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in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact is you don't think there's only so much we can try before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization of the radicalized youth syrians on al-jazeera. for the first time in two hundred years a japanese emperor abdicates from his room. hello welcome to our jazeera live from doha i'm martin jealous also coming up tensions high in sudan as protesters and the military try to find a way toward civilian rule. thousands gathering kabul for the loya jirga as leaders discuss how to deal with the taliban. argentina's government freezes the
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price of essential goods to cushion the blow of inflation but critics say it's just a political ploy. but first japan's end rocket he has formally advocated during the ceremony in tokyo he found the public and said he prays for peace the ritual which involves handing over the chrysanthemum throne to his son took place at the imperial palace crown prince nair hito now becomes emperor this is the first abdication in more than two hundred years. prime minister shinzo ave thanks the outgoing imperial couple for their service through japan's toughest times but i started. as the people of japan have walked along with the emperor in this era during this time the emperor has wished for the happiness and tranquility of the people and has julie conducted
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official duties as a symbol of the people of japan so here we wish for the further prosperity for the imperial household and i would like to further extend my gratitude to you today so since my enthronement has been thirteen years all my duties as emperor was put into effect through sincere ety and wishing for the peace of japanese people and that had been. my has been my happiness in my duties as a representative and a symbol of japan and to be allowed to partake in this task i offer my gratitude to morrow we will start the new imperial era. and my sincere wish is for further tranquility and peace and this is the wish of
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the empress and myself don't try to scare lives away in hand cars one and he's there in taking away in a truly historic moment other japanese people behind emperor akihito because he is still emperor until midnight. yes very much opinion polls which are conducted fairly regularly in japan shows that there is widespread support for this emperor has always has been really throughout much of his reign and for the imperial family in general and that extends to the decision or the desire expressed by akihito in two thousand and sixteen to add to. speech. to the japanese public in that surprise statement he was able to say that he wanted to he was unable to use that word because it was effectively illegal there was no.
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way he wanted to step down he felt that his advancing age was deteriorating health would mean that he wouldn't be able to carry out his. speech was clear to the government and the support from the public was clear as well according to opinion polls after that statement three years ago so the government really had no choice but. to abdicate and allow his oldest son to take over. the people of japan look forward to. what will what do we think. well i think in some ways he will continue. to. solve. he was the sort to modernize the imperial family he really wanted to give it a common touch and make it relevant and i think he again according to most of the
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polls that you see most japanese would feel that he achieved that so i think on one hand we will see. who will become. wednesday will continue much today would he may well be different you know he was really under a shadow as well throughout much of his reign trying to make amends for japan's actions during. some of its. time and expressing remorse for that so. that he was. trying to make up for those actions. to the same. extend so he will be able to from the start make his own way make the speech his own and so it will be certainly interesting to watch when he makes his first speech as to whether he gives any clues as to what we can expect from his reign wayne hey live in a rainy take here thank you. dan's main protest group has accused the
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military of trying to break up a fifteen in khartoum that's where the protesters have been gathering to demand an immediate handover to civilian rule but how much valve has more from the two persons have been increasing in numbers in the city and also across khartoum we have seen demonstrations taking place over night tires and the strength and the barricades around the area of the city and that's because they have from the reports and also from the leadership by the military who are about to disperse the city and to move the blockades in the name of clearing traffic and allowing the public life to use on as normal that following difficult negotiations yesterday between the two sides in which they haven't really agreed on any of the details of this transition the only agreement reached so far is in principle that. council to be created
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a joint council but they haven't yet agreed on the details they haven't agreed on how many members from each side and how many years the transition should take and the military council is expected to give a presser to comment on these developments any time this morning people coming from other areas in sudan thousands of people are coming to the convoy of protesters from darfur that has been the case in the last few days when people came from all the regions of the country to strengthen the protest and give it more momentum. now the catholic church in sri lanka has announced that mass will resume or may the fifth after a break since last week's attacks the archbishop of colombo cardinal malcolm ran james spader earlier of his dissatisfaction with the government's investigation so far he edged it to take the right security measures before people take the law into their own hands. instead of going along with the government and doing this
