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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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on the ground in the ward and in the lab now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making a healthy a world for you. for everyone. iran's president mocks u.s. attempts to unilaterally reimpose nuclear sanctions the un security council members rejected the plan. well again i'm adrian finnegan this is our 0 live from doha also coming up turning out in force protesters keep up the pressure on the president of the roost despite the threat of violence arrest. a symbolic stand against thailand's want to keep the
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challenge that's being laid down by protesters there. and increasing disharmony chill a is indigenous to push a people who are embroiled in a land dispute that's getting more dangerous. a standoff is developing between the united states and some of its closest allies over nuclear sanctions on iran washington announced unilaterally that sanctions have been reimposed but that's been rejected by every other prominent member of the united nations security council tehran says that it will give a crushing response to what it calls u.s. bullying president passed on rouhani is urging washington to respect international law and he's praised world powers for standing up to u.s. pressure iran is calling on international partners to defy the u.s.
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move. hey we could see the u.s. lost 3 times in the span of a month but the and security council and the americans always thought that they had the upper hand at the security council for many reasons including enjoying the veto power and having traditional friends they never imagined to be defeated at the same council we saw 13 out of the council 15 member states stood up to the u.s. they supported the j.c. and rejected the united states today we can say the u.s. policy of maximum political legal pressure against the iranian nation turned into maximum isolation for the united states. but the u.s. is not backing down secretary of state like pompei or threatened consequences if the u.n. member states fail to comply with it sanctions washington insists that it has the power to re-impose the measures despite pulling out of the iran nuclear deal too is ago let's take you straight to han said big is the tell us more about what
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president honea rouhani has been saying. well this was a televised address is joining a cabinet meeting now we didn't expect this we were told about 20 minutes before he went to air and very much president hassan rouhani is capitalizing on this division the united nations security council and it's seen as a victory for iran a diplomatic victory in iran will be playing this up he did say that states maximum pressure campaign has turned into maximum isolation for the united states but he also warned the united states that if they continue down this path of trying to reinstate sanctions that there would be a decisive response a firm and decisive response from iran but he also thanked the iranian people to standing up for standing up to the united states and he thanked china and russia these 2 countries are friends of iran and before going into this vote at the united
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nations it was thought they would veto if it actually came down to a vote and they had to use the veto as it turned out that they didn't have to because they were there was so much opposition to the united states so very much iran is seeing this as a diplomatic victory for themselves and then making the most out of it but they still have options on the table in case the united states insists on reinstating these sanctions and the europeans don't actually come through for the iranians what are those options. well iran still is a signatory to that 2015 nuclear deal and a very very responsive very much depends on what the united states does next so if the united states starts shop stopping iranian vessels then iran will respond and in the past iran has retaliated so when the british seized a iranian tanker off the shore of gibraltar last year iran sees the british flag
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tanker in the strait of hormuz and the strait of hormuz is very strategic 20 percent of the world's oil passes through those busy shipping lanes at its narrowest point it's around 39 kilometers wide so we could see something taking place there but also parliamentarians here are saying that if the u.s. is successful in reinstating those sanctions then iran could possibly pull out of that 2015 nuclear deal or stop i.a.e.a. inspectors from inspecting nuclear sites here in iran and that's something that the europeans don't want to see but iran considers that the odds are in its favor because they have very little to lose currently if those sanctions are put back in place out 0 said big reporting live from tehran i said many thanks indeed france germany and the u.k. say that the u.s. doesn't have the right to reimpose sanctions on iran in a joint statement they emphasize that the u.s. seems to be a participant to the iran nuclear deal after its withdraw 2 years ago and that
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washington's move to reimpose sanctions will not have legal effect the u.s. ally has explained that they are committed fully to implementing the 2015 deal endorsed by the un our unmerited is an iran analyst he says the president trump is making the nuclear sanctions on tehran an election issue. it's just a totally unreasonable american to moms no one in the no one in the u.n. vote except the dominican republic supported not 5 of us sanctions out of the un. simply because the us left the j.c. your way and most people see this is to do with american domestic. has been releasing information about. attempts to assassinate u.s. ambassadors in and in south africa he's got
