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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 172  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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those he decided on a strike in the capital for monday to keep the pressure on the government protesters have already blocked roads for 3 days in the south of lapides a strike in the industrial hub santa cruz is now in its 5th day was their daily protests. but president moralists has strong support too few dispute that he won the election the question is if he had the temper sent lead necessary to avoid a 2nd round he spent his 60th birthday in his stronghold the district of cochabamba making a show the examining the military has repeatedly called the protests a coupe and the fundamentalists obama and the look trophy love your lot in the district of cochabamba to also believe the people of different social groups up to occur in the buddha taught in the next week but he also said that he was in agreement with the solution proposed by the organization of american states an audit of the vote which would be binding whatever insults their investigation comes up with my new position hold out 0 they grieve with that plan to.
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start that by the minute we the people the specs are here to express that now that you and i say she's free to go and spits gets up. in the yard and i can say i know you really and if the government accepts the audit it's because they already have everything modified and read what we want is for them to know they selection and to have a really clean vote. was the result showing little more than half a percent between a 2nd round and an outright win for president riley's everything here he still mistake was to home and how does it look. the 25 year old sanctuary for chimpanzees is a convert conservation success story in sierra leone it has endured civil war and the bowl outbreak but it's not one dangerous reports i'm tucker gama this shelter is future is under threat along with the forest that is home to apes it's.
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another orphan chimpanzee is brought to the target my son jury every month that is the new arrival here. the vision is say for every baby chimp rescued 8 to 10 adults or youngsters may have been killed. but even more warning is that are people out of their habit or the destruction that is going on is not sustainable and is unsustainable. to have the. law enforcement all of the government so we need a facility in the rescue denning's could come in the government could implement the laws and then we need to keep looking at the broader picture. how can we stop the killing. because. that seems a near impossible task considering the pressure from porters and land grabbers. and the laws aren't a deterrent understood leone's $972.00 wildlife act the fine for killing
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a chimpanzee is less than a dollar and amount to porches and hunters can afford their court $96.00 of the estimated 5 and half of the western campuses in sierra leone live in this century the rest in the wild at the mercy of porters promise loggers as well as other human activities such as gold and diamond mining a few months ago the government of several young declared this and then dipped subspecies of chimpanzee as a national animal in an effort to protect it and towards them but because of a single say unless they give the money to protect these primates they won't be around for much longer. the mounting cost of peta in the chimps is a concern for century that's barely staying afloat. one and a half $1000.00 is needed a year just to beat a chimpanzee. to come that and also it's very difficult at the moment.
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this is something they've been appealing. i think yes a little bit more is. this is we can do a lot more and that is probably the major escalation. so operators of the center have opened its doors to ecuador east will bring in a little money to help run it. the rangers who patrol the century are few and aren't armed this time north charles i guess to heavily armed porters who are active i don't need to perimeter. goal you had to go along. under. what you know before us. sets upon the rock. chop chop that belongs to the community very well but i'm not a 2nd has been steadily on for more than 40 years he started the century 25 years ago and kept it running even through the country's brutal civil war. as
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a success story despite the lack of support it wants to expand care and protection to the other 5400 chimpanzees and thousands of other animals and birds in several younes other nature reserves but it's not clear at. all for how long you can afford to continue to work. a chimpanzee sanctuary instead of your own. so i had. to watch the.
