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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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mode of travel and the spending we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter is their own. 14 go on trial in paris for helping gunmen attacked the french publication charlie pepto 5 years ago. i'm about this and this is all to see of a life from doha also coming up donald trump visits the city at the center of the latest anti racism protests and calls violence during demonstrations domestic terrorism. china rejects a pentagon report which warns of beijing's plans to double its nuclear stockpile. the commander who oversaw the torture and killing of thousands of cambodians dies
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in hospital. 14 people accused of helping gunman attack the french that area week it's a typical weekly charlie hebdo going on trial security has been tight as police convoys carrying the accused arrived at court a short time ago it's been 5 years since armed men stormed the paris office of shot he had 012 people were killed a police woman and 4 people inside a jewish supermarket were killed over the following 48 hours the gunman was shot by police in separate standoffs shot he had always targeted after publishing controversial cartoons of the prophet muhammad. natasha buffalo's joining us on the line from paris natasha this is a case that's going to be watched very closely tell us what's going to be happening at the court. yes and we want very closely by many people in trials because of
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course the attacks that generate 2015 show so many there was an enormous outpouring of grief now 3 common at the center of the tax 2 brothers and sherry squash you attack the shoddy at the new type of business that kills a police officer and they call the can collaborate because we went all over the next few days to kill the policewoman for people who take no energy supermarket 3 gunmen were killed at the time 'd by police that absence we have here in 'd a 14 people on trial accused of being accomplices accused of offering various degrees of help and logistical support to the government for everything from supplying weapons to shelters to helping with communication now 11 of those people will be actually in court they will be present but 3 will be tried in
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absentia looting 9 amitie could be part of the people market attack including his wife she actually that's syria just a few days before the attacks a generation is a wanted of course by part 2 sorties you were ported to still be alive the whereabouts of the case begins charlie hebdo has republished the controversial cartoon what's the reaction been to the. well you have there is a very famous i don't want to use paper here it sounds well does courting controversy point to recall portrayal of a politician religious people. targeted charlie it because it had repeatedly in the poll published images of the prophet. by some as offensive now surely a decision to retire blish some of those cult leaders on the trial is
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being seen by 2 people as a provocation but the newspaper has defended its position it is saying that a republic copy is a freedom of speech or freedom of expression and only believe what this child the president the french president michael michael speaking to let them. is a country where you can blast where you can criticize government so controversial decisions as i said charlie after to take control of the nevertheless what you should know is that some of the survivors of the shortly after the attack and the hostage taking of the jewish people market they will be in this quarter is the next few months they will be telling their story they will be. eyewitnesses that ladies those are going to be a very emotional trial cathartic. and the proceedings are in there and as a child regresses we're going to be checking back in with you natasha butler
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joining us from paris natasha thank you u.s. president donald trump is accused protesters of domestic terror in a city where a black man was shot 7 times in the back by police the name of jack a break now paralyzed wasn't mentioned instead trump spoke in support of law enforcement against those he labeled anti american john hendren has been. the rubble is still piled high in the streets of can no ship buildings boarded and tempers flaring president donald trump's arrival in this battered city pitted his hardcore supporters against the demonstrators protesting the shooting of another black man by police. he came to praise police but must give far greater support to a law enforcement it's all about giving him additional support these are great people he came to condemn protesters these are not acts of peaceful protest but
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really domestic terror and he came to take credit once they responded and once we took you know control of it things when really in the 2 hour tour the president declined to say the name of jacob blake the black man now paralyzed from police bullets the officer responsible he said just choked and you have people to joke they're under tremendous i said it yesterday i said it last night they're under tremendous pressure he left the city more divided than ever his supporters on one side but want to show support for him arriving as well supported. victimized. loot and murder. stands for in the protesters of black lives matter on the other it's a fair. seen a spike in my system since donald trump came to office this is a fact it's totally out of control right now it's totally out of control americans
