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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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senate in the upcoming federal election. has played a key role in helping reshape one nation's firearms policy. we have a policy in life it's a twenty one point plan to make things better for registered shooters want to. sound sensible on said. we're on your side we want you to be all the shooting the best that you can. in an interview for the gun rights astray your website the one nation party leader said today's gun laws make the innocent will phone rable only jane is taking a nap and dancing to fatten gin paper opener actually allowing for most to actually have the firearms. for years pauline hanson has been pushing a populist anti immigration agenda. i believe we are in danger of being swamped by asians and with all the. good publicity stunts including wearing
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a burka to poem that have led to accusations of racism because this is not. what should be alone in this comment. everyone male and female should have some knowledge of have to handle a firearm how to protect themselves because i don't trust our governments fail to do for us. what can we say here that would probably have their own we say that the right to protect and defend yourself is a god given right. the one nation visitors a being schooled in public relations by the n.r.a. media liaison team. just for an mortenson of his an argument for gun ownership that can be used beyond the united states the right to protect and defend yourself exactly now despite a hostage video doesn't come from the constitutes detoxed isn't guaranteed to us
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but it can to god. if you're it person or so you share sai it's a god given right. one of the p.r. team's biggest challenges is how to respond to a mass killing. the biggest one in recent years was the newtown shooting where the little children that shot at an elementary school. there's somebody shooting in here and you know. i had like seven loud booms and jim he just told us to go in the corner. where your. children are pronounced dead at the school there were two they were transported to area hospitals were pronounced dead at area hospitals. where people have no asking when there will be a debate about america's gun laws. the press was how he and how nice this organization a star hope he did make
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a statement like conan may be coming to far right that's at the end and the organization what they'll be debate they'll be delayed the n.r.a. will say this is not the time to talk about it of the twenty six promoted at the sandy hook elementary school twenty with children aged six and seven. the gunman used an fifteen assault rifle near the chechen anybody who went on the ground mr martin has closed the door and he went to the corner first graders. and no time. every time i think about those kids he gets me mad. and then decisions like responding on this kind of shooting are happening at the very highest level and they were not responding not responding. last some of tried to exploit tragedy for political gain. we have remained respectively
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silent. and then when you are here held a news conference in which he basically said we're holding far we're not going to cave man. now we must speak. for the safety of our nation's children. allah titian's passed laws for gun free school zones they post signs advertising. and in doing so. they tell every insane killer in america. that schools are the safest place to inflict maximum am with minimum risk. however nation's priorities gotten so far out of order. our society is popular. aided. by an unknown number of genuine monsters.
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people that are so doraine so evil so possessed by voices and driven by demons that no sane person can ever possibly comprehend. when we're not here to the press conference i thought they're going to come out and say this is a mental health problem and the n.r.a. recognizes that and we're going to put in one hundred million dollars into mental health research and supporting mental health services so the wrong people don't carry guns. we need to have every single school in america a media or a protection program proven to war and by that. i mean armed security more guns more guns more guns ching ching ching ching ching say you can say it's not it's so sick. because people die.
