding their way through the courts as the votes are counted and america and the world waits to see who eked out a win in this fractured country patty calling out 04 let's go to more of the situation with our white house correspondent can be how could use what you'll be watching unfold from a washington and secondly the republicans have all these lawsuits going on but the
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main hopes will be pinned on what's you know vote counts in pennsylvania or in georgia and in arizona now it turns out it's ours and has come back into focus is not. yes and to be cleared the trumpet ministration or i should say the trunk campaign has always felt that the state of arizona was in play but here's what happened as the votes were being counted very early on in the evening one of the president's favorite news networks fox news called arizona for joe biden the us president was enraged by this but the republicans continued to insist that it was too early to make this call even though we should also point out the associated press has done so as well and that would include al jazeera as we are following those results but there are many in the united states that believe
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this is just simply a very tight race well some of the vote telling that has been done in the last couple of hours does seem to indicate that this may still be a state in play what we know is that in the county of maricopa county this is a county that was making headlines just a few hours ago for some of the protests that were going on trump's supporters agitating if you will some of the poll workers as they leave the vote counting the shouting in support of the president 6 cetera what we know now though as you reported is that the lead that joe biden has there in arizona has narrowed and it is notable that this is happening this is exactly what the president was hoping would happen believe would happen so some networks here in the united states are still saying that this state of arizona is too close to call so this is encouraging for the president he has insisted and in fact he's been working the phones all day
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we understand as of wednesday he has no public events on his schedule for thursday or e. suspect he will continue to do this he's launched a spate of lawsuits and is even now eyeing air. arizona as well as another potential one of the state of the list as he continues to focus on winning so the bottom line is there is still a route to victory for both men is it possible do you think to say that the route is more favorable for one or the other yes it still is favoring joe biden and one of the developments that we've had will donald trump was feeling very optimistic about the u.s. state of georgia and most believe that there is no path to victory for donald trump without the u.s. state of georgia well the news may be encouraging arizona it's gotten worse for the president in georgia again too close to call still there doing counting but in
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that case the lead for joe biden has actually increased not decreased. sorry no i said that wrong the lead for donald trump has narrowed. yet now that you've got a lot of 1st place i don't think anybody has increased not did i say ok. it's been a long night yeah every race thank you right but the bottom line is is that things still look more favorable for joe biden but donald trump's a fighter and he doesn't give up and he'll go down swinging and he is still looking for a path to victory yet still some way to go completely timing thanks very much well trump's claims of a tea regularities have sparked protests by his supporters in arizona and in other places and a group of pro trump demonstrators they have gathered outside to keep counting center in phoenix and the state's allows people to openly carry guns and some of the protestors were armed police but the entrance to the building in observers from
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both parties are inside as the vote something counted. rob let's speak to remains now who's live for us from los suns is a rope another states that sin to talk about of course is nevada. votto is a potential key to victory for joe biden it's way one of the. several roads through to 7270 electoral votes but the state is too close to call now and there has been precious little information given out by the electoral authorities in nevada sort of much to the frustration not only of the politicians involved but also the news media which is waiting on the counts from the area around las vegas is by far the biggest city in and it tends to lean democratic now right at the moment joe biden is on is is on top in nevada he
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has a narrow lead less than 8000 votes but there are tens of thousands of votes that are being counted as we speak many of them are from that urban center of los vegas which tends to lean democratic and these are mostly the these are all the exclusively i should say the mail in and absentee and provisional ballots many of which have been shown in this election cycle to also favor the democratic candidate so the county authorities in that part of nevada promise that they will be releasing more results on thursday in the morning so we'll have to see then how much they released whether that is going to be a definitive answer as to who with will carry nevada whether nevada can be called
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by analysts and news agencies or whether we'll have to wait even longer for the for the verdict on this state which has 6 electoral votes are up thanks a lot rob reynolds that reporting from listen. liz let's speak to mike hanna who's in joe biden's home state of delaware and joins us from wilmington so mike we've been hearing about the legal challenges that donald trump's campaign team have been filing tell us about those the team is responding well the vote in team has been preparing for this for weeks if not months strangely enough biden's legal head bob bauer who is a counsel in the obama white house was just saying a few days ago before the election that the trumpet ministration and its lawyers had made very clear 'd what their tactics were going to be they had been saying for
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weeks that they were going to dispute any elections that they filter were going against their favor or any vote counting their words going against their favor so the biden lawyers had a lot of time to prepare and bob barr said what is called a boiler room this is a collection of lawyers who have been preparing for precisely what has been happening in the past day and that is they go out to various states and various counties where the campaign or local state campaign organizers are bringing cases to bear against judges and in courts and they contest the aim and say the lawyers is to ensure that every vote is counted they're not out there looking for legal fights they out there because of the cases being brought by trump the campaign people and by as i say by trump organizations in the various states but certainly they very well prepared for precisely this eventuality. mike
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thanks very much for the picture in delaware mike hanna reporting thank you. still ahead here on al-jazeera taking office again tanzania's president is sworn in middle additions of fraud and a crackdown on the opposition. and the u.n. calls for immediate deescalation intension is ethiopia's prime minister since troops into the green region. are. hallowed ghani stood around that was the super typhoon that is now barely a tropical storm so winds aren't the problem but once again it's making landfall in vietnam very soon the rains are even thrown ahead and we've got yet more to top up the extensive flooding in vietnam southern laos and parts of cambodia have been the
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story this season the top your screens at sonnie just building up into a significant tropical storm but it's catch taiwan in the south but not do any damage to the philippines this big circulations one to watch significant rain from that otherwise rainy season for malaysia and indonesia widespread showers becoming quite active long way south as sumatra and job uncertainty so in borneo but this is seasons is what you might expect you also do expect some pretty vicious springtime weather in australia and that's going through some pretty nasty weather in new south wales and sydney and sydney and right up the coast to britain asked a lot to be affected by this sort of weather the wind is certainly picking up is easing later on friday and that picks up again on saturday and ease again on sunday siobhan the problem but if you're near the coast i think big waves may well be so circulation offshore creation that poor weather on the coast is fine inland for that sherry in perth.
