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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2020 3:00am-3:33am +03

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people. see this very good news for the world from here at the thing. i know i'm down in jordan this is al jazeera lawyer from doha welcome to our special coverage of the u.s. super tuesday presidential primaries this is the biggest night of the year in the race for the white house 14 states and one u.s. territory voting well polls have closed in vermont virginia and parts of alabama with a total of $167.00 democratic and $67.00 republican delegates and north carolina will close in around the state has $110.00 that's a large chunk of democratic delegates at stake there's no republican primary in virginia this year as well as the results come in over the next few years few hours rather michele kerry to bring that i'm really. not
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a very long have behaved resale who was a little bit counts. as you mentioned there are some states that have already closed but the u.s. is a big country there are multiple time zones so there would be willing coverage coming in throughout the night the polls close at different times specifically over 5 times sounds but as daryn mentioned some contest we already have already close but let's kind of remind you of how we got to this point there have been contests in new hampshire maine nevada and south carolina and these are the totals you can get the totals up right there to show you where things stand right now because of the 4 contests i just mentioned again that is new hampshire maine and south carolina bernie sanders has 60 delegates right now joe biden former vice president $53.00 and senator elizabeth warren has 8 and bernie sanders he can pretty much be sure that he's going to carry vermont that is one of the polls that is close we don't have that officially yet but the people that are still vying for this they need to
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get 1991 delegates to win the nomination for the for the democrats and we will get you the results as soon as they can then one thing to remind you. the only moment through the night when i'm going to pause a bit that's because i am getting the results as they happen so if my producer could repeat that to me again bernie sanders has how many as 2 delegates so far in his home state of vermont again his home state so that was a pretty easy one to call. and also just one thing to remind you about virginia and some a lot of other contests there's a lot of contests that actually aren't happening tonight on the republican side which is actually. which is actually not an uncommon thing to happen this happened in past democratic primaries as well when there really isn't a serious contender against a sitting president they will not necessarily have a contest so it's not that unusual we also have some totals now for joe biden to update if we can get that information. obviously that's not joe biden but this is i
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was mentioning there may not be a lot of contests on the republican side because the governor former governor of massachusetts william weld is honestly not quite considered a serious contender to us president donald trump but as such these are still the totals that they have right now these 1276 to actually get the nomination so all right we do have good numbers for virginia coming in right now. let's take a look at what we have here all right former vice president joe biden is projected to win virginia he had been polling well going into virginia so that is 99 delegates for former vice president joe biden so that's where things stand right now i'm going to be the go to person for the numbers in the meantime and hand it back over to daryn jordan all right richelle we'll see you a little bit later well as we were saying we've deployed teams right across key
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battleground states for 2 super tuesday our white house correspondent kimberly it is in the u.s. capitol alan fischer will be joining us from a democratic watch poncey in austin texas but 1st let's go to john hendren who is covering virginia where polls have closed so just talk us through virginia what's happening there john. well virginia is a moderate southern state needs one of those that joe biden really wanted to win tonight the republican virginia as a significant african-american population biden has done particularly well among african-americans and it was a state that not long ago was more heavily republican than it is democratic it has been moving slowly into the democratic column with a more urban population in the northern part of that state and so biden was really counting on this state going his way so that would be a major victory for him sounds like it already is and in south in north carolina where i am that would be the next place where he hopes to have
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a significant victory at the polls don't close here for another 25 minutes or so but biden is hoping to do well here he was polling well in this state it's another state where according to exit polls in both virginia and north carolina 25 percent of the public voting was african-american it's probably good news for joe biden though those numbers aren't very different from 2016. and early polls have by going ahead but you've got the x. factor of mike bloomberg this is the 1st day on which he is appearing on any ballot anywhere he spent $500000000.00 you hear about more about him from chris and salumi but the point is that he could do something to do railed by here in north carolina and elsewhere but it's becoming more of a fair fight you essentially have 5 candidates if you discount tosi gabbert who's getting in the single digits you've got 4 candidates all white all over 70 bernie sanders and elizabeth warren on the left and then you've got joe biden and michael
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bloomberg in the center so it's becoming a bit more of a fair fight but after super tuesday both biden and sanders are hoping this comes down to a 2 person race 'd and when you see what happens here in north carolina that may be a sign of what's that come next throughout the rest of those 14 super tuesday states yet john you're also been looking at places like tennessee minnesota we know that. she's from minnesota of course went to biden sold out bad fruit in minnesota do you think. well that's what biden is hoping for but it's a big gamble for him sanders was polling number one in that state her home state any clue in charge of minnesota she's polling 2nd by going it was at a distant 11 and the way the way these elections work there's a threshold of 15 percent if you don't make that threshold you don't get any delegates at all so the fact that she has thrown her support to him and is now running ads in that state could mean that some of those voters are moving over into
