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as investigative unit goes undercover to expose for the revelations that go to the heart of the cypriot state al-jazeera investigations the cyprus papers on the cover . armenia and azerbaijan accuse each other of violating a ceasefire in the corner karabakh within minutes of the truce coming into effect. trial this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a show of force north korea celebrates its ruling posties 75th anniversary with a massive military parades. taiwan's president calls for dialogue with china in a national day speech but warns it should be on equal terms. and 2 weeks after
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hosting a super spread a friend donald trump is set to host hundreds of supporters at the white house and his 1st public appearance since contracting the disease. it's only been in force for 3 hours but already armenia and azerbaijan are accusing each other of violating a cease fire in the disputed region of the golan car back the truce was announced by russia on friday following 10 hours of talks and involves exchanging prisoners on the bodies of those killed in the conflict hundreds of people have died since fighting flared up at the end of last month. or shortly will get the view from the golan karabakh with bernard smith who's in the main cities to panic but 1st. in tata in azerbaijan she says not everyone is happy with the ceasefire. they believe
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after 30 years that they had their lands have been occupied by iranian forces this is the 1st time they have out for him they have a military with power with more sophisticated weapons at least they have a military back then they didn't have so they believe that along through so a long temporary ceasefire would only help our main years to build up its positions and maybe get some new weaponry from they are allied countries there's the 1st option and most of the civilians who have been mourning for the soldiers that have been killed since september 27th and for the 1st time in their history they believe that they are very strong and especially as of a job president aliyev yesterday said that this is a historical victory for us our base john and by using the military force they were able to bring our mania to the negotiation table and he said the 1st step of a solution to the schools is military then it should be
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a political process and now we are in a town called she talk where i am is is an id peace settlement actually there are 34 buildings and more than 6000 people civilians were living here they were old people who were displaced from their going to cut up in the 9090 s and this compound was actually built by the government for them to settle down but since the beginning of the conflict in september 27 this area has been also targeted several times and most of the buildings are damaged and those people say that we are already displaced and now we are displaced again. the foreign minister of mean years or up. he said that the process of choosing the ceasefire was rather difficult he called it the local media an armenian is calling it a humanitarian cease fire essentially established to allow the exchange of
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prisoners and to allow the exchange of bodies between the militaries of both sides but the foreman says that the prophet priority for us was to put an end to what he called this aggression and he said it was unique because azerbaijan actions have support from turkey. now. the ceasefire came into effect a couple of hours ago there are already reports that it's been breached to what level and to what extent isn't immediately clear although we have been told by the authorities here are not going to care about that the has been shelling of a town called had dropped to the south this might be relevant because yesterday when azerbaijani president. was speaking on television to the nation he said they've taken the town but they haven't not why maybe why they're shelling going on from the azerbaijani side that's the only thing we can assume from that and there
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might have been some other smaller breaches along the line of contact in step and it's been quiet since the cease fire came into effect would not have the air raid sirens we haven't heard of any shelling immediately where we are. let's take you now to north korea west state television is broadcasting footage of a large military parade to mark the 75th anniversary of the ruling workers' poncy a much anticipated event was held unusually pre-dawn in the capital pyongyang when it comes amid deadlocked nuclear talks with the u.s. . let's get some thoughts on this from robert right he's live for us in seoul 1st of all rob we're all watching replays on the state television now kim jong un has been given a very long speech what do we know about what he's been saying. that's right it was a very broad ranging speech it came after we saw what was a very impressive parade by military through the streets of floodlit pyongyang as
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you mentioned there it is very unusual that an event like this would take place we believe it was in the very early hours of this saturday morning and we believe it could well be the 1st time they've held a parade at such a time so the main square in the central p.r. gang filled with all of these squads of different troops from the different services of north korea's military and then we had this very long wide ranging speech by kim jong un saying how he was a stream the overwhelmed extremely thankful to the soldiers to the people and overwhelmed by this event and indeed you do sense that times he was actually fighting back to tears now you know in these in these big speeches these big set pieces obviously we see a lot of tears from the spectators soldiers who are there it's almost a way of showing your loyalty to the leadership but we did a lot of emotion coming from kim jong un him self it is something that has been