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that there be any early discussion we could do that if they aren't uses the are already and this is only. if. you go there because if you believe in this country do not trust in government agencies and organizations anything to do us to do that we would be able to get email. response and i just to see you governor. well the sri lankan government's also lifted a ban on social media it was put in place after last sunday's attacks the authorities said they had to block the sites to fight what they called mis information let's go live now to colombo our correspondent there is me now from going back to what cardinal malcolm ranjit was saying. very much is almost a veiled warning saying urging the government to to get on top of this
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investigation or as he said people may take the law into their own hands. yes martin obviously very very emotional and trying times here in sri lanka and the religious leader. runs of him saying that so far all of these leaders have been able to keep those emotions in check but the easter sunday carnage did test everyone and everyone's patience to their limits martin so as much as the authorities have responded we are seeing investigations raids and it didn't gain of suspects the leaders urging the authorities to get their act together centrally and start basically getting this situation under control or else that keeping these emotions of hundreds and thousands of
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people is going to be difficult martin and you know the u.s. ambassador to sri lanka she's been making some statements saying that. the u.s. believes that some of those responsible for the attack still lawless i mean that's going to create a great deal of concern in the country. those lines dropping just a short while ago marty in the u.s. ambassador also say that he believes that those behind the sunday attacks might be plotting a father attacks and that in itself is something that has sent a lot of concern as those news lines break now bear in mind that a few days ago the united states there was an evacuation order for children school
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age children so all those pointing to the level of concern in the united states about the very real possibility of further attacks now in terms of the sri lankan authorities we haven't heard any alerts specific alerts there have been ongoing warnings obviously for people to stay alert to keep an eye out for what's going on we're hearing all the time that the police and security forces are continuing with their raids there's a lot of things being found people being rounded up explosives because even in the last few hours of interest being brought in so everyone in a very high state of alert martin you know fernando is live in the sri lankan capital thank you. strange socialist party may have won the general election but it lacks the votes to govern on its own prime minister paid to resign his party will need to build
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a coalition but that could take some time and there's no guarantee of success has our report from madrid. a new day for spanish politics but no certainty over what kind of government will come out of sunday's election spaniards may have turned out in force to vote in one of the most divisive elections but it was the socialists who came out on top but i mean i think it's a good result and honestly i didn't expected i thought the right wing was going to win. i think the results are stable they almost have a stable majority and this can be good. all eyes are now on which direction the socialist leader pedro sanchez will take so far they have said they would attempt to form a minority government but it's still early days so what happens next well for a start there are further elections to contest local ones in this country and the european elections that are sanches might be playing his cards close to his chest wants to try to win the games that. there is the option of going into coalition
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government with george she could be made by partnering with the center right citizens party but it is an unpopular option for the socialists and the follow is joining with a hard left put their most would avoid that scenario but then they would need to make deals with cattle an independent test another a popular choice it's really awkward is problematic for them they have to do a lot of a foundation to the to their followers to their members the fact of they are that they are negotiating with the caseloads so they will try they will try to avoid the socialist may have some time but no one is expecting a quick results from this historic election but it's unclear whether the governing party can overcome difficulties spain has had problems with coalitions in the past and it's unclear whether the governing party can overcome the difficulties to create a stable and effective government sunny diagonal al-jazeera madrid. still to come
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here and al-jazeera why south korea's national assembly has been in deadlock good day. i will look at who is don't backing washington's decision to target iran's all industry and its economy. hello we've got lots of foreign sounding. across southeast asia some lively showers the heaviest of which will be across the eastern side of the ridge you see that's where the thickest cloud is and in the heat of the day some of the showers will be on the east side that wanted to shout pushing up towards the philippines while it's possible it's just around the gulf of thailand a brighter day as we go on into thursday but always a chance of wanted to afternoon showers nevertheless kal and singapore getting up
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to around thirty two thirty three but he says he four degrees some showers somewhat the weather into northern parts of indonesia and some wet weather to moving across southern areas of australia through the great australian but this area continues to make its way further east was a cold front comes in behind and the rain we get in adelaide will be welcome it's been the driest start to the year for one hundred and eighty years just eighteen millimeters of rain coming down since january all the way through to a pro with a high of eighteen celsius in the state twenty three is there for melbourne some cloud coming through here and we're getting up to twenty two there in sydney in the twenty five for brace been temperatures not up a little with them all the praise just around the eastern coast as to go on through thursday. still making its way into the southeast. the weather sponsored by countdown anyways. in two thousand and. al-jazeera documenting groundbreaking. preparing some of india's poorest