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and already reacts to criticism by trying to generate positive stories about come under should it till one nation that the first step is to co-opt willing reporter. you know somebody who maybe at least your son i worked at a newspaper maybe was over in city hall or fired for her. last dose side advises feeding reporters information they need to write junk friendly stories. you'll hear not stories about people who were robbed at the beach eat whatever might be that good bit about how they got it done and that's going to be able to words and that's where his daughter is going to go to buy a loop. to make sure you set up let's carry a pro-gun message. to ghostwrite articles for them. will pinch guest columns in the local papers a lot of times we'll write down for like a local sheriff in wisconsin or whatever and we'll drafted or she will help us
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draft it we'll do a lot of the late work because these people are busy and this is our job so we'll help them and they'll submit it with their name on it so that it looks organic you know that it's coming back and you know that we will have a role behind the scene. yet again it will be fine it's been validated to me this is for many years is the arms innocence stories these are were our members might send us a new slate from their local t.v. station where as stated uses a firearm protect themselves or something else. we start crediting a vigilant gun owner with saving the life of an upper darby cop and if it wasn't for the good samaritan stepping forward he'd have been dead meat. he's our little storage and there's sort of little. snell's zero one cashier at a local convenience store i does fire on what protected in style. these
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stories happen every single week and you'll never hear about them from gun grabbers when you see these stories sheriff. those are good because they're short and they kind of get you outraged calling it outrage of the week. exploring. we're back again there are. two astronomers coming into the house but that's. every time there's a story there about the games coming up with baseball us thing which you put out there maybe a tweet or facebook voters or whatever are not allowed to own their home to defend their. guns save lives gun control does not that's despicable in the same way to back going to street told you you're not going to get
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cancer if you smoke my cigarettes they lied to you and we know they lied to you. and you want to quit messaging out there don't you people out and get mad easy to understand the n.r.a. till's one nation to engage members with a simple message exploit anger and fear when you start talking about issues that get too complicated and think too hard i lost their lives and if they can get to like the american flag on my thoughts we all get out but that's easy. this threat is real our leaders are either entry or unwilling to protect you there is no better fire on the from their homes against realistic threats than a ar fifteen semiautomatic it's easy to learn and easy to use it's accurate and true why. why can someone and they are fifty. you can't legally own a tank in america you can't legally own a r.p.g.
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you can't legally own a nuclear weapon why do we have restrictions on the. we can never say well it's ludicrous we never say it's a gun it's all right it's a right to own. firearms you think it's the. weapons. it's a dangerous thing when you look at what they bought fires. for people traveling pools. and they are fifty is one of the most effective tools available to protect yourself and your family get trained and learn how to use it your safety is in your hands. a r fifteen is the weapon of choice for a mass shooter and that weapon should not be on the streets of this country. the same weapon used next to bazooka use next to a tank next to r.p.g.
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in war m sixteen a r fifteen the same weapon one can shoot faster with the trigger held down when you've got to pull one hundred times in a minute the bullets the same the damage the same the brazed a blow out is the same the heart that explodes is the same the bullet it's it the organs that separate are the same. let's look at the gun felt. they were and don't. call him a minute ago and. dixon till's a salesman that semiautomatic weapons including the fifteen were confiscated in a strange year following the port arthur mexico. where they bought it all on our own. a lot of it for. that matter out there on the. floor with. the salesman had his own story about johns and
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politics what we've seen with getting elected into office jails if there has been a rise of nut jobs like there's a lot more scary people on the burning cross not of people that think whether it's true or not they feel like they're in a much more than believe political climate so they're coming out of the woodwork staring a lot of. the holes threatened to. you feel by john's the whole day one comes. you're going to go for the buying guns for the first time are you really you know buyers might already buyers you've got a lot more they'll be too cute. as are recognizing are you going to they're in more danger they. are exactly themselves not unity. national not. my gun corner my eye is the. dixon meets a woman whose experience he believes will resonate in
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a stray you did not know that we ended up going on since good. he later recounts his story which he thinks could be used to inspire women to themselves back on. she got one hundred by a documentary have to. be a little bit although i was just there if you get me and i'm. not on. that particular family. we were if you'd like. to tell me if they. are going to that. i'm going. out and a couple of raja discovers that the fear of being attacked even obsesses members of the n.r.a.
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. better be pretty damn. weapons in case the guy gets. very dark. brandy graham is a senior federal lobbyist for the n.r.a. . she fears her office will be still going to come in how difficult. they will think then you're the person and i don't have an answer if you're unstable why would you want to or are mad when you think this they could if that would have to be the time. and really matter to throw out a man or woman on a team to go never. graham says she feels vulnerable wherever she goes when i get on a plane they are thinking it down one three me and if i meet again and we're now clear out. safely back but there are myriad i might know that i'm going to
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get it. put back out. the next distant nation for the one nation team is an organization representing gun manufacturers in america. they discuss their constant battle against anti gun campaigners. to. ash. i doubt trench. larry keane is the senior vice president of the national shooting sports foundation were. you chant your image. dixon says they need to work together to combat the rise of political correctness or throwing it out. to kill the culture of islam akio was such that the series.
