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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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he says the majority of people in hong kong are still committed to democracy. legal professor and lawmaker have been jailed today for more than a year ago today or by the year and their leader leadership role on them for a movement this sunday. and we will mobilize people come to the street again have the demonstration to against the. suppression from beijing to his hong kong i just hope to urge the international community to keep the ice in hong kong to where that orginally beijing promised to allow the hong kong have one country two systems but now already trying to be one country one and a half sister absolutely hong kong people but drafty of citizens to stand on our side to support democracy there were ties asian to day before the court hearing assembly for more than one hundred citizen just common to joy and huell listen to the court to the court sentencing at the same time i believe on this sunday and
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we'll have more than people coming to the street again to show their support because nowadays hong kong already become the place that political prisoners be called a common norm i would hope beijing and hong kong government to realize that it's time to let hong kong people get the rights to vote in the election is just manapul a thing and to have certain political screening during selection during election of the united nations says afghan government and u.s. forces have killed more civilians this year than the taliban and i saw three hundred civilians lost their lives in the first three months to air and ground strikes the u.n. says taliban are still in other fighters killed two hundred twenty seven people although the number of suicide bombings and other attacks has for richard bennett the un afghanistan human rights chief who put the report out says any civilian casualties are too many. while the reduction overall in civilian casualties
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is positive. it's too soon to discern a trend and secondly. this is still a very intense conflict and way too many civilians are being harmed by this conflict the answer to that is partly precautions but the bigger answer is a cease fire and explosion has killed at least thirteen people in a rebel held city in northwestern syria just a little shell who is in italy province and has been the target of russian airstrikes and the syrian army in recent weeks the blast resulted in the collapse of several buildings most of the city's people have fled to areas close to the turkish border a un human rights chief michel but surely has strongly condemned the executions of thirty seven saudi men state media said they were convicted of adopting extremist ideology and forming terrorist cells to spread chaos and provoke sectarian strife
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some were convicted of killing security forces in a bomb attack amnesty international says most of those executed were from the shia minority more than one hundred saudis have already been executed this year last year's total was one hundred and forty nine of dozens of workers are feared buried under thirty meters of mud in myanmar three bodies have been recovered after a mudslide at a jade mine in kent in catchin state a local politician says rescuers don't have proper pumping equipment to reach fifty four people missing since midnight. japan has apologized to tens of thousands of people forcibly sterilized under a now defunct law politicians unanimously passed legislation to compensate those affected by the nine hundred forty eight war it was designed to prevent the birth of those considered inferior descendants in their words about twenty five thousand
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people with physical or mental disabilities were sterilized the law remained in place until one thousand nine hundred six. as the government which had been implementing the law forcing sterilization for sincere remarks and heartfelt apology to the victims a lebanese group hezbollah is yet to respond after the us offered a ten million dollar reward for information that would disrupt the group's finances it is backed by iran and there's concern that america's anti iran agenda destabilize lebanon then a hot air reports from beirut. present a large receives donations and religious tax from its support base in lebanon and community but it's a small fraction of its budget the united states says the iranian backed group earns almost one billion dollars a year to financial support from iran international businesses and investments corruption and money laundering it announced a new initiative to further isolate hezbollah today the us department states
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rewards for justice program is offering a new reward offer up to ten million u.s. dollars for the information leading to the disruption of financial activities that support the global terrorist organization lebanese hizbollah. the us administration has been pushing a hard iran agenda secretary of state might pump ale was in beirut last month where he told the lebanese to stand up to hezbollah but has blind its allies control parliament and government making it harder for the u.s. to target the group without targeting the country. the u.s. officials always be clear that they want to this year between lebanon and hezbollah between those sections and the economy and i think this is that of course but this is possible we cannot say we are safe but we are taking a lot of measures here internally and we are trying to keep safe the economy and
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the banking sector. the u.s. has offered military and economic support to lebanon despite hezbollah's growing political influence that may change with a more confrontational policy involving sanctioning hezbollah's allies who include the president and head of parliament so that there will be further u.s. action against his like sanctioning his plans political allies there is no doubt sanctions have already hurt his but for the live in a state not to be affected it will need to distinguish itself from his bill are the u.s. considers hezbollah as an arm of iran's revolutionary guards while it may have been created by the guards decades ago it has since embedded itself in the lebanese state. hezbollah this misses the effectiveness of u.s. sanctions and calls them a form of war its leader hassan nasrallah in early march urged the portress to donate money that call was not seen as a sign of desperation but more of a message to hezbollah's followers to embrace austerity measures. hezbollah's role
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in government allows it to use resources to fill the gap in services it used to provide directly to its own constituency the group may survive but lebanon is in the middle of the us iranian confrontation threatening its fragile stability senator bayh what. they're calling it quick scientists believe they've recorded the first seismic tremor on another planet. rumble on the red planet was picked up by nasa as robotic probe insight the first spacecraft designed to study the deep interior of mars. inside is on a two year mission to the planet. as always there's lots more on our website edges into dot com get the latest on all the stories we're following dot com.