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children for entry into its toughest university. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme helping change the face of india. time for us to take a look at the top stories here it out zero japan's emperor akihito has formally abdicated the ritual which involves handing over the chrysanthemums room to his son took place at the imperial palace in tokyo crown prince nair he turned will now
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become emperor. the catholic church in sri lanka will resume sunday mass on may the fifth after a break since last week's attack the archbishop of colombo cardinal malcolm ranjit says he's dissatisfied with the government's investigation so far. sudan's main protest group has accused the military of trying to break up a situation outside the army headquarters in the capital protestors have been demanding an immediate handover to civilian rule. thousands of prominent afghans have gathered in kabul as leaders just scuffs how to deal with the taliban the meeting which is known as a lawyer jirga has been a traditional way of bringing afghans together first century is that many including the taliban a boy causing the event saying it would be productive and among them is the second most powerful man in the country afghanistan's chief executive. charlotte palace
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has more now from kabul. this is the day where the action truly begins at the loya jirga more than three thousand people in the big white building you see behind me have broken into groups broken into fifty committees to try to discuss and define what should look like in afghanistan they will be in these groups debating that question. for anywhere between three and seven days they will do that by trying to answer four questions those four questions are what needs to be done to achieve long lasting pain what value should be safeguarded if the government does get to talk with the taliban what value should be safeguarded in those talks what type of personality should represent the afghan government in those talks and lastly foreign policy what should the afghan government's foreign policy be towards countries that do support the taliban now in that in that there are more than three thousand people they are meant to represent different ages different ethnicities different religions they mean to come from every district across afghanistan and
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truly represent the afghan population and trying to answer these questions there is some criticism that that is not entirely true because the taliban does control contest about forty six percent of the country and they are not in support of this loya jirgah if people from those areas came here they would face real danger upon returning to those taliban areas because the taliban does not support it therefore the government's workaround as being to pull people originally from those areas who may now live in kabul to represent the home districts they may have been away for ten or fifteen years so whether or not they do truly represent those areas that is up for debate algeria this former prime minister is appearing cold as part of a corruption probe media locally is reporting made is being investigated for allegations of wasting public money yeah you're is one of many senior officials including the finance minister and several billionaires who are facing judicial
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investigation early this month long time president bush of leakers step down under pressure from demonstrators and the military. syrian civil defense volunteers known as the white helmet should be noted by the united states holocaust memorial museum they received the institute's chopper. saving lives during syria's civil war in easy and says the group provided critical services as government forces targeted towns and cities and filch members of the white helmets of save more than one hundred fourteen thousand people all two hundred four of the group's volunteers were killed during the conflict. south korea's national assembly has been deadlocked for days via a power struggle between political parties politicians have been reporting each other for acts of violence in scenes that are reminiscent of the parliament's violent past of mcbride ripples from the capital so.
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it's parliamentary democracy and it's had a fight between the ruling and opposition parties that's provided hours of viewing on the news channels. national assembly members blocking the corridors barricading offices sometimes with other members trapped inside. the opposition party lawmakers are behind me listening to what i'm saying i'd like them to stop locking me up and everyone blaming each other here on the basic framework of the state is now being broken the liberty to korea party can no longer stand back not our fault says the ruling party you don't provoke any real report today's violence acts and hold them ultimately responsible. it's old over an electoral reform bill the ruling alliance wants to pass in time for national elections next year. and which the opposition parties seem determined to stop anyway they can. they're the
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most serious disturbances in the national assembly for years ever since the law was brought in to stop just such confrontations in a chamber that has had a reputation for being a political boxing ring passed in twenty twelve the so-called anti scuffling law was. meant to make scenes like this a thing of the past brawling it seems was a part of everyday business but when a tear gas canister was set off members decided enough was enough. this return to fighting has provided a stark contrast to another korean part of the north korea's supreme people's assembly has recently met for the first time since being elected. nearly one hundred percent of voters choosing the one candidate their offered and the results predictably is conformity. not much dissent here.
