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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 34  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2020 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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border for those aiming to cross the country to reach europe greek authorities say they stopped more than 26000 people from crossing into the country between saturday morning and tuesday afternoon. super tuesday voting is underway in the united states democrats in 14 states along with others registered abroad and in american samoa accosting their ballots for a presidential nominee 5 contenders are left in the race with bernie sanders and joe biden leading after voting in previous states the result is hotly anticipated as it's the 1st time more than one state votes at the same time and it's likely to narrow the field even further there's the top stories do stay with us on our 0 the stream has more on super tuesday next.
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any super cheese stay in the united states who will take on the u.s. president donald trump i thought me ok in your in the stream today is a very important day in the us democratic primary calendar and we're joined by addison was fine as correspondents breaking down some key races around the country there is so much to talk about and we want to hear from you and i live chat send me your comments and questions and i will do my best to bring them into today's. for we get started what is so super about super tuesday well today 14 states and one u.s. territory are holding nominating contests and it could be
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a make or break moment for presidential hopefuls here to walk us through all the details in charlotte north carolina john hendren in austin texas alan fischer right here with me in the studio patty kohei how low correspondent so lovely to be in your company allan you have been doing report after report about super tuesday what is easily digestible for it. you can understand why it's a big deal because this is for the 1st time we get the idea of what's happening across the country it's not just small pockets like iowa or new hampshire or or south carolina what should be in the 4 contests up there no this is north to south coast to coast and beyond and here you're getting a real national taste of what democratic voters are thinking who the base believe can take on donald trump the other thing to remember is that in iowa new hampshire in the bad and so kind of line you're talking about thousands of voters maybe hundreds of thousands of voters today we're talking about millions of voters and
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not just here in texas but in all those 14 states on the tree as well patty what do you make of who is left in this race to be the nominee the last 36 hours have been absolutely breathtaking in how much things have changed so we sell former vice president joe biden his campaign was barely was falling down around at the debate stage in the voter turnout he lost the 1st 3 primaries but like this was going to be bernie sanders race to win after thinking it was going to be biden's the entire time so then we saw people to judge drop out when he was actually doing really well we saw him a closure drop out we saw bader work in texas go out and and push for biden so what you're seeing is all of these moderate politicians trying to shore up the biden campaign because there is huge concern in the democratic party that vermont senator and self declared socialist bernie sanders would be the nominee john just want to study that at a voting station what is the. conversations that you actually have with people who
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. decide which delegate they were hoping might be the democratic nominee for president. well i'm not allowed to have those conversations here but i am allowed to have them about 30 yards outside the building and i have done that and we've talked to a lot of people who who are struggling between the moderates but i grew bloomberg in one of the big issues there is just not so much who it is they like more but who they think has a better shot at beating donald trump you don't hear the same thing from the bernie sanders voters they seem to be motivated in favor of bernie sanders more than they are in opposition to donald trump and willing to just take whatever vehicle they can find in order to combat the president so north carolina is in many ways sort of a microcosm of the country it's got about one in 3 of the voters in this race here the democratic race are african-american joe biden tends to do well with african-americans and it might be a bit of
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a harbinger of how biden and sanders do around the country biden does seem to have an advantage in polls right here but we don't really know the shuffle the deck when people to dredge and any closer to our exit is bat race that states like minnesota where clover chart is from. that just makes it indeterminate who is going to win there sanders was leading in polls but closer char was 2nd will joe biden get her vote i mean really all of the polls that we've seen in the days leading up to now are now meaningless or relatively meaningless i'm just i'm just looking at a video here of. who was suspended her campaign and i don't i saw an ad for her last night where she was still saying i am running for president not was also a she stepped out so does that saying to you party that behind the scenes things are happening so quickly so you've got
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a chart supply of hats i think 100 percent i think that this is definitely of the democratic party establishment freaking out about the possibility of bernie sanders because there's concern that he can't. not necessarily not only not be trump but that he'd hurt down ballot races in the senate in the house now but at the same time i've been looking at the polls and remember the u.s. doesn't elect a president by the national vote so that the hose meaningless while you're looking at polls well because that's what i do in the political arena we're going to talk about it i just have to do you know talk to my family members and that wouldn't be a significant point but if you look at the polls because it's the states that elect the president right now the electoral college biden and sanders are fairly evenly matched when it comes to beating trump in the states that matter so that narrative doesn't necessarily hold up but there is concern among the democratic party establishment and so it was very strange to see these candidates that have actually been getting delegates just drop out like that you have to wonder who's making
