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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 10, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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however we've seen some rather when she weather coming in across japan recently that squatting down now we have got some areas of rain the snow person through over the next couple days no great surprises here but you see things a good deal quite in there has been recently our latest system has moved out into the the northwest pacific just wanted to show us into the eastern side of the country then as we go through monday but i think it should be largely dry tokyo struggling to get turned around five six celsius actually so no great shakes on those temperatures it brightens up the warms up just a touch as we go through tuesday more the west sunshine and then also sunshine to across the korean peninsula little cloud though into northern parts of china beijing will see temperatures struggling to get to around a minus two celsius but the really thick cloud. really is into those central parts of china some extensive snow here for a time to go on into
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a choose day that will not just well little further north it's increasingly turning to rain in just noticed with a southerly way into the southeast the wind for shanghai temperatures get up to around nine degrees celsius for the south we're still getting into the low twenty's for hong kong twenty five for taipei could see what it says showers costs eastern side of the island it's never the philippines much just catch the odd shot over the next couple of days with the usual rush there for the rest of the region. it's forty years since i was homeless i mean the return from exile to lead a historic revolution in iran. a moment the transfer the country shapes the nation ship with the wider world to this day join us for special coverage of the iran and
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the bush years on on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. and russia have come up with counterproposals at the u.n. to solve the venezuela crisis washington is calling for elections while russia warns against using force to remove nicolas maduro kurdish led forces backed by the u.s. are trying to push myself from its last pocket of territory in eastern syria the offensive by the syrian democratic forces focus on the village of about who's near the border with iraq. african leaders are meeting in ethiopia's capital for their annual summit this year is the even as refugees and internally displaced people.
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u.n. backed government has condemned air strikes near an oil field as a terrorist attack that was targeting civilian aircraft forces from the east loyal to commander funny from have to carried out the attack close to the southern in feel oil fields on saturday from on this head is joining us from tripoli to tell us what more reaction has come in. world opinion now as you can see it seems that the pressure is mounting against the have to international and local pressure especially after the libya's a representative at the united nations has called on the security council to take urgent actions towards or in regard to the military operation launched by warlord cliff or have to in the south of the country and that includes according to a would much rather be that includes the latest strikes that targeted
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a civilian runway in the field oil field around eight hundred kilometers to the stars from the capital tripoli. libya's representatives are presented in an old school is also holding what a lot of khalifa haftar responsible for the airstrikes that targeted a civilian run away yesterday now the united nations support mission in libya has also issued a statement condemning the attacks and also is reminding all parties of their obligations to protect civilians and the countries sources now also their mill of the united nations support mission in libya is calling on all the warring factions all the evil factions towards sought to dialogue instead we understand that yesterday and now what a war plane belonging to warlord cliff i have to close with
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a civilian the runway in there and feel feel on the in the south of the country that also. raised a wave of concern a wave of anger among civilians in the south of the country they're ok mahmoud i've been one has with an update from tripoli thank you. turkey has condemned china's treatment if it's muslim weaker minority saying it's a great cause of shame for humanity about a million we girls are believed to be held in counts against their will the turkish foreign ministry wants beijing to respect their human rights and close what it calls concentration camps beijing says the education camps are voluntary and designed to stamp out extremist tendencies the way girls are ethnically turkey muslims and their language is related to turkish greg barton is a professor of global the slavic policy deakin university and he says turkish should improve its own human rights record before criticizing others. the to kuli for turkic speaking people and we grew up being part of that larger turkey quilt
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its belief that came out of central asia including from she and young so there's a broad connection both as muslims and as tookie peoples so there's no doubt a lot of genuine sentiment to the east part but of course turkey is guilty of much the same sin when it's accusing the regime of xi jinping of being guilty of the you know when regime is doing the same thing on the same scale china being twenty times the scale of the size of to the similar proportion of people are and imprisoned for similar reasons into turkey is suffering itself from a great economic downturn it depends very much upon trade with china like many countries so that relationship with china is vital he is involved in a lot of out of manufacture a into into europe which competes with china so it's a complex story but there's no question this is this is the i move which threatens to put the chinee tookey relationship at risk but turkey's relationship with europe