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the biden column over sanders is doing very well in that state and then you've got a couple other states with interesting things going on right now in tennessee which is a solidly republican state when it comes to the general election right now they've had a series of tornadoes some 2 dozen people have been killed and as a result of that some polls in that state are likely to stay open as late we're told is 11 pm eastern time that means it could be a while before we hear the results there but right now the focus is on virginia where by feels like he has done significantly well it's obviously a state he's fought for and then north carolina where we have not gotten the results yet he hopes to get a good chunk of those 110 delegates all right john hendren the in charlotte north carolina john thank you the well at the polls in the primaries in texas will close in about 2 hours time or so algis there was an official joins us now from austin
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allen of course one of the big stories in texas is that sudden major endorsement for biden from for my town that better is not playing out there where you are. you've got to remember that joe biden had a big event in dallas on monday night that was a coincidence wiggins's used a bit. and he introduced people to jade's of the idea was to show that the establishment wing of the democratic party was all coalescing behind joe biden giving him support in an effort essentially to stall. bernie sanders no if you look at some of the early exit polls that we're getting here in texas it would suggest that it's been successful to a degree but not completely because we're seeing bernie sanders topping the paul here in texas that is a bit of a surprise i suppose if you look at the fact that here's a self-confessed democratic socialists this was a state that many people regarded as for a long time unwinnable for democrats but the whole demographic of this state has
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changed a lot more young people have registered to vote it is becoming much less white and saw it's tilting more towards the democrats and part of the reason for that is better or back in 2018 he ran against ted cruz for his senate seat was expected not to do terribly well and came within 2 or 3 points of unseating someone who is regarded as a star in the republican establishment and so when that was seen then they thought hold on a 2nd if we run decent candidates here in texas there's a real chance that we can put up real competition and they also think that it's not beyond the realms of possibility given that the registered somewhere in the region of 1000000 new voters over the last 2 years. that texas could actually flip and vote against donald trump and become democratic and the presidential election that would be shattering in american politics because suddenly you have got a whole lot of electoral college votes going behind the democratic candidate but
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that's all for much farther down the line let's look at what's happening tonight as we see we think that joe biden has got within one or 2 points of bernie sanders what we might see in the next couple of days if that is the case and there is this concerted effort to stop bernie people going to elizabeth warren who is on the progressive side of the democratic party shares many of the ideas that bernie sanders shares and says lute elizabeth you're not going to win you're not going to get the nomination perhaps now is the time. for you to drop out and give your support to bernie sanders that's fine or means guaranteed she might not necessarily do that just in the same way people giving his endorsement to joe biden doesn't automatically mean his supporters will cross over into the biden camp and fight a lot of polls were suggesting that they would actually find more comfort by supporting elizabeth warren so hard numbers could be inflated here in texas because of the surprise move by people to judge on sunday so texas normally just.
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it just happens in texas this time it's a lot more interesting there are a lot more twists and turns a lot more things to look for and how that will impact the race going on from here allan just briefly you've been casting a beady eye as well of alabama arkansas and oklahoma what's driving people there to choose the person they believe can take down donald trump. oh well mike bloomberg spent a lot of time a lot of money in those states a lot more money than he has time he thinks he can do quite well in some of these places but if you speak to the voters in these areas they feel disenfranchised that they're being forgotten that they are what we used to call fly overseas people fly over them forget all about them and so they found a voice in donald trump who spoke up for them at the last election in 2016 and if you're a democrat looking for someone who does that then bernie sanders or elizabeth warren tends to tick that box much more so than establishment politicians joe biden who
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you've got to remember has run for president no 3 times and to come till saturday to win a primary or caucus in 30 years of trying to win the presidency he hadn't managed before and so suddenly he's no people are saying the front runner or the guy who's likely to win that's not necessarily the case when you start speaking to those in the southern states they may look for a joe biden or elizabeth warren but it will be interesting is the results come out because these places are very lightly paul because they don't have a huge number of delegates to give and so often the results can come as a surprise all right alan fischer there in austin texas allen will no doubt come back to you throughout the night thank you for that let's cross over now to the white house talk to our correspondent kimberly health which is there 1st hand we said we know that president trump has spent the last few days saying look the democrats have been trying to oust bernie sanders that wants trump's strategy here do you think. well in a sense what it is is keep the democrats fighting among themselves and as long as
