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tv   Balloons Over Babylon  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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and and he's a candidate for the senate in the upcoming federal election. he has played a key role in helping reshape one nation's firearms policy. we have a policy in life it's a twenty one point plan to make things better for registered shooters want to. sound sensible common sense we're on your saw and we want you to be all the shooting the best that you can. in an interview for the gun rights astray your website the one nation party leader said today's gun laws make the innocent more phone rable only just take natalie dancing to fatten shouldn't pay for open air actually allowing for most to actually have the firearms. for years pauline hanson has been pushing a populist anti immigration agenda. i believe we are in danger of being swamped by asians and with all the. good publicity stunts including wearing
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a burka to poem that have led to accusations of racism because this is not. what should be alone in this comment. everyone male and female should have some knowledge of have a handle a firearm have to protect themselves because i don't trust our governments fail to do for us. what can we say here that would probably translate their we say that the right to protect and defend yourself is a god given right. the one nation visitors a being schooled in public relations by the n.r.a. is media liaison team. just for in morton's an office an argument for gun ownership that can be used beyond the united states the right to protect and defend yourself exactly now despite hostage video doesn't come from the constitutes
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deterrence just guarantees us but it can to god. if your it person has so you see it as a lie it's a god given right. one of the p.r. team's biggest challenges is how to respond to a mass killing. the biggest one in recent years was the newtown shooting where the little children that shot at an elementary school. there's somebody shooting in here and you know. i had like seven loud booms and jim he just told us to go in the corner. where your her. children are pronounced dead at the school there were two they were transported to area hospitals were pronounced dead at area hospitals. where people are now asking when there will be a debate about america's gun laws. the press was how he and how nice this
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organization for star hope he made a statement like comment may be coming to far right that's what the end and the organization what they'll be debate they'll be delayed the n.r.a. will say this is not the time to talk about it of the twenty six promoted at the sandy hook elementary school twenty with children aged six and seven. the gunman used an fifteen assault rifle near the chechen anybody who went on the ground mr martin has closed the door and he went to the corner first graders. and no time. every time i think about those kids he gets me mad. and then decisions like responding on this kind of shooting are happening at the very highest level and they were not responding not responding. whilst some of tried to exploit tragedy for political gain. we have remained respectively
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silent. and then when you are here held a news conference in which he basically said we're holding pla we're not going to cave man. now we must speak. for the safety of our nation's children. allah titian's passed laws for gun free school zones they post signs advertising. and in doing so. they tell every insane killer in america. that schools are the safest place to inflict maximum am with minimal risk. however nation's priorities gotten so far out of order. our society is popular. aided. by an unknown number of genuine monsters.
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people that are so doraine so evil so possessed by voices and driven by demons that no sane person can ever possibly comprehend. when we're not here to that press conference i thought they're going to come out and say this is a mental health problem and the n.r.a. recognizes that and we are going to put in a hundred million dollars into mental health research and supporting mental health services to the wrong people don't get guns. we need to have every single school in america a media lawyer protection program proven to war and by that. i mean armed security more guns more guns more guns ching ching ching ching ching say you can say it's not if it's so sick. because people die.
