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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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was an attempt to assuage those concerns has that become the see do you think people voted on the president and his running mate together. i think the issue of religion in politics has become acute in indonesia identity politics is absolutely central now and think about it vote polls tell us that president joke we has a seventy percent approval rating yet if today's exit polls and quick counts prove to be accurate and historically or he'll have won with about fifty five percent so he's losing a significant percentage of people actually say their lives have been proved because of his presidency and what we know is that it tends to be more conservative voters particularly more muslim voters who are not giving their vote to the president so definitely politics is increasingly playing a factor playing a role in addition politics and so i would say as more conservative more religious sections of society would they have gone for his main challenger. of course
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a full military man and less definitely aligned at least previously to the old political elite anderson hall to yes i think that the challenger was absolutely aiming at his base if you will those those in addition voters who would like to see a more more of a proactive government support for greater religion and greater islam in national life more proactive role for government to support islam and i think in that process that's it's driven all the candidates including president george who joke we don't to himself more to the right if you will and in that process i think we've seen something of a dilution of indonesian government protection and defense of minority groups in this country even though they've held very free and fair and peaceful elections douglas ramaj thank you for all passive airing and talking to us here and that is there. in sports.
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league baseball's rivals.
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they may they know this already but washington d.c. sits at the fork of to toddle rivers that are connected to the atlantic and that makes the u.s. capitol vulnerable to rising sea levels and climate change but the frequent flooding within view of the white house is a topic president trump has not addressed castro has law. thirty six
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million people visit washington d.c.'s national mall each year drawn to its monuments spring cherry blossoms and the tidal basin one hundred year old reservoir that takes its name from the tides flowing in and out of the potomac river but lately the tides have been rising too high here we're seeing the sidewalk of a cherry blossom walkway around the title basin flooded completely impassable this happens twice a day a result of sea level rise and increased urbanization the bravest visitors may not mind the water but most people have to step around puts in danger the purpose of this place it's a formal garden for americans and their guests to wander through and it's also the place where some of our most historic people are memorialized thomas jefferson writer of the declaration of independence is lucky to have
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a high perch above the waters but the sea wall beneath him is crumbling the white house where the president lives overlooks the tidal basin you can see it clearly from here across the water but despite having evidence of climate change literally outside his window. president trump has decided to remove the united states from the paris climate accord and he's called climate change hoax i don't think he cares it's it's not going to make him any money to save the environment so he won't be here when it's doom and gloom and so out of the cars. the united nations says the world has just twelve years to stop the climate change catastrophe in washington it's the local government that has stepped up we're kind of on our own now and so we're putting really a lot more money of our own in d.c. into innovation research and development and we just don't have the partnership with federal government and that's sad frustrating will this delicate beauty
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survive and what monument will there be to those who had a chance to save it. castro al-jazeera washington. it's time for this fall she's now with pisa thank you very much more three in the oklahoma city thunder all living dangerously in the n.b.a. playoffs it went to nothing down in the series against the portland trailblazers on tuesday night the n.b.a.'s former most valuable player russell westbrook into a ten point lead in the second call to hear the new oklahoma superior is in the regular season and they tied it up. they me and said here if c.j. mccollum the two of them combined for sixty two points as proof and won one hundred fourteen ninety four on the home court then the very much overshadowing westbrook who has a big task of the series switches to oklahoma for game three. to have play was on except the boy might be better so i'm not worried one bit job is to make sure i
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can see to come on in. you know. our guys make sure we have a chance to win again. the football and i.x. of caused a huge upset in the champions league quarter finals of the knocking out rail madrid the dutch side have now eliminated you then since the three two aggregate win in two renee is the first time in more than twenty years that i accept made it into the semifinals they will be joined in the semi's by a barcelona who handed manchester united a worst aggregate defeat in champions league knockout history they are now messi scored twice the second go a week shot that was missed by united keeper david despair it ended three no on the night for no over the two legs. former barcelona manager leads these manchester city team into the second leg against tottenham hotspur later on wednesday is yet to reach the semifinals in his time with city who are running the
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gauntlet of elimination having gone one zero down in london last week so he are still in the hunt for a quadruple of trophies but hadn't sold out they take it on the eve of the match leading what he yielded to say the fans needed to get behind the players they are human beings in there will be bad moments in the game in the moment we need our supporters into stage without supporters you can go through so hopefully i'm expecting really curious how our fans is going to react to her really curious liverpool might not have to rely on the firepower of egypt striker in portugal on wednesday last year's finalists defend the two no lead as they go into their second leg against. the australian rugby union star israel folau is said to challenge the second by the national team which came after he made homophobic comments on instagram for allow who is an ultra conservative christian said in his post last
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week that homosexuals would go to hell if they didn't repent it led to rugby australia announcing they would tear up his four million dollar contract but for lao has stood by his comments and the matter is now due to go before a tribunal. french rugby side to lose will waste special jerseys they pay tribute to the fire ravaged notre dame cathedral in their european champions cup semifinal on sunday to lead to lose of the only french side in the last fall they will auction the jerseys following the game against irish side. with all money raised being donated to reconstruction efforts the tampa bay lightning have made n.h.l. history but not in the way they would have wanted their out of the stanley cup playoffs of being swept four games to none by the columbus blue jackets it comes off to tampa bay have tied the record for the most regular season wins in the one hundred two year history of the league this is also the first time in league history the team with the most points in the regular season failed to win