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was the republic of. us or god that worked a lot that's true that. the organization includes gun makers retailers and distributors. if you can pull triggers even get those people to burn it just fits for the kids. the foundation sees women as a key to making guns more acceptable. it was ok when. then they were with them as if the vote was against you. that's just something that's like that's why it. must have all about their i.q.'s are going to be a lot you know you gotta get. yeah it's a mosque. in town to one nation lays out a strategy for how to introduce soft to gun bill was industry you. so much didn't
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want it to be. false or was a test you have to law is your first name it didn't used to the private. and county leader pulling henson talks about going to america herself to meet gun lobby contacts yeah i cannot quite. know. yet. but. we live in a time of war and tragedies crimes against humanity. activists repression. enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests. extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims
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the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to combat impunity and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament. and global alliance of national human rights institutions. you know i'm maryam namazie in london just a quick look at the top stories now the head of libya's u.n. backed government has accused the wall of holy five to of betraying him they says have to us troops advanced into the outskirts of the capital tripoli in a speech to the nation the prime minister of seraj also said the international community is differentiate between aggressors and those who want to maintain
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civilian rule. over the our liquidity read the recent. libyans throughout the country east to west north to south africa the necessity of giving priority to the interests of the country unifying the ranks and working together to lift libya out of this crisis i say to the international community that it should not equate between the aggressor and those who defend themselves or between those who seek the militarization of the state and those committed to a democratic civilian country tens of thousands of protesters in sudan of march to the army's headquarters in the capital hard to. this is the first time they've reached the building since anti-government demonstrations started in december protest has blamed president tomorrow bashir for the struggling economy and rising prices it's all the government in february and expanded police palace. thousands of people have been out on the streets of the venezuelan capital caracas demanding the resignation of president nicolas maduro the rally was called for by the opposition
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you know when tens of five pressure on the do right to stand down why don't has been recognized by most west and south american countries as the nation's leader after he declared himself interim president earlier this year in a duro accuses quite a of being a washington puppet and has blocked his attempts at getting international aid into the country. thousands of people have been ordered to leave their homes in flood hit southwest in iran as well is expected to fall at least seventy people have been killed in the flood so far most of the evacuations have taken place in kazakhstan and belarus don provinces to prevent any further loss of life around one thousand nine hundred cities and villages in total have been impacted by these floods caused by unusually heavy rains we'll bring you more on that story and everything else
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we're covering in the news hour in around half an hour's time at twenty one hundred g.m.t. i will see then i found. the one nation team is back at the national rifle association headquarters. after trying to break down the narratives that people's reaction to gun use in. the meeting played caroline whose role is to galvanize the n.r.a. has five million members to vote for pro-gun politicians. so we're trying to identify that sweet spot of what a secular women vote would look like so we can deliver a secular member admission that specific an amendment to the constitution gives all americans the right to carry guns in many states the fifteen assault rifle for self-defense or grow up with coffee offered or. just
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a private thing was childish nothing was naughty she got to talk to you automatically come in and. those guns were banned under restraint is national firearms agreement following the port arthur massacre probably an unrealistic goal to wipe out a national gun ban overnight but if you can work around the market what it does it improve the lives down to daily basis it does demonstrate they can not even if you can start making a difference within the belts and tell. her simply that maybe we have the testicles of the gum in our hand at every given thought i. have guns it came up things to the end or will be offered to cut my children we still have to trade a bill for shit. caroline suggests to one nation that owning a gun should be presented as a matter of personal freedom. there is needs well especially women coming and you don't have to iraq should just go with the government tell you it can't be that
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choice that right now you really don't have enough been legislated away. the n.r.a. and pfizer's to one nation's campaign should focus on getting this message to targeted sections of the population biggie isn't so you get that message of twenty five ninety pickiest give them to the right segment of occupation is going to create who people take that message and her act is trying to dominate or let's get it to hear that a lot it takes a lot of we are our next one technology so what a shocking approach where anything is everything a rifle shot vision sounds like i want to reach out first and foremost people identify themselves as supporters and activists then as i have time and resources i'll expand it to be. the one nation visit his plunder the advice they've received on how to sell
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a pro-gun message. on stage in life you get here to the. fossil don't trust you have lawyers there's me you know it didn't used to the right . to still come and get to. be let's hear all the men and women's shooting right there graham's absolute pitch for grant what i did i was the one taking stock we are women all people. if you really want to know her. family tree whatever. the fuck. down.
