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tv   Shadow World 2018 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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it is helping 200000 displaced syrians but its operations have been interrupted in some areas because of the violence it is home to 3000000 people half of them already refugees from other parts of syria that if he is racing against the clock to support all the ready to eat food that doesn't have to be cooked. in the camps and wherever they are while we continue our regular operation and scaling it up to some $800000.00 people every month the demands on aid are expected to grow thousands of acres of farmland have been destroyed in recent weeks many blame the syrian government for deliberately targeting the fields as they have done in past offensives to punish those who live in rebel areas and force a surrender. the opposition has not surrendered rebels are holding ground hundreds of fighters on both sides have been killed along the front lines 8 weeks of intense bombardment and the pro-government side has taken little territory. the united
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nations is warning the offensive is creating a humanitarian disaster it has been calling on turkey and russia guarantors of a cease fire to help revive the agreement but for now their proxies engage in battle to gain political leverage. beirut earlier i spoke with i mean our director of the middle east and north africa bureau at the office of the united nations high commissioner for refugees he says a settlement is needed in syria to alleviate people's suffering. very frustrating situation and that's why we keep we keep really calling on both parties observe international norms international military law and to also go back to the agreement that in in place so that. you know a negotiated settlement can be found a much longer can the situation go on but every day counts every hour counts we saw people now under the rubble we saw both sides of population and that both sides are really suffering i think it's going to go for long there is a limit to what
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a human being can walk out of. the office of the united nations high commissioner for refugees we record often a court order often interview people from u.n. organizations who are pleading poverty that they're pleading for help other things that you need or the situation that that you have what you need at the moment you're ready to go but you just can't you can't help these people because they're out of your reach they're out of our reach they're out of reach of many other organizations even local ones and therefore it's an either or on our shoulder and also on the local local administration administrations to take care of civilians doing such and such wars it is in the international law it isn't a national norm and people should be taken care of why do you think politicians don't seem to be listening to your calls and as we said 9 weeks is going on nothing is as happening why why aren't politicians doing something about this and putting pressure on i mean not only the syrian government but but their backers in russia
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i think there is a military security a strategic and other games that come into play here and unfortunately humanitarian issues that push down to the bottom of the agenda and that have to get change something have to give in. across palestine people are gathering to speak out against washington so-called deal of the century a series of protests in gaza in the occupied west bank will coincide with this week's summit in basra and that's where senior white house adviser jared course is expected to reveal details of the economic part of the peace plan israel's prime minister says that he'll give it fair consideration the palestinian leader has a boy costing the meeting more now from a serious abraham from one of the protests in the occupied west bank. that is going to have always there junction to them and i'm a summit that this expected to be held tomorrow they say that the road to solving the palestinian israeli conflict is not through economic means and they said that palestine is not for sale. in
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a recent poll 80 percent of palestinians say that they don't believe the u.s. plan will lead them to statehood or that the u.s. is serious about its efforts to listen in president mahmoud abbas said that while economy is important and foreign aid is important the more important story here is political the palestinian authority has stopped engaging with the u.s. ever since the us administration has moved its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem announcing jerusalem as israel's capital and gaza hamas has also rejected the deal and palestinians there have organized a marathon against it saying that the man i met workshop was a success. many protests. have in the west bank that are expected to. look like. a weather update next year i was here and then. when for turkey's opposition candidates in the rerun of istanbul's mayoral election. children born to
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myself i says return to a country some of them have never seen. hello the seasonal floods in china tend to move from north to south very waves and then they venture disappear currently we've got flooding on the ground in one gene guangdong for jan you can see why because the winds just go off shore with hong kong white being thunderstorms long lasting quite often and there's the forecast was to stay still there really from taiwan back through ground long then up to the high ground and sichuan where the next massive rain is forming that slide to move slowly ease with and drop south again so i think again it's going to be the southern states of china that serious flooding potential most likely realized
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shanghai might catch the edge of it but very otherwise will hunt for example is dry study humid and sunny but it is dry and the monsoon officially has leapt forward the line of its current progress is roughly speaking this line here which is caught up with itself do you see very much rain there we have seen reports of 70 to 90 villages a day in maharashtra for example and bit further north west but that's the forecast it is disappointing this is a disappointing monsoon is not the temperature back a little bit is not as hot as it was but the rain just isn't really there except maybe in the west and gets.