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time for sport with ana thank you very much president trying to still the headlines by turning up for the baseball world series in washington but the houston astros long care they won their 3rd straight game against the nationals and now find themselves just one win away from planting the title they've stokes reports. it's a world series the president and 1st lady of the united states donald trump made the short journey from the white house to nationals park for game 5 so despite the smiles when he was introduced on the big screens he was given a pretty hostile reception by the d.c. crowd. thank predictable perhaps in a city that is heavily democratic. thanks. he's not the 1st president to be booted a baseball game but even so few have ever generated this sort of atmosphere in the
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nation's capital i. i i i as for the action most of the cheering on the night came from houston's friends. who seem to follow suit or feel i wish to run home from you wouldn't alvarez put them into a 2 nothing lead early on while the nats were without the star pitcher. the astros did have their top man gary cole and the different showed for the strength and co had no one strikeouts on the night and only him out 3 hits and 2 walks washington's frustrated boxes simply have no answer but it's time to call us correia extended the astros lead with another 2 run homer. stanford. i don't know i. don't know much the carbon copy hit from george springer. a comfortable victory 71 after losing the opening 2 games of the series houston
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have now working 3 games in a row to put themselves on the brink of glory you know we get i we might one more game oh it's the they've got a great team on their side we have a lot of respect for them and a group of guys they got away there and we got to go identical base in history as for the nights they now lose time advantage but i coach has not lost hope hey look we had our backs against the wall you know i thought we could we're going to be here where here playing game 6 of the world series so we're going to fight and finish this thing there's no doubt the momentum is with the astros though victory in game 6 on cheese day we'll see them cry in the 2nd championship in 3 years they did stocks 0. it was hamilton came very close to wrapping up a 6 formula one title on sunday but he'll have to wait a bit longer he won the mexican pizza came his 10th victory of the season but to win the championship that he needed to beat mercy the sea made i'll tell you brought us by 14 points but this finished 3rd which meant the gap was only 10
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points so the title race is still alive heading to next week's us gone plea and texas where hamilton will clinch the title if he doesn't lose more than 22 points to about us. tiger woods has equal the wear called out for the most when's on goals p.g.a. tour he won these also championship in japan by 3 shots to claim his it's a 2nd a true victory which draws him in level with sam snead it was his 1st time and all of the season after undergoing surgery on his left knee 2 months ago. it's a big number it's about consistency and doing it for a long period of time. sam did into his fifty's and i'm in my. early to me. mid forty's so it is about being consistent doing it for a very long period time i've been averted sportsnet have had a career at had so far and. to have won this term and in japan.
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so far on it because i've always been a global player always played all around the world and to tie the record outside the united states. this is pretty cool well as we mentioned woods is now tied with sam snead who won his titles between 1936 and 965 and 2nd place is jack nicklaus with 73 wins between 162-1986 then it's the we have a ben hogan whose 64 titles came between 19381959. england rugby coach eddie jones has held an entertaining press conference as head of the world cup final against south africa he responded to well scotto gotland who suggested they might have peaked too soon basing new zealand in the semi's and he even told briggs it to good use in my decisions to learn math is ridiculous
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my. life understand i have nothing to gain. the guys will wake me up in may but exultant baby you know and there you go i seem to be subject to one thing going to jail he's really going to give you time to j.v. and with them for the coming days you. to have some grass then when i want to further i has withdrawn from this week's paris moss' the 38 year old who won the swiss in those title on sunday says he needs to rest at head of next month future finals that is when all sunday it was his 10th swiss title and the 100 to arment victory of his career. to go with tennis it has one of the salts of the season in the men's doubles final as the 1st a bank open in vienna this was british player joseph gray is sprinted with his back to the net and following the ball back between his legs to win the point all this
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type of shot is known as the tweener and as you can see it just caught the line and he and his playing partner achieve one ton to claim the title. in n.b.a. the portland trailblazers a 4th back to be the dallas mavericks in the thrilling game on sunday c.j. mccollum he led the blazers with 35 points. there in a little r. that scored $26.00 of his $28.00 points in the 2nd half including this twisting layout that would just 26 seconds remaining they gave the blazers $12219.00 when. you know the minnesota timberwolves have remained unbeaten with 116209 victory over the miami heat andrew wiggins dog for the wolves who made 43 pointers and scored 16 of his 25 points in the final 6 minutes minnesota will look to keep their early season momentum as they take on philadelphia 76 is on losing. and
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that's it for me richelle thank you very much thank you for joining us here on the news hour here on al-jazeera but to keep it here you have much more news for you on the other side of the break. in a world of alternative facts and truths unfiltered social media spreads misinformation unfavorable reports become fake muses the fake phony the enemy of the people and press freedom is under attack. in a brand new documentary series we explore the media landscape roseville of the future how are journalists the world over coming to terms with this new reality and finding ways to challenge mainstream misconceptions whose truth is it anyway coming soon on a. rewind returns with a new series. of brand new updates on the best amount is in documentaries.
