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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 28, 2020 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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on the right. if you want to help save the world. these are 2 year old. the. the. tens of thousands marched on washington demanding racial justice 57 years after martin luther king gave his i have a dream speech. below i maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program the batteries president says he's ordered off the army to be ready for combat as the e.u. draws up sanctions against better russian officials. days after he became japan's
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longest serving prime minister in an emotional sions abbay says he's resigning falmouth reasons. tens of thousands of people have rallied in washington d.c. as national mall to rally for racial equality and criminal justice reform the march on washington also commemorates the 57th anniversary of martin luther king jr as i have a dream speech the demonstration has been dubbed the get your new your found next march echoing how george floyd was killed by police in may the u.s. has been gripped by racial protest since his death and the outrage fled again this week after the police shooting of another unarmed black man jacob blake has been left paralyzed the tetra whitman the sister of jacob blake told americans to stand against oppression without chaos and violence. america. your
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reality is not rio catering to your delusions is no longer an option we will not pretend we will not be your data files slave we will not be our 1st go 7 to our press and most of our we will not dress up this genocide and who may call it police brutality we were only pledge allegiance to the truth like america. i hold you accountable you must stand you must fight but not with violence and chaos i did jackassery is in washington heidi just hearing that clip there from jacob blake's sister with men and a 1st time she's spoken so eloquently since that the shooting of her brother tell us what the atmosphere was like and how her message was received by the crowd.
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sure hold much of the crowd here and so some 50000 is what i was told this morning we could have updated numbers they came here to experience a part of history in to make this new chapter of history as you said it's been exactly 57 years since the great civil rights leader martin luther king took the ascent of the steps of the lincoln memorial behind me and delivered his iconic i have a dream speech and today it was his son who followed in his father's footsteps telling this crowd here that while there is hope there has been progress he said still the fulfillment has of his father's dream almost 60 years later it is still to. come to this march it was planned back during the funeral of yet another black american was killed by police officers troy george floyd of course the man in minneapolis who was who suffocated under the knee of a white police officer and so the message of the marchers today was the rallying
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cry was get your knee off our necks now they are marching from the lincoln memorial toward the m.l.k. memorial and they're hoping that their voices are heard as far as the white house as far as the halls of congress they say that this president has not cared about their life he does not care about racial equality they think and they believe that congress while some proposals have been floated that sound good action hasn't actually resulted and so they're calling for that change to happen now and given the lack of any kind of progress on racial equality or tackling inequality and police reform what can we expect in the weeks and months ahead of that likely to be more protests and demonstrations in different cities in the u.s. . there likely will be more protests but also those protesters here have a deadline that are set on this that within 60 days the u.s. election they see that is their ultimate chance to make their voice. has heard the
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crowd here was adamantly anti president trump many here the speaker is calling on people to get people registered to vote to go to the ballot box themselves they think no doubt this president who the protesters here say have only made racial tensions worse in this country and done nothing to address the underlying inequalities thank you very much from washington hi joe castro. jacob blake's lawyers told al jazeera that he is no longer handcuffed to a hospital bad treatment his family had strongly objected to and they say their strength was applied because of a previous arrest warrant that's now been lifted why there was not some sort of compassion with respect to the severe injuries that jacob suffered i don't know he wasn't going anywhere he is paralyzed he is heavily medicated he's in a ton of pain. every day every millimeter he moves is excruciating we painful
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so why did you know should count to have to enforce their policy i don't know but thankfully we worked through the legal process and we think the milwaukee county sheriff's office for expediting this process in relieving mr jacob of the restraints and of the officer watch. well in other developments an extradition hearing for a u.s. teenager who shot dead 2 people at protests in the state of wisconsin has been delayed 17 year old college rittenhouse was arrested at his it annoy home on wednesday judge will determine whether he should be returned to wisconsin where he faces 6 charges including reckless and intentional homicide shootings happened and on choose day during unrest following the police shooting of jacob blake.
