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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter most to 0. if president must not be allowed to become. part of the democratic led house all the representatives votes to impeach president donald trump he will face trial in the republican controlled senate. bill brown. this is no crime on the 1st person ever given no crime. hello there gentlemen donald this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a guilty verdict in the philippines for the masterminds of
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a massacre in 2009 that killed 58 people. malaysia's prime minister welcomes muslim leaders to a summit that he says must determine why islamic countries are quote in a state of crisis. the warm welcome to the program in a vote split down party lines much like it's divided the nation the u.s. house of representatives has impeached president donald trump democratic party controlled by was charged with abusing his power as well as obstructing congress in its investigation those 2 articles of impeachment now go to the republican controlled senate for trial however house speaker nancy pelosi has thrown on the surface and see over these next steps by refusing to say when she'll send those articles we'll we will work make our decision as to when we're going to say and when we see what the deal is on the senate but that's
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a decision that we will make sure yes. i'm not hurt. that would have been our intention but we'll see what happens over there so i said we're going to send it tonight because it's difficult to determine who the managers would be until we see the arena in which we will be protested taking. she had heard sounds the reports now on the 8 hours of highly charged debate that ended with donald trump becoming only the 3rd u.s. president to be impeached the result was never in doubt don't trump is the 3rd u.s. president in history to be impeached article one is adopting article 2 is adopted i mean research gentleman from new york over several hours the democrats repeated arguments that have now become very familiar the president needs to be
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held to account when a speaker the house of representatives has now considered 2 articles of impeachment against president trump the 1st article charges that the president used his public office to coerce a foreign government into attacking his political rival. the 2nd article charges that the president took extreme an unprecedented steps to obstruct our investigation into his kind of taken together the 2 articles charge that president trump placed his private political interests above our national security above our elections and above our system of checks and balances what we are discussing today is the established fact that the president violated the constitution is a matter of fact that the president is an ongoing threat to our national security and the integrity of our elections the basis of our democracy a central charge against the president is that he was demanding the ukrainian
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government announce an investigation into joe biden and his son hunter in return for an official white house visit to the tree a over the republicans argue that the democrats have failed conclusively to prove that case they say president trump was right to be concerned about corruption in ukraine in addition they argue that home to biden's position on the board of a ukrainian energy company while his father was taking the lead in ukrainian policy as a vice president does warrant further examination and they argue that impeachment is simply the attempt to overturn the results of a 2016 election we on the republican side have no problem taking our case to the majority and to the people of this country because they elected donald trump and it is a matter for the voters not this not in this way not in the way this is being done it is trampled everything this house believes in our democrat colleagues have weaponized the impeachment provision of the constitution to nullify the votes of 63000000 americans who elected president donald j. trump this is not about a phone call or your crane or even his use of the executive privilege you have to
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remember that 95 of the democrats on this floor today voted to impeach donald trump before the july 25th phone call ever happened between president trump and president selenski a trial is expected to be held in the senate in january the republican leadership is hoping for a relatively quick process of perhaps 2 weeks the president is almost certain to be acquitted. the polls suggest the u.s. public is evenly split or impeachment in fact doldrums approval ratings have increased since impeachment proceedings began in the autumn she overturns the elders here at washington. well all of that played out in washington donald trump was rallying supporters in a city called battle creek he slammed democrats impeachment efforts as quote illegal and a disgrace and pointed out had little chance he'll be convicted and removed from office by the senate through the. the prey garches of the grazing land sea polo says house democrats. have bred sounds with
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an eternal mark of shame and it really is it's a disgrace. well john hendren was at that rally any tells us more about the mood of trump and those who support him the president was clearly energized by this impeachment process and by the crowd that was here in battle creek michigan spoke for by my count a little 102 howard dean the rebound of the 3rd term that according to his prepared remarks anyway about a 3rd of that was on impeachment you heard the records earlier where he said the democrats have branded themselves with the market shaming that they are the ones who are endangering democracy and he gets energized by these crowds and he continues on even when a little more than 30 minutes longer than he was expected to speak and he was received in the worst news yeah absolutely this was a crowd of many thousands and by one count about 800000 some of them were waiting outside along with
