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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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extradition to the us is soon with more from our european broadcast center suit. thank you peter well as songes lawyer says he'll fight any efforts to extradite him to america where he's accused of conspiring to break into a classified computer at the pentagon and will first be sentenced over skipping bail in twenty twelve when he took refuge in the ecuadorian embassy to avoid sexual assault allegations in sweden we'll have more from our correspondent in washington in a moment but first this report from so you're going here. this was the departure julian assange had feared a humiliating and seven years stay in the embassy until the ecuadorian government revoked his right to asylum. british police moved in to take him into custody on thursday afternoon a british court found a songe guilty of skipping bail in twenty twelve his lawyer said that he would fight a u.s. request for his extradition i just mean with his response in the police cells he
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wants to thank all of his supporters for their ongoing support and he said i told you so the ecuadorian government said the wiki leaks founder had breached the terms of his stay and had attempted to destabilize foreign governments for. the patients of ecuador has reached its limits on the behavior of mr song he installed electronic and distortion equipment that was not so loud he blocked the security cameras of the ecuadorian mission in london he has confronted and mistreated guards he had access to security files of our embassy without permission to be isolated and rejected the internet connection offered by the embassy and yet he had a mobile phone which he communicated with the outside world. the british government welcome to move and said that his future would be decided by the british courts. for seven years a sancia taken refuge at the embassy to avoid extradition to sweden over
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a rape allegation he had denied the charge and it was later dropped but he remained cooped up with no apparent way out and fear that the charge of failing to surrender to bail would lead him to be extradited to the us where he is wanted for publishing state secrets on the wiki leaks website supporters of a songe said that he became a scapegoat for the us government after wiki leaks published footage of u.s. soldiers killing civilians in iraq by the whistleblower chelsea manning the u.s. maintains that the documents published by the secrecy site posed a grave security risk. the detention of a songe nevertheless remains a contentious issue whistleblower edward snowden who exposed the extent to which the us was spying on its own citizens reminded that the united nations formally ruled his detention to be arbitrary a violation of human rights a sanch clearly remains a divisive figure and investigations into the part wiki leaks played in the twenty
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sixteen us elections by publishing emails hacked from the democratic party have only intensified the pressure around him if indicted could be taken to the u.s. to face charges but he may also provide an opportunity for congress to further examine president trump's actions during his presidential campaign and the part may have played in it so. well let's get more now on the challenges of is facing in the u.s. with our correspondent she had joining us from washington d.c. she had actually been indicted for. this is what's so fascinating obama prosecutors struggled with this question to you how can you show. effectively criminalizing journalism that is receiving classified information from a government from a whistleblower documenting war crimes and wrongdoing by government which is
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exactly what the twenty ten leaks from chelsea manning did document without that also having to prosecute al-jazeera or the new york times or any other organization that then uses that information to judas and is a publisher of information is a republican of information given to him the trump prosecutors think they've come up with and also to this they're going to charge him with hocking one count of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion with no actual hacking conspiracy to hack a not conspiracy takes three forms first of all encouragements at one point manning said well leaking all this information look that's about all the information i have . according to the indictment said curious eyes never run dry in my experience prosecutor suggesting that he's egging chelsea manning on secondly protecting chelsea manning's identity which is of course what any journalist would do in fact any journalist probably would also encourage vessels to give more information so far so still troubling for the process of journalism but this is where the prosecutors think they have keep the key part of the indictment for words they have
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no luck so far those are the words in quotes used in the indictment which prosecutors allege suggest that a sound was trying to crack into a partial password he had received from chelsea manning about sit there that significant quotes no luck so far they don't give us any context other than that and they said that proves that a saunders actively trying to break into a pos word that he'd been given to a partial password had been given to you by by chelsea manning so it's pretty thin stuff a lot for extradition judge to think about especially also since this we know that all the other investigations are still underway into julian assange and he could be charged with other other crimes the espionage act and other things which would also have a chilling precedent for the act of journalism now of course wiki leaks had an impact on the twenty sixteen presidential election campaign is that feeding into the action in the u.s. . there is bipartisan hostility against europe in the u.s.
