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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 16, 2020 2:00am-2:34am +03

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everywhere. but if bottles can be fishing doubts. and bubble gum wellington. what little can be done with this plague of parliament. reimagining plastic. on our existing rock. on the pressure to resign the embattled president and bella reuss seeks russia's help. hello i'm adrian forgetting this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the. protests against the u.s.
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postmaster general amid warnings that millions of ballots make it to late. demonstrators are back outside israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is residents to modding that he resign over corruption allegations and the response to covert 90. plus the japanese ship that sport spilled tons of oil causing an ecological disaster in militias has broken apart. the president of the roofs has sought help from russia as protests a group calling for him to step down alexander lukashenko says that his russian counterpart vladimir putin has agreed to help to ensure the security of the country if needed there's been a 7th day of mass protests against his rule with members of the state media now joining the ranks of his era step passing reports from minsk. euphoria instead of
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fear on the streets of minsk after security forces stayed away from large rallies which crowd around the capital in the past 2 days where the. 2 former military man came out to denounce the violence used by security forces in the past week. have come to show me in reality is with the nation it always has been thousands held a minute of silence at a metro station where 34 year old. killed during protests last monday in the morial house with a funeral quickly turned into a mass rally. i understand i could have been detained and beaten or dead like this one i consider the president of belarus to kind of. is an illegitimate president this president must be judged he should get the strongest sentence possible women carry photos of injured detainees who were beaten and tortured by
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riot police during protests it could be your son this banner eats. here in this crowd frustration but also fear and sadness. and. police violence. with protests and strikes spreading around the country president. vladimir putin asking for help in a significant turnaround employees of state television networks joint in as well this is an english. i just want to say defending valorous is no less important than defending this holds. to set an example for the rest. don't stand strong the way. that way. but analysts don't expect put in to go out of his way to help look to remain in power. yes but it's what allies he's
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relationship with is a really quite badly shape of the. some people say that look africa has a bit the bullet holes touch of reality and that here a learned to both of the east and the west also now he is the spirit of put in this is lost hope a but putin has a little acted in a way that give a signal that he is quoting to rescue will question cut any cost so far of possible russian intervention is not in the minds of these protesting by the russians who are increasingly dominating the country streets their immediate concern is to get rid of look i shan't have to have free and fair elections step fastened al-jazeera menthe. journey across the lever is an associate professor at the university college in london she says that look at shanker can't rely on backing from moscow. russia would know what one tool actually engage in.
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providing support for. the russian authorities at the moment even sad don't be highly risky to bring in. one don't fall. easily into the in. this busy case because 1st of all it's. conflict is currently it's definitely brings attention and has attention of the international community and. actually to has a sanctions introduce against russia as well as and they already faces that all internal conflict and problems each started about us and that support is already for $48.00 nearly 40 days and now. striking to support the bill russians still even as a reason expression for support to an interviewer and bill are
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a success now then i. expect. this strikes will rule the whole country so and it's what putin does not want to do so the risk of too high for him crowds marching for a 6th weekend in russia's far east have shown solidarity with the protesters in belarus for weeks now they've been rallying cry about offs against the rest of the region's former governor who defeated a probe kremlin wyvil elections 2 years ago sergei forgo was detained last month and taken to jail in moscow he's accused of ordering the murder of at least 2 business men 15 years ago which he denies for bell's supporters saying the charges politically vote for shit. the u.s. postal service is warned that millions of mail in votes may not arrive in time to be counted in the presidential election there is expected to be a huge rise of the number of mail in ballots as a result of the pandemic but the service says it can't guarantee that all posted
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votes will arrive for counting on november the 3rd how did your customer report stuff from silver spring maryland. this is not the scene u.s. public health officials want repeated on november 3rd when americans elect their next president amid a pandemic. but the alternative to have large numbers of people vote by mail may also be risky that's the warning the u.s. postal service has issued to 46 states and the district of columbia the government run agencies states must require voters to request mail in ballots at least 15 days before the election or those ballots may not be counted on time we could see a dramatic increase in the volume of mail of people returning their ballots which we would absolutely determine has to be done in a timely fashion so here ruins vote is counted historically mail in voting has turned out more democrats than republicans and polls show president trump trailing
