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talks over the next few weeks i think the idea to try and get momentum into this certainly the criticism in the past has been that this is worked at the very high level to protect the 2 leaders seem to get on seem to have a poor but that hasn't translated into any of the detailed negotiations clearly now they're trying to use this visit and this historic moment to springboard things into a negotiation and a process which starts pretty soon also the last comment that i think was interesting president trump saying sanctions could be lifted as the process goes on because there's another big question about this do you do it all as one or do you do it in a slow phased process the example that bring comes to mind for me is the iran nuclear deal the one president trump pulled out of that was painstaking negotiations for years trying to get everything in place and only at the end when
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the deal was signed with the sanctions lifted it sounds from president trump's comment that they're going to try and do this in a way that they proceed through the issues and as things are sorted then lift the sanctions one by one so a different approach but then again this has been a completely different approach because the iran nuclear deal was a negotiation by officials in detail and slowly higher level people were brought in on this occasion it started at the very top in singapore with that historic meeting the 1st ever meeting between a u.s. president and a north korean leader and now we've seen the 3rd meeting between those 2 men and the 1st time they've met at the demilitarized zone and the 1st time a u.s. president has set foot in north korea just a few steps but historic in its own right. and i think it's fair to say whatever
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your views on this whatever skepticism you have that president trump will walk away from this day and in fact from this visit to asia absolutely delighted because he's got what he wanted he can climb foreign policy victories he can say i've got things on track with north korea he said hanoi was not a failure but clearly they didn't get what they wanted and why he can so got things on track with north korea and he can point to the g 20 summit and say that the trade war with china is over in both cases he has had a good time it's gone well but none of the deep problems have actually been solved in each case they are now starting a process a really detailed and difficult process of negotiation with north korea and in the past north korea has always upset the international community the ins are asking
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museums accuse them of cheating and lying when they have been previous deals that's going to be difficult with regard to china and the trade deal well they're starting talks again they haven't got an agreement yet right james bays there are diplomatic editor. well earlier we also heard from kim jong un he called his relationship with trump great and said this meeting will have a positive effect on their future. that is. here i've always wanted to meet you at this place as a symbol of the separation of the north and the south and to remind you of the unfortunate past meeting at such a place shows that we are willing to put an end to the unfortunate past and also open a new future to provide positive opportunities in the future. let's go live now to rob mcbride is live for us from the south korean capital seoul so rob a lot was riding on this for the south korean president moon jay in you think is breathing
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something of a sigh of relief at this point. i think they'll be delighted by this but yes i think also tinge to with a sense of relief that it did indeed take place president moon j.n. of south korea has been feeling the heat some water especially in recent weeks and months we've seen a deterioration of relations some of the old rhetoric of old and some of that rhetoric directed at south korea in fact it was only a few days ago after moon j.n. had been saying how he wanted to intercede once more an actor's an intermediary he was basically told by north korean controlled state media to stay out of it that we don't need anybody else if we want to negotiate with the united states we can do it by ourselves thank you very much indeed so i think moon j.n. will be very pleased by this he has very much stayed in the sidelines throughout this historic afternoon we just heard at the little briefing that he gave there in
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freedom house alongside president trump and it has to be said that this has almost been a made for television spectacle with these little snippets these almost like a running commentary being given largely by president trump on what has happened often petering some of the same messages that we've heard throughout this visit and on previous visits and previous times when he's talked about the difference he has made converting what he called a fiery mess into the kind of. the kind of respectful friendship that we have at the moment and playing up for his relationship with kim jong un we heard moon there very much heaping praise all on trump saying this was trump's achievement. lawlor along he seems to of played this strategy of giving trump all the praise for what has been achieved but there's lots of people here will tell you as many observers
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will tell you that the person who instigated the. this whole process was largely moon jay and it remains to be seen what what was discussed whether we will ever find out what was discussed in the meeting that went on as you mentioned there for up to an hour in freedom house it wasn't meant to take place but then a lot of what we've just seen wasn't meant to take place we don't think that moon j.n. was in the same room it could well have just been kim and trump and their interpreters so it remains to be seen if we will ever find out what was discussed the concern i suppose for people in the u.s. administration maybe the concern for people here in south korea when you have these 2 impetuous leaders whether they said anything or committed themselves to anything which they are going to have to live up to which we might find out afterwards we simply don't know but as you heard there they have left it up to a working level group led by stephen began he is here at the moment the u.s.
