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tv   101 East Bhutan The Pursuit Of Happiness  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2020 2:30am-3:00am +03

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cyprus saudi arabia has failed to win reelection to the un human rights council the attempt had faced criticism to use allegations of state involvement in the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi turkey says he was killed within the saudi consulate in istanbul 2 years ago china and russia did win seats on the body despite widespread criticism of the actions of both countries us actually of state might pompei it was said in a statement that the election of cuba russia and china come trees with a poor and human rights records validates the trump administration's decision to withdraw from the council in 28 teams and to use other venues and opportunities to protect and promote universal human rights. it is about as there are these are your top stories president trumps u.s.
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supreme court nominee is being questioned on the 2nd day of her come from ation hearing in washington d.c. amy kearney barras has been facing inquiries on major issues including abortion from a panel of senate is u.s. vice presidential candidate come on horace's one of the senate is questioning the supreme court nominee she focused on the issue of health care a democratic campaign is basically opposed to an appointment before november's election. cyprus has suspended a lucrative program granting citizenship in turn for investments often al-jazeera exposé and they've been protests outside the cypriot parliament against government corruption. well crowds shouted cyprus is not yours to sell and demanded a more just state as also outrage on social media with many calling for resignations the golden passport program has netted billions of euros over several
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years an independent committee has been set up to investigate thousands of applications that were made since 2007. saudi arabia has failed to win reelection to the un human rights council the general assembly voted to include china and russia despite widespread criticism of their human rights record and vied for membership in a 5 nation race with pakistan is because stan nepal. bars and restaurants are being shot in the netherlands after a wreck or daily increase in covert 19 cases nearly 7400 new infections were announced on tuesday the country now has one of the highest infection rates per capita world wide those are your headlines the news continues here on algis they're up to one on one east. i am see prime minister i have a question these days it's hard to filter out the newly sinking track of what's really important to the bottom line tackles the big issues this is shaping the
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united states its people its economy and the way it deals with the rest of the world the bottom line only. to hitler's brittonic is a small country nestled in the mountains between india and china. it's been our selections from the rest of the world over the centuries. this is a good letter. writer gravity simply showed that they get. international tourists are drawn here to find out what makes these kingdoms people are so happy. and it's providing opportunities for blue tongues younger generation to run a business to get a handle of kids who can show them like you can do anything what i want to use troubles to the nation where happiness is a national goal. it's
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a fraud i am me and butan capital team. and his friends are about to perform a concert. and. you can. see the band play the stall of music where we found in big. rashmi. that this moment one particular. has a presidential commission. that exhibit the catch many people's attention that you know we have we can be happy with a very little. we have we have to be content with one we have.
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to get a chance to go to. america to play with love to do that. and you know his friend a message of happy days. this message of happiness is more than just the official of the bruce nice statue it's a measure of the nation's progress clearly all floors he's replaced the usual economic measure of valuing what a country produces gross domestic product with their own criteria gross national happiness. this concept was the brainchild of the town's full mccain now king's son king. is one of the youngest rulers in the world. the
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royals are revealed by the public the people's affection was on display back in 2011 when the king introduced the new queen soon pema a 21 year old common. people didn't want to come out of invasion of their choosing. jason won't go to jail much and then only with the innocent and can do anything to encourage me. despite this very public to supply the king really speaks to the. humanity i know nothing about it this would try you just read their money maybe if you came from anything. from yes definitely but within the country you can travel. to mall the districts get to meet the people and get paid and i must thank the people for all day good wishes compared to waste of a q.
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and a 300 and his followers same the lies of dead me all my diligent quote again charles flush it not dead much immortal but you will mourn them as some it dad called don't want give mizoram. be seen through the asm could be found in photoshop spy around him to. post it. was funny but i was sure some. of the search regions find his rigidly so honesty which for. over 6 months would you think that's going to cause our here is no stranger to mission control death. photos of the smiling mugs are also common in the state controlled media and foreign journalists like us there are tight restrictions it took 3 months to get a visa and we're not allowed to film anything that could harm the country's image.