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you got a cookie cutter one hundred year he might not know how to make it go up to you. it's going. to shoot down a. lot of the south. so. we're given already groups. that's clearly what we were driving down the street and they're using they're. into this one it's changed us on station you've got children on we're night on we're god as much. which will have to do. identify your child. if you feel your child. rushing eulogy for your child. attend a service for your charm. and every child. because that's
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open to us and. that's my reality and that's what the general public. is concerned. and not concerned at raj got this. amazing arm of the n.r.i. museum in the in order to stop the stop here from buck waterville there is to run a weapon you go right through this museum it is really really incredible dixon is enthusiastic about guns but he knows it will be a hard sell for these train people to accept the dismantling of firearms laws. shootings nor a bad thing into a white thing and to die in australia we use it in the olympics the commonwealth games and we should be in touch in young people to learn how to shoot it's quite short.
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it's ok if we get through. what's so tough it's really it's a change of mission or of the great spirit dixon doesn't plan to till the is trillion public and one nation is considering the repeal of the national firearms agreement he suggests the law will be whittled down if i did want to go through the end of the journey or do you want to stop the rest of you from the life. or the of it. not it's not enough stuff sauce. get tight right now to the side if you do something with a name we can get another piece of bread and a. really even with roger claiming to support american style gun laws dixon invited seem difficult shape one nation's firearms policy. you know or
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bullshit rob becomes a bigger problem but not know where you can get a yeah. they're not. and if you fifteen hundred dollar ahead gathering dixon and ashby mixed with some of washington's most powerful gun lobbyists. and the honest if you don't want people to obey god eleven go if you want to be done stand together bought one of their tree yet you push. your man dick soon is now clear on the language that cuts through in america's wealthy pro-gun community. and it better be to god we don't have the second amendment an act not. with that but you know about the setting. as they speak as selection is just months
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away. dixon tells roger that if one nation wins the balance of power it would be like the party holding a gun to the strain in government and. he need to understand about health care is the headline the normal into the back of it that's where she wants you so i. think he will get. to them when i get a much quieter the government would then be compelled to pass laws that one nation wants. the bottom one where we are we've got to really put a lot through my company. that we don't have that. i don't attach to. members of the gun lobby offered to help opt in we make sure that you never want to know. i'd never want you to go down and that's why i never want you to craft
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a walkover into somebody you know you know i'm merely for this means i'm going to go but i'm still my event yeah they're. going to hear you through and you believe that then you know so i want you to know that you know i don't speak personally when i have to write a check up if you want to box i'll give you a hundred bucks back i'm going to. dixon issues those around him that he will do what they want and change the strangest gun laws we're going to stop. we're going to fall oh no we don't i don't care you're not. there yet without. dixon is given advice on how to pave the way for those changes here's what you need to do this doesn't go anywhere except up get help from us gun manufacturers. have you ever gone to america have you ever gone to your if you want but if you
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need to sit down with these guys you know he suggests that one nation till gunmakers the amount of money they'll make if a stray use firearms laws are changed. next year they're going to send literally your next door to want to make off dollars with the father who thought so although we're really the first to offer me what. ruby got me in all those people we're going to give you fifteen for the brain and. to make good on those present a bill he suggests a degree of deception. and at that point the lawyer and i have a two million the campaign to get money in here she writes not yet writes you're never going to put gun rights do not ever touch gun rights on your oath and they're going to doubt your os a robot running in fishing rights when you get there. you're going to pass it and you go how could i want you. i love you you know what you just said to me all my