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special adviser on north korean affairs left it up to these 2 teams over the next few weeks to see what they can do i think that is as much as anybody here in south korea could have hoped for and that's what they've got today all right thanks so much from mcbride there from seoul so woman who is a publisher and career exposé current expose their current affairs and news magazine joins us on skype from stood guard in germany so we've just had the announcement there of the resumption of talks between north korea and the u.s. working groups are going to meet are you optimistic. well i think it's too early to say whether we can be optimistic or not but at the very least it is still a kind of step that everybody in south korea was waiting for as we all know a lot of dialogue between what's korea and the u.s. or summit on hold to put it gently and it really did require of momentum
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which could really only come from the kind of dots personal diplomacy that mr trump has been known for about let's be clear that even though many people say this meeting between chairman kim and mr trump in d.m.z. was quite unexpected by their head and being signed step part have to south korean government has been working to make it a reality mr montane the president of south korea has been quite insistent that mr trump come and visit south korea after the 20 meeting in japan and if mr trump were to come it was likely that he would go to the embassy which he wanted to visit before during his last visit to south korea in november of 2017 and of course d.m.z. is where mr mullen met quite without any kind of announcement for their 2nd meeting with mr kim in the past so there were signs that this could be
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a reality and in fact that is why we ended up seeing today while we understand these working groups are going to stop within 2 to 3 weeks any indication of where the compromise might come from to get around the deadlock we saw in hanoi. well mr trump said it himself the key word here is actually sanctions he said there is a possibility maybe essentials will be lifted but i think what we're really aiming for it is not sanctions relief but sanctions exemption to be specific before mr cameron and mr trump met mr morton when jane was actually explaining to all mr trump about the importance of kaesong industrial complex to join economic venture between the 2 koreas on the north korean side of the border and this is the thing that south korean government has seen as being very important for moving the peace process forward because the government realizes that maybe it's not possible to
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call for a comprehensive sanctions relief from north korea at this point in time but perhaps resuming some of the economic cooperation that's your speak tween a little korea's there were already going on before on essentially human to place might be on the effect it will for giving north korea the incentive it means to continue with the nuclear right station and the steps are perhaps seen not only by the u.s. but also by the international community is. something that they could actually live at least in this stage of the union playground station negotiation process where when you look at the bigger picture is it possible to say this point you know there's pressure perhaps on the u.s. president to show that he is the ultimate dealmaker going towards elections that there's always obviously pressure on the south korean president to show that the dynamic with the north going in the right direction china has an interest one could
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argue now that trade talks seem to be resuming with the u.s. are all the pieces of the puzzle the least to give the next round of talks between the u.s. and north korea the best chance it may have had in many months. well can we ever say that all the pieces are in place a lot of deadly could be abortion left is a success but certainly we can agree that there is a greater sense of urgency north korea has signaled through multiple channels since the failure of the noice on it that it was not willing to stand idle and wait for the us to make a move it gave a great clear they're lying dead and if things don't really work out by the end of this year then they might do something and in fact we have seen new north korea engaging in these small short range missile launches which mr chairman of course dismissed as being in consequential but the fact remains said there has was more of
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a sense of urgency that we need to move things forward and perhaps for that reason mr trump decided to make his grand gesture which is not to say that north korea didn't want direct war but of course it wanted but it did require the right rationale and having 6 from come to the embassy in crossing over into go up north korean side and meeting chairman kim that is the kind of move that is definitely going to give mr kim the kind of legitimacy that he has been craving specially given the damage that his political standing suffered after the hunter way summit. good to get your thoughts on that thanks so much thank you for bringing some other news now the polls open that albania's local elections but the opposition is refusing to take part the socialist prime minister called the elections but the president and his democratic party allies oppose it they want a nationwide ballot instead more than 5000 polling stations have been prepared.