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and with the west and hemisphere is already so fraught that perhaps there's a hope they can balance the something else south korea's government has signed a short term agreement to increase the amount it pays to keep u.s. troops on the peninsula follows demands by president transfer soul to pay more and towards maintaining the twenty eight thousand military personnel stationed across the country the one year deal will have to be approved by parliament it's. when voters in thailand had to the polls next month many will be hoping for an outcome that leads to improve human rights particularly free speech the military has run the country since a coup in twenty fourteen and since then it's been working harder to silence critics at the time monarchy jailing hundreds of people when he reports from bangkok. seeking justice and on says a small group gathered outside the office of the thai prime minister in bangkok i am glad they risked a wrist to demand an investigation into the murder of two critics of the military government and monarchy and the disappearance of another they went missing from
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neighboring laos and in december the bodies of two of them were found in the mekong river tile authorities say they had nothing to do with the murders all of these cases create a fear among people like people are afraid to express their views and opinions especially about such as the monarchy no one dares to do anything even to demand the rights of the dead. some york was arrested before the coup and spent seven years in jail for criticizing the royal family in articles published in his magazine and i mean you know he says when he was released last year he found that human rights had to rewrite to dramatically under military rule inspiring him to continue fighting for democracy and free speech the government has used several laws to try to stifle dissent charging people with sedition or violating the computer crimes act or things they're posted online and after the coup there was a surge in the number of people charged with insulting the monarchy. if the
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military has also used less overt tactics like harassment to silence critics for the past ten years the hosts of this web show have divided thailand's politicians since the coup the being summoned by soldiers and continue to be watched closely. angry. these and of intimidation and during these time. until now they still. come in the form of information officer. on my twitter account on my facebook or. my instagram or my wife you know i'm confident the election and the reintroduction of opposition voices to parliament will help ease restrictions but others on sure anything will change because of a constitution that allows an elected senate is and even an appointed prime minister. in the near future is still hopeless for thailand we should brace for
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more chaos and conflict because i don't think the civilian government will be fooled. until it is those whose voices have been being silenced say they'll continue to use the woods and actions to push for change as thailand begins another ripper sewed up its tubular and political story wayne hay al jazeera bangkok thousands of people have fled their homes the strong winds fan wildfires in new zealand south highlands the fires started near the city of nelson a week ago and have destroyed more than two thousand hectares a forest at least three thousand people have left their homes and more are likely to get out in the coming hours blaze is set to be the worst the new zealand for fifty years. and thousands of people are demonstrating in madrid against the prime minister federal shuns sanchez they're calling for tougher measures as you can see against catalonia as ongoing campaign to secede from spain the mass demonstration going on right now follows an announcement by the prime minister who is trying to
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ease political tensions with catalonia as hester's say he is surrendering to pressure from separatists. north macedonia has not only changed its name but it's undergoing a historic overhaul within six months it must rename state institutions rewrite school textbooks and relabel public monuments critics say this will tamper with its identity but the government says it will help discover its reports from. these students at lousy boesky state school a learning about understand she was kind of a hero of the greek war of independence against the ottoman empire at least that's how he is taught in greek schools one hundred fifty kilometers south of here but here in scope here he is taught as a broken freedom fighter from the south macedonian region what is today greek macedonia that is one of many educational issues a joint commission of historians from greece and north macedonia to resolve before
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this country's new school textbooks are printed in september the most controversial issue is how schools here will teach about alexander the great need them the describe these i believe that when we teach the era of alexander the great we must go out to cosmopolitanism rather than teach in a way that provokes nationalism the main point is not to teach youngsters to hate each other but to communicate when politicians talk about history i'm not sure anything good will come of it the last time politicians here talked about history they claimed alexander as a macedonian but not a greek hero and spent a billion dollars on statues and public buildings befitting the pedigree they used the name macedonia. which is the same as greece's northern region and raised fears of claims on its territory and its history two years ago that government led by the right wing v.m. r.-o. party fell from power the social democrats who stepped in made a deal with neighboring greece to rename the country north macedonia and drop the
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claim to enchant culture finally tang's got to we are out we are free of the cage that the previous government tried to install in our people's mind that we were some kind of muscle on us but we speak slavic language you know. the most important with this agreement we say if our and improve our identity our language and we should be proud of it the opposition v.m. r.-o. still disagrees for me this is republicans are going here maybe officially i will have some something in the in the in the my face but it's official they put as much as one in people know who are who they are in macedonia. know where they belong and from where from when they belong north macedonia is a country in search of its past it is surrounded by the strong national identities