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they're fighting amongst themselves they're not fighting me meeting the president that's it in a nutshell so what the president has been doing whether it's at is election or rather super tuesday a rally in charlotte north carolina whether it's on social media he continues to attack all of these candidates he uses bullying tactics mean names for example calling mike bloomberg many mike he also calls joe biden sleepy joe biden these are things that he says openly as he departs from the white house the goal in all of this is you know if there is fighting perhaps that fighting between the candidates will continue right up until the democratic national convention making it potentially even a contested convention that means that there would be no clear front runner in the voting would happen on the floor something we've not seen for about 70 years the bottom line is donald trump doesn't face any real challenge from within his own party so he's already fighting with the democrats but at this point there is no
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clear front runner the longer that is the case the better it is for this white house and donald trump's effort to hang onto it yes so that's an interesting point you make kimberly so who then is the biggest challenge of this point. well right now there seems to be as allan pointed out a lot of coal lessing around the so-called establishment candidate joe biden but you have to remember now as well as we saw in 2016 the man who was packing stadiums sort of similar to donald trump was bernie sanders and now the white house has said repeatedly donald trump a said repeatedly he would like to take on either of those candidates already have seen the sharpening of swords by republicans for both those individuals in when during the impeachment situation that was happening on capitol hill many weeks ago the biden's name came up repeatedly not just joe biden but also his son hunter biden there are certainly some mud that has been slung there that the republicans
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in this country would love to bring back up and then when it comes to bernie sanders just the fact that he is a self professed democratic socialist is almost a dirty word among conservative circles so they're looking forward to making that argument again the white house essentially saying if you value low unemployment if you want tough immigration and border policies you need to stay with this administration if you go with bernie sanders you're going to see all of that disappear so you see the president often talking about it's also a hash tag keep america great when he ran the 1st time it was make america great this is sort of the message that keeping america great his view is status quo with him in the oval office or it's a complete of the white house complete thank you for that. well candidates have been pitching their positions on the number of major issues and that's important for voters as they decide their candidates nearly 5 out of 10 democrats think that health care isn't stream important for the republicans the figure is just 22 percent on climate change 44 percent of democratic voters and only 8 percent of
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republicans think that it's important income inequality is considered a crucial subject by 37 percent of democratic voters and 12 percent of republicans race as we've been discussing here tonight is also among the big issues for 33 percent of democratic voters less so on the republican side as model not saying only 11 percent in a student debt rises in america 43 percent of democrats and 23 percent of republican voters think that education is a critical concern we're joined here on set again as part of our panel tonight al-jazeera senior political analyst marwan bashara along with joseph who are a professor of political science at texas a and m. university in doha and justin sage mitchell assistant professor in residence at northwestern university in doha let's just come back to those issues that we just spoke again health care taxation et cetera because bernie sanders has been promising to target income inequality we know that he's talking about he wants to
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spend trillions on everything from health care which you just talked about here taxation education. talk about the appeal of all that to voters and why junk. well. it certainly made those are core democratic ideas right that's sort of what the democratic party has stood for since the in franklin roosevelt put together the new deal coalition to try to advance the interests of working people of women and minorities try to have good jobs for people who are in the manufacturing sector. interest of labor unions so bernie sanders is certainly talking about those are sort of a new spin on them ins are emphasizing income inequality. is the verbiage but i think a lot of those you know health care social services the generous social safety net those have remained the things that unite the democratic party across its various demographic constituencies for multiple generations in american politics so continuing to emphasize those things i think is sort of
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a very sensible thing for any democratic nominee to do bernie sanders maybe is the most aggressive and the most stimulating on those proposing sort of along with those with war in the most aggressive changes in public policy but in many ways the his ideas are at least not any different direction than the other democratic candidates joe biden is offering also as a platform of expanding access to health care and making securing social security which is the united states public pension system so all the democrats have platforms that point in the direction of a more generous welfare state. trying to increase taxes on wealthier americans even taxing well thought you know accumulated assets and so democrats are going to put their parties. you know the most cohesive elements on at the center of all of the campaign so so so let's just stay with one of those platforms than just him because race is also among the big issues 33 percent of democratic voters and less so on
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the republican side 11 percent why is race so important. as we mentioned earlier. much the minority vote is very important to the democratic party and especially regarding the black vote as i said about 9 out of every 10 black voters vote democratic and in fact the number is practically 100 percent for black women in particular and so race. race racial justice issues criminal justice reform the systematic problems of economic inequality that specifically affect minorities in particular these are things that the democratic party cares about that they have in their platform to alleviate and it matters for their for their voters more let's bring you back in here you raise this point earlier on populism we hear so much about populism affecting us elections and politics across the spectrum how does that play out in terms of who is best suited then to take on from well how about we define populism in 2 words the 1st since we're talking to an
