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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 23, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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documentaries from around the world about those who won't give up their fight for justice. al-jazeera selects justice. today i'm announcing a surge of federal law enforcement into american communities plagued by violent crime donald trump launches operation legend sending hundreds of agents on to the streets democrats say it's a place called stunt to boost a flagging reelection campaign. hello there i'm the stars here tale this is al jazeera live from also coming up spying claims and a mysterious fire china is ordered to shut its consulates in the u.s. city of houston as the diplomatic war tens of fives. and greater risk of abuse
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during the pandemic indonesia's politicians are accused of failing to protect society's most of all. this is a member of the task because we could not prepare olympic games as we are used to and taking the plunge with one years ago the countdown is on to the delayed take your game. now he's betting himself as the law and order president and 3 months out from the election donald trump has announced that hundreds of federal law enforcement officers will be sent to the cities of chicago and albuquerque to combat what he calls rising crime state governors and city officials all democrats say this is a political stunt mike hanna reports. the concern about federal involvement was
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sparked by scenes like this from portland oregon to weeks of anti racism protests federal troops in unmarked uniforms moved in confronting demonstrators and detaining them in vehicles much to the end of the state's governor this is a democracy not a dictatorship we can. have secret police abducting people into and putting them in unmarked vehicles. i cannot believe i have to say that the president of the united states now the president has announced his intention of sending federal offices to several other cities today i'm announcing a surge of federal law enforcement into american communities plagued by violent crime will work every single day to restore public safety protect our nation's children and bring violent perpetrators to justice for months president
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trump has regularly tweeted law and order in capitals and this decision is regarded by many as a campaign ploy in an election year the mayors of several major cities have sent this letter to the attorney general blasting the proposed deployment the letter reads in part these are tactics we expect from authoritarian regimes not our democracy that has been an especially violent summer atlanta has seen a 300 percent spike in shooting victims compared to the same week in july last year in new york city over the past week shooting victims are up more than 200 percent. mounting frustration during this pandemic and widespread anger at police has led to what many view as a perfect storm of increased violence that federal involvement could intensify rather than fickle mike hanna al-jazeera washington. well philadelphia's top
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prosecutor has warned that federal agents will face criminal charges if they unlawfully assault or arrest anyone in the city if they choose to follow the law then we'll all get along famously and if they choose not to follow the law then they will discover that there are laws in the commonwealth of pennsylvania that can be used to prosecute. it is certainly my hope that their behavior will be entirely legal but based on what i saw in portland it is my opinion that some of that behavior looks like criminal conduct john hendren is in chicago where the man has had a change of hot of the deployment of the us federal agents this is a particularly violent year in a violent city as about a week ago 373 people had been killed in the city of chicago that's about 100 more than at the same point just a year ago so we're on pace to have 700 deaths that's a very high number in a city that often has high numbers so it is
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a violent year but i spoke to a federal law enforcement source and he said this would be very different than what happened in portland in portland you had a bunch of federal officials in cammo gear with helmets and pads they were protecting federal buildings from vandalism but they were also going out in chasing down vandals this federal law enforcement source that i spoke to here in chicago says it will be entirely different that no one will see than the officers here on the street at the president's news conference he was talking about something like 200 officers i am told here on the ground as of yesterday the number that federal officials here were told was more like 110 whatever the number is these are going to be people who are going to be investigating existing crimes they're not going to be boots on the ground they're not to be armed and out on the street and that is one of the things that has apparently changed the mayor's mind here in chicago mayor lori lightfoot was very concerned about what happened in portland and she was going to try to stop the president from sending in federal agents here in chicago
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but after she talked to the u.s. attorney here in town we are told that she changed her mind and decided that they could be helpful in solving some of these crimes. now the u.s. and china have traded threats and criticism over the current pandemic hong kong and the south china sea now the diplomatic war between the 2 global powers has a new focus beijing's been given 72 hours to shut down its contests in the u.s. city of houston this is the latest in a series of actions meant to punish china for what the trumpet ministration calls undiplomatic behavior and chinese officials threatening to retaliate roslyn jordan has. it's a scene straight out of the spy film employees at the chinese consulate in houston burned documents before they're forced to leave the u.s. on friday the expulsion of the 60 diplomats and their families is just the latest step taken by the u.s. against a country it considers a national security threat we are setting out clear expert taishan for how the