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the countdown to the 2020 democratic primaries has begun. televised debate sees candidates go head to head to define themselves on the issues from climate change to foreign policy joins in miami on june the 26th and 27th for the 1st u.s. democratic debate. again this is much of the main news the u.s. secretary of state by comparison wives in saudi arabia to deal with the escalating disputes between the u.s. and iran donald trump is threatening to impose new sanctions on iran russia says it will take steps to counter those measures calling them illegal. the russian backed syrian government offensive against the opposition in the northwest country has
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entered its 9th week nearly 500 civilians have been killed. and people are gathering across palestine to speak out against washington so-called deal of the century a series of protests in gaza and the occupied west bank coincide with this week's summit in bahrain where the u.s. is expected to reveal details of its peace plan. the army in the democratic republic of congo says that it's killed 16 militia members in its offensive against groups in juba in the east on a tour of the province it's also captured 7 faces including a former soldier who'd become a militia come on fighting in the region has killed at least $300.00 people and forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee into name. catherine soy is that. a show of might as soldiers from the democratic republic of congo begin their offensive. against tribal militia groups that have killed more than 100 people in
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the past 2 weeks alone and displaced hundreds of thousands in the eastern province of the story. the groups say to be hiding in a forest in the jungle area. this is what the congolese government wants to stop the carnage in many villages this footage was filmed on saturday when armed people banned homes. most of those fleeing are going to cause for displaced people in other parts of the region some are heading across lake albert to uganda was this group arrived as a transit center and is now heading to a reception area father in law and. we met a painter on saturday who told us that he was separated from his mother and the last time she soha she was running from a man with a machete he still has no word about what happened to me i did not hiding anything about my one doesn't tell me. that you've got me in my grandmother's and then
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my life the already is yeah every day i do not see them no more than 4000 congolese have made it to uganda in the past few weeks. and those yes. they are there right safely in the reception area just in time for lunch bins and amazed pop commonly known as. she was met and says she's just glad that she managed to get some of her children out. we had gunshots and then saw the men shooting those they caught they slaughtered we escaped into the forest i took 2 children and my husband the other 2 they still have motorized. he eventually they'll be settled in an area with about a 100000 other refugees most of them congolese who have over many years fled from
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the same conflict. 8 children born to iceland faces with a stray and citizenship are being sent home the children were rescued by aid agencies in syria and taken to iraq it's a strenuous 1st organized repatch year repatriation of its citizens from the conflict the opportunity now is for these young children who are coming back to australia and i can't be held responsible for the crimes of their parents i mean the fact that you would take a child and put them in a conflict zone like this is despicable and i for the disgusting but the children. can't be held responsible for that and where we have case carefully considered their cases then we have taken action to syphon the repechage them and will consider any other such cases particularly in the security issues for the 1st time in 25 years the mare of turkey's largest city won't be from the governing ak posse the opposition candidates want to repeat election in
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a setback for president. his interests and of course reports. you some elections have always been more than miniscule elections and turkey because it is the most populous city it is mainly the most influential city in both economy and politics when you look at the election results the new mayor eckermann molo who ran for the opposition had $14000.00 extra votes compared to the ruling party candidates be nearly a year old ramon march 31st and he has increased his votes up to nearly 800000 in yesterday's votes this shows us that even the ruling party supporters who have voted for a party on march 31st voted for it come in molo the opposition on june 23 elections also the nationalist party which is the ally of a party in the presidential system have also voted for it economic model of the new
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mayor and on celebrated the new mayor after the election results were announced but since then we haven't heard from him because he also has a lot on his plates they were guarding the country's economic problems foreign policy of problems but to morrow is tuesday and it is that they for political party group meetings party will have a meeting which is going to be chaired by presidents are drawn and then they will have a central executive committee meeting following the group meeting and president are gone is expected to elaborate on the election results and do some self critics which made them take a big blow in june 23 election. if you know piers i'm hard regions to clear 3 days of mourning after the killing of 5 syria facials flags have been lowered to half staff in all government buildings and the government has announced a full military funeral to be held on wednesday in the city of. because when i'm