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a game in the playoffs opening round. there was a serious week for the new york islanders as well after a three one win over the pittsburgh penguins it's only the second time in twenty six years the islanders will play in the second round of the playoffs while it's heartbreak for the penguins who were hoping for a third stanley cup title in full universe. the new york yankees were too strong for their old foes the boston red sox on tuesday james paxton struck out well of red sox batters to help the yankees to victory in the scale since they did not play on monday with new york players overall the number forty two on their backs to celebrate jackie robinson day robinson was the first black man to play in the major leagues back in one thousand nine hundred seventy those home run from clint frazier helping new york to an eight nothing win. the former head of the world anti doping agency says that testing for drugs cheats is decades behind the times david howman who now chairs the athletics integrity unit said there was no guarantee that this
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year's world championships would be a clean contest. all right to see a door that we can walk through and your body be analyzed for what is an all right to think we could start looking at technology is how what we're trying to anti doping we're still doing something that was done in the nineteenth seventy's and if you turn on the wireless that's what we were doing in the nordic symmetries and we're going to find on a court that talk about battle through a tough opening match at the monte carlo masters world number one needed more than two and a half hours to be germany's full of culture in three sets his frustration showed in the second sates when he serves was broken four times talk of it eventually needing five match points to seal but when. i am that's all the sport for now more coming up again later marty thank you very much peter that's all
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from me for now but don't go away because funny will be here in this chair in just a moment or two with much more of the day's news. on line. with the answer for them we've not got this or if you join us on sat all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a diana we are talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using
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multiple drugs including a funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice and us here at the office here twitter and you could be on the street join the colobus conversation amount is iraq a new television station in afghanistan is turning the focus on women it's on t.v. they are on camera in the guest chair and in the control room the founder of zone t.v. says this project couldn't wait this team is for those mothers on both to sit on those wife's living in afghanistan there's always talking about their advice but they didn't see anything in a nation where education was forbidden for girls as recently as two thousand and one and network just for women is a mark of progress there's also a very real element of danger of course we are threatened but be conscious that in the corner of our homes we have to go forward and develop ourselves and help bring peace and stability to our country. in syria citizens are collecting evidence again i want to kill as shock of crimes committed against civilians move
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move out of syria and go six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the assad regime to justice it puts a human face on the charges it's a dead human face but a secure tricks syria witnesses for the prosecution on al-jazeera. civilians under fire in libya's capital and a group of ahmed french nationals are stopped as they tried to cross into tunisia. you know i'm fully back to boyer watching al jazeera live from doha also ahead counting is underway in indonesia's presidential elections as joker we don't know
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looks for another term in office. france's president lays out an ambitious plan to rebuild notre dame cathedral in paris after a status aided by fire plus. the mayor to describe seeing people buying and bill sold sometimes in the thousands due to the monster coltrane abuse we speak to the men and women who survived torture and abuse in ethiopia's most notorious prison. thank you very much for joining us we begin in libya where they have been air strikes in the past few hours with both sides in the battle for tripoli coming under attack u.n. recognized government forces have targeted warlow tiny for have tossed positions south of tripoli and have lost. three of their so own soldiers as as strikes pounded their troops meanwhile in tripoli at least five people have been killed by
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overnight shelling and rockets continue to fall on civilian areas outside of the capital two incidents on libya's borders are raising questions about foreign involvement for its tenacious says thirteen french nationals with diplomatic passports and weapons were stopped on sunday crossing from libya into the country at the raster deer crossing defense minister abdul karim. says last wednesday eleven europeans were caught at sea in two boats leaving libya heading for tunisia whatever that is ok now though much of the they entered through to rubber boats and they were spotted we followed them till they reached bottom the two boats carry eleven european foreigners from different nationalities and we handed them over to the authorities concerned the second group entered on sunday consisting of thirteen individuals all of them frenchmen under diplomatic cover with arms and ammunitions and initially they tried not to hand them over now the french ambassador to libya
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who operates out of tunisia says the thirteen member french group were part of a team that provides his protection. live to our duty as mom or dad general had in tripoli mahmood let's start with the current situation in libya's capital bring us up to speed with what's been happening another night of shelling and residential areas targeted this time. well for the government of national accord this is the government. it's about a brutal attack targeting innocent civilians and it just valid that it will collect evidence is to prove that the warlord who for have to war criminal the government has to submit all the collected evidence is to the international criminal court that those who are involved in targeting innocent civilians will be brought to justice the government also declared three
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days mourning for the victims as you know this is not the first time but yet it's the worst. several times before a civilian areas of residential areas being targeted by heavy weapons by rockets launched by have to his forces and the government recognized the government in tripoli is accusing her of the forces of committing war crimes civilians overnight took to the streets demonstrating calling for international institutions to do their part to stop the military escalation but have to say that the international community should do its best to protect civilians and also the united nations support the mission in libya the head of the united nations support the mission in libya condemning the attack and it said it had it was terrifying night for civilians in tripoli or indeed any more they've been air strikes with both
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sides coming under attack both sides in this fight for tripoli do you get a sense that the battle for the capital the battle for tripoli is entering a crucial stage. it has been really in a crucial a stage since civilian areas and civilians have been targeted by heavy weapons and air strikes but the fact that have to as forces are involved according to the government of killing innocent civilians this has it is in some sort of if i may say disillusionment in clude ing. among the have to.


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