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the crisis in batteries could be about to reach boiling point the european union has now stepped into the fray seeking to increase pressure on president alexander lukashenko i going to impose sanctions on up to 20 senior better russian officials or is not among them but he is threatening retaliation dominic cain reports from berlin where foreign ministers were discussing the crisis. for weeks protesters have been on the streets of belarus demonstrating day and night against a government they believe is illegitimate and a president who they believe stole the general election these people hope the outside world is listening in berlin on friday the e.u. aunts and singling out for new sanctions the leaders of the government in minsk there was a political agreement among the ministers to dizzee nate selected individuals responsible for their for other elections and their ruse and for the subsequent krag down under the existing go to evolution sanction regime. this is the
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nation showing individuals. by political level but the b.l.o. russian president who hasn't been sanctioned himself is unmoved alexander lukashenko says if more sanctions come he will cut off transit routes through his country for e.u. goods destined for russia and the baltic states he says he will listen to farmers workers and students collectives but not those on the streets of the violent thugs who roam the streets and shout that they want a dialogue they don't want dialogue and nobody from the authorities will hold any negotiations on the street if there are seen people from the opposition which see its country is free an independent welcome but while he wants to be seen as ready to listen has put his armed forces in combat ready mode and appealed to russia for help president vladimir putin has said he is prepared to send
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a police reserve if necessary but some people in the west have likened the opposition movement in belarus to those that toppled communism in eastern europe in the late 1980 s. the german chancellor angela merkel lived through those times in berlin which is why she feels an empathy with the protesters in jail or us and believes their grievances should be heard. i hope the groups that have now courageously taken to the streets the people who have denounced abuses that they will have that degree of freedom which we can take for granted freedom of demonstration freedom of opinion by bringing in targeted sanctions the e.u. is trying to deliver a clear message to alexander ucas shameka but in return his message is equally clear he is not going anywhere anytime soon dominic kane al-jazeera berlin. freelance journalist under a photo of it is in the capital minsk and he says look if shanker is becoming more
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and more isolated this fight has threats for testers are determined not to give up on the 20th day of fun to look at time to process the president has sworn the west's he wants a canny external pressure one that you sanction signposts he says who will do the same in return for the bell or is government my do is unclear the economy struggling there accuse its money exchange bureau and he's given a heart to be a stroke cash from a.t.m.'s ukraine has also now cut off contact with the governments here so that look at centcom now has only russia to rely on what they were put in has promised to send a reserve police force but the question is also put in the military it's a common thread emotes i've been told by one metro driver that he's been called up to the army in the coming days because he protested up to the election night after the rest of his to journalism thursday night it could be much harder for the media to cover future events sunday is lucas' than a 66th birthday and protesters are planning and you rally for what they call peace
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and independence there are also fears though of a russian invasion. when all the stories are following germany is saying it's ready to impose diplomatic sanctions against russia if it's proven that opposition leader alexina valmy was poisoned as part of the state initiated murder attempt he's still in a coma after he fell ill on a flight from siberia to moscow last week but doctors at the hospital where he's recovering say his condition is improving 44 year old remains in intensive care and on a ventilator. now west african leaders have agreed that mali's transitional government must be led by a survey by a civilian and it should last no longer than 12 months members of eco us held a summit on friday to discuss mali's future and whether to lift sanctions the regional bloc suspended the country from its institutions shut orders and stop financial transactions following last week's removal of president abraham boubacar kaita coup leaders released kater on thursday. watching al-jazeera still out
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for you on the program donald trump lays out his case for reelection insisting no one will be safe and joe biden's america. and heart wrenching scenes in the richest way least 14 dolphins have now died in the area of a recent oil spill. hello there still plenty of warm sunshine across much of southern europe but to the north you can see quite a stream of cloud and some rather heavy downpours across areas further towards the northern areas of italy but meanwhile the southwest of russia it has been hoarse and dry the winds have been very strong this fire started out because a power line came down but it's just being fueled by the dry conditions the lake
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humidity and of the say these very strong gusty winds and it will stay dry and hold that over the next few days you can see where the very heavy rain is again is working its way off the coast of spain pushing across towards about erik's and trading up as you can see across at is of italy austria and also switzerland meanwhile across the northwest some fairly strong winds again a very shoddy passon really across much of the u.k. and the countries in by sunday so it's a fairly strong winds across areas of the north and that rain becoming very having quite widespread throughout much of france and then this line of rain showers really pushing eastward through much of germany and on through poland towards the bowl 6 now in terms of the actual weather for the next few days in paris as you can see we're going to risk. the heavier rain will be and then scattered showers through sunday so improving slightly by monday fine dry day london stays mostly fine time which is a little bit below the average and then we've got the heat across into book arrest .