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given the situation there's nothing to worry about at the moment we have set up a committee to look after this issue and by her doctor the military funeral will go ahead as scheduled we are deeply saddened by the loss of our leaders we are in mourning but our people and our government should return to work after these days of mourning and to the families of the victims we send our deepest condolences demonstrators in hong kong of staged a sit in at the city's tax offices to keep up the pressure on the government over a controversial extradition bill under thomas is that. this is a good example of the protesters new tactics disrupting the lives of government workers the business of government while not disrupting the lives of ordinary people in this city this building is hong kong's revenue tower essentially its tax office and there are only about $150.00 protesters who blocked the entrance but they're doing pretty good job of making it clear that they're going to keep the protests going albeit at
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a low level in between the big march is 1 of them due on wednesday another on the 1st of july so what is it you can still get in and out was a car park through that door a couple of stories down and the workers going down into the lift and getting back up that way but the entrance what you can see it's on a completely. the idea is a visual representation that they're not going away and these protests often teemu in the city based it's all about keeping them immense and going well not disrupting the lives of ordinary people in the city too much the idea is to keep public opinion on the protesters side nearly 50000 people are being moved to safety from a town in southern kansas after a series of explosions at a munitions depo as it stands to france. but history says it happened at a military base in the southern province of soccer star. the philippines is struggling to control the use of single use plastic bags it's estimated more than 160000000 of them washed up on river banks and coastlines every day now
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a constructive way to tackle the problem has been developed since john allen dogon reports. for the last 2 years these students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and help to build some of its facilities for every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect this school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. and this school contains been built with them this school to watch tower was built with the same bricks 2 this is a solution for the environmental problem because we are diverting wastes away from the landfill so we are in effect an alternative to downsize to the landfill some of the bricks are designed to allow rainwater to seep through and that to help stop the streets flooding for some activists this may not be the most ecological
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way to eliminate the problems of but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. but greenpeace says more needs to be done and multinational companies need to be made responsible for pushing the so-called sashay economy from coffee shampoo to cooking oil these consumer products come in cheap single use packages it's a very important that the consumers they have the purchasing power and they can actually put pressure into this manufacturers these companies they can actually influence and ask their favorite brands i love your products we use their products we buy what you need to deliver it in a more sustainable in a logical way the capital manila generates almost 10000 tons of garbage every day every community here is mandated by law to have
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a materials recovery facility where biodegradable and recyclable waste is sorted but government figures show around only 20 percent of the villages in the country have one. this is one of the most impoverished areas in manila rubbish is directly affecting the lives of people here the challenge of plastic waste is global and growing and in the battle against it people here say they feel they're on the front line jim duggan al jazeera manila. the u.s. secretary of state by comparison writes in saudi arabia to deal with the escalating dispute between the u.s. and iran donald trump has threatened to impose new sanctions on tehran but russia says that it will take steps to counter those measures calling them illegal iran's
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foreign minister says that trying to other nations against it is a waste of time. forming a coalition is nothing new we've seen it before. they failed us iran is a powerful country with 15 neighboring countries and we stand tall in the region so if coalition against such a country is not an easy thing to do even if u.s. officials come to the region every week and have meetings to try and form a coalition it's not easy to do ethiopia's i'm hotter region has declared 3 days of mourning after the killing of 5 senior officials the country's military chief attorney general and 3 others were killed or flags have been lowered to half staff at government buildings funerals for the regional head and his aides will be hailed will be held on wednesday because. given the situation there's nothing to worry about at the moment we have set up a committee to look up to this issue and by her dark a military funeral will go ahead as scheduled but we are deeply saddened by the
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loss of our leaders we are in mourning but our people and our government should return to work after these days of mourning and to the families of the victims we send our deepest condolences people are gathering across palestine to speak out against washington so-called deal of the century a series of protests in gaza in the occupied west bank coincide with this week's summit in bahrain where the u.s. is expected to reveal details of its peace plan palestinian leaders and boycotting that meeting the russian backed syrian government offensive against the opposition in the northwest has entered its 9th week nearly 500 civilians have been killed there's no sign that russia and turkey guarantors of the sochi ceasefire are any closer to reviving that deal to stop the violence. 8 children born to isolate faces with a strain in citizenship are being sent home the children were rescued by aid agencies in syria and taken to iraq it's a story as 1st organized repatriation of its citizens from the conflict and as the