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behind his challenger for the white house joe biden that's led to allegations from democrats that trump's battle against mail in voting is for political gain there's a collapse of trust broadly in america right now in government in these institutions in the white house in congress those that are opponents of. president trump who are going to turn out at polls and are going to turn out at mail in ballots and those that support president trump are going to support him enormously. in washington protesters accusing trump of voter suppression gathered outside the home of lewiston joy the former republican fundraiser appointed. by trump to be u.s. postmaster general in may their joy has removed some mail processing machines and cut workers' hours citing the need to slash costs the post office inspector general is now investigating and lawmakers of both parties have voiced alarm there's no
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doubt that the postal service has a long term financial challenge and those who need to be dealt with but now it's not the time to be cutting back services earlier this week trump said he wanted to withhold funding from the postal service because he didn't want to see the money used for mail in voting now the president has backtracked saying he will agree to fund the agency but despite requesting a mail in ballot for himself trump continues to claim without evidence that mail in ballots will lead to massive voter fraud in november. castro al-jazeera maryland president trump has continued to back his pick for postmaster general despite the protests against him you know he's a fantastic man he wants to he wants to make the post office great again you hear the expression he wants to make the post office great again i don't know what he's
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doing i can only tell you he's a very smart man he'll be a great postmaster general and he needs obviously if you're going to do these millions of ballots out of nowhere he's going to obviously need funding but the democrats aren't willing to provide other things and therefore they're not going to get the funding for that but you're going to have. a catastrophic situation with universal mail in and on top of it the democrats aren't willing to give the people the money and the post office the money former u.s. president barack obama has joined the criticism of the postal service is functioning he's tweeted that everyone depends on the u.s.p.s. simmias for their social security veterans for their prescriptions small businesses trying to keep their doors open that can't be collateral damage for an administration more concerned with suppressing the vote and suppressing a virus bruce fein is a lawyer and former associates deputy attorney general he joins us now live from
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washington d.c. via skype bruce what do you make of all of this. well some of the argument i believe is a little misplaced under the united states constitution the states decide whether or not there will be mail in voting they decide whether or not ballots received even if not counted by election day still will be valid votes the states decide whether or not to have supplemental voting booths outside the mailing system which can be said serve as depositories for votes a states could even authorized may i mean voting but e-mail so it's a state law issue and they could also ask very very wealthy democratic donors like george soros tom styer it's a donate billions of dollars in order to provide these alternative or supplementary ways to get a ballot on time on election day whether or not the post office is slow
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a so i think that this preoccupation with it's the u.s. mails or nothing is wrong headed the constitution gives the states limitless options outside the post office to receive those ballots so what do you make of the president's continued opposition to mail and voting then at his comments is this wolf a political game does it amount to voter suppression. yeah it's clearly a political gain for this president trump has no authority 0 under the constitution neither does congress to prevent a state from deciding to accept mail in ballots and electing electors for the president so he can say what he wants he's powerless to do anything about it this is a state law issue it's been that way for 230 years now it may well be he's just trying to create atmosphere to suggest that if the states go ahead and do this is supporters should be skeptical of accepting the outcome if you want to challenge
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the outcome but even then he's powerless really to influence those ultimate decisions as which votes are valid or not and the only test case we really had when you had more than one slate of electors claiming that they were authorized to vote it was decided by congress this is 876 they've created a commission that decided whether or not one slate or another should be accepted so even when it comes to determining whether or not the fraud that mr trump alleges is proven or not it's outside of his hands it's in cook the hands of congress so the big the big question is now you know as you say this is a state issue but will congress provide extra money to the states if the states requested for the postal service. well right now we don't know there have been many republicans that have stated disagreement with president trump suggesting that he's trying to starve the postal service of money so they'll be slow in delivering the
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mail the house democrats clearly are eager to provide the extra money the republicans is another matter also mr trump is equivocated on whether he would veto such a bill and if he did veto it you need a $2.00 thirds override but in addition there is always this back up we know that there are wealthy political supporters on both sides of the aisle they have plenty of money jeff bezos george soros tom styer to provide billions to states on a nonpartisan basis to obtain easier ways to get the ballot cast into the system before november 3rd indeed a gifts like that are tax deductible on your federal income taxes so there are ways to get around the log jam about funding from congress person so it was quick talk to you many thanks to a person find that from washington thank you. we're going to weather update next
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here on out 010. in bangkok preparing to escalate their campaign to try to force the government out and reform the highest institution in thailand's. no longer made in hong kong how increasing tension between the u.s. and china is affecting the city small business of. hello there we've got hot to dry weather across the west of the united states and some very unsettled weather with some strong thunderstorms across areas towards the southeast now you can see here there was some flash flooding that took place in louisville in kentucky the warnings for this you can see the damage that was done as well we had some very heavy rain and some pretty strong gusty winds within those thunderstorms more of those as we go through the next day or so meanwhile out