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life. good good man you've got going to irish might. want to. welcome you are absolutely going to one nation announces it has a meeting lined up that week with for interesting to observe the energy giant koch industries. go to our good auto body builder group or even log it keep. up with they discuss what koch industries might expect in return for a donation. who really don't get crazier yet do so while they go to war either it out. can you do. me to just about anything where you need. to be looked up the cut brothers will i believe well that up believe in all that
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shit. but of it i have a knife the shell of which come here i find. two thousand and six and then that put five hundred million dollars toward another q i mean if the series was to win the lottery and the gone from forty five people to each but if we get to the point where we can talk about figures what sort of number you seem to think it ten dogs what. it is are. within the. inside the code offices dixon and ashby suspect that he microphones may be used by their hosts to record the discussion they give raja would have advice if you can share it if you're on a good read on the i'm there to go on
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a bit. special oh hey i know you and i gave you good. stereo another regiment. up here we made a record triple the meeting with the team led by catherine hackett the rick to river federal affairs a coach industries. and to form a employee of the n.r.a. . in his speech the money dixon makes a remarkable author one of the electoral process in a strange yet if industry is gets the money. watch and help us get out yet it got tough on women in china and hard wired. we are the wheel of momentum. form here she. was with us and all of you called for that person. you agreed so there we. were.
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not familiar with your election i mean i think. rules regulation so i don't knock your mayoral straaten sort. with culturally how that's viewed what sort of money you're allowed to pay. how we understand that there are no set limits on the actions. we're not not what there is reporting russia anything out of ten thousand dollars in a federal election must be rewarded that's recorded on by us by the public up with ok. i think that i've seen as money should not have an influence in our. scene as well so i believe find and i should should be stopped trying to claim. ten weeks out to the one nation meeting with koch industries these trillion sin and change the moon and bend
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foreign political donation. center to hanson voted in favor of the ban. this not nice ations said tonight to one lie sure i can assure you that it's been the hard work of having the fish and chip meetings so we actually have something sizzles. i will all and why are. you intentionally there's interest and you and there's some other books. with the prospect of a food the meeting dixon leaves feeling upbeat. they'll. shut you off the bat. the following day the delegation discusses roger's role in pushing for changes to the bill. done in iraq you heard.
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of. the frost right here that's a clearly points to something we've got from. what. they would through the challenges one nation would face if the gun lobby comes through with funding. channeling that cash through rogers group gun rights astray would be a problem. he gets money it's just not that. it is good for him like the coming year. where they want six hundred it's going right but koch industries could provide a more sophisticated option. trigger the very worst over. the. heads right for. that to all of. what's getting.
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the koch empire includes a sort of byzantine set of groups that have been set up to influence politics and to spend money on politics but without having to disclose where the money is coming from and the koch brothers were really pioneers in this area and have set up the very complicated networks for money to get into the political system you. know there's not much to work it's not it was. it's not really. i've heard it described as a daisy chain. with one group giving to another group to another group. and sort of multiple layers of anonymity for the donors. and always circulating the money so that the law isn't here too technically but that's perhaps
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the letter of the law not the spirit of the law. as the wounds broncho to be careful when he communicates about the one nation trip to washington. and the erotic. words truck rice used. in so just well off to any where you see. this specific is that since it shows. he's worried about america's experience with foreign meddling in elections. all i'm saying that. the russian if it's true that i want to say i'm stuck on the soapbox stuff for yourself a broader ashby doesn't want to stray you join a lists to find out why he and dixon have come to washington. if you are. right that this is seated on the edge of the guards but.
