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tv   Indonesias Football Fever  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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but now it makes me angry that seventeen years post september eleventh almost we are still sitting in a courtroom in an offshore prison. went on my belly with a prosecution that is determined to hide it torture from more than a decade ago and i think is is offensive to and should be offensive to all americans. untruths based near washington d.c. . this is where our journey starts to the u.s. naval base at guantanamo bay. forty five square miles of america on the southeastern corner of cuba. the military commission hearings take place at camp justice inside this camp there
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is a multi-million dollar legal complex series secret about to film it all say where it is journalists meanwhile are billeted in these tents. the trip it again tom has only been possible under very strict conditions we've had to sign a long document agreeing to restrictions on what we can film where accompanied at all times by a military mind that mind checks all footage so all the pictures you will see from here have been vetted. thirst lighted camp justice kuantan a man every day begins the same way with the star-spangled banner. to media h.q. is based in a partially derelict aircraft hangar where we await a military minder to accompany us to the secret court we cannot film. we come
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to observe proceedings under strict conditions journalists n.g.o.s family members of nine eleven victims and sit in a specially constructed gallery there's a thick pane of glass which separates us from the court and we can hear proceedings on a monitor above with a forty second delay this forty second delay it designed to stop the public airing any classified information in the cool we watched as the five men accused of complicity in the nine eleven attacks were brought in but seventeen years on the trial proper still hasn't started we attended the thirtieth pretrial hearing. in the evening we're told the next day's proceedings will be closed to the media and public in these secret sessions defense lawyers are given access to song classified information but a nice some. other evidence is considered so very secret that even
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defense lawyers with the highest security clearance can't be trusted with it and who decides what they can see is a hugely contentious. in the transcripts of the open sessions mention of gina possible donald trump's choice as head of the cia and appointments that cause controversy because she once ran a detention camp in thailand in two thousand and two with torture was used gina hospital has a key role as god of the cia secrets. as head of the cia it's within her power to decide what classified information can be provided to the defense in this case. blocks evidence which could help the defense to find out we settle from the confines of camp justice to ask one of the defense lawyers. away from the condo
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one ton a naval base has all the trappings of small town america. even has its own radio station with a souvenir shop and a fun slave looking infidels back. we meet up with defense lawyer james caan al again but when we ask him about jena hospitals role it turns out that some questions he's not allowed to want such. as director of cia controls the pipeline of information from the cia to the prosecution to us is there any evidence that is an impediment in the first and. i can't answer that question you can't answer that question. is there a suggestion that she might i can answer that question so are you saying that the u.s. government is the prosecution holds all the cards in their hand is that what all of
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you. in this military commission. which was set up for the express purpose of preventing information about torture from getting out to the public the prosecution really believe that it's not to prevent information about getting out the vote it was not set up for due process justice none of the victims was not well no there's no question that the reason why we are here in guantanamo bay on an inaccessible military base with strict controls on the media trick controls on the defense attorneys strict controls on the defendants themselves for controls on every other participant in the process is to prevent information from talk about torture from getting out to the public the department of defense told us they strive to ensure the process is as transparent as possible when balanced with requirements of national security was that week's legal proceedings and there's a press conference of sorts the prosecution on coming the attending media number
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just six including us over the fence if. you turn and colonel derek puts heat is one of the defense lawyers for kind of shaikh mohammed the alleged mastermind of the nine eleven attacks he will a trial could be he is a way the government is trying to hide so very much that you end up with this any terminable delay and it's disturbing i think to everybody involved but most especially to the victim family members. the department of defense say there's no time limit on the process which is good towards fairness rather than an arbitrary deadline birthmothers the pentagon regularly invites relatives of the victims of nine eleven to attend concessions at the military court heering some of the views this group expresses on the house and little unexpected naina and jessica murphy