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when corona virus struck america care homes for the elderly became ground 0 they cut corners things don't get done and people die as a result full kline's reveals how a troubled industry imploded under the weight of the pandemic we put profit above patient care. but isn't that the american way. tells us what kind of people we are. when covert hit america's nursing home like man.
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that again you're watching out 0 mind about top stories and the race to the white house is going down to the wire to flipping which going in wisconsin joe biden now has a projected total of 264 electoral college rate and donald trump has $214.00 and it takes $270.00 to win the election. the u.s. president has repeated unsubstantiated claims that there were major problems with voting and ballot counting georgia is one of several states where republicans are fighting legal challenges over the election. trying to claims of voter irregularities has sparked protests in arizona and other places the police officers in phoenix could be seen preparing inside a counting center as supporters of donald trump gathered outside. let us speak now is a political analysts and the author of the gulp civil war inside the battle for the soul of the republican party joins us now from washington d.c. eric good to see that. razor thin margins litigation flying about arizona
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back into focus and tightening it's all happening give us your broad picture of where you think we're at well this is election in america we're seeing a very tight race and one of the reasons for this is this is a course of a very divided nation if you look at just the wrong numbers we're looking at only about $3000000.00 votes splitting president donald trump from joe biden and so that's where the nation is right now and of course it will come down likely to just a small number of states to determine the outcome of this election this very we'll talk could go to the court to decide but again the voting is slow going and much of the outcome will be determined perhaps by the battleground state of pennsylvania but also the southwest state of arizona could also decide who becomes the next commander in chief yeah and we're watching those figures all very closely talk
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about litigation about lawsuits and so forth than adults from campaign team has been fighting them left right and center joe biden's team also assembled to defend them how does that process can and how quickly could any decisions in court be put into place. you know it's interesting because one of big big key arguments that we have heard from president donald trump as well as from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell the route this campaign cycle is their ability to stack the courts with more than $200.00 federal judges and so now that the courts have been stacked with many of these appointees by the president down with trouble president donald trump is looking for many of these judges to provide an opening for him and so while right now based on the lawsuits that we see filed there are no specific claims about why these votes and particularly why the boat should not be counted in
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places like pennsylvania or michigan. or why there are allegations of fraud because what we see is there is no specific allegation or claim that the trump campaign has been able to make so these are specious claims and it will be interesting to see in fact how the court actually rules or if the court even decides to take many of these cases the right democrats may yet make it joe biden may yet get the presidency but they really scrambling in the slightest of margins on that they're really going to have to do some navel gazing and reassess where they're outs and whatever happens trump is head of state has none. oh absolutely it is i mean when you look at what president donald trump has been able to do this election cycle he's been able to extend or grow his vote total from 2016 even though joe biden right now is on track to gain more votes in american history than
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any other u.s. president presidential candidate still what we're saying is president donald trump has been able to expand his bowl total and that in close not just white america but also a growing number of latino and african-americans who actually came out in support of the incumbent president but again what we're looking at in terms of the outstanding vote in many of these places particularly in arizona you're saying votes coming in from largely democratic areas and of course and pennsylvania you still have that urban and suburban areas surrounding the city of philadelphia which again tends to move more democratic so while it looks as though the margins are going to be very tight at least right now where this race is trending it's still moving and joe biden is direction all right we'll see how it all pans out eric thanks for that erica. let's move on john that
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he has been sworn in as tons of his president after he won a 2nd term in last week's elections he was declared the winner by the election commission with 84 percent of the vote of the same policies have a record of protests and that's a widespread vote fraud megaphones party has been in power since tons of a gained independence i can 161. united nations is calling for a deescalation of tensions in ethiopia a region after the central government launched a military operation the prime minister of the government accuses the northern regions ruling party of attacking federal troops and says that they must be destroyed and says. it was business as usual in the ethiopian capital but many here are on alert as an armed conflict simmers in the north of the country but to conduct and i say even yes i love me but we're not people who fight and kill each other therefore i personally feel that the 2 great and federal governments should solve their differences through dialogue and negotiations and prioritize the
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interests of our nation. under good cause creates a perfect opportunity for robbery our country needs peace i'm now sick of this in a very disgusting time i'm telling you the truth the prime minister met launched a military offensive in the northern tigray regional accusing the opposition led local government of attacking federal troops and looting their assets in the regions ruled by the to great people's liberation front or t p l f yes the ghats today the apostate ethiopian has stabbed ethiopia what makes this attack one of the most shocking attacks is that it is viewing the ethiopian national defense forces as a foreign army i declare that we will do all we can to shame and destroy this force . be declared a 6 month state of emergency integrate and shut down electricity phone and internet services there in a statement aired on to great t.v.