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across the west a very different story that i hate warnings in place all the way from the pacific northwest right there down the west and across into texas and still in california there are a couple of very big fires burning a people have been evacuated from their homes you can see how they're trying to battle these fires of course the terrain is so steep and mountainous the having to really resort to the you can see these temperatures very high 33 in seattle on sunday hence those heat warnings scattered showers across the south and then we'll see more of those heavy rains working away particularly across the mid atlantic again there are some flash flood warnings in place and that does eventually clear off the coast as we had 3 monday then down into central america and the caribbean we're watching this this is a tropical storm josephine not radio a great threat to any as a land but what we will say is very heavy rains across areas such as costa rica and down across into panama.
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slums of mina home to an extraordinary community on the frontline remy a self taught me to life. delivering new life into some of the toughest living conditions. in a unique 6 part series al-jazeera follows the lives of the remarkable people who work now and dry in the slot on al-jazeera. oh. hello again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news this hour the president of belarus has sought help from russia as protests grow calling for him
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to step down thousands gathered at the spot where a man died on monday during a violent crackdown on demonstrators and the u.s. postal service is warning that it can't guarantee all ballots cast by mail and november's presidential election will arrive in time to be counted president trump has continued to back his pick for postmaster general despite protests against. the grain protests in west jerusalem near the official residence of israel's prime minister calling on him to resign demonstrations against benjamin netanyahu been held on saturday evenings the several weeks now there's anger over the government's handling of a coronavirus pandemic and netanyahu is ongoing trial for corruption al-jazeera said perry for support style from west jerusalem. once again this is another major protest not far from his residence at a square in west jerusalem thousands of gathered again the local reports suggest it's a little bit smaller than the last 2 weekends when the numbers are well in excess
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of $10000.00 and the majority of those there are concerned with the coronavirus pandemic response and that and yahoo's corruption trial which is due to start in earnest the evidentiary phase in january but there are others there as well those not just from from left with them as ations there's a group of doctors there there are groups representing self employed people who've been hit very hard by the the economic fallout of the pandemic and for all of the of the diplomatic coup that has been trying to push this week in terms of the deal signed with the u.a.e. there are people here saying that that doesn't matter for those who've been hit so hard by what's happened during the pandemic the palestinian ambassador to the u.a.e. has been recalled in protest of the gulf states decision to normalize relations with israel palestinian leaders denounced the u.s. brokered agreement as a stab in the back to their cause under the deal israel agreed to suspend its
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planned annexation of areas in the occupied west bank. turkey's president. says this country will not back down of its standoff with greece over energy exploration in the eastern mediterranean dismissed threats of e.u. sanctions on saturday he says a turkish research vessel will continue operations for another week turkey and greece are at all a claims of energy resources in the disputed area between the islands of crete and cyprus. the japanese ship that plowed into the coral reef into a coral reef off the coast of richesses split apart spilling all into the pristine waters earlier japan promised to send specialists to the island to assess the damage from the oil spill militia's declared an environmental emergency after what some scientists according the island's worst ecological disaster. to is an oceanographer an environmental engineer he says that the environmental consequences will be long lasting. some reversible damage has already been done we
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know that around $1500.00 actors of lagoon have been impacted we are talking about $4000.00 actors of an environmentally sensitive area including coral sea grass mangroves beaches and into tidal mudflats we now know that any additional spill would put another additional pressure on those pristine waters especially due to the presence of these environmentalists sensitive areas and the blue bay marin park i think that the situation is that the thumped wasn't right from the start which means that the spill has already ok you're talking about $829.00 tons of this has building for the slow going and now we are facing another threat of another 50 tons of fuel again spilling in the leg one and in the long term we're also looking at the the longer term impact of toxic elements containing the ship like the batteries toxic paint and other elements containing the ship which me seep into the sea and contaminate further wlog owns so the damage of that what actually is not
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a short term damage it's a very long term damage animal are looking into long term and pharmacy impact and resilience procedures. the global pandemic peru is one of latin america's worst coronavirus affected countries the health system there has been pushed close to breaking point as coronavirus cases have sought now doctors at the national children's hospital are raising the alarm over a small scale but worrying new outbreak holeman reports show. some of the latest tiny. crew of the national children's hospital some board. the country's case in death rate are among the highest in the world and while they're still very few of the seriously you did this young the number did begin rising in july and that's worrying doctors. and also. we have seen a 2030 percent increase in the numbers of children hospitalized and ending.