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are fighting americans everybody talking about civil unrest in the next war this is our country. there is also a 3rd group who gathered at a spot sacred to them to reflect on what happened. when group president didn't meet with the blake family they preferred to be here at the scene where jacob blake was shot among supporters to trump blake's family said simply stay away to the demonstrators they called for more protests and more peace we're not mad at you when you stand you're angry and upset and we could see why you would want to burn some guy who asked you not to that 1st day to put up an anchor whereas you know raise up high and unity and come on both the blacks were going to make some big changes that affect own little jakes over. many in this divided city believe there is still hope of unity once again here. just little evidence of it any time soon john hendren and you 0 can no share wisconsin. china has rejected
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a pentagon report which says beijing plans to double its nuclear weapons over the next decade it's believed to have $200.00 warheads but that's a small fraction of what the u.s. has and its awesome particle reports. every year the pentagon is required to paint a picture for congress of the potential threat posed by china this years paint a military on the rise and gaining on the united states. some key statistics china's navy is the biggest in the world its army the largest by far the report alleges that china is looking to expand by building bases around the world and it says that it has 200 nuclear warheads and wants to double that number in a decade as a report notes within the next decade china is on course to expand its. ballistic submarine fleet into more capable one green sea launch ballistic missiles complete development of its nuclear capable airlines ballistic missiles and shield observer
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say the u.s. is likely to use this to try and push china to join a trilateral nuclear deal that would also include russia although beijing has said given that it has only a fraction of the u.s. arsenal such a deal would be unnecessary they were not just reluctant but refused to really show any interest in signing on to a follow on agreement to the treaty between russia and the united states before tensions deteriorated but of course when you're shouting at each other then that makes the green to do anything not much harder this is an annual report but it is being released today a time where the relationship between the u.s. and china is severely strained but also is the defense department is justifying its own budget to congress the pentagon is expected to get more than $740000000000.00 for next year that is more than 3 times what china is believed to spend on its military political gain al-jazeera. attorney he was monitoring china's reaction to
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the u.s. report from beijing she says china has been displaying its military power across the region. well time has upon it quite angrily to this report china's foreign ministry spokesperson acquired tuning was want to join a press briefing in saying that the us report was full of lies and bias and that it distorts china's military strategy which is based purely on defense she said she also said that china's defense strategy has always been consistent and transparent for a long time now beijing has held that its military has never had any colonial or expansive tendencies of the past few years past centuries i mean unlike other western countries she also hit back specifically at the u.s. saying the u.s. is using this report as an excuse to attain what she called military had germany when it comes to military power globally and she said that the u.s. spending in terms of military budget is outspending the following 10 countries when
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it comes to its own military funding and that the u.s. should stop releasing such irresponsible reports now we do not take his comments with a grain of salt of course china has always tried to paint itself as quite a peaceful multilateral player but it is true over the past week we've seen quite aggressive displays the military prowess on behalf of beijing up and down the chinese coast in the east china sea the south china sea the taiwan strait we've seen all these sea military drills with china parading its aircraft carriers in all its warships we've also seen drills taking place on land along the tibet and border and these rules are going to be taking place for the rest of the month. during the commercial executioner who killed thousands of cumbrians in the 1970 s. has died at the age of 77 whose real name is congo has been serving a life sentence for atrocities committed as the head of the tool slaying prism you
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oversaw the mass murder of at least 14 photos come bodie and it's got harder looks back at his life. the man known as commodore who ran cambodia's most notorious prison when the camaro rouge ruled the country has died. and that you killed. you was the 1st commander of the genocidal regime to be convicted of crimes against humanity back in 2010 his appeal was rejected in 2012 by un backed tribunals can somebody get them i am responsible for crimes committed at s 21 especially the torture and execution of the people there during his trial doing apologized for the horrors at the prison he controlled claimed that he was a junior officer following orders he was serving a life sentence at the ken doll prevention prison when he died up to 2000000 people are believed to have been killed worked to death or died of starvation during the camero ruses 1975 to 1979 bloody reign in cambodia doink was in charge of the
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toslink prison codenamed s 211-4000 people were killed there many sent to their deaths in the nearby killing fields executed after they were tortured until they confess to crimes against the regime the conviction of boy is thought to have brought closure to many of the cambodians who suffered through the time of the camero ruse even though most cambodians now alive were born after their nation's dark period. still ahead on al-jazeera a torture epidemic amnesty international accuses iran of rights abuses following anti-government demonstrations last year. community organizers in california are trying to get latinos to participate in the census.
