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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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people men and women young and old we've gathered here to show that not only they supports president nicolas maduro but they are them and three opposed to the u.s. sanctions imposed against on his way to let's speak to a couple of the past the first why why are you here today but i mean i keep we are a the and we need to stand with precedent. and the socialist i want to show until the very end we want to make. at their duplass and move the ball that's one of the fuse obviously one of the things that the u.s. has been banking on is not the continuous power shortages and water cuts would make people turn against the president's charm or to ask this gentleman here with these we're told shortages i'm an electricity cuts doesn't know made you lose faith in the government. but again it's absolutely not we know destructive acts are meant to break us but we will resist we need achieve southam powermat we know that. is
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a reality so we must resist it. thank you now aside from showing their support to nicolas maduro the essential message that is also expressed by the people gathered these large crowds in caracas is that they want to support their revolution they believe that the foreign intervention as they've described that particular from the united states is an attempt to defeat the socialist revolution here and they say that they are against any foreign intervention that they are in support of the president and that they are here to defend the revolution. iran has warned the united states that will respond of washington puts the revolutionary guard on a terrorist the voice news agency says the u.s. is expected to make the announcement in the coming days it would be the first time that washington is labeled another country's military a terrorist group but i don't think that the united states has lost its mind to this extent it's a trump conducts business unusual way. he's smart enough to know that if the united
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states take the step it will mean that the u.s. military would be considered a terrorist group the us does it then in return for this step the pentagon will be considered terrorist groups. we wish to see our well developed relations bilateral relations to be an example to follow and also to be a precursor to similar ones with all the regional countries iraq not only aspires to maintain such healthy relations with iran but we are willing to develop widen and deepen our bilateral relations similarly with kuwait saudi arabia egypt could tar and the united arab emirates we wish the region to enjoy stability and peace and to put in and towards those who has more from baghdad the iraqi prime minister arrived in tehran where he was greeted by iranian president hassan rouhani at palace in the capital the two held meetings and then a press conference where they stated the intention for the countries the two
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countries to develop stronger ties in the coming years of course the iranian president has just been to baghdad last month and he pledged many many developments to come in the in the future between the two countries the iraqi prime minister for his part stressed the importance that iran has for iraq and that he said that if according to iraq's constitution there will be no iraq's oil will not be allowed to be used by foreign troops or fighters to launch any attacks against iran iranian president also stressed that iran wishes to increase its exports to iraq to a revenue of about twenty billion the current figure is about thirteen billion dollars of course the two sides have made very strong gains in the past few years they've developed stronger relationships and they continue to work on that. still ahead on the bulletin erica why and increasing number of palestinian israelis say they are boycott tuesday's election plus. i'm currently in indonesia biggest
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landfill children who grow up here face an uncertain future but one school is trying to change that. hello again to welcome back. some better conditions for parts of iran over the next day this big system that brought some rain not only to the parts of iran down here towards the gulf is finally making its way out that's going to bring some clouds of here towards the northeast but what's going to be left is to only some isolated showers across much of the area and most of these will occur in the afternoon as well as the evening as we go from sunday to monday most of those push a little bit more towards east tehran maybe some rain in the forecast with a temperature of about nineteen but a warm day in baghdad we do expect to see a high there of thirty degrees for you here across the gulf we had seen some storms
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almost every day of the weekend but things are still going to be quite rocky as we go towards sunday with the clouds and possibly rain showers with attempted there of about thirty two by the time we get to monday that slowly makes its way towards ethe we come down a little bit in temperature attempt here about thirty one degrees and then very quickly it had been very heavy rain across parts of south africa particularly here towards the east things are getting better that system has now moved offshore but up here towards johannesburg it is going to be a partly cloudy day at twenty two durban at twenty three and by the time we get towards monday more rain and forty and your forecast with johannesburg a temperature sixteen interment of twenty six. a notorious symbol of the u.s. war on terror one set for closure one ton of detainees. we have identified as a priority is the construction of
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a new high value detention center i'm afraid that we're setting the conditions to return back to. the state sponsored torture. rendition revisited to on al jazeera. it's got to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories the head of libya's u.n. backed government is accused of war the trail of a has a military offensive on the capital tripoli. says the forces will confront house troops with determination six people have been killed in anti-government protests