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phone calls behind the scenes i have a guess but let me just bring in if i could just jump in on this just this bit about a week low but your. story. last night with a funny thing is tonight biden already has an ad running with her in it endorsing i . was at a salt lake city event in the morning yesterday and now she's on a biden that it's amazing yeah that is so fast moving into the conversation jason jason to have been just a. very interested in the solid as and the appeal that he has for possibly the next president of united states that's having this and why. bernie sanders is appealing to southern voters the same way he is appealing to voters all over the country and that is because he is speaking to the needs of working class families and folks that have been and left out of the political process for far too long and his record his life's work of fighting for these issues means that voters can trust him and he's credible on these issues and that he will 5 these issues
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once he's president and that's why i think he appeals to voters a massage and voters all over the country al and i have a question for you because obviously democrats see texas as their future they think that they could split this state what are you hearing from voters about bernie sanders versus joe biden could have bernie sanders win texas are you hearing that same kind of buzz that we hear from all of those burning people on line. if you take a look at the event going on behind me here it's an edwards college in in austin and what they're doing is getting young people involved in politics by telling them how to register to vote and they're getting some people to the polling place which is here on the campus to cast their vote in the in the primary and that idea is that they think the conflict texas the think they can turn that democratic if you look back just 2 years ago better or run for a senate seat against ted cruz no normally they would have thought that you don't
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count republican votes in texas you just wave them in and give them the seat but he came incredibly close i mean it was within 2 or 3 percentage points that so tight it was and in each of those any is. where the difference was they're talking about a few 1000 votes so suddenly if you start getting thousands and thousands of young people registered particularly those who who. who go democratic yeah then there's a real chance that you're going to flip the state of court to be honest i'm not hearing a lot of support for bernie sanders with the people of you talking about here hearing a lot of support for elizabeth warren which goes to the point that patty was making about the pools being all over the place elizabeth warren bernie sanders roughly similar people would say from certainly from the liberal side of the democratic party but that's the name i keep hearing more and more all rather than people saying yes joe biden bernie sanders it's a lizabeth warner might actually do well here any mike bloomberg chart now just for the audience mike bloomberg was a former mayor of here not
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a billionaire has spent more than half a $1000000.00 on ads just wondering in on the ground guys are you hearing that that's paid off because i mean i could spend that money pretty well myself and other things i mean here you say i'm hearing that you have a 1000000 north carolina sorry john go ahead. we're definitely hearing that a number of people that we've talked to who say they like bloomberg think he can be effective i've asked african-americans if they are bothered by the stop and frisk policy in which african-americans mostly were stopped 5000000 times in new york city while he was mayor he's since apologized for that but the people i've talked to here say they're willing to get over that that he's apologized for it a lot of people i'm talking to say they like the fact that he's got the money to pursue this campaign to be ended just today he said he was in it through the end he's he's looking now to florida after super tuesday. he was asked a little earlier why he doesn't bail out and ask his followers to coalesce around
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joe biden and his answer was why didn't they coalesce around me he could be a real formidable candidate we just don't know because he has not tested i'm not one this is the really because who knows until people get out there to vote al and i can see about jumping let me just say something with our audience 1st and then i go straight to you i promise this is the new georgia project johnny's in north carolina in the south there are a lot of people of color who are going to be voting in the next few hours i want you to meet eric clapton steams she is from the new georgia project that is the idea of getting more people to vote more people to be right just as in the state of georgia this is how america sees this race to become the democratic nominee that's having this and as have a. education and public safety are 2 top priorities for this democratic education because of the quality of education that sort of below the of the
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solution as well as student loan debts are very high concerns for this demographic public safety is a key being as well 18 as $24.00 is focused more on the public shootings and the consistency of it being becoming a real events as a transition it's a 25 to 29 years of their focus more so around the neighborhoods and communities that they're living in some crime to dui arrests potholes rent control it's all public safety issues to get a snapshot at the polls we need to look at officials that are not only valuing our concerns but willing to do something about it. obviously the black vote is not a monolith both bad but that's erika's fear going back to our go right. i covered the campaign 4 years ago as many people might remember and there are you know there's a difference between what happened with trump and what's happening with bernie sanders there are people on the establishment wing of the democratic party don't
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believe that bernie sanders can be elected they don't think they will get those dissatisfied with donald trump to vote for him because he describes himself as a democratic socialist what happened with the republicans is that they all stayed in the race because they didn't want to get thinking that they would be the one eventually would defeat trump and they didn't and they couldn't and he won the nomination this time we've seen the democrats surprisingly because they don't have a reputation for being this organized being incredibly well organized the day before super tuesday not after when we get the results we see in the club which are stepping out we see people stepping out and we see them endorsing the establishment candidate who is joe biden now mike bloomberg into the race because he wanted to be an alternative to bernie sanders but if joe biden is piling up the delegates it doesn't seem there's a reason for mike bloomberg to still be in the recent certainly is not a name we're hearing round in takes the think he knows that he's spending a lot of money in advertising his party says it's half