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the father brian though this week i have thought a lot about my father and i have thought a lot about the deep loss felt by so many people. but at the same time i feel i feel frustrated by the way certain issues are being covered in the courtroom it's been a lot of talking about torture and i feel frustrated with the u.s. government for not sure if using to be accountable for certain actions and measures that were taken post nine eleven that i think are also really important. here a man who lost his wife has spoken out publicly about his frustration at the length of time this is taken and suggests that people can could speed things up i suggested taking the death penalty off the table as part of a plea bargain is killing people doesn't erase the killing of other people american
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community who lost her daughter mary ray says she's proud there will be a proper trial i don't think most people have any idea of the links we've gone to to make it a fair trial but like others marion has concerns about the death penalty. the death penalty makes us like them. i don't have anything and you go through years and years and years of this i wish that the death penalty were removed as an option in this case because i believe well it would go up. but also i don't think that our government has the moral authority to kill and i think especially not in this case. given the actions that were taken post nine eleven and killing these men bring back my father to be honest colonel wendy kelley of the military commissions what she made of the relatives comments. well i think the
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victims have absolute right. but the government know what they want i mean as a prosecutor you always want to know what the victims are seeking ultimately however that's a decision by the united states of america not mine we were talking about classified information and you know how full the cia director is ultimately responsible for what information is classified and what is nort what you make of that was role in being the mitchell thought arsenal i think that's way beyond my view the. the entrance to come from marrying women and so does the station. a few minutes drive away forty prisoners remain in course aerated maze tell'd income six. elsewhere compass seven houses so-called high value detainees we can't film and its location is a state secret. one thing we are allowed to film.
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a collection of mementos of previous postings which could be destined to grow even knowledge or under the command of a president who has vowed to keep get my open and load it up with do. we have new leadership new direction and we have been tasked to prepare for an enduring detaining operations mission we have identified as a priority is the construction of a new high value detention center which would be referred to as camp eight because we do see the need in the future to care for that high value detainees population your commander in chief donald trump has said that torture works and he would reintroduce waterboarding in a beat held is that. what you do here. so i kuantan away all of our detention operations are conducted in line with the. an
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article three of the geneva conventions and i'm not a spokesperson for the white house so i'm not in a position to comment on anything that the president has said commander leon was may not be able to comment on her commander in chief statements but what he says counts in january two thousand and seventeen president in next trump tweeted that there should be new further releases from the get. and that was ominous news for detainees who'd been cleared for release under president obama. casablanca morocco the home of mustafa nasser in two thousand and four he and his family received shocking news from the international committee of the red cross most of his brother abdul latif who lived abroad had been imprisoned in guantanamo
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bay. he only saw one. of my mother. you push also look into a little love in some way you. know if going to be a little boy. you look at me so i love all over the u.s. claimed he had connections to extremists but no charges have ever been brought against him. then in twenty sixteen abdul-latif case was heard by a guantanamo periodic review board a body containing representatives from six u.s. agencies including the department of defense they'd cleared him for release in casablanca his overjoyed family made preparations for his return. for. that and that. but the wheels of bureaucracy ground slowly and as the day of donald
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trump's inauguration approached noirs made a last ditch legal bid to have other latif released immediately so court rejected the bid on procedural grounds. since then the american government has argued that they can continue to hold one ton of no prisoners without charge until such time as the us war on terror has ended and this they've said could be a hundred years ago. today abdul latif is still in guantanamo. off to sixteen yes' with no immediate prospect of release. as you noted above them get your butt in a wheel but an out of the bottom of. the decree it as if you know it will eventually. instruct became president not
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a single person has prevailed in. periodic review process and. that's not a coincidence and anyone who says it is just. so then not letting anyone go for purely political reasons these people are just pawns and that if you try to get any political advantage. but for insiders we talked to one of their biggest concerns is that it's president donald trump who is now in charge of setting the rules they worry about what that means for the future. if you know what admit to what we did and we're destined for this to occur again in the future and of course that's my concern right now president trump who is an armored with torture who has a thirst for work ality i'm afraid that we're setting the conditions to return back to practice or brutality and state sponsored torture as we did have done in the past. the u.s.