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john through our reports from the suburbs of tehran. government work has a setting up a voting center at abraham rugova high school in comes a this is a safe seat for the opposition but it isn't fielding a candidate because it's boycotting local elections nationwide the democratic party accuses the government of corruption and wants a general election instead it's demanding the resignation of socialist prime minister. this is the culmination of months of opposition protests against alleged government corruption that have also seen the main opposition parties walk out of parliament president has canceled sunday's elections saying they will damage albanians image as it prepares to begin membership talks with the european union president canceled the polls but the government is proceeding regardless many
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albanians regard that as unconstitutional and legal challenges are expected to lower upon the only thing that can remove me from the office is people's fault and not the decision of the political party we are not in north korea we are no longer under communism i shall not recognize these elections. this tough line from the democratic party led many of its supporters to try and prevent voting centers from being set up in the 24 cities the opposition controlled. in the city of skoda police dispersed protesters with tear gas police are now keeping voting centers under good incomes to prevent further incidents this municipality has a special status for the opposition it is a democratic party stronghold on the outskirts of tehran a which is socialist dominated in the past 23 years the socialists have held it only once in 2000 when
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the democrats again abstained from the electoral process democratic party leader. says he's asking his supporters to remain calm but could lose control of the. well been shocked by the non reaction of international community to mr ramos now proof of connections to organized crime for which he gave power in 2017 this is a very dangerous situation and it could potentially lead to civil unrest social unrest come monday if there is not a clear condemnation of the farce that has already happened. you talks have already been postponed for 6 months if any is political crisis deepens political leaders worry that it could put those talks for years jumpstart up loss comes a. sudan's military is increasing its presence in the cab thought khartoum and other cities that comes as opposition leaders organize what they call
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a 1000000 man march on sunday in defiance of the military jointer its warned protesters no damage or destruction will be tolerated during demonstrations demanding a civilian led government more than a 100 people were killed on june the 3rd when security forces intervened to disperse demonstrations. as soon as possible a government that is accepted by all sudanese people i want to say to those that had called for more massive demonstrations that we are not against the people and we are not against peace but we have to understand that infiltrators are there and they're willing to upload their hidden agendas so we don't need troubles and only. more mass protests are expected in hong kong monday is the 22nd anniversary of the british handover of sovereignty back to china the anniversary crowd of pro-democracy protesters is expected to swell this year against the proposed law to allow extradition to china but china's army is opened its doors to celebrate sarah
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clarke has the story. in sweltering heat they lined up military in and visitors from the mainland all looking to get away. leaps of life in the back of the people's liberation army garrison. i'm very excited to be involved in the show it's big and i wish hong kong will be better in the future. i'm so happy to see it and i love it every year the hong kong opens its doors to the public to mark the anniversary of the former british territories handover to china the destroyers warships and weaponry on display troops perform combat drills to show off their military might. or hold some of their i'm so happy very excited and so proud of china. i am proud and i feel so safe to have the army here. there are 12 people like garrisons in hong kong but they abide by local law they
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respect the city's autonomy but there are increasing signs of the p.l.o. is boosting its presence before me naval drills in victoria harbor this was once public land overlooking victoria harbor but this week the government transferred control to china so this could be converted into a pill a dog and the navy ships can berth in central hong kong critics speculate this is a deliberate ploy by china to make its presence felt in hong kong and a reminder that beijing holds the ultimate authority over this former british territory in a city that lacks trust in the mine it's added to the growing unease about china's tightening grip on july 1st thousands are expected to protest over a controversial plan by the government to extradite fugitives to china to stand trial for sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. but heat wave in germany is expected to south a new record high temperature on sunday people in france the u.k. and spain will get some relief firefighters are continuing to battle wildfires in catalonia and close to the capital madrid soaring temperatures are blamed for the