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headlines the news continues after a talk to al-jazeera next. on counting the cost 2018 was the deadliest year for the aviation industry in years we'll find out just what went wrong. it is a new domestic current so you could lead to its exit from the euro but should you be worried about the kids having too much screen time counting the cost on al-jazeera. see. here at the u.n. they had a peace plan for libya it was though disrupted by one man general how leave power he is not our guest going to talk to instead this week we speak to someone who knows him well the former foreign minister and libyan m.p. . who they were in exile together in the u.s. and he also knew gadhafi during his schooldays he says that half is now resembling
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the former dictator. former foreign minister of libya libyan m.p. thank you for joining us here on talk to. your country is in population terms a relatively small 16 or 7000000 people living on the side of the mediterranean most of them living in one part of the country with huge oil wealth. and yet we've seen only since the revolution in libya conflict and chaos do you think there will be a prosperous libya coming forward for sure libya lived for 42 years under the theory and good definition after 42 years of the aerial ship i think the country needs some time to regain its helped unfortunately many of the warlords and people who are are you know trained and that they get definitely jeem told that
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this isn't a bush unity for them to a mess world and that created a vacuum in the country because that evolution in 1000 in 2011 had no leadership it was a bubble or revolution so many of the but even who were on it were good deaf ear people i suspect some of the problems in the revolution go back to the time of gadhafi and for most of your life he was in control of libya he came to power in 1969 what was life like on the gadhafi. well. what is life under any dictatorial regime lack of freedom leftover rule of law left of decency lack of development and human development and controlled development libya in 42 years after the end of the good there he is she the country was
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worse than when it was in 60 knight by the way he is. we were the same age 42 but both of us were born in 42 and i knew him in grade school and they knew him after that even he tried to you know entice me to be with him in $72.00 to be one of his ministers i said i rather be teaching at the university and he then imprisoned you . and tortured you because how i was there because i was a nobody a critic he didn't like or been critical of people who will criticize him i was one of them how did you get a house of libya and what was life in exile like in 76 when i was you know outside of the universities you know most of the people who would be at the time where my generation so i was able to get out of libya and came to the states because i knew the states very well i studied my masters and maybe the and i said
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this is a place i would like to stay i raise my family here and continue to study also islamic studies in michigan. for a master beach the and. started in 1980 when he started his campaign to kill the opposition the there's outside grilling me he would say said some people to you know assess and it me we started the national front for the subversion of libya against him and since then i worked it out against him in aspects of what the voter availability unities. it was a long struggle what were your thoughts finally in the beginning of 2011 when the revolution started well it was a dream coming through i mean we were not dreaming that they did they've been people will really have evolved but the arab spring in tunisia and in egypt gave
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a new life what went wrong because everyone fought gadhafi and gadhafi fell but then it seems everyone 40 chapa i think when you and the allies the situation in libya the uprising has no d. the ship so most of the leadership that came and turned the country were mostly people from the old regime or some expatriates who came under and joined them like yourself i didn't threaten dear i i was doing the work of training be able to be citizens so i did stablished the citizenship form and for 2 years i have been you know trained libyans from tobruk to last a day or 2 got thousands of be what i trained but the question is that because they could release of ness of the society were broken or was a broken because of the rule dictatorial rules don't give you an opportunity to
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build a relationship to build. solidarity is to build civil societies student unions were banned or were controlled 3 unions were banned or controlled all of the what you can call if you look at tunisia which has a very vibrant civil society in libya that is not. you've mentioned the role in 2011 of the international community in particular nato with its bombing was key in the military overthrow of gadhafi but did the international community do enough particularly in the keep period after gadhafi was toppled i think there is a bush unity mists by the international community because getting rid of get there was step number one building to be to really restructure itself was step number 2 and the community or the world community at large left libya