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it's interesting donald trump was once quite a fount of wiki leaks during a presidential election and the presidential the presidential campaign and twenty sixteen and say oh we love wiki leaks because we keep leaks had turned its attention away from the national security state and the u.s. military but it was uncovering all sorts of wrongdoing in the democratic party specifically hillary clinton's people trying to rig the democratic primaries against bernie sanders that please don't trump no end of a time he said he of wiki leaks now the dollars from his commander in chief and surrounded by huge hawks from the national security establishment national city state never want jonah's to find out about their wrongdoing he's changed his tune so this is what all trump have to say. i know nothing about wiki leaks it's not my thing and i know there is something having to do with it julie i have been saying what happened with a song that will be a determination i would imagine mostly by the attorney general for his doing an
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excellent job so he'll be making a determination i know nothing really about and it's not my it's not my deal in life but yes. i don't i don't really have any opinion and i know the attorney general will be involved in that he'll make a decision. i know if only mentioned it in a report that it's also feeds into the democratic suspicion is that there was an enormous russian effort to prevent hillary clinton from becoming president and for the election to absorb from so a very a despised even though now the special counsel is over there i wouldn't have collusion between donald trump and the russians democrats say that. is some sort of organ of the of the russian government again making that same that same characterization that's very problematic for journalistic point of view because genocide is simply publishing information that a crap say no he's doing it in concert with the russians that's a problem for any or any journalist who then publishes leaked information so they're very keen to get their hands on for their inquiries into what russia was up
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to during the last election by the way julian assange has always denied russia had anything to do with the leaks during the election so unusual for the u.s. president because so tight let's see how we can say thank you very much from d.c. . from london in the election for now it's back to pay to end our half so thanks very much the us system at entry to the co-founder of the boycott divestment and sanctions or b.d.s. campaign against israeli oppression of palestinians omar barghouti was told he was barred from the u.s. before boarding a flight in tel aviv he was to go to a speaking tour and attend his daughter's wedding neither the u.s. state department nor the u.s. embassy in jerusalem have offered any comment on this and omar barghouti co-founder of that campaign joins us live by skype from ramallah were you given any justification at the time when this happened no it was. the u.s. immigration service but nothing beyond that there was
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a point over the past few months when you were travel documentation wasn't renewed so did you have a sense of feeling that this might happen. you know as for those that fight right government has denied me the right to travel for five years the first dish were and then defacto travel. israeli ministers threatened me with the travel ban is so. that it would have been expected but not from the us government it seems that israel is outsourcing its anti b.d.s. mccarthyites repression to the us government and its blind supporters there does this mean that you can only not go to the united states or is your ability to travel curtailed in other ways no it's just to the united states there the u.s. government is banning me from entering the u.s. but i can travel to other countries while and. travel ban is suspended and that's really terrible that i'll be suspended for three months only that if
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a travel ban after that i'll have to struggle again with israeli that amnesty international said back in february that you should be allowed to travel so where do you go from here. when we continue our b.d.s. movement for going to sting and rights because they will not deter us yes it hurts for me to miss my daughter's wedding but the events that were planned for me in the united states whether at harvard's kennedy school of government or new york university or in the u.s. congress or many other events are going ahead i will be there. rather than in person but that events will continue my interviews with the meet you know i was supposed to have three or four media interviews a.p. new york times reuters it has exploded to many many many requests for an interview so they cannot silence me i will reach out to many many more people after this am and we will continue intensifying that b.d.s. movement to pressure israel to recognize our basic rights under international law
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are you facing an uphill battle when you have people like and i quote congressman lee zeldin saying you are anti semitic and anti israel. i don't respond to such ignorance because the senator would be well advised to read before it opens his mouth if he read anything about that yes moment he would realize rather than from there is really foreign ministry and minister of strategic affairs talking points it would understand that this movement is categorically opposed to all forms of free system and discrimination beat and to black and it was slim or anti jewish and racism and we're very morally consistent and yes movement we do not work with any and to jewish the good of any sort we're a movement for human rights and we call for the rights of all people respected of identity but israel's lobby in the us is terrified of the cross of the yes movement and its impact with churches trade unions college campuses academics artists and
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g.b.t. activists and others joining b.s. it's really mainstreaming and that is terrifying israel regime hard core hard right regime of colonialism and apartheid and its supporters in the united states this time yesterday we were carrying the report about donald trump saying that the election of benjamin netanyahu as israeli prime minister was good news for the peace process that's kind of counter-intuitive and we explored the idea yesterday if sort of distant peripheral issues are to be cherry picked and solved if there is a mend building if mr trump is right towards a peace process if you are an issue is there a chance here that this travel ban on you might be rescinded at some point down the road. there's no hope for any kind of just peace from this current israeli government where there are expectations that the fascist parties will join