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deaths of a 2 europeans this week a new record high of just under 46 degrees celsius was certain southern france on saturday. had a chance to cool down that last. climate change was one of the primary topics of discussion at the g 20 summit on saturday but calls for taking global action once again been rejected by the us 18 nations in the e.u. pledge to keep working towards reducing global warming by recommitting to the 2015 paris climate agreement or communicate by the leaders says they've made progress since last year's g 20 summit action is needed to tackle the climate emergency the us is reiterated its decision to withdraw from the agreement saying it didn't work for american taxpayers in workers that hasn't stopped other leaders from doubling down on their commitment to the fight. the present predicament. we are
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more and more disconnected from the world scientists remind us of our duty about climate change and biodiversity every day our youth in a lot of countries every week remind us of our duty and we are still debating whether we deserve the right to use the name of the paris agreement. in our view climate change the future of mankind so our generation's must make the right choice . a state of emergency is being declared in papua new guinea following the eruption of 2 volcanoes rescue workers say they don't have enough resources to help thousands of villagers forced to move to safety mount on a warning shot a cloud of ash 18 commentors high overall west new britain province forcing flights to be diverted since that eruption on wednesday another highly active volcano on my round island is erupted the news continues on al jazeera after talk to our viewers you're a stay with us. every
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week brings a series of breaking stories joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they would call it on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera. the. saudi crown prince mohammed bin sandman arriving at the g. 20 summit and osaka a symbolic scene suggesting his acceptance as a leader if not endorsement of his policies underneath the surface unresolved human rights violations including the brutal murder of the saudi journalist. the persecution of female activists and clerics advocating reforms and now another name is gaining prominence inside and outside of saudi arabia his name is cell man
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allowed a renowned religious leader who is now in jail after political disagreements with the saudi regime he's now unable to speak to the press but this week on talk to al jazeera we sit down with his son. a young dissident currently living in the u.s. to discuss man. and the fate of his father. but of a lot of thank you very much for talking to. 0 thank you for having me i'll start by asking you about the. situation in saudi arabia now it's been almost 2 years since. i've been some ascended to power many consider him to be the de facto ruler of saudi arabia a lot of people in the west have pinned so much hope on this young reformist prince and his bald agenda as they described it 2 years have gone by what has changed in
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saudi arabia the promise was to be formed the social fabric in saudi arabia was to diversify this it would economy and to promote moderate islam what has been done is actually the opposite of both of these. 3 different aspects socially the promise to reform was delivered through attack in the feminists the woman humorist defenders in saudi arabia well how can you say that if mom had been some undelivered by and i mean women to drive that's that's an achievement that we half to respect and we have i have myself a like that. moved but at the same time if you look at the fellow picture what are the real deal forms what he wanted is to take credit for the call
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that that that demands. you know the state to allow women to drive for the past few decades so what he wanted was that to make a p.r. campaign to take credit for these demands and now want these campaigners these human rights defenders in saudi arabia to again to surface and talk. about other issues and other human rights issues so he did make 2 targets in this crackdown one he targets those who could pose a threat and asked for for more human rights and in the same time to allow him to take credit and to try to convince the west that he was the one who was behind the allowing one to drive and allow and a lone woman to have some sober facial reforms that we are having in the kingdom
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the main issue the male guardianship system is not just still there it's actually be in more and more. a fact of in dealing with the with the subjects just like your heart for example in the united states now for the 1st time has a female. that's true but look at this female embassador and what has been done. at the same time in saudi arabia like. jane. their names languish in jail because of this same oath of asking so arabia to adopt such a form to adopt a female ambassador to hearth. like it to empower women in politics so mama been some how popular is he in saudi arabia well the thing is that in so that maybe you're will never have. public poll that really can tell you
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the real you know. the real saudi opinion and impression of the state and its leaders but if you want to have flicked at least a real impression of how this city public feel about this state you should look at the different various segments of soda society look at for example the liberals the famine it's the shia the sunni the. islamists the different the women men you will find i mean the leaders of all these segments of saudi society. have been either put in jail silenced intimidated or threatened in one way or another even the tribal leaders in serbia the even his own family the religious institutions have to be a has forever been criticized for being an extreme 11 that has given birth to. what