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clouds and of course with that. across much of indonesia we're going to see some heavy downpours in borneo but also that extend across into somalia some very heavy rains across these western areas also the a peninsula very unsubtle not about day generally across the philippines scattered showers and thunderstorms in ages that mass well up to the northeast that is the latest thai food but it pulls away from this region heading towards the north now as you can see him more rain on friday so a very heavy again across much of borneo and also across into solo essay but it's a bit of a nice dry spell across the southeast of australia the also showers on the way but look at this sydney people enjoying the role botanic gardens some nice warm weather the flowers certainly are loving it and then further to the south a melbourne again not a bad day now they're also showers on the way across into melbourne it's a warm day in sydney 29 degrees that will change but it's improving picture thursday and friday across western australia partly cloudy skies a high of 21 on friday in perth with the showers pushing into sydney by then 22 so
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a down day but not a cold day not a bad day thursday across both on and off to the north it really is friday that is when the rain very heavy rain manton snow and strong winds pushing to the south highlands. a unique kid endangered biodiversity lives in the heart of one of ecuador's tropical jungles there was a lot of misinformation about a city i knew most of which half here and now that probably alleges becoming by said their self conservation and their communities out there are journeys deep into the rain forest to follow a scientist and had teams efforts to save the flora and fauna so precious in the region women make science ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera. the way. to.
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we want you to see it on the mind of our top stories this hour 14 people accused of helping gunman at tak the french satirical weekly show you had joe and a jewish supermarket have gone on trial in paris 17 people were killed in the attacks 5 news in the. u.s. president donald trump has called anti racism protests domestic terror fueled by democrats he made the comments during a visit to connote shop for a black man jacob was shot 7 times in the back by police. china has rejected a pentagon report which says beijing plans to double its nuclear weapons over the next decade it's believed to have $200.00 warheads but that's a small fraction of what the u.s. has in its arsenal. i must say international is detailing what it calls
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a torture epidemic by police and security forces in iran that misty says $7000.00 or anyone's were detained during nationwide anti government and fuel price protests last november they're said to have included 10 year old children the human rights group says detainees faced mock executions sexual abuse and were drugged and beaten $500.00 protesters were subjected to unfair criminal proceedings police are also accused of routinely torturing suspects to get forced confessions are there any in government has yet to respond to the allegations and muhammad mondy from the university of tehran says the report is biased. we're talking about amnesty international that gets its funds from so-called independent bodies in the united states we're talking about amnesty international that's supported by western governments and in particular the united states as i said very clearly iran has
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different political parties during those riots a 1000 banks were destroyed within 2 days western media persian language media outlets were egging on the riots if iran was such a dystopia that amnesty international likes to picture it as alongside pompei oh then why is it that when the senior iranian commander general saw in mind he was murdered by the americans why was there such enormous crowds in tehran where your reporters reported it and so did other reporters and again where is amnesty international right now hundreds of iranians are dying as we speak because of chemical weapons as we speak they've been dying a slow death for the last 4 decades where are they in europe and the united states in front of the u.s. congress or white house calling for compensation. there have been more protests in lebanon's capital coinciding with a visit by french president the money well not crawl but he was fired tear gas to disperse crowds outside parliament in beirut many are calling for political change
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and the call is threatening sanctions if that doesn't happen fast enough to reports . projecting influence and power it's another landmark visit by the french president a man well mccraw who was here less than a month ago he has taken the lead in responding to lebanon's economic and political crisis made worse by the explosion at beirut's port mccraw came back with the same message officials need to tackle corruption and reform state structures to get international financial assistance this time however he talked about a timetable and consequences macross said lebanon's leaders promised a government of experts in 2 weeks and that he expected the government to start delivering on a roadmap of reforms within $6.00 to $8.00 weeks. i think sanctions can come at the right moment if it is necessary and in the manner of sanctions policy done
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when actions have been proven but not necessarily just in the political framework the sanctions make muslims can also be activated when we see illegal activities which can be military terrorism related financial the french president who has repeatedly denied that he's interfering in the country's internal affairs chose to return on a symbolic day 100 years ago the state of greater lebanon was proclaimed by the french mandate authorities he also chose went to meet officials after a packed schedule in what was seen a political message. actions. are clearly very. nature and there's a clear power dynamic there and there's a. sense of where the pressure on this. france's influence in lebanon which has long. news this is an international playground waned over the years there are 2 main players now by those united states and iran micro i think.