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and already reacts to criticism by trying to generate positive stories about come under should it till one nation that the first step is to co-opt willing reporter. you know somebody who maybe at least your son i worked at a newspaper maybe was over in city hall or fired for her. last dose side advises feeding reporters information they need to write junk friendly stories. you'll hear not stories about people who were robbed at the beach eat whatever might be that good bit about how they got it done and that's going to be able to words and that's where his daughter is going to go to buy a loop. to make sure you set up let's carry a pro-gun message. to ghostwrite articles for them. will pinch guest columns in the local papers a lot of times we'll buy them for like
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a local sheriff in wisconsin or whatever and we'll draft and or she will help us draft it we'll do a lot of the leg work because these people are busy and this is our job so we'll help them and then they'll submit it with their name on it so that it looks organic you know that it's coming that you know that we will have a role behind the scenes. and i think it will be fine it's been validated to me this is for many years is the arms in a sense stories he's a are our members might send us a newsletter from their local t.v. station where it stands and uses a firearm protect themselves or something else. we start crediting a vigilant gun owner with saving the life of an upper darby cop and if it wasn't for the good samaritan stepping forward he'd have been dead meat. he's our little storage and there's sort of little. snice zero one cashier at
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a local convenience store i was fire on like protecting style. these stories happen every single week and you'll never hear about them from gun grabbers when you see these stories sheriff. those are good because they're short and they kind of get you outraged calling it outrage of the week. exploring. we have after getting our import to astronomer we coming into their house by the pool that's there every time there's a story there about the everton games coming up with baseball this thing which you put out there maybe a tweet or facebook voters or whatever are not allowed to own their own not on the phone they're holding both sides save lives gun control does not that's despicable in the same way to back going to street told you you're not going to get
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cancer if you smoke my cigarettes they lied to you and we know they lied to you. and you want to quit messaging out there don't you people out getting mad easy that here stand the n.r.a. till one nation to engage members with a simple message exploit anger and fear when you start talking about issues that get too complicated and think too hard i lost their lives and if they can get to like the american five of my thoughts we all get out but that's easy. this threat is real our leaders are either in cheap or unwilling to protect you there is no better fire on the from their homes against realistic threats than a ar fifteen semiautomatic it's easy to learn and easy to use it's accurate interim why. why can some they are fifty.
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you can't legally own a tank in america you can't legally own r.p.g. you can't legally own a nuclear weapon why do we have restrictions on. we can never say well it's ludicrous we never say it's a government all right it's a right all. fire ok thing is that. it's dangerous but it. well you look at a lot. polls. or people drowning pools. and they are fifty is one of the most effective tools available to protect yourself and your family get trained and learn how to use it your safety is in your hands. that they are fifteen is the weapon of choice for a mass shooter and that weapon should not be on the streets of this country. the same weapon used next to pursue use next to a tank next to r.p.g.
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in war m sixteen a r fifteen the same weapon one can shoot faster with the trigger held down when you've got to pull one hundred times in a minute the bullets the same the damage the same the brazed a blow out is the same the heart that explodes the same the bullet hits it the organs that separate are the same. let's look at the gun still. there and don't. call him a minute ago and. dixon till's a salesman that semiautomatic weapons including the fifteen were confiscated in a strange year following the port arthur mexico. where they bought it all on our own thought a lot of it for. that matter out there on.
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the floor of. the salesman had his own story about johns and politics what we've seen with getting elected into office jails if there has been a rise of nut jobs like there's a lot more scary people on the burning cross not of people that think whether it's true or not they feel like they're in a much more than believe political climate so they're coming out of the woodwork this. carrying a lot of. the holes frightened people feel by johns the whole they want comes. here already a lot more than buying guns for the first time we're getting really you know buyers might already buyers we've got a lot more they'll be too cute. as a whole are recognizing are you going to they're in more danger they. are exactly themselves not in unity. and national not in. my gun corner my good eye is the. dixon meets
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a woman whose experience he believes will resonate in a strange you decide exactly under god in school. he later recounts his story which he thinks could be used to inspire women to themselves back on. she got one hundred by a documentary have to. be a little taller i'm just there if you give me and i'm. not going to on. a particular family. we were it's like who were to tell me if they. were going to that. i'm going. out and a couple of raja discovers that the fear of being attacked even obsesses members of
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the n.r.a. . better be carried out and. they don't have guns. weapons in case the guy gets. very dark. brandy graham is a senior federal lobbyist for the n.r.a. . she feel. is office will be still going to come in how difficult or they will be then you're the person and i don't have an answer if you're unstable why would you want to go on as when you think this they could if that would be crazy to you. and really matter to throw out a man or woman on a team to be numero. graham says she feels vulnerable wherever she goes when i get on a plane there are thinking you go down ninety three i mean i did not want to know you are out. safely after the fact but there are areas that might know that i'm
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going to come and get it. put back out. the next distant nation for the one nation team is an organization representing gun manufacturers in america. they discuss their constant battle against anti gun campaigners. to. ash. i doubt the trench is. larry keane is the senior vice president of the national shooting sports foundation were. you chant your image. dixon says they need to work together to combat the rise of political correctness or throwing it out how to. kill the culture of islam akio was such that the series
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. was the republic of. us a god that worked a lot. for. the organization includes gun makers retailers and distributors. if you can pull triggers even get those people to burn it just fits for the kids. the foundation sees women as a key to making guns more acceptable. it was ok with. them they were with them and if the vote was against you. that's just like that site which. must write about the news are going to be a lot you know you gotta get. here yes ma was. in town to one nation lays out a strategy for how to introduce soft to gun bill was in
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a strange. something we want you to be. the charts you have a lot it's your first name it's been used to the bride. and party leader pulling hansen talks about going to america herself to meet gun lobby contacts yeah i'm going to the white. yeah i got. here is a very important fourth of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront.