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and on five died in the capital kabul where thousands of demonstrators marched on president omar al bashir his residence and the army headquarters the civilians being killed and on the march and there have been protests in venezuela's capital for and against president brutal opposition. supporters and in another part of the thousands backed. heads to the polls on tuesday to elect a new government now almost twenty percent of voters of palestinian israelis who say they're discriminated against the recent poll suggests that a growing number of them intend to boycott the election stephanie decker reports from northern israel. these ladies are getting ready to welcome guest political campaigning is intimate here. hopefully these elections will bring something that will help all the arab towns someone who stands with us and helps us so we don't
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keep feeling like we live in a country without having a place in a hopefully things will get better. as a candidate for the party part of two palestinian israeli coalitions running in these elections she's trying to convince these ladies to vote for her. getting into parliament in this racist white wing and extremist religious atmosphere is not an easy reality for us there is a direct policy by this government to target the palestinian community. through a lack of investment in education in various aspects of life in addition to land confiscations and house demolitions but recent polls suggest palestinian israeli voter turnout could be lower than the last elections adam an author says he intends to boycott this vote. when they need are they open the box like an instrument and we are not. we have a history we have to understand we have life we have we have homeland and we have
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roots the palestinian israeli parties are predicted to get around eleven seats according to the latest polls out of one hundred twenty and regardless whether it's benjamin netanyahu or his main challenger benny gantz forms a new government through a coalition the palestinian israeli parties say they will join them palestinian israelis make up almost a fifth of israel's population and they hold full israeli citizenship but have only spoken to say they face racial discrimination such as the controversial nation state bill that was passed last year which says that israel is the nation state of the jewish people and self-determination is also unique to the jewish people. are using this law and they will use it more and more in the future to make equality impossible. is a human rights activist he says this is the most right wing government in decades and little will probably change but he doesn't agree with those intending to boycott all of think that it spoils ability to welcome the election and then to say
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oh yeah we had the chance to you know to send his government home and we boycotted the polls suggest that benjamin netanyahu is best placed to form the next government and it could be even more right wing than before stephanie decker al-jazeera northern israel. to his ears first democratically elected president says he wants stand again. stepping aside after nearly five years to make way for a younger leader the ninety two year old and his party to of a common term of divisions ahead of november's election to his year has struggled in recent years with a faltering economy and a tax groups. now protesters from the yellow vests movement have rallied across france in the twenty first consecutive weekend of demonstrations and not police fired tear gas to break up the protests activists across the country are demanding social and economic reforms the movement prompted president on to open up a national debate in january he's expected to announce new measures on monday. tens
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of thousands of people have marched in germany against rising rents and. activists say property developers have bought thousands of apartments driving down the cost of rent and started a petition for the government to take properties away from large scale. in a very quick and drastic rise in rent over the last five years last year berlin saw the highest price rises in property values in the entire world last year was twenty percent ever seeing an increasing trend of real estate in the city as well which means that large corporations are coming into the city international corporations with the backing of large asteroid firms are coming in and buying up lots and lots of apartments the us president has ridiculed the system that's designed to give migrants a safe passage donald trump says that people seeking asylum at the border with mexico look like mixed martial arts fighters he was addressing
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a republican jewish coalition in las vegas. program. is. some of the roughest people you've ever seen. people that looked like they should be fighting for the u.f.c. . they read a little page given by lawyers are all over the version of lawyers tell him what to say you look at this guy you said wow that's a tough cookie. well his comments come as more migrants from mexico and central america head for the u.s. border the president has repeatedly threatened to close that mexico doesn't do more to stop them well asylum seekers and activists have burned focused representing trump and mexico's president in protests at the border have been camping outside immigration offices waiting for travel documents some accuse mexico's government of slowing down the awarding of so-called humanitarian visas following trumps threats . now to mozambique where more than