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a habit of taking on verified intelligence and just putting out a media it seems to be that americans are looking for political cover to basically escalate something out by seizing. incoming arms traffic into iran maybe i'm straight and will move to something this is all about the election. received with it's not during elections and that florence block to incumbents in times of war and that's been widespread speculation that this is what the administration is up to at least $24.00 civilians are reported to have been killed in northern afghanistan in a series of government s. trikes the afghan defense ministry insists that the attack killed 30 taliban fighters but witnesses have told the a.p. news agency that innocent villages were killed it comes as the taleban of the afghan government meet in karzai to find a way to end the decades long conflict russian warplanes have launched airstrikes
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in northwestern syria the bombardment hit just west of the city of idlib northwestern syria is one of the last areas in the country held by rebels who are fighting against government forces. police in belarus have started to detain protesters who've been gathering in the capital minsk rallies are getting under way across the country demonstrators amounting the resignation of president alexander lukashenko following last month's disputed election of a large police presence in minsk and the internet suspend shut down for step boston our correspondent in minsk joins us now on the line from that i'm sorry we can't see her step where are you what's happening. we're still marching through into a 2nd chance of trying to keep up with 6 tens of thousands of protesters who have been moving around somebody in the fountain palace want to look at that just precipice just to the ministry of interior player but it's
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a heavy police and army practice all this free for all these 'd locations have been severely blocked people have been shouting for the question to be brought to a tribe you know because said they a few tame all crimes against humanity torture and b. thing happening in the last couple of months also in another city and grew up by in the west by locals lots of people on the streets of moscow rally is happening there it's also been a city where a lot of protestors have been taking to the streets in the last couple of 3 and also there are a lot of these tensions have happened where the security forces right now step the security forces or actually it's me these training people at the start of this rally there always wait for small groups to appear on the streets which flags and then they retain them put them in the sanctions miracles but as soon as the larger column a larger rally emerges they stay away but they are now blocking all the main roads
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in the chain to make sure that these protests of god go anywhere. al-jazeera step folks are reporting live from minsk thanks andy. in thailand tens of thousands of protesters have ended the latest round of demonstrations by presenting a set of demands to the mall to keep it calls for the king's power to be limited for new a new constitution and elections criticism of the monarchy is illegal in thailand demonstrates his place to pluck next to the grand palace in bangkok declaring that the nation belongs to the people or protests are planned for thursday at a general strike for next month and a serious way to hey reports now from bangkok. well the significance 1st of all is the location where the protest was held tens of thousands of people turning out on saturday and where this park has been play some number one which is the park that you mentioned just across the road from the grand palace it's
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a historic site it's been the scene of many royal ceremonies for centuries and it used to be a place that was open to the general public to use during the day as well but in recent years that's not been the case it's been off limits to the public so the protest leaders made it clear that that was one of their targets they wanted to retake this park for the people and that's exactly what they did and in the early hours of sunday morning they dug up a section of the concrete in the park and place this plaque into that area and now the significance of the park itself is that it commemorates the 1932 revolution that turned thailand from an absolute monarchy into a constitutional one so the plaque says that thailand is for the people not just for the king 3 years ago an official plaque in another location nearby mysteriously disappeared overnight so that was seen by many certainly the protesters here and as another sign that the king was strengthening his power and perhaps turning thailand
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back into an absolute monarchy again we're going to weather up to 0 then health workers in sudan battle to stop water borne diseases spreading as floodwaters begin to recede. off the rails hundreds of thousands of people are left stranded as parts of south africa's railway system grind to a halt. how i was there got some wet weather into eastern positive patty davis in the process of pulling away into the open waters bright skies gradually coming back in behind this area of low pressure here which is not just out into the open water so you see more of the west sunshine as we go on through monday it's ok for example $25.00 still just the 2 showers coming through be a few showers too into northern parts of china heavier rain though that's making
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its way across central china and this is the last it's a cool some flooding as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours it pushes a little further a switch and just not as i have it was the east china sea we will see some wet weather to the towards the southeast of china hong kong around 30 celsius chance of some showers coming through here as well as we go on through the next couple of days but warm enough but a little on the human side pretty wet weather meanwhile across much of south asia more heavy downpours through the western ghats anywhere from around carol up pushing up the going to talk a bit stressed seeing some very heavy rain and that's going to continue to push as well little further north which as we go through monday some what's a weather sliding into northern parts of the bab in gold as well both eastern areas of meum ossington very heavy right and that will push all the way up to nepal.