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of the greeks albanians gary and serbs they have already claimed every balkan hero and woven their national narratives what is more important those narratives into lock the north macedonian narrative is still being written some raw material for that's narrative is to be found in the national museum here a coin is with the head of alexander minted in greece but excavated in north message only a roman byzantine and also men are also here testifying that empires held sway over this land for twenty three centuries until nationalism was violently thrust upon it jumps at all plus al-jazeera scorpio. israel's prime minister has confirmed he intends to introduce a so-called pay to slay law it would deduct the amount of money the palestine liberation organization gives to palestinians convicted of carrying out attacks by israel from the amount israel collects in taxes on behalf of the palestinian authority the figure is thought to be about three hundred thirty million dollars
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a year benjamin netanyahu says he will convene the security cabinet to make a final decision in a week's time the authority says if israel does duff the money it will refuse all the tax it taxes it gets under the oslo accords and those are more than one hundred million dollars a month. now it was a turning point in iran's modern history the islamic revolution that toppled the shaw in reverse its pro u.s. policy hostility between iran has barely wavered since then so as iran marks the fortieth anniversary of the revolution xenophobes had reports from wrong on the current state of relations. it has been forty years since the revolution that changed the face of this nation iran's pro he policy was reversed little has changed since opposition to the u.s. and israel are still very much part of iran's foreign policy. we shouldn't have a relationship with the us and israel we have
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a problem with these two countries we are independent and that's why they are putting pressure on us. relations between washington and to her on are at an all time low since president donald trump took office and reimposed sanctions after were drawing from the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal signed by world powers western sanctions have been a fact of life for decades ever since the storming of the u.s. embassy in tehran in one nine hundred seventy nine and the in suing hostage crisis but iranians are hurting. we need relations with other countries so that people are not unemployed when rouhani came to power he visited many countries if some allowed him to continue everything would be better the iranian leadership did back president hassan rouhani is engagement with the west that led to the nuclear deal it was supposed to usher in a new era in relations until the u.s. withdrew. for years although i told our officials in closed meetings and people publicly that we shouldn't trust american officials promises smiles and
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signatures now about the europeans i'm not saying we should not have relations with them but we shouldn't trust them. has been open. to. the united states for many years and that's why. that's why towards the end of. a speech talking about resolving issues if the first step worked out the problem is that the first. there seems to be little optimism about the future especially because of what iran's supreme leader considers a hostile us administration and its hostile policies towards this country the revolution is a western influence in its offers then wanted to explore the ideals to the world by doing bad. things it has been. meddling in the internal affairs of neighboring states and the united states accuses iran of being the greatest threat in the
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middle east. iran is involved in wars across the region where it backs mainly proxies to iran says it is about countering u.s. and israeli dominance some arab governments see it differently iran's regional ambitions transform the middle east in fact some iranian officials don't shy away from boasting about arab capitals now being part of the islamic revolution so. we have much more coverage on the iranian revolution forty years on on our website . for more information and there you'll find the day's top stories as well it's. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour the u.s. and russia have come up with counterproposals at the u.n.
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to solve the venezuela crisis washington is calling for elections while russia warns against using force to remove nicolas maduro kurdish led forces backed by the us are trying to push eisel from its last pocket of territory in eastern syria the offensive by the syrian democratic forces is focused on the village from above who is near the border with iraq african leaders are meeting in ethiopia's capital for their annual summits this year is the human as refugees and internally displaced people israel's prime minister has confirmed he intends to introduce a so-called pay to slay law it would deduct the amount of money the palestinian liberation organization gives to palestinians convicted of carrying out attacks from the amount israel collects in taxes on behalf of the author already benjamin netanyahu says he will convene the security cabinet to make a final decision in a week's time the author already says if israel deducts the money it will then refuse all the taxes it gets under the oslo accords more than one hundred million
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dollars a month turkey is condemning china's treatment if it's muslim minorities saying it's a great cause of shame for humanity about a million we are believed to be held in camps against their will beijing says the education camps are voluntary and designed to stamp out extremist tendencies south korea's government has signed a sort some agreement to increase the amount it pays to keep u.s. troops on the peninsula it follows demands by president trump for sole to pay more towards maintaining the twenty eight thousand military personnel stationed across the country the one year deal will have to be approved by parliament. government. that was targeting a civilian plane. carried out that attack close to the southern oil field on saturday earlier.
