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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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we covered the nepal earthquake of 2050 a terrible natural disaster and the story that needed to be told from the heart of the affected area to be then to tell the people story was very important of the time. the u.s. president takes his lower in order campaign message to the city where jacob blake was shot 7 times by police. alexander rommany what yard is there alive from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes china's military ambitions sparks concern in the u.s. as a pentagon report warns of beijing's plans to double its nuclear stockpile. also the camaro rouge commander who oversaw the torture and killing of thousands of cambodians dies in hospital. and colombia lives
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a months long travel ban and allows restaurants to reopen as it is one of latin america's longest coronavirus lockdowns. back into the program it's a visit officials in the u.s. state of wisconsin didn't want to happen but president donald trump ignored their pleas and went to the city of connection it's been the signs of protest since police shot a black man called jacob blake 7 times in the back a week ago during his trip trumpet double down on his law and order campaign message as john hendren reports. the rubble is still piled high in the streets of can no ship buildings boarded in tempers flaring president donald trump's arrival in this battered city pitted his hardcore supporters against the demonstrators protesting the shooting of another black man by police.
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was he came to praise police but must give far greater support to our law enforcement it's all about giving them additional. support these are great people he came to condemn protesters these are not acts of peaceful protest but really domestic terror and he came to take credit once they responded and once we took you know control of it things when really in the 2 hour tour the president declined to say the name of jacob blake the black man now paralyzed from police bullets the officer responsible he said just choked and you have people to joke they're under tremendous i said yesterday i said it last night they're under tremendous pressure he left a city more divided than ever his supporters on one side but want to show support for him arriving support. victimized. loot
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and murder. stands for in the protesters of black lives matter on the other it's effect seen a spike in prices since donald trump came to office this is a fact it's totally out of control right now it's totally out of control americans are fighting americans everybody is talking about civil unrest and the next war this is our country. there is also a 3rd group who gathered at a spot sacred to them to reflect on what happened. when group president didn't meet with the blake family they preferred to be here at the scene where jacob blake was shot among supporters to trump blake's family said simply stay away to the demonstrators they called for more protests and more peace we're not mad at you when you stand you're angry and upset and we could see why you would want to burn some guy who asked you not to that 1st that you put up in anger whereas you know raise up high and unity and come or go with the blacks we're going to make some big
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changes that affect own little jakes over. many in this divided city believe there is still hope of unity once again here. just little evidence of it any time soon john hendren al jazeera can no sure wisconsin. be is an associate professor of political science a time arena vestey she explains why the president is taking a tough stance on protests. donald trump has looked at the 28000 elections he knows that he's doing poorly most white college educated suburban women and in the suburbs in general because the suburbs are increasingly racially and ethnically diverse 8 and so he wants to try to use law and order as they have skin and voters into thinking that if joe biden wins in the balance of power is going to tip towards urban communities that he presumes they fled by living in the suburbs in the 1st place i think that there are other factors that have to be taken into
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consideration we do have to look at the code in crisis in particular and how president trumps approval ratings on combe that are actually very low but one of the things that trump is actually hoping we're going to spain for is that specially in wisconsin if we look at public opinion polling support for black labs matter appears to be waning and so what he thinks is that there may be some protests and he can tap into that protest the tea and that's mobilize his base of voters to turn out in record numbers to support him and to reelect him. the police in los angeles of shoals and killed a black cyclist 29 year old usual was scholtz more than 20 times in the back as he tried to get away from all for says the family attorney says he was stopped for a bicycle code violation the sheriff's department says officers opened fire after a handgun fell from his bag. now the u.s. department of defense says china is planning to double its stockpile of more than $200.00 nuclear weapons in the next decade in its annual china military power
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report to the congress the pentagon says beijing wants to challenge us dominance in the asia pacific region around half of china's current stockpile of nuclear weapons includes land based intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the u.s. well the report says beijing wants to maintain its nuclear weaponry on a higher state of alert meaning that they could be deployed on short notice but even if china stockpile doubles it would still be much smaller than that of the u.s. which has an estimated 3800 warheads. the report comes as the u.s. congress debates a $740000000000.00 military spending bill how did your castro has more from washington d.c. . this report also says that the chinese people's liberation army has a goal of becoming what it calls a world class military by the year 2049 and that in terms of the navy impact china has already surpassed the united states and now becoming the largest navy in the