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but. an image can change the way we see the womb if we had not seen this week with me talking about it it can spark mass action or serve the interests of the powerful he created this longing for a full opportunity that can obscure the truth this is a legitimate news story but this thread and the talking points are pretty identical it can forge narratives or rewrite from the listening post gives you the full picture on a. again this is for much of the main news this hour iran's president is threatening
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a crushing response to a u.s. decision to unilaterally reimposed international nuclear sanctions against iran britain france and germany insists that relief will remain as part of the 2015 nuclear deal. security forces and better restore resting protesters at another antigovernment rally in the capital minsk demonstrators are demanding the resignation of alexander lukashenko following last month's disputed election. tens of thousands of protesters in thailand to ended their latest round of demonstrations by presenting a set of demands to the monarchy and calls for limits to the king's power a new constitution and elections. authorities in sudan are grappling with the sheer scale of devastation brought by record flooding more than 120 people have died 100000 homes are damaged or destroyed under serious mohammed atta reports now from single where health workers are battling to stop water borne diseases
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spreading the small letup in the suffering of sudan's flood victims is egypt's hard insult liston sudan and tired neighborhoods remain completely cut off. the higher shot of the neighborhood is only accessible by consumers of the law the law sent his wife and children come for the displaced but chose to remain behind to guard his flooded house he's angry at the lack of help. even the response from the government has been very weak for the past 3 years we've been begging the government to reinforce the flood defenses but they didn't we went and spoke to everyone from the local authorities to the national government and still nothing. that was floods 400 years in sudan completely destroyed most homes in this neighborhood the government has defended its response so far saying
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that it's been handed by international economy extensions as well as the shop full in the sudan he's palmed i want to know about i know what bad you know who do what at that our house where the 1st one to be flooded in the neighborhood we were asleep we could only save our lives everything we owned got swept away sudan's rapid deployment forces of sprayed insecticide some pools of stagnant water to kill mosquito love but given how widespread the flooding has been it's almost impossible for everywhere to be disinfected the destruction will fall down sulphuric latrines by the floods also is a great bend to the population you know and i guess it's like unicef are now helping the government run them budgets to help the census to deal with and it all breaks. up one of the numerous comes for the displaced in syria units of medical stuff i immunize in children against missiles and other communicable diseases the health care workers say they are doing everything they can to avoid outbreaks is
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getting up our nutrition said relatives. now at collecting was getting. to be honest some buy for any and as you know and also to detect early. monitors in case and to take them on the road if it is that they need further. treatment the government in recent days issued new allots to communities living on the banks of the nile that remains in the highlands of neighboring ethiopia could did to flush floods sudan's humanitarian aid commission say 650000 people have been affected since the start of the rains in mid july millions of others are facing hardship as the cost of food and chance puts solos because of the flood disaster 'd and long running economic tomoya in sudan. how would our dog cinda in southwestern sedan hundreds of thousands of people in south africa been left stranded after
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parts of the railway system there closed down train services had already been severely limited because of the pandemic now railway bosses say there's an unprecedented level of vandalism and theft. reports from johannesburg about 1200000 commuters across south africa's halting province use these trains every day they're a lifeline for those travelling to work in school who can't afford more expensive transport such as minibus taxis but with coronavirus lock down restrictions limiting timetables and now widespread theft train services across all the africa are facing a crisis thieves have pillaged stations stolen cables and vandalized facilities in halting province alone trains are operating at under a 3rd of normal capacity we considered as a calling because some would tell you how down is an economic hub if you really
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infrastructure it's it really is the one that only men in economy get to 50 saw it is a real economy from that angle in this mobile footage the eaves a scene risking 3000 volts of electricity running through the cables to get to the valuable copper in another video men can be seen removing corrugated iron sheeting from the roof of a railway station these are overhead traction why is which supply power to the trains little remains. the passenger rail agency prosser has had to rent diesel run locomotives to pull the trains instead the government says the stolen copper is melted down and exported through mozambique to markets in asia it's believed it will cost at least $120000000.00 to replace the stolen and damaged equipment and facilities this is one of several metro railway stations and offices across the halting problems vandalized and looted much of the damage happened after
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security was pulled out months ago leaving this station and many others and god and security was withdrawn after it was uncovered that contracts had been awarded illegally process is an organization that was overrun by more facades he says a lot of turd in number awful kiam strategic areas within prosser and the contracts the security contracts were designed to favor security companies and the people who are benefiting from their inside process. while the rail agency was lost to place and administration by the minister of transport to fix its problems the government has not given a clear timeline of when the train system will work properly so as a mess of cables dangle in the air so too through the hopes of hundreds of thousands of commuters desperate for a reliable transportation system for media miller al-jazeera johannesburg.
