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appeasing the public i cannot trust them and the longer process once people go back home and everybody pursuing that we're back to normal we have to keep the pressure on them until we see a diverse council that is representing the people's choices political parties technocrat we need to keep pressure and i really do hope that people will not go back home and resume life as normal until these are these goals or because you know how you describe this is a very deep state this is been the system for for so long. might require some some patience for the type of change that even the protesters want. true but it's very hard to ask for patience where there is already blood spilled until today sixteen people have been killed between today and yesterday by the same forces that they're trying to negotiate with this peace and tell us that for a peaceful transition it's very hard to have have the trust trust is earned we
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cannot just give it unless we see something tangible that we see thus far to me is just changing names thus far i do not see this as a genuine change we only saw a change in name we don't know what happened to the constitution we don't know what they're going to do we don't know what the process is for them to be really inclusive so until that is proven i think it's fair to be skeptic and fair to be a little bit worried about the process and prospect of this. thank you so much for joining us from washington we appreciate it. thanks to. south sudan's former rebel leader written shahr says he doesn't believe a national unity government can be formed before i'm a deadline short told the reuters news agency that he has spoken with president salva care about the extension which is needed to iron out details of a lasting agreement he says defense forces need to be unified at the capital must be demilitarized and political prisoners best be released before
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a government can be formed. right police nigeria's capital have arrested more than one hundred people during protests calling for president abducted urban sallah to quit. tear gas was used to disperse the crowds the protesters are demanding more change when allies of former president jealousy's beautifully cut to hold top government positions more than eighty police officers were injured in friday's confrontations with protesters police blame what they call infiltrators for the violence rob matheson has more. traditional. this woman cries out to crowds of young protester. seventy three my children you know something like flowers in the spring you are the future i'm with you. in response the crowd choose to live
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in the demonstrations again on all jiri the streets despite increasing efforts by security forces to reduce the size of the crowds there was a role the brawl king's there was. that impeded people from joining the couple. years there was also the use of what to against. a few days ago there was also the use of sound. so i think this is also the military is sending signals that the message is we heard you indeed. we gave you a few concessions about do not ask for too much it's been ten days since abdelaziz bouteflika stepped down after two decades as president following weeks of public demands for him to go but the protesters say everyone linked to both of leaders government needs to be removed that includes ben salah
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a long time boot of legal ally and the man appointed under the constitution to act as interim leader and who's in a presidential election is for july the fourth protesters are also calling on some of the military's top leaders to resign including general are going to whom protesters accuse are not doing enough to rid the country of what they call look for the power a group which they say has been secretly running algeria in the shadow of former president bush a flicker of you know just algeria has its men algeria doesn't need you there are plenty of people that can rule geria we want them all to leave. all the garden they all need to go we want to tell. they need to know that the people have empowered us to get rid of the gangs you are nuts. it's not needed speaking it's forty million algerians women men old people young people on the streets all of these people are asking you in the name of everything that's holy to leave the country alone to
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leave its people being algeria is a great nation it's greater than any of. the interim government maybe hoping that electing a new president will be enough to satisfy the protesters but the economy is struggling unemployment is high and demonstrators like these say they'll stay on the streets until all those they blame it all derrius problems are forced to go rob matheson al-jazeera. has been taking part in the protests in the algerian capital he says the hardening stance of the military will not try protestors off the streets. the gains are still raw jive but i do not think that we people wonder well you know at bandon the fight it is very similar to the sudanese scenario to sit in the situation because unlike bashir the jury or where the jury in leaders who you know did everything to him probably play sions but
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culturally and economically so go both you know can trees but protesters in algeria and sudan are fighting for the same thing for dignity for freedom for for a new vision of their respective countries so i do really do not think that these arrests or this police violence would discourage people being able if it had the opposite effect because people are still in the streets protest and the they were not discouraged and they did not abandon their pacific claims but very strong one or ones in the same times in the same time so we next friday and i think really think that this week as well during the week days will be it will be the says if this is a for us because we need to fight and we need to stay in the streets and we need to