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world with china having $350.00 some ships and submarines compared to the united states $293.00 china is also looking to expand its foreign military bases and this pentagon report says that the immediate goal of china is to replace the u.s. as the dominant power in the asia pacific region china has some $200.00 nuclear warheads that the pentagon says about half of which have the capability of threatening the united states again that is a number though that pales in comparison to the nearly 4000 nuclear warheads that are in active status in the united states this pending defense authorization bill is more than $700000000000.00 notably that's 3 times the amount of money that china spends on its defense budget and currently this bipartisan bill there are $2.00 versions of it there pending in congress republicans want some of this money to cover potential nuclear testing democrats who pass another version in the house of
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representatives do not want money spent on nuclear testing so you can certainly see how useful this new pentagon report may be to republicans and giving them leverage as now the debate and the negotiations continue to find a compromise between these 2 versions of the bill. and to try to enlist and chief executive. international consultants based in whole she says washington sees beijing guns its biggest challenge china's military power doesn't compare with the u.s. . even the of china's according to the report double double or it's from 300 to 600 that's what china has at the moment so you 100 is still 110th of what america united states has got because the united states is said to possess something like 60 miles of. playboy and of course 'd the united states
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much much more. extensive in its military bases it's got something like $800.00 military bases in over 20 or 30 countries around the world and so even if china's going to be able some places is the way you have noticed so china's posture is a lot of the events it's not the 1st time the united states is flecking up china's military expansion or advancement and in fact at a time when united states pushing back against china 360 degrees not only of the military but also technology trade ideology. human rights taiwan hong kong seen jamming the chinese are now realizes that is a existential kind of pushback against china on all fronts and of course artists are taking steps to got its own interests. cyprus is not allowed to buy
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a normal lethal equipment after the u.s. lifted a 33 year old arms embargo turkey has expressed anger at the u.s. over the move it comes as turkey and greece are told so for drilling in the mediterranean the 2 nato allies are also a long standing conflict over cyprus after turkey established a breakaway state in the island's north though it's called choice minnows a former assistant secretary of defense and senior fellow at the center for american progress joins me now via skype from washington d.c. always good to have you on the program is called a new front it seems of tension for both turkey and the u.s. with southern cyprus in the mix are we sort of looking into a sort of dangerous regional arms race now well there's no doubt about the fact that turkish american relations are in very bad shape here and now the fact that the turks will block and sacked convoy of russian air defense force their words
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united nations brave will compromise on a lot of marketability days in turkey. and now and in europe obviously the turks are very upset about anything that empowers if you will the yardley of the people on cyprus the greeks we've got us about 70 percent of them are church of the turks basically want to keep them wondering who draws. sauerkraut and so they know where these weapons found cyprus crete use the priory unified the whole country i mean the u.s. has been a neutral arbiter since 1987 trying not not to get involved in the conflict between sort of north and south cyprus and in directly greece and turkey what has be the straw that has broken the camel's back in this case for the u.s. to get involved here. i think it was a relationship between cyprus and russia they are allowing russia to use their orts
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and he used not to send forces into into syria the other thing is the chinese are trying to get influence there and so i think the feeling in the united states was well if we keep this in bargo off basically we're going to lose influence not to mention money i mean in terms of selling the weapons and if the interesting thing this is what got bipartisan support senator menendez senator rubio leading republicans and democrats actually passed a bill through this last december and a cool see this also creates a dilemma for a nato because both. members all violent and they also have this vested interest in the region this causes another dilemma for the u.s. and has to try to deal with each country on that level on the platform there's no doubt about it this does not help and they don't because you've got 2 major nato
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countries the united states and turkey basically yet on this over a number of issues and this uses one more i made in addition to their disagreeing with each other and their libya remembered the overthrow of predominantly was a nato operation and now the turks from supporting the recognized government there was a rebel i'll call them and. for the moment we will leave it that interesting always to get your insight lawrence called thanks joining us from washington d.c. thank you for having me take care. still ahead here on al-jazeera. was demanding a new level of demonstrators denounce their leaders as the french president visits to push for urgent political change. and one of south america's most biodiverse regions under threat as wildfires ravaged parts of argentina those stories after the break the all in.
