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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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the edited version of the report was made public president trump has described the report as crazy and says the investigation was an illegal hoax can really help it has more now from washington as u.s. president donald trump arrived for golf game at his club in florida back in washington democratic members of congress renewed demands and issued a subpoena for an unproductive version of special counsel robert muller's report by may first on a working visit to northern ireland during a congressional recess nancy pelosi the top democrat in the u.s. house of representatives again play down talk of impeaching the president that this time she didn't rule it out the congress of the united states will honor its oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states to protect our democracy we believe that the first article article one the legislative branch has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy and we will exercise that the conclusion
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of congressional democrats after reading what they call the selectively redacted four hundred forty eight page report is that while the special counsel declined to prosecute a sitting president muller did call on congress to investigate whether trump obstructed justice tried to stop the investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election on friday morning trump tweeted using profanity he lashed out at recollections of his statements in the report calling the fabricated and the investigation an illegal hoax congressional republicans are promising their own investigation into whether law enforcement agencies like the f.b.i. may have exercised political bias to destroy trump's presidency democrats have announced they will hold a conference call on monday to discuss next steps this is far from being over and i'm sure that the house and the senate oversight committees are going to be looking at every piece and turning everything because just looking into what the special
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counsel look that there is still the possibility of impeachment i think everything's on the table i mean. this is not the end of anything but what happens next is now in the hands of congressional democrats newly empowered by the special counsel to act potentially dictating not only the terms of transfer mading time in office but also whether he might win reelection the twenty twenty presidential race can really help get al-jazeera washington. well for more on this let's speak to gabriel is on though he joins us now from washington where the fallout from the report continues we've been hearing some strong words from senator mitt romney said he is sickened by president trump's dishonesty. yeah really strong words from the senator from utah and it's important because he is considered part of the modder wing of the republican party you might remember he ran for president at an
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unsuccessful campaign running in two thousand and twelve against barack obama he came under a lot of criticism from donald trump for losing that election but he sensed mended ties a little bit with trump what he was late to endorse donald trump's they have a to do a very complicated relationship but mitt romney pulled no punches on friday when he came out and said that he was happy that there was not enough evidence to charge donald trump with any sort of crime or or any sort of obstruction of justice that came from the special counsel report but listen to this he said even so these are the words of mitt romney a fellow republican to donald trump he said i am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of this dishonesty and mr action by individuals in the highest office of the land including the president these are the words from mitt romney after reading the entirety four hundred and forty some odd pages of the mule
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a report he concluded romney by saying i quote reading the report is a sobering revelation revelation of how far we have strayed from the aspirations and principles of the founders meaning the founding fathers of the united states so mitt romney clearly not happy with a lot of the details that he and everybody else now has been able to read about a lot of the lying backstabbing and quite frankly a dysfunction there was going on in the highest levels of the white house it was laid bare for everyone to see in the special counsel's report now democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren has also given her reaction she is in congress to start impeachment proceedings against president it's not clear if the democrats in congress agree with her. yeah this is complicated for the democrats because up until now most of the democrats in general have said they do not want to pursue impeachment that was the general thinking within the democrats' democratic
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party up until now this is seems to be changing at least a little bit there are more than fifteen people democrats running for their redemonstrate nomination at least two of them came out on friday saying they would support impeachment willing castro a congressman from texas and as you just mentioned probably more significantly a senator from massachusetts elizabeth warren it's important that she said she would support impeachment because elizabeth warren has become sitter a leader of the more progressive wing of the democratic party and also one of the top tier candidates within the democratic party running for the democratic nomination so that's very very significant but really there's one person that matters and that's nancy pelosi the democratic speaker of the house of representatives she really holds the cards on impeachment at least getting the process going so far she has said that she would probably shy away from impeachment proceedings against president trump however as you saw from kimberly how story just
