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tv   Everything Must Fall  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2020 9:00am-10:01am +03

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discussions. london broadcast center. talks of loss to end conflict in afghanistan negotiators from the afghan government and the taliban are meeting in qatar. hello i'm down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha it's more than 6 months since the u.s. brokered a deal and that ending america's longest war is not always going on with hope and confidence we are heading to doha to build an advanced and were no more guns go off . line for difficulties composition to be among the. pilots there saluting taking their country. forward.
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welcome to the program afghan government and taliban negotiators are in qatar for long delayed talks these are live pictures now we hope coming from the capital doha yet there they are live pictures of the talks which are just about to get underway it's been more than 6 months since the u.s. brokered a deal aimed at ending america's longest war before his appointment in 2016 president donald trump pledged to end the conflict and he's hoping to follow through on his promise ahead of the november election section of state might compare was attending the inauguration event. well the head of the afghan government delegation says progress in the talks is crucial for the country's development on chamberlain's momi one on today with hope and confidence we are heading to doha to build an of
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guns tanweer no more guns go off and we hope the values of the republic us truth and and the people of afghanistan achieve the economic development they deserve well the u.n. secretary general spokesman says the talks are a major opportunity to achieve peace in afghanistan it's crucial that all afghan leaders and members of the international community do everything possible to make the peace of reality we obviously stand ready. to help i think obviously one of the there are many critical issues that will have to be looked at but i think one that always needs underscoring is to ensure that the rights of women and girls in afghanistan. are not overlooked and that they have their voices their rights and their lives or respected and protected. well the u.s. secretary of state might come peo says a lot of the responsibility for a successful outcome from the talks rests with the town about. mindful of how
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difficult these conversations to be among the ever get but it's theirs for the taking it's their country. to figure out how to move forward and make a better life in their series if it's a lot of made if every expectation that all of them are committed to reducing. its condition executing their obligations 30 degree very clear about their responsibility back to terrorist activity taking place in afghanistan that is a lot of you can still external external operating plotting external operations. well as element of a joins us live now from these talks and today we're expecting all the key stakeholders to come together in one room just talk us through what we can expect today and in the days ahead during these negotiations. well there in the word being thrown around a lot this morning in doha it's historic we've heard from the american side we've
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heard from the afghan government and of course we've heard from the taliban as well all seeing that this indeed is a historic occasion where the taliban the afghan government and all interlocutors have been able to achieve a step towards peace in the country after 40 years of conflict these 2 sides who've been at war and the other side who's been trying to take power are going to be sitting in the same room it is taken months and months of wrangling if you remember we were here in february talking about exactly this as the americans put it that it is a historic moment that they have signed this agreement between them and the taliban now that the afghan government has overcome all of those obstacles including the release of 5000 afghan prisoners belonging to the taliban the taliban releasing a 1000 prisoners on their own and now here we are today you are going to see statements from the qatari hosts who've been facilitating this process you'll hear
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from the afghan side the afghan government side that is dr abdullah abdullah leading this delegation of a group representing a cross-section of a diverse of ghana's stan and also you'll hear from a labor out there who is going to be leading the afghan side the afghan delegation have had some changes in the last few days but they say that they're ready for these talks and they're going everything is on the table including all processes which will lead to words lasting peace and are some of this will be the 1st face to face talks between the taliban and the afghan government just talk us through some of the main challenges ahead because these are going to be some very difficult negotiations ahead on day. absolutely dire and so if the road to reach here was difficult the journey ahead is even more arduous the afghan government insists that it wants it completes cease fire of sorts at the taliban knows that it only has the
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leverage of its fighters on the ground who have been able to make inroads into a van districts in the last few months has been so that is going to be the biggest obstacle is to achieve a cease fire where all sides are going to put down their guns and let the process take place then there is a diffusion of that his son is it going to be a republic is it going to be an emirate what will happen to the constitution of gonna stand what kind of power sharing agreements will be reached between politicians who've entrenched themselves in the political scene in the last 2 decades and the taliban which has been in power in 70 percent of our planet minus the political process and then there is the issue of taliban fighters will they be made part of the afghan national army when the afghan national army be disbanded so all of these are really major issues that these sides will have to come together and iron out so it is not going to be either in easy or
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a quick process but what this represents today is a 1st step towards them actually talking to each other that is something that has been missing for decades and decades and for all sides involved they see this as a milestone towards peace let's talk about one of the other key stakeholders here the americans because u.s. secretary of state might pompei o as you said is also at the talks just talk us through what the americans want to come out of this because we're a few months away from a u.s. presidential election and president trump wants to deliver on that promise that he made to end the war. but that is a promise that president trump would be able to hold this card and say that he's made these 2 sides talk to each other he has reduced the number of troops for his electorate but what you are expecting from the americans is to take a back seat here for the 1st time this is going to be as good as cliched as it may sound the gun on an afghan led process which will begin. if you look at the last 2 decades you've seen the u.s. of 3 u.s.