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hello there has been some good news in arizona recently and influx of a good deal of moisture from the hurricane and the eastern pacific has increased the likelihood of rain from thunderstorms rather than just dry lightning and his cool things down in phoenix roundtree speaking that about 38 there's still sunshine in the west and big storms stretching from texas up through the ohio valley and eventually to eastern canada slow moving frontal system they've been act is told they're going to carry on being active storms quite possibly as much in ontario as they are going to be in the eastern seaboard of the u.s. temperatures have dropped briefly quite low in wyoming snow fell in some places about that for september new snowing anyway as jump south i think to watch is this mass of blue and orange it's not really
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a tropical depression is acting like it's enhanced the rain in jamaica coming into the yucatan maybe northern honduras still showers in the western side of mexico with a not particularly big all widespread this is the mass to watch in case something happens from it. jumping sas and their increasing number of showers coming into brazil but that is mostly dry until you get to the river plate that's the winter front still spring from still cold to south of it for there's only 10. but. what is left of the last ditch of this knowledge colonialization of the americas is assaulted for centuries. to amateur stratagems embark on a journey of discovery to reach a remote village in mexico's mayan. but who has more to learn about the ways of the world. a route through mexico's contemporary records and its mystery past you 5
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glances at this time as you. rule forewarn. world. means the whole romney reminder of our top news stories u.s. president donald trump has called anti racism protests domestic terror fueled by democrats he made the comments during a visit to can assure a black man jacob blake was shot 7 times in the back by police the u.s. defense the department of defense reports says that china is planning to double its stockpile of more than 200 nuclear weapons in the next decade it says beijing wants
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to maintain the weapons on a higher state of alert meaning they could be deployed at short notice. but cyprus will soon be allowed to buy don't need to be quick but from the u.s. as it's lifted a 33 year old arms embargo turkey has expressed anger its all its with greece a voile drilling in the mediterranean. the committee rouge execution who killed thousands of combo deals in the 1970 s. has died he was 77 whose real name was congo you know was a life sentence for atrocities committed as the head of the prison scott hyde looks back at his life the man known as commodore who ran cambodia's most notorious prison when the camaro rouge ruled the country has died. finds you guilty for you was the 1st commander of the genocidal regime to be convicted of crimes against humanity back in 2010 his appeal was rejected in 2012 by un backed
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tribunals can somebody get employed i am responsible for crimes committed at s $21.00 especially the torture and execution of the people there during his trial doing apologized for the horrors at the prison he controlled claimed that he was a junior officer following orders he was serving a life sentence at the ken doll prevention prison when he died up to 2000000 people are believed to have been killed worked to death or died of starvation during the camero ruses 1905 to 1979 bloody reign in cambodia doink was in charge of the toslink prison codenamed s 211-4000 people were killed there many sent to their deaths in the nearby killing fields executed after they were tortured until they confess to crimes against the regime the conviction of dicus thought to have brought closure to many of the cambodians who suffered through the time of the camaro rouge even though most cambodians now alive were born after their nation's
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dark period. parliament has approved its new government the 3rd in the year prime minister his service issues one a confidence vote of the illustration made up of judges academics public servants and business executives instead of politicians she says it will focus on social hardship until his is weak economy rather than political wrangling. more protests. this time coinciding with a visit by french president. police fired tear gas to disperse crowds outside parliament in beirut there have been widespread calls for political change the macro is threatening sanctions if that doesn't happen fast enough reports now from beirut. projecting influence and power it's another landmark visit by the french president. who was here less than a month ago he has taken the lead in responding to lebanon's economic and political
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crisis made worse by the explosion at beirut's port mccraw came back with the same message officials need to tackle corruption and reform state structures to get international financial assistance this time however he talked about a timetable and consequences macross said lebanon's leaders promised a government of experts in 2 weeks and that he expected the government to start delivering on a road map of reforms within 6 to 8 weeks. i think sanctions can come at the right moment if it doesn't necessary and attack a man or a sanctions policy done when actions have been proven but not necessarily just in the political framework the sanctions make muslims can also be activated when we see illegal activities which can be military or terrorism related financial the french president who has repeatedly denied that he's interfering in the country's internal affairs chose to return on