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who on the view. and. will be. a rich and diverse culture explored through its music istanbul songs of the city on al-jazeera . fellow i'm darren jordan in doha with the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. house judiciary committee has become legal proceedings to get the full report on russia's role in the twenty sixteen election president donald trump's attorney general william barr as only released a four page summary of the confidential report meanwhile u.s. democrats have asked the tax office or it is to hand over six years of donald
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trump's personal and business tax returns so far the president has refused to release the information were under audit despite what people said they were. working that out as i'm always under order to change but i've been on the road for many years because the numbers are big and i guess when you have a name you you're audited but until such time as i'm not under audit i would doubt be enjoyed to do that. the man accused of the new zealand mosque attacks will now face fifty charges of murder police say australian born brendan tarrant will also be charged with thirty nine counts of attempted murder on friday fifty people were killed in last month's attacks the un backed government in tripoli has gone on alert his troops loyal to the warlord holly for have to head towards the libyan capital the soldiers of posted video online showing a large convoy of heavily armed vehicles on the move after hours over his forces to
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head west towards the capital tripoli to fight what he called the remaining terrorist groups m.p.'s in britain's learn house has voted to approve a bill that forces the government to avoid a no brigs if the measure still needs to go through the upper house u.k. supposed to leave the e.u. with the twelfth of april wednesday's vote means that the government will now have to ask bustles for further extensions nato secretary general has warned the us congress about what he calls a more assertive threat from russia yet stoltenberg addressed lawmakers on capitol hill to mark the seventieth anniversary of the security alliance he says nato does not want a new cold war but added that its partners must not be naive about relations with moscow. the u.s. has to provide four hundred million dollars in new aid to venezuela in support of opposition leader one. half of the money will be sent to neighboring countries taking in venezuelan refugees the bill also eases sanctions on officials who recognize the government but as the headlines the news continues here after
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al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massive station that's a watching battle. the one nation team is back at the national rifle association headquarters. after trying to break down the narratives that people's reaction to gun use in. the meeting played caroline whose role is to galvanize the n.r.a. has five million members to vote for pro-gun politicians. so we're trying to identify that speech part of what a secular women vote would look like so we can deliver a secular member admission that specific an amendment to the constitution gives merican is the right to carry guns in many states the fifteen assault rifle for self-defense or grow up with coffee offered or. just the private thing was
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childish nothing was naughty she was just talking with us no you automatically come in and. those guns were banned under restraint is national firearms agreement following the port arthur massacre. a realistic goal to wipe out a national gun ban overnight but if you can work around the market what that does it improve the lives down to daily basis it does demonstrate and make him noted look if you can start making a difference we can develop some talent. very simply that means we have the testicles of the government in our hand at every given fight you. have guns it came up things to the end or will be able to take my children we still have to try to feel we should. caroline suggests to one nation that owning a gun should be presented as a matter of personal freedom. there is needs well special women coming and you don't have to iraq she just don't want the government tell you it can't be that
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choice that right now you really don't have enough been legislated away. the n.r.a. and pfizer's to one nation's campaign should focus on getting dismiss each to targeted sections of the population biggie isn't so you get that masters of twenty five ninety pickiest give that to the right segment of occupation is going to create who people take that message and her act is trying to dominate or let's get it to assure that a lot it takes a lot of we have our next month or. so if not a shocking approach where anything you were handed everything a rifleshot vision sounds like i want to reach out first and foremost people identify themselves as supporters and activists and as i have time resources i'll expand that to be. the one nation visit his plunder the advice they've received on how to sell
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a pro-gun message. something why you should have it. functionalist don't trust you have lawyers for years you know it didn't used to the five. do you still think of it get to. be let's hear all the men and women shooting right in their games not so fifteen or twenty that i was the one taking stock we are women all people. if you really want to know her. and how to treat your provider. right now.