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australia is reporting its biggest decrease in new coronavirus cases in 3 months and the 2nd largest city melbourne reported only 14 cases on sunday as it moves towards lifting lockdown restrictions victoria state health minister praised people sticking to the rules but dozens of been arrested for defying stay at home orders to protest against restrictions britain's health minister is warning that the country is at a tipping point in the fight against the coronavirus matt hancock says that if people don't follow health measures new restrictions could be brought in corona virus cases in the u.k. of risen sharply in the past few weeks on saturday the government announced fines of up to almost $13000.00 for people caught breaking self isolation rules in england hundreds of people have been protesting in the german city of dusseldorf against coronavirus restrictions organizers held similar rallies across the country on saturday germany reported its highest daily infection rate since april with more
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than 2000 new cases some areas bringing in local restrictions in an effort to bring the numbers back down. refugees on the greek island of last boss of described the conditions in a new camp that as horrible thousands of arrived at the new settlement they were displaced almost 2 weeks ago after the maria camp burned down many refugees didn't want to go to a new camp to mudding instead to be taken to the greek mainland well to syria stephanie deca is there. we've been watching some of the people being able to happen even able to leave the camp today in the morning they were allowed to leave then we're being told that at some point there was an order to close the gates are now being allowed to leave again so very much a fluid situation but we've seen some of the managed to get mattresses and wheeling them back in you know the garbage cans and apple wheels and wheeling them back into the tent because the tents at the moment are just basically
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a sand bottom yes they're being handed those thin blankets so it's a very basic infrastructure when it comes to this count and of course there was a lot of pressure to get people off the streets they've been sleeping on the streets for 10 days off to the firebird down more. so i think it's a work in progress certainly the refugees and migrants we've been speaking to saying the conditions are terrible particularly the lack of running water showers sanitation you know the toilets are terrible we've seen videos of that so i think it's taking some time to get on its feet as various n.g.o.s in there are helping the greek government the army that is running this count but of course you're talking to thousands and thousands of people might 1000 people that came into this capital very short period of time so that is the situation at the moment i think interesting me tomorrow the asylum process is going to restart the paperwork processing that had been put on hold since that fire that's been a very lengthy process this is why a lot of these people have been here for over a year and i think interesting the thuringen forward europe is going to be debating
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their my good policies many people will tell you that moria and this now is a symbol of the failure of europe's migration policies of allowing these people to fester so long and these kinds of terrible conditions the latest antigovernment protests in argentina brought traffic to a standstill in the capital one assad has the economic crisis the democrat sponsored and proposed judicial reforms all on good demonstrations the but also questioning the removal of 3 judges from the corruption investigation into vice president cristina fernandez de kirchner. a centuries old conflict over land and discrimination is escalating in southern chile the disputes between indigenous approach a people the government and private land some play play some younger put shape have begun arming themselves to expel people they view as foreign us of which a community isn't given exclusive access to our last in america as elusive newman
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is the 1st of 2 special reports. this vast landscape is just part of what many call my rock hole in the land of the indigenous. rich for trial region stretching south of the beale beale river for 400 kilometers today it's part of chile but as these mapuche of flags indicate some of the land is being reclaimed increasingly by force . in the last 4 months they've been nearly daily arson attacks on trains trucks and forestry companies that now own the lion's share of the land but also against farms in homes owned by ordinary chileans and people on both sides of the conflict are being killed. outside of a jail in an boy a push a community leaders announced will fight by any means necessary for the release of those they call political prisoners of chile accused of carrying out attacks. we are being persecuted and imprisoned for demanding our land for many years we were
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repressed but now we've learned to organize and defend ourselves with the muppets you would gain or spokesman says new deployments of chilean special forces units to the region are escalating the confrontation it's getting dark hair and well it was starting to seem out military trucks passing by this is rather the logo of the of course the gaza strip and they also say there are trees that have been chopped down to try to block the roads so the cars can pass and it will get worse as the night goes on as it becomes dog because it's part of an ongoing. campaign a sabotage on the part of those who say that they have to expel the blow up their land for hundreds of years neither the spaniards nor the subsequent chilean state was able to conquer the comeback of my bullshit but by 880 chile's army succeeded in driving them off most of their land destroying their rural economy and plunging
