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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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i or two i think addressed some of their concerns. the united arab emirates and saudi arabia invested in l.c.c. from the on. in the weeks after his military takeover the u.a.e. alone transferred three billion dollars to egypt while the saudis gave a two billion dollar central bank deposit two billion dollars in energy products and one billion dollars cash without the very extensive economic support that the egyptian military got from the gulf states for example in two thousand and thirteen i don't know whether they they would have carried out the coup or they would have been able to make a go of it. saudi arabia support came with a political price. in twenty seventeen l.c.c. agreed to give the disputed islands of tehran and sun a few which sits between saudi arabia and egypt sinai peninsula to the saudis.
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the decision was hugely unpopular in egypt and sparks the biggest protests since twenty five. but l.c.c. ruled the store and kept the aid flowing. egypt has at times or saved much larger sums of money with newer allies particularly in the gulf but the aid from the united states is symbolically very important diplomatically very important and it's not something they want to see she was able to say that there's a threat from isis you want to defeat it we're your partner give us the tools and we'll take care of this for you and he would make the argument that egypt is too big to fail if egypt does collapse if the islamists run amok or the economy goes down this is going to have to sastre its consequences for the region and for europe
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. the european union has trying to strike a balance between legitimate security concerns and respect for human rights. but many member states have adopted a business as usual policy. unfortunately we still have a very weak common ground in europe when it comes to how to deal with egypt. a dutch member of the european parliament not each a shocker initiated a resolution that condemned human rights violations in egypt however she does that leaders of the influential member states only. we very much pointed out that human rights repression violations. executions torture censorship closing of n.g.o.s is not acceptable and you want to hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london very much for three years
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shock a push to get the resolution through the european parliament besides denouncing the high number of death penalty executions and the lack of fair trials in egypt there was another point she stressed. i think we've learned some very important lessons in two thousand and eleven two thousand and twelve when we found that e.u. made systems were actually used to track down activists in egypt and so ever since we've been pushing in the european parliament and i've been leading the efforts on the export controls of surveillance systems to make sure that human rights are criteria to measure before an export license is granted and despite this statement of principle we see that in practice such export controls are not really lived up to in fact there are serious questions whether it may be the case that julio region who was brutally murdered may have been tracked and traced with italian made
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systems and software. after the robber massacre and twenty thirteen e.u. member states agreed to suspend exports to egypt of any equipment that might be used for internal repression. yet twelve out of twenty eight e.u. member states ignored the suspension. since twenty forty italy has a exported weapons to egypt worth some forty million euros. germany has made deals for over one point six billion euros including light arms and onward vehicles and france has topped all the rest with over six billion euros in sales including combat vehicles like those reportedly used in that up. massacre. left positive in a possible down the egypt effect a little folly put me off when i see. what is it on religion city and the amount of
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it since she was old enough to see oh these are good multiphase don't let's all be let out. a false sense song called blue school approve of his o.c. don't. shock you can suddenly visit turkey despair because of the despair centers on the temple on a democracy a disease that mr centers and plate but. post the problem with. mattie. inexistent it at fetter only purveyor. of even been into. the field is a fail because of what a disadvantage is it or it don't then i'm in for some question except the cook and not the usual modern day listen to the many other with the name of peace in on than those that simply not clearly. there were questions so that i may think the mark of
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a compilation of you must implement so you've got this beside the nearer democracy yet i guess you feel on city you're just sitting on the rock yelling you're manolo me see if you're logical. dancin or that's all bullet i'll celeste headlee to delusion always deadly violence has been on the rise in egypt especially in the sinai peninsula the ne corner of this remote region has become for european leaders one of the middle east's hottest front lines against all groups the c.c. government appears to be struggling to contain this threat of islamic state militants who are based in the sinai and of course now with the effect of collapse of islamic state power in iraq and syria there are indications that at least some of those fighters are now coming from those areas into the sinai but it's hard to know what's really happening if you sign as the independent media have not been allowed into the area for years. imagining for
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a feel for. where they just. didn't get it and that's in the early going this thing that since he was very blunt but get up out of him here fredricka if you need any and you know you do want to get an. unconfirmed leagues from the area reveal horrific pictures of the egyptian army's brutal crackdown amid increasing concerns for the civilian population. for all the force to point the egyptian army has yet to regain control of the area while armed attacks appear to be spreading through. to egypt in nov twenty seventh president announced the final offensive at the school. for the school. or. college to hold. or to start.