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a million people of relying on food aid as they rebuild their lives after the devastation of cyclon die the storm washed away hundreds of thousands of hectares of crops leaving people without anything to harvest farmer the miller has more from . the heat is sweltering but these people in china more condo in central mozambique will queue for i was there waiting for food one of them is also guster she says she lost her home and small farm to the psych loan and the floods also carefully shares the rice beans and oil she's collected with her neighbors she hopes these basic necessities will last two weeks but with seven mouths to feed it's going to be difficult and i was introduced to the where did you get well i feel a bit better because accused i'm getting some help throughout this time it has been suffering and more suffering i was expecting help from the government. people here usually farm rice potatoes and maize but those crops were lost to flood waters up
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to eleven meters high now that the flood waters receded aid agencies are able to reach remote areas that two weeks ago were submerged so far the world food program says it's helped half a million people and in the weeks to come once to triple that number. the floods not only devastated farms and wasn't baek but to malawi and zimbabwe as well the u.n. says one point eight million people urgently need emergency humanitarian assistance it's the worst natural disaster that was on beach has ever faced and we knew that before even though the site on there was very high level of money in the country and those levels are really pushed to another limits so it's quite critical to be here as soon as possible as soon as we can reach this people to provide assistance to everybody in his village because these are farmers in farming communities they've lost their crops the government estimates that more than seven hundred thousand hectares of agricultural land has been flooded people here say if they are
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to recover they need seeds to plant as soon as possible without them they fear they'll have to depend on help from outside when and if it arrives for media miller al-jazeera macondo mozambique. more than seven hundred people have died in the latest of all an outbreak in the democratic republic of congo health officials say around one hundred have died in the past few weeks. on a lot of scale of the effort to stop the epidemic has been hindered by some people's reluctance to seek treatment and violence between armed groups in the region. now it is known as the mountain of rubbish indonesia's biggest landfills that's just outside the capital jakarta about seven thousand people living there picking through waist extreme poverty makes it difficult for many families to imagine a different future for their children ought one school is trying to change that. reports from. every day hundreds of rubbish trucks make their
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way to bundaberg indonesia's biggest landfill all kinds of trash are dumped here. just forty kilometers from the indonesian capital jakarta. scavenging is a twenty four hour business here. and often involves more than one generation. fifteen year old left school four years ago to work at the dump site with his father we asked him whether he would return to school if given the chance. it's me. here he says many of his friends died the same position founder of the family make a living by scavenging through the growing mountain of waste in dangerous. plastic and aluminum cans to recycling. it's a hand to mouth existence and many dream of
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a different future for their children. not far from the land is an informal school run by race that is helping to fulfill that dream ray says parents are not to waste because but she grew up here and knows what it's for. like to suffer what many would consider the stigma of being from the area really being at the wheel but then let anybody go on that as they met you still live among their obvious but we're not rubbish. i love that lesson it seems to have been welcomed by the kids. in the schools help me a lot reza often advise us not to give up hope even though we pick rubbish we have to keep going to school. it's a message the government is also keen to impart on the programme. we have reached hundreds of families we hope pregnant women children we also have family development we meet the parents and we make them aware of how important it is for
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their kids to have an education. these initiated philip gap. they may not be enough to keep every child in bonn talk about at school but there are a start florence louis. outside jakarta indonesia. and just a reminder that you can always keep up to date with all the news on our website that said al jazeera dot com. again i'm elizabeth cohen and a half of the headlines on al-jazeera the head of libya's u.n. back government has accused warlord khalifa haftar of betrayal over his military offensive on the capital tripoli promise to fire the forces will confront tough troops with determination. we reiterate our call to all libyans throughout the
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country east to west north to south which the necessity of giving priority to the interests of the country unifying the ranks and working together to lift libya out of this crisis i say to the international community that it should not equate to between the aggressor and those who defend themselves or between those who seek the militarization of the state and those committed to a democratic civilian country six people have been killed in antigovernment protests and saddam five died in the capital khartoum where thousands of demonstrators marched on president omar al bashir residence and in the army headquarters it is the closest they've got to that part of the city since anti-government demonstrations began in december and civilians also being killed and on the demand. there been protests in venezuela's capital for and against president. opposition they don't want why they're all valid supporters and while in another part of the city thousands backed with. iran has warned the u.s.