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the government it's like trump inviting the k.k.k. the klan in the us to join is that ministration it's not equivalent israeli government is no less right than the k.k.k. in fact it is k.k.k. on steroids because it is continuing with its siege of two million palestinians in gaza devastating their livelihoods with cutting power what to clean water and so on gaza is under difficult denial of the rights of millions of senior refugees and their un stipulated right to return to their owners origin and continuing this sealing off list and yet land and natural resources and water resources in the occupied west bank including east jerusalem this government does not intend to have peace this government intends to have peace after peace from a student land and student territory and to expel us it piecemeal because they cannot achieve it on maps. thank you so much there in ramallah thank you thank
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the states the south korean president when jane has met with u.s. president in washington the aim is to restart to denuclearization talks with north korea mr truong walked away from the failed summit back in february after kim jong il and insisted all u.s. sanctions be lifted on his country mr moon has been mediating efforts between washington and pyongyang white house correspondent kimberly hellcat following that story for so kim billy what did they achieve. that's still unclear we know going in that there was an effort by the south korean leader to try and convince donald trump to agree to potentially a smaller deal that would allow for joint economic partnership some small scale between the north in the south if the north did make steps towards denuclearization donald trump at least in front the cameras would not commit to any of those projects he would only say that he did not consider the summit in hanoi which many people saw as a failure here that's not
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a view that was shared by donald trump instead defending the slow pace saying that that's how you reach the bigger deals but asked whether specifically he would lift sanctions if he saw or even in order to get these stalled talks back on track it seemed to be an idea that donald trump rejected we want sanctions to remain in place and frankly i had the option of significantly increasing them i didn't want to do that because of my relationship with kim jong un i did not want to do that i didn't think it was necessary as you know a couple of weeks ago i held it back but i think that sanctions are great now at a level that's a fair level and i really believe something very significant is going to happen we could always increase them but i didn't want to do that at this time. now for his part to the south korean leader in saying that he believes this is a problem as he referred to it that can be resolved through dialogue both leaders
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expressing optimism that a lot in the words of donald trump tremendous things could happen donald trump continuing to sell the economic opportunities for north korea if it commits to denuclearization of the korean peninsula though but a lot is on the line especially for the south korean leader he has personally invested in this in terms of trying to pursue better relations between the two koreas so this is certainly something that he is trying to achieve in terms of his political legacy but for now it is not clear that donald trump is budging kimberly many thanks. the polls have closed in india after the first day of voting in a six week election nine hundred million people are eligible to vote in certain phrases which ends in late may from the city of noida in. parana reports now on the key issues for voters. happy to have their say
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voters lined up across the country to choose who run the world's largest democracy for the next five years from indian administered kashmir in the north to answer predation the south ninety one constituencies across twenty states wanted in the first phase of a six week election which ends on may nineteenth where the two hundred million people author of their shoes and the as most populous and politically important state they say the road to the prime minister's office cuts through water for the and the big issues affecting the country are in sharp focus here and maybe. i wonder will up meant for my village electricity could draw good to cities for my children good schools they have not. let into more he came to power promising development jobs and a stronger economy but unemployment is at a forty five year high and the economy has slowed a bit though i heard
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a lot of expectations from who i watered and now i want someone new but third world whatever is going to be in that money pit the main opposition congress party is hoping to capitalize on that sentiment that promised voters millions of new jobs as well as a guaranteed minimum income for the poorest. and the government is facing criticism elsewhere too many voters in the northeastern state of us some are against a bill which will grant citizenship to refugees from neighboring countries so long as they're not muslim while that legislation has been criticized as anti muslim in other parts of the. india those who oppose it and say they'll become a minority in their own state margaret to trigger the citizenship bill should not pass otherwise our future in assam is in danger but despite all these issues the government has focused its campaign on national security following february's attack in indian administered kashmir and which at least forty soldiers were killed
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a group based in pakistan claimed responsibility and india responded by launching air strikes against targets across the border. in order fighting this election once performs its touching on him or did it well in what he was who's whether that pays off for the b j p will be known when the results are announced on may twenty third elizabeth purana al-jazeera noida. plenty more still to come including this one day some. daft and in up on a back door lateral we'll look at what's at stake in northern islanders brags that uncertainty fuels fears over the future of the border. and in the sports news with far other baseball player breaking the wrong sorts of records will have about one when we come back in about fifteen minutes.