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a very small number of protesters but the president was not at all now he offered no apologies and he was doing mine and then he made it clear that he's going to seek reelection in 2020 maybe do that he needs the help of states mind michigan michigan is one of those states the swing states in the 3 won by a very narrow margin no republican in done that since george herbert walker bush in 1988 and trump won with 47.3 percent of the vote to hillary clinton's 47 percent of those about 50000 votes and that is about the number who vote right here in this county so he's in one of those places that he needs to win in 2020 in going to look at the ground that is here you certainly got a lot of supporters here. well brendan o'connor is associate professor in american politics at the university of sydney and mr o'connor thanks very much for joining us on the program what happens now obviously procedurally the move from nancy pelosi it muddies the waters some wall but just take us through why you think that
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happened what happens next. well nancy pelosi is delaying things at the moment she wants a bit deal from the senate she wants to get a deal in regard to how witnesses are going to be called into what is going to be a political trial undoubtedly this is saying that the republicans want to a very much quickly push this trial through without investigating into trump's cabinet maybe talking about to john bolton the former national security adviser nancy pelosi is trying to push what with what little power she has what them leverage she has for a more i think from more evidence to come for people on trumped side really to dampen in the why that wouldn't sunderland the american ambassador to the one union windsong lincecum brought by simply it was quid pro quo and basically we were holding back the citee and crying on the hope that they would investigate joe biden
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sorry when you're inside criticizes you would repel republicans criticize the people of criticizing that often are probably carried small white and that's what the democrats want to be up to do is to bring members of the company to stray tional pull them into the truck and ministration into the senate trial and get them to be you know on the stand get their evidence to be heard by the american public how do you think the republicans are going to approach what comes next what defense do you think that they will produce. well the main defense today in the house was that this is a partisan witch hunt said it was a very much or a painting of donald trump's lines not really getting to you could lead into the opponent's making the claim that trump has always been heightened by the democratic party and therefore they're trying to get rid of him by any means possible so not going to the facts particularly of the case maybe occasionally saying that the
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president of ukraine said it wasn't quid pro quo so wasn't but there was a saint's that they were fighting this really on a partisan basis and there was at times since that they were trying to call black white that they weren't really facing the hard facts trumps take mcmo money and said it was quid pro quo anyone i think you put the day some sort of at a time to looking at the evidence see it sees that i think really as a call people it's all the abuse of power they didn't want to get so you could really and the evidence climbed the price is the in and the end but there was a surprise a sense of probably the time i think a demoralizing saying that the republicans were trying to at least not deal with the evidence as it stored but rather to make a political price against the democrats brendan o'connor isn't the risk to all of this i mean we saw those pictures there of trump in battle creek and all reporting
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use the word that he you know he's energized by this process and i think what concerns a lot of people is that you were trying to be a man who isn't a politician at politics so i mean could this backfire. yes i mean in trump in some ways as a narcissist will welcome this attention i mean once again the world's eyes are all on trump you know he denies that he's done anything wrong because he spies say some self is above the law so one of the fascinating things about trump president say and really is business career beforehand was the trump is clearly someone who has a real problem with procedural more with judicial processes and we need this about trump when he came into office we knew that trump sorum self in many regards is above the law he didn't respect judges decisions during the campaign he criticized judges he criticized various prices regarding investigations into his business
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activities so i think he's dumbed down expectation sign much regarding what's abusive behavior and corrupt behavior when he comes along and does something like this of using their it ukrainian military i.d. for his political benefit most people in america go well what do we expect you know this is the trump we know and some of the insides the trump we love and site there is the sense that trump what one of the end of the careers i think of any former president before him with trump in some ways is normal practice and we've become so used to flouting the law using the president to office for his own personal gain well as i'm curious a way guy that when something is dramatic as this ukrainian thing comes along we're not that surprised because this is the right term pop right so it's it's very unfortunate the democracy i mean it's very and it's it's an important priest into the future but in some ways the worse your behavior before you come to office and in your early part of your present say the more you can get away with whereas if