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international audience the popular some emerges when there is tension between liberalism and democracy is very simple so someone wants the voice of the people against the establishment against institutions in the state they can sit judiciary the media and trump was brilliant at that putin is brilliant that even at the one is brilliant at that there's a lot of leaders around the world who are brilliant at stalking speaking in the name of the people against the establishment and against the institutions of the state that accumulated over the years through democratic processes but those populist leaders say it's me speaking for the people and forget all the other institutions from was brilliant diligent amazing the media digitalize in the judiciary and the digital my using the beltway politics as were the beltway establishment he even goes after the f.b.i. goes after the cia you name it he goes after and he says i speak for the people the democrats and bernie bernie sanders general also wants to go after this stop this
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month and. yesterday he was speaking about establishment supported media establishment supported elites and so on so forth that would not allow us to get our way but we're going to have to do this and this and the other thing the difference between republican from populism and bernie sanders populism is that bernie sanders goes after this that bushman and the billionaires billionaires millionaires billionaires when is it day in day out trump goes after the establishment and the political elites and this is also has the addition in the republican and democratic party between the left and the right the left has this obsession with capitalism and excess capitalism and capitalists and billionaires and inequality on the republican side there is always fear of too much power in the hands of government and hence populist on the left some populist rights are different in some ways but they do meet in their techniques my want to hold that point let's get some more results now from michele. all right daryn so as we
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mentioned as you mentioned the 1st polls to close were in a virginia vermont and part of alabama we can project that bernie sanders is the winner and vermont there are 16 delegates up for grabs there they will be allocated proportionately of course bernie sanders has been the senator and vermont since 2007 and for several years before that he was gresham ill representative for virginia so bernie sanders went his home state as a as predicted in just a recap something we called a little bit while ago vice president former vice president rather joe biden has projected to win the state of virginia there are 99 delegates up for grabs there they have not been allocated yet that will happen porche only but we can again just remind you that vice president obama former vice president joe biden is projected to win virginia so let's take a number of. look rather at the the delegates that are needed to when there's 1991 that are needed to win so far this is what the total is bernie sanders senator
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bernie sanders $68.00 former vice president joe biden 69 and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is at 8 this is a very early night as we have been saying multiple times there are 14 states to cover there also voting in american samoa as well and there are multiple time zones and this will be updated throughout the night so just keep it here in the meantime we're going to have a discussion now let me turn it back over to thank you very much indeed so let's let's let's just pick up richelle was saying that just if we can so bernie saw this project to do in vermont joe budden expects to win virginia it be a big surprise but he didn't take the money he's a senator there yes yes so he was projected indeed to win his home state of vermont by at least you know 5060 percent of the vote we have to wait and see what's being counted the question of course is who else gets the delegates and in vermont elizabeth warren was actually quite popular in vermont coming above the 15.
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threshold in polls so we will have to see whether she picks up delegates but obviously sanders is showing his he's still very popular in his home state now of course he is doing well overall with the states that have the demographics of vermont right he is he's doing well in the states that have more of the white voters and some way some of the latino voters as well whereas biden does better in the states with the higher black vote such as virginia for example and so that was also a very important state for biden to win but he was projected to to be strong in that state and this makes not only to his strength among the black vote but also those white moderate college educated women in the virginia suburbs there they make up about a 3rd of the democratic electorate within the state of virginia and clearly they came out tonight for her by joseph i mean you've been noting you had that you know
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virginia of course race again playing playing a very important role well race but also the. sort of rural urban divide in american politics as well right virginia has gone from being a competitive probably lean republican state over the last few electoral cycles into being a you know sort of competitive but now lean democrat maybe even sort of baseline democrat state in part because of the expanding suburbs around washington d.c. in northern virginia. and you know the growth in richmond and that's echoed all across the country where states more populous states with larger cities lean democratic and the more diverse populations there are younger people who have gone off to the city to seek the kind of new economic opportunities whereas states the more rural areas that rely on their traditional economic. resources and industries have remained and agriculture as well have remained more republican so both. the
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sort of racial dynamic and of the rural urban dynamic in this in the joslin had on of white women in particular in the suburbs particularly college educated turning towards the democratic party against donald trump that held up through the 2800 midterms you can see it in texas where republicans were defeated in suburban dallas suburban houston where were republicans in districts that are probably going to be newly competitive in 2020 you have have retired and sort of put things that were areas of the country that were solidly republican and so much more competitive territory i don't think we're quite at the state where the whole state of texas will become democratic but certainly there are pockets of the country you know virginia. key among them where were these sort of shifts and the important cleavage isn't in american politics and the american electorate are going to have this map be much different than say the map in 2008 or 2012 that you elected barack obama
