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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 55  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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lower than expected seven binge of a's as more fun of saudi arabia's most highly guarded secrets is out or at least part of wheeled the state oil company has unveiled data for the first time since the one nine hundred seventy s. saudi aramco had to publish the information in a prospectus for potential investors as it prepares to raise capital and buy a petrochemical company called sobbing the data also raises questions about the size of saudi oil reserves betrayed by the revenue to run the kingdom that of our oil field is one of the world's largest surprise in the prospectus is that the around close its production capacity is three point eight million barrels a day now that still is far away the largest feel in the world what people are concerned about as it used to produce well referred to in those days what we've understood over the years is that this is an intentional reduction of capacity in the war the sabbath purchase comes after saudi aramco plans for a public share offering their i.p.o. was put on hold last year it was meant to be the world's largest which saudi arabia
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evaluated at two trillion dollars the i.p.o. is not only going to be about whether those interests it's also going to be about whether salaries are prepared to offer their crown jewel their most important company the thing that is very rabia provides all the revenue for the country or the bulk of it are they willing to really put that overseas and put them in a position where you know people could potentially have lawsuits against the you know make claims against it and i think a lot of people said it would have think very carefully that's what they want to do . the data shows that tax pays to the state has been greatly reduced to investors there are also questions about crown prince mohammed bin sold months ambitious vision twenty thirty the investors who look at these all of these aspects technical influence on government interference and government in their oil company operations and then of course the overall sustainability of saudi regime in the next ten
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twenty years money raised from around cause business and potential sell off is at the heart of diversifying the saudi economy which so far remains a distant vision from a job read out as their bad diets are leading to more deaths than smoking that's according to a report from the medical journal lancet in nearly all of the one hundred ninety five countries surveyed people were found to be consuming too much of the wrong types of food and not enough healthy produce bats contributing to one in five deaths globally on average we consume eighty six percent more sugar sweetened drinks than is considered safe of the eleven million diet related deaths globally ten million of them were caused by cardiovascular disease salt playing a big role one of the main problems is the fact we're not eating more vegetables fruits nuts seeds and whole grain israel france spain and japan have the lowest
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rates of food related deaths i was very good stan afghanistan and the marshall islands had the highest ice can are seen is in the system professor of health metrics so the university of washington and of the author of that report he says more needs to be done globally to ensure people receive the right nutrition. previous efforts in the making helped to fix the under industry and over the and obesity but there has not been a systematic effort to estimate the health effects. school quality. and this study is to try to answer this question one of the major challenges is the lack of availability of sufficient food and vegetable in all countries. who are looking to take up grain the problem is too much processing grain majority
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grain that are consuming these current can therefore more free find. depending on the day to be a factor there are different better figure that contribute to their consumption and one of the perhaps common problems is also. the friend three factors across different countries and between a country there are some mississippi foods that are currently unfortunately nitpicked that you think of for example whole grains and these are not far off. in many countries actually for not eating meat case in many countries it's very close to zero and you suggest that basically including the consumption we need to basically walk on intervention and help the only team die before i close the fore. so i had on al-jazeera in spalt a moment's forget for the team hoping to win the dogs and leave.