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a $1000000000.00 no i didn't make a mistake there half a $1000000000.00 on advertising but he thinks he's going to do a lot better in places like virginia and maybe north carolina rather than here in texas so i can i just thought this is a couple of things are coming up on the right now to get interested in your take on this general news says biden can't even finish a sentence since thinking here about electability biden for the iraq war biden will kill social security and one more comment again thank you thank you for being so busy here on you tube try. biting that is really what's going to bring the democratic party together and the final test is who can trump right well if you look at if you again paul sorry but if you look at the polls we've you talk to voters democrats say their number one priority is beating trump. where they're split is on their number 2 priority which is health care and for international audience who may be actually has work in health care this is the difference in this country bernie sanders says get rid of it everyone goes into the government program
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and we get rid of private insurance biden is for more moderate and moderate candidates more moderate just open up the government program but people get to keep their private insurance the problem for the democrats is democrats want universal health care republicans and independents universally across the board do not favor that so that could that's what these stablish want to say they're concerned about sanders is just go ahead. well i think one of the issues that we haven't talked about yet is the fact that with global jar and with people to judge out of the race this morning by more competitive in states like minnesota he was polling there about 11 percent overcharge was coming in 2nd there's a 15 percent threshold if you don't make over that you don't get any delegates so that development along could really help him get more delegates than he had originally particularly if people in minnesota see that with any club which are backing biden but there's another factor going on here that might complicate things
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people have been voting for quite some time here in north carolina you have 800000 people and as allen said no that's not an incorrect figure 800000 people. here who have already voted now last time around in 2016 only a total of 1100000 people voted for the 2 democrats i should say only about 500 something 1000 about 800004 the democrats but in any case huge numbers of voted already that's happened in california so how many of those votes this is a ballot here it's got 15 different candidates only 5 of them are still in the race so you've got people coming back to the polls like this with these handwritten ballots and crossing out the name that they had originally voted and then writing in a new one it's really difficult to tell how all of that is going to affect things but it does seem like it would probably help joe biden not just the endorsements but the ability for him to get over that 15 percent threshold he needs to get any one
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thing i wanted to bench about bloomberg is he said his goal now is a brokered convention so far international audience it might be say what is a perk or convention so basically you have to get about 110-1191 pledged delegates through these contests and then you're the nominee but if nobody gets to that then it's what they call a brokered convention that's another thing the establishment is really concerned about because what happened in 2016 bernie sanders didn't get the nomination a lot of his voters stayed. home enough voters that it would have made the difference between a president trumpeter president clinton so there is concern that if it goes to a brokered convention and let's say the superdelegates they weigh in and it's not bernie sanders that that splits the democratic party so much so that it's broken going into the 2020 election so that's one of the other big concerns here. let me just bring it. on most is is the press not found. that is no can i say she is trying to get more women involved in politics and this is what and stake is all
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about where we all say finally race is having. the top 4 issues for young women are climate change racial inequality reproductive rights and immigration. for young men the issues are slightly different they actually care a lot more about unemployment the other thing we've learned about young women is that they are voting at the highest rates that we've ever seen for any generation in this country so when we look at 2020 what we think is going to happen is that young women are going to turn out and vote at extraordinary rates rates like we have never seen before and based on the research we know we think that the young women are actually going to be voting at democratic at much higher rates than republican which is different than in yours. and i'm just going to show our audience why you're starting out there in texas and looking at the pilot slices in terms of the delegates that various different candidates might well be out to get
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california has a big chunk and texas has a big chunk which tells us why you're actually in texas right now he's not with a barbecue compactly said he's there for the barbecue. she's just jealous because she's in d.c. i'm just thinking. women in texas can even pass this. simple cheese they into different groups should we even think about that the texas what could texas bring us and tell us about where we might be for the presidential nominee for the democratic party. it's interesting just because texas is pretty diverse and what we're seeing is a lot more young voters in fact one in 3 texans who vote in 2022 will be under the age of 30 that number is going to be very close to that come the 2020 election this is the 3rd youngest in the union force if you include washington d.c. if washington d.c. was a state that's