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my needs. to. rewind continues with fools gold millions of dollars people's money jewish being taken in for their whole lives from the money i'm agent down in drain and $1.00 day on al-jazeera. until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was about covering khuda taz tragedies of quakes and that was it but not sure how people feel how they how they think and that's what we do we go anyway 5 and a half months of demanding it one occasion a system that was introduced to. latin america up to 0 has have to fill a void that needed to be sealed. a story 1400 years in the make. the story of succession.
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the story of foundation and the emergence of an. episode one. grant another extension to the u.k. the british government now has until the end of january to leave the european union . richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the people have spoken to a new leader in argentina the could signal a return to
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a populist form of government. i'm natasha going to him in mosul this was the 1st city i feel to control it was also the place where abu bakar al baghdadi came to this mosque and proclaimed he was the group's leader coming out people react to is . out of control hundreds of thousands of californians are warned to leave their homes as new wildfires break out. european union leaders have agreed to further extend the brics a deadline giving britain until the end of january to leave that was supposed to happen in 3 days time but m.p.'s force prime minister boris johnson to request another delay to give them more time to scrutinize the deal in a go shaded with the e.u. and a few hours johnson is expected to ask him to vote on holding a snap election on december. well in return for more time to debate the deal we have lawrence lay standing by outside british parliament we will go 1st to roy
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chalons who is and brussels at the you commission office so worried what are the what are the details what's the catch what are the strains that come with this extension. well the deal as it stands is this look we will give you the u.k. until january 31st your stuff out to leave the european union if boris johnson you can get your withdrawal agreement bill through the house of parliament. through the houses of parliament by both parts of it before january the 31st then on the 1st of the following month then that is the day that you will be leaving the european union there are some small parts of this that are going to stick perhaps with boris johnson and the then the british government such as the requirements for the u.k.
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to have a reference over at the commission the commissioner essentially this is going to be difficult to say yes to but it's the requirements of the ben acts that made him write this letter to the european union asking for an extension says that he has to accept it when the e.u. grants it so to be ratified it has to go back to london it has to be signed by boris johnson then this can be formalized into a document signed off by all other 27 members of the you that is going to be something very difficult for boris johnson to do but he will do it he has promised time and time again that the u.k. would leave the e.u. on october 31st that is a promise that is now in ruins he was uncomfortable with writing that letter to the european union requesting an extension that he didn't sign it but the facts of the
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matter are he has to now say yes to the extension and that is the way that the u.k. goes forward towards an election ok roy at the latest there from brussels all right let's go over to london where lawrence is so ok a lot can happen between now and january what's next lots. well i mean certainly there's an agreement right across parliaments that they're going to have to have a general election now the european union had said it would only grants another extension for some sorts of events that could change the the dynamic here and break the deadlock. but 7 simply this being the british parliament there's there's all sorts of sticking points in a gigantic round about whether and when there should be an election if it really all boils down to this that what boris johnson would prefer would would be an election after he's got his version of bricks agreed and voted through parliament because then you go to the electorate and say look i'm the man who did it for you
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and everybody seems to think that he would get a bounce in the polls and come back with a big majority the labor party really don't want that to happen and boris johnson can get that election under the current law without the labor party support and so consequently other opposition parties which are very happy to have an election as well are trying to get around that by changing the law which would mean that boris johnson could get a selection in december but without getting his version of bricks it through parliament 1st and that would probably put johnson in a weaker position to polish because the brics it policy and the hardliners would say well you promised us you do brecht's of october and you didn't and it's still up in the air as to whether or not it's going to happen and so in that sense it looks like johnson is going to have to go for that version of events that they change the law to get the election done but it does make the prospects of the conservatives winning the election are right in december probably a bit less likely ok barnsley with the latest there from london lawrence thank you
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. voters in argentina have elected a new president a new leader amritsar mockery econd conceded defeat fernandez his deputy is former president cristina kirchner who is facing a corruption trial both now happen challenge of solving argentina's latest financial crisis and. central bankruptcy traceable reports around us are this. a party when a site is to celebrate the victory of over the fed a man this and the defeat of precedent. for us and leonsis she's proud of the result. all my life i've been fighting for social justice and the past 4 years have been torture for me seeing how the economic situation deteriorated because of mccray now i can be proud of being argentinian again. people here are celebrating the comeback of that there are new
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study today said that people are already who they hope will help argentina cope with what coming next to that difficult economic situation with a 55 percent inflation rate and the possibility of a default and therefore in that a lot of the fundamentalists was chief of staff to former president. his running mate he still time pressing cristina fernandez the kershner a lot of our man this went from being a staunch critic of christina kirshner to joining forces with her in order to unite the peronist party to defeat marketing. until december 10th the president is mockery and of course we will collaborate on everything we can because the only thing we care about is that argentinians stop suffering. when elected in 2015. promised to fall of argentina's endemic economic problems but his plan did not work out well as his government was forced to request an emergency loan from the i.m.f.