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welcome back scientists now want to lease thirty percent of the world's oceans to become marine sanctuaries by twenty thirty the goal is to protect them from exploitation the clock explains. the largest and least protected places on our planet are the high seas that is the enormous areas of deep ocean that lie beyond national jurisdictions they cover more space than all the continents combined containing ancient coral reefs and trenches deep enough to hold mt everest these
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vast blue worlds are the highways for whales for shocks for turtles and for tuna traveling fowls ins of models it's home to an extraordinary array of biodiversity crucial to the health of our planet this life drives the oceans biological pump capturing carbon at the surface and storing it deep below without this our atmosphere would contain fifty percent more carbon dioxide and the world would be too hot for life but the global oceans are under threat facing growing exploitation including unregulated fishing and the emerging deep sea mining industry through climate change ocean acidification and plastics well toxic mix now in a new report commissioned by greenpeace scientists from oxford and york universities in the u.k. laying out how it's crucial that at least thirty percent of the world's oceans are
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protected as a chanson trees by twenty thirty this they say would protect habitats and species it would rebuild biodiversity and allow ecosystems to recover and crucially they say it would lead to an increase in fish tanks outside the sanctuaries hoping to underpin global food security although hemphill is from greenpeace usa is says more ocean sanctuaries with help from some of the damage. the first step that needs to happen is a global treaty that would set up a framework that would allow us to create these ocean sanctuaries right now the sixty percent of the ocean that is called the high seas has no legal framework that would allow such protections to be put in place but as we speak there is a united nations meeting happening that is discussing such a framework and basically all of the countries in the world need to come together
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and agree on this the idea of a sanctuary is almost as almost like a bank so you you have these areas that are becoming depleted because of overfishing because of plastics because of climate change and you set them aside and that allows the species that live there to recover and to regrow and some of these processes that we're starting to see degrade can start to come back. all right sports fans say that say they got so caught up with the sport thank you very much. nic has survived the big scare in the german cup the late penalty decided at the quarterfinal in by and say that as they said nine goals was second in haim and it was just the reports. and easy evening was the expected experience for eighteen time german cup winners binah munich in this quarter final against second city hiding behind i an early goal from bines gorecki it fitted into that context but the game was about to get complicated for the reigning german league champions
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first they had apply a sense off i then hide in home scored a couple of goals the put them into the lead i am in danger of going out swallow division side for the first time in fifteen years is. normal service at pits who have resumed in the second tof it's almost binds equalizer i before goals from robert levin dusky and surge to navarrete gave bind some breathing space. but hide behind weren't done yet robert johnson school twice in three minutes to complete a hat trick like the school for old i. just as the unthinkable was beginning to look possible a handful from modern bush provided an escape for by an eleven dusky stepped up to school resulting penalty on winning five four there into the semifinals for a tenth straight season. wednesdays of the quarter final is
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somewhat more predictable shall because all full form continuing in a to know their fate against fota promise. and the richardson al-jazeera. than to spin the news to has a back track to on his criticism of teammate moyes the can can always racially if. used to buy a rival fans on tuesday has said the teenager was partially to blame in a post game interview but claimed the nato casco celebration provoked a calorie fan but now the italian international says he was too quick to express himself and his was have been misunderstood campaign is the fighting racism in football say the problem in italy is deep rooted i would go as far as it is say it's an epidemic they've had some gatherings of your failing government but that's led to more problems quite frankly because it's led to
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a blurring of the lines and i think part of the problem in a country like italy is that the right wing government the rhetoric of the government is anti migrant and it's anti africa and that clearly when one was freed you know feed into stadiums we've seen the rise of this in society miss seeing the rise of it again in football and this is about representation about the system makers about the toughness of sanctions is showing that players have the confidence in the governing bodies and the decision makers to make sure that the sanctions match the crime and i'm not sure what we're seeing at the moment hence why we have a climate where manages play is both black um why are saying that they will walk off the pitch of their refusing to play for nearly two months. made a goalscoring return for him to milan in the has been involved in a contract dispute with the club and lost the team kept the sienna as
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a consequence he scored a power in a four nil win over didn't enter our third and carry on. it's advantage manchester city once again in the english title race the defending champions have gone a point clear of liverpool with six games to go they did it thanks to a two no when over cardiff who are now a deep in relegation trouble given to brian and roy sonny with the goals in manchester liverpool are again playing catch up but the reds face southampton on friday and tottenham beat crystal palace in the first league match at their new stadium. plainly decisive. i don't have the we are going to be in the next or the top four and we're going to play in the next season on the jump to leak recently you know what hans and it's a mini league seven games five you know what i'm used to you must be a big boost for what i want to play in and of course what i would funds and of
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course this is up to us to achieve what i have gone top of the dutch the despite scoring a bizarre own goal in the game against him and i accept winning the game five two in him and had the x. defend nicolas title if you go to thank for one of their goals james harden was again the star man for the houston rockets in their latest win hard in school thirty one points in a comfortable home the thirty five two hundred three win over the los angeles clippers. that's it for me sammy thanks so much well that's it for this news hour be back with another phobos and so stay with us. we live in a time of war and tragedies crimes against humanity. activist repression. enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests.