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chinese communist party is going to behave and when they don't who are going to take actions that protect the american people protect our security our national security and also protect our economy and jobs even before the u.s. officially announced the closure a wednesday officials in beijing were condemning the move for you don't you. maybe this is intentional sabotage to buy national relations and it's extremely outrageous china strongly condemns it and which is the u.s. side to withdraw its decision otherwise china will definitely take unnecessary and legitimate response the top administration's decision is the latest in a string of what it calls punishments for china's recent actions imposing tariffs on hong kong goods after beijing revoked its autonomy officially opposing chinese efforts to claim the south china sea as its own imposing sanctions to protest the alleged abuse and imprisonment of weaker muslims and what washington has insisted
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was beijing's failure to warn everyone about covert 19 before the virus outbreak turned into a global pandemic later on wednesday senators grilled deputy secretary of state stephen wiig and during a hearing about the administration's china policy i know you argue that this president and the administration has been uniquely successful with china and i know you're good at your job before the hearing devolves into a hearing bashing china on the world health organization for the code pandemic let me assure you blame game politics won't save american lives some analysts say that despite the administration's harsh rhetoric there may well be justification for closing the houston calls a lot long time the chinese have gone after. internet related technology space technology and so much of which is text is a sensible step from that perspective for. the trumpet ministration says by closing
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the chinese consulate in houston it's punishing beijing for its bad behavior but political opponents say the white house strategy could backfire by encouraging its chinese counterparts to retaliate rosalyn jordan al-jazeera alexandria virginia. now u.s. states and territories have opposed had more than 1100 new deaths from the coronavirus . that's the highest daily toll since may and the most populous state that's california now has the highest number of infections in the country supporting new york the spike has been attributed to that state opening up most of its economy since may there are now 415000 cases in california but more people have died in new york california has had to reimpose restrictions on businesses and brazil has reported a record daily increase in corona virus cases of nearly 68000 it has the world's 2nd west outbreak after the us with more than 2000000 infections and 82000 deaths
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the pandemic was initially focused on cities but in recent weeks has surged in the country's vast hinterland. and there is new cases in brazil push the total number of reported infections across latin america to more than $4000000.00 several countries are seeing increasing rates of covered 19 including bolivia where police say they have recovered hundreds of bodies from streets and homes on your palate reports. in bolivia a special police unit is tasked with recovering bodies from people's homes in the cities of la paz and santa cruz authorities say they recovered $420.00 bodies from homes streets and automobiles over a span of only 5 days. the vast majority are believed to be deaths from code 19 it's a sign the health crisis in the country is accelerating more trouble but it is true of my relatives have died we went to the hospital and they didn't take care of them they told us the hospitals were all crowded we went to several hospitals and now my
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2 closest relatives have died from medical negligence the government doesn't nothing. coronavirus cases in bolivia have surpassed 60000 and there are predictions the number of cases could double in the next 2 weeks this exponential rise in corona virus cases is also playing out in several other countries in the americas with alarming rates of contagion in ecuador colombia and others during the last week there were on was 900000 new cases a nearly 22000 deaths reported in our region most of there is within brazil mexico and the united states of america almost their sirens have gone on tuesday evening mexico surpassed 40000 coronavirus deaths it's the 2nd highest death toll in latin america just behind brazil. people need to know the epidemic is still active that we have to stay home engage in social distancing etc or guarantee some
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moral commitment from health officials but everyone needs to do their part. despite a real. meaning of mexico's economy the still worsening outbreak is expected to lead to new law downs as cases surge. latin america remains one of the worst affected regions of the world the pan american health organization so the crisis in the region shows no signs of slowing down world health experts are also expressing concern over contagion rates in central america where countries are reporting the highest weekly death tolls since the start of the pandemic. al-jazeera. well south korea's economy has plunged into recession off to suffering its west to klein and more than 2 decades the knock on effect from the pandemic hit exports and factory output causing the economy to contract 3.3 percent in june compared to the previous quarter analysts predict the 4th largest economy will slowly recover during the 2nd half of this year. also ahead for you here on al-jazeera