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you got the current number one hundred year he might not want to make it go up to you. sure you got our obvious are going to go so. we're iran our ears. that's where we thought we were driving down the country how they're used. in the past want to change the rules on the station you've got children i'm on when i'm on we're go to the mortuary which will have to do. identify your child. if a coughing fit your child. rushing eulogy for your child to. attend a service for your child. and very child. because that's
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a torch and. that's my reality and that's what the general public. is concerned. they're not concerned raj. i'm izing on at the n.r.i. museum in the united states the stop here from buck one of bill there is a run of knowledge weapons you gov rod truth this museum is really really incredible dixon is enthusiastic about guns but he knows it will be a hard sell for these train people to accept the dismantling of firearms laws. shootings not a bad thing into a right thing and to die in australia we use it in the olympics the commonwealth games and we should be in touch in young people to learn how to shoot it's quite short.
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it's ok if we get through. what's so tough that's that's really it's a tray of fish or of the great spirit dickson doesn't plan to till the is trillion public the one nation is considering the repeal of the national firearms agreement he suggests the low be whittled down if i did want to go through the end of the journey would he want to stop the rest of you from the life or up with of it was it not it's not enough stuff saw us. take to get. this right now to get the side if you can do something with a name we can get another piece of bread in the blood. really even with roger claiming to support american style gun laws dixon invited seem difficult shape one nation's firearms policy. you know a couple or a whole shit rob but comes up with
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a problem. where you can get a yeah. they are not. and if you fifteen hundred dollar ahead gathering dixon and ashby mixed with some of washington's most powerful gun lobbyists. and the honest if you know more people talk about god alive and go if you want to be done stand together we bought one for your question and. your man dixon is now clear on the language that cuts through in america's wealthy pro-gun community. and is better than that that we don't have the second amendment an act not. with that but about at it. as they
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speak as election is just months away. dixon tells roger that if one nation wins the balance of power it would be like the party holding a gun to the strain in government and. he need to understand about health care is the headline i'm not going to the back of it that's worth it i want you so i want something you give. to them that i get it but it's like. the government would then be compelled to pass laws that one nation wants. the bottom one where we are we've got all the political right through my company. that we don't have that. we don't attach well. members of the gun lobby offered to help stop it we've made sure that you never want to know. i'd never want you to go down you know if you never why you
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rapping walk over into somebody you know you know i'm merely for this is my life you got to go by i'm still i believe that yeah they're. going to hear. i want to believe that you know so i want you to know for you that you know i don't personally when i have to write a check. it never wants i'll give you a hundred bucks back out no. dixon issues those around him that you will do what they want and change the strain was going to stop them. or you know. oh no we don't i don't care you know. we're out. dixon is given advice on how to pave the way for those changes here's what you need to do this doesn't go anywhere except up get help from us gun manufacturers. have you ever gone to america have you ever gone to your it was ok if you need to
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sit down with this guy out you know he suggests that one nation till gunmakers the amount of money they'll make if a stray use firearms laws are changed. next year they're going to send literally your next door to one and a golf ball is what the father who thought so although we're really the first to go off they would. remove it if it got much in all those people are going to give you fifteen for anything and. to make good on those present a bill he suggests a degree of deception. at that point the lawyer and i have a two million dollars campaign to get money in here she writes not yet writes you're never going to put gun rights do not ever touch gun rights on your oath and second out may your i say brought out in fishing rights we're going to get there. you're going to pass it and you go how could i want to go. along you know what you
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just said to me all my life. you're good man you've got going to i read might. want to. i can go absolutely to one nation announces it has a meeting lined up that week with for interesting to observe the energy giant coat industries. go to our get out of the body a group or even blog it came. up with they discuss what koch industries might expect in return for a donation. who we don't imprison or do so while they go to war you heard it out. can you do. me to just about anything where you know. if you look up the cut brothers will i believe will that up believe that all of.