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to get around up then of our top stories new video has emerged reportedly showing two suspects with backpacks entering the shangri-la hotel in sri lanka's capital moments before an explosion it was one of three luxury hotels and three churches targeted on easter sunday opposition figures in sudan say they've ended talks with the transitional military council after refused to immediately transfer power to civilian rule they're angry after african union leaders gave the military council three months to hand over power to north korea's leader kim jong un as a arrived in the russian city of stock where he'll meet with president vladimir putin the visit thought to be part of north korea's efforts to build up international support. mum. i came to russia with the warm feeling of our people i hope that this visit will be successful and rewarding and that during the talks with esteemed president putin i will be able to specifically
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discuss issues of resolving the situation on the korean peninsula and development of the relationship. in hong kong leaders of the occupied democracy movement have been jailed on public nuisance charges supporters of the twenty four thousand protests gathered outside the court where the sentences were handed out two of the nine activists were jailed for sixteen months each two for eight months and others received suspended sentences at least fifty one people have died in floods and mudslides in durban south africa heavy rain started on monday night military forces are helping in the search for survivors. the un says afghan government and u.s. forces have killed more civilians this year than the taliban eisel more than three hundred civilians lost their lives in the first three months to air and ground strikes us as taliban i saw and other fighters killed two hundred twenty seven people over the number of suicide bombings and other attacks as for. thousands of
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workers a feared buried under thirty meters of mud in myanmar three bodies have been recovered after a mudslide at a jade mine in packets in catchin state those are the headlines we're up to date we're back in half an hour right now it's inside story. stop buying iranian oil or face sanctions will the u.s. ultimatum stoked tensions in the gulf and does donald trump risk alienating friends and antagonizing god this is a story. hello
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and welcome to the program on iran con all prices are on the rise of the united states an ounce to new crackdown on iran's oil exports aimed at reducing them to zero the iranians say that will never happen and they're again threatening to block the strait of hormuz the world's lifeline of all from old gulf countries including saudi arabia kuwait and iraq around a million barrels of iranian oil is shipped through the strait of hormuz every day particularly to china india south korea japan and turkey those cells are in jeopardy as the u.s. warns it will no longer give sanction waivers to those countries the u.s. re-impose sanctions on iranian all cells last year after donald trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal he says the iranians are being state sponsors of terrorism
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and destabilizing the middle east roselyn jordan has the details from washington. the u.s. says its efforts to impose a worldwide embargo on iranian oil is already working in the last eleven months the trumpet ministration says iran has lost about ten billion dollars in oil revenue all this as washington to punish the han for what it calls the government's quote maligned ways the trumpet ministration and our allies are determined to sustain and expand the maximum economic pressure campaign against iran to end the regimes destabilizing activity threatening the united states our partners and allies and security in the middle east these demands are not just coming from the united states government and many of our allies and partners they are similar to what we hear from the iranian people themselves the u.s. imposed oil sanctions on iran in may two thousand and eighteen after it withdrew
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from what president donald trump called the ineffective iran nuclear deal the u.s. wanted to cut off iran's ability to support hezbollah and who the fighters as well as send aid to governments in syria and venezuela last fall when oil supplies were tight the u.s. gave several countries permission to wrap up their existing iranian oil purchases by no later than may second but now the u.s. says supplies are plentiful and so the five countries still importing iranian crude china india turkey japan and south korea no longer have a reason to keep buying from terre han to conduct these transactions one almost always nice to participate in the financial markets and we intend to enforce the sanctions we don't lay out sanctions that we don't have any intention of encouraging countries to cooperate with analysts say it's important to look at the impact sanctions could have on ties between the u.s. and other countries for example how sanctions could derail current chinese american
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trade talks but analysts say it's just as important to consider why the white house considers saudi arabia in the. arab emirates and not other oil producing nations key to making the iranian particle work i think that actually feeds into this narrative of this very close relationship that the president trump has with the saudi royal family and of course the united states is again this is the president who who looks at issues from a transactional standpoint state department officials won't say just how soon after may third that the u.s. will impose sanctions on countries still buying oil from iran but they are adamant they say the only way to get iran to change its behavior is by imposing an embargo and the only way to make certain that the embargo works is to impose sanctions on other countries even if those countries happen to be the u.s. as friends rosalyn jordan al-jazeera the state department.