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president milo much more taken on that have been divided a unit in d.c. for a long time so well actually since i was a freshman student as a student of the not to come politics there's 2 things that always surprised me astounded me and confused me 1st of all america. it is a work in progress it has always been a work in progress for centuries it's been a work in progress and it keeps changing because we talk about democrats and republicans the southern states what additional democrats whites used to be democrats until the sixty's seventy's fifty's and sixty's the used to be democrats now mostly the whites in the in the southern states are republicans and blacks are democrats things have changed in texas texas is a very good america is complicated this just takes texas texas is that if you say that you've said joseph and just enough laughing here mo a but go ahead finish your terraces for example is the republican state or republican governor as of recently but the 4 main cities are democrats it's
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sort of an amazing story and and and the bigger divide to say is between texas and california both of them are voting today texas is theirs in texas the race is the race down and in california the race is the race up but within texas the metropolitan centers are definitely those that continue to for democrats and what's interesting about that is because the democratic party is a pluralistic party with minorities this and that and the other that you find more in the cities then you find in the countryside the countryside the rural areas and also for the remain conservative remain protestant a lot of them white and so on so forth what's even alarming to complicate it even further between the rural and the cosmopolitan there are all of those belts of new young sort of urban newly married kids that only have 2 things
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in the neighborhoods a supermarket and a church. they're the way they're culture the way that community is set up is that they tend to be more for example republican voters and so many of the cities but if you go down to manhattan brooklyn new york queens you'll find much more democrats if you go to d.c. within d.c. you'll find more democrats and so it is a walk in called wrist it is complicated the statistics are even more complicated but we could simplify it into the issues that we talked about earlier race inequality and religion we'll come back to that just after the break stay with us went to mosul to come here on super tuesday we'll bring you up to date with our special coverage of the u.s. super tuesday presidential primaries that stay with us.
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how the weather's coming from both directions in this part of asia for a start you've got the winter storms coming out with cold air giving star you for maybe north korea but it also can occasionally are carter and then coming out of china you've got rain and the to meet giving you snow on the highroad essential hong sure a miserable day in a soccer tokyo blue being rain what being snow that rain tails back into china has on his way through hong kong on thursday your days at 90 degrees overcast with outbreaks of light ish right now most of china still fine and their quote is not volatile beijing is 11 degrees but this is definitely a return to winter for kind of that's a lot of snow coming your way and that's all thursday. big showers in indonesia a pretty wide spread the focus i think in the next day or so still going to be born in solar ways but you cannot rule out flash floods in java or to the east where we
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have seen recently as up into your allies here in southern thailand or as have you draw a picture you know not completely and you'll notice some parts of cambodia in thailand are showing showers over land and that's true throughout india bangladesh and pakistan in fact in pakistan significant rain and snow are on their way. as a weapon of war leaves a very deep a scar. scar some rule that the victims men and women can barely talk about. they are the only witnesses who can help bring about justice al-jazeera as human rights campaign is in libya investigating right since the 2000 . unspeakable crime on al-jazeera.
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there's a wave of sentiment around the world if you actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries and i think often people's voices are not heard because they're just not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover big stories and report on the big events going on but we also tell the stories of people who generally don't have a voice i mean when i was a child my that's never be afraid to put your hand up not a question and i think that's what our series does he ask the question should people be should be accountable and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. you're. welcome back so you're watching a special coverage of the u.s. super tuesday primaries let's check in now with richelle carey for the latest vote count result right erin so the polls are closed in virginia and vermont and parts
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of alabama just to make it clear that's all on the east coast of the united states and early results show that former vice president joe biden has taken the state of virginia let's go a little bit up further to vermont right there of that is for bernie sanders is the sitting senator since 2007 been a member of caught represented in congress since 1991 yes he is also going to win his home state so by this projected to win at least 16 of the 99 delegates that are up for grabs and virginia you win a state but you don't get all of the delegates allocated proportionately so right now this is where the numbers stand joe biden is leading with 69 delegates actually ahead of bernie sanders is may or may not last but that's actually the 1st time this has happened since we all began this a few weeks ago bernie sanders and 68 and the senator from massachusetts elizabeth warren right now 8 delegates the magic number they need to get to is 1991 not tonight there.


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