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the dove i have a knife the shell of which come here i find. it doesn't seem to end up with five hundred million dollars toward another q i mean if he really was going to win the lottery and the gone from forty five people to each but if we get to the point where we can talk about figures what sort of number. i'm thinking ten not obviously one. if it's are. within the. inside the cook offices dixon and ashby suspect that he microphones may be used by their hosts to record the discussion they give raja would if it follows that he shall have and if you're wrong david really don't know i'm. a bit.
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special. they know you and i give you good kind. of another regiment. up here we made a record triple the meeting with the team led by catherine hackett to rick to river federal affairs a coach industries. and a full month employee of the n.r.a. . in his speech the money dixon makes a remarkable author one of the electoral process in a strange if industries gets the money. watch and help us get out yet it got tough on women in china and hard wired. we are the wheel of momentum of senator orrin hatch and she. was pushing all of you for that person. you agree with by. waiting.
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to happen not for mayor but your election i mean. rules regulation so i don't knock your mayoral straaten sort. with culturally how that's viewed what sort of money you're allowed to pay. how we understand that there are no set limits on. purpose or not not what there is reporting russia anything out of ten thousand dollars in a federal election must be rewarded that's recorded on the website bus by the public up with ok. i think that i'd say it's money should not have an influence in our pledge the same as well so i believe fined and i should should be stopped tried playing. ten weeks out to the one nation meeting with koch industries these trillion sinnott change
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the move and ban foreign political donation. center to henson voted in favor of the ban. this not being organized sation said tonight to one nation i can assure you that it's been the hard work of having efficient ship meetings so we actually have something seasonals. i will all and why are. you intentionally there's interest and you and there's some other folks. with the prospect of a food the meeting dixon leaves feeling upbeat. they'll . shut you off. on this. the following day the delegation discusses roger's role in pushing for changes to the bill. done in iraq you were.
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told don't go to the front that's a clearly points to something we've got. one. they would through the challenges one nation would face if the gun lobby comes through with funding. channeling that cash through rogers group gun rights astray would be a problem. it's more expensive not that. it is good for the electorate coming your. way. but rather it's coming right but koch industries could provide a more sophisticated option. to trigger the very worst over the other one third this. really has served. that to all of.
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what's getting. the koch empire includes a sort of byzantine set of groups that have been set up to influence politics and to spend money on politics but without having to disclose where the money is coming from and the koch brothers were really pioneers in this area and have set up the very complicated networks for money to get into the political system you'll. know there's not much to work it's that it was good. but not really. i've heard it described as a daisy chain. with one group giving to another group to another group. and sort of multiple layers of anonymity for the donors. and always circulating the money so that the law isn't here too technically but that's perhaps
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the letter of the law not the spirit of the law. as the wounds broncho to be careful when he communicates about the one nation trip to washington. and the erotic. words of truck rice used instead. and see just what ought to be any where it's. just specific is that since it's over. he's worried about america's experience with foreign meddling in elections. all i'm saying that. russia is. now in the same spot is on the. soapbox stuff for yourself a lot of ashby doesn't want to stray you join a lists to find out why he and dixon have come to washington. everybody who i've thought of that way this is seated on the edge i think they are but.