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a dramatic rescue from a batting apartment and fronts we'll have those details. and the stores under the stands by an essential part of hong kong's retail landscape is in danger of disappearing. and still the heat is in place across the northeast of the united states of the south of the midwest we've got more of those thunderstorms across the west it is about the fire the winds are very strong it is very hot and very dry and this is one particular fire up into the northeast over california it's called the hold fire and you can just see the size of this in fact over 3 and a half 1000 hits has burned already it's only 5 percent contained the flames but you can also see obviously the damage in its way people have been evacuated from
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the nearby town of susan villains aside that is in the northeast of california it will stay dry as we go through thursday temperatures are not too bad but as a say it is very dry very low humidity but elsewhere quite discussion of showers really quite good across much of the 4 corners region that typical for this time of year these a seasonal rains and then across the south the southeast and some heavy rain as well pushing into the northeast and finally temperatures beginning to come down by friday 29 in new york but very unsettled 31 in washington d.c. with the tons of the showers and thunderstorms and as i elsewhere more of that rain working up into areas of the south then down across into the caribbean we watching one disturbance of particular is towards the northern section of the gulf of mexico that will continue to spin thursday and friday and that's where we're going to see the heaviest of the rains. the universe is a tipping point scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 years as
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the world's leaders to agree on a solution. taking matters into their. trying to get people to understand that it kills people and that it kills people now it's critically both fronts return to people's doors on 00. and again and that's reminder about top stories here this hour the u.s. president says he's going to send hundreds of federal law enforcement officers to
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the cities of chicago and albuquerque donald trump says it's to combat rising crime officers are already in portland oregon they have been accused of detaining anti-racism protest as without justification. and the u.s. government has ordered beijing to close its consulates and houston saying it's to protect american intellectual property china denies reports that star for burning documents and side the building and is threatening to retaliate. the number of coronavirus cases reported across latin america has passed 4000000 more than half of those infections are in brazil which reported a record daily increase in cases on wednesday. child rights activists in indonesia have condemned lawmakers for failing to stand up for victims of sexual abuse a bill to tackle sexual violence was drop. as the government dealt with the coronavirus pandemic and experts say it's after vulnerable children and even risk just to washington reports from jakarta. in this is.
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this is where children can come together to play sing and to be safe it's a place for children who would otherwise spend all day on the street. here at the shelter she spent her youth on the streets and she knows firsthand how perpetrators of sexual abuse target these children. living on the streets or sleeping in front of shops is a nice but if someone suddenly offered you access to an apartment facilities who would refuse there's no concept of social distancing here for these children food and a safe place to rest on more pressing concerns and. the volunteers who run the show to say sexual predators use accommodation and food to target children. street children are very much at risk of sexual violence that's why we have to be patient embrace them and protect them but in many parts of the country children have been left to fend for themselves this is just one of many shelters across
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indonesia which has closed its doors because of covered 19 precautions alone on the streets and with nowhere to go child rights activists say children are now even greater risk of becoming victims of abuse. this month a number of child abuse cases have sparked calls for change including the case of a 65 year old french national who was arrested late last month accused of abusing more than $300.00 children in jakarta the accused committed suicide in his jail cell most of his victims were children on the street he lured them to hotels by pretending to be a photographer it was like before the corona virus outbreak the number of cases of abuse of children was already high the situation's only got worse now because there are more opportunities for the abuse to happen. despite this legislators have dropped the sexual violence eradication bill from their agenda. because it's not that we don't think the bill is important it's just
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a technical consideration we're finishing a bill about handling covert 19 we don't have time to finish the other bills activists say combating sexual abuse should be a priority and laws need to be strengthened. if they refuse to discuss the bill it means they fail to understand the need for protection for women and children against sexual violence. life has always been dangerous for children on the streets but the pandemic has highlighted just how vulnerable they are just because washington are jazeera to heart or russia's judiciary has come under fire for jailing a prominent historian yuri demetrios was convicted of sexually abusing his adopted daughter a charge that he denies human rights groups and activists say he was robbed jailed over his work uncovering massacres during the war of soviet leader joseph stalin supporters say his focus on stalin's crimes is seen as incompatible with the state's view of russian history dmitri have was sentenced to 3 and