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to remind them of the importance of our demands and the nun and negotiated aspect negotiate a bill aspect. of these. tony morehead in the news hour and quoting the credibility game opening a possible war crimes case in afghanistan is rejected then what does this mean for the international criminal borders and sport when i think premier league's top scorers may miss the rest of the season. for thrills leader says a breakdown in talks with the u.s. could revive past tensions kim jong un call for the u.s. to show quote the right attitude kim said he would give the u.s. until the end of the year to make its decision adding that he's keen to hold a third meeting on a visit to washington this week the south korean president moon j.m. pressed the u.s. to partially lift sanctions to encourage further talks on ending the north's
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nuclear regime robert kelly is professor of clinical science and diplomacy at princeton university he joins us via skype from tucson thank you very much so kim jong un and donald trump are both known for a lot of posturing it's not always clear what what they are and tense really intentions really are what do you make of this demand for the right attitude from the u.s. president. actually the north koreans have been saying this for a long time their own standard expression here is that the u.s. pursues a hostile policy towards north korea and only when the united states stops treating north korea as an enemy state to be eliminated would it be possible for them to denuclearize and have normalization stuff like that so we've heard this kind of language from north korea for a while it's new to have a deadline right sort of idea that if this is a had by the end of the year you know who knows what is i mean does that mean they're start launching missiles again or are testing nuclear weapons that's kind of new the idea of an ultimatum. doesn't respond to that kind of thing particularly well so i imagine the american administration will simply blow that off but you
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know they have been meeting now for what you know to a year and a half now eighteen months and not a whole lot is come of it i mean at some point we're going to keep doing these summits it's something that's exist so why even have a third one if you really got nowhere in the first two what what what's the point. yeah i tend to agree with that i've said that myself you know i'm not really quite sure what the point of another apex level summit is as long as the strategic and ideological gaps are so wide my own sense is that it would better be better to do small deals first and then sort of close the gap a little bit and then maybe have a leader level someone who needs to who needs to it was in a position to be making the demands who is who is the one that needs to bend first and to that end how much control does jonell trump really have over easing any of the sanctions yeah that's also a great question too in the debate on north korea we called the sequencing right so who's supposed to stop first and this is undercut negotiations with north korea for a while again if the idea is to have this huge step for the north koreans give up everything they're just not going to do that first exchange for big promises that's
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why you go for smaller steps first where one side deals of the other cheats it's not such a big loss where you get around the sequencing problem by having each deal be smaller and then grow into it but as long as you insist on sort of these massive all or nothing deals i mean you're a huge trust problems that you just mentioned then you get to still meet which is where we are now all right robert kelly thank you so much showing us from tucson we appreciate it thank you for having me yes media is reporting the days before libyan warlord khalifa haftar launched an offensive to seize the capital saudi arabia promised to help pay for that operation according to the wall street journal riyadh offer tens of millions of dollars on the ground at least five civilians have been killed during fighting on the outskirts of libya's capital rockets and shells fired by taras forces had a residential area west of tripoli both sides say they have made strategic gains in the past twenty four hours more than fifty people have been killed in fighting over the past week and thousands more have been displaced but modeller head has the latest from tripoli. these protesters have come from all over the capital tripoli
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here in the main square today known as the military offensive lunch and by forces loyal to the war lord khalifa have to the protesters here say that they completely reject to tell italian and military little boy the world in order to have that they say that have to his forces want to take over the capital tripoli in order to impose military rule in the west of the country the also say that in twenty eleven they use up again as dictatorship against. gadhafi and they also say that they are now rising up against military rule by the world who have to work planes loyal to the world load. targeted several locations in and around simply including. also it targeted a location in the west in the coastal city of us
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a lot of. people the united nations if you agency has wanted that around fifteen hundred migrants trapped because of the recent conflict people in tripoli have protested against tar and his forces. more than a thousand people gathered in the libyan capital as explosions and gunfire could be heard in the distance fighters loyal to the internationally recognized government have been holding hostages forces had bad there's been fierce fighting just outside the city. international criminal court has rejected a request to open an investigation into possible war crimes committed during almost eighteen years of conflict in afghanistan judges cited a lack of evidence and state cooperation last month u.s. secretary of state mike pompei said washington would provoke or denying pieces to i.c.c. staff investigating such allegations was to examine alleged war crimes committed by