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and inflation and poverty increased while in office. i want to congratulate president elect our birds are fernandez i just told for the great choice the people have made are invited him to morrow to breakfast because he has to start a transition period please this is for argentina. the orderly transition the brings tranquility to a large and signs because here the only important thing is the future and wellbeing of argentines the big question in argentina is what's coming next the question then becomes of the what next are we going to see an economic plan are we going to see a cabinet and who will be in charge of that crucial renegotiation with argentine creditors. the new president takes office in december but argentina needs an urgent plan to stabilize the economy these people want to believe the best is yet to come. for the several when
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a site is. there spend an assassination attempt on 2 government ministers in yemen they are interior minister and transport minister managed to escape after obama's plan to near where they were staying in shabab province this happened just a few hours after a deal between yemen's internationally recognized government and a southern separatist group was announced the team is a non resident scholar at the middle east institute in washington d.c. she says that this this agreement is a positive step. it's a good deal because it a very it's complex for now it's a very it's secession which many international observers have seen as and never have all given the way things were going and giving their grievances in the south of yemen so for now this basically fostering a collaborative environment and of chorus. the implementation might be at that of the challenge in terms of you know this is just going to test all parties will to sincerely implement these steps without trying to outsmart the other probably
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both parties at the government of yemen and the southern transitional council to gain favor with saudi arabia want to comply want to show that they are the most reliable partner for the saudis and especially in their fight against the militias and this other transitional council saying we're going to provide 90000 trained men to help you with this fight and it's going to comply with their government and of course you know this earlier if saudi arabia is going to provide the financial component in terms of paying for the salaries for the soldiers then you know of course there will be. a good basis for good cooperation and relationship and economic prosperity down the road the government has been backed by for so long so it's also keen on maintaining this relationship in
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a sense saudi arabia's role is providing insurance is for both parties and perhaps without it this deal wouldn't happen brokered. a late draft of the saudi brokered deal would see yemen's southern separatists included in a new cabinet of the internationally recognized government the separatists or be given half of the minister in all roles roles provided they are not involved in any fighting in agreed areas the deal would also unite all forces from the southern transitional council and the government under the ministry of defense within 60 days so ahead on al-jazeera a 12th day of demonstrations and lebanon we will have an update from the capital beirut and saving the chimpanzees of sierra leone some find sanctuary but others are at the mercy of poachers.
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fair across china at the moment lots to clear skies lots of sunshine around a little bit of that weather cloud just drifting through those central pass but it will be essentially dry and sunny the west the weather is for the south because some very heavy rain just pushing into the philippines into central and southern parts of the. possibility of a developing tropical system this one really really heavy rain coming in here could well cools asama flash flooding that we have seen flooding rains recently across southern parts of india sri lanka got warnings in sri lanka in the south of india too just around thermal nadu kerala into struggling to further north it is generally dry and that's because we have this system typhoon so we have trouble cycling out in the arabian sea which is pulling that west of weather out of the way here further north in new delhi again we could do some right it's clear the air is what we have filthy conditions once again air quality very very poll i'm afraid as .


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