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secure the region's oil fields. are the latest headlines on more news coming up right after inside story stay with us. president donald trump ignores a u.s. congressional deadline to respond to the murder of jamal khashoggi so what happens next and despite mounting international pressure will saudi arabia ever be held accountable for the killing this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm peter dobby it's been more than four months since the journalist jamal ji was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul and since then there have been widespread calls for an international investigation and demands to hold the saudi government to account but the u.s. president told trump has largely stood by his ally the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sol man the us president has now missed a friday deadline to tell congress who's responsible for the killing of a shrug instead his secretary of state mike pompei o wrote a letter to the senate committee on foreign relations insisting that the trumpet ministration will seek accountability for the murder of a leading member of that committee senator bob menendez says the response isn't good enough and the united nations is the latest to demand answers to its special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions called a shock to his death
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a brutal and premeditated killing agnes kalama released her initial findings after a week long trip to turkey she says saudi arabia has seriously undermined the murder investigation we'll bring in our guest in just a moment first mike hanna sets up our discussion today from washington. president trump departs for his annual medical exam declining to on says shouted questions on any subject all indications are they'll be no response to the deadline set by the senate following the murder of jamal. the senate sent a letter to president trump invoking the global magnitsky act which gave president trump one hundred twenty days to investigate the murder and impose sanctions against those responsible in a follow up letter to the senate asa president to specifically investigate any role the crown prince mohammed bin salman or m.b.a.'s may have played in the murder in b.s. the crown prince is
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a wrecking ball. and he's complicit in the murder mystery because shogi think he's crazy to think he is dangerous and he has put their relationship at risk but president trump has steadfastly insisted the us solve the relationship is more important than establishing accountability for murder it's all about america first we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders and let russia china and everybody else have a it's all about for me very simple it's america first saudi arabia's senior diplomat continues to deny any involvement by the kingdom's leaders in the murder refusing to react to a new york times report that the crown prince is on record as saying he would use a bullet on jamal khashoggi the report dismissed as based on unknown sources and the following tweet posted on the saudi foreign ministry account we will hold who
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are responsible for the death the push to account the question is what happens now the president has ignored the ultimatum the answer is simply nothing they are no punitive measures involved in this process which essentially relies on the good faith of all parties something the president's critics contend is absent in the white house. but this does not mean an end to the matter the question of accountability for jamal khashoggi is murder has rig bipartisan support in congress and the motion is agreed to and legislation seeking sanctions against saudi arabia and possibly the crown prince specifically is being widely discussed in both house and senate i cannot al-jazeera washington. ok let's get going let's bring in the panel today joining us on sco from birmingham in the u.k. is scott lucas professor of american studies at the university of birmingham
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political strategist silva thought is in istanbul and in manchester we truly come and vice chairman of republicans overseas u.k. welcome to you all drew look i'm in mr donald trump has missed this deadline what does that mean well i think there's two things to note about transmitting the dad one and i want to say i'm someone who's very strong supporter of article one of the constitution congressional powers and presidential powers and i think president trump should respond to the deadline but this government shutdown of well over a month definitely put a dent in time needed to do an actual thorough investigation and the second thing to note is that congress is still the state department political appointments in the state department are still frequently updating congressional leaders democrats and republicans and should hopefully soon have a letter out in who knows what that letter will say maybe we'll say. they say for who is responsible ok a letter from the state department isn't quite an answer to my question what i
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asked you was or to put it in a stronger way mr trump has deliberately missed this deadline he is in effect turning his back not just on claims in the media not just on the washington post he's turning his back on what the cia has been saying. we i well like i said about trent missing the deadline thirty to forty percent of the time that this investigation were reports that haven't come out who did this the government was shut down the state department the government were effectively shut down in making this task an impossible task to determine who was responsible and a full report on who is responsible and i think the state department will be coming out with a report soon and from what i've heard what i think it looks like it will be saying that that saudi arabia is taking internal measures to we know they are taking internal measures to go after seeking even the death penalty on people who are responsible for the killing of scott lucas in birmingham coming to you know this comes down to personal culpability surely and everyone doesn't just think it was