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you're squeaky claim if your record is the only sort of much one of the follies the more i mean you get caught out then you're the kind of person who's going to be removed from your political position or your political career will be. bent on a common they're associate professor in american politics at the university of st they brendan time keith. to other news now and a philippine court has found top members of a political clan guilty on multiple counts of murder over a mass killing in 2958 people 1st of 2 of them journalists were killed when a convoy of vehicles was attacked in the southern province of my given the now around 100 people have been on trial over that massacre many of them linked to a politically powerful family in the province the mass killing was the single biggest attack on journalists in history john karr daryl has the latest now from manila we are here outside the court in the big city metro manila where
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promulgating efforts in your case was recently handed down to primary suspects a crime members of the un but one political clan is southern philippines i found guilty and are sentenced to up to 40 years increase and some of the accomplices are also found guilty and are sentenced to up to 10 years in friesen some of them however are acquitted due to lack of evidence needed looks and human rights organizations here say that they are very delighted to hear the news justice could have been delayed but at least this is a critical step to achieve justice for the victims and for their families however the case is not yet over the convicted suspects can still feel their conviction in 15 days if they do so the case would elevate to the next level need to groups and human rights organization and the media community say here that you will still monitor the case. in the news ahead. on the close hawken bar are going to have fun on that's why so many migrants travel from a fear of through europe not through the mediterranean but across the atlantic
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before the free. and after the conservative victory in the u.k. we travel to a traditional labor stronghold to find out what swung the top of all that more when we come back. hello the weather remains mild if not warm across many parts of europe at the moment lots of cloud of rice spilling in from the atlantic that will gradually make its way east which you can see clear skies down into the southeastern corner that's where we've been getting a very warm when the wind out of the sahara sirocco wind as it's known and that's lifted temperatures in austria for example to around 2021 celsius december day on the record here probably i won't believe it was moscow as well 6 l.c.c. it should be about minus 4 there had 10 degrees about the average lots of wet and
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windy weather coming into western parts so when that cloud in the rain will pile in through the by a base going to western front some very heavy rain coming in across spain and coach go but it's warm right because up to 12 celsius in london 40 in paris it had killed in paris as we go on through friday but 30 still very much on the mild side strength of the wind will be the overriding feature in the coming days that wet weather will make its way into southern parts of france and the snow over the outs further east where it's fair amounts of cloud it's based in parts of europe should be allowed to teach riding see it does still stay on the mild side across southern parts of africa it is generally find in try but still a little bit of weather to the northwest.
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welcome back you're watching a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has been impeached members of the house formally charged him with the b. superpower and obstruction of us will not face a senate trial next month. will trump has called the impeachment creating
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proceedings an attempted coup de says it's a desperate effort by the democrats to win the 2020 election times accused of withholding aid to ukraine to pressure it into investigating his political rival joe biden. the philippine courts fund top members of a political crime guilty on multiple crimes of murder over the country's worst mass killings 58 people were killed back in 2009 in the southern province of my game tonight. and muslim leaders meeting at a summit in kuala lumpur have been told they must address to missions between islamic nations they're meeting in the malaysian capital to find ways to tackle the biggest issues facing their country and some including saudi arabia have criticized the gathering thing it sought to create another regional block for malaysia's prime minister defended the summit that had been criticized by some leaders from other muslim nations yes. the muslims in the their countries
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are in this did of crazies held helpless. and with the of these religion which is men to be good for men kind it is for these reasons that the summit meeting is organized at the very least through our discussions really me fine but when drawn we me even find solutions if not to end these get this of these these 2 a week and the slamming will. of the mean to recognize the problems and their causes. large protests are expected in more than 10 cities across india on thursday as widespread anger continues over a new citizenship law protests broke in new delhi yesterday after the country's top court has spawned hearings on the legislation until january
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a law for citizenship to persecuted minorities from neighboring countries but it does exclude moves them in anticipation of thursday's protest case have stepped up security number including near the red forward in delhi let's get the latest from hill raman is in new delhi and he joins us live hi there still so i believe that some permits are being with fused in a couple of cities will that stop people taking to the streets. absolutely not julie you know what actually happened here at the ready for how about 5600 yards away because the internet signal was blocked it was very difficult to get messages out what transpired was is that the there's a very heavy police presence they barricaded and blocked roads of that surround the red force i mean if i just stand out of the camera range right into the distance you can see one of the many barriers that the police have actually set up there are hundreds of people that were trying to get to the red fort and to demonstrate