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department of defense to respond to the allegation concerning periodic review boards at one time in may but they did not address this the cia did trying to comment on gina hospitals role classifying material referring us to her public confirmation hearing where she denied any conflict of interest in that role the white house declined to explain president trump's remarks about. as protests over welfare cuts exploded nicaragua's phone trying government launched a brutal clampdown. now after a year of deaths detentions and political suppression crisis negotiations are underway. but could the dark days of civil war still return.
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people in power investigates a frontline nicaragua on al jazeera. al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here to go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. troops loyal to libya's u.n. back government are preparing for a battle as the war threatens tripoli. after us forces advance on the capital the u.n. security council calls an emergency meeting. hasn't
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this is live from doha also coming up another vote to end u.s. backing of the saudi and u.a.e. led war in yemen now it's down to president trump. the truth of what they really go through it's heartbreaking we hear what families are enduring in their desperation to reach the united states. and food for thought a new study says all eating choices can create more health risks than smoking. allied troops loyal to libyan war khalifa haftar are edging closer to the capital and that's drawn a response from forces supporting the un back up they've been deployed to defend tripoli as have to our vows in his words to liberate the city here's how close have tossed troops are there within seventy kilometers of tripoli right now after taking
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control of the town of kerry at the u.n. security council has called an emergency meeting for friday but it is uncertain how it can stop what may turn out to be a major confrontation with underwear had reports a display of military strength from fighters loyal to the world lord have turned they've posted this video online which appears to show a large convoy of heavily armored vehicles moving us to or does the capital in an audio message have to the cold in his forces to move on tripoli. our courageous heroes the time has come to advance towards tripoli go forward confidently those who want peace will not be harmed as we don't come as conquerors only use force on those that fire on you those that stay home are safe and those that raise the white flags will also be safe the u.n. recognized the government in tripoli has issued an alert and called on all its
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forces to be ready have to do needs the east of libya leading a loser alliance of factions but his repeatedly expressed his intention to march on tripoli despite warnings and calls for calm from the united nations the libyan rival factions seem to be moving towards a military confrontation and if that happens it could derail the u. and this plan sort of peace talks due to be held here later this month. but some analysts believe hafter is trying to make sure he's included in the political process i think that would like to force the hands of the board the u.n. and those attending. in a way that does not exclude him fearing that this conference may start a whole new path for libya in the next few years and that he may not be. included in that process the united nations secretary general antonio good turkish
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has arrived in libya to support the political process and he's expressed concern about a potential showdown. very soon. and if you for all. to solve. for. the escalation most military. verbal the escalation. libya has been in turmoil since the nato backed remove all of its long time ruler duffy in two hundred eleven and since twenty fourteen it has had two competing governments. but so far efforts to negotiate a political settlement unite libya and organize national elections appears to have failed. tripoli. zero has spoken to libya's interior
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minister from the un bad government he says have trying to invade tripoli at a time of unprecedented peace and calm. i mean why use weapons in force to to arise the people of libya to kill them and to force them to accept one thing only which is to be ruled by a military dictator what makes mr have to be a candidate then the other libyans if he's calling for a state with a strong army and police we are also calling for a state with a strong army and police and for the rule of law we will not be subdued by any use of force by any side or any person and if anyone is willing to use force that gives us we are really to secure for us but we will not give up on democracy which is what we have always wanted from the beginning of france italy britain and the u.s. and u.a.e. have released a joint statement warning against military action our diplomatic editor james bays
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has more from the nato summit in washington. libya wasn't on the formal agenda of the meeting here at the state department of nato foreign ministers but it clearly was discussed on the margins of this meeting because we have a statement from some key nato countries and a major regional player the statement says that they are deeply concerned about the current fighting in libya it goes on at this sensitive moment in libya's transition military posturing and threats of unilateral action only risk propelling libya back towards chaos and then there comes a warning to general haftar the statement says our governments oppose any military action in libya and will hold accountable any libyan faction that precipitates further civil conflict what's interesting is the countries that have signed this statement it is france italy the u.s. the u.k. and the u.s. you have their members of the security council you have france of the security