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the message walls. between this and your own i can also. call people returned to the streets they don't believe the mainly sectarian leaders will agree to change that would weaken their power and they blame france for backing the new prime minister who they say is a product of the system we've tested this recipe over the past 30 years we have a chapter that president michel is tank top like the same recipe now again protesters demanded an end to corruption and a new leadership for months they had hoped when macross 1st visited lebanon soon after the baby good for the explosion on august the 4th thinking the international community would help them topple a political class in power for decades. they aren't giving up as lebanon marks 100 years since its birth people here say a nation independent of
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a corrupt political class and outside intervention has yet to be born jennifer there are beirut. 150 kilometer an hour winds that are expected when typhoon may sack storms the south coast of south korea japan has already felt its full force fanning trees and overturning cars their flights in south korea have been grounded as a precaution but macbride has more from busan. we know that it's actually picking up speed now we're expecting a landfall during the hours of darkness wednesday through into early thursday 11 just stand back and show you where it's going to come at this from it's going to come straight out of the south and right now it's cutting a a track north almost equidistant between the south korean island of jeju and also the main southern japanese island of cuba you affecting both places down. rain of up to $100.00 millimeters per hour we know that some of the wind speeds are gusting up to 180 kilometers per hour which would make it one of the strongest storms
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potentially the south korea's out for a while and one of the other concerns is that this comes at a time when we are seeing unusually high tides so there is a real danger here along this stretch of coastline of getting storm surges and we've been watching at a number of ports here fishing boats and other boats have been taken out of the water the southern city of busan it's the south korea's 2nd city several 1000000 people live here so people here are taking this very seriously they've been putting in place all sorts of preparations securing buildings as best they can we know the authorities have here of issued the highest alert level level 4 out of a 40 as system and there's also a concern of course that in the hillsides around to sand very hilly area that surrounds us here as with much of south korea a lot of people live on those hillsides and there's a real danger of landslides because of course this is a land that has taken a real soaking from excessively long summer storms and other typhoons this is the
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2nd typhoon to hit south korea and north korea in as many weeks. the coronavirus has plunged to australia's economy into recession for the 1st time in nearly 30 years 7 percent between april and june its worst quarterly downturn on record the contraction was deeper than expected and blamed on cuts and household spending. today's national accounts confirm the devastating impact on the strained economy from covert 90. record run of 28 consecutive years of economic growth has now officially come to an end the cause a once in a century pandemic the effect. a covert non tain induced recession then a sign of his political editor of the australian newspaper he says the somewhere to go before the economy recovers you can expect things to get worse economically for
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the next quarter largely because of the very tough lockdown stateful lockdown in victoria which accounts for a quarter of the strike is the colony and so the treasurer is indicated that the numbers likely to get worse and given that this is the 1st recession in 20 years to see end of 28 consecutive years of growth in australia it does is a big moment for the struggling economy federal government stop marchioness prime minister is trying to cross the states to lift internal border restrictions in australia which is limiting travel and obviously the economy so the 1st thing that the prime minister is trying to do is lift those internal borders between western australia queensland south australia and victoria and so that's the 1st thing secondly the government is going to have to try and promote jobs it's already
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committed $10000000000.00 in infrastructure spending jobs is going to be the key curiously destroyed in public is almost a new it to the fact that we're now in recession they're not blaming the government they have blinding coded but the plan out of the room for the recovery in the economy is that casey and the creation of more jobs is the cage that. mexico's president claims the country's economy has weathered the coronavirus pandemic better than others despite reporting its biggest slump since the great depression and there isn't a low paid top of the door was presenting his 2nd state of the union address mexico's economy shrank 17 percent between april and june but look at all of those says the damage is way bigger in some european countries invited to get mexico out of the economic crisis without additional debts while resisting pressure to bail out struggling businesses. symbol. the pandemic has not