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noted in his style of leadership on like his father who very rarely was heard ever to speak kim jong un has become actually quite an accomplished orator and there's been noted that he speaks in quite humble terms of human to human which does connect to people so we heard him talk about all of the problems that north korea has faced through this incredible year mentioning about the natural disasters that have befall the north korea we've had these incredible typhoons also specifically and most important of course is covert 19 now north korea still insisted has not had a single case of covert 90 and kim jong un put that down to the strength the result of the people in keeping this virus out and also conveying his best wishes to the rest of the world who is who the rest of the world to the peoples of the world who are indeed tackling it so it is very much a reminder to the world that he is. much in charge and as far as north korea is concerned they are still insisting that they have managed to remain coronavirus
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free and what these crazy usually used to display military hardware we haven't seen such a display yet is are still going on and seen quite a few horses and a couple of tanks only but what are we looking out for. people have been speculating about the different weapons systems we know the north koreans have been working on of course all of these last few years that we've been having dialogue back and forth and signing pieces of paper committing the korean peninsula to a nuclear free future and north korea of course hasn't dismantled one single bit of its nuclear arsenal in fact has been busily working the way it's avoided provocative steps like the nuclear tests or launching of longer range intercontinental ballistic missiles but it's continuing to be working quite happily on all its other weapons programs developing nuclear material etc and so we were expecting maybe that they were going to show some of them or develop systems the
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broadcast of this parade is still going on live at the moment on north korean television it may well be that they will be showing us some weapon systems or it may well be as in the conciliatory tone of kim jong un speech they're looking to avoid controversy that they're looking to show the world that they're very much a united people the remain free of this. 90 and that they're not a force that threatens anybody he's talked about the military simply being there for self-defense and waiting to see what happens with the u.s. election not wanting to upset things there they would like to see a return of donald trump i think they're probably accepting that maybe he won't be returned to power but waiting to see what comes next from the united states very interesting indeed on the right thanks for helping us make sense of that very secretive state of korea. taiwan's president says she's willing to hold talks with
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china if they're on an equal basis speaking at national those celebrations when said she's open to meaningful dialogue with beijing and hopes regional tensions can be resolved peacefully speech comes at a time of increased tension with china boosted air force activity in the island in the past few weeks. by growing u.s. support for the self governed country. as long as the beijing authorities are willing to resolve an attack and isms and improved relations parity and dignity are maintained we are willing to work together to facilitate meaningful dialogue we are committed to upholding regional stability but this is not something taiwan can show to alone it is the joint responsibility of both sides. has more from hong kong. the taiwan presidential speech was peppered with pointed and veiled references to china many of which will not be well received from by beijing in fact one of the 1st things she did was highlight taiwan
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a wanting to boost its a defense capability she did not particularly mention beijing but she did mention provocations from across the taiwan strait which is china she also said they wanted to improve dialogue and open dialogue but once again put the onus on beijing saying that it does rely on beijing wanting to lessen any provocations and also her exact words were to dial down the antagonism she also mentioned that taiwan standing in the world has improved countries who are concerned about china's growing influence and she also spoke about taiwan's commitment to sovereignty and democracy another point of provocation for china which considers taiwan a renegade province and part of its one china policy. the world health organization
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has warned europe to take decisive action to curb soaring corona virus infection rates as asian countries to limit large gatherings or expect tough lockdowns you know it's nice not necessarily good for to people want to hear but that is it it is still sad to see many countries in europe experiencing rapid razing cases and governments do have to take decisive action in order to try and shut down the transmission. poland has reported a record rise in new daily infections with more than 5300 confirmed on saturday new research and have come into force is now mander view to wear masks outdoors at all times the prime minister wants to avoid a 2nd full lockdown which he says would be a worst case scenario is recorded more than 121900 cases nearly 3000 deaths so far. the outbreak is also worsening in russia nearly
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13000 cases were confirmed on saturday its worst daily figure in the 1300000 people have been infected there and almost 23000 have died. and in france the number of infections has risen by more than 20000 that's the highest rate since the pandemic began hospitals in paris have moved into emergency mode after an increase in the number of patients in intensive care. still ahead on al-jazeera the. protests in a state of emergency that's all falling disputed elections all meant to meet to find a way forward. and losing ground fires and deforestation a rapidly shrinking amazon rain forest.