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from a local celebrity. 2 extraordinary intrapreneur. many coldest months of money. but when a deadly typhoon hits if you. can recall that the sox. are just serious the remarkable people do. not. survive the slog on al-jazeera. you al-jazeera live from london headlines now tens of thousands of people have
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filled washington d.c.'s national mall to rally for racial equality and criminal justice reform the event also commemorates the 57th anniversary of martin luther king jr as i have a dream speech. it comes days after black american jacob blake was shot by police sparking new on riced just a bike up and shackled to his hospital bed despite being left paralyzed but his lawyer says handcuffs have now been removed. and belorussia president alexander lukashenko has threatened to retaliate after the e.u. has agreed to impose sanctions on up to 20 officials over his crackdown on protesters. well donald trump and my pants are getting straight out into the campaign trail fresh from the republican national convention in his speech accepting apologies nomination us president told the election
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a choice between saving the american dream or allowing. a socialist agenda as he put it i want house correspondent kimberly hellcat has mall. never in modern history has a sitting president campaign from the white house a political symbol that supposed to be for all americans i profoundly accept this nomination for president of the united states. like joe biden donald trump has again broken with precedent as he accepted the republican party's nomination and attacked his democratic rival joe biden this is the most important election in the history of our country. christ spoke for more than an hour painting at apocalyptic picture of a biden presidency he told voters his opponent was campaigning as a democrat but would assure in an ideology much further left than any other liberal
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candidate your vote will decide whether we protect law abiding americans or whether we give free rein to violent and our kids and agitators and criminals who threaten our citizens. trump touted what he saw as some of his administration successes in foreign policy i could not sit by. as career politicians let other countries take advantage of us on trade borders foreign policy and national defense a domestic policy even as trump is scored low marks from american voters for his pandemic response with more than 180000 americans dead trump argued biden will not make things better instead of following the science joe biden wants to inflict a painful shutdown on the entire country his shutdown would inflict unthinkable and lasting harm on our nation's children's families and citizens of all backgrounds
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as he spoke more than a 1000 guests most of them not wearing a mask sat shoulder to shoulder ignoring the white house's own social distancing guidelines earlier in the day democratic vice presidential nominee camila harris hit back charging trump didn't do enough in the early days of the pandemic to protect americans all we needed was a competent president one who was willing to listen willing to lead take responsibility have a plan. do their job. paris also accuse trump of stoking racial divisions absent from trump's speech was any mention of jacob blake the man shot in the back last weekend of wisconsin by a white police officer even though the incident has caused nights of protests and the shutdown of the country's biggest sports leagues and in true trump fashion his
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speech and the convention ended literally with a bang. but in an attempt to drown out the festivities the protesters marched through the streets around the white house demanding justice and value to do all they could to prevent trump's reelection but donald trump is undeterred by the push back in an effort to build momentum following his acceptance speech immediately hitting the campaign trail of friday he'll travel to the u.s. state of new hampshire to hold his 1st political rally since the republican national convention kimberly health at al-jazeera the white house. kennedy joins us live now what has been the reaction the country to president trump's acceptance speech. well donald trump reacted on twitter very early on friday and what he had to say were 2 great reviews and also great ratings for his
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acceptance speech but actually we've looked at the numbers and that's not entirely true in fact when you compare donald trump's acceptance speech to joe biden's except in speech more americans tuned in for joe biden so you look at the numbers 23600000 for biden 21600000 for donald trump for a president that has an obsession with ratings as a television producer other things and also was obsessed with his crowd size for his inauguration you know this is not going to sit well with him and that's why he likely went out and tweeted this is what he does he often brands things as better than they are to kind of hide the fact that he came in 2nd place now we look at 2016 donald trump speech acceptance speech was much higher rated than hillary clinton's and of course donald trump went on to win the white house so in terms of this being a possible indicator it certainly doesn't bode well for the president now in terms