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alone and that i think was a great mistake i was in libya in august 27th when catastrophe fled from tripoli and his government basically fell i was back of just a few months later in october when gadhafi was killed and it was interesting in that short space of time although on each occasion there was a great deal of euphoria it was clear things that come bad in the 1st few months militia already in control in tripoli oh yes i think there were among them was really the decision to give people who are fighting or who claim to be fighting the good definite forces. mental stability and so instead of 30000 forces the number. 20300000 evolutionary forces most of them were not the fighters
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and people have discovered that this is a very good opportunity to m.s. money. so we would have started to create their own militias and in every city almost we would have stablished new militias it is now such a complicated situation you have various different militias in different parts of the country you have rival governments rival parliaments well. undersurface yes and the l a t there is only one can isaac government which has been by braddock's of a sphere at political agreement it's called the now the government of national. accord in g. 8 and with it there should be 2 more major political organizations the state council and the house of representatives the house of representatives was hey jack
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could in tobruk with under the control of the libyan national army the militia of couldn't have after and until have to attack it to billy the house of representatives did not come to tripoli but after that they attacked tripoli members of the house of representatives from the western areas and realizes that this is the time to break away from to brooke the political agreement. cold for the creation of a new parliament from people who were elected in 2014 and from the qataris like me . and we did it on a brutal 1st week of april after he affectively we really gathered in tripoli and more than 50 members of the house are written the started and new parliament and
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said this is the bulb moment according to the political agreement there were meant in public is completely out and because they made the statements aborting the attack of have terror on. you bring up the subject of general khalifa haftar not many people have known him as long or as well as you have so let's just examine who this man is he was there at the time of the coup in 1969 with khadafi he was a close associate of khadafi yes yes he was one of the people who. did the coup against the king. and that's were the a no the agony of libya started in september 1989. again he was the commander of the libyan army who at that could chad and did the havoc in chad and he was defeated in chad and was in britain didn't chad get death even this isn't difficult
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nies that he had an army in chad or he has to have that in chad so he disowns general have to be sold them he used think looking back now that episode might have been quite important in the psychology of general have to and how he's acting now i think so because in some of the conversations i had with after he said he was so mad about get deaf is denial of them being imprisoned in chad because in those days if the chad is have killed all of them nobody would say and you weren't he made the consideration would get deaf in the last 7 years or would that his life. death he. made approaches with many people according to him he gave him money he gave him a palace for his children in cairo he even bade wishing for his children to study
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in cairo so there was a good relationship between him and get their feet and define their years of good that is let me just go back to chad he and his troops were imprisoned in chad eventually was the u.s. brokered his freedom i believe to what was then known as zaire now the democratic republic of congo then on to kenya and then to the u.s. to live in virginia the same place the cia based begs me to ask the question do you believe general hafta was working for the cia i think the narration of the situation goes back to where the national front for the salvation of libya has a program to attack libya and to liberate libya from get their feed from jet and they did the deal with the americans and with the chad is that if they let the libyan prison there is a war in chad at least they can be starting the libyan national army but as part of
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the an f s l the national front for there's a division libya when this to be. was successful in his coup against or sent heavily these are these are the charlie and leaders will have to leave the area he thought him down with the help of the french the whole project failed and the americans help but the prisoners of war who were in chad and transported them to the united states so general have to is living in the us as an exile from libya you are living there too that you know each other before we did not but we knew each other when he came to virginia and we lived. for many years together as acquaintances friends in the northern virginia city of fairfax. as far as they know he was with all the libyans who came from chad. if you
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jesus who want to help and who want to rebuild their lives there. after many years with the national front of the vision of libya he decided to break away from it and he stablished would some other be would another movement. another british and movement away from the national front and since then he became by himself working on his own projects from the conversations we had together he is a man who believes that he is worthy of you know. controlling libya and he always speaks about libya needs a strong force to point towards you said you were a friend at the time to you consider that he could be a ruthless military leader then i never had that idea in my mind. i thought that.