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them into deep poverty that persists to this day. but now many communities are trying to take back what they lost like this property owned by chile's largest forestry company. but they say it's also about countering 140 years of humiliation today they've gathered for a game of palin and incest role sport played between 2 communities in order to reinforce their ethnic and cultural bones 32 year old susannah subtle says that like many mapuche is her grandparents took up spanish names to try to offset deep racism and discrimination by chileans in my wildest dream only one that you know some of us may not have the pushing names anymore but we still have more blood and we aren't ashamed of it we are from a new generation that has the strength to rise up again. more than 12 percent of chileans identify as much to change yet chile's constitution does not recognize
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their existence as indigenous people for a supermarket owner delafield size says he too belongs here he takes us to see the remains of his family's country home just hours after it was burnt to the ground by unidentified armed men wear the same sort of. i feel nostalgic anger knowing they burned down something that belong to us nearly 100 years we can through build our memories but i'm going to rebuild the house right here because no one can throw us off or isn't. those resorting to violence are a minority. will not let me get until melech jail says they're part of a larger and conflict that the chilean state is refusing to address except with force. that's a military plane with state of the technology to intercept telephone and radio signals over flies day and night when you see things like this who can deny that
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this territory is being militarized possible. which also become obvious is that there's no easy solution to a complex dispute to which most chileans were oblivious until now that it's become impossible to ignore the sea in human al-jazeera chile as that conflict escalates some are hoping that a new constitution could lay the groundwork for peace and reconciliation join us again on monday for the 2nd part of the series report from southern chile. it is good to have you with us hello adrian for going to hear the headlines from al jazeera iran's president is threatening a crushing response to a u.s. decision to unilaterally reimpose international nuclear sanctions against iran britain france germany insists that relief will remain as part of the 2050 nuclear
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deal. here barbara. perry we could see the u.s. lost 3 times in the span of a month that the and security council and the americans always thought that they had the upper hand at the security council for many reasons including enjoying the veto power and having traditional friends they never imagined to be defeated at the same council. we saw 13 out of the council 15 member states stood up to the u.s. they supported the j.c. and rejected the united states today we can say the u.s. policy of maximum political legal pressure against the iranian nation turned into maximum isolation for the united states. police in belarus have started to detain protesters souping gathering in the capital minsk rallies are taking place across the country there's a large police presence in minsk and the internet has been shut down the demonstrators demanding the resignation of president alexander lukashenko following last month's disputed election. tens of thousands of protesters in thailand have ended their latest round of demonstrations by presenting
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a set of demands to the monarchy it calls for limits to the king's power a new constitution and elections at least 24 civilians are reported a been killed in northern afghanistan in a series of government strikes the afghan defense ministry says the attack killed 30 taliban fighters but witnesses have told the a.p. news agency that in some villages killed. russian warplanes of last stand strikes in northwestern syria the bombardment hit just west of the city of it lived both west and syria is one of the last areas in the country held by rebels fighting against government forces britain's health minister is warning that the country as a tipping point in the fight against corona virus cases that have risen sharply over the past few weeks kimbell here with the news now for you in a little over 25 minutes right after the listening posts next. for
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decades criminals made millions trafficking drugs through thailand one of the women least explored is where the country has now become the 1st in southeast asia to legalize medical marijuana. on al-jazeera. a surprise announcement from the oval office of the. raid and israel you know what sort of stuff like that just. now just wait it out arafat. somebody said tommy and others call an election nearing for trump and that ya. know i mean actually to be sitting in for richard good and you're watching the listening post working from home here to the media stories we're covering this week the abraham accords behind all the talk about peace between israel and the gulf states there is a lot of posturing and even more p.r. . in the united states and a sydney out of the un jazzier network plus is ordered to then just as
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a foreign agent we've reported on mounting crises a chronically corrupt government a collapsing state.


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