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as the trip to washington comes to a close ashby is contacted by his party leader pauline hanson he says the trip has been so sensitive that he's careful in passing on information. to be able to give. their. credibility. something. did they. agree as he has a message for keeping some communication secret i always have been a model it would be. good for a game of the newbie iraq. i thought. think of a government advice that. something that you want to go. there for your. get on.
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board. they may be keeping a low profile but dixon appears pleased with one nation's progress in washington. really in the future it's the big. i don't know i think we've already lit the fuse on dollars for that big that. he believes that money will eventually make its way to one nation would let the fears limit lobby for the likes of you know his real limits the consent of those people to die of yesterday i get that much every whatever of the men's none of them and i'm ready for ever and ever and maybe about this is something. on this i need two. losses shots. you don't need to bring. you lost a forward. there are other people on this planet. we can't.
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back up. you can all you want and especially all of you can all. everybody to march because there are some people that. are robbers that i want made the night. as the one nation team prepares to leave washington ashby's final words to roger were about the media. come joe. not gonna go on. the budget venture. three months after the one nation delegation returned to australia sen pulling hanson joined roger and ashby for a private dinner. so a little boys. with the boys i did a good job is that it's just something that's. a discussion on gun laws
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she told brought to she believes many questions remain unanswered about the port arthur massacre. this is a name that's out there but actually it's the commands are against us and here turns. out. that was i don't know who it was set up. how it's they always do things right now and will see where i was ok for now i'm. here. on. the senators said she wouldn't hesitate to use a gun herself if she needed to. if i had so much time to my house trying to get me i'm telling i have. i think senator hansen revealed why she had no trouble with ashby and dixon's when
5:44 am
they visited the us looking for the gun lobby money. i'm like oh my god they're going to answer to their can't fear and tata in a very strict ironic is not it is not. like that i have collection take the same since i am i had to actually let's. rock and get my life good morning and these are in contact with hundreds that want everything that the sizing needs to biggest threat against them then i would work better that's why the on the start of it and see who made. the dinner took place just weeks after the astray and senate banned political parties from receiving foreign donations and we got a nice room it. was fun find a nice house and i feel. sorry for its. spots
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it would suck ass always to get water no doubt. despite the new lure ashby plans a return visit to america to reconnect with the pro-gun lobby this time he'll take pauline hanson with him yeah i can and i'm. sick and i know you're. quite a. bit which is your car here because we. well
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here across australia watching tropical cyclone wallace right now making a parallel path to the coastline of australia there's the clouds right there we don't expect to see a landfall with the storm but what we do expect to see is some storm surge some rip tides and maybe some some heavy rain along the coast over the next couple of days we'll be watching that down here towards the south though perth you are cooling off about twenty four degrees a front is coming through over here towards says many of you will see
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a front making its way towards you that's going to bring some heavy rains over the next few days as well as dropping your temperatures but in terms of temperatures sydney your temperatures going to go up as we go towards monday we do expect to see a temper there of about thirty one degrees and brings been about twenty eight where across new zealand things looking quite nice down here across the south island clear skies and partly cloudy conditions for many locations a little chilly as we end the day here on sunday with a tempter of christchurch of about twelve degrees but by the time we start the week we do expect to see those temperatures rise up to about sixteen degrees there and then very quickly we are looking at some beautiful conditions across parts of japan particularly we're talking about tokyo twenty one degrees is going to be a high here on sunday but that is not going to last by the time we get to monday we expect that to drop to about fourteen in sendai the temperature of twelve degrees feel. for the nomadic jacka tribe survival is about reaching their destination if we
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don't hurry will never be able to get the top up in the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. dangerous the ice is that them as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life a little bit longer sometimes luser cattle they will die of cold or because of the storm risking it all mongolia on al-jazeera. zero. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes the head of libya's u.n. backed government accuses the warlord honey faffed of betraying him as his allies