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since he was you know suffered the from the ruthless the regime of get there feel that he should not be the same rootless that mentality or attitude and when he decided after the revolution started in 2011 to go to libya you were there his side take him to the airport i believe yes and it was you know really. in an effort to help the a revolution and when he went back to libya he started to build his own you know and to raja here on special forces his aunt's ego status i realized that this is not a person that i will continue to have a relationship with because he went to pain garci besieged part of benghazi went to another city in the east of besieged erna he's been accused and some of his those working within his forces of war crimes could you for seen any of these things
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never never and by the way these are there is also of later on at the beginning he was supposedly working with the revolutionary forces and to get that he was troubled but then he started working on his own. and in 2014 he made. you know acquitted. on the t.v. but still i think he was able to amass some support for himself in the eastern part of libya and started in the in the end debris text of fighting terrorism and big i.z. fighting against the revolutionary forces there. he said it will take 2 weeks it took 4 years to fight against powerful 40500 forces there after the this emitted bingos he did the same thing to there are the 2 centers of civilization in the eastern part of libya and then he went on through the south of libya he had quite
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a bit of international support we think we'll come to that in a moment but i just want to complete the story which is in april when he launched online and announcement the time has come on april the 4th an assault on the capital tripoli and he did it remarkably at the time when the u.n. secretary general was in tripoli the u.n. had a plan for a national conference some good dharmas and then eventually elections to make that announcement at that time with the top world organization leader in the capital fairy or dangerous just in that very day shifts and it's very shocking. because. he showed complete disregard to the united nations to the secretary general and to the representative of us and said emma whom he was with
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a week or 2 or 2 before in abu dhabi making. between him and said raj he basically had said he would sign up to the un plan but he was here everyone he did but because the man doesn't want to share power of the anybody he alleges that if you went to the damask conference he would only have part of the power and he decided to appropriately. blitzkrieg the conference and activity and control the power himself has it worked you know how of his forces surrounding tripoli like to pin says do you think he can move further and take the capital i don't think so because his attack on timbalier was the rallying point of the february a revolutionary forces that came from misrata from the mountains from theirs in 10 from from leeds in homs many forces have come together to really
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rallying for support through belief and the militia and thirdly also defended their city and now most of these forces which are supported by the or supporting the government of sabotage is really. they stopped. the forces of have terror and now they are getting them back. so you've given us the situation as you see it the military situation inside libya book the one thing we haven't looked at is the support the general have to has outside libya and that may be his secret card the support of egypt the support of saudi arabia the support of the united arab emirates we know when he was operating in garci there were spent french special forces there that seemed to be on his side he's got very strong backers
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hasn't well the former busier than tunisia spoke about the axis of evil the abu dhabi this so it is and easy options add to dems different this axis of evil have a mandate to work against the success of the arab spring. they were able to do it in egypt. and sisi now is governing egypt it with his followers as if a new dictator there they tried in tunisia they could not they were not able they're found to have terror as somebody who can work with them you know it's amazing that somebody like up there when he said that if these make a decision which is against my interest in libya i will take it. which means against even national you know aspirations not only this he says lately he said even the egyptian send me 10000000 people to live in libya i will accept it
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something that made all the libyans so angry i mean who are you to give these this you know card that they can invade the country this situation i think the international community have to realize they have supported have started with weapons against the united nations security council resolutions and nobody spoke about it as norms in bako no well there is a lot is about of all weapons and everybody knows even in india briefings of the united nations envoy that there are items coming from those 3 countries or at least double the b. and egypt to. mr have that he may well though have another even more important supporter general have to have a phone call with president trump we know there are some around president trump who may be persuading president trump that what libya needs is another strongman and
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that is general have i think that it was against the policy of the american administration. you know those who know washington very well they know that they're lobbying groups could make such moves and i think the lobbying group 0 which are paid by the government and by the way i always speak about abu dhabi government not the emirates because they are the spearheading of our all of this efforts there rest of the emirates are not part of it they are also supported by the egyptians and the saudis how do you see this particular moment where we are in libya is this a moment that is dire that is dangerous or is this a moment of opportunity and hope potentially there is an old saying that in a bit of crisis there is an opportunity. this crisis has created an a but unity for
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all the forces of february 17th to rally together. and even in the east there are tribes now who have come openly against have to and spoke that what he did on tbilisi is not acceptable and days are calling for reconsideration with the rest of the country so we are in coming now to a realization that have to our base of support in the east is not as it used to be there are lot of complaints. life in britain because he and in there now is and beautiful it's worse than the days of the deft there is no freedom of speech there is no freedom of load there is there are a lot of killings extrajudicial killings and the i.c.c. the international community court has already indicted some of the assistance of have to himself he himself should be under investigation and tank stude
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the. you know foreign relations committee of the house of representative in the congress which sent a letter to the attorney general to start investigating the crimes of have there because he is also an american citizen. they also asked the f.b.i. director to open the files for have terror so there are now forces in washington and in the high and the hate to really follow up the word crimes which have been committed in libya and i when i am very clear that the war crimes committed by have to or others should be investigated. the libyans deserve to have some of those you know criminals be brought to justice ali i was a cook thank you for talking to algeria thank you very much for having.