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the frankly men dosser blames it on one thing or the. parents' behavior leaving children to play together in parks in shopping malls or family visits that's what's leading the increase in actions among children. serious coby cases among children a still very far from widespread the most of those here already had other medical complications. as in other countries the virus is effect on children is different from the symptoms shown by older sufferers or. it's not the same as the adult infection which causes lack of breath after about a month they've been developing pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome which affects several organs especially their heart. the staff are doing their best to help them learning new techniques as they go it's tough for them to. it's really
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painful having to submit a little one to beijing or a ventilator or we know we have to do it because if not the patient could die. and scenes like this make it worth it. that is coming i'm so grateful to you for taking care of my baby i want to thank you thank you thank you so much god bless. the team here are hoping that this sudden increase in cases doesn't go on and that there will be more patients heading than in today unit john homan 0 protesters in thailand are planning another large rally on sunday as they continue their push to remove the government and reform the monarchy the mainly student led protesters are calling for significant changes to the royal family his role in society which is considered a taboo subject in thailand out a serious way hey reports. there's
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a new generation of protesters in thailand and they're daring to go where few others have at times they've been gathering in their thousands and speaking about an issue that supposed to be off limits i mean i just want to say that to speak out about the marquis something that we can do the royal family is protected by laws designed to prevent criticism but these protesters who are mainly students say they won't stay silent anymore along with calling for elections and a new constitution have announced a set of demands to reform the monarchy and reduce its political power the student to announce the demands on stage is wanted by police however i have mixed feelings i'm glad that i've started a conversation i think that i'm playing a crucial role in this movement but at the same time i feel bad because we've been suppressed for far too long and many people have been too afraid to speak up so far protests by royalist groups have been small but given the strong language from the students they could grow in the meantime they're choosing to lay complaints with
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police but people have the right to protest but you have to do it correctly you have to follow the rules and the laws are not criticized the monarchy that criticism and questioning the role of the royal family has increased since the death in 2016 of king a do new day who reigned for 70 years his son king know what you were long gone spends most of his time in europe but his strength and his position amending the constitution and taking full control of palace assets since 932 thailand has been a constitutional monarchy and the king as head of state is supposed to have limited power but in reality he is the ultimate political power and that's what the protesters say they want to change they're not looking for an overthrow of the monarchy but an overhaul of the system for gathering peacefully and calling for that the protesters are risking their freedom so the whole or the american bar. if i'm arrested i will ask for bail because that will prevent me from talking about
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politics i'd rather spend a few years in prison and come out swinging thailand has a history of political upheaval and violence and given the unprecedented nature of these protests more could be on the way when hey al jazeera bangkok one of the main student leaders organizing sunday's planned march rally has been released on bail was. supporters welcomed parrots she what are called summoners penguin as he walked out of the police station he was arrested on friday taking part in an anti government rally. donald trump says that he's considering imposing a ban on china's tech giant alibaba the move would add the e-commerce giant to a growing list of chinese technology firms facing punitive actions in the u.s. on friday president trump gave the chinese owner of the popular video app tic talk 90 days to sell its assets in the united states the president says the chinese tech
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firms pose a threat to u.s. national security deepening hostility between china and the u.s. is hurting hong kong on several fronts many in the city are worried about beijing's new security law as well as the economic retaliation from washington al-jazeera as adrian brown reports. during the past few weeks so much has happened so quickly in hong kong none of it good according to more and more foreign leaders who worry about the city's future as a business hub caught in the middle of the dispute between mainland china and the united states a small exporters like this watch manufacturer from the end of next month hong kong exports destined for the united states would have to show they were instead made in china a largely symbolic move but critics say still a setback for hong kong's identity oh it's pretty end of the so i mean it's all very disappointing because. i spend my last 46 years trying to create
