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tv   101 East Plundering Cambodias Forests  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2020 8:30am-9:00am +03

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or months before the fire season in it looks like california is headed for more destruction robert oulds los angeles. these are top stories here now just here and now donald trump has briefly left the hospital where he's being treated for coronavirus to do a drive by for hundreds of supporters outside the u.s. president was seen waving to crowds from a vehicle outside the walter reed military medical center john hendren has more. well it was perhaps the most brazen campaign stop in political history a candidate and president so ill that he's on an experimental cocktail of drugs and has taken oxygen twice to supplement his own low oxygen levels climbing with a mask into a motorcade and rolling by on both sides of this street here hundreds of fans that
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are lined up to pay tribute to him it was a classic moment but like many of those moments it is divided america reeling the crowds out here in the street but alarming medical authorities you know the movie incredibly irresponsible. earlier doctors treating trump said they'd given him a steroids the world health organization only recommends for severe cases but also revealed his oxygen levels dropped briefly on friday and saturday but they say he could be discharged from hospital as early as monday u.s. attorney general william barr is going into quarantine as a precaution after close contact with several republican politicians have become infected with corona virus was the white house event for supreme court nominee amy coney barrett last week. azerbaijan and armenia are accusing each other of targeting civilians in the conflict over in the garden of karbala the region's
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capital came under sustained bombardment killing at least 10 people 15 political detainees held in egypt prisons have been executed this week according to human rights groups activists in egypt have voiced fears they may be an attempt to scare any opposition following recent anti-government protests those executives have been imprisoned for their involvement in various cases since the 2013 crew people in the south pacific territory of new caledonia have now only voted to stay part of france tensions have long run deep between pro independence indigenous can extend the sentence of cohen the all settlers who remain loyal to paris. talked to al jazeera we earth is the government of the syrian actual to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that at travel is the safest mode
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of travel and to spend that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. it's a pristine wilderness like no other. these are some of the largest and last remaining evergreen forests on the indochina peninsula. but across the land the cambodian government has allowed agricultural developers to slash burn and plant cash crops. and illegal logging has spread out to nearby protected forests leading to a to live pillaging frenzy. one of one east investigates the wholesale destruction of cambodia's rainforests.
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reeses cambodia's while the east where the mekong river borders prey long forest one of last remaining evergreen woodlands in southeast asia. it's also the domain of environmental warrior and lawyer or link who's made it his mission to protect the forest. a bit and by turning come home but when i saw logging companies cutting trees and transporting logs right in front of me i was committed to defend the forest. today glenn is gathering evidence of illegal logging to pass on to conservation agencies and phone governments a joint. the taiwanese cambodian owned company called think biotech can legally clear trees here but only within a specified boundary so where we go now to. consider this until
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mr chen. but for now it looks like we won't be travelling further than the company roadblock . yet. but what's more. that's what. blaine is investigating claims the company is pressuring villages to give out the precious resin trees they legally entitled to tap. com paul and the company says if you don't accept the money you get nothing the company cuts them down anyway. we take another road that leads to the boundary between a protected forest and the company concession. here we find him tapping risen trees is his family has done for 3 generations. the trees provide
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a sustainable living for his family and a supposed to be protected but he has something devastating to show activist laying that out on top of the top down but i don't move on to become a lawyer about why i'm the one. jim says he refused to accept any money for the trees but think by take cut them down any white 2000 of them. playing records the carnage in takes the satellite coordinates of every fall and tree. where. i feel very upset for the lost forest from which i make my livelihood when i came here i'd always see many monkeys jumping and screaming all over the place now it's quiet. as we film other villages scavenging for leftovers many still timber back to the companies that chop down the trees in the
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1st place. to accept this is a village divided some here are trying to protect the forest others are paid by the company to tear it down. to get people village chief saying knowing he's on the side of consecration even though he's an official from cambodia's ruling party. that we all really want to stop the farmers from being destroyed but we don't know how to do it but you are a government official and your own government is allowing this to happen what do you think of that. and then we're here with the people down not see anything at all government already granted the concession. the government is like our father and we are the children. as we drive off into the darkness the forest comes alive with activity on
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a road directly out of the protected area we encountered a rattling convoy of timber tractors so this is a legally logged isn't completely illegal because any cat inside that it. then in a clearing a roadside stop and what lengths is a range of host to water illegal loggers doing you write your station. that can detect the money from the attacker. accusing ranges of taking bribes is a serious crime i take lang's allegation tonight's picture a senior ministry of environment official an activist told us that. paying bribes to the riaa injures do you believe that would be the case then we're here to work out about how this is an illegal act and the ministry would not tolerate this we do not support those who abuse the law and any activist who saw such activities should
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gather evidence and report to the ministry of environment so we can take legal action. was handing over evidence is precisely what wing has been doing things using g.p.s. tracking satellite imagery and drawings he forensically exposes the big illegal loggers. i gather evidence in order to make reports about forest crimes. the simple try to the syndicates and recorded reams of damning evidence the picture that emerges is one of an environmental apocalypse ocus traded on a national scale but it seems the gulf. ment is not listening. i used to submitted to the government on several occasions but my reports were deemed dissenting negative and baseless against the government. this is the destruction of pristine wilderness in the ecosystems. the companies have another wood for it
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reforestation. they plant in cash crops like rubber and acacia. we follow the trial of resin trees cut down from for a long forest ended up this primed. with chairman think by is luci chang he says he can do what he wants his government cross-eyed concession in my area i must create a whole even my competition because leases. must be created then we planned of tree. causes area we cannot. do you clear timber outside of the concessions. no we spoke to a villager said he was told that if. the company couldn't buy the trees they would take them anyway just that happened.