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july on al-jazeera will the conservative new democracy be victorious in the snap elections we bring you the latest as greece votes a new documentary examines the use of modern technology and policing its impact on individual rights and civil society on the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 lunar landing we look back at the 1st human steps on the moon and an ancient statue of apollo disappears in gaza a stunning archaeological mystery unfolding witnessed the 2nd round of democratic presidential candidate debates in the u.s. will be mine been detroit july on al-jazeera. they say is a dialogue reading about it for us and staying at the international media and on
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t.v. why should we stop and squeezed with skepticism because there's a lot of that on my everyone has a voice we are being taken advantage of just because we have a small community without any network just each health joining the global conversation announces iraq all they want to do is start the debate the same kind of debate we have here in st. we are going to announce the biggest a stab in the monk recitation decades activists in seats of government we didn't want to be part of this institution and all we really didn't want technologically challenging politics and implementing direct democracy it's our open source code to use the free for one to look we are innovators we are activists we are rebel geeks packing madrid and i'm just you know.
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entry. this is al-jazeera. everyone i'm kemal santa maria this is the news hour from al-jazeera the top u.s. diplomat on tour to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. over iran president trump says new sanctions are being prepared against him. but
11:49 pm
russia says it will help iran resist any new american measures and it has a top diplomat on tour to visiting israel islamic republic under discussion. was. it was supposed to be a humanitarian corridor but on the ground it's a very different story for the people in syria. you can actually. create very realistic videos of someone saying things that that person never said and we take you inside the world of deep fakes way you never quite sure what's real and what's not. and in school we'll be live in front of the women's football world cup defending champions the usa preparing to take on spain and extreme heat in the knockout rounds. donald trump is preparing new sanctions his secretary of state is trying to
11:50 pm
increase international pressure but iran may have found itself some new supports. well he arrived in the u.a.e. after leaving saudi arabia where he met. king solomon and also the crown prince mohammed bin salman hoping to form some sort of coalition against iran and then later on monday the us president is expected to impose new sanctions as his special representative heads to european capitals but russia has announced it is ready to counter them it's got an oil for goods deal on others to join all of this is iran says time is running out for european leaders to act and to save the 2015 nuclear deal so here are our reporters at this hour kimberly how good is in washington d.c. you will be with you shortly kimberly want to start with. me in tears run door so how is iran reacting and i guess dealing with all this increased pressure at the moment. welcome all it is status quo in the islamic republic the same rhetoric the same stance it's being
11:51 pm
repeated by various different levels of government here we have just heard from the iranian foreign minister zarif who was at an exhibition in the capital and when asked about the european end of the nuclear agreement the foreign minister said listen they have to implement what they've signed and if they don't it's up to them to face the consequences the iranians have upheld their end of the deal it is now up to the europeans and he said that we don't believe they have the and i'm quoting here neither the power nor the determination to do that they're saying that the europeans are really hesitant to act on their side of the agreement because of the pressure from the united states and speaking of those sanctions that we're waiting for from washington we have heard from various officials and specifically the foreign ministry spokesperson up close mousavi has said that there is really nothing left for the american government to sanction they have targeted various
11:52 pm
differ set different sectors within the islamic republic and after many many years of sanctions they're really not too worried about what's about to come from washington ok thanks for that. kimberly if so what is there that the iran's basically saying what you come to do much more to us you can sanction us any more clearly donald trump thinks otherwise. yeah they think they can and we are watching very carefully to see if there's any notice coming from the u.s. treasury with regard to these expected sanctions as of just about an hour ago the special advisor to the president kellyanne conway said that they are coming down so to what extent and what impact we still don't know but the question in all of this is how iran might react we know from the statements coming from the u.s. president on social media early monday morning and also from his advisors that the goal is to get iran to negotiate in fact kellyanne conway saying that the president
11:53 pm
wants iran to come to the table he wants to negotiate he doesn't want war and of course the u.s. stopped short of potentially igniting that just late last week with the potential for those military strikes which were then called back so the u.s. president is clearly trying to through his advisors send a message to iran he says that he doesn't want to see the global oil markets disrupted what he wants to do is try and keep so-called military aggression at bay in fact i will try saying in his tweet the u.s. request is very simple no nuclear weapons no further sponsoring of terror kimberly how could is a white house correspondent thank you kimberly. let's add russia into the mix now as well because it says it will take steps to counter the new u.s. sanctions in fact it's called in the legal with a view from moscow here is defense of. russia's deputy foreign minister ripped off has said that any new u.s. sanctions are counterproductive and will only increase tensions and he also said
11:54 pm
that russia wants to take countermeasures together with its partners it's not clear and he did not specify what kind of countermeasures he means and also if his european partners agree with this on friday the deputy minister sat that russia wants to help iran with its oil exports and also with its banking system and he has been disappointed about the fact that this european system that designed currently to avoid the u.s. sanctions and help iran with oil exports is still not going anywhere and he said that the european partners are fairly under so much pressure of the united states that this is not going to going to go anywhere so that's where russia wants to stab in but again is this is syria's intention or is this a threat this is still not clear of has been very aggressive and very firm on the on the u.s. sanctions towards iran and also on any steps that the u.n.