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a few minutes ago asked about it today on friday nancy pelosi seemed to leave the door open just a little bit to maybe pursuing that but it's a touchy situation for the democrats they're in a tough position no idea how it's going to go but clearly this is significant that elizabeth warren now says she supports it thank you the latest from washington on that story gabriel is on. freedom peace and justice the demands of thousands of sudanese protest as have gathered for the largest demonstrations since former president tomorrow bashir was ousted last week they've march to the military had courses in khartoum the at the center of the uprising against a thirty years of a she has autocratic rule friday prayers have been held marking four months to the day since the government tripled the price of bread triggering mass protests which led eventually to the she has removal the military council now in charge of sudan insists they should preside over a transition period but the protesters want them to give up power to civilians
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immediately. on sunday protest organizers will unveil a new interim council that aims to take over from the military and they won't give up until those demands are met how much value brings us one hour from khartoum. that joining the sit in is like stepping into a new sudan people are taking power into their own hands these civilians are now guarding the border and they're greeting people with songs and smiles there was soul being searched is almost a pleasure and they'll work involuntarily. while this crowd braves the heat to put out a message of change others help to keep them cool money is also being donated drinking water is provided i food is served for free for a while today medical doctors have left their paid jobs on joint efforts to set up
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makeshift clinics to help those who protested last night. yeah we worked in hard conditions there were days when we couldn't handle the sheer number of people who came for medical help we could hardly sleep for days we were doing both the humanitarian and national juta by being here. these people are here in front of the army headquarters to make sure a complete revolution is achieved and a military coup doesn't just lead to another period of rule like that and ahmad bashir. as i see it in the media is that the military council most head of power to a transitional civil in government which is protected by the army will fulfill all the objectives of derivable so far we have only cut the head of the tree we still need to remove the roots a message that's being eco that on sudan as ordinary people now take center stage the blood that's been shed for this moment is on the walls. those are the young
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women who acted with courage and leadership this is where some of the biggest losses took basically the morning of the course when thousands of protesters were caught in the crossfire members they didn't go to those classes they displaced the special facilities put such a detailed plan on the students and the lobby that wasn't over the place and the future aspirations of this uprising it's like a fire that's building up to the sense of the old regime. the uniforms of those snipers who were caught hank here as a mark of shame to those who fought change but many here say the deep state is still intact and only the facade of the former she has been removed i think that was that. they didn't go they just removed some dirt and put more dirt in its place we don't want any national congress members in the government and that's why the protest must and and they are new slogan whether or not that is she has fallen will
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stay here. at the news hour live from london more still ahead damage shops broken furniture and rotten food the iranian slowly rebuilding their lives after being hit by devastating floods tributes are paid to a journalist who was shot dead in northern ireland after riots erupt in the town of londonderry coming up in sports i.x. a given a huge helping hand by their private clubs in the netherlands. human rights watch has warned that algerian authorities often forcibly stop anti-government demonstrations and detain protesters the group says that in february and april security forces blocked rallies and often arbitrarily arrested dozens of people some protest to say they were strip searched and then detained for
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hours just last week sick. forces deployed tear gas and water cannons against thousands of people who had gathered to protest. or hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have been back out on the streets for the ninth friday in a row protesters in the capital algiers of chanted down with the system former president abilities beautifully go was ousted earlier this month but the demonstrators want all of the ruling elites gone the presidential election has been scheduled for the fourth of july to choose beautifully his successor. this is a terrorist government that must resign with fed up with travelling and immigration illegally they all have to leave because they are a government of terrorists and she wasn't sure how to manage a cuban government you're out the we came out today to change the entire regime from its roots young and old men are with us we will not tire you and we will continue to protest every friday and today with the world's ormus lead we are
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determined that. well as a political activist and part of the russian movement he joins me from paris via skype the authorities in algeria appear to be taking a much more heavy handed approach to the demonstrations we have seen in the last week a rapid rise in arrests how would you describe the way they're dealing with these protests now. indeed. some protesters have been strip searched have protesters have been detained for hours to late in the night. i think we we were expecting such behavior from this regime. but still we have to mitigate what we are saying here because for example this friday and. among all the pro drop tests which