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a brand of. bring to the world what i believe is the quality side of it in hong kong president donald trump says he's ending his country's special trading relationship with hong kong retaliate for a sweeping national security law that china's government imposed on the city more than 6 weeks ago on thursday trump warned that hong kong's days as a global financial center were finished because of china well this is a snapshot of an economy that was already in trouble before covert 19 or worsening sino u.s. relations and what worries people here is that the u.s. strategy seems to be that to hurt china you have to hurt hong kong and that's not acceptable says the city's come a secretary as a deliberate tend to sort of undermine hong kong separate custom territory which is a very important purpose for hong kong as the international trading center yet some
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people here say the u.s. action is justified because few other countries are prepared to stand up to china's ruling communist party the same way we wish that the world can know all on c.c.p. is an evil party and we also want them to hear on both boys. died. the reason for us sanctioning hong kong is because china has a problem they intervening in hong kong's internal affairs if u.s. is not sanctioning china who else is going to do china's leaders are accused of putting hong kong's freedoms in jeopardy and the trumpet ministration of doing the same to this city's economy adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. it is good to have you with us hello adrian figure here in doha the headlines analysis here of the president of belarus a sort help from russia as protests group calling for him to step down thousands
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gathered at the spot where a man died on monday during a violent crackdown on demonstrators. the u.s. postal service is warning that it can't guarantee all ballots cast by mail in november's presidential election will arrive in time to be counted president trump has continued to back his pick for postmaster general despite protests against him . here is president trump continuing to back his pick for postmaster general despite the protests against him yes he's a fantastic man he wants to he wants to make the post office great again you ever hear the expression he wants to make the post office great again i don't know what he's doing i can only tell you he's a very smart man he'll be a great postmaster general and he needs obviously if you're going to do these millions of ballots out of nowhere he's going to obviously need funding but the democrats aren't willing to provide other things and therefore they're not going to
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get the funding for that but you know you're going to have. a catastrophic situation with universal mail and and on top of it the democrats aren't willing to give the people the money and the post office the money the more protests in west jerusalem they're the official residence of israel's prime minister calling on him to resign protesters are angry at benjamin netanyahu is handling the pandemic and his ongoing trial for corruption the japanese ship the plowed into a coral reef off the coast of the richest a split apart spilling more oil into the pristine waters earlier japan promised to send specialists to the island to assess the damage from the oil spill versus declared an environmental emergency after what some scientists are calling the island's worst ecological disaster. much more news if you want to take a look at the website the latest that al-jazeera dot com and we'll have more news for you here after the bottom line next. frank assessment it's saying that in yemen
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. there's him to pull his relation off facing black links with physical informed opinion is ethiopia on the verge of a breakdown many calls of the old will mean that region are actually under a de facto state of the nijinsky critical debate of that is a proxy he does look at everything the interest of the a few people in depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera hi i'm steve clemons and i have a question with less than 3 months left to the u.s. elections what do americans really want let's get to the bottom line. in less than 90 days americans are going to decide whether president trump or his democratic challenger joe biden will run the country for the next 4 years even though most polls put biden ahead especially in the crucial swing states it's risky business to predict which way the race will go and there are
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a lot of black swans or what i call unexpected events that can happen between now and then to get a closer look at the pulse of the american people these days we turn.


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