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when we 1st landed in baton novin the heavy metal rocket was that a great us but in a very different capacity he works as a tool god by day and like any civil servant in due time he is required to wear a go the traditional dress so we have to follow the program day by day you're screwing us here for a change you know we can do some changes but just to be on like 2 days before saying i love the people i was ready. to welcome is warm but the title says in bhutan it is impossible for a foreign journalist to travel freely. our movements are controlled and tracked as soon as we leave the capital we have to stop at a checkpoint. norvin must have abbes
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a stamp when we arrive in each majesty if you want to show. a few kilometers for the wrong i'm not the checkpoint and then not the stand it's a very. well you know it's for the safety of the guest actually it's for the safety of the guest and the people here have a record of the because. they are so that even if they have to so she didn't have to look ition ok. international business has to be time have to pay for supervised tours at a minimum cost of $200.00 a day. this includes hotel meals and a tax to help fund citizens' health and education. included in had guided to what is a visit to a primary school. here
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happiness is learned from a very young man. the principal chalky du pont insists that students learn the concept. this is a good morning. i i. could see builders has him go monica but i get. to know what only this is a dad. do you look at the look do go down that's how you got me looked in the look at you the new girl. made. his seed see those flowers because you know a bit well let's say a couple of them is only good then they got to be able. butat is one of the few developing countries with schooling and health care of 3
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something made possible by the tourist the. foreign tourist could not be the big time until 1970. today tourism is a major contributor to the country's economy. last year good time on welcome 300000 visitors but due to the could be 90 pandemic tourists trouble plans around hong. young puccini's entrepreneurs have already discovered the profit they can make from tourism. undermines an image of the movie. 26 year old grace opened her own restaurant here everything is organic to make the demands of local and foreign hostages. actually nowadays people really care about their health so it's more important if you have a rich child and you can have a happy life. with
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a single mother of 2 gray say she was married to a violent man for years she divorced him despite the fact that is probably frowned upon in. 3 years ago she was working as a tourist go today she provides for her whole family sisters work is by chris's in the restaurant and isn't just and. she's very proud of her success to run a business to get a handle. to be ahead on the family is examiner's office someone else file and children especially for young generation where we can show them like you can do anything being a young entertainer and being a single mom so i think i show and example for everyone else. and. it's ok this is. rice. so being able to see.
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the supplies rice mainly relies on her mother. cherry is 60 years all grows rice fruits and vegetables she lives in a small traditional house in the mountains a few kilometers from the capital. here time seems to have stopped but. everything we do is done by hand and how it is all much one woman. you know what i think. the grace the lack of machines on the farm is not a problem going to be anymore anyway even for animals because you know the missions you know like. it makes people more lazier liane you know yet i haven't met anyone else so i think like usually use the energy to. once cloud the land is cultivated rice and her mother way because rice fields by hand. there's only
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a small amount of produce for such demand of work. it's the price of quality the gripes it's all organic because we don't do use a chemical fertilisers like that but since we use on the a cow don't know that we have a lot of power over here. 20 years ago there were no television or mobile phones in the tie. back then prices june would have been something. much a coveted tickets not on civility teacups a little cuss she fears or she needs to go to the goodness of getting paid. and in the magical religion yeah. wrong on lobbyists that's watching it on. grace says she is happy. so i think our king sees like
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the concert to happiness but not with the production so i think this is also the happiness that with what we get from to do the schooling and i do want to look. into ton most farmers don't use pesticides on their crops the money goes into the country i aim to become the world's 1st 100 percent organic matching. with the standard of living for these farmers is very large knew that it was you know. chattering doesn't receive a pension and i did i was going to depend on a farm and her daughter to survive. if i buy in a city then it's more than that it will be more expensive but since she's using all of her energy and it's a lot of you know like that she's giving me a low you know we devoted to awful lot baskett and i give her money this is what i
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earn in a city money and what this is she on in the village the vegetables so this is a taxi by the system between mom and daughter so i think like i give it like that because i i have a responsibility you know like being a mom i have to care what her and i are so this is what we do usually. this is my home. thank you for the. players it is evident that means you don't have i don't want that and if. i am asian based on my. helping one another simplicity and attachment to nature are all part of the idea of gross national happiness. and. the pursuit of happiness has a long history of time. exceeding the bond is one of the country's. a
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struggle. a monastery the place is a prayer. and for some a place of last resort. it's 4 30 in the morning and the day is already beginning in the load. of. things. such a. young woman. in the woods will see it through the u.s. military you got a muslim. i mean these are times you want to do that she will join in with in the
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city and i do love just to sort of on the unison addictiveness with that just one little there must be not only cheering your muscle to not doing anything to what is and understood as a only visible citizen in this afternoon the single toluene issues that i mean you know you know let's look at it to do it on sometimes using to you know. 28 year old senior i arrived here a little over a year ago we had to quickly get used to the rhythms of the monastery monday to saturday you know correct for that it. was interesting for 65 year traditional. 36 of service there to show yourself. becoming a monk singing i lived a life of womanizing alcohol drugs and street by. my family. just . joins it from my family members. this is a good one. and i just marvel the person to overturn