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a regional government spokesman accuses the nobel prize winning prime minister of cowering the people of to grey into submission by force tensions between the 2 sides escalated in september went to gray went ahead with regional elections despite a ban from the federal government. postpone the polls citing the coronavirus pandemic but the t.p.o. of says he delayed them to stay in power. dominated ethiopian politics for more than 3 decades and says abby squeezed them out of the federal government when he came to power in 2018. analysts warn the conflict into gray could turn into a civil war. stabilisation and the fracturing of military grade officers. to great. leadership. crisis.
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the un has called on both sides to escalate tensions and find a peaceful solution to the dispute the secretary general underlined the importance of stability for. the horn of africa a region with a long history of border conflicts and political unrest and they sue. united states says it is deeply concerned over the arrest of a prominent journalist in hong kong and secures beijing of crushing press freedom in the city choice language taken into custody for traffic violations but activists fear that she's really be detained over a documentary that she produced the film looked into police misconduct related to last year's anti-government protests. kenya's president has extended a nationwide nighttime curfew to contain a surge in coronavirus cases kenyatta said the measures will last until the 1st week of january curfew hours have been pushed back from 11 to 10 pm and will last
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until 4 am the rate of infections rose to 16 percent in october of 4 times what it was a month earlier. international pilgrims have been have begun performing for the 1st time in 7 months after completing a compulsory 3 day quarantine planes carrying 400 people from pakistan and indian easier landed in saudi arabia on sunday under the new measures only pilgrims aged between 18 and 50 can enter the grand mosque in mecca for the ritual. england is back under lock down to curb a 2nd wave of corona virus infections scotland wales northern ireland they all have their own restrictions in effect is a move that the prime minister i promise to avoid but as general reports the country is better prepared this time round. not long ago you could get a haircut and a cocktail at blade clubbing in london so a concept that proved so popular the owners were about to open
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a branch in new york here's new york wasn't. wish we had a ticket to actually to go 19th of march and it wasn't everything just went up in the air the 1st lockdown destroyed a dream despite government help the 2nd may prove lethal for livelihoods i'm still shocked and still. it was it's a show. it's been so quiet since we were just trying to reach everybody and now for the last few days is just so many people used to see us and we hoping it's only 4 weeks we're going to be close and loving is them so we can try. everything we can to realize it's something the government said wouldn't happen and repeat national lockdown just last week the prime minister said it would be disastrous for the economy. but new modeling predicted soaring hospital admissions and many thousands more deaths he was persuaded otherwise we have to face the reality that in common
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with many other countries in this part of the world we are now facing a surge in that virus which this house must now tackle with the measures we've outlined they will expire as all of the members know on december the 2nd soho by night the optimism of summer long gone the gloom of a winter lockdown setting in the mood one business owner told me is one of panic many people don't believe these restrictions will be lifted as promised in a month's time raising the prospect of lost revenue all the way up to christmas the hope is that lockdown will bring the virus reproduction rate down and lift pressure on the national health service buying time to build better coping strategies in the northern city of la. for instance a pilot program from friday will offer every person regular testing with new rapid turnaround tests a possible pathway back to normal life. and there is
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a glimmer of hope for the arrival of a new vaccine the n.h.s. is putting local doctors on notice to prepare for vaccine distribution by christmas or early in the new year jonah al-jazeera london. this is a 0 these are the top stories in the race to the white house is going down to the wire after flipping michigan and wisconsin joe biden now has a projected total of $264.00 electoral college votes while trump has $214.00 it takes $270.00 to win the election the u.s. president has repeated his unsubstantiated claims that there were major problems with voting in ballot county georgia is one of several states where republicans are finding legal challenges for the election trumps claims of voting irregularities have sparked protests in arizona in an.


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