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took place in algeria in chile in every city in area of violence was very minor we have seen. very little friction and provocation from the from the security about it is so i think we have to mitigate that indeed there are some violence but overall. millions have marched again today on the. week in a row and. i think it's still a minor up to date anyway but do you fear that could change how you have to mitigate that how is that possible of course the demonstrations in the protest as have been peaceful in that activities in the last two months but do you fear that could now be more injuries as a result of clashes more deaths and more detentions. well we
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we have actually. let's say not what prove actually that some klan in the region they are paying people mainly. to provoke protesters. we have proved as well that some of the. security aperitifs are pro bogeying lot like they did last week with the ghost and they have launched a tear gas and want to cannon. so do we fear and death in the coming weeks i hope not more violence to be honest it's just that the people seem very aware it above base and they don't enter into any response to these provocations and i think. up to date like up to now they have failed to provoke the protesters they have they failed to gets what they wanted which means
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violence among protests as. they have failed as well to. instill a fears among thought as a society that protest says that protests have been consistent and that demands all along they want root and branch reform in algeria. from the perspective of the military they see themselves of as having given in to some of those demands by removing president abdelaziz bouteflika from power the scheduling elections to do you worry that the military is now run out of patience. well i think the military it's going they are quite consistent in their policy and policy is to to take power and to maintain power forever we have seen that in other countries so i think that of course they are fed up with because they are running out of patience but we are not actually it's takes a long time to change
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a country specially in our jail which has been ruined by military since mine nine hundred sixty two so we have our patience because we understand that it's we are a crossing road that's we have to persist we have to to keep the pressure on the military to give love piece by piece this government and then bear leadership on this country on its pelican the political cultural economy a scene so actually yes they are running out of patience but we are not about an unwilling talib thank you for sharing your thoughts with us thank you very much. well still ahead for you on the news hour how ethnic violence in mali brought down the entire government that story also humanity is standing at a crossroads. generation climate change and the activist determined to save the
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environment. and then coming up later we've seen many golfers whole incredible shots but not many like this. hello this long weekend that's coming upon us traditionally a rather miserable affair to clean the nose as you can see from the satellite pictures not much cloud around in much of northern europe there is some of a spade in portugal which is traditionally where those in the north go to enjoy the sunshine it's going to be the wrong way round this weekend thousand and twenty five degrees in paris twenty in berlin terms two in london light breeze in the east the sun is shining and this is true or way down the center of europe that was the balkans it's cooler in athens and in turkey but really quite disappointing in spain
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where rain's going to fold around the east coast or as you go a weekend the summer eventually reappear but it's not going to be for everybody fifteen in madrid this is come sunday by which time it's much the same in london in paris in fact most of france for much of europe and nice to king weekend clearly not true bierria the pay off that is showers seemed likely in morocco for a time it'll be cloudy and briefly sherry in our dear even tunisia but it will all eventually spin through east at this well look at the wants graph of central parts of libya and in tripoli could be up to thirty three degrees in quantas and the wind which is light is go across and brings or present conditions i think to much of tunisia. it. was.
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on counting that cost it's been called. a horse while russian banks moved to hungary is kicking up a. populist governments threatening the independence of central banks and is it the end of the runway with jet airways counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well.
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welcome back a quick look at the top stories this hour the white house says u.s. president donald trump has spoken to the warbly for after he's been battling for control of libya's capital tripoli reportedly spoke over the phone on monday and discussed counterterrorism efforts in libya protest organizers in sudan say they're on bail a new civilian council on sunday which aims to take control of the country from the military and hundreds of thousands of algerian demonstrators are back on the streets for the ninth friday in a row former president abdul aziz beautifully it was ousted earlier this month but the protesters want all of the ruling elite gone. now turkey is arrested two suspects who allegedly confessed to spying on arab nationals for the u.a.e.