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presidents involved in this war the largest the longest running war rather in u.s. history where president bush declared the war he declared that they have won they have defeated al qaeda and the taliban and then you saw the grueling guerrilla warfare where nearly 150000 people the most casualties being on the afghan soldiers have been have been lost so there's a not stick for the americans here they want an exit they want an exit which does not look like a defeat as well and that is something that everybody has been trying to avoid yes you hear it in circles outside of the diplomatic corridors of who won and hold who's lost but if you to talk to diplomats who have been involved in these bare knuckle negotiations with various sites they say that this is not been a 0 sum game this is not been a victory for everyone the afghanistan let me let me just interrupt you let me interrupt you there briefly assad because the cattery deputy prime minister
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minister of foreign affairs his excellency chef mohamed bin up drop on our farm and he's talking now let's just listen to what he has to say republic afghanistan you are all welcome here as brothers a foul isn't the tired that is proud of hosting these important historic negotiations it is my honor to come to this salutations of his the highness the emir of qatar shift i mean been hammered and sony who wishes you success. yes in these negotiations and that they achieve their sort objectives it is my pleasure to express qatar's great appreciation of you answering its invitation to hold these negotiations which reflects your keenness an understanding of the importance of ending the phase of for in achieving permanent peace in afghanistan. after signing the peace agreement between the taliban and the united states of america held endo
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high last february and an implementation of the wise directions of his highness the emir of the state of qatar to share i mean but how much. the state of qatar pursued its efforts to start the end traffic and peace negotiations to reach a political solution that guarantees achieving peace for the afghan people and realizes their ambitions of stability and prosperity in this context i'd like to thank the united states of america and all the friendly countries for their valuable cooperation efforts to facilitate the holding of these negotiations under . the lives of people include decisive days that leave an eternal mark in history and create and. that time cannot erase as it made up of a turning point in their past therefore. those of us want to be who have wisdom and the clear and sighted. must shoulder the responsibility and these decisive
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moments in their lives they must make. the size of our decisions that are in line with the current challenges and rise above all forms of divisions and are nearer the bishan aspirations a few unity of their people and their suffering by reaching an agreement on the basis of north victor and no vanquished. the world will know what history has taught us. that. military force cannot decide any conflict in afghanistan and that the only means to that end is an immediate and permanent cease fire and opening the way for a constructive dialogue through the negotiations table to reach a comprehensive political settlement amongst all the components of the afghan people and here i raised the decisive question are there any components of the brotherly afghan people who do not see that extending the bridges of understanding
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and coexistence is the sure guarantee the sole guarantee to build a sustainable peace and stability and the rule of law and development afghanistan all of these negotiations represent a key and sensitive face to the afghan people to find solutions to all controversial matters that want to marry i hope you agree with me that today we must overcome the past and its pains and focus on the future and the hope it brings us while surely drawing lessons from the past would you bridge all this requires everyone to embrace the future with an enthusiastic spirit and a firm believer in the right of the afghan people to enjoy peace security and unity and to follow in the path of progress and never to be left behind on your will delegates i highly value your cooperation and i have no doubt that you appreciate the responsibility you are bearing god willing you will see to serve the interests of the afghan people and be guided by doubt in your discussions and dialogue to
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achieve the aspirations of the afghan people to have peace replace the war that lasted around going forward t e is and have security and stability in all parts of afghanistan. we also should not overlook the vital role of the regional countries of europe which we hope would play a constructive and supportive role but the scope of the child enjoys hindering the saw peace in afghanistan is known to all. and therefore we call upon the international community to intensify their regional and international efforts to seize this long awaited this story opportunity to help with the success of these negotiations and achieve the start peace to end the suffering of the birth of the people of afghanistan in this context the state of qatar will spare no effort in cooperation with the international community to achieve this top objectives of
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these negotiations and that's creations of the brotherly afghan people of security stability and peace in conclusion i find no better than the words of god almighty to end my intervention and the name of god most gracious most compassionate hold fast to the rope of god all together and do not divide. one more time on your bill delegates allow me to welcome you to your door how and wish you a pleasant stay and success in your negotiations make the peace time blessings of god be upon you. thank. you mr hall like to thank his excellency the prime minister and minister of foreign affairs and now i invite his exit i see dr abdullah lobbed a lot to deliver his speech and that is the audience. spillover from under him and 100 there was