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afghan security forces the taliban and u.s. forces are dickerson human rights lawyer and director of the international justice program at human rights watch he says the i.c.c. suspicion is and comprehensible. i don't believe it the a failure of everything from my reading of the judge's decision they essentially turn justice on its head and say yes crimes were committed which in the i.c.c. s m beat it were no domestic trials addressing these alleged crimes and but nonetheless they are dismissing the prosecutor's request to me it's in concrete and civil by way of the judicial decision we've seen again and again that justice for poor crime is of
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mass slaughter in the use of rape as. a weapon of war bringing some justice to victims who endured those acts is essential to a meaningful and durable peace and that's what the i.c.c. prosecutor tempting to provide that judges in mrs since have turned her request to do so now but perhaps the ramifications extend beyond afghanistan and to the point where if you perpetrate the most terrific crimes but don't mess to situation is such that investigations may not be feasible then there will be no effort by the international criminal court whether it's in afghanistan
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or another country. still ahead on al-jazeera. a deadly explosion rips through a market and southwestern pakistan. where the solders misalignment iraq residents say their faith lies on their religious beliefs and no longer with politicians and sport one of the world's fastest horse is a set to race for the last time for i will have all of that. hello again and welcome back to international weather forecast well here across china it has been the rain and it's going to continue we do expect to see a lot of flooding across much of the area forecast map looks like this you can see where the flooding is expected to be anywhere across the south as well as central
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portions of china all the expected to get worse by the time we get towards sunday in this area of green that you see right here anywhere between one hundred seventy five and possibly up to two hundred millimeters of rain across the area hong kong you will not be out of the rain by sunday we do expect to see rain in your forecast here across the philippines it is going to be rainy as well particularly here towards much of the north those showers really picking up in the heating of the day in the afternoon manila thirty four degrees here on saturday may be getting a little bit warmer by the time we get towards sunday and of course with the heat index that humanity is going to make it feel even hotter than that down towards the south though jakarta is going to be rainy with a temperature of thirty three and the heat is still out across much of india and this is going to continue until we get into the monsoon months tempers here across much of central india forty four to forty five degrees across the area up towards new delhi it is going to be thirty nine degrees here over here towards kolkata thirty seven degrees maybe going up to about thirty eight degrees by the time we
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get to sunday. whether sponsored by cattle railways. al-jazeera as i would winning investigative documentary program people are for me a large i need a woman going with him her being murdered what's the reason faultlines goes beyond the headlines holding the powerful to account have you heard of the story not involved in that examining the u.s. and its role in the world someone has to get the gun i'm shooting people right now was set back with a new series that's the reality that we live in coming soon on al-jazeera a lifetime of emulation struck by stroke copying. selling reproductions can pay the bills but frustrate the artist. a pilgrimage to discover his hero inspires an awakening that it's more rewarding to create than to imitate. dreaming of vincent
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a witness documentary on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories this hour the head of sudan's military transitional council has announced his resignation. was sworn in as the country's interim leader on thursday after the military removed president omar al bashir protesters in khartoum celebrated the announcement saying his departure is a victory a people's will but the main opposition group that's leading the protests is calling on people to keep demonstrating sudanese police say sixteen people were killed on thursday and friday place in algeria say they have arrested one hundred
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people in clashes in algiers hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have turned to the streets of the capital to demand regime change. at least twenty people have been killed after an explosion ripped through a market and the southwestern pakistani city of quota the market is owned and run by members of his are a shia minority who have been targeted by sunni groups in the past hyder reports on karachi. the explosion is believed to be triggered by a suicide bomb. in the open fruit and vegetable market took the full force of the boss along with the. we were busy at a watermelon auction then there was a huge blast happened in a potato warehouse when we rushed through with there were bodies lying on the ground. people suspect the motivation of the killer. senior officer said several cheers were among the day along with people start to be
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working on this. day or did use one pattern military officer part of a patrol group predicting that. there were other people too weak looting the house or a community and the security forces personnel who were targeted and killed we were at the crime scene and investigations are ongoing we're trying to figure out how this incident happened and what kind of explosives were used. to hugs are a community dog before. he bought it have been several attacks on the people here in the past this is a very brutal act and should be condemned i have spoken to the police chief to the health authorities and to the interior minister to expedite the search operation against the terrorists more than five hundred of them have died in attacks over the past five years and on friday many. more protection.