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a half years in prison but is expected to be released within months because of time already served. some of my greatest desire now i would really like to see my father and hug him i hope that i will see him tomorrow but unfortunately without the possibility of hugging him however i hope that this will happen very soon now the self-confessed middleman in the murder of a maltese journalist has been found with serious knife for instance hours before a court hearing it's unclear if melvin through met tried to kill himself the former taxi driver was given a presidential pardon and immunity in exchange for evidence about the case daphne khurana glitzier a maltese journalist known for exposing government corruption was killed by a car bomb near her home 3 years ago now sudan has appointed 18 civilian governors as the country continues to transition into democracy following years of military rule prime minister abdullah doc says there they will begin their jobs in a couple of days the appointments are part of
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a power sharing agreement signed last year between the military and protesters rallying for leadership change and also announced a cousin fuel subsidies as he works towards qualifying sudan for international funding guinea's security ministry has defended officers accused of acting incorrectly during protests in conakry 2 people were killed when police fought with demonstrators a funeral for one of those victims took place on tuesday minister albert says some protesters in stolen uniforms may have used illegal weapons against police airstrikes in western afghanistan have killed $45.00 people a district governor in the province of herat says at least 8 civilians died in the attacks which he blamed on afghan forces members of the taliban were also killed afghans defense ministry has launched an investigation the us has denied involvement. the united nations is warning up to 3200000 people in southern yemen
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are expected to face acute food insecurity over the next 6 months more than 2000000 people already suffer from severe food shortages due to ongoing fighting there but the u.n. says the situation will get worse jews of the coronavirus pandemic and a global economic downturn the war in yemen has left more than 100000 people dead leading to the wild west humanitarian disaster now the british government has unveiled the conditions for 3000000 hong kong residents to apply for citizenship starting in january those eligible will not need a job before going to the u.k. it applies to those with british national overseas passports and their immediate families the new rules are in response to a national security law that china is imposing on hong kong which critics say curbs freedoms china's embassy in london says the new policy violates international law or a chalons isn't on one with more on that immigration plan. what we now have is the detail or at least some of the detail about how british nationals overseas in hong
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kong these 3000000 or so hong kong was going to go about getting a british citizenship when the system opens in january 2021 and the part as outlined by proceed to tell the home secretary is this that with no jobs lined up or any other particular criteria they can come to the u.k. for 5 years of limited leave to remain they have to be financially secure and independence while they are here they're not going to get government handouts etc after those 5 years are up they can apply for what's called settled status and after a year of settled status then they can apply for british citizenship they can also bring over their dependents who are classed as normal british nationals overseas this is going to amplify i think the that the showdown between the british
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government and the chinese government's way and britain suspended its extradition treaty with hong kong yesterday. the chinese government said that this was again. something all of a hostile act and that the british would be having to bear the consequence of it so yes this is an amplification of the showdown with with china. well away from the pro-democracy protests in hong kong and china's growing influence there a more traditional part of the territory's history is coming under threat for decades small family run businesses have set up shops at the bottom of all the residential buildings these tiny stores help to make up the city's distinct landscape but more and more are now being forced to close reports. mr or mrs chao have been running the shop for almost 60 years it's
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a tiny sit up around 30 square feet selling basic household items to the local community bank i still remember on the 1st day we only earn around 2 u.s. dollars after a while our neighbors became our regular customers business was getting better i raised. the 1st as a graduate thanks to this business. he's still a shop is common across hong kong there were prominent in the fifty's and supported families who are unable to pay the high rent for the larger retail spaces but the chance of being forced to close their doors after the government announced plans to redevelop the area we feel sad whenever there are all shops closing and it seems that we can do nothing to stop it an increasing number of stores like this are being forced to my wife urban redevelopment community groups are doing their best to record a chapter of hong kong history they say is fast disappearing their community is going to be smashed by party by the planning and what we're trying to do is
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stiffer and waiting to come sarve to preserve their memory of history here this is one of the oldest districts in hong kong but rapid development has seen the street landscape change at one end we have these newly built presidential blocks and trendy cafes but there are still a few of these understand stories which we i prefer to carry and i run by the same pattern. so my home is one of the last. homes the techniques of her. and calving from his father who once ran 3 stores now only one remains in business she's worried that traditional skills like hers are also being lost as local stores struggle to stay opens saying i told them we're young again i think there are many cultural heritage is in china worth preserving however people nowadays easily forget the beauty of these cultural treasures for now sam i hope plans to continue her work as long as the orders keep coming in sarah clarke