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a lot of. i'm about. where i close to. i mean i'm well out of federal so the hollow. so you're watching live pictures there from the sheraton hotel in doha of those into afghan peace talks we're just waiting to get some translation for abdullah abdullah who is leading the afghan government negotiating team he's talking now and he followed his excellency had been he was the qatari foreign minister of course qatar other hosts for this intra afghan conference while we wait for the translation. for his excellency. dr abdullah abdullah lets us cross back again to a solid binge of aid who's been covering these talks for us as some of these talks
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as you were saying earlier were supposed to have taken place 6 months ago but of course one of the main sticking points was ok in fact we do have now a translation so let's just hear what a dollar dollar is saying and some of the come back to a 2nd. ceremony i welcome you all and also on behalf of the president of afghanistan i am talking here and i pass his regards to you all and i pray that the almighty god. bliss and the afghan peace in negotiation between this lamech republic of afghanistan and taliban movement because this is the desire of our people. my heart full tanks goes to the brotherly state of catarrh for it is for to bring peace especially for organizing and hosting to those in today's event and the opening ceremony of the afghanistan peace negotiation i also thank you the taliban
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movement for responding positively to the demand of our people for peace. and showing rigidness to negotiation with the islamic republic of afghanistan i can tell you with confidence. that their history of our country well will come and remember today as the end of the war and suffering of our people. ladies and gentlemen on the guidance for socrates religion of islam and on the basis of our free will and the right demands of our noble nation that we have come to this country to achieve a dignified and lasting peace. we have come here with good will and good intention to stop the 40 years of blood should and achieve
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a country wide and lasting peace. yes. the legitimate demand of our people and the aim of peace is to end the war and boylan's true a political settlement. our people. want a system based on the constitution and they ask for the strengthening of stability of the country because they have suffered enough and experienced the worst and the absence of a functioning system the current conflict has no winner through war and military means but there will be no loser if the crisis is resolved through submission to the well of the people. we both sides there's lawmaker public office gonna stand in the taliban movement are accountable to god and we have to prevent
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the destruction and killing in our country now science the national consensus we have a strong regional and international support for achieving peace and we have to make sure to not lose this unique opportunity we have to trust they got all mighty and use this historic opportunity for achieving a durable and lasting peace we can all it that a dignified and lasting peace will be achieved when the will of this great nation is represented and we respect each other's views and perspectives we both sides have to respect where they are most honest to the free will of our people and submit to it that our nation. in the course of history has proven that is that it owns its free will and decides what was in a strong faith. and the dignity of peace and it is your ability comes from the will
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of the people and we have to prove that we are committed to this principle. respected ladies and gentlemen. republic of afghanistan is. he is committed to peace religiously and historically. we have done a lot to achieve peace convening the consultative loya jirgah building national and regional consensus who hold in national and regional conferences. holding most limbs scholars conferences and the year verdict on the ending the war or some of the bold bold examples of our efforts. the stablish want of the high council for national reconciliation and forming the negotiation team are part
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of our measures to achieve a lasting peace. we have raised our voice during aids and national events and called for a cease fire luckily you also accepted our call for a cease fire treat times and let the nation to celebrate the aid and peace and security. we have also given a sekret feiss for all these efforts and actions. professor bruhaha nadine rabbani our national and jihadi february was march are true peace and peace. and not are jihadi trigger words for peace until his last moments of life but sorry days we lost some of our high peace council and loya jirgah members when the u.s. and taliban agreement was signed the people became whole full for
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a lasting peace but unfortunately since then more than. 1. 1000 afghans corey killed in around $15000.00 or endured. we have released a large number of our presenters and i also thank you for releasing the government's presenters. today we can say with assurance that in each prisoner's home there is a happiness and prayers to mercy. a waiver we can extend this happened to each afghans home with the saxes of the current negotiations announcing a permanent cease fire in ending the war. if we bring lasting and dignified peace protect our countries and attendance freedom and sovereignty and
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consulate did an islamic unconstitutional beast enclosed system that preserves the rights of all people including the main woman minorities and victims of war than both sides will be the peace. i believe if we give each other honest and brotherly hands the current suffering of the people well and in a lasting peace will come. my accompanying delegation and our i are in doha re presenting a political system that is supported by millions of men and woman from a diversity of call troll. and if the nick backgrounds and our homeland.