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thing you know is not the only monk who used to laid a delinquent last on. our rock a god has a similar past. today he's playing in his listeners with us who should. really give up the 2 young men only kept a few photos from their previous lives back then singing i adore them spent their days in the 3 with their friends and. 2000. but didn't anything tamale moved on. to pay for drugs and alcohol singing i would often steal from locals. so you fight industry those are just some time some time it happens is my condition i used to have condition correction of what sorts. and after becoming a monk is totally i was like a new life no i had
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a role in life you know i did many bad things so now becoming known is kind of abuse edition now because they are all seems wrong what i talk and no one has a good thing because i did and i was you get so i want to change so because of then i would change man oh. yeah if we go to extent of that it could be prison maybe a death also or ministry. or ministry to become a monk. of the fossil record as you know the one time in your life was under some warm and. serious starting his 2nd year here he spends most of his time reading sacred texts up to 10 hours a day a life of self discipline that is far from his past but it seems to fulfill him to
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. have been his means. the peace of mind you can have nothing and you can be fixed to be happy because of here you are happy in nearly all to happy. * every sunday the monks go into town for their weekly outing. but there is no danger of seeing yannis friends succumbing to the temptations of the streets the monks treat themselves to a mirror. on the thought oh yes with. almost any something and that's what becomes of. this and then go on to the. front if you eat
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meat knowing we don't eat until you don't know each and every piece of. balance having been a human single being who haven't been the patterns so in the way we. balance meat so it's is a big sin actually and then the problem he said at a prison you can remember being off being off balance and you really believe in reincarnation of course everybody is in god you know you are you could be my father mother what for you the best seem to be reincarnated for the next life again this among if you spot. in a country doesn't matter what it can be done is it's all the monasteries not the jail it's it's actually it's a paradise you know don't you know what to do. just get a few tools which of course. doesn't the company thing a back to the monastery. looks good and that's all i did was look on his body and
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he got a little closer to 2 people who knew. the old. saying yes' training will take another 9 years. back into bloom we meet again with entrepreneur brice she lives in a smooth bre room apartment with her 2 children and 2 sisters legally but i have no need to cook and they still are still getting. ready on the. it at the moment a brother he's living here too. i mean ploy he touches his friends to make some money can.
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but i know i'm just you know like i having to try to as this was something i wish i havea time using was his decision and then she had been scolding me that's why i say you know they could just some blasted belonging to someone you were going to put up with a you know when they are going to do even to get on the raising a child you can look after the kids will be going out and you go out to vote on that and they all crave. when you get really tired so you know month to be used to go out with the friends and the siblings that we can enjoy a moment so you know like not exactly a party but it's a place where we can relax and enjoy some music to feel right. but. you know kids. don't follow.
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c.d.'s let's have fun tonight yeah. yeah very attractive for something. stressed so many of us today i have to. get off. on you one day. each of you one beer is enough. for. socializing and having pub with friends might seem like a regular in some parts of the whoa but not here we've gone to compare ourselves to the western life so if you go with a man then it's completely different very openly so it is good friends we can we can do whatever we want we can laugh and even if you can dance you know you don't do that test stations in our country far like physical relations sex and all i do like this is legal beats me because me.
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so. here. only has a handful of bums where young people could meet. grace's favorite is the. hub for the countries. the. reserving the. right so this is only. going to be much i'm not just lazy it's nothing like that back to the long. long winter blues gender fantasy. rice is the
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club is the place where people can screw with that judgement. it's a good deal. because when it was and i can see an indian dumping me that they didn't know such things in notting hill and from there like you finding me looking for me sounds like you want to have some. nice looks like they have washed i meant that my son this isn't one. let me look and comment i was feeling inside that woman. in the pub the pursuit of happiness in the tug revolved around the sun. but for many of the country's young people in pricing a lot of stall is
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a past to happen. line for the code 19 pandemic asian americans a suffering an epidemic of violent attacks and abuse. one when east meets the new generation who are fighting back on out 0. cut through the noise figure back up where they're going into hours and listen journalist the fact that there are 5 ways tell this story one of the problems that they're just really are a lot of people of color who are making a hell of
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a good off press. as i alluded to the fact that it's worth the risk that a fine day we know that because in our work table by the listening post monitors and in tougher it's the media on al-jazeera it was a war that united egypt and syria had against israel but in the heat of the battle that different agendas soon became apparent isotope the americans green was to offend to see tonight the 67 when president sadat came to be told us just give me 10 centimeters of land in the east the 2nd of a 3 part series israeli population were told that their troops were on the west bank of the su is going to expose the 2nd week of the war in october on al-jazeera . guinea is getting ready to vote out the condé to find months of violent protests to change the constitution now he's defying his critics to seek a. kind of divided opposition come together on long enough to stop and give me
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a lection 2020 on al-jazeera. i can't commit to right now. u.s. supreme court nominee amy kearney barretts friends of questions on election issues health care an abortion and her confirmation hearing. this is al jazeera life from day also coming up cyprus scraps it citizen.


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