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i'm afraid we do have more wet weather just making its way towards iran as we go on through the next day or says move out of the way you can see how this all latest little line of cloud a lot of storms drift across iraq this one here just making its way surround basra just into the southeast of iran iraq will make its way further east was this is to say to the southwest of iran as you can see the the floodwaters do remain high the sun is out it's not raining a lace but we are still expecting more showers that will cause further problems and hence people moving their property out of the way try to get to higher ground away from the flooding scattered showers they make their way back in this week through friday and the similar picture as we go on into sas i think by the cloud around the child to some wet weather just about anywhere across iran at this stage where the weather will be over towards afghanistan brush the weather over towards. beirut at
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twenty four degrees celsius and pleasant sunshine coming through a lot of sunshine too across the robin is that we have got some cloud of rain you can see possibility of wanted to spots of rain there into the u.a.e. northern parts of vermont southern areas of saudi arabia i'm also the saturday. twenty one an h. to assert your individuality it's ok to argue with people that it's ok to disagree with people but also a period when childhood dreams can collapse with reality compromising i don't think i'm pretty good at compromise in two thousand and six south africa up revisits the children of apartheid. and like that country much has changed over the past fourteen years not to you at twenty one up south africa amount to seeing. the chip strongman is ruling with an iron fist and the silence from his allies is deafening
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the u.s. was perfectly. happy to trade off from our for sea for security why are western leaders turning a blind eye when even their own citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london our man in cairo on al-jazeera. welcome back let's just remind you of the top stories so far sudan's military has staged a coup after weeks of anti-government protests the defense minister says the president
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omar al bashir has been arrested and is now being held in quote a safe place the military is in charge of the transitional council for two years and a state of emergency has been put in place for three months. the founder of wiki leaks has been arrested in london and is facing an extradition warrant from the u.s. on charges of attacking police tracked julian a song from the ecuadorian embassy where he spent the last seven years. of exit him for what they said were repeated violations of his political asylum. and the palestinian who co-founded the b.d.s. movement has been denied entry to the u.s. the b.d.'s calls for a boycott divestment and sanctions to end international support for israel's oppression of the palestinians he was supposed to have a speaking tour and attend his daughter's wedding. the u.k.'s prime minister has defended her decision to delay brix it telling m.p.'s it's not their national duty to pass a withdrawal deal let's go back to sue with more from our european broadcast center
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. thanks peter well not everybody is happy about brecht being pushed back to the end of october with one m.p. from timmy's amazing own party demanding she resigned the e.u. has warned the u.k. to use the extra time wisely smith has been following developments in westminster is before. co-operation now granted an extension to britain's membership of the european union's try minister to resume a told parliament it was something she'd never wanted the choices we face are stark and the timetable is clear i believe we must now press on at pace with our efforts to reach a consensus on a deal that is in the national interest i welcome the discussions that have taken place with the opposition in recent days and the further talks which are resuming today this is not the normal way of british politics and it is uncomfortable for many in both the government and opposition parties the six month brags that extension the e.u. has given the u.k.
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was longer than mrs may had wanted but shorter than that suggested by european commission president john toward young and other leaders the compromise was because of french president emanuel mccrum he'd said a long delay would undermine the project of european integration. u.k. opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn described the need for a second extension to bragg's it as a diplomatic failure but he said he was committed to continue talks with the government labor will continue to engage constructively in talks because we respect the results the referendum and we are committed to defending jobs industry and living standards by delivering a close economic relationship with the european union and securing frictionless trade with improved rights and standards mr korwin also left open the option of calling for a referendum on any deal that greeted with the government if the political parties agree a way forward then the u.k.