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that it will respond of washington puts the revolutionary guard on a terror list the roses news agency says the u.s. is expected to make the announcement in the coming days it would be the first time washington is labeled another country's military a terrorist group. i don't think that the united states has lost its mind to this extent it's a trump conducts business unusual way he's smart enough to know that if the united states take this step it will mean that the u.s. military would be considered a terrorist group the u.s. does it then in return for this step the army and the pentagon will be considered terrorist groups to nancy is first democratically elected president says he will step aside after nearly five years to make way for a younger leader ninety two year old baby chi the steps he has urged his party to overcome internal divisions ahead of the members vote to nazir has struggled in recent years with a faltering economy and attacks by armed groups. well
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those are the headlines on al-jazeera people in power is coming up next thank you very much for watching. twenty one the teenage years left behind still trying to find my place trying to sue i fit in to the whole picture and adult hood begins to take form i did cook occasionally but great doesn't really want me to he wants me to stay off my feet in two thousand and six south africa revisits the children of apartheid for the third time and much has changed over the past fourteen menas twenty one opts south africa announces iraq. could u.s. president donald trump trigger a return to the doctor use. chara and warriors as a storage tree to suppress information about the c.r.u.
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spurge dog never rendition. and the second of two special investigations. service provider to find out. compaq's re at the u.s. naval base and hunnam a bay. now deserted budge one tory a symbol of america's global war on terror. prison is began arriving at guantanamo in early two thousand and two very soon other detention camps was
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set up on the base. an estimated seven hundred people have been incarcerated here. former u.s. president barack obama wanted to close it down walked off the course no later than one year from now. current president donald trump has different ideas. president obama talking about get right when donna which by the way which by the way we are keeping open which we are keeping. and we're going to load it up with some bad dude split may want to load it up. some fair trump's presidency may trigger a return to the dark chapter of america's history which funday the devastating atrocities of nine eleven.
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in the off to mall of the attacks the u.s. numerous the biggest global manhunt in its history. shortly after this man mark fallon a senior naval intelligence agent arrived in the new and prison facility in guantanamo bay he had been appointed deputy director of a special task force charged with tracking down al qaeda terrorists. but the more he saw as contaminated the more concerned he grew in. what they were trying to do was create what's called learned helplessness a fieri based on experiments done on dogs sleep deprivation extreme isolation. a practice called walling. facial slaps slamming your you against the wall it's a debilitating practice it wears you down. i didn't know what it was daylight
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outside i didn't know the times there was no calendar and being on the subject on almost for a year and a half and i want to access to other human beings into meaningful communication with my family a son and being born i didn't i didn't even know what his name was so there's all these sorts of things happening and so once i exploded in myself literally and punched and kicked and cried and screamed and one of those sorts of things. in new vendor two thousand and two computer come onto arrived at guantanamo bay here. his name was major general geoffrey miller if you speak to many of the other prisoners who were held at the time in the in camp x.-ray and elsewhere they'll tell you that he was his the regime caught during his period was the harshest they faced you know he brutalizing these prisoners are given we have this program called the frequent flyer program we wake them up the middle night just transfer around it
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sleep deprivation it's isolation they were doing mock executions they wanted to bring people up in helicopters and make it look like they're going to be thrown out they were just making it up as a way they were used their imaginations are running wild. at the time miller himself shed new concern about the regime he ran in guantanamo everything that we do side care built america can be proud. then in two thousand and three he was sent to iraq to devise about interrogation that. try to stop i went back to the pentagon and said this guy is clueless doesn't know what he's doing you know he's brutalizing these prisoners. in two thousand and four appalling images emerged from abu ghraib prison in iraq we also have deeply disturbing footage starkly illustrating the desperation the regime created in prison is.