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so many would consider to be terrorist movements and organizations have been promised to counter the. have seen many religious figures in prison do you think but yours being successful and not amongst those that are in prison are your father should someone although one of the most prominent religious figures well what he has done in the past 2 years one year half is that he attacked the moderate voices of the condemn the voices that. spearheaded the campaign against extremism terrorism in the kingdom even the states the state need needed them to terrorism after 2001 and in the when and during the terrorism and terrorist attacks in 20046 and after in saudi arabia so but why the
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state targeted them is is because the state fear what they have in their package the democrates discourse one of the same time to state that the m.b.a.'s that promised to curtail their religious establishment the tried to curtail these moderate voices one of the same time in power and the state sponsored threats was this state sponsored council which is the council of senior scholars in syria that council is a still issue in fact were regularly that council is a still sponsored by the state paid by the state government give me an example of what was wrong with this council or take the example of how it was a slight head was on is a very powerful person within that council member of this yes he is an influential member actually of that council he is very close to him b.s. in b.s. visited him late last year and it is told him literally that he is like his father
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so m.b.'s imply. odd that while his father the king is the head of the political or political power in saudi arabia is the head of the religious power in syria so that alliance is still affective and who. and if you want to know who sort of his own is look at his head was it was and is the one who gave effect was like one month just before the killing of how shocked you not just along the street to kill dissidents but urge in this state to call dissidents under the. and wahhabi docs and. those who disagree with the state are rebelling against religion against god and against the state of them should be charged with treason is what you took with treasonous and also be executed.
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because of. his strong here's somebody who was significant religious figure that was still in his position and has influence but on one hand and at the same time you have somebody like just a moment older who's in jail. for you as an example of an example of the fake campaign against extremism he has been targeting the motor voices and tried to sell that to the west like if he is content with he took advantage of a lot of people in the west not knowing the dynamics of the saudi society and that in a makes the dynamics within the religious you know figures and try to sell that like if he is cutting the ribs in fact he has cut tail in the moderate voices that could ask for more you know democracy demands and have india package the discourse by the same to empower those extremists who in return legitimize
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his own influence his own group. tom you're bitter about your father should some. somebody who has millions of followers online on twitter who somebody who traveled the most for more than you from many other countries with significant muslim populations given look tourism preacher and so forth why do you believe he was prism tell me a bit about some m.p.'s has been always obsessed with attacking those who have more popularity to and his and his father for my father my father for example has 14000000 followers on twitter it's like double than what they came came self harmers on twitter so that that signals one thing popularity 2nd my father has with also the state classics which is both while my father has the religious authority in his you know teaching and all that he also has the democratic he promotes the democratic discourse he asks the state. for example in
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2011 he promoted and presented one of them it's actually the the most popular bit titian in saudi history which is to petition called the toward. toward a state of institutions and rights in saudi arabia asking the state to transform into a constitutional monarchy where the minorities are protected women are empowered where. people are represented in an elected parliament in saudi arabia where rights are guaranteed so these elements there is a religious democrats exactly and that's why they fear him the most they feared this discourse because it is acceptable by the locals it's very popular a locally and it's very acceptable internationally and by but by even the large
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majority of the royal family itself so that's why. here's a monologue that was given platforms on state run television or media outlets or those close to it how has the saudi media and those supporting harben son man been able to. between day and night go from shining a light on him as an example of progressiveness to suddenly trying to convince the people that hears a foreign agent or treater and somebody who wants harm to the kingdom and to his country that just. proves the chrissy of of their discourse. take the example of this alien bassett or the current saudi ambassador to the kid the heat.


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