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resulted in famine food shortages or assaults mexico's people have resources for their basic consumption i predicted that the economic crisis caused by it would be temporary i said it would be like a v. we would fall but we would come out soon fortunately this has happened the worst is over and now we are recovering the once in a decade census is underway across the united states but the corona virus outbreak is restricting face to face surveys and this concern about undercounting in minority groups effecting federal funding for them and representation in congress rob reynolds reports from the californian city of ontario where census organizers are trying to get the latino community to take part. ontario california is a largely let tino city east of los angeles in an area known as the inland empire it's the kind of place that latino leaders fear will be under counted in the 2020 census outside
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a supermarket volunteers with the community organizing group census i see staff an information desk telling people what the census is all about in urging them to participate this video was taken before widespread social distancing and stay at home orders were adopted in response to the covert 19 pandemic i tried to connect on based on you know what might be more personal to them so if they have kids i try to tell them you know if you make them count now that'll ensure that money is funded into their school programs lunch programs library but some residents like want to garcia aren't buying it which i am not out there but. many people won't do it because where i live there are guys who say they won't do it even if you pay them they do not want to be counted in the census when asked why she referred to president donald trump's much publicized but ultimately unsuccessful effort to add a citizenship question to the census but what i don't know and there's
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a reason he wants to us what people's immigration status either to try to deport them all so they don't feel the sense out of fear that fear could cost lead teano communities across the u.s. dearly this region has been under counted in past censuses and as a result the people who live here wast out on millions of dollars in federal funding for things like schools hospitals and social services. the national association of latino elected officials points to trump's anti immigrant rhetoric and policies given the rhetoric that's administrator has used in the past there is fear that information would be used against them lets you know community organizations are combat ing misinformation we let them know specifically that this information will not be shared with any other entity outside of the census bureau still many latino's with or without legal residents are wary no no i don't have
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trust i don't like it's a lack of trust in the census fostered by trump's rhetoric and policies that latino community organizers are struggling to overcome robert oulds. ontario california. this is all just here these are the top stories 14 people accused of helping gunman attack the french satirical weekly charlie hebdo and the jewish supermarket have gone on trial in paris 17 people were killed in the attacks 5 years ago u.s. president donald trump has called anti racism protests domestic terror fueled by democrats he made the comments during a visit to can no show where a black man jacob lake was shot 7 times in the back by police violence mobs demolished or damaged at least 25 businesses burned down public buildings and threw
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bricks at police officers would you police officers won't stand for and they didn't stand for these are not acts of peaceful protest but really domestic terror. china has rejected the u.s. defense department report which says it plans to double its nuclear weapons over the next decade china is believed to have $200.00 warheads that's a small fraction of what the u.s. has in its arsenal between the e.u. has more from beijing. china has upon it quite angrily to this report china's foreign ministry spokesperson acquired tuning was one enjoying a press briefing in the past hour saying that the us report was full of lies and bias and that it distorts china's military strategy which is based purely on defense she said she also said that china's defense strategy has always been consistent and transparent for a long time now beijing has held that its military has never had any colonial or expansive tendencies over the past few years. probably doig the camaro rouge
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executioner who killed thousands of cambodians in the 1970 s. has died he was 77 dark had been serving a life sentence since 2010 but atrocities committed as the head of the tools slain prison. i'm assuming to nationals detailing what it's calling a torture epidemic by police and security forces in iran says 7000 iranians were detained during nationwide anti-government protests last november the iranian government has yet to respond to allegations of walking executions sexual abuse forced confessions and hundreds of unfair trials the coronavirus has plunged to sterilise economy into recession for the 1st time in nearly 30 years it's trying to 7 percent between april and june. those are the headlines the news continues here on all jazeera after a woman makes science park. now
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in choosing. where every. this forest is one of the most amazing places in the world.


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