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however it's a part of the season but we still have nearly a typhoon it's a tropical storm the channel and it's been working its way up towards japan and it's been striking a lot of rain over honshu and there are warnings still in place for potential landslides through central honshu but what time we get to sunday it's probably going to turn around and head south again leaving much better with it behind another key been the case of the next as in fact it could of course go assassin turn around and come back in we'll watch that one as for china with the rain going sas the east asia monsoon going south there's a little bit of rain in the west but not very much is generally dry period is this part of the season and again following the monsoon trough going sassed in d.n.a. and it's about here roughly speaking where should be at the moment but as is always the case in all of the advance all the retreat you got the risk of developing tropical spin is a some sort and there is one here just coming on to the coast this is eastern side of india that's a concentrated and probably heavy rain will be around for
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a couple of days it will produce flooding the potential for landslides of course now of course given that rain going sassed still dry in the middle east including now in salalah and it's not much of a breeze it's slowly dying but it's dropping temperatures with. the rhythm our vital sources. forced us to the countries that flows through this new thing called who can lay claim it would be nice and good given the sources we fumbled for it but with this comes a destabilizing growing countries suspicious of each other's intentions in the battle for control. transporting food and consultation was not after the country because of some unknown fear struck. on al-jazeera. you're the earth the
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on. her again you want to al-jazeera has reminder of our top stories this hour mania and azerbaijan are accusing each other of violating the cease fire in the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh truce came into force around 3 hours ago hundreds of people have been killed since fighting flared up last month. north korean state television is forecasting footage of a large military parade marking the 75th anniversary of the ruling workers' party a much anticipated event comes amid deadlocks nuclear talks with the u.s. . and taiwan's president says she's willing to hold talks with china if they're on an equal basis speaking at a national day celebration citing when said she is open to meaningful dialogue with
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beijing and hopes regional tensions can be resolved peacefully. his son's former president has been detained by security forces and comes a day off but at some bias call. and what's being described as an assassination attempt have been days of chaos over last week's parliamentary elections and the current president has declared a state of emergency stop of reports from bishkek. in the early afternoon on friday a little square began filling up with supporters of various opposition parties. presidents are in by june beck of said he will resign after a new cabinet is voted by parliament but many protesters here want more than that they're angry with politicians who they accuse of years of corruption and economic mismanagement many want a whole scale change of what they describe as an old guard leadership that has
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failed this country and rig the elections by buying votes and they're angry with this man southern japan or of who they say was illegally made prime minister after he too was freed from jail by supporters in the protests. he's a former member of parliament that was serving 11 year jail term for kidnapping as opposition supporters of various parties chances in the square a group of his supporters branch through the crowd of tools and stones were hurled and many people fled. the situation in the square up until 10 minutes ago was peaceful that all changed when supporters of the new prime minister. claim in there were clashes. and they've now taken control of the statue and of the forces of other opposition groups that occupied the majority the rest is just. part of supporters insist he is the legitimate prime minister. this video appears to show
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the moment a gunman tried to assassinate cuba's storms former president almas back at them by of i was just i was only hours before he had appeared for the 1st time in public since being freed from jail by supporters during protests over last week's parliamentary election results. and some by of who was jailed last year for corruption was unhurt in the attack the central election committee an old sunday's election results after widespread vote buying the opposition says pro-government parties were most to blame since then kyrgyzstan has descended into chaos. but. it's a strange feeling nobody explains anything to us and totally confused by the situation there is a great sense of our sentence here it's been days now and people are afraid i don't want violence just. president jeenbekov has declared a state of emergency which will be voted on in an emergency parliamentary session
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on saturday he says it's necessary to prevent armed confrontation between rival groups. many people who say the country is on the brink. of bishkek. positions of borders are rallying in ivory coast's commercial capital abidjan where politicians are expected to call for a boycott of october's presidential election as anger over present decision to stand for reelection to a 3rd term which critics say violates the constitution. changes to the law in 2016 we set the term count to scratch allowing him to seek office again i think it just sees following events from a not with this is the 1st rally that we're going to see in several months after a band you to coronavirus what the opposition hope to achieve today. well basically they want to press on with their demands that the elections system
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the election commission the constitutional court all need to be reformed before the election they also want to see allison want to withdraw his candidacy for the presidential elections on october 31st these are demand that they have been pushing forward for a very long time especially since the constitutional review that allowed president alassane ouattara alongside with former president clinton to run for election again after the age limit factor has been removed from the old constitution and a new one inserted in the current constitution however what they awarded about is that the opposition wasn't given the level playing field remember more than 40 candidates are on $44.00 candidate filed a petition papers to run for the presidential elections on the 1st more than at least 40 of them have been disqualified among them former. speaker of parliament
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who is now in exile in paris as well as former president laurent gbagbo who refused to stand down after he lost the election to a. 11 how's the government likely to respond to this gathering and it's going to have to tread carefully as this if it sort of like any violence. absolutely hundreds if not thousands of police have been put on standby for to take care of any fallout of today's meeting or rally that has been held inside the stadium by the opposition figures already the opposition have announced that they want their supporters to embark on a campaign of civil disobedience and they fear the fear is this could turn into something more violent and that is what the government is worried about this is what more and more ivorians i warded about this is a country that is still yet to recover from the violence that broke to the country the post-election election and post-election violence of 2010 in which at least