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of the content of the speech there was a lot of concern that the president had kind of used the scorched earth type of approach that it was flat otherwise and also that he spoke about the pandemic in the past tense when it still is raging in the united states the other big concern about this speech was how it was presented on the lawn of the white house again this is the people's house and yet we saw the branding of the trump pence campaign sides on either side of the president's podium really something that concerns people given this sort of partisan nature in violation of federal law so we're watching carefully to see what else the president might say he set to leave the white house for a campaign rally. in the coming hour thank you very much kimberly how. well california texas new york and several other states will not be following new advice from the u.s. centers for disease control to reduce coronavirus testing for those exposed to it
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the states will continue testing asymptomatic people have come into contact with the 19 is part of that plan to stop the virus from spreading c.d.c. this week changed its coronavirus testing guidance shocking health officials and many politicians new york's governor andrew cuomo challenge the assertion that politics played any role in the change but officials from the department of health and human services deny there's been any pressure from president trump of the testing policies and one virus expert has voiced concern over the guidelines is dr anthony fauci director of the u.s. national institute of allergy and infectious diseases is also a leading member of the white house coronavirus task force in the last hour he told al jazeera he's concerned that some regions still are not reopening after the lockdown in a careful and considered way. if you take a look at what's going on right now even at a steady state we're having between 35 and 45000 infections per day
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so even if things don't get worse you know you have more infections and when you have more infections you have more deaths so hopefully we'll be much better prepared to do 2 things to diminish the number of actual infections and by doing that to diminish the number of deaths because as you know we've been hanging around a 1000 deaths per day for quite a period of time right now we've got to get that number down and if we do then we would have many more deaths but if we don't do something about it we can continue to have that steady you know rather high number of deaths every day that we've seen over the last several weeks to several months actually and of course there is this clash isn't there between the medical advice and the economic imperatives you must be concerned about the prime the chair lifting of lockdowns leading to new outbreaks of the pandemic and resulting in more infections and sadly more deaths.
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well that's really the problem that we faced in the united states you know we got hit very badly in the northeastern part of our country dominated by the new york metropolitan area which at one time during the outbreak accounted for close to 50 percent of all the infections the hospitalizations and deaths as the northeastern part of the country got on the much better control as we tried to open up the country for economic reasons southern states such as florida texas arizona and california began to have the surges that lifted our backgrounds from 20000 cases a day up to as high as 70000 now as i mentioned we're back down to somewhere between 35 and 45000 cases our concern right now is that there are other regions of the country particularly the midwest in which this ng clings of the same
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problem namely as you try to open up the country if you don't do it in a careful measured way hundreds of mass protests as of right across india to voice their anger over a government plan to hold exams for millions of students demonstrations happened as india recorded its high single day rising current affairs cases yet another $77000.00 country is the 3rd worst affected in the world with what of a $3300000.00 infections and a half of india's total cases were detected this month alone as testing was ramped up well then 61 and a half 1000 people have died off to contract in 1000 in india. or france has reported 7003 over 7300 new cases of the crown a virus from more than 6000 reported on thursday present a manual mark on says his government is trying to do everything possible to avoid another nationwide coronavirus lockdown the wearing of masks is now mandatory in
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the capital paris the estimated rate of infection in the country has quadrupled over the past month hospitalizations and deaths remain relatively low and the government is sticking to plans to reopen all schools starting on tuesday the country is so far ported nearly 300000 cases and over 30000 deaths well now it's in japan the government is considering who should make its next leader after the prime minister shinzo rb resigned because of poor health 65 year old is the country's longest serving prime minister but has long suffered from a bowel disease he'll remain in the post until a successor is chosen priyanka gupta has more on his time as prime minister a chronic illness that cut short his 1st term in office 13 years ago has come back to force shinzo rb japan's longest serving prime minister to step down is employed or not america or i would like to sincerely apologize to the people of japan for