11:55 pm
united states has taken towards iran there is a very important meeting on friday with the european partners and russia for are still divided by the nuclear deal there will be some serious negotiations going on there and also in these from in days. russian security minister and also the u.s. and israeli security ministers will meet in jerusalem and discuss syria but also of course iran will be high on the agenda. meanwhile the escalating crisis with iran and the situation with syria are on the agenda for a 3 way summit between the us israel and russia being held in jerusalem on tuesday israel's prime minister thanks to russia's security council secretary for supporting his country that is despite the very different positions both nations hold on regional issues. i would like to say in the clearest way that
11:56 pm
is really russian cooperation on the security level this cooperation has already contributed planting to the security and stability in our region it significantly changed the situation in the area is newbies up us and we are paying special attention to preserving to security of israel and in order to resolve this issue want to practical level we have to bring back peace in the area and in syria to has been a smith in west jerusalem for more on this it's an interesting little trinity isn't it burnt to death 3 countries 3 influential countries but as we hear there's such a diverse of in and diverse of views on the world. yahoo and this meeting was held well before the current flare up in tensions the americans are particularly keen on it because it shows that russia is prepared to meet israeli and u.s. officials in israel to talk about iran and they consider that something of
11:57 pm
a coup in itself the americans have said that they hope to make the point to the russians that we don't see any positive role for the iranians beyond syria to lebanon to iraq and to yemen so the americans really hoping that there they can seize this opportunity to give the russians that message i mean i have to say we've already heard in the past sergei lavrov has said that any attempts to curb iran's influence in syria and the middle east are realistic but the americans hope just by having the russians there taking part in a meeting on iran will be enough to send a message whether though the right of the americans are able to get the russians behind their iran policy is another issue of course we know that russia has been supporting. a shutz assad's regime in syria and supporting the iranians in supporting not israel particularly concerned about all of that because it doesn't
11:58 pm
want to have the iranians a submachine any sort of foothold in syria it's already targeted it raining attempts to build bases in syria by blowing them up the israeli military has been doing that and the israelis have today been reminding the russians that any future political resolution to the conflict in syria must not allow the iranians to establish any foothold on its borders kamau right great context there from burnet smith in west jerusalem which we can now analyze with alexei klebnikov a middle east specialist at the russian international affairs council he's in moscow for us thank you for your time alexei i will talk about some specific issues in specific countries and conflicts in a moment but. i want to stop sort of more broadly and just ask you. how does russia how does russia do this how does russia maintain relationships with all these different countries and different sides of the argument. and not annoy each other basically. well that's the biggest question how russia
11:59 pm
manages to be such a successful broke her or such a successful. diplomat if you will in terms of maintaining good working constructive relations with with all the regional players who usually have opposite views on different regional issues like iran and israel saudi arabian turkey and saudi arabia so that's one of the assets which moscow currently wants to want to ties on where russia wants to be perceived and viewed as an indispensable broker as in spent part of any crisis in the region which cannot be sold without its presence without its saying without its interests is there not or would there not be some big issues with trust i mean if we think about this happening in israel at the moment netanyahu is there and he obviously israel he
12:00 am
would be concerned about russia's support for iran and in syria but then wants to cooperate on other things i just i find it difficult to see how you can sort of turn your back on one issue for a moment and then deal with the with the other. well the trust is important factor but it doesn't define define the nature of the relations between the countries interests this is what defines the relations between the countries and whether your partner or partners do consider and to take into account to understand your security concerns and your interest concerns and this is exactly how russia and israel manage to build their good relations and cooperation because russia takes into account is rescued of concerns and understand its interests in the region.


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