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a whole different argument and we need to go into that on another show thanks however. it is interesting in the way that it's falling because. older democrats here tend to like joe biden because they feel safe with him there is a radical part and a use radical very advisedly radical party who believe that bernie sanders is addressing many of the issues that young people here have 'd. the think that the should be healthcare for all student loans should be waived yes we need an urgent plan to deal with climate change and elizabeth warren kind of covers some of that and so that is where you're going to get this split here's a really interesting point to me a lot of people are saying well bernie sanders is a communist if you support russia i look at what he said about cuba if you think speak to the people who are in this college campus who are 2025 even under 30 if you talk about communism to them or socialism to them they think sweden they think
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denmark they think countries that have got to health care people are quite happy high tax but they do very well if you speak to anyone over there and you talk about socialism they think russia and they think cuba is a sea change in the ideas so the idea that you're going to paint bernie is a socialist and that's going to be bad for young people who are going to 6 weeks to the polls come november you would be mistaken that's why we call alan mr google i don't know if you knew that but that's what we call let me just bring in here thank you patty and jesse jesse is the editor at large of a publication called the tilt this is a day young people and just basically says what we need is young people's a little bit of a split in c.t. haven't listened to us. it's also been traveling all over the country from new england to iowa all along the rest still asking young people what issues matter them and by and large the number one answer is the climate crisis young people need
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to see an immediate plan of action from candidates if they're going to be inspired to show up to the polls but also kennedy's need to treat young voters like their voices actually matter whether they're actually in or they're not quite there yet and everyone can see through those promises and to know that candidates believe in them if they're going to show up. john fresh from you tube i'm going to give this one tea this is emory and emily says can one really cool the country democratic when they let tory what choice a is for same tate do not really represent the interests of the wind public don't you take that one. well one of the interesting things in this race is that now we have 5 candidates left on the democratic side and if you take those 3 gathered to the side he's not really drawing a lot of votes at the moment all 4 of the remaining candidates are over 70 and they're white interestingly 'd the one who seems to draw the most energetic
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youthful vote is bernie sanders who's 78. yeah it is true but. you know voters didn't express that same kind of young voters didn't express the same kind of enthusiasm for people to judge his voters were older so it's a difficult to explain contrast i'm not sure that just having a younger candidate you know would mean that young people are going to come out and vote i mean the issue with them as everyone knows is that they are the age demographic least likely to show up at the polls there is a lot of energy behind bernie sanders young voters question is what if he's not nominated will they show up to them there has been some criticism that they didn't do that in 20 16 'd and that might have cost hillary clinton the election let me bring in a tweet from president don trump he says talking about joe biden well sleepy joe doesn't know where he is what he's doing honestly i don't think he even knows what he's running for and then there's a mash up of some joe biden gaffes. this may well be what way in full for the next
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couple of months patti who do you think out of the current lineup of the democratic nominees could take on president trump playground politics it is kind of funny because democrats are holding themselves to a much different standard let's think about how many times president trump has lived it's over 12000 at this point right so they're for the republicans that's perfectly ok but joe biden makes some gaffes and forgets to tell stories in a certain way so i think you're comparing biden against other democrats but you have to look down the line and how will he do a construct yeah. if you think. 30 seconds i think you're going to get a lot of people who i think you're going to get a lot of people being energized to vote against donald trump because some people just didn't do it as party rightly points out is what i think is going to happen over the next couple of days joe biden is going to get an endorsement from barack obama that is going to play huge i don't think not long after that he will the
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known to his vice presidential candidate even before he's got the nomination and it's likely to be camelot of a woman of color from california california sent one incredibly well with thought and he is going to present is the ticket so that's what i think could well happen in the next few days to strengthen the joe biden campaign against the burning onslaught this is powered this is i'll tell you i thank you very much he went that job and you know what it's like that 30 seconds left on the clock bring us home. i think bernie sanders is going to be able to match the energy of the truck campaign the outsider voters that if it really brings people in who haven't been in there before but a little cold the possibility of being able to. commit the kind of spending trump has not done himself those that half a $1000000.00 in ads that adam was talking about thanks allen was talking about that makes a difference thanks john thanks out and thanks patty this is why they're. cleaning appreciate you can come follow the latest out his column thanks for
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watching everybody see you next time. business leaders as well to buy no bras paul.
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be eco friendly city since to combat threats to our planet on which is iraq. war. i honor and taylor in london the top stories on. the head of the world health organization has warned that shortages of protective gear and even health workers dangerously ill equipped in the fight against corona virus south korea has reported nearly a 1000 new infections in just one day with the country's president declaring war on the virus the number of global cases is now topped 90000 with most still inside china but the turtle is growing faster outside the w.h.o. says it's concerned about the world's ability to deal with the virus shortages leaving doctors nurses and other frontline those workers.


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