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slow have to launch into tripoli. tens of thousands march in sudan reaching the army headquarters for the first time since anti-government protests began. venezuelans fill the streets of caracas after opposition leader and president maduro their supporters to rally and thousands are evacuated from their homes in southwestern iran where floods have already killed seventy people. peter simmons in doha with all your sports as you very good within touching distance of the italian title with a mobile vital goal from teenager boys. i'll come to the program our top story the head of libya's u.n. backed government is accused warlord khalifa haftar of betraying him over his
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military offensive against the capital this is have troops advance into the outskirts of tripoli in a speech to the nation fires a serai also said the international community must differentiate between aggressors and those who want to maintain civilian rule. head has more now from tripoli. gunfire on the outskirts of libya's capital. forces loyal to will have to trying to push the this city. they say they have seized some areas south of tripoli these claims have been denied. by the tripoli and the recognized government on saturday the you and bag the prime minister. to remain firm against have to force is. we reiterate our cool to all libyans throughout the country east to west north to south to the necessity of giving priority to the interests of
5:51 am
the country unifying the ranks and working together to lift libya out of this crisis i say to the international community that it should not equate between the aggressor and those who defend themselves or between those who seek the militarization of the state and those committed to a democratic civilian country or. the u n recognized government troops are said to have been deployed from the city of misrata to the west and south to fight have to his forces. therefore asked like but we suffered no loss at all it's the border that one family in the area was hit believed that we held back on the use of our air force in order to protect civilians and public and private property any dead fighter flying or tripoli will not be allowed and will be targeted the air base it game from will also be targeted. you and secretary general and to new good turkish has been in tripoli area of talks on rebuilding libya's fractured political system has been forced to leave the un says the talks will still go ahead. we will not
5:52 am
give up this work quickly i know very well that holding the national conference in the conditions of escalation by thing is difficult but we will insist on holding it on time unless other circumstances interfere so. libya has been divided between two competing governments since twenty fourteen the talks are seen as one of a few options for peace in libya the only explanation available to us that he probably wanted to shift the. balance or you know to his favor just days before the reconsideration conference so he can see. we got advances demands during this conference because. they are reflections of. on the ground in france foreign ministers of the g seven group of countries have been voicing their concerns several foreign governments have been warning khalifa haftar his forces not to attack tripoli they say that have the support the talks
5:53 am
which are still expected to start on the fourteenth of april with the hope of using elections as a way out of libya's a two year conflict g. seven foreign ministers attending a meeting in france also issued a statement saying that libya's oil facilities must not be used by any faction for political gain if libya's opposing forces continue this latest battle for control through to a political solution will become more difficult for the. tripoli. all the years of conflict has left libya split with rival power centers have to us forces and marching on tripoli home to the government of national accord which is backed by the un but that government is challenged by an elected parliament which moved to the eastern city of tobruk after an outbreak of violence in tripoli in twenty fourteen after those stronghold is in benghazi has aligned himself with the
5:54 am
tobruk parliament and he isn't lacking in international support he's backed by the united arab emirates egypt saudi arabia russia and france well tim eaton is a research fellow with the middle east and north africa program at the think tank chatham house here in london he joins me in the studio now so we have seen militias in western libya mobilizing against a faster they have also been a strikes targeting his supply lines now can he survive this sort of resistance particularly if his supply lines continue to be found. well i think we're entering a more and more dangerous phase in the last twenty four hours i think what we're seeing is an escalation. afters forces seeking to support the offensive and in response for the forces being sent from misrata to the capital to oppose that offensive so unfortunately it looks like momentum is gathering and that major
5:55 am