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3000 people died and they are afraid that signs point to the resumption of hostilities between opposition parties divided along regional tribal and even religious lines in ivory coast so that's a major source of concern as the opposition and the government for the solve it just live in. a top u.s. infectious diseases experts has called the unveiling of the president's nominee to the supreme court a super spread a vent at least 11 people who attended the ceremony last month tested positive for cave at 19 cultures have given approval for president donald trump to hold public events as he recovers from the virus he's set to address of course at the white house later on stuff today but. says everyone including trump needs to follow health guidelines. it disturbs me when i see that no matter who is doing it when you have congregate settings that have no man asks in
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a situation particularly if it's indoors that is asking for trouble and that is something that is contrary to the things that i and my public health colleagues have been saying for some time now you've got to avoid those situations and it doesn't matter who you are aware you or everyone should be avoiding those types of situations trump has given his 1st on camera interview since testing positive for the crown of us his 2nd debate against irvine is being canceled trump refused to hold virtually christensen amy reports. i don't lot of people that appearing on his favorite news channel president donald trump was feeling positive i feel really really strong and a lot of people don't feel that way sometimes for a while he credited a still experimental antibody treatment for his speedy recovery from corona virus are you tested i heard you i heard you said you were going to test again today have you been retested. i have been retested and i haven't even found numbers or
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anything yet but i've been retested and i know i'm at either the bottom of the scale or free. that's not likely to appease his critics. question his plans to host crowds for an event on the white house lawn on saturday less than 2 weeks after his diagnosis. it was shortly after this event in the rose garden that he and several people who attended tested positive. president eager to get back on the campaign trail is also planning to hold a rally in florida on monday that's despite that 9 people who attended this rally in minnesota on september 18th have tested positive for the chronic virus 2 of them firing hospitalisation mr president but as for the debate scheduled for october 15th that's been canceled by the commission sponsoring it after the president
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refused to do it online instead of a new person president clearly attempting to project strength and help while his democratic rival joe biden portrayed the president's decision not to debate as weak saying he was dodging voters who would be asking the questions and must decide between the 2 in less than 3 weeks kristen salumi al-jazeera. wildfires have been spreading through parts of the middle east during a heatwave forest fires began spreading the israel's border with lebanon please help residents to safety when the blaze which homes in the north the city of north . meanwhile vaso areas of dry grass and fruit trees have been down as wildfires rage across many regions of lebanon. and last plumes of smoke could be seen by zing from syrian coastal areas and tosses and latakia provinces as is the battling blazes across swathes of farmland and forests brazil's amazon rain forest is
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experiencing. a decade's environmental activists say present environmental policies also blame on a kid of reports from. brazil's amazon rain forest is shrinking by the day. last year it lost 10000 square kilometers to fires land grabbers and loggers this year it may lose even more according to new data just released by brazilian space agency. during the 1st 9 months of 202076000 fires tore through the rain forest the most for that period in a decade where all were brazil's worst the forestation record was in 1905 when 29000 square kilometers of the amazon was destroyed we had managed to reduce that number to 4000 square kilometers in 2012 but since then destruction has been on the
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rise. illegal logging and mining are problem but the main culprits are cattle ranchers who set fires to clear the land for pasture. indigenous activists amandla from the set out in a way tribe blames president also matters right wing government for easing environmental restrictions. i became i then knew that the fires make me very sad because we're losing so much territory if the forest goes we will die. president bush so narrow says he's doing everything he can by sending the military to put out fires and help indigenous people fight the cove in 1000 pandemic he says n.g.o.s are exaggerating the destruction and he's criticizing us democratic presidential candidate joe biden for saying during his recent debate with president donald trump that brazil should face repercussions if it fails to protect the amazons.
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biden seems to wants to break up their listen to between the met states and brazil because of the amazon reno that some countries have interest in the amazon and we have to dissuade them from doing this by having our armed forces ready. but fires are still out of control in the rain forest in brazil spend time around the world's largest wetland where do you risk endangered species. brazil signed the paris agreement to fight global warming and promise to reduce deforestation by 80 percent this year but we are very far from that goal in order to fulfill its promise brazil should have a limit to deforestation in the amazon to less than 4000 square kilometers but according to aim pits latest data by the end of december it will probably have destroyed 3 times that amount monica al-jazeera rio de janeiro ark and delta has been downgraded to a tropical storm as it moves further inland and across southern parts of the u.s.
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it's weakened after making landfall in the state of louisiana for calls as a warning there is still a chance of dangerous storm surges and flash flooding in the coming days much of the region is still recovering from a category 4 storm in august. there with al-jazeera these are top stories all media and azerbaijan are accusing each other of violating a cease fire in the disputed region of the go in a car about the truce came into force around 3 hours ago hundreds of people have been killed since since fighting fled last month. biggest songs former president has been detained by security forces it comes a day after almost back at him by a call was shot what's being described as an assassination attempt at be in days of chaos over last week's parliamentary elections and the current.


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