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both were arrested in istanbul on monday officers are also investigating whether the arrival in turkey of one of them was related to the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi last year. from istanbul. two palestinian men have been arrested in istanbul they've been charged with political military and international espionage the palestinians were initially detained in a hotel in is stamboul officials confiscated an encrypted computer stashed in a hidden compartment sources say the men allegedly confessed to being intelligence operatives working for the united arab emirates and they were here specifically gathering intelligence on arab dissidents and students after the arab spring in two thousand and eleven many arab dissidents came to turkey to live in exile sources tell us the men were under surveillance for six months during that time they contacted turkish analysts made inquiries about qatar's foreign investment in
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turkey the two countries are close allies the u.a.e. is part of a saudi backed blockade against qatar intended to isolate the country the men also allegedly contacted a suspect in the jim out murder case. was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october there was international condemnation at that time the u.a.e. and saudi arabia are close allies now sources are saying that shortly after could show g.'s murder the first operative entered the country the second soon after to help with the workload but the focus of the investigation appears to be on spying on arab dissidents in turkey and there's the thought that given the strained relations between turkey and saudi arabia turkey and the u.a.e. and turkey and egypt that perhaps the u.a.e. was attempting to open up
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a new avenue of intelligence gathering in turkey. iran's government says the repair bill for widespread flood damage is expected to be around two and a half billion dollars millions of iranians are rebuilding their lives after devastating floods that started a month ago but as amos travie reports now from. province a crisis has come at a bad time for iran's shrinking economy. iran's government is measuring the cost of flood damage in the billions of dollars for iran's people measuring the cost is also very personal damage shops. broken furniture. even packets of spaghetti. homes have been destroyed shops and businesses damaged everything it's gone. now the cleanup the floods left this school filled with mud the goal is to clear up as fast as possible to get the children back into class now
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this is the kind of thing that will cost time and money to fix if you look over here that metal structure that's connected to the bridge that is a temporary one that had to be put in place when the pressure of the water that was coming through flowing through the river brought down entire sections of that bridge and if you look over here in this direction basically what we're looking at is a river front that has now been completely destroyed. the iranian government's response to this emergency was rapid and people say they are grateful but now they expect the authorities to help them return to their normal lives. a scheme is in the works to rent apartments for people who don't want to live in tents and relocate those from villages which cannot be saved. the city governor of pulled up there says his people are doing everything they can maul. seeking to but considering the large scale destruction all roads had been cut and we had no access
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to the capital of the province most roads to villages were damaged and we had to. across lauriston province crews have been at work for weeks rebuilding washed roads repairing transport links is crucial for getting help into affected areas. there is a sense of urgency. officials want to get the newly homeless out of tents and into temporary homes away from busy streets for some patience is wearing thin and there have been reports of protests in some parts of the country. we met one woman. who says she's had enough little remains from her earlier life but memories just days before the flood she was celebrating the persian new year with her family now this is all that's left when i'm home so an evil day at. a house was just here the floods took us away completely there is no sign of a two story house anymore it's riven now we have displaced living in tents we don't
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know what to do there is so much pollution there are thousands like her looking to the country's leaders for answers for thought honey the questions include where will her family go and how will she raised three boys after losing everything. doctor and lauriston province iran. a vigil has been held for a journalist she was shot dead after riots erupted in the northern island town of londonderry lera mickey was killed just days before the anniversary of the east uprising of irish republicans against british rule in one thousand nine hundred sixteen and the heywood has more. only twenty nine years old larry mckee was a rising star in journalism she just signed a book deal and had a promising future instead she's the latest victim in northern ireland's long running conflict. after police raided a property in london terry terry as it's commonly known more than fifty petrol
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bombs were thrown at police and several vehicles were hijacked by a maccie was watching events and in the hours before her death tweeted terri tonight absolute madness. the journalist was standing close to a police vehicle when several shots were fired and she was hit she was taken to hospital where she died we believe this to be a terrorist act. crowded very violent as republicans. are sassaman at this time would be that the new ira are most likely to be the ones. primary line of inquiry overnight forensic teams what to try to piece together the events that led up to her. earlier this year the new ira was blamed for a car bomb attack in terry it also claimed responsibility for sending parcel bombs . the killing of the journalist to shock the community and devastated her friends