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parts process of closing the door to war and suffering for a good. opening the door to peace and harmony is existence with our compatriots who are at present a different set of ideals we are here with good intentions to realize durable peace and engage in sincere negotiation us end debates in order to reach a comprehensive settlement between the 2 sides. we want all the people of afghanistan to be reunited under one roof again after more than 42 years of imposed upheavals aggressions jihad and resistance told the narratives to my defer. but we all know what happened to ours throughout these years and we know where we stand today we now need to grasp
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this unique opportunity to move toward a new future that we can define together and that all afghans can only know richard. it has been it and it has been if they knew that i expressed our appreciation and gratitude of this historic gathering to the net states of america for preventing their weight and for good comprehensive efforts to initiate afghan peace talks the european union united kingdom germany france italy norway sweden denmark japan canada and australia or among our friends and allies who have helped our country and have played important roles to promote peace we sincerely thank you and appreciate your efforts. our neighbors and regional allies the people's republic of china russia for it wait in an islamic republic of iran
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slotnick republic of pakistan turkey india saudi arabia united arab emirates indonesia egypt is big son stan turkmenistan. stan. it is a stand and azerbaijan boy have helped and worked with us to bring peace and prosperity to our country. ladies and gentlemen but. i believe that preserving and expanding the afghan national accomplishments over the long passed over the past 19 years can help us build a political order that rests on peoples well the fruits of their struggle rightful jihad in the resistance in the past 4 decades. and we have our complete intention to bring peace in our country. i believe that.
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a dignified and durable peace can be restored charge when it can assure and dependency freedom of sovereignty and territorial integrity and broad political participation that has the support of the afghan nation of beauty. and love and we are very sure how that that peace can bring prosperity and establish. insecurity in afghanistan about it in it will support us against any traits a need to must take an international presence. we will go to build peace and. harmony durable peace can pave the way for the return of millions of our refuse. who have spent new nanny years facing. back to
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day and central homeland and they build their reintegration into the system but. because this can be a big challenge to our nation. i vividly remember when the late national hero ahmed shah masood for his passion for peace not an armed and what one guard who met with taliban leaders and met my down shot in 1995 to seek a peaceful political resolution a moment alice we failed i wanted to reach out before i agree meant because of circumstances beyond our control at the time. to day let us not to lose that opportunity once again and prolong the walk. moving
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towards a better future needs compromisers prioritizing peace over water and coming together to discuss the moral issues. other nations have had such experiences of a troubled history. but i am confident that with guts well and the lessons from the past we can take steps on the path to peace and the consultation. we do not have to agri fully on every issue before us. we can propose alternate. middle of the road options that could provide the means to ag or you on fundamental issues. we need to remind ourselves of the fittest and bad choices that need to be avoided at all costs. not only the afghan nation but also well meaning friends around the world expect us
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to put an end to violence agreed to us cease fire as soon as possible. a comprehensive agenda and talks leading to a settlement acceptable to the afghan people. issues such as constitution of the islamic republic democratic elections freedom of speech women rights minority rights rule of law several and human rights are among our peoples great achievements. we have an obligation to preserve and the strengthen our national institutions including the afghan defense and security forces that has been rebuilt during the past 19 years. i am confident that we can talk less in and argue our positions he bade our