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a symbolic day 100 years ago the. state of greater levanon was proclaimed by the french mandate authorities he also chose went to meet officials after a packed schedule in what was seen a political message. actions of present. are clearly very near colonial and nature and there's a clear power dynamic there and there's a clear sense of where the pressure on the somebody is. france's influence in lebanon which has long been used as an international playground waned over the years there are 2 main players now rivals united states and iran micro i think. walls. between the us and. i can also. should. people return to the streets they don't believe the mainly sectarian leaders will agree to change that would weaken their power and they blame france
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for backing the new prime minister who they say is a product of the system we've tested this recipe over the past 30 years we have a chapter that president michel is tanked up like the same recipe now again protesters demanded an end to corruption and a new leadership for months they had home when mother called 1st visited lebanon soon after the baby voted for the explosion on august the 4th thinking the international community would help them topple a political class and power for decades. they aren't giving up as lebanon marks 100 years since its birth people here say a nation independent of a corrupt political class and outside intervention has yet to be born jennifer there are beirut the crowbar is pandemic strain is economy into recession so the 1st time in nearly 30 is it shrunk 7 percent between april and june it's was coarsely downturn all recalled now the contraction was deeper than expected and blamed on cuts in household spending more than
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a 1000000 people have lost their job. since marginal straightly a 2nd most populous state is still under tough luck. colombia has lifted its 5 month lockdown as covert $900.00 cases of begun to stabilize across the country the government now wants to fix the struggling economy . many sectors are open for business. sort of 1st time in more than 5 months airport has reopened to national travelers under strict health protocols just a few flights are being allowed to each day but for the lucky passengers it's a reason to rejoice like i. was about to board a flight to visit his parents in his native battling for the 1st time since march. very excited about the reopening and hopefully this means a reactivation of the economy something we've been waiting for for a long time. slowly emerging from one of the longest quarantines anywhere in the
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world and entering a new phase with fewer restrictions. in the capital people are allowed back into parks than many non-essential businesses or only opening 4 days a week. and tuesday in downtown belgrade time for those who are being chased by the police the vendors only authorized to work. early was. i've been out of a job for 5 months now the police are not letting me work i'm 69 years old and i haven't received any help what am i supposed to do. let you know america's 4th largest economy shrank nearly 16 percent in the last quarter tens of thousands of shops and restaurants have already close for a good 5000000 people have lost their job in the country since the beginning of the friend there make the national unemployment rate this rose to 20.2 percent the highest ever and the situation is even worse here in the capital where 26 percent
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of the. the working population is now unemployed. but with the number of daily infections still stubbornly high the relatively cautious reopening seem justified look a stoner going to very dark what we're seeing in colombia is that after a long time of gradual but consistent growth in infections we have reached a point where it seems like the virus has finally stopped growing it's remaining constant to managing expectation that the curve will start to descend. the government is counting on people to keep wearing face masks in maintaining social distancing in this new phase but what's clear is that for many getting back on their feet will take years even if the fight to beat the virus succeeds i listen to them and just say you know what. mexico's president has promised his country will come out of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic without additional debt and dress manuel lopez obrador was presenting his 2nd state of the union address
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mexico's economy is now in its deepest slump since the great recession shrinking 17 percent between april and june but lopez obrador is resisting pressure to borrow money or bail out struggling businesses. in the pandemic has not resulted in famine food shortages or assaults mexico's people have resources for their basic consumption i predicted that the economic crisis caused by it would be temporary i said it would be like a v. we would fall but we would come out soon fortunately this has happened the worst is over and now we are recovering. dozens of people have been arrested in the united kingdom during climate change protests outside parliament calling on the government to take urgent steps to avoid a climate catastrophe extinction rebellion activists have begun a 2 week campaign just as british m.p.'s are returning to work after the summer holidays protesters want them to support a climate an ecological