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and they moved. the for the beach by jazz attack from my concession. blew me it's protected timber might end up in his saw him and replying to any by lation on unscrupulous contractors he can't explain why big coordinated logging convoys traveling at night why do they travel at night time . they travel in 1000 yes. you surely i know when they chirp that they'd. the company chairman claims he's supporting poor local communities offering jobs to clear the forest so that something else can be planted highway were created to the new power. for the local people. who are state. school who set up everything
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in this commune dr he summary of. cambodia's self waste lies a natural treasure. the cardamom ranges contain the 2nd largest village in rainforest on mainland southeast asian. illegal logging is rampant with the criminals who are up against a determined fools intent on stopping them so you conducted effective survey us good good good good and we discover that the illegal logging starts again. american conservationists so want to go to it is being briefed on the latest spike in illegal logging can you show me the exact where you went she leans the non-government organization wildlife alliance they supported by the government to work with police and local ranges to uphold the law so it's out of hand these
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kingpins have their own kingdom and the they have their informants in place they have their local people they have their tractors their buffalo carts they have everything in place. so when his team includes former soldiers from eastern europe some who served in the french foreign legion today on a road leading from a national park they stop a procession of vehicles are going loaded with timber. the biggest role of our foreign law enforcement officers is to be watchdogs because good governance is the weakest point the government agencies in this country at. a very important that each case may follow it up. large swathes of the cotton memes are being handed over by the government to big agricultural companies and developers. those areas have been stripped of valuable timber now the bordering protected forest is
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being ravaged. on patrol the wildlife alliance offices intercept a slow moving target with a prized and valuable whole lot. of back and that took a tumble. but there's a lot of humor. now the wildlife alliance ranger from the dominion marks tells us this man could face up to 5 years in prison for his load of luxury hardwood timber it might have been sold for many thousands of dollars it had reached its final destination to fight expansion anybody having to feed people to the water is going to be on the water and if the south pacific smell. ranges copus going to timber and sees the love used to try as well. very must have permission for counseling at the big check namable but i don't have the big that that away here at the right because.
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look at this this. jihad against us that's. it only 2 years left here so what does this represent for us these are weapons of mass destruction a chainsaw will destroy. one. that this clear. i'm heading into the wilderness with while my phone lines in forces police in dry and use. they have intelligence of an illegal logging camp deep in a protected area. after walking 7 kilometers it's the camp dog that gives away the location.
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it's a rough life for the logan in this evidence they've been here for weeks you cannot leave of. cannot leave a national park. and to send a message this forest camp has destroyed. the camp well it tells us he only arrived here the day before and had been looking for dead trees to cut fence posts that he and the other occupants will be looking for somewhere else to sleep tonight . by the team discovers another illegal activity. the locals have constructed cumin to make charcoal. so when did i last year do you think. they just run away. and they have traffic for sure because. maybe charcoal without judgment.
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despite all we've seen an official with cambodia's ministry of environment downplays the situation. we accept that cutting the remaining forest does happen however large scale logging no longer exists. medium size and small scale operations the evidence suggest otherwise. blame film this large scale illegal logging on lend lease by an advisor. prime minister. long time conservationists. cambodian forests are being systematically. big time lawyers are moving in and they're headed.
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there. if you. use this piece of paper to go outside. under it on the mark. least. to hold back the. destruction. in the country. i've often. thought about this and i think the feeling is. across the country. he's taking us to.
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it's a sanctuary in name only here to the government has allowed select companies to log in assigned areas. of the sanctuary some of the forest most precious timber so this is the really special forces that. we have to travel to see how. going to be worth it for the caring valuable painting that give the apple a lot. of little to no. longer climbs like up the timber inside a company concision between lang says there's no such valuable timber there live to
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cut. lie to us it's not true so what he's saying is not the truth he actually stole it from the tributaries. age piece of timber can be so to try to use for as much as $250.00 of this is probably a $10000.00 condo. the sign declares the syria is deserving of the highest level of protection so much notice of the government government sang officially a catalogue you aside your opinion big sign sign because i'm precious forest it's still going along the classroom sometimes i cry i feel disappointed because i'm not able to protect the forest but i see that the destruction is so big but no one helps to protect it with the government does not arrest the tree cutters but it arrest the forest activists. for companies to operate in this
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forest the since it got the wreck to fit in. with the so mills easy to find. them wrong in the morning the government gave the green light to reopen the sawmills that had been closed as we can see 100000 hectares of the forests were cleared from the meat it's now extinct and will never return. we find a large stockpile of some timber the men guarding it site is confiscated and this place is a range of post it's another unlikely story. to feed assange i think. we did see their products and. the further we drive the more sawmills ling finds it's important for him to record every discovery. but calling out a legal activity can be perilous in cambodia.