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viewpoints. and at times i agree to disagree by respecting each other's opposite or different viewpoints. we seek a humanitarian cease fire could be announced. the cease fire will allow us to provide humanitarian and development developmental assistance to all our people in all regions of afghanistan. and our people will be benefited from it. to safeguard the country's infrastructure is our common view here in 1st infrastructural projects do not belong to a particular group as they benefit the whole nation. yes we are confident that we want when war ends people can actively take part and benefit from the country's economic development. changes have occurred in the past few years in
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a war in our people's lives we cannot return to the past and that it's impossible for the people against that to return to the past our desire to be a regional connecting house and use of existing opportunities at the regional level is connected to peace it can play a major role and hoovering and the economic prospects of a nations across our region poverty and and unemployment have roots in conflict peace in afghanistan can attract investment we tank the international community for their assistance to afghanistan and afghanistan. your continued engagement and support and help in the post peace treaty and. i wish to live in peace with pen with our neighbors and in cooperation with the international community while we are preventing terrorist groups from using our
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soil and our land with this way we extend our hand for cooperation to all of our neighbors. we believe that by attending p.u.c. there would be no use for the presence of foreign forces in our country however we need to create that wide conditions that together since the cost of war is not limited to afghanistan and it is a trip to our region and beyond therefore we urge all concerned countries near and far to help us again peace. ladies and gentlemen once again our heartfelt appreciation. to brotherly country and all our international friends who have stood by our people over the years i express my gratitude to all of them we look forward to your partnership and
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contributions as we move forward to turn peace and stability into a sustainable reality that we firmly believe that this destructive water has no winners in what is clear and predictable though is that a political and peaceful settlement based on our peoples does not have any losers. with mighty gods help. successful negotiations what a united nation afghanistan with the wires from the ashes of florida with pride and grandeur to stand on its own feet. to reach this aspirational will need sacrifice and loyalty to our nation's interests for both sides and. no matter which side of the talks we belong to we need to act as a united nation. the reason being that our unity today as
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a unified country will assure our survival as well as decided bible of the future generations in a dignified afghanistan thank you so much for paying attention may peace and blessings of almighty lobby upon all of you. that are representing the afghan government and the interim afghan peace negotiations which are happening right now here and he talks about it being impossible for a country to return to the past and has come to doha to seek a dignified and lasting peace on the other side of the table literally is malabo attorney. one of the co-founders of the taliban right hand man of its leader mullah omar previously the fact that these 2 sides are sitting across the table from each other here in doha after the u.s.
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taliban talks which went on for quite some time it is led to this point that we have the afghans and the taliban negotiating and talking about as we said. a lasting and dignified peace. sweating for a translation to come through from the event here and. right so we're just struggling a little bit to get out translation going here today in the meantime i might bring in some of inge of aid who's our correspondent who's been listening along to this as i said dignified and lasting peace of the words maybe not you might not oh actually i'm going to get i think we've got more abroad in the translation sorry i'll be back with you shortly i want the islamic emirates of afghanistan and the and in the us agreement. off of the other like to.