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and family. our hopes and dreams and all of her amazing potential with. erica act. this cannot stand britain's prime minister to reason that the murder was shocking and truly senseless condemnation too from the leaders of northern ireland's biggest political parties this is a tragic loss of a young life and our hearts are broken for although all those concerned those people who carried out this and this attack have no place in society those people who carried out this attack do not have any support those people who carried out this attack have attacked all of us they have attacked the community they've attacked the people of jury they've attacked the peace process and they've attacked the good friday agreement of course violence criminality terrorism was always wrong and is still wrong today in twenty nine chain we can damage whole heartedly we hope that everyone will work in london derry and indeed further afield with the play
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service to give them all the support that they need many people in northern ireland to concerns about the renewed ballance in derry and what led to it there were many tributes being paid to lehrer mckay all praising her as a seeker of the truth emma heywood. well now to ukraine the president petro poroshenko and his rival the actor and comedian of law to me is a landscape of gone head to head in a live television debate several thousand spectators attended the event and pick stadium with security in the arena opinion polls suggest a lansky will win sunday's runoff three weeks after he and the presidential elections first round. we will know if you knew the condition in which i received the country in political terrain with that money in the central bank account without any gold reserves without an army without weapons you are certainly asked a different question you on the contrary at that time and i'm sorry for that
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insulted outcome three you tried to betray the ukraine like a prostitute in your jokes you tried to get money including money from the russian budget to make you be. very. very poorly. i am not a politician i am not a politician at all i'm just a person an ordinary person who has come to break the system i am the result of each i am the result of your mistakes and promises this is true and you know it. all now we go to some dramatic developments in mali the entire government to step down four weeks after a massacre by an ethnic vigilante group shocked the nation public anger erupted after suspected gunman from the doggone ethnic group killed one hundred sixty four lani herders in their village last month mali's president accepted the resignation of the prime minister and his cabinet late on thursday after weeks of accusations that the government did not do enough to stop the killings nicholas are joins us live now from ali's capital bamako what is the reaction to the fall of the government there. well you know when the
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news came out that he was going to resign late last night on thursday night there were scenes of celebrations outside the presidential palace where growing group of hurricane lives not because they were celebrating the president but because the people saw it's a victory against power and against. today this morning at the national assembly there was supposed to be a vote of no confidence towards my god the prime minister and his government but because you resigned on thursday that didn't happen again it seems the celebrations just assure you mary how much emotions for people were running high in regards to this man and why well because he. came into power it was reelected last august and my guy did a lot of his campaigning because it is an old man in his his health was was
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falling so so he really led the campaign and this campaign was based on this idea of bringing back security to mali to this country since two thousand and thirteen it's been rocked by instability with insurgent groups. doing brazen attacks including in the capital bamako but also in different regions so my guess is the prime minister's job was to bring back security but because the million forces do not have the ability or the forces to to to patrol this entire country he relied heavily on these militia groups ethnic militia groups and they were responsible for the killing of one hundred sixty seven pole ethnic pole in three weeks ago and that really shocked the nation the fact that the prime minister instead of relying on the armed forces relied on militia groups to try to bring back stability
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to mali. it's not just that on the of a poll we saw here in by micah. thousands of people taking to the streets we hadn't seen protests like this since one thousand nine hundred one when people were testing for democracy the reason they were protesting is don't just the security reason is because the cost of living has risen by twenty percent in the last year in fact people have less to lose to live with. and we have more than three million people in need of urgent assistance relying on aid agencies for that so a lot of question is directed towards the government and that explains why he was removed from office now it's all in. to try to find a new government that will be accepted by the people here and there is very much for explaining that a complicated situation but thank you nicholas hytner with the latest from. the climax.


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