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a virgin sea bill and discuss new ways to tackle the climate crisis with citizens. but there's been that welcome rain in parts of argentina which has been ravaged by wildfires more than 22000 blazes have been registered in at least a dozen provinces taking their toll on one of the country's most biodiverse regions stories of a report from santa fe. the rural police of the province of santa fe in northeastern argentina are called the pumas asco guards are known in south america. in the past month their biggest challenge has been to fight the fires that are destroying these wetlands that cover an area of 14000 square kilometers. one of the leaders he says he's team has been working nonstop to catch those who've been lightning the fires. we are told that over 90000 hectares of land have been
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devastated by the fires we're not only detaining people but also working on preventing and teaching local people the consequences of starting a fire. this is the delta in the paranoia river which connects argentina and brazil it's also known as the llamas on because of the reach biodiversity that exists here over 11000 fires have been detected in the past 7 months because there is an extremely difficult and much role there is over 30 islands here environmental groups say the next fires are started by landowners is known in myers to we knew the race and those fires later on fire. out of control. the government accuses ranchers of setting up the fires but people from the sector say they're not to blame it but they say this burned past year has absolutely nothing to do with livestock production or fishermen or anyone just someone thought to burn it all this will be recovered as weather conditions that favor us occur and the lack of
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rain this year has cost us of year drought which makes it easier for the fires to spread like in the central province of core of the law where at least $14000.00 hectares have burned the governor to clear the area a disaster zone the fires are now under control but environmental groups say it's an example of how serious the situation is it's of course but it's a decision it and there is a lethal combination ongoing drought because of climate change and deforestation but also fires that could be caused by human negligence or with an attempt to take over land where there is pastures there used to be native forests we need more laws to protect our forests and cities and our wetlands in argentina environmental groups are pushing for a law that will protect argentina's wetlands and impose tougher fines on those who violated. it will also mean more resources to protect this beautiful land and the more than $700.00 species that make it their home. and some of the face
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argentina facebook says it's taken down a russia linked network targeting voters in the u.s. and u.k. the operation with the few fake accounts posed as journalists writing articles on subjects such as the democratic campaign for the presidency and racial justice to fall from the f.b.i. helped uncover the work wasco denies the allegations. your child is there with me the whole rom to remind us of all top stories u.s. president donald trump has called and he braces and protest domestic terror fueled by democrats he made the comments during a visit to connection with a black man jacob blake was shot 7 times in the back by police violence mobs demolished or damaged at least 25 businesses burned down public buildings and threw bricks at police officers which your police officers won't stand for and they
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didn't stand for these are not acts of peaceful protest but really domestic terror and it is the same reason he didn't start when he is here it's ok to have and feared police reject even since to the fact that we were not at home base here we do not need more pain and invasion from a president who is putting his own reelection ahead and even our city and the american people who were to come in reconciliation you simply justify the kid who did the shooting. here in human. history to the. millimoles militia. another black man has been killed by police this time he was a cyclist in los angeles 29 year old was shot more than 20 times in the back as he tried to get away from offices the family attorney says he was stopped for a bicycle code violation the sheriff's department says officers opened fire after
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a hunter gun fell from his back. defense report says china is planning to double its stockpile of more than 200 nuclear weapons in the next decade beijing wants to maintain the weapons. meaning that they could be deployed a short. lived today 33 year old. turkey has expressed it's at odds with oil drilling in the mediterranean. the executioner who killed thousands of years in the 1970 s. has died. and since 2000 and. against. stay with us.
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