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mention. to bring a very peaceful and stable afghanistan in assam again for the future. the current point regarding peace process is. this islamic emirate of afghanistan and the agreement of the how we have. act according to all those points that were in the agreement and we also firmly request the other side to act accordingly that have been angry it in their agreements food that we can have their process without any kind of the problem and with no problems and also and this. i
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request. of. provisions of the whole of and for getting to this very important purposes. we should pay attention to the benefits of all not to the benefits of just some people. the negotiation process may have problems but the request is this that the negotiations should move forward with a lot of patience with a lot of attention and thought it should be continued with such kind of attention there islamic emirate of afghanistan for our. people we want to give them this assurance that with full honesty we continued the afghan
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peace negotiation and we tried that. for peace train quality we will keep the ground in afghanistan and. and we want to assure the world. also p. attention and try for the peace negotiations to be successful and can close of and we want that afghanistan be an independent united developed. country. and it should have thought of as law makers a system that in this storm all the citizens of the. see themselves in the system and all of them in a. in a brotherly manner live in afghanistan. we
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want. that in the few true afghanistan in the region and also with other countries of the world. have a positive and also a relation based on the mutual respect and also at the end. for i want to thank a respected amir and foreign minister of culture and also dear people and also after trees that. they had all kind of dear support to pass regarding peace i want to have my appreciation and peace and blessings be upon you all. and it was your statement from. thank co-founder of the taliban. who said that we have up held our side of the deal as per the february agreement
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and now my camp a us secretary of state. it is truly an honor to be here today. i want to offer my thanks to his axis of the deputy prime minister and foreign minister of qatar and my friend sheikh mohammad for cutter's amazing long standing support for this effort we wouldn't be at this moment without all the work that you and your team have done bless you for that today is truly a momentous occasion. afghans have at long last chosen to sit together and chart a new course for your country this is a moment the we must dare to hope as we look toward the light we recall the darkness of 4 decades of war and the loss of lives and opportunities but it is remarkable and a testament to the human spirit that the pain patterns of destruction are no match
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for the enduring hopes for peace held by all afghan people and their many friends the united states will never forget the solidary of our many allies and partners who stood with us in the long struggle to end this war today we want to also honor and remember them nor will we in the united states ever forget september 11th. we welcome the taliban commitment not to host international terrorist groups including al qaida or to allow them to use that in territory to train recruit or to fundraise we welcome the same commitment by the government islamic republic and ghana stand that they should never permit their nation to serve as a base for international terrorists to threaten other countries i think everyone sitting here today knows that it took hard work and sacrifice to reach this moment
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and that will require enormously hard work and sacrifice to keep it alive and to take advantage of it so that the talks result in a durable peace each of you i hope you will look inside your heart. each of you carry a great responsibility. but no know that you're not alone the entire world wants you to succeed and it's counting on you succeeding on our part and our part of the united states is required of a sovereign unified and representative afghanistan that is it peace with itself and with its neighbors one of the labyrinth in each of those 3 words what do we mean when we say sovereign unified and representative for sovereign we know that afghan journey to determine their own affairs is why you all are here. free from outside interference we hope you will enjoy cooperation and mutual respect for relations
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with your neighbors and other international partners and that you will indeed become self-reliant liberated from the shackles of dependence on others. second unified we know the tremendously negative divisive impact the 4 decades of violence have had in afghanistan and on the afghan people through an inclusive negotiation process you each you each have an opportunity of an object to overcome your divisions and reach agreement on a peaceful future for the benefit of all afghans and if if afghans embrace their common interest in the united afghanistan while respecting the rich diversity of the country's people we believe with all our hearts that a durable peace is in fact possible i would urge each of you to engage the representatives of all afghan communities including women and if you are legist
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minorities and the victims of your country's long war these historic negotiations should produce a political arrangement that accommodates competing views and rejects the use of violence to achieve political aims 3rd representative but the choice of your political system is of course yours to make. in the united states we've found that democracy notably the principle of peaceful resolution and rotation of political power works best democratic systems reflect the choices of the majority while protecting the human rights of everyone as they're made in the image of god this model this model has yielded great peace and prosperity for us and for other democratic nation and while it is indeed the case that no one size fits all solution the united states doesn't seek to impose its system on others