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as the trip to washington comes to a close contacted by his party leader colin henson he says the trip has been so sensitive that he's careful in passing on information. to be able to get. there. maybe. something like did they get a number. as he has a message for keeping some communication secret i always been a model it would be. good for a game of the newbie iraq. i thought. every hour made by. something that you want to go. out there for your. get on. board.
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they may be keeping a low profile but dixon appears pleased with one nation's progress in washington. d.c. it's the big. i don't know i think we've already lit the fuse on dollars for that belief that. he believes that money will eventually make its way to one nation would let the fears limit lobby for the life of their beloved does nothing real limits the consent of those people to die yesterday i saw at the buckcherry whatever amends. and i'm ready for it and maybe a bit of this is something you took. on this two. losses show us. you don't need to bring. you lost a forward. there are other people on this planet. we can't.
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back up. you can all you want and specially all of you can all. everybody to march because there are some people that have got up right there robbers i want to play the night. as the one nation team prepares to leave washington ashby's final words to roger we're about the media. come. about coming up on. the budget which. three months after the one nation delegation returned to australia sen pulling hanson joined roger and ashby for a private dinner. so a little boys. with the boys i did a good job is that it's just me that's. a discussion on gun laws
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she told brought to she believes many questions remain unanswered about the port arthur massacre. being said maybe it's out there but actually it's the commands are against us and here turns. out. that that was i don't know who it was set up. on its very own stupid things i know right now and will see where i was ok for now i'm. here. on. the senators said she wouldn't hesitate to use a gun herself if she needed to. if i had so much unanswered my house trying to get me i'm telling. i think. i think senator hanson revealed why she had no trouble with ashby and dixon's when
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they visited the u.s. looking for the gun lobby money i'm like oh my god they're going to answer me to their cunts fear and tunnel is a very strict there aren't is not it is not. like that i have collection type the same sorts i am i have to correctly let's jump up and get my life in an age. that converts. everything that the sin is the biggest threat against the now good worker and that's what was on the start of that concern and. the dinner took place just weeks after the astray and senate banned political parties from receiving foreign donations and we got a nice room and. was born five nice house and i. was fired for its. spots it would suck us always to
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get water no doubt. despite the new door ashby plans a return visit to america to reconnect with the pro-gun lobby this time he'll take pulling henson with him yeah i'm good at. it and i know. why they think i'm. a great leader caught here because we.
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egypt's strongman is ruling within a fire and faced and the silence from his allies is deafening the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western media is turning a blind eye when even their citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you want to hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london man in cairo on al-jazeera. hello once again i'm afraid we have yet more right in the forecast for iran over the next few days or so into the weekend for the here and now is largely dry and settles some of these dams in iran around ninety five percent full or more we need
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those waters to subside thursday is a quiet day further west there you can see what's coming we've got some more cloud of gray spilling out of turkey some snow there over the higher ground and that'll all gather sink a little further south what's in the east which as we go through friday heavy rally around the live events lebanon jordan much of syria seeing some heavy downpours and it will eventually push through iraq as we go on through the through the weekend we will see that weather weather setting in across iran the face of the flooding conditions coming through here come down into the gulf is a few showers around here as well even hearing and we could see wanted to like more so friday but thursday there's still a chance of some showers rather more clouds you notice as we go on through course of friday and that pushes it way down into southern parts of saudi arabia to wards a yemen bit of cloud syria on the eastern seaboard of south africa showers on and off here right pushing further east was heavy downpours for the eastern cape for friday.