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leaving my post with one year left in my term of office and amid the coronavirus woes while various policies are still in the process of being implemented 7. for most of the century since the r.p. has dominated japan's politics he comes from an influential political did a study his grandfather was prime minister and his father foreign minister. the conservative politician rose through the ranks of his liberal democratic party and became japan's youngest prime minister since world war 2 in 2006 but that's didn't ended the full year due to help. 5 years later he returned if his 1st term was mauled by a political inexperience the 2nd had a renewed focus on agenda. of in the midst of what became known as ave nomics was a series of a vicious reforms aimed at boosting japan struggling economy his vision of
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a well the stronger japan came with a lifelong mission to amend the country's pacifist constitution which bars it from hostile acts except in self defense many japanese opposes constitutional changes the but he did manage to repeatedly win elections as a result of the stability that he brought the fact that he's won 6 national elections that basically been unopposed and really has shown no sign of losing his power really up until now and is it is it year that japan has been well governed has been predictably and consistently govern for that period and he has managed to translate that into a much more visible role for japan in asia and globally our base trend in security entry ties with the us making japan one of its closest allies. and despite total disputes he warmed up to regional superpower china and japan's wartime legacy
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led to renewed friction with south korea causing their worst diplomatic and create dispute with decades. the 2011 earthquake tsunami and fukushima nuclear disaster was a further test of his leadership another came in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic scuttled his plans to showcase japan on the world stage by hosting the tokyo summer olympics the world's 3rd largest economy already on the slide since 2 india teen slumped to a record low obvious resignation has set off a succession battle in the ranks of the governing liberal democratic party and their concerns about what the future holds for a country long used to stability. to see or now a mother and her baby are the latest dolphins to be found dead off the coast of
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malaysia in the areas affected by the oil spill $48.00 dolphins have now died in the area and environmentalists are urgently seeking an explanation the oil spill was caused by a japanese ship which hit a coral reef on the 25th of july and started to spill oil about a week later scientists have warned of a major ecological disaster. just a quick look at headlines now tens of thousands of people are filled washington d.c.'s national mall to rally for racial equality and criminal justice reform event also commemorates the 57th anniversary of martin luther king jr as i have a dream speech that been renewed protests across the country after black american jacob blake was shot by police on sunday leaving him paralyzed. several u.s. states say they will not be following new advice from the u.s. centers for disease control to reduce crime the virus testing for those exposed to
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it states will continue testing asymptomatic people have come into contact with kovan 1000 as part of their plan to stop the virus spreading c.d.c. this week changed its testing guidance shocking health officials and many politicians infectious disease expert dr anthony foushee told outages there he is worried that some regions are still not reopening in a careful and considered way we have to continue to put a lot of emphasis on the messaging of why it is so important when you do open we don't believe you need to lock down again we believe that if you open up in a careful and prudent way that you can open up gradually without having a surge of infections that was done successfully in new york following their big explosion of cases it was not done successfully in the southern states because as the opening began there were surges of cases. belarusian president alyaksandr
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looking shanker has threatened to retaliate after the e.u. agree to impose sanctions on up to 20 officials says he's prepared to cut transit routes through the country and has ordered half the national army into combat ready mode follows a major crackdown on protestors off to the country's disputed election and then one of the story japan's government is considering who to make its next leader now off the prime minister shinzo are they resigned because of ill health 65 year old is the country's longest serving prime minister but he has suffered from many is from a bowel disease she is regarded as a staunch conservative and nationalist will remain in the post until his successor is chosen a.j. selects as the program coming up next.
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the guy is facing amazing would not be just as a miser thanks. tyson is the set. cut to. emigrate for why i don't. do that if i'm going to get a moment. or so just has actually made my day.


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