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the images from abu ghraib caused shock around the world and in the off to martha eleven relatively low ranking u.s. soldiers were convicted with sentences ranging from imprisonment to reprimand. afterwards major general miller he did vised about interrogation addressed a press conference in the prison yes i would like to personally apologize to the people of iraq for the actions of the small number of leaders and soldiers who violated our policy. have. committed criminal acts major general miller insisted the torture and abuse at abu ghraib was the responsibility of roots soldiers notice the put out of the top down culture we tried unsuccessfully to contact major general miller through the u.s. department of defense they declined to pass on our questions as his not retired our own procedures are internationally recognized for his bay detention of proper
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interrogation today the us has a new commander in chief during his election campaign and pretty cool for the return of waterboarding a practice condemned by un special rapporteur as torture they said what do you think of waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it we should have it and if we can't we should have worse. when the president of the united states most powerful person on earth says these things that just encourages people to behave in the most. paraguay lawyer clive stafford smith organization reprieve has represented eighty prisoners at guantanamo has been released one of the great truisms is if you don't know your history years you wrote in your mistakes you know we have someone in the white house right now who knows nothing about history. of the repute and a mistake has been made to the spanish inquisition and so we need to truth out
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there. but today some say the american administration seems even more determined than ever to stop the truth about the cia's post nine eleven program getting out and that led to one of the most disturbing claims we heard during the course of making this film. and it's this that the torture of detainees in the cost is now impeding the quest for justice following the nine eleven attacks over the past years legal hearings have been underway at a secret court on the u.s. naval base in guantanamo. america's justification for holding prisoners at guantanamo is controversial. by declaring that the war on terror is an actual ongoing war the us government has argued it can detain captives of this war without charge for as long as it wants. but if they do then charge any of these detainees
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with specific crimes for example the five men charged with involvement in the nine eleven atrocity there to be tried by going ton of those special courts known as military commissions. one of the five is. accused of helping fund flight training for the nine eleven hijackers. in washington we met his defense team these civilian invalid. the law is approved by the pentagon but that doesn't stop them being deeply critical of the treatment hundred out to their client by interrogators. in my nineteen years of service the rule we have always been taught is we don't torture there's a thing that has the innocuous name of water dousing and water dowsing is water boarding without a board it's essentially drowning in ice water many of those things and worse
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occurred to mr obuchi but the u.s. government says certain classified evidence on torture must be kept secret but i'll bet you choose defense team says that prevents them defending him properly so this is a death penalty case and as such were entitle to you know all the evidence that's relevant and material to mr heartly just facts and that would include a lot of evidence from his time in cia custody where he was being tortured three and a half years. the prosecution has consistently dragged their feet on giving us that evidence the defense finds itself in the position of having to make sure that the very values that the prosecution or the u.s. government has claimed for so many decades are actually appealed therefore for me it is a chance as i see it to truly uphold the constitution of those of the united states that sterling has a much more measured response to this but but now it makes me angry that seventeen
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years post september eleventh almost we are still sitting in a courtroom in an offshore prison at guantanamo bay with a prosecution that is determined to hide it torture from more than a decade ago and that i think is is offensive to and should be offensive to all americans. andries base near washington d.c. . this is where our journey starts to the u.s. naval base at guantanamo bay. forty five square miles of america on the southeastern corner of cuba. the military commission hearings take place at camp justice inside his camp there
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is a multimillion dollar legal complex so secret not allowed to film it all say where it is journalists meanwhile are billeted in these tents. the trip it again tom has only been possible under very strict conditions we've had to find a long document agreeing to restrictions on what we can film where accompanied at all times by a military minder that mind our checks all footage so all the pictures you will see from here have been vetted. first light at camp justice kuantan and every day begins the same way with the star-spangled banner. the media h.q. is based in a partially derelict aircraft hangar where we await a military minder to accompany us to the secret court.


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