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the decision has sent india and japan scrambling to meet their will shortfall china and turkey have condemned the move and iran is a palm and has passed a resolution labeling the u.s. military as quote terrorists let's bring in our guests from washington d.c. franco a republican strategist and former advisor to george w. bush and senator john mccain in teheran mohammad marandi head of the american studies graduate program at the university after her own and from beijing dan wearing a china analyst for the economist intelligence units thank you for joining us all let's begin in the states with a dull frank this was a deal that was trumpeted by the previous administration it was one backed by the european union why has this administration broken the terms of the deal it was said to be a good deal. well. first of all you had an excellent report
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on the issues but let me add a little perspective as to why this is happened and it has you have to go back to our presidential election of two thousand and sixteen i think president who was elected of course as our current president made very clear at that time that the iranian nuclear deal was a bad deal and the american people agreed with him and that the deal had to be scrapped that was very clear the president was absolutely committed to ending that deal and then to a ramp up pressure on iran so two things from our domestic perspective the president has kept his promise to scrap this deal and to pressure iran hopefully into making a better deal alternately these sanctions are are not only important but they're really designed to be proud of a broader strategy to bring iran actually back to the table to do a deal that from the republican point of view and i think the majority american
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point of view needed to be negotiated now secondly the sanctions themselves this is a big story but it should not be a surprising story that has been consistently the policy of the united states and has been as you reported here a timeframe that we would actually as secretary pompei o has said go to zero and that means zero in terms of allowing iranian oil out of iran in a legal fashion and through the financial markets and therefore the sanctions were actually imposed last november with a grace period and that grace period ends in may on may second to let number of countries transition to other sources of oil revenue of course italy has done so greece has done so as you've reported taiwan has done so and there are several other countries that have not completed that process. or now in many ways scrambling to do so so the policy perspective is is i think understood people might
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disagree with that but the president's view is that the only way to bring. iran to the table and to really curtail its terrorist activities is by imposing sanctions and having them work and they hash they have been working quite successfully i'm going to bring in mohammed omran dejan just a second from the hair on his body was you both the same question to start with the dolphin or cindy say why should the iranians trust you they signed a deal they made a deal they had a deal the international community said iran has stuck to why should they believe you know why should they believe the us. well you know that's an excellent question and i think that actually is a very fair question but nothing is etched in stone we have done the same thing with respect to nuclear arms agreements and other arms agreements with the soviets when we believe that the deal has not worked or has not been in the interest and of course the administration has made
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a case that iran has been actually not living up to the deal that can be debated there's no question about that it is a fair question but the position of the united states and the current position of the president is just because a president a former president made a mistake on behalf of our country that we not be stuck with that deal and the simplest cocoa way to express it and that is if the deal is a bad deal and really there is a will to bring about a peaceful solution to the problem that iran will be willing to renegotiate the deal so that is in essence the american view and it's consistent with the president's view which has been putting our interest our national interests first and this would require a renegotiation of the agreement. in teheran you had a guest he said barack obama the previous u.s. president made a mistake this is a bad deal should iran come back to the negotiating table. obvious that
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iran will never really go shake the nuclear deal with american because the united states has no credibility the regime has torn up an agreement that. the previous administration signed up to and there is no reason to believe that it will abide by for future commitments so that's out of the question and i think that more importantly though is the fact that the united states being the aggressive regime that it is destroying iraq afghanistan may be starving yemen with the saudis supporting extremists in syria for seven years. this indirectly directly and trying to carry out regime and regime change in men is whether there is no incentive really for anyone in iran to negotiate with the united states in fact if you look at the this force of the ministration in tehran you see that the language
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of president ronnie and our foreign minister dr is that he has changed significantly over the last couple of years with regard to the united states in the past the united states used to or what even western media consider them to be very moderate and now they're probably more harsh in their language than most other politicians in the country because the united states has basically. betrayed the international community by leaving the agreement so but i think the united states is also here miscalculating because iran is not a small country iran is not a weak country run has allies across the region from the himalayas to the mediterranean from the red sea to central asia and iran has a very powerful presence in the persian gulf region so if the americans escalates the iranians will have no option but to escalate as well but in an asymmetrical
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fashion. but mohammed what the u.s. is saying is that you may have stood by the letter of the deal but not the spirit that there is much more to be negotiated is there much more to be negotiated in toronto points of you know there's nothing to negotiate because the united states is not abiding by its current to commit by its current commitments how can we negotiate anything else when what we've already negotiated for roughly a decade is to have been thrown out the window well who's to say that in future any agreement hypothetically that is reached will be abided by by the united states if the nuclear deal actually wasn't the americans didn't abide by the nuclear deal either under obama either from day one they began violating it yet the international atomic energy agency has said i think fourteen times now since the deal that the iranians have stuck to the deal. and that they were abided by abided
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by the deal very carefully and with this is one of the i think advantages of what trump has done. despite the hardship economic hardship that the.


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