clashes could be could be witnessed that whole affair have to perhaps anticipate that his play for tripoli would unite militias in tripoli and some other regional militias as well i think it's interesting to understand the motivations for this offensive because in some ways it seems quite a surprising move in fact a lot of the discussion was how a political settlement might be coming in the near term and that it might heavily favor half there and actually what we've heard in recent weeks is a lot of criticism from have to opponents saying that after was effectively being given too much so in that context and only ten days out from the national conference that have to launch an offensive was the u.n. secretary general is in tripoli certainly has caught people by surprise i think at the same time it seems likely that if that was the play and controlling that tripoli was the goal then the hope would have been that it would have happened quicker now that this is set in and forces are being mobilized it looks set to be
5:56 am
a much more sustained campaign and that brings with it many many more dangers of course some of these militias particularly the misrata groups are very powerful can have to and his militia survive this sort of resistance of manpower and air power because while i suppose to withdraw any time soon would be humiliating indeed i think certainly following the speech that have to made on thursday announcing the the advance on tripoli it's very hard for him to back down and see how he gets out of this position i think. it's it's do. to make too many predictions on the ground at the moment because we see that in libya often alliances can be quite fleeting and shifting but you would certainly say that at this present time it's unlikely that have to forces are going to prevail in tripoli and that raises a whole host of questions down the line and interesting what you say about shifting allegiances and important because of course the militias that are fighting on behalf of the government are not unless thick group it is
5:57 am
a loose alliance of militias that haven't really played their whole hearted allegiance to the government does that mean that they could be persuaded by have to . join into some sort of alliance with him it's long been speculated that certain forces in the capital and that maybe even deals with some parts of the city of misrata could be cut by half to to enable him to move into a dominant position if he was willing to allow some of those tripoli groups to retain some of their positions of power or if he was willing to share some power for example with the city of misrata i think what we've seen from this offensive is it looks like it was designed to collect forces from areas of northwestern libya in supports along the way and that it would almost designed to gain momentum and be a kind of quick quick movements at a brick wall but it doesn't seem to have materialized in that way and i think it has certainly unified opposition against have to because just as now have to has put himself in
5:58 am
a position of making it difficult to back down the misrata response to prevent him from prevailing makes it difficult for them as well if you're thinking about having a negotiation now i think that the position from misrata is indicating that they want to push have to back first and then negotiate whereas have to wouldn't want to go back and then negotiate so clearly it's it looks like we've got some quite dangerous currents very precarious thank you thank you so much for sharing your analysis of this tim eaton from chatham house. well now to our other top story this hour at least one person has been killed in protests in sudan after tens of thousands of people marched to the army's headquarters in the capital hard to and this is the first time they've reached this building since anti-government demonstrations began in december they also present a lot of bashir as residents saturday's watch has come in spite of a government crackdown on dissent in germany in duck way has more.
5:59 am
the they are calling for revolution and these protesters headed for the army headquarters in khartoum the latest in a way for protests that began in december over the price of bread and escalated into calls for an end to president omar bashir is three decades. the longer it takes for a bishop to step down because the protests will get if you walk down the streets you will see ages from five years old up to fifty or sixty years old all coming out of the same thing in one step down security forces have responded to the protest movement with the fees crackdown killing at least sixty people since the protests began according to an international human rights group. despite the tough response to dissent the protests continue. and activist posted this video of herself on you tube. when we will take back our dignity and
6:00 am
will take back our country as well the people's will is above everything you need to understand that the people have spoken thats it. as one points there were sounds of gunshots other than that you can say the protest on saturday with peaceful. president bashir has stepped down as head of his really policy in the hope of calming the protests but the demonstrators insist they won't give up until he resigns as president egypt al-jazeera here at the news hour live from london more still ahead on the program hundreds of thousands of people are struggling to feed themselves and mozambique more than three weeks off to psycho a die. we bring you the tragic story of deon a one of thousands of rwandans born of right after the genocide twenty five years ago. and in sport a goal from gabriel as this is in.


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