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at a grave in the capital phnom penh a proud son remembers a brave father an icon of cambodians environment movement who daum is the son of church would pay the ultimate price for his activism. as are the sound of. the language and he really wanted me to love nature what he wanted was to stop the destruction of combo didn't forests. 8 years ago while investigating a logging company shoot woody was shocked and he's remembered for confronting the most powerful illegal loggers in this country but that up until now could warn those he upset with team of businessmen back then and today jim
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a businessman of powerful people who work in the government. investigation into the killing of truth when he was closed in made conflicting accounts of what happened. to dawn is now following in the footsteps of his father and then salvage there are a lot of unforgettable memories of his there always there was a brave man a good father and a respectful data. for trading a similar path to child woody lange navigates the dangerous calls it that there were no cats out of the royal government is involved in corruption and therefore the government armed forces and the companies hate the forest defenders. my drone was smashed several times when i received death threats i fled cambodia to thailand to see him. however i still continue my work.
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team the camp down to the. the been tipped off there is timber on the mood. where it's going is an international scandal. to find out more we travel to cambodia's border with vietnam on a stretch of road playing is most familiar where. he will fall. along the rugged lang recognizes sponsors for the timber smugglers they had to report anything they can upset business including the appearance of activists like him. it's more program formation and. this is the official border but it's not the favored route of return to smugglers
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of my they're armed with about 20 illegal crossings here. and i can see the checkpoint every day there is a rampant illegal industry smuggling timber across this border but despite the work of laying in divers exposing it the news struck a deal that will allow vietnam to certify its own interior explodes to europe. be it now is a fictive lee laundering then exporting illegally launched timber from cambodian forests i'm fed up with the european union they are good they engage in the timber trade with vietnam even though they know that vietnam is a rascal and a thief who steals the timber for. the a use is the deal only proceed if it's convinced vietnam is acting lawfully for there is no doubt about this illegal cross border trying it's something even high ranking officials in the government that made it out i mean there is still timber
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going. across the border because there is a black market in that area these activities are illegal that's why the ministry of environment as well as other relevant ministries and border officials cracking down on forests cripes. back in the car of my mountain wildlife alarms for name for a new school drug and another day's patrol with local rangers and police. illegal logging and poaching go hand in hand here where the locals are going in the forest. to collect fruits or whatever they are bringing with them to homemade gun snares so they go honk and set up truck from the same times. by entitled to harm for their own use hunting in a protected area it's illegal and i was. illegal but wrong fortunately sometimes the hunters get caught the good job guys who are what you did yesterday
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really happy you confiscate the quietens what is going to happen today we're going to go up the river and release the snakes. reorganisation has 7 right just scattered over a large area. with his posts to be so it would snatch away habitants at a time of trying to mount on the black market so is the idea to to trap and bring these animals back alive or is it to kill both. traditional medicine has always been the biggest drive along with restaurants for the animal parts that are trafficked to china and vietnam and they are range from the charismatic elephants in tigers and bears all the way down to lizards and snakes and turtles and turtle ices. apart from the released into an area where they should be so you.
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would most of cambodia. you so-called protected areas are anything but lax new wildlife sanctuary new vietnam border this is a satellite image from 10 years ago. this is howard looks today almost completely bereft of animals and forest when the 10 year goes by is its jungle arrest and a lot of forests. away and i'm all right. what actually happened here a few years back that i would come in to destroy the terminate their forests here. in this poor country people are living off the land is they always have. a fast money is pushing many to ravage their irreplaceable forests. promoted by logging companies seemingly condoned by cambodia's government the largest rainforest in
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southeast asia my soon to be a wilderness last. the remote kingdom of bhutan has become known for its pursuit of happiness. when i won a 6 balls how does national go inspiring the younger generation on how to 0. play an important role. ringback to play games came from should there be any 15 man check you know or tell you mr chairman. for 5 days it is possible to fully claim the premises of forensic evidence but what you then leave is evidence that you have for the clinton administration wanted to give an example of the problem started speaking about the role in before even the saudi government will just have to drum up murder in
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a saudi consulate on al-jazeera. i'm sammy's a than in with a look at the headlines here now just now trump has briefly left the hospital where is being treated for coronavirus to do a drive by for hundreds of supporters gathered outside the us president was seen waving to crowds from a motorcade that did a lap of the street directly outside the walter reed medical center minutes prior to his trip outside posted a new video on twitter saying he now on the staff.


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