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we believe firmly in the protecting the rights of all afghans is indeed the best way for you to break the cycle of violence of course i can only urge these actions you will write the next chapter napkin history will be this chapter is one of reconciliation progress not another chronicle of tears and bloodshed we urge you to make decisions that move away from the violence and the corruption and towards peace and development and prosperity. i urge you to preserve and to build upon the advance of the social economic and political gains that afghanistan has achieved in the past 20 years to cite one bright example the expansion of women's participation in public life as illustrated by the presence here today of 4 prominent women negotiators on this law mic or public team a landmark achievement a landmark achievement of the u.s. taleban agreement was setting the stage for these negotiations we welcome your
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responsibility your assumption of that responsibility. i would urge you as you make your decisions you should keep in mind that your choices in conduct will affect both the size and scope of united states use future assistance our hope or hope is that you will reach a sustainable peace and our goal is an enduring partnership with afghanistan finally. i join you in savoring this moment of hope we should all be proud of this very moment it took much work and good faith on the parts of many many people and many many parties to get to this very moment. i'm mindful and i know each of you are as well that we will undoubtedly encounter many challenges during the talks over the coming days and weeks and months when you do
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remember that you're acting not only for this generation of afghans but for future generations as well your children and your grandchildren so i cannot strongly enough urge you seize this opportunity protect this process respect each other be patient remain focused on the mission we're prepared to support you negotiation should you ask but this time is yours this time is yours and i pray that you will seize the moment thank you again for having me here on this historic occasion may the lord bless us all. it was the u.s. secretary of state he has traveled here. for the interim afghan peace talks he sits alongside shaikh mohammed bin up there a. tourney who is the foreign affairs minister of the state of carter also
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president today both sides of the divide the afghan government and the taliban and from this point on well because it's 2020 you can see on the screens there the virtual side of things out there will be a number of speeches given by foreign affairs ministers from around the world we will be listening to some of them not all of them there's quite a long list it is starting here with the minister of foreign affairs for norway will be of course interested to hear from the likes of the pakistanis the iranians the british later on today even as the secretary general of the united nations in the meantime we go to a suburb in java who is our correspondent at the talks in doha who's covered this story for so many years let's go well 3 speakers so far let's go through them one by one of the 1st of all the chairman of the high council for national reconciliation who talked about seeking a dignified and lasting peace. absolutely kemal and that's the that's the
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sense that you get that there is a real. you know name from the people who are involved in this process that they want these talks to succeed you heard from. not talk about the problems they face but focusing on the positives he talked about the prisoners that have been released if you remember since february we've been hearing about these prisoners the americans and the taliban who believe that 5000 people will be released and the afghan government deposed then there was a lower jirga then there were 6 started on fighters who have not been released so to speak but given into custody to their country hosts so the focus is that let's build on the project that both of these sides have been able to achieve and quite interesting the body language of these delegations as they were coming in was quite positive review heard from some of them as they were going through waving at us and telling us that they are hopeful some even made victory signs so it is a a moment that will be taken in afghan history as
9:51 am
a moment of of which which could be a pivotal point in history because if you remember in the last 4 decades this country has been at war with various actors internally and externally so it is the 1st time you are seeing a d's 2 partners these 2 parties who have been involved in such prolonged conflict i mean face to face and as you saw that fall that that the seating arrangement of dr abdullah abdullah the former foreign minister who was opposed to the taliban government sitting face to face with the co-founder of the afghan taliban symbolically even just in that setting room it's quite something innocent so let's talk about mullah brought up in the co-founder of the taliban who spoke off the bat . the same soldiers tone the same sort of wanting to get to the same place but i thought the tone might be a little bit different here actually he said way up held outside of the deal in february so it's the other side a needs to come to the table here and he also and you can maybe explain this the
9:52 am
significance he keeps referring to the islamic emirate of afghanistan which is what i was called under the taliban can still be a sticking point. well that is one of many sticking points that you are going to see in the in this very long and hard fought out to go see a sions this road if that getting to this room was tough going ahead is going to be even a tough fight you're facing questions not just about between the emirates islamic government of the taliban next to college and the republic of the afghan government of that you're talking about changing the constitution you're talking about involving in mainstreamed the fighters who for generations have been fighting and it means foreign and local you're talking about more than $64000.00 lives lost of security forces what is going to be the future often of that security force the are gone national army the taliban's fighters so it is going to be very difficult when
9:53 am