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after days of fighting you might think south koreans would welcome a little calm think again those parties who've been fighting hardest have gone up in the opinion polls robin pride al-jazeera saw. an economic crisis in argentina is putting thousands of jobs at risk labor unions are calling for a strike against the government saying it's on able to stop a recession that's hurting workers today as a bird has met some families who are struggling to get by in what i. was fired from a bottling company two months ago he says he has been working there for twelve years he's now trying to find other jobs that will help his family get by. i was fired in february and they said it's because of the amount of time i've been
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working there and the costs i represented for the company. is not the only one we met with a group of workers that went through a similar situation and are fighting to get their jobs back. the company has a plan to increase the use of machines for more production but for that they have to reduce the people that work in the plant finding work these days is extremely difficult. this people say that what is happening to them is part of the crisis argentina is struggling with in the past year. last year argentina received the largest emergency loan in the history of the international monetary fund but in spite of it the government of mali has not been able to control the situation they pay saw last around eighty percent of its value in the past year and now there are fears that the government is not going to be able to pay the interest of the following day was the possibility of a comeback of former president cristina kirchner in october's presidential election
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is one of the shows that worries investors at home and abroad the concerns that the earth are crawling in is related to not only believing maybe chrissy mckeown around the change big change in policies can come back in october but also for how it's going to be. world and the time used to ration case my priest or another government is to follow those reforms and we implement those reforms. in the congress recession i rise in poverty and unemployment have had an impact on mackie's popularity in the past year the biggest challenge most ardent fans are facing this days is a double digit inflation rate that keeps on pushing the prices of basic food items up and that's why the government has set up a special program that includes sixty products which price is about to be frozen for about six months but for many these are temporary measures that the government
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hopes will help mackley be reelected. people. say that what people need are jobs and stability something that the government has not been able to provide. asylum seekers in. the u.s. faced tougher restrictions under new orders by president trump under his latest proposal asylum seekers will be charged a fee to process their applications and those who enter the country illegally will be barred from even applying for such permits until their case is heard and they're cleared by immigration officials. well the u.s. president and three of his children have filed a lawsuit against georgia bank and capital one it's an attempt to block the banks from handing over financial records as part of an investigation into donald trump's
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financial holdings a couple of weeks ago a democrat controlled house committee issued subpoenas for the information this is president trump second attempt to legally challenge this that the us has been using what it calls its maximum pressure campaign to try to make iran abandon its nuclear ambitions but washington's efforts to target terror arms oil industry and its economy are not welcomed by all al-jazeera state department correspondent roslyn jordan before. a few days before the u.s. says it will sanction everyone who buys oil from iran to iran's foreign minister is accusing the white house of trying to destroy his country. show to the iranian people that the united states is not worthy of being a negotiating partner. with the u.s. is response is trying to avoid being held accountable for its pursuit of nuclear
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weapons and its role as a state supporter of terrorism by iran's own estimates the end of these waivers will have an even more significant effect i'm touched that the reef is worried that our allies are sometimes impatient with us on this point but as i say we've made clear our objective is the elimination of iran's nuclear program making sure its ballistic missile program is under control the u.s. says that since it quit the iran nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions a year ago terror on has lost some ten billion dollars in revenues. that's money the white house says can't be spent on groups including hezbollah hamas and who the fighters in yemen u.s. officials argue saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are prepared to replace the estimated one million barrels per day that iran provides to the global market the saudis say not so fast inventories actually continuing to rise
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despite what's happening in venezuela despite the tightening sanctions. on iran so i don't see the need to do anything. anything immediately what's more china which is currently iran's biggest oil customer is likely to undercut washington's plans to enforce a global boycott they have set up a mechanisms through which they can buy chinese oil without going to the u.s. banking system and they can perhaps do this to some chinese banks that are already under sanctions anyway so how much bad is it how much worse is a kind of get the u.s. government says it will do all it can to limit what it calls iran's malign influence in global affairs but analysts say the oil economy is a global one and that even a country as powerful as the u.s. can't manipulate it for its own foreign policy goals rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. the un's head of biodiversity has warned the destruction of nature
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threatens humanity as much as climate change a report found as many as a million species face extinction some within decades the first black american director to receive a best director oscar nomination has died fifty one year old john singleton suffered a stroke earlier this month his debut film boys in the hood in one thousand nine hundred ninety one earned him the nominations for original screenplay and direction when he was just twenty four making him also the youngest that's gonna. have a second look at the top stories here at al-jazeera japan's emperor akihito has formally abdicated during the ceremony in tokyo he thanked the public and said he prays for peace the ritual which involves handing over the chrysanthemum throne to his son
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took place at the imperial palace crown prince now or he to now becomes emperor this is the first abdication in japan in more than two hundred years prime minister shinzo ave thanked the outgoing imperial couple for their service through japan's toughest times but that's right as the people of japan have walked along with the emperor in this era during this time the emperor has wished for the happiness and tranquility of the people and as julie conducted all official duties as a symbol of the people of japan so here we wish for the further prosperity for the imperial household and i would like to further extend my gratitude to you today. sudan's main protest group has accused the military of trying to break up a city and outside army headquarters in cartoons the protesters have been demanding
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an immediate handover to civilian rule. a catholic church in sri lanka will resume sunday mass on may the fifth after a break since last week's attacks the archbishop of colombo cardinal mark of iran says he's dissatisfied with the government's investigation so far. jerry's former prime minister has appeared in court as part of a corruption probe local media is reporting. is being investigated over allegations of wasting public money asylum seekers in the us faced tough new restrictions on the orders by president trump under his latest proposal asylum seekers will be challenged a fee to process the applications. today those are the latest headlines. next. world of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological objects you're talking about
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a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to auction houses and private collectors. are selling and artifact is worth finances the beheadings and muslims in the middle east don't sound like that's one quick solution. trafficking on al-jazeera.


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