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extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to combat impunity and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament. and global alliance of national human rights institutions. a notorious symbol of the u.s. war on terror one set for closure one ton of obey and it's detainees going nowhere we have identified as a priority is the construction of
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a nail high value detention center i'm afraid that we're setting the conditions to return back to profit. and state sponsored torture as we did have done in the past rendition revisited part two on al jazeera. talk to. your just back from yemen what was the glimpse of the country to go and we listen that children are deeply affected because of war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter just zero. a state of emergency declared in the libyan capital as troops world war three for half the threaten to advance on tripoli.
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and sam is a dan this is a live from doha also coming up. with results of this report is going to have a plan to ash sure safety invalidation six investigators in ethiopia say the pilots of a passenger jet that crashed last month followed procedures for. u.s. media affords a report into alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election is more damaging for the president than earlier revealed. plus a world first stray it gets tough on social media companies out of the new zealand mosque attacks. a state of emergency has been declared in the libyan capital as troops loyal to
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warlord so if threatened to advance on the city wednesday half those fighters posted video online which appears to show a large convoy of heavily armored vehicles on the move after all it is forces to head west towards the capital to fight what he calls the remaining terrorist groups the u.n. secretary general is calling for calm let's get more now from mahmoud who's in tripoli a state of emergency has been declared a sign of just how wide authorities are right now mood. well sir me. alongside the state of emergency that's been declared by the interior minister the that is affiliated with the. government of national accord to tripoli because the government led by phase of in tripoli that's following the threats of course made by have to his forces positioned now another young talent in the south of tripoli to move towards the capital tripoli to recapture that as they say to rid the
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capital of what they call tourists now in the city of misrata we're getting reports from misrata that forces loyal to the. central military region that is affiliated with the national accord government they're now moving towards the capital tripoli as they say to protect it and to face have to his forces in case have to his forces which are positioned in the u.n. move north towards the capital tripoli it's ironic sami that. meanwhile the united nations secretary general and to new a good turkish who is in tripoli now has been calling for calm and he's now in libya for a two day visit he's going to visit he also to meet with. factions there despite his calls for calm for all factions but yet old rival
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factions on the ground are still threatening have to his forces are threatening to move towards tripoli on the other hand forces loyal to a den ash mother called the government are also releasing statements saying that they are mobilizing and the are going to war towards the capital of tripoli to confront have to his forces in case the approach of police any. all of this comes a few days i think nine days before the general national council is supposed to meet how will that impact that process which was supposed to find a resolution to the libyan conflict well that seems to be do you really get a peace process namely the general national conference which is going to be held it is do you do to be held in the city of adamus on the fourteenth of this month as
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you know so this conference is expected to have comprehensively conciliation and to what you could know is shuffled to government and to set dates for general elections to end their war end the stalemate in libya and that by virtue of that conference have to would have a post in the new government as head of the of security but it seems that have to does not want only that he wants. positions he wants to impose himself as a de facto lot of end west of the country before that that our national conference is held on the fifteenth of this month all right thanks so much much more than the our i lose twenty members of the afghan security forces have been killed during an attack by the taliban on a government compound happened in the bellemont of our district in baghdad province a military base in the police compound where targeted fighting in the province has
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been ongoing for the past month the conflict often becomes heightened during the arrival of the spring season if europe is government has releases for eleven area reports into last month's fatal crash one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew died when the youth european airlines flight went down six minutes after takeoff from madison arbor behavior mohammed before. it's been almost a month since a boeing seven three seven took off from ethiopia capital addis ababa bound for nairobi it crashed six minutes later near the town of the shaft to killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board it appears transport minister has now released the first official findings of the investigation into the crash with says the pilots did everything that was recommended by boeing that major of fifty one of this investigation is to make sure that there is safety in that haitian sector