you heard that quite clearly in. very short speech that he said that yes there are going to be obstacles but we shouldn't lose sight that this is an opportunity which we can make the most of and this is something which keeps recurring that there is hope but there is trepidation about the future as well because there's a lot that is uncertain what is going to happen and are all of these sides let's yes they have the mandate to speak on behalf of all of the afghans but are all of the factions of the taliban going to listen to their leader are all of the government side because you have to you have to bear in mind that it is a very diverse cross-section of representation in the in the noise in the national parliament as well so yes it is historic a major attempt but what is the future is going to happen is going to depend on what happens behind closed doors when these 2 sides actually sit down and iron out
9:54 am
those very very deep divisions right so this is what might pompei or the u.s. secretary of state was referring to then was any sort of slightly verio he says the choice. of your political system is yours to make afghanistan's need to embrace unity while respecting diversity in other words no one side here can have the ascendancy and particularly the taliban who still talk about this islamic emirate what that is what the americans are hoping for that when they go into these negotiations no one side should feel that they have the upper hand and if you if you hare behind closed doors when you speak to people parliamentarians taliban fighters leaders there is a sense of who is actually going to be leading these negotiations because the taliban certainly feel that they have got the upper hand there spoke to the americans they did not speak to the afghan government directly they got the
9:55 am
americans to do the work that they wanted in directly from the afghan government. emphasizing that this is something that has been set up by the united states which has been denied by both sides and on the afghan side if the taliban emboldened where the united states is says that it is committed to taking its troops out of afghanistan when the united states says that it is committed to make sure that these 2 sides are left to their own accord so to speak so it is going to be very interesting to see the days and weeks ahead and might if you if you listen closely to what he said in the end is that if you ask us we're ready to help you negotiate this settlement or do you need to see it is not completely leaving the room it's leaving its seat on the table as well but saying that we are only there should you want as and that is something which has been at least opposed very vehemently vetted by the taliban saying that there should be no external influence this is between the afghans and let us solve our own differences the way we want them very
9:56 am
quick final word of some about the actual talks you said that obviously they go behind closed doors is there a set time that these disposed to be finished by or is it just when it's done it's done. well after this opening session where you hearing from a number of foreign ministers about. 18 of them who are going to be speaking at various points through the day there is expectation that there is going to be at least one session. even if it's symbolic to make sure that this 1st round of interrupt gun negotiation is launched some of these dignitaries are only here for less than 24 hours to make sure that the process begins and then the actual talks are going to begin so yes we are going to see at least one session today and then they will be carried on by these negotiating parties are out there who holds the political office will also take a back seat where. the former chief justice of the taliban is going to be the lead
9:57 am
negotiator and then also probably going to see more representatives of the afghan government take to the fore and this is going to be interesting because the afghan side is also represented by the women of the afghan parliament who want to make sure that they have a stake in future of going the sun and not just them but the minorities and all cross sections of society who feel that if they are not represented here in these talks with the taliban they may be left out of the future. some are been divided stick around we'll be back with you at the top of the hour the interim afghan political talks are going on here in doha today we've heard from the main players so far being the taliban the afghan government and the u.s. secretary of state might pompei o. and this was the 1st chairman of the high council for national reconciliation his line a dignified and lasting peace is what we have come to see i'm come all santa maria
9:58 am
stick around we're back with more news in just about. 'd they start as drinks containers. 'd and usually end up as garbage. and a nuisance but for a select few old bottle was the building blocks of a better life. 'd and the stepping stones to owning a family how. do you find a lot in america is in bolivia and delves into the wild. one half scottish and half lebanese so diversity is really important to me and al-jazeera is the most diverse place i've ever worked it's we have so many different nationalities and this is in this book together in this one news organization and this diversity of perspective is reflected in our coverage giving
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a more accurate representation of the world we report on and that's a key strength of al-jazeera. 1967 and the 6 day war was at its height a u.s. spy ship the u.s.s. liberty monitored the conflict from international waters suddenly she was attacked by the warplanes of america's closest regional manager israel over $200.00 were killed and wounded the front part of the ship was just red with blood what happened that day has long been the subject of cover up and mystery mouth a tooth can be revealed the day israel attacked america a major investigation on al-jazeera.
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the historic top story and years of conflict in afghanistan negotiators from the government and the taliban amazing in qatar right now. i'm come all santamaria here in doha continuing coverage of those intra afghan talks where both sides say they've come with good intentions but lucky we have come here with good will and good intention to stop the 40 years of blood should have been achieved with countrywide and lasting peace.


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