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all a ship the ocean his method is that he is the only thing that is standing between egypt becoming another province of an islamic caliphate and stability and security and safety. in twenty sixteen an attacker deliberately drove his truck into a crowded christmas market in berlin with lethal consequences after paris and london this was yet another deadly assault inside a european capital. the german chancellor angela merkel turned to reject as a partner to improve security and counterterrorism signing a cooperation in twenty seventeen. i know guns wish to be a factor. m z had a contest to does money egging him out on. on danzig heights in ny keep in psych the cyber criminality for good sources as
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a till this most internet based on people mostly given fester to dust in it get. torn hot and in a get get minutes to will list them and i know because it's an elemental that. germany also looks to l.c.c. to stem the tide of migrants and refugees leaving the middle east and africa for your. chancellor merkel offered l.c.c. a five hundred million dollar aid package to essentially close off the egyptian. to get this filing. the technician also. underlying it's all fuss disease i think that's the underlying. after second this long. intense he sent. critics warn that egypt may use the
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migration issue to exert pressure on your peers and here bit of the insider kind of good to warn. about this here i can model their father on a good note and impress on their corporate soon to be shoved in iraq as a good chance of you and buzz off it. to garnish them to try to give a fork so none showed us for. our t.v.'s in the name given the i know i'm working lifetime to bring all of your p.r. to have vanished lower your science mission work out four hundred today germany and egypt have a good business relationship initial misgivings about l c c's military regime faded away in the light of a major project that egypt granted to the german company siemens a gigantic investment to build the largest gas fired power plant in the world i'd seen steve become how to down a demon zone for mark milley garden. is only for nicky demon's own office humans
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that were stuffed and example. to the type. of market you would important to have had to collide lawson found in p. keep. it in the s. to give you the president morsi start so again insightful for added some two to four were tied does this endorsement and you need to feel what an area democracy of italy and it was that not enough that even a little bit was a terrible idea where. it was a lot just to use pulled the president. puts up the shaft heart. you one last. east. was not the comment that sitting on. the berlin press conference with the two leaders two can ironic to . a
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protest by an egyptian medical student was drowned out by as he sees all too chanting. it is a great honor to have with us today presidential c.c.v. with donald trump's presidency l.c.c. look forward to friendly relations in washington tunes everything that you've done . and i know you appreciate everything that we've done. it's no secret that trump has an affinity for dictatorial figures he's explicitly embraced c c in public he's called him a strong leader as someone who's really getting stuff done. at the same time russia and egypt have grown closer bloodier putin and l.c.c. have visited each other several times with financial deals and military cooperation on the agenda. what we're likely to see is that egypt
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is going to simultaneously pursue relations with both moscow and washington in order to ensure that they are not in a position of subservience to our global power while the egyptian government is looking for partners who don't ask on comfortable questions it remains to be seen how washington's long term priorities evolve i think for president trump he's perfectly comfortable returning to the way things used to be where the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off the mark received for security and. that working with a dictator is completely consistent with his worldview. foreign policy is by definition the pursuit of a country's interests. as l.c.c. continues his stranglehold on power the question becomes is it really in the west's
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interest to continue supporting him unconditionally. on the security aspect i think it's fairly clear he hasn't delivered he hasn't defeated the isis which are the isis affiliate within the sinai most estimates place that group up between eight hundred and twelve hundred people that's not a very large entity yet over the course of five years he's been incapable of fully finishing off the square according to those who've seen egyptian prisons from the inside and repression torture prison conditions and the conflation of all dissent with terrorism may prove to be counterproductive in the long run. a missile to the brain if enough assume is a nested how would the next minute build said then with the lady scilly me illinois' normal chafing in the highway then the men can but i guess the same prison. in the sixties seventies and eighties.
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produced islamic jihad movements that gave birth to that then grandfathered isis i don't even want to begin to imagine what we're going to have. in five ten fifteen years. some in europe have become complacent they have accepted that this is the egypt will have to deal with it i think it's a mistake i think it will come back as a boomerang. there's an enormous amount of young people in egypt that don't have enough perspectives they don't have enough perspectives. more prosperous life a life they can shape the way they would like they are the future and they should be at the heart and at the core of what the e.u. does.
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hello there we've been hearing reports of flooding out of afghanistan and it's all thanks to this weather system hey you can see it very clearly on the satellite picture all trying to pull away towards the north but it has brought us very heavy rain as a very strong winds as well and he has also picked up a fair amount of dust that would gradually edge way towards the east as we head through the next couple of days and behind it it does look a good deal dry air and come up for the western parts there if this region we are seeing more in the way of clouds and still a few outbreaks of snow as well over some of the mountains that's still going to be with us as we head through the day on thursday and some of the showers here are likely to be very heavy towards the south or as in baghdad is getting whole it's the twenty nine will be our maximum of the day my in the temperatures that we're expecting in kuwait city but here there will also be some clam developing as well as this next system begins to snake its way across parts of iran don't want to south and here in doha the temperatures are rising we're back with the sunshine so
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it's not really a surprise thirty five we are maximum on wednesday and matching the temperatures we're expecting on thursday so the south of us where muscat thirty degrees will be our maximum here it is a good deal more humid for the southern parts of africa we are seeing some showers in the northern parts of but a good deal of cloud and maybe the odd outbreak of rain in the south. talk to.
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you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. shelling of libya's capital kills at least five people as a french group is stopped at the border carrying weapons and diplomatic passports. back to watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead. president looks for another term in the elections that after it hit him again sir for my general. donald trump
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vetoes a move by congress to end u.s. support for the saudi u.a.e. led war in yemen and the french president's meson an ambitious plan to rebuild. in paris after it was devastated by fine. thank you for joining us shelling in libya's capital has killed at least five people as fighters loyal to warlord honey for half. top push on with their offensive to take over the city forces that backed the un recognized government in tripoli have accused have tossed so-called libyan national army of firing rockets into residential areas by the l.n. a says it had nothing to do with the shelling out of the bill is that we know that the battle is very long.


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