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it's not to blame someone it's not to get some sort of there are some things that we are going to do it as something very normal forming the procedures but of all the things that isn't of this report is going to have to ensure safety in the nation six the pilots reportedly struggle to control the plane's automatic anti stalling system which is meant to push the nose of the aircraft downwards if it detects a stall or loss of a speed analysts believe this issue may have led to the crash the crew reacted quite correctly by carrying out a drill that has been pressed for bribes if this occurs and isolated this system which was trying to push the nurse doe but having done that. they then found that one of the control systems that they have for pulling those back up again simply wouldn't perform for them this was the second crash to involve the
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boeing seven three seven max within five months in indonesia last october a lion f. light went down shortly after takeoff from jakarta killing all one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew the lawyers representing the families of the victims of the line f. light say the united states should do more to hold boeing accountable you know what he says you know he says no. this is. for me this is you know this you know more of those who work really. just as for those wires for the united states and it's a major setback for the company boeing really has to work very fast to recover its trust because its brand name is so strong and its products for a long time have been so good the boeing seven three seven max has been grounded
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worldwide pending a review into the software up with flight control system investigators in ethiopia say a full report into what happened could take up to a year to complete mohammed al jazeera u.s. media is reporting that special counsel robert mahler's team is unhappy with the way the attorney general's office has portrayed the findings of their inquiry officers involved in the investigation into russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen election say the summary of their report is limited and is far more troubling for the us president than william barr indicated the attorney general submitted a four page letter from march to twenty four valid lining the conclusions from the investigation and said it cleared trump's campaign of colluding with russia. kimberly joins us now live from washington d.c. so it can really do you know some of the points that they feel. have not been i
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currently for trade. we don't know is specifically which points they are concerned about but overall what is being widely reported is that there are many of the investigators that worked on the special counsel's team robert mueller that feel that this spirit of the investigation has not been adequately reflected in the summary that was put forward by the attorney general william barr essentially that the conclusions of the report are far more damaging than has been portrayed by the attorney general now the attorney general is moving to release this four hundred page report but he says that he needs more time possibly till mid april in order to strip it of some of the classified or confidential information but the conclusion as you pointed out so far according to the attorney general of the justice department is that there was no collusion between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia but we should point out remember even as
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donald trump says he has been exonerated of the other best geisha in part or component of this report and that was the potential for the president had to have obstructed justice robert mueller did not reach a conclusion on that in fact he made no judgment so that is why there is such an effort in washington to see the entire report and why perhaps there may be some frustration that many feel at least on the team that not all of the information that is contained in the report has so far been made public or the attorney general may take his time to strip out the parts he feels all sensitive but when it will that impact one imagines this will only these ripples are only going to fuel the democratic push to try and get the whole report released right. you're absolutely right i mean we saw in the house of representatives on the judiciary committee the chair gerry navl or they're leading
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a charge and successfully getting a vote in his favor to release this report that in essence he now has the power to subpoena not only to see the report but also to get the evidence that was used to reach its conclusions and also testimony from some very prominent former white house staffers including political advisor steve bannon even the white house counsel don mcgann so this is adding fuel to the fire as you point out there's also a growing movement here in washington there will be protests outside the white house today as there is this could increase the effort to try and pressure the trumpet ministration because you have to remember the justice department of those leaving out are pointed by the white house this is a man william bar that has been appointed by the president well he has been approved by the u.s. congress so there are questions about objectivity this is often a concern when it comes to two u.s. administrations this one is no different but certainly this is the lead up to the
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twenty twenty presidential election once again at the end of the day americans are left confused about who they can trust and what is pullet.


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