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al-jazeera hong kong. well there is now officially one years ago until the delayed olympics tokyo 2020 was postponed because of the crying a virus pandemic but with the virus far from contained the games are still very much in doubt david states reports. back in the pool for the 1st time in months like so many olympic athletes brazilian swimmer and their marcela kuhner has been unable to train properly because of the pandemic but with the reopening of facilities in rio she can now refocus on getting ready for the perspiring games in tokyo a year from now. it's a good time for us to go back looking forward to the 2021 lympics the feeling of starting over to fill it dreams. brazil is the world's 2nd most infected country with more than 80000 deaths so athletes at the olympic training center must follow
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strict biosecurity rules but it beats training at home. yeah you don't present i came back from denmark with a knee problem in june and was in quarantine training at home is not the same as training here i'm very motivated to recover quickly and return 100 percent in preparation for tokyo a year to go but doubts and uncertainty remain about what the olympics will look like or if they'll even go ahead at all with a world wide containment of the coronavirus seemingly some way off it will be a huge challenge to stage qualifying events and then bring $11000.00 athletes to tokyo not to mention spectators and broadcasters this is a member of the task because we cannot prepare or be games as we are used to in fact there we have to prepare for multiple scenarios of the games we have to take all these seem to work out what could happen what may happen the international olympic committee estimates the delay will set them back $800000000.00 but what's
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less clear is the size of the bill facing japanese. x. players before the perspire at the games were already set to cost more than $12000000000.00 all $42.00 venues have been secured for next year but if it is stage without friends the loss of ticket revenue will hit hard despite the grim economic landscape though organizers remain hopeful they can keep hold of existing sponsors and maybe even attract new ones to think is that it businesses are in dire circumstances because of coronavirus but still there are companies who are coming forward to say they want to sponsor the games which we appreciate very much it's a bright piece of news. tokyo last hosted the games in 1964 if they do return in 2021 they're unlikely to be such a grand affair with organizers already scaling back their original plan but given the global situation with $365.00 days to go getting the frame later told would be
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a victory in itself providing some lloyd's at the end of a very dark tunnel david stokes al-jazeera how to children in southeast france have had a very lucky escape after falling from a burning apartment take a look at this. crowd the brothers aged just 3 and 10 years old to jump as they hung from a window in the city of grenoble neither of the boys were seriously hurt but were taken to hospital along with more than a dozen other people suffering from smoke inhalation. there says al jazeera and these are the headlines the u.s. president is sending hundreds of federal law enforcement officers to the cities of chicago and albuquerque donald trump says it's to combat rising crime officers are already in portland oregon and they've been accused of detaining anti-racism protesters without justification john hendren has more from chicago. probably
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trying to suggest that what is needed is more money and more policing in these cities these protesters are talking about doing it a different way but that gives him a mission in his campaign against joe biden in an interview the other night he tried to suggest that biden was for defunding the police something biden has never said so it's a way that trump can try to make some positive progress in the minds of his supporters at a time when he's heavily being criticized for what he's done on the front of the coronavirus. the u.s. government has ordered beijing to close its contests and houston saying it's to protect american intellectual property china denies reports that stuff were burning documents inside the building and is threatening to retaliate. california has become the u.s. state with the largest number of coronavirus cases that's reported more than 421000 and factions overtaking new york the government reimposed restrictions this month
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after reopening most of its economy and the number of coronavirus cases reported across latin america has passed 4000000 more than half of those infections are in brazil which reports had another record day an increase in cases on wednesday as strikes in western afghanistan have killed at least $45.00 people a district governor in the province of herat says at least 8 civilians died in the attacks which he blamed on afghan forces afghanistan's defense ministry has launched an investigation and russia's judiciary has come under fire for jailing a prominent historian trip was convicted of sexually abusing his adopted daughter a charge that he denies activists say if he was jailed for political reasons well those are the headlines next up its rise stay with us. tensions could cut global economic growth by the $700000000000.00 we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in the government has
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shifted focus from saving lives to save the economy. counting the cost on al-jazeera. climate change is an existential threat to life on. the world health organization predicts that in 30 years it will be directly responsible for the deaths of over $250000.00 people each year. many feel governments are failing to respond and it's unlikely that the paris agreement targets of keeping the global temperature rise below 2 degrees centigrade will be matt's. put to.


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