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could avoid taking part in european. elections and leave the e.u. before the october thirty first deadline even if both sides do find some way of coming together the e.u. withdrawal deal will still contain a clause guaranteeing an open border between northern ireland and the irish republic whatever happens in future e.u. u.k. negotiations and it's this backstop that has prevented previous attempts by the prime minister to get deal through parliament and so far there's no indication that m.p.'s will be any less divided on this in six months than they are now bernard smith al-jazeera london. and one of the main breck second point is what happens on the divided island of ireland the possible return of checkpoints between the irish republic and northern ireland which is part of the u.k. is a major concern not just for trade but the peace process soon as especially true in the second largest city in the north which has been at the forefront of decades of
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sectarian conflict john stratford reports from londonderry. the union flag know down which country the approximately four hundred people who live in this neighborhood identify with they describe fountain as the last protestant on play when the predominately catholic west side of london there in the house is a caged in by what people call a peace wall and everywhere you look there are references to the u.k. the neighborhood used to be a recruiting ground for protestant paramilitary groups during northern ireland's so-called troubles the three decades of violence between predominately protestants wanting to remain part of the u.k. and mainly catholic republican groups fighting for a united independent island most of the violence indeed with the good friday peace agreement in one thousand nine hundred eight most people here voted for northern ireland to leave the european union but are aware of the challenges ahead howard and today as very very important. part of culture as
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important to each end of a gel and we are also speaking for myself have very much part of great britain we have never really had pace there's always the violence flared up jason carroll. daffodil knob on about an adult the british government the e.u. and the irish government do not want a hard border between northern ireland and the irish republic if the u.k. don't leave the you the british military checkpoints disappeared more than twenty years ago so series a maze briggs it deal rejected street chimes by the british parliament constrains the so-called backstop a last resort to keep an open border if the u.k. crashes out of the without a deal which is one of more than two hundred roads that cross the border now the so-called stop would give northern ireland as part of the u.k. some form of temporary special customs union status with the u.
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it seems inconceivable that they wouldn't have to be some form of mechanism of checking certain goods that cross this. and the issue is once again renewing phase of violence could well some people say the good friday agreement and are highlighting just how important notions of religion and identity are in northern ireland in catholic areas of derry in the murals tell a resistance to british rule and the fight for an independent united ireland he talk of border chicks here is met with disdain and sometimes even threats. gary donnelly is a republican dissidents and activists he left the republican national party shin fein when they signed the good friday agreement he says he was recently shown when he heard children talking about attacking british soldiers never having seen one before the young children came round the corner and they were talking about. shock me absolutely shocked me kerry says the republican nationalists like she had this
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to blame for breaks it because they signed the good friday agreement for me as a republican i thank the good friday agreement with any of the core issues and ireland which is a violation of legal violation of irish sovereignty and that. the you know the connection between this part of ireland with. great britain and this community managers and spiral particularly amongst young people there is a ravaged by drugs alcohol addiction there's a lack of hope amongst young people the irish republican army graffiti appeared about derry a couple of months ago people are afraid to remove it fear and distrust of the other runs deep among many in the protestant and catholic communities chance travel and zero gerri. that's it for me on the team in london now back to peter and to thanks very much in south africa protesters angry at high prices and for government services a block roads with burning barricades armed police confronted them in pretoria
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similar protests have been held in other cities in the run up to next month's general election from either miller has more now from the capital. we're in pretoria where there's a standoff between police and protesters in the more a settlement the police are firing rubber bullets and this is been going on for hours while protesters are throwing rocks and stones they've looked fires we also know that they've thrown a few petrol bombs this hasn't abated yet and police are concerned about just how long this will continue protesters here say they want better service delivery and this is one of several protests we're seeing in pretoria as well as other places in the country it's just two weeks before a general election in south africa and often protests like these flare up ahead of elections people here say they're unhappy with the lack of service delivery the
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lack of houses they also want better transportation and education delivered to areas just like this beyond that police van you can see about two or three hundred protesters have gathered at that point where they are continuing to throw stones police are doing the best they can to push them back they've been pushed off the main road here but the standoff continues. an american investor charged with embezzlement in russia has been released from prison and detention and placed under house arrest michael culver he has already spent two months in jail the founder of the private equity fund called bearing vast stock denies fraud he says the charges are being used to pressurise him in a business dispute over a russian bank stopped us and has more from the russian capital. nearly two months after he ended up in
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a most crowded time transcendent crowd he is now free to go home but still there he will be tightly guarded waiting for his trial. as one of the most successful and more oil foreign investors in russia and this unrest has shocked many american business people even suffered the voice of the simply to spur confessed before them in june for more than twenty years invested in russia and one of his successes is the rise of young decks the russian version of google he has been charged with a thirty nine million dollar fraud case related to trust actually bank he has denied the charges and has sat that is a rest as a result of a business dispute with his well connected partner. russia has seen a number of high profile arrests over the years i'm unclear charges some have called a politically or economically motivated but just a few days ago to the surprise of many theater director kirill seriously nico was released from house arrest after two years on what some have called rebels.


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