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any prime minister. of the country and. reported to have held talks with the saudi crown prince the guardian is supporting mohamed to cut ties with a close adviser linked to the murder of journalists. that. has recently been sanctioned by the u.s. for his alleged role in the killing also in jordan has been following development. from washington. according to the guardian newspaper the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has told the saudi crown prince that he needs to cut all ties with his close political adviser and former social media chiefs honey the remove paper says that mike pompei o told mohammad been solemn on that. ongoing
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presence is undermining saudi credibility when it comes to the investigation of the murder of the saudi journalist jamal the last october that goes to the fact that u.s. intelligence has said that mr han he was very likely involved in the planning and carrying out of mr household she is murder and it also has suggested that he is very much involved in ongoing efforts to or press political dissidents within the saudi kingdom so far the state department has given a no comment response to the guardian al-jazeera has also reached out for comment on this report about the prompt aoe pressure allegedly to make mr solomon give up this or all qahtani as a close political advisor previously known as revolution city soccer city is now one of the poorest and most neglected districts of iraq's capital barely half of
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baghdad's eight million people live there and most of them are shia muslims as george dorsetshire pari reports they blame politicians of all religions for failing to improve their lives. fatima and our ten year old twins they were just four when their father died from a stroke their mother mona abdel cut the same is left to provide for them and three siblings. they rent their home which was built illegally for about ninety dollars a month that we do it doesn't have a job and barely leaves her home because of her conservative religious beliefs. she receives no help from the government so she relies on charity handouts. then i only ask for help to buy me a house to live in i live in rental i have no income and i can't leave my neighborhood to live away i depend on charity from other people in the neighborhood because she was widowed she should receive government benefits but doesn't following the fall of president saddam hussein saw their city was renamed in honor
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of the former prominent shia cleric mohammed saw that i saw other. it's a long been predominantly a shia neighborhood and home to the southers movement now a political party it's led by most other all saw there the son of the late cleric the city was a launch pad for attacks against american forces after their invasion in two thousand and three since then infrastructure has crumbled further one hundred fifty thousand people live here in tahrir neighborhood within saw that are city but there are no security forces to guard them there's only one clinic for doctors and schools are so overcrowded children attend in shifts this is what an average classroom here looks like with more than forty students crammed in for english lessons teachers say they're overwhelmed they want the government to listen to their appeal for help and pay more attention to these along the glock that area officials say they're doing their best to deal with all the shortcomings here but
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years of war have taken their toll. people have been forced to move on after gangs and desperate about their miserable situation across the growing slums of war every election politicians approach the poor and promise improved services and then they do nothing but it has become a state of limbo. fatima wants to become a lawyer and her sister a police officer they make their way to school with their older sister through a policy of rubbish and sewage with signs of neglect all around many here rely on their religious beliefs to help them survive or such a pari al-jazeera souther city back that. military official has said its armed forces are ready to move and to venezuela admiral craig faller heads the u.s. southern command and told foreign policy magazine intervention may be needed if sanctions fail to force president nicolas maduro from power or let america the see a new man has more from parts of northern and. what does the
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sinister star wars character darth vader and u.s. economic sanctions against venezuela have in common. everything according to u.s. national security advisor john bolton he likens the sanctions to darth vader choking his enemy's throat that he says is what we're going to do to the regime economically that. the economic crisis already existed long before the sanctions but the u.s. strategy is designed to provoke the total collapse of what it sees as the enemy. the u.s. treasury department has designated not just venezuela's vital oil industry but its entire banking sector as a target of u.s. sanctions and that makes the news way a lot almost untouchable for companies and banks the do business with the united states this is one of venezuela's main ports for bringing in everything from food to fertilizer to manufactured goods but as you can see there is very little
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activity here according to the government this is because u.s. financial sanctions are scaring off shipping companies and those who do venture to dock here are charging a premium. the sanctions are of course taking a toll on venezuela's already crumbling economy and on ordinary citizens the theory being that they will provoke a painful but a relatively quick ouster of president nicolas maduro. recent history however disproves this theory. who are going to look at the sanctions against cuba that they remove the castro no they only hurt the lives of the cubans there. remove assad in syria that they take out saddam in iraq or in zimbabwe know that you get rid of all of them because you applied sanctions no. in fact in the last three months the government has been busy finding ways to circumvent the sanctions and