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the crown prince who greenlit this everyone believes it was the crown prince yes or no. yes u.s. intelligence agency think its state department thinks that this deal would use point i mean if you're going to spend this troop at least make it believable this had nothing to do with the government shutdown why the white house didn't respond yesterday it has nothing to do with the preparation of a detail report without the matter is that for four months u.s. intelligence agencies in the state department and the military believe that mohammed installment is responsible for this we know that congress including republicans who normally support trump want accountability but we know that donald trump is holding out against them why because donald trump's on the way to the middle east including saudi arabia is your question or his son in law jared cushion or is very close to him b.s. so you have two u.s. foreign policies right now you have a foreign policy which is coming out of congress coming out of the cia and part of
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the state department and then you have a truck foreign policy which is a family in french foreign policy and that's what's protecting m.p.'s at this point the question is not of troops going to change his positions not but how for congress will go to try to hold not only m.p.'s but also trump accountable or what is the murder of a journalist and why are human rights abuse so the thaw you were there in istanbul at the heart of this oh i'm going saga so clearly this is going to generate more political anger and heat in washington what will it do to the political debate taking place in your country. well turkey's position was very clear from the very beginning this was a brutal murder premeditated of course and it is obviously be find out that there are some unknown personalities would indeed government of saudi arabia who actually ordered this solidity. i agree with totally with the professor in rome
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that it is nothing to do with the shutdown. i mean this is actually. a political decision of mr trump i do choose to act accordingly to magnus the act or not so he is now breaching its all law by definition when it comes to turkey turkey of course. you know in search of gift through truth and the in surge of defects i mean as we look to depreciate preliminary report of the united nations it is obviously very in line with what has previously said before but of course united nations process has just begun it is a preliminary report doesn't. the the security council need to decide that there needs to be an investigation council has to be set up but i don't have any.
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assumption that the security council within sight accordingly because of the fact that it's from as mr ations behavior. but on the other sites when it you know when we look to the international political perspective mr truong has opened and created a safety zone for all the other autocratic leaders who would like to you know engage in crimes and you know. do do. well there were day care and to silence their oppositions are fortunately it is not a moral act and we have to debate more on this i guess in the future drill acumen in manchester just picking up on the point that solve is raising do you see the sense of where she's coming from the logic of it and there is logic in it and it's this if you're an autocrat as far as mr trump is concerned we're ok with that
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because as long as we're doing business with you what if that costs a journalist his life. well and the look that's completely wrong i don't want to say i don't support everything that goes on in saudi arabia and everything they do outside of it and i want people held accountable in the point about the government shutdown is i strongly don't think a detailed report would be done with forty percent of the time for it for having it to be that being on the other hand the relation ship with saudi arabia it's second to what's going on in yemen i think the people who are trying to push push this through congress push sanctions on saudi arabia the point of it is to end u.s. support of saudi the u.a.e. and the joint operation in yemen which is effectively fighting off the iranian proxies and al qaeda for controlling yemen which would in turn give them control of the bob element straights meaning they could shut down the red sea and they'd have control of the strait of hormuz they could shut down the persian gulf effectively giving iran full control over the red sea and over the persian gulf and this is
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what it's about i don't think is about our relationship about saudi arabia about what's going on in saudi arabia it's about protecting global shipping is about protecting sovereign nations from iran coming in and putting their terrorist proxies in to control the region ok drew i don't particularly want to get into catastrophizing about what may or may not happen six months or twelve months down the line because of a yemen however lucas in birmingham drew does raise a valid point the vote or the attitude the political attitude to do with the show in washington we've got to overlap will blend in certain elements of america's attitude towards what's happening in yemen and the proxy conflict that drew is talking about don't we let's cut through trees nonsense because what he's just done is just accused for example senator lindsey graham a republican a close ally of donald trump and the cia of being allies of iran in a conspiracy to try to pull the u.s. out of yemen let's get to what the real point here is.


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