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within the red fort grounds that some of them actually got through in the morning and it was very peaceful it was noisy but as they came through the barrier they were then uniformly arrested and put on buses about an hour into the process everybody was removed out of the cordoned area and we were told by delhi police that section one forms one of 4 for the penal code had been enacted which was the banning of any gatherings of more than 4 people and also anybody that did gather chant or form a crowd was committing a crime because within delhi there is only worn legal areas to demonstrate and that place is called junk. and for that you need a permit no permits were issued and even the permit for these demonstrations here near the red 4 were also denied late last night so so the government is basically saying it sounds like this is a matter of kind of safety and policing but will this be interpreted in
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a broader sense as an attempt to shut down free speach. to a certain extent i think the government were completely unprepared for the anger that this particular passage of the law the citizenship amendment act was going to really. present because communities have kept pretty quiet tobar issues of divorce over the autonomy that was removed from kashmir and then we saw this particular law being passed through parliament and muslims came out onto the streets they became very angry about what they saw was even more restrictions more repression and what has surprised i think the government to be authorities here it's not just the muslim community civil society across the board all the minority groups are represented in these demonstrations i met one of the civil society leaders just a few days ago we had him on al-jazeera again during our dark he's been arrested he
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saw me from a distance he waved as he was denouncing the cia he was arrested hold on to a bus civil society groups not just here in delhi julie but across india now seem to be activated over 20 universities from as far afield as. from bangalore route up to the punjab students there out and it's a range of religious backgrounds that they come from this law is is deemed to be something that strikes the heart of the constitution about everybody's liberty everybody's freedom to worship the way they want and everybody's opportunity and legal right to protest when they do not like what the government does people here felt this morning that we have the right to protest against the law that we disagree with and they were arrested and put on buses so. thank you. so 5 years of the bull that sank off the coast of mauritania say they would risk
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the same journey again to reach europe at least $62.00 people were killed when the ball went down earlier this month nicholas hub met some of them in the gambian city of bar where the finke full journey began. it's a journey that still haunts him. why did the others die secret you funders and why did he survive. on board we're friends and neighbors from bar all hoping to make it to europe he says they had meticulously planned the trip for weeks but the ocean often brings the unexpected running out of fuel and food they had decided to turn around for supplies when a wave hit them people panicked the boat capsized off the coast of mauretania juice friends died while he swam to shore why do they want a lot of i pray that they have forgiven me and i hope that i can one day complete their journey so that we can all find some peace among the dead suffer to a 16 year old orphan. gomez died with her 6 year old son in her arms and georgia
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approaching these were young gambians fleeing not war but the poverty in their country georgia worked as a waitress in a bar catering to tourists from gambia europe seems so close at home she would ask her aunt why it's so easy for europeans to come to africa and so hard for africans to go to europe go on to look play but the life and to help is fit in and if i'm in . that's the early as it was he went to the sea. she paid $700.00 to travel from barak to the canary islands by boat while the trafficker who arranged this trip is in hiding there is no shortage of boat men willing to make the journey. these are birds made for fishing not to transport people through the plans of goshen and to the shores of europe but yes migrants in these vessels sleeping here eating here sometimes they get lost on the waves of the journey can go
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a few weeks or months and this by the river will continue to use this way to get to europe because so many have successfully made it across. while jews in georgia his boat sank migrants on 3 other vessels traveling with them made it to the canary islands undetected by border guards. they sent back pictures of themselves from shopping malls or standing next to expensive cars but they don't show the hardship of life in europe. haunted by those who died despite the failed attempt. is preparing to travel again it appears his journey is not over. nicholas hoult al-jazeera gambia boris johnson's new u.k. government will set out its agenda in the queen's speech on thursday with a promise to give something back to the working class voters who supported the conservative party for the 1st time many hope the u. case departure from the european union will help the government ease poverty in the country bars the reports from stoke on trent which for the 1st time ever put 3