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africa's most populous nation the blah just economy has a youth unemployment problem in a bid to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital i until today is folding we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on ounces era. a possible legal showdown in the united states as democrat politicians authorize subpoenas to get robert muller's full report on russia. for everyone on come on santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera british members of parliament of back to do you plan to delay breaks it's guaranteed to you
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take the european union without a deal also a show of force libya's u.n. recognized government goes on alert as funds loyal to warlord khalifa haftar head for the capital. with a more will be in south africa where people in one township are fed up with the government accusing it of neglect. so the us congress has begun the legal process to obtain the complete report into russia's alleged role in the twenty sixth election last month a summary of the report prepared by special counsel robert muller cleared president donald trump and his campaign of colluding with russia but there are still other accusations kambli halkett has more on that from washington. we need these materials to fulfill our cousin to tional obligations a full and unredacted look at special counsel robert muller's report into donald
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trump and his political and business circles that's what congressional democrats are demanding and on wednesday voted for the justice department to turn over this committee requires the full report and the underlying materials because it is our job not the attorney generals to determine whether or not president trump as abused his office democrats on the judiciary committee in the house of representatives are furious the attorney general william bar appointed by president trump did not meet their april second demand to turn over the report whether trump and his team colluded with russia during the twenty six thousand election campaign or obstructed justice during the investigation the fall of the attorney general recently released a four page summary of the nearly four hundred page moller report saying there is no evidence the president worked with moscow to win the white house bar has
3:51 pm
promised only to provide a redacted copy by mid april with publicans accuse democrats of i'm necessarily prolonging the collusion debate that there is a ordinated attempt by the democrats to undermine the president of the united states and this is all about the twenty twenty presidential election but democrats believe trump supporters in congress are trying to suppress evidence of potential criminal misconduct by the president last month when the special counsel concluded his report even trump supported making it public thank you very general but it wouldn't bother me at all but as the debate rages about its release trump is now dialing back that statement so i think it's somewhat of a waste of time this is just politics at a very low level the judiciary committee wants evidence and test. past white house officials wednesday's vote means can subpoena that information at any time the
3:52 pm
question is whether the justice department will comply if the attorney general refuses he could be held in contempt of congress that sets up a lengthy legal confrontation between the justice department and the congressional body that oversees it kimberly help al-jazeera washington. narrowly passed a bill forcing the government to avoid. amendment passed by a single vote that has yet to be approved by the upper house with eight days before the break that deadline means the government will have to ask the e.u. for an extension more from that in. parliament voting to force the prime minister to seek a break sit delay to prevent a no deal scenario at the end of next week it came off to jeremy corbett and his team held urgent talks with prime minister to resume a leader of the labor opposition went into the meeting with some of his own party
3:53 pm
demanding he seek a referendum on any plan emerging afterwards he simply said he'd raise the option of a public vote to prevent no deal or leaving on a bad deal we had a discussion. much expect continuing to have some discussions tomorrow morning explore some of the technical surrounding it. was useful but. i mean. the prime minister's move to consult cauldron after effectively giving up trying to convince her own hard line breaks it is tobacco deal junior minister nigel adams to quit his post on wednesday . in his resignation letter he accused to resume a of quote trying to do a deal with a marxist but the prime minister suggested it was parliament's failure to pass her withdrawal agreement that forced her in. this position and insisted her strategy could work that the purpose of meeting with the leader of the opposition today is
3:54 pm
indeed to look at those areas that we can we agree and i think there are actually a number of there is that we agree on in relation to it i think we both want to deliver a leaving the view with a deal i think we both want we both want to protect jobs i think we both want to ensure that we end free movement i think we both recognize the importance of the withdrawal agreement but for brussels every day makes a no deal breaks it a bit more likely speaking in the european parliament with perhaps the last ever british president the commission president was unequivocal reduce of the twentieth of april is the final date for possible approval if the house of commons does not adopt a stance before the date no short term extension will be possible after the twelfth of april we run the risk of jeopardizing the correct running of the european elections and the correct functioning of the european union. there could be no transition period following an exit the u.k. would immediately become what we call a third country with all the restrictions that brings you. when you're there would