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israel is foreign minister travelling the world over closing economic cooperation deals in countries like turkey syria and south africa out of reach of u.s. sanctions. not to mention military and oil industry feels with russia. this sense of an israel or was isolated when nothing could be further from the truth we are working hard to diversify our commercial ties with all the countries there won't is much bigger than the united states and europe it's not the fifty countries that follow washington's orders. these efforts are unlikely to reverse in israel is a profound economic crisis but could give me more room to maneuver the u.s. vols to tighten the financial news even further but if that doesn't work the united states could be tempted to resort to other more direct methods of obtaining regime change with all that they imply. you see in human where talk of
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a deal in israel. a magnitude six point eight earthquake struck east of the island and in asia some residents in central say were advised to move to higher ground a tsunami alert was issued but was later withdrawn wayne hay has the latest from jakarta. another strong earthquake and another frightening time for the people of central sulawesi after that very strong earthquake and tsunami in the city of palu in september last year that killed several thousand people this earthquake happening quite some distance from the city of palu but it was still felt in poly with reports coming in of people coming out of buildings panicking when they felt the earthquake people we've spoken to much closer to the center of this earthquake which struck at seven forty in the evening local time saying the quake was very strong in fact some saying they fell to earth quakes around that time and they lasted for quite some time no reports of significant damage or casualties coming in
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and it seems that after the indonesian authorities issued the tsunami alerts that many people heeded the advice and headed to higher ground that tsunami alert was lifted some forty minutes after it was issued the world health organization says any outbreak in the democratic republic of congo does not constitute a public health emergency of international concern that's despite seven hundred confirmed deaths here mohamed has the latest. health workers the set up clinics the nascent democratic republic of congo to treat hundreds of ebola patients doctors in beni a working to identify the symptoms as soon as they can we're examining the patients earlier than we've seen them previously and so. these patients may not have developed disease yet so it's something that they need to be followed long term to ensure that they don't develop complications or i inflammation and i think we're
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all still learning for. drivers and the eye disease an eye color complications blurry or reduced vision or in some cases even blindness this has become a common problem for nearly twenty percent of it is. in the eastern town of the temple some families have been separated by the disease and survivors are doing what they can to help. no one else can take care of kids whose parents are affected by the outbreak. and able to take care of her daughter because she's suffering and contra affecting her kids she's safe in my hands as i was cured and i can't be afflicted again some have been sharing their experience of ebola to help others stay healthy. i've decided to raise awareness so that i can save the lives of my brothers and sisters who are doubting that ebola exists throughout testimony we're telling people it's real but the disease is still not under control in fact it's
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spreading since last october over a thousand cases have been reported eighteen new cases were identified just this week and fighting between on groups in the east have hampered efforts to contain ebola the red cross says it's also affecting people's trust in the medics who can help them the level of mistrust that we're seeing in the community is an operational challenge and it can stem from lost any conflict in the region and this is the first time this region is. an outbreak of ebola in a while and it's for this reason that we are putting community based approaches just saving dignified ferals as well as community feedback systems at the core of our response not only into your c but as part of our parish in containment approach across south sudan rwanda uganda and. working through the volunteers to replace community efforts at the core of what we do it's only by understanding the beliefs of the community that we can build trust and stop this outbreak this is the second
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worst outbreak says the virus was discovered in one nine hundred seventy six it swept through west africa in twenty fourteen spreading to the u.s. u.k. and spain killing at least eleven thousand people which is why finding a solution to reverse the latest epidemic is becoming even more critical for him mohammed al jazeera. wiki leaks founder julian assange could face a renewed investigation into a rape allegation in sweden and the un human rights office has urged traditional tories to ensure a song gets a fair trial for forty seven year old was arrested in london on thursday when ecuador revoked his asylum after seven years of living in its embassy he could now be extradited to the us over his alleged role in one of the largest ever leaks of government secrets in two thousand and ten. as president is mulling over a plan that would punish political rivals for there and action and alleged inaction at the mexico border and ball.


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