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council members the one that has been most sympathetic to general haftar also important the u.a.e. is signing this statement and they are the country that militarily has been backing general haftar the most so strong statements and the word from diplomats is that they are angry they are somewhat surprised that general have to made his move at a time when the u.n. secretary general was visiting libya they are concerned about the situation and the highlighting the arrogance of this move at this time a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense lawrence korb says the latest crisis has a serious challenge from the international community. i think the real question is what did they do if general have to comes in and you provoke a war which unfortunately he probably would win what what then and you know you go
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back to the fact this was a nato operation but they walked away too quickly i mean it's comparatively easy as the united states has found out to overthrow a government the real problem is to stay until you can get a stable government after that and i think hopefully that's a lesson that they learned it would be great if the u.n. mediator can you know broker a ceasefire but the fact of the matter is you've got to back up your words when some threat of action well i obviously he has the strongest military forces but it would be a bloody battle because in addition to the government forces you also have in misrata you've got another militia and they have said they would fight with the government too so nobody wins if you see if you start some sort of war and the question is will you be willing to send in some peacekeeping forces to keep the parties apart oman slaughter is a professor of politics at the university of texas in san antonio he says
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a leaf of stars move on tripoli shouldn't be seen as a surprise. the man has been saying it over the last two years as you say number. and he has been building his is trying to do that ultimately he has the he has he has the the hardware he has the will and it to use that's all well and has communicated to his intentions among so why his surprise today they're going to they can make as many speeches and deliberation experience but it is a little of both i mean the timing seems to be quite right for him this is all because he was bypassed together he was not given the important role to play in any of this he controls eighty percent of the maybe even more ninety percent of the country he controls all the oil resources of the country and that fuels these groups from the side that's one secondly you have all judy has some also that there's no i will not be
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a platform for anyone to you move against libya tunisia it won't do with either and so who's going to do with nato going to come up with. his political will to pretty simple as that to move the militias and he's going to keep and he's one who tremendous amount of support. people will thread up all this situation not that the politicians in the u.s. are stepping up efforts to end support for the saudi u.a.e. led war in yemen house of representatives has backed a resolution already approved by the senate it now goes to president donald trump who last month said he would veto to them of that equal hang reports from washington. i don't want to see fourteen million yemenis starve to death harsh words for saudi arabia filled the house chambers that if the saudis don't stop their blockade and let food and medicine in within six months we will see one of the great humanitarian crisis in the world and with that in
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a vote of two hundred forty seven to one hundred seventy five the house joined the senate in sending the message the congress wants the u.s. military to stop supporting the saudi coalition's war in yemen this is the first time that he u.s. congress has rebuked a president on a war powers resolution which was a concern for some who voted no it really basically states yet again that the fundamental premise of this resolution is flawed because u.s. forces are not engaged in hostilities against the who these in yemen which is what the war powers act requires if we want to cut off economic assistance or logistic assist assistance security assistance the saudi there's a way to do that but it's not through the war powers act the lawmakers made clear this is about much more than ending the war in yemen the vote in the senate and in the house makes it. that the united states will not continue to follow a despotic and our democratic leadership coming out of saudi arabia day how they
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are aggressive foreign policy their aggressive military policy i think it's a bad idea but at the very least the united states should not be led into a wall by of the spot of undemocratic murderous regime this was a bipartisan vote the president's likely to respond with a veto the congress probably can't override still for many members of congress this was about much more than a message or a historic rebuke of the president it was a statement on congress's ever darkening view of saudi arabia political gain al-jazeera washington. now the u.s. president has met china's top trade negotiator in washington as the two countries try to end a months long trade war the chinese vice premier says a new consensus has been reached on the greenman but donald trump says there's still work to be done. we have a number of things but we are also very we've agreed to far more than we have.


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