3:55 pm
indeed be customs checks the legal and political reasons we have to be honest here i prefer rigorous tricks to help process or illegal trafficking even if it means a few truck use for now to resume a still aiming to get a deal passed so brics it can happen by the twenty second of may avoiding european parliament elections with next week's summit in brussels fast approaching politicians here know they'll have to make compromises if they're to avoid a no deal but while the government's reluctant to seek a way out through fresh elections to vis parliament the u.k. could still end up taking part in next month's european elections nadine barber al-jazeera london. the u.n. back to government in tripoli gone on alert as troops loyal toward khalifa haftar head towards the libyan capital his soldiers are posted video showing a large convoy of heavily armed vehicles on the move after has ordered his forces to head west towards tripoli to fight what he called remaining terrorist groups
3:56 pm
after his troops are backed by the u.a.e. saudi arabia and egypt mohamed are the one who has more now from tripoli forces loyal to libya's warlord who for have to have been deploying greece simply near the western region they say that they want to move towards the worst of the country and take over the capital tripoli and other libyan cities in the west of the country now in the first three action official reaction to this you and baghdad government of national accord has just issued a statement denouncing the latest deployment but have his forces and condemning what it calls military escalations by have to his forces we understand that this move but have to his forces could be understood as a. step to put more pressure on the national accord government to accept the agreement sealed between have to and saw raj in abu dhabi three weeks ago
3:57 pm
and. virtue of that agreement have as head of the state security in the country which is not accepted by many factions in the west of libya now many military experts say that this deployment might have to end is considered a kind of short of forces short of an order to intimidate have to as adversity and test have that is adverse it is power and capabilities in the west of the country. protesters in south africa have held a rally in johannesburg township calling for better government services and improved living conditions residents of alexandria barricaded streets and burned tires they are angry about rubbish not being collected as piles of refuse build up and they say legal settlements are expanding as well you can see we are overcrowded
3:58 pm
here and xandra so there is no land we buy we can stay so if the government can provide any kind of language by we can be able to fit all of us sold out spot for not one but. we are fighting for alexandra and i want the president to come here so we can talk to him face to face there are lots of things happening here mostly. we're not fighting anyone who just won a prize or to come here so we can speak to them we're fighting for our rights and check in with her on this one in johannesburg an update first of all from you on the protests today. well organizers of the protests say nothing has been planned today in fact they plan to meet with government officials to plan the way forward but we seeing last hour or so is a few people have started gathering in alexandria township singing and chanting slogans saying they want change saying they want development in the area the issues very some say they want better housing their works are subs or they want better
3:59 pm
access to medication some say they want better schools for the children and some say they even want land what we saw yesterday were people who came on to the streets hundreds of people in xander township this is today's newspaper it shows people burning tires as they do here regularly they burn tires blood grows they stop people from going to school going to work saying that they're actually once i'm done about the living conditions here in south africa remember this is an election year elections take place in may so politician the speech of the ruling a.n.c. party the future they're under pressure to deliver to people in places like alexander township a very poor area in johannesburg and across the countryside to suspect as we lead up to those elections in may we see many more of these protests in poorer suburbs in south africa in the past these sorts of protests have had an element to do with xenophobia attacks on other african migrants is that part of it this time or is there is there a reason for for having to deal with. this
4:00 pm
certainly seems to be an element not so much in johannesburg yet but we seen it in recent weeks in places such as durbin and kept on with black south africans are attacking black africans who they say have no documents to be in the country they say things like why are you in south africa you are taking our jobs you taking our women you are fighting with us for scarce resources and they want them gone and so we see in some place for example for example about three hundred allowance i've been forced to move into a camp in a certain part of the africa because they too scared to live in the communities they used to live in because they say they've been threatened by black south africans is an issue that's of divided many south africans some say they partly agree with africans who feel aggrieved by foreigners who come into this country without documentation and get jobs and work for cheap labor and then some would say but hang on a minute it's not just africa.


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