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conservatives to parliament in this small revolution in english politics these are the streets where the voices of demanded to be heard and it isn't hard to work out why the story of the working poor in this country gets worse with every passing year in the 6th richest country in the world people who work in places like hospitals or factories are relying on someone to give them essential for their babies because they can't afford to buy them. this church has been taken over by the sheer need most shockingly of all they told us these little packets of baby food aren't being eaten by infants but by their parents parents to sacrifice to their own health an equally then you tradition by making sure so so so so they that so the children don't have to eat exactly and eat and also to make sure their children got the food that they need and these are these are working people working people yes definitely. yes it's just absolute surety is it struck me since
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the election all the analysis has suggested the vote for the conservatives in places like this came almost entirely from older white people who may or may not still be around to see bricks it's eventually get done even so the conservatives know they have to do something for these communities. that are expected to be absolutely inconceivable that places like this would vote for anybody but the labor party but in this election not just a few places but almost everywhere in the midlands and north of england chose to vote conservative instead and that represents the most amazing opportunity for the conservatives to redraw forever the political map of england but only if bracks it becomes a hugely important vehicle for social change oh yes. we've been tracking stoke on trent since people like alley and short voted to leave the
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european union over 3 years ago since then he has changed her mind then regrets her votes and she doesn't trust the conservatives to change stokes fortunes there's not a lot here any wall and i want to know what they're going to be fit for. you know i want to know what are they going to be forced because this is a city that's broken and you need to get rick perry so look around huge amounts of the north look like this with pockets of successful industry next to visions of post-industrial dispair. the conservatives have always been blamed by so many for causing this damage but now they're in charge of pushing it rights people would welcome any more job security and also probably higher pay jobs you know we still would be able to rely waged economy no matter what's happened here and so anything that can bring some opulence and prosperity to the presidency it would prevent cost to the way course would be more than welcome but next christmas the u.k. will be out of the european union the prime minister has made himself to the
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parents of the children who will get one squeaks the christmas this year and a little toy as well if he can't make bricks at work with them it will have failed lawrence lee al jazeera stoke on trent. this is al jazeera and these are current top stories u.s. president been impeached members of the house formally charged him with the be superior and the struction of congress he will now face a senate trial next month. a great day for the constitution of the united states a sad one for america that the president's reckless activities. having. if you do see articles of the. film i do this this this. is something that we did to honor the vision of our founders to establish for
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the public. the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform to defend our democracy and that republic and the aspirations of our children and that they will always live in democracy and that we have tried to do everything we can to make sure that is their reality. will trump was called the impeachment proceedings an attempted coup he says it's a desperate effort by the democrats to win the 2020 election trump's accused of withholding aid to ukraine to pressure it into investigating his political libel joe biden. the braveheart. grazie nancy pelosi says house democrats. with an eternal market share in it it really is it's a disgrace when other news of philippine courts found top members of a political clan guilty on multiple counts of murder over the country's worst mass
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killing 58 people were killed in 2009 in the southern province of mcginn now around 100 people have been on trial over that massacre many of them linked to a politically powerful family in the province. but then leaders meeting at a summit in kuala lumpur have been told they must address divisions between islamic nations they're meeting in the malaysian capital to find ways to tackle the biggest issues facing their countries but some including saudi arabia have criticized the gathering saying it's to create another regional bloc regional and ethnic conflicts like those in syria and kashmir will be firmly top of the agenda delegates will also work to combat islamophobia here firmly up to date those are current headlines the news continues here after inside story see a bit later. over a year protesters across france have demanded economic justice police have responded with mass arrests
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a military grade weapons to constrain the genie zhang movement do you think he could have been mistaken between aiming at your head or you access all those people in power has been in france to investigate the escalation of violence in darfur what this means to free speech and the democratic rights of its citizens police on trial on al-jazeera. feeler journalists have been killed this year than in the last 2 decades so far so good cop there's a downside more and more reporters are being locked up by governments the countries the german this can work and safely at declining so is it the message or the messenger this unsettling so many world leaders this